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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 28, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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>>evacuation orders within one to 2 miles away. >>about 200 people were evacuated. we're told there are 2 wedding and a birthday party that was happening when the fire broke out there were no reported injuries the cause is under investigation. reporting in sonoma gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>and let's take a look at your 4 zone forecast with current conditions near where that fire is burning just west of napa 55 degrees relative humidity up to 64%, thanks to those cooler temperatures and back into the single digits as far as wind speeds go right now sustained at 8 miles per hour. so great news but peak winds throughout the bay area within the last 12 hours. we did notice. gusty winds at big rock and marine 57 miles per hour and even at the san francisco airport 52 mile per hour wind gusts. and widespread 50 mile per hour wind speeds from most of the north bay mountains and east
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bay hills throughout today, current wind speeds out there right now noticeably calmer for downtown san francisco. you were in that 30 mile per hour range just about an hour ago now seeing sustained winds at 23 miles per hour with com wind speeds expected. not only for the north bay, but the coast of the bay area throughout tonight during the overnight hours with calmer conditions for the 2nd half of your weekend. but it is a very chilly night out there clear skies and with that temperatures already dipping into the 50's with widespread 40's expected tonight for your overnight lows for the interior valleys and i am tracking changes. we are going to notice an increase in cloud cover and possible scattered showers with the threat of pop up thunderstorms as well for the 2nd half of your weekend. more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes just team back to you. thank you so much california sen and california sen and presidential candidate kamala francisco today. >>harris was visiting with people in chinatown to learn
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numbers are slipping in her home state according to a new es race paul kron four's dan thorn is live now in san francisco, he joins us with more on this visit and what the senator is saying about the presidential race. >>well just seen senator harris says that her campaign is just ramping up here in the golden state and that polling numbers are often against her but she says that if she continues to focus on the most on issues that matter to voters people will continue to listen. new polling numbers show california senator kamala harris is falling behind in the presidential race. >>berkeley igs poll has harris a distant 4th in her home state i have a very complicated relationship calls. while visiting san francisco's chinatown the former district attorney and state attorney general says she's remaining cofi the numbers it might be unsettling for the senator to see her popularity is down in the bay area as
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well. harris is currently trailing joe biden elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. >>almost every poll that for every one of my race is certainly the district attorney and attorney general said i couldn't wait. but the american people the california voter. analysts. in a manila town center at the international hotel. >>harris says her focus in chinatown was to listen to the asian-american community. the topics of homelessness housing and senior services were all brought up. harris who also serves on the senate intelligence committee also addressed the effort to impeach president trump i'm thankful that in this case. some of the most significant evidence. >>that is obvious that shows that this president should be impeached is known by the american people and i'm and i'm very thankful that this impeachment process is beginning. >>well despite the low polling numbers harris is not the least popular candidate from the bay area. billionaire tom stier is right now polling and
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fewer than one percent of people that are supporting him as of tomorrow. they're harris will be opening up her campaign headquarters in oakland, reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>1015 we will take you to washington dc where secretary of state mike pompeo has been subpoenaed in the impeachment investigation into president trump's dealings with ukraine plus the first republican comes out in favor of this impeachment inquiry. again that's ahead at 00:15pm tonight. earlier this week we reported on an arrest in connection to another man and w was accused of setting s.well h so while traveling to his 50th high school reunion. a former classmate told investigators that friday when graham seen here from missouri appeared happy at the reunion last weekend even though graham told investigators that he was in an emotional state over the loss of his wife last year.
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prosecutors say he drove through a foot hill area, northeast of san jose and set 3rd teen fires over the course of 2 days. he was later identified by witnesses who wrote out his rental car's license plate. graham was arrested at the san jose airport and is now being held on $2 million bail on 13 counts of arson. in the south bay, z morgan hill pumpkin patch opened up today a whole week earlier than usual. but that's not the only big change that organizers made for this year because of the gilroy garlic festival shooting and it's still fresh in organizers and visitors mines. the ftstival is stepping up security but as kron four's to abella reports. organizers say getting deputies there was not so easy. organizers say after a couple of months of being told no by santa clara county sheriffs late this week. >>they were able to reach an agreement placing uniformed deputies both in and around the pumpkin patch and their presence was one that visitors
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appreciated. >>always in the back in mind i think these days as sad as that is, but it's definitely something you think about made me feel actually better that they're taking precautions actually pretty happy to see the sheriff's here. we're from dra so we got little bit shaken up with the whole garlic festival thing but and to drive up and see that the sheriffs around and said it actually makes feel safe for us bring my kids here. >>sheriff's vehicles worked out front and deputies walking the grounds day one of the annual morgan hill pumpkin patch was a bit wyatt, so it was easy to notice the increased security 11 we there was some in the parking lot so. >>we figured that that would be a little bit normal. we hire own with armed guards, but you know we just really and >>organizer crystal melton didn't want to go on camera but she says getting those officers on the festival grounds was an easy every first reach out to them it was just kind of one of those they didn't offer it they were not noit's going to iate with us.
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starting in the light of everything that happened or got the stall is sheriff office says though it's not their usual policy to contract deputies out to private events by wednesday they agreed to help actually following on the news so we've been trying to stay up to date on it but to actually come and see him here >>harry leaving feels good and they will absolutely be here on hand for us every weekend. they want everybody to be rest assured that they will be safe here we have. >>taking every single to possibly could and i don't want that to be a lot of people's minds. >>the pumpkin patch will be open through october 31th in morgan hill noel bellow kron 4 news. police in petaluma arrested a transit man after chasing him down in a corn maze, a pumpkin patch it happened this morning on stony point road. police say 29 year-old ryan kenneth watt was stalking his ex-girlfriend was accused of attaching a gps tracker to her car and violating a restraining order.
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this was not the first time he was arrested for stalking her police arrested him 3 separate times in september after violating the order again police went and found watt at a homeless encampment this morning. and he allegedly ran and then hid in a nearby pumpkin patch. inside of the corn maze. he was later found then booked into the sonoma county jail. in the east bay now study show that young black men and boys are less likely to drop out of school or get in trouble with the law if they are mentored by successful black men. then the central focus for an oakland-based nonprofit for nearly 30 years now. the okay program held a big fundraiser in oakland it was hosted by our own. kron 4 reports now that supporters say that this program is saving lives. >>back in middle school now 18 year-old oakland native and youth pastor romare a lesson join the okay program he was
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recruited to the oakland-based nonprofit by now-retired sacramento county deputy sheriff donald north cross who founded the organization in 19 90 not only country. >>police officers working time well that was me and that is okay as mission seeming black men with young black boys 12 to 18 years old helping them develop leadership skills find success in the classroom. >>and stay out of jail in order to raise the boy to be a man. >>you need a man in the equation do it and this is what the program brings oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick was invited to speak at the program's fundraiser saturday plant. patrick pledged her support for the group's work also saying sorry for the fractured. >>yet improving relationship between police and the black community we need to begin elaine and restoring trust and restoring trust begins were honestly acknowledge memory of caused impact.
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>>but the police department also does a lot of good several of its officers are program mentors officer robert smith is the program director, a product of the foster system in maryland. you can relate to you growing up without a father. just ask romero wesson what he says he was angry at the world after his father abandoned him his mother and 4 brothers and he credits deputy north cross and the okay program for providing an avenue that steady course as black man, an american. >>have then man come and talk to u n would you one game far more than and brain itself even when you live in the low income communities and you might not have your father i think is be beyond power. >>for program model that continues to make leet of all kron 4 news. >>a tornado twist in the sky
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near davis we'll get the latest on this wild weather with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez right after this break and coming up, we'll also take you to a memorial for fallen firefighters, how they were honored today by the governor. i mean a warning keyboard report dot com. from the u s mexico border. but the people here in alpine say be still feel the at pier 1, the color of the moment is energetic ocher.
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direct the department of homeland security to work more closely with other agencies on the federal state and local
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levels to stop the flow of dangerous drugs into the u s events as it would also involve the state department and the justice department and efforts to find the sources of the illegal drugs planned events bill had strong support from both parties. >>the joint task force approach the opioid epidemic is affected because it fosters information sharing an exchange between all relevant stakeholders to combat the opioid epidemic, tennessee republican congressman mark greene joined all, but one member of the house and supporting the joint task force bill in washington morgan
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>>parts of this out there this evening so very active weather pattern for us here in the bay area we are noticing. calmer conditions dry as well at least for now, but all of that is going to change by the 2nd half of your weekend we're going to start out with plenty of sunshine. still tracking a very cool air daytime highs will remain 5 to 10 degrees below average. but then by around later sunday afternoon early evening. we will notice an increase in that cloud
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cover with the chance of possible pop-up thunderstorms for parts of the north bay and also the east bay as well but the bulk of the moisture more remain off into the coast, but we could see some isolated scattered showers for parts of the san francisco peninsula and the south bay as well so can't rule that out but any storms that do form we'll bring us some gusty winds and also heavy downpours at times so just keep that in mind drying out by your monday afternoon. and today's daytime highs well below average 5 to 10 degrees below normal. right now tracking fairly clear skies and that's why temperatures out there dipping into the 50's with widespread 40's expected for interior valleys for overnight low so waking up sunday morning with very chilly temperatures, especially for those of you in our inland valleys. tomorrow's daytime highs very similar to today we're going to remain about 5 to 10 degrees below average downtown san francisco in the mid 60's, upper 60's for the east bay shoreline of oakland in hayward 68 degrees
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for livermore san jose flirting with 70's that 69 degrees and santa rosa 72 degrees. so you're going to be about 10 degrees below normal. as our conquered an antioch in the tri valley. so let's take a look ahead right now. and our next 10 at 10 outlook because as you can see i am tracking a gradual warming trend starting on tuesday but with near average highs on wednesday and thursday and right about where we should be a week from today on saturday with above average temperatures 10 days from now so we're going to be about 5 degrees above average. 10 days from now, but it is going to take. the time for us to gradually get there but very chilly out there today feeling a lot like winter than ball with these below average highs very and it's going to take us a lot of warm up to that warm up. >>yeah but midweek we should start. we should be for this time of year was looking for the scarfs today. i know winter coat and boots right highway 24 in lafayette
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because 2 lanes are being shut down to repair bar tracks we've been through this before the track will be shutdown between orinda and the walnut creek stations riders should expect 40 plus minute delays there will be free buses available to passengers between those 2 stations. >>being in a building that was a strip club. any more than a mine somebody walking in our doors that one time in their life in a stripper. >>i will show you this pastor's journey too converting a former strip clubs into his new church. and the east bay rape and murder case is solved after being left hold for years coming up, we'll tell you what help prosecutors.
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>>governor gavin newsom took to the stage to speak at the 17th annual california firefighters memorial ceremony in sacramento, 34 firefighters from across the state were added to the memorial today and 3 of those who were honored died in the line of duty during last year's devastating wildfires. christy grosz takes us there. for fallen heroes, the 17th annual california firefighters memorial ceremony. it's a solemn tribute to honor fallen firefighters.
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>>governor gavin newsome called it an honor roll of heroes. it came from. firefighters in presented flags to the families and friends of those lost in the line of duty, it doesn't just mean a lot to us that have lost it means a lot to everybody that. >>is in public safety allison stokes says it's reassuring for her family to know that her husband jerry stokes's name is now one of more than 1400 inscribed in stone it's very important for my kids that want to make sure that their dad is always remembered in this lifetime. >>and beyond there's firefighters and family members say each and every name etched in stone is a
10:29 pm
promise. >>well that we will never forget our brothers and sisters only loss from a fire chief alan ernst this year's ceremony is personal to firefighters were added to the memorial wall means a lot these are both members that i grew up with in in the fire department and that we'd we worked alongside a weed dinner alongside of and we watch our families grew up together so. and daughter then today is extremely special in sacramento. christy grosz. >>on for a mexican music icon dies at the age of 71 have more on jose jose his music career. and let's take a look at your 4 zone forecast i'm tracking dry conditions out here in the bay area with a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms on sunday. >>and that winter weather advisory in this year has
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>>east bay police are still investigating a shooting enrichment at least 3 people were injured near danza high school for us christine that hatred has the latest. now police haven't released much information on this. but we do know that there was a fight lead up to the shooting which that ultimately left 3 people in the hospital. students from gm to high school panting from running screaming out of fear. i spoke with the kron 4 viewer who tells me this happened at
10:33 pm
the intersection in front of day on the high school just after a football game against also brought a. >>the gentleman i spoke with said his son heard gunshots. >>as he was waiting for his mom to pick him up outside of and the sun back inside the campus for security lock the gate. the father tells me why. so richmond police officers draw their guns. richmond police confirmed the shooting happened just before 9 30 friday night. >>after a fight broke out at the intersection of morningside drive and valley view road as the officers approached the scene shots fired. according to police the officers found 2 people suffering from gunshot wounds. the victims were taken to the hospital where a 3rd victim was brought later that night. we do not know who fired the shots. now no word yet on how or why shots were fired or actly happened leading up to this fight breaking out. >>but so far this case is under investigation. >>i'm reporting enrichment. christina tetreault.
10:34 pm
>>and has been convicted of the rape and murder of an 81 year-old woman advanced dna technology connected johnson jackson as the man who assaulted and killed 81 year-old soon you kwan as she was walking on her morning walk announcer and 20 12 police arrested jackson in 2016 for car theft. police found that his dna match the crime scene from kwan's case. >>2012 it was fully developed and in 2016. mister jacmson was arrested for car theft in september of 2016 and by october. his dna had been uploaded codis hit was made one was truly vulnerable and truly innocent. she was on her morning walk as an 81 year-old grandmother when tiffany jackson kidnapped her off the street dragged her into an alley and brutalize her. >>through the years khan's family never lost hope they say they're thankful that justice is finally being served. 4 zone forecast now
10:35 pm
take a live look outside here in the city of san francisco. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now to look at the temperatures and when they will start to bounce back now it's back up for. yeah all down going to take a few days so we're going to stay below average through at least the beginning of this upcoming week. so let's take a look at stormtracker 4. >>right now tracking very dry conditions and calmer winds speeds and also that marine layer well off off the coast. so we are noticing clear skies and without that blanket of cloud cover we are going to notice cooler temperatures tonight and a winter storm right now impacting this year with rain and snow showers out there right now and even for your sunday as well tracking plenty of that rain and snow make sure to continue even through sunday cooling down temperatures in the mid 40's and then drying out by monday not really rebounding all that much temperature wise upper 40's for your monday afternoon
10:36 pm
highs and then mid-fifties by tuesday, thanks to that extra sunshine so that winter weather advisory over this year up has actually been extended now through early sunday morning at 02:00am in addition to that a lake wind advisory is going to remain in effect tonight for south lake tahoe through 11 o'clock tonight. so let's take a look at all these advisories and warnings out there right now. the winter weather advisory is mainly impacting elevations above 7,000 feet you could get up to 4 inches of fresh powder but throughout lake tahoe one to 2 inches of snow and that lake wind advisory is impacting the lake right now with gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour or less increasing wave heights 2 to 4 feet but that is set to expire within about a half hour from now. let's take a live look at our local forecast golden gate bridge out there very clear calmer conditions out there but a cooler air mass at that widespread 50's for most of the bay area and temperur
10:37 pm
overnight lows, widespread 40's in most of our inland locations. but the bay area's shoreline is going to remain cooler. last 24 hours where we are going to notice temperatures dipping into the low 50's so let's take a look at your microclimates sunday forecast starting out with plenty of sunshine and temperatures not really changing all that much in fact mid 60's for downtown san francisco in half moon bay, and even for those of you in burlingame in the upper 60's so we're going to remain about 5 to 10 degrees below average. now due in the low 70's, but san jose flirting with 70's and even livermore 68 degrees as is hayward so about 10 degrees below average for most of our interior valleys, including conquered napa 68 degrees in santa rosa, 72 degrees. for your sunday afternoon highs so sunday's weather pattern looking pretty active just team could see some isolated pop-up thunderstorms starting sunday night. even even lasting with some light drizzle through monday morning mainly for the north bay mountains in east bay hills in the interior valleys in those areas.
10:38 pm
>>but then cool temperatures continue on monday but then rebounding to near normal by the middle of next week so that's when it will really start to look and feel like fall. >>but not as hot as this last 2 weeks so that's the good news teen vaping related deaths. while the us scrambles to try to deal with the banking crisis, one countries incur urging the use and i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
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>>teen people have died from vaping-related willis's hundreds more americans have been high hospitalized because of it but by the us is scrambling to crack down and the thing, britain has now embraced ease cigarettes is a powerful tool to help smokers kick the habit. the royal college of physicians inc. uk doctors to promote the cigarettes as quote a wide to promote it as widely as possible to help people try to quit smoking public health england's advice is that vaping carries a small fraction of the risk of smoking. us public health officials have taken a more. the approach on friday. washington's governor called for an emergency ban i'm flavored vaping products reporter didi son was at this announcement and has more.
10:42 pm
>>there is no one in our story is no reason this to inject a 12 year-old child is ridiculous and you resigned a disservice to >>the signing of governor jay inslee's emergency executive order banning all vaping flavors from nicotine to thc products got heated. expect to be quiet for a few minutes we speak. this is a very contentious issue. >>inslee and health officials said with a sharp rise of youth vaping plus the surge of mysterious lung illness cases nationwide. they needed to take immediate action we do not have evidence at the montason for the disease. ildre first place. >>it's an executive order that has businesses outrage. >>u can >>owners and many of their customers say vaping is what helped them quit smoking this
10:43 pm
exchange between a bait shop business owner and state reps jerry palais du guess in our industry what you want. >>the way you were doing the when you lose new show, know you are lying that they shop owners say flavors are what adults want to. >>we do not sell to anybody that is not 18. i don't do this to make money i don't do this because i am hooking children. i do this because i help people. >>the ban on flavors needs to first be approved by the state board of health. that's expected to happen october 9th. the ban would take effect the next day. >>they're not even giving a chance to sell out of what we have the stores across washington are already planning to close including this owner shop in moses lake. i don't hato bankruptcy, i'm no to be when asked about all the shops that will be put out of business. i would say that we are acting for the public health of the citizens of the state of washington. >>those didi sun reporting.
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still ahead tonight here on kron 4 the journey to transform a strip club into the home of this new church. in sports. a is looking to clinch home-field advantage but they have to go through the mariners first we have high. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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carnival. choose fun. >>mexican singer jose jose has died after a long battle with
10:47 pm
cancer, the singer first revealed his cancer diagnosis back in 2017. jose jose also known as the prince of they do can see on or the prince of song passed away in miami. he was 71 years old. from polls tip use a church in suburban west palm beach florida says it's by a former strip club and will transform it into its new home. alber pricey reports. i was so excited for pastor josh money, his prayers. >>and the prayers of the people in his church have just been answer i believe that is opening up some doors that a 20 month old church can open by themselves new so services every sunday willing to high school has about a 1000 members. but they're buying double d's ranch on southern boulevard, turning the former born strip club into a church with seating for 600 to 700 people i don't mind being in a building that was a strip club. any more than a mine somebody walking in our doors that one time in their life in
10:48 pm
a stripper. >>the church plans to replace the stripper poles with pews and replace lap dances in lingerie with love for the lord we believe that we can bring hope and healing to any location that's what we're trying to do the pastor an air force veteran husband and father of 4. this is my crew calls it a miracle that they could get a building like this. and he says they really needed because each week than to take trailers full of lights and sound equipment to wellington high set it all up for church and then remove it, he's glad the building that used to be double d's ranch will soon be their permanent home. the people to call new sound church home. are overwhelmingly excited. >>about the idea of being able to take a space like this and see got do something amazing in it. g home-field advantage in their wild card showdown with the tampa bay rays but for. we'll have to go
10:49 pm
through the seattle mariners brett anderson getting the start today for the green and gold top of the 3rd no score for remodeled. lowrie as he belts one high high and deep goes to left field, no doubt about that one it is gone. a's lead one nothing. 24th of the season, we'll go now to the body and the 4th anderson gets caught. lewis out strikes to and the 4th anderson went 5 shutout innings allowing 3 hits and striking out 3. bottom of the 9th the same score last chance for them, aaron, but tim lopez pop. is marcus indiana and he. and home advantage against the rays in the wild-card matchup the which will have happens. it's next wednesday. now on to the giants and bruce bocce is historic career is nearing the end with tomorrow being the season for that ali for the giants and the last vote is
10:50 pm
likely hall of fame career so the orange and black taking on the dodgers today for game 2 of their 3 game set top of the 5th. no score runner. hugh engine re you as he lie one to left field for a basic one we'll score re you helps his cause. one nothing dodgers there. top of the 6 same score match. max muncy gets all of this one huh high and deep to right field. it is gone. dodgers lead to nothing. as for the giants but kensli jansen get out alex dickerson swinging for the final. the giants to zip. giants try to avoid the sweep on sunday. a good note for bruce bocce right there will also be some special ceremonies to celebrate the end of his career we will have that for you tomorrow. and the oakland raiders trying to get back on track and snap their two-game losing streak. this is week 2 of the readers grueling said
10:51 pm
evan week road trip and they play the 2 in one indianapolis colts on sunday morning the raiders will have to face a dangerous colts quarterback jacoby brissett head coach jon gruden shared what he believes needs to be done in order to come out with a win on sunday. >>we have bill run the ball certainly will make an effort to do it we have some balance. a call to giving up some wrongs they also cause a lot of negative yardage rooms they start and yeah, some timely blitzes and. they're up 20 to 3 at halftime last week so we had lot of >>on to the college ranks the stanford cardinal taking on the oregon state beavers 3rd quarter. stanford leading 14 zip davis mills finding his man he connects with price and remain in the end zone touchdown there for stanford they lead by 21. but the 4th quarter oregon trying to claw. jay cullen with the handoff tim pearce and he's in there.
10:52 pm
touchdown and just like that the beavers. or the 2 minute warning there 6 seconds left in the game time 28 stanford with the 3rd. field goal. kick is good and stanford hangs on to defeat organ states to 3128 so now. they will take on the 17th drake washington huskies next week that was a close one. we can still celebrate after. right here in the bay
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
the fest in munich germany is the biggest beer festival in the world pulling in some 6 million people from all over the globe. but you're not. >>is a very in beer made outfit the only thing leads the ensemble to pulls year earlier. at the historic schroders restaurant in san francisco's financial district gets off over fast. you might find leader jose. of german beer tears. october fest exactly was actually the celebrating of the upcoming harvest. so that's why they celebrate in september. they're going to start the harvest in october so lot of hard work coming up so they my done a lot of drinking in. consumption. you might order
10:56 pm
up the fan favorite and brought in beer snitzerland duzer this oversight. reuters october fest very and block party kicked off in september and runs through october. >>their live bands and the whole street is blocked off. >>and so every saturday we'll have a live band. but what every day is october fest at schroders the harmon you wear. and san francisco. how does >>you can always some in a restaurant to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com. let's get a final check now of our weather forecasts with theresa a chilly chilly chilly very chilly tonight dipping in the 40's for interior valleys and
10:57 pm
50's along the coast and along the bay but. >>i am tracking some isolated pop-up thunderstorms. 4 interior valleys in the north bay and with below average temperatures continuing 5 to 10 degrees below normal. so we are going to notice a lot more active weather pattern starting sunday night but then calmer by monday morning. >>we'll watching it and we will see you back here tomorrow night at 8.10 have a great saturday night. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with
10:58 pm
misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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the underwater proposal that ended in tragedy. he held up a note to declare his love. what led to his sudden death? and, locked in the bathroom on an airplane. for an hour. >> imagine being stuck all that time in such a tight space! >> then,. >> the untold story of the ruu' this will teach you next time t >> her family speaks out. and cemetery theft. it's happening across the usa. these parents were so upset at what was stolen from their baby's grave, they set up a hidden camera. >> you caught him right in


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