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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 28, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>nowadays some tense moments as a fire raged through 3 buildings in sonoma county forcing evacuations. good evening. i'm justine waldman jair stone has the night off these evacuation orders have now been lifted but this fire started around 4 o'clock this afternoon your shell ville arnold drive and highway one 21 that's right 5 the sonoma valley airport kron four's gayle ong is at the scene for us right now with the very latest scale. >>justine highway one 21 is still close you can see behind but state at this point the fire is out, but it destroyed 3 buildings. hters say it start
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in a ditch and quickly spread to the adjacent properties, big smoke you know it star >>you know clear and that getting dark, you know. >>what's been dubbed as the arnold fire started around for saturday afternoon on arnold drive along highway one 21 burning about 10 acres fueled by gusty winds. >>when an smoke stay down on the deck. so there was no real way to tell how far was into it. >>at least 3 buildings have been destroyed one house was untouched by the flames there was a wedding senate 0 residents. a wedding centers. couple the part of the event center burned. and then there's a bunch of residences around about the road was closed as pg crews shut off power and firefighters put out the flames that prompted mandatory evacuation orders within one to 2 miles away. >>now 200 people were evacuated. i'm told there were 2 weddings and a birthday party that was happening inside the building. under
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investigation. there's and no word on the car oz and we're told it's not suspicious that something as a lighting a cigarette and tossing it on the road could spark a fire and there were no reported injuries again highway one 21 is still close behind me as firefighters the muppet say they plan to be here through the night we're live in sonoma gayle, ong kron 4 news. thank you so much gayle and. >>how about the weather conditions in that area much cooler today but very windy and also super drive meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now. yeah, the gusty us winds today justine were in the north bay specifically in moran, so let's take a look at current conditions right now. >>where that fire is burning. it is burning just west of napa so 59 degrees out there right now relative humidity at 62%. so fortunately tracking some moisture and wind speeds hour. but as we take a look at peak wind gust within the last
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12 hours. you can see big rock in moran, a 57 mile per hour wind speed so was extremely gusty and even know valley in the north bay 39 miles per hour sustained winds as well. but fortunately i am tracking calmer conditions, specifically for those of you in the north bay area. still little bit gusty though right now for downtown san francisco seeing sustained winds at 31 miles per hour and even oakland as well into the east bay senior 30 mile per hour wind speeds with gust for most of those low lying areas in our major cities around 40 miles per hour or less but throughout our highest peaks and that 40 to 50 mile per hour range, let's take a look at future wind gusts out there. for tonight we are going to notice. calmer wind speeds not just in the north bay but also along the bay area coastline and those winds will subside within the next couple of hours during the overnight hours much more calm conditions and even as we wake up for sunday morning we are going to notice breezy wind speeds at that and for your sunday afternoon wind gusts
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upwards of about 20 miles per hour or less with very calm conditions expected even through monday as well so the good news is the worst is over but we still have tonight to watch out for so just keep that in mind. let's take a live look outside from the east bay over berkeley very clear skies and a slightly warmer air mass compared to 24 hours ago. but we are going to notice. temperatures dip seeing widespread 50's and even some 60's out there right now but change is underway for your sunday forecast. it looks like we could see some light scattered showers with an increase in cloud cover by sunday afternoon. even through sunday evening with a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms as well find out when and where my full forecast in just a few minutes just enough back to you thank you so much that we reported this week on an arrest in connection to a series of fires that burned in milpitas. >>we now know a man who is accused of setting the fires did so while traveling to his 50th high school reunion, a former club may told investigators that freddie own graham from missouri, appeared
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happy at the reunion last weekend even though graham told investigators that he was in an emotional state over the loss of his wife last year. prosecutors say he drove through a football area, northeast of san jose and set 13 fires over the course of 2 days, he was later identified by a witness who wrote down his rental car's license plate. he was then arrested at the san jose airport and is now being held on $2 million bail. 13 counts of arson. in the the morgan help pumpkin patch open today, a whole week earlier than usual. but that's not the only change that organizers made for this year because of the gilroy garlic festival shooting and it's still fresh on organizers and visitors mines. the festival is stepping up security kron four's well bell reports on the extra police presence. organizers say after a couple of months of being told no by santa clara county sheriffs late this week. >>they were able to reach an
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agreement placing uniformed deputies both in and around the pumpkin patch and their presence was one that visitors appreciated. >>always in the back in mind i think these days as sad as that is, but it's definitely something you think about made me feel actually better that they're taking precautions actually pretty happy to see the sheriff's here. we're from dra so we got little shaken up with the whole garlic festival thing but and to drive up and see that the sheriffs around and said it actually makes feel safe for us bring my kids >>sheriff's vehicles parked out front and deputies walking the grounds day one of the annual morgan hill pumpkin patch was a bit wyatt, so it was easy to notice the increased security 11 we there was some in the parking lot so. >>we figured that that would be a little bit normal. we hire own with y wanted that uniformed presence and extra added step. >>organizer crystal melton didn't want to go on camera but she says getting those officers on the festival
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grounds was an easy every first reach out to them it was just kind of one of those they didn't offer it they were not willing to negotiate with us, you know it's going to starting in the light of everything that happened or got the stall is sheriff office says though it's not their usual policy to contract deputies out to private events by wednesday they agreed to help actually following on the news so we've been trying to stay up to date on it but to actually come and see him here >>harry leaving feels good and they will absolutely be here on hand for us every weekend. they want everybody to be rest assured that they will be safe here we have. >>taking every single to possibly could and i don't want that to be a lot of people's minds. >>the pumpkin patch will be open through october 31th in morgan hill noel bellow kron 4 news. >>police in petaluma arrested a transit man after chasing him down in a court may's at a pumpkin patch it happened this morning at stony point road. police say 29 year-old right kenneth watt was stalking his
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ex-girlfriend he's accused of attaching a gps tracker to her car our which violated a restraining order. this is not the first time he was arrested for stalking her. police arrested watt 3 separate times in september after violating the order again police went and found watt at a home analysts encampment this morning. he ran. and booked into the sonoma county jail. in the north bay police are investigating after a robbery at a cvs it happened on friday night in mill valley on the 700 block of east life, they'll avenue. the mill valley police department was notified. there were no injuries reported and police are still investigating and ask anyone who has any information to come forward. police in the east they're still investigating a shooting enrichment at least 3 people were injured near de anza high school kron four's christina tape cho has the very latest.
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now police haven't released much information on this. but we do know that there was a fight leading up to the shooting which that ultimately left 3 people in the hospital. >>students from gm to high school panting from running and screaming out of fear. i spoke with the kron 4 viewer who tells me this happened at the intersection in front of day on the high school just after a football game against also brought a. >>the gentleman i spoke with said his son heard gunshots. >>as he was waiting for his mom to pick him up outside of and the sun back inside the campus for security lock the gate. the father tells me why. so richmond police officers draw their guns. richmond police confirmed the shooting happened just before 9 30 friday night. >>after a fight broke out at the intersection of morningside drive and valley view road as the officers approached the scene shots
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fired. according to police the officers found 2 people suffering from gunshot wounds. the victims were taken to the hospital where a 3rd victim was brought later that night. we do not know who fired the shots. now no word yet on how or why shots were fired or what exactly happened leading up to this fight breaking out. >>but so far this case is under investigation. i'm reporting enrichment christina tetreault. >>one person is dead after a car crash ashton solano county happened last night near vacaville the california highway patrol responded to a single vehicle crash on north road just south of elizabeth road. the driver, a 51 year-old man from vacaville lost control of his 2,700 civic, the car overturned and then rolled over several times the identity of the man has not been released and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. alcohol though is suspected to have been a factor in this crash. catholic priest in fremont will now spend close to 5 years in state prison.
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molestation charges. father hector mendoza velez accused of molesting a boy in hayward over an 18 month period in 2016 2017. investigators arrested him in march. he made a plea deal in august. in addition to the prison term the agreement calls for bella to register as a sex-offender for the rest of his life and to stay away from the victim for 10 years. police have pacific are investigating after finding an elderly man who was unconscious. friday afternoon officers and paramedics responded to a parking lot on and are avenue near marine burma, a new and found it on conscious man in his 80's with a head injury. the man was taken to the hospital for treatment, but it's unknown if he fell. if he was assaulted. coming up tonight at 8 over 30 fallen firefighters from across the me ceremony for their bravery we'll hear from their loved ones who attended the ceremony. plus california sen.
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the presidential candidate harris makes a stoo here in san francisco hear her conversation with people in chinatown an immigration issues and also housing. oakland mentorship program geared towards impasse young black men and boys holds its annual fundraiser and we will
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>>studies show young black men and boys are less likely to drop out of school or get in trouble with the law. entered
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by successful black man that's been the central focus for an oakland-based nonprofit for nearly 30 years now. today, the okay program held a big fundraiser in oakland and that's where kron 4 sleep all reports on how supporters are saying it's saving lives. >>back in middle school now 18 year-old oakland native and youth pastor romero lesson join the okay program he was recruited to the oakland-based nonprofit by now-retired sacramento county deputy sheriff donald north cross who founded the organization in 19 90 not country. >>police officers working full time well that me and that is okay as mission teaming black men with young black boys 12 to 18 years old helping them deccess in >>and stay out of jail in order to raise the boy to be a man. you need a man in the equation do it and this is
8:16 pm
what the program brings oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick was invited to speak at the program's fundraiser saturday in oakland. patrick pledged her support for the group's work also saying sorry for the fractured, yet improving relationship between police and the black community we need to begin with elaine and restoring trust and. >>restoring trust begins were honestly acknowledge memory of caused hurt and pain. >>but the police department also does a lot of good several of its officers are program mentors officer robert smith is the program director, a product of the foster system in maryland. he can relate to you growing up without a father. romero wesson who says he was angry at the world after his father abandoned him his mother and 4 brothers and he credits deputy north cross and the okay program for providing an avenue that steady course as
8:17 pm
black man. >>and to have and come and talk to u n would you have one game inspire motivate you brain itself even when you live in the low income communities and you might not have your father i think is be beyond power. >>for program model that continues to make a difference. in oakland felipe to of all kron 4 news. >>let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here in san francisco from our sutro tower camera there is the city and people are probably. today as we're joined now by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is that what can expect for sunday as well. yeah, cool temperatures for much even for the beginning of this upcomingee the middle. >>of next week. so let's take a look at today's daytime highs, 5 to 10 degrees below normal for most of the bay arsan francisco. only warmed up to 63 degrees average high should be in the low 70's and santa
8:18 pm
rosa, mid 70's for you and you should be in the low 80's, so it certainly felt like fall more like winter in parts of the bay area and expect much of the same even for the 2nd half of your weekend. here's a look at storm tracker for we are noticing, pretty clear skies but some clouds right along the san francisco peninsula. but future cast is going to show that we actually have a slight chance of some possible scattered showers by sunday afternoon and even through sunday night, mainly for north bay mountains and east bay hills could actually see some spot thunder storms form in parts of the north bay and even into the east bay so with this is going to be something we're certainly going to keep an eye on most of the storms expected to be well off off into the coast. but if we do get a thunderstorm that does for me even though it is a slight chance it could actually bring us some gusty wind speeds and some pretty heavy downpours at times. so it is something we're going to keep an eye on here from the kron 4 weather center and you can see drier
8:19 pm
conditions for your monday morning but still tracking some drizzle with that threat of pop-up thunderstorm chances, diminishing even through your monday afternoon. so let's take a look outside right now very dry. but also pretty windy out there, especially in downtown san francisco. temperatures already dipping into the mid 50's upper 50's for those of you at half moon bay. hayward 59 degrees and widespread 60's as you make your way into the tribe valleys of concord and even antioch but overnight lows will be noticeably cooler tonight. 50's throughout the bay area shoreline and widespread 40's as you make your way inland in the interior valleys, so it is going to be colder in the coming nights, especially by monday morning could actually wake up to temperatures in the 30's. so it's a good plan to start thinking ahead for your pets, plans pipes and of course people as well but from now until then wake-up planner forecast is going to show for the 2nd half of your weekend. still going to wake up to cool temperatures by mid morning for the interior valleys in the upper 40's in the mid 50's
8:20 pm
for everyone else and daytime highs going to remain about 5 to 10 degrees below normal. so it is going to feel very similar tomorrow like today even through monday as well gradually warming up by tuesday and then wednesday thursday of next week near average highs continuing through the 1st half of the weekend of next week just back to you. thank you so much. >>governor gavin newsom took the stage to speak at the 17th annual california firefighters memorial ceremony in sacramento. 30 for firefighters from across the state were added to the memorial 3 of those being honored died in the line of duty during last year's devastating wildfires. christy grosz takes us there. >>fear will per session fit for fallen heroes, the 17th annual california firefighters memorial ceremony. it's a solemn tribute to honor fallen firefighters, the names of 34 firefighters from across the state are read aloud jussie.
8:21 pm
governor gavin newsome called it an honor roll of heroes. they came from. firefighters in presented flags to the families and friends of those lost in the line of duty, it doesn't just mean a lot to us that have lost it means a lot to everybody that. >>is in public safety allison stokes says it's reassuring for her family to know that her husband jerry stokes name is now one of more inscribed in stone it's very important for my kids that want to make sure that their dad is always remembered in this lifetime. >>and beyond mayors, firefighters and family
8:22 pm
members say each and every name etched in stone is a promise. >>well that we will never forget our brothers and sisters all you've lost from a fire chief alan ernst this year's ceremony as personal to modesto firefighters were added to the memorial wall means a lot these are both members that i grew up with in in the fire department and that we'd we worked alongside a we dinner alongside of and we watched her family's grew up together so. and daughter them today is extremely special in sacramento. christy grosz. >>coming up a bay area church burglarized the thieves getting away with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. another congregation is hoping that police can can catch. take a look at 1 one to one bay area school is installing down keep students a during school hour
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chase. make more of what's yours®. >>one middle school will now have vague detectors installed inside of the restrooms the redwood city school district unanimously approved the $22,000 pile the project to install the detectors like this one inside 8 restrooms a john f kennedy middle school, it is the largest of the 12 middle schools in the school district. the district says multiple they being incidents have already been reported at that middle school. >>seen what's going on at the national level and we're trying to prevent a tragedy like that happening and in our schools.
8:26 pm
>>the new devices can detect vaping smoke and also any loud noises any time the alarm is activated a text message will be sent to the administrate are monitoring each particular restroom. the cdc is reporting 3rd teen vaping related deaths and more than 800 injuries nationwide. also this week, the state department of health also advised everyone in california, everyone in california to refrain from using any vaping products. >>a bay area family loses everything in a fire and now a community is stepping up to help them. warming story is one you will only see on kron 4. plus presidential candidate kamala harris making another stop right here in the bay area hear what she has to say about president trump and how
8:27 pm
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...that doesn't take all day. better than bouillon. don't just make it. make it better. >>california senator and and presidential candidate kamala harris makes a stop in san francisco today harris was visiting with people in chinatown to learn more about their issues with immigration housing and health care. meanwhile, her number us are slipping in her home ste a new presidential race poll. kron four's dan thorn is live for us in san francisco tonight and joins with more on her visit and what >>well just seen center. harris says her aign is
8:30 pm
just ramping up here in the against her but she believes that if she continues to talk about the issues that matter most to voters. they will continue to listen. new polling numbers show california senator kamala harris is falling behind in the presidential race. berkeley igs poll has harris a distant 4th in her home state i have a very complicated relationship calls. while visiting san francisco's chinatown the former district attorney and state attorney general says she's remaining confident despite the numbers, however it might be unsettling for the senator to see her popularity is down in the bay area as well. harris is currently trailing joe biden elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, almost every poll that for every one of my race is certainly district attorney and attorney general said i couldn't wait. >>but the american people that the california voter analysts. in a manila town center at the international hotel.
8:31 pm
>>harris says her focus in chinatown was to listen to the asian-american community. the topics of homelessness housing and senior services were all brought up. harris who also serves on the senate intelligence committee also addressed the effort to impeach president trump i'm thankful that in this case. some of the most significant evidence. >>that is obvious that shows that this president should be impeached is known by the american people and i'm that i'm very thankful that this impeachment process is beginning. >>well despite these low polling numbers harris is not the least popular candidate from the bay area. billionaire tom stier is right now at the bottom and he's polling at less than one percent right now as caaign headquarters . n news. >>my colleagues will agree came to come us.a
8:32 pm
president so this is not cause for any joy that we have to go down this path. it's difficult decision to make. >>house democratic leader nancy pelosi weighing in on the latest white house controversy. her decision to call for impeachment against president donald trump this after the whistleblower complaint came out. secretary of state mike pompeo has been subpoenaed in the impeachment investigation of president trump. and sources say the president is meeting with his lawyers and personal counsel to talk strategy reid binion has the very latest. >>3 house committees have issued a subpoena for secretary of state mike pompeo after he failed to produce documents related to president trump's july phone call with ukraine's leader. this after the white house admitted that their lawyers instructed the transcript of the president's controversial phone call be moved to a separate highly
8:33 pm
secured system. house intel committee chairman adam schiff has now kicked the impeachment investigation into overdrive saying in a statement we have to flesh out all of the facts for the american people. inspector general michael atkinson who found the whistleblower's claims against the president to be credible is now expected to hold a closed door meeting with the house intelligence committee on october 4th, the president's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani says he hasn't heard from any of the house committees and if he's asked he won't testify without president trump's ok saying in a statement quote i consider them a joke, a sad joke. they have no legitimacy. i would think of challenging their subpoena on the grounds that they are not a legitimate committee. democrats slams giuliani's role of ukraine investigation, he's the president's private attorney obviously playing the role of henchmen in an attempt to dig up dirt. one of the president's potential political opponents. >>i read in reporting.
8:34 pm
>>in the south bay thieves continue to target a local church leaving the congregation, feeling frustrated, and helpless the almaden hills united methodist church has been struck twice recently this was the second time equipment in the shed had been taken by burglars in the past few months. in the latest theft, the thieves made off with the trailer filled with thousands of dollars worth of camping gear. the pastor says that the congregation was devastated to learn that the storage shedahad been hit again. >>for we know what happens. but it's her we'll be fine. we had a more secure place for them and someone knew exactly how to get in pulled the trailer out trailer and stuff. went away. >>few miles away from the church at a homeless encampment. some people were using the trailer as a shelter, but all the supplies, we're gone. in the east bay upset pick and students demonstrated against the oakland school board's
8:35 pm
decision to close a school about 100 people marched on friday morning after the school board officially decided to close highs are elementary school. emergent was sent call for a cap. parents that we talk with your kron 4 say they're very angry s sense to expand >>the pilots about the proliferation of schools in this district. >>the district says it recommended to move this to the board in the interest of the long-term health and viability of the district. they say their cars confident that the merged school community will grow flourish and succeed together. the
8:36 pm
mergers plan and for the next school year. everything in this fire. now the community is stepping up to help. and tracking cooler temperatures tonight, especially for interior valleys cooling down into the 40's. >>details ahead on your microclimate sunday forecast we could see some pop-up thunderstorms find out where. family are reacting after a skydiver collided with a semi my truck and died. (paul) wireless network claims are so confusing.
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>>we are now learning more about the woman killed while skydiving in lodi and the tragic moments leading up to her accident she had jumped in lodi several times before and may jumps dozens of times with the last 2 weeks. linda meserve reports. >>today people at the lodi parachute center are remembering 28 year-old maria vallejo maria died yesterday after skydiving from the lodi parachute center and landing on the freeway maria an experience shopper 155 jobs. >>may day down one run over the freeway when it was a little bit gusty little bit windy well within the limits of her experience. >>maria hit a truck on highway 99. >>was unable to make it back off of the freeway. why she went that far down when nobody it's decision she made to fly a way close street. con coming
8:40 pm
from the wind is pretty highs. she huffed wellington. >>friends of maria say she's been here in lodi for the last 2 weeks and the owner tells us, she's jump successfully at least 20 times within the last 2 weeks the center shared video maria getting ready to fly on wednesday, she is wearing a yellow helmet this was the day before her accident. >>yeah, my a summation do. am i a lo 5 people for me we say news this but yeah. >>maria was visiting the area from the country of colombia. her friends say she loved to sky dive and loved life. >>very loving person very frien were just learning to sky dive. students are not allowed to appear issue when the wind gets up to evel of experience like maria that changes. >>what you get your a license
8:41 pm
which is 25 jobs. then they went discretion is up to you so the wind was a definitely a factor, but it it was her decision everybody else landing on the airport. >>it is the 9th inning for giants manager bruce bocce one last game for him tomorrow as the san francisco giants host the la dodgers today we will have time lights in sports up next and the taste of germany right here in the bay area is a celebration on d ♪
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>>north bay community is coming together to support a family who lost everything in a fire. this fire broke out just over a week ago in valais how everyone got out safely. but the family lost their home in all of their belongings. kron four's michelle kingston talk with a family who is now trying to start over again everything that we had that the whole thing is. >>breakdown this sequel family lived in this apartment for years until just over a week ago when a fire broke out behind their building. the fire department officials say the fire took down power lines in spread to the family's home. >>furniture clothes. >>well this is what the apartment looks like now taped off off in a boarded up burned and charred in the back of the building that family of 5 is now looking for a new place to live. >>the out here and just and i
8:45 pm
have your own place it's just hard. >>this is one of the rentals they're looking at in vallejo hoping to soon have a new place to call home. this sequence friends and family started a go fund me page to help them get back on their feet to purchase school supplies and beds and food for their kids and to pay rent. >>together to help out. thankfully our for everybody's help and support fire officials have not yet determined 10. >>michelle kingston. >>4 zone forecast time now as we take a live look outside here in san francisco at the bay bridge and the bay bridge light so we can actually the trees there in the forefront.
8:46 pm
a little bit it was very windy out there in parts of the north bay today. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here to talk about our forecast and dare i say it really felt like fall chile. for some parts of the bay area said that what you. we did notice some gusts around 40 to 50 miles per hour in parts of the bay area and golden gate bridge out there right now. >>clear skies and it's because of those clear skies that we're noticing temperatures dipping into the 50's with widespread 40's for overnight lows tonight, mainly in our interior valleys, the coolest location. those of you in santa rosa really going to feel that dip in temperatures in the low 40's but throughout the bay area shoreline low 50's so we are going to notice cooler temperatures, especially for overnight lows, even through tomorrow night as well so just keep that in mind. let's take a look at your microclimate forecast for the 2nd half of your weekend. very similar to today so we're going to continue to be about
8:47 pm
5 to 10 degrees below average downtown san francisco only warming up into the mid 60's as is half moon bay. we are going to wake up to plenty of sunshine but then expect an increase in cloud cover throughout the day burlingame upper 60's for you san mateo 69 degrees in mount view. you're actually going to hit that low 70 degree mark but san jose flirting with 70's for you 69 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs wind speeds will be noticeably. calmer as well 20 miles per hour or less so not tracking your wind advisory level wind speeds tomorrow livermore 68 degrees as is hayward and berkeley 67 degrees conquered though warming up slightly into the low 70's napa 68 degrees in santa rosa, 72 degrees so tracking some changes for the 2nd half of your weekend, waking up to plenty of sunshine but then i am tracking an increase in cloud cover so very light spotty scattered showers expected to bring us tree says amount of rain if any but any thunderstorms do form we actually could see measu heavy d
8:48 pm
the me for the north bay and even parts of the east bay as well as you can see very spotty and scattered in nature starting late sunday afternoon early evening, all the way through monday morning as well we could see some light scattered hit or miss showers but drier conditions by midmorning on monday. so let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast, going to remain below average even starting on monday 5 to 10 degrees below normal. but then tuesday, gradually warming up to right about where we should be by the middle of the week with near average temperatures a week from today justine back to you thank you so much. >>in germany is the biggest beer festival in the world pulling in some 6 million people from all across the globe. but you don't to go that far tonight and i in addition get a taste of what's happening on this side of the bay. >>it is a very in beer made outfit the only thing leads the ensemble holes in the 3rd year here. >>at the historic schroders
8:49 pm
restaurant in san francisco's financial district gets off over fast. >>you might find leader jose. of german beer tears. october fest exactly was actually the celebrating of the upcoming harvest. so that's why they celebrate september. they're going to start the harvest in october so lot of hard work coming up so they and my done a lot of drinking in. consumption. you might order up the fan favorite and brought in beer schnitzel and sausages or this oversight. reuters october fest from marian block party kicked off in september and runs through october. >>their live blocked off. >>and so evy'll have a live band. but what every day is oobt at schroders the harmon you wear.
8:50 pm
and san francisco. how does >>and you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe, either air or even a food truck to dine and dish just send an e-mail to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com. you can also go to the dine and dish facebook page. got me for sports tonight and we'll start off off with the oakland a's, the team clinched a playoff spot last night before the even took the field, even as they lost to the mariners 4 to 3. so these are back added for game 3 of their four-game set with seattle at last check the score was one nothing a's leading the bottom of the 9th. we will have full highlights tonight at 10. loss to the blue jays today which significantly hurts their chances for a home field advantage in the wild card showdown with the a's. next week. ok let's go to the jive
8:51 pm
and bruce bocce cyst or career is nearing its end with tomorrow being the season finale for the giants and the last of bowties likely hall of fame career. the orange black taking on the dodgers today for game 2 of their 3 game set. let's go to the top of the 5th where there was no score. for the picture hunt here eu he lines at one to left field for a base hit. and we'll score re you helps us car. next up we'll go to the top of the 8th, same score map. dodgers lee now 2 nothing bottom 9th lap chance here for the giants but kensli jansen get alex tissue dickerson swinging for that final that will do it. the dodgers shut out the giants to zip that's the final the giants will try to avoid that sweep on sunday. but there will be a lot of special ceremonies to help celebrate the end cheese career. at sunday's game. now
8:52 pm
to the gridiron and the oakland raiders trying to get back on track and snap their two-game losing streak. this is is weak 2 of the raiders grueling 7 week road trip the play. the 2 in one indianapolis colts on sunday morning the raiders will have to face a very dangerous cold. and shared what he believes need to be done. >>we have bill run the ball certainly will make an effort to do it we have some balance. a call to giving up some wrongs they also cause a lot of negative yardage rooms they start and yeah, some timely blitzes and. they are up 20 to 3 at halftime last week so we had a lot of >>i want to the college ranks the stanford cardinal taking on the oregon state beavers 3rd quarter stanford leading 14 zip. davis mills finding his man he connects with bryce and remain in the end zone
8:53 pm
touchdown for stanford. they now lead by 20 want we'll be going. oregon state trying to claw its way back. jake line with the hand up to piers he's in there for the touchdown and just like that the beavers. with just before the 2 minute warning it was really close game will go to 6 seconds left. and 28 stand for, but the 39 yard field goal attempt to the wind and it is in jet owners field goal. second is good and stanford hey it's on to the oregon state. and 28 solo take on the 17th break, washington huskies. sports.
8:54 pm
so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great.
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now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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>>abominable is the first family film to land in theaters. i'll the animated adventure follows a girl and her friends as they try to help a yeti reunite with his family in the himalayas it's getting good reviews and box office watchers predict it will debut with 17 to million which should be enough to take the weekend crown away from downton abbey in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>everyone's going to look extra blanket tonight. i think for greece and for the next couple of nights justine
8:57 pm
cooling down into the 40's in the interior valleys and then monday morning waking up in the 3rd he's so we are going to notice wake-up planner forecast showing a sunny start but some possible showers with the threat of some pop up thunderstorms in the north bay and even parts of the east bay starting sunday night and even continuing possibly through monday with some drizzle and below average temperatures continuing right stay warm out there tonight and we'll see you for more news on more news. this is the invisible trailer.
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san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. "garoppolo the goal line...touchdown!"it wasn't always pretty...but the 49ers beat the steelers in week three to continue their unbeaten streak."it's never perfect. and we didn't play perfect today, but our record's perfect."the 49ers struggled offensively against pittsburgh...but once again the defense was dominant. "the defense man, i'm proud of every single on of 'em, nobody shied away from the challenge."now the challenge is maintaining that perfect record...and keeping up momentum during an early bye week."we know our main goal and what we wanna do, and i don't think nobody will mess it up during the bye week."we're breaking down the week that was áandá what's ahead...right now, on red and gold zone. welcome to red and gold zone, i'm your host kate rooney. they say good th


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