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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 29, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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allenger hellcat redeye. is off this evening. our top story this evening, a deadly shooting at a petaluma mall. >>police are trying to figure out what happened after a man and was found shot inside of his crashed car. this all went down at the petaluma premium. let's last night kron four's gayle ong is live for us right in petaluma with details kale. >>just seen the shooting happened around 8 o'clock last night that was about the time were shops are just about to close an hour. we're before. now what at first looked like a crash is now ruled a homicide. the accident scene
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now a crime scene the driver shot at the wheel police say i thought it was crazy crazy as. >>and i have no idea what. >>what's going on is a place that people go to shop with the kids and that with their families of you know it's definitely not something that you expect coming here. >>it was an hour before closing time at the petaluma factory outlet saturday night when police responded to reports of a shooting and crash officers found this car smashed invent up on the sidewalk police blocked off part of the outlet mall leaving shoppers and employees on able to get to the parking lot as investigators canvassed the area for evidence it's pretty crazy that happened in petaluma i was really surprised that happened in this town out of all the town's possible second cummings worked at the mall that was off that night a bunch of my friends were working here. i have like 10 friends who work here i like foale really like nervous for them because like doing such a difficult situation sunday was business as usual shoppers. we spoke to are stunned about say they will not live in fear so safe. >>you know town safe community
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and uh you know we live not far from here in. >>so we're you know, afraid to because you know coming back. >>well the driver shot died at the scene and a half i'm to continues for any suspects. >>story you will only see on kron 4 it's been 3 months since a 25 year-old man from daly city was paralyzed after an accident on highway 24 that was caused by wrong-way drunk driver wade airline did was given a 5% chance he would ever walk again. now he's home after several major surgeries. kron four's however soggy has more on his journey to recovery. >>i don't remember anything from that day. that accident kind of to commemorate from last few days. >>3 months ago when darrell londpn's world flipped upside down a wrong-way drunk driver slammed into london's car on
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highway 24 as london in his 4 passengers were heading home from a family birthday party and then i wake up and know. >>carroll is in hospital. so it's kind of a shock london's now paralyzed from the chest down in working to regain control of his upper body after several fractures and spinal injuries. >>going home maybe face reality will be more. i get to things change then just day to day activities discovered that tucker. that team activities are. >>anything really 10's of thousands of dollars later london's had several surgeries and still needs more physical therapy. in addition to special renovations in his home since i don't have any control under my but just now simple things like setting up as. in addition to debilitating injuries. london's also dealt with many emotions and questions wrong place from time. it could have been in egypt driver going the
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wrong way. >>and i mean a could a left a party leader could lift earlier just it's just life. i guess the wrong way driver and his passenger died soon after the accident of the 5 people in london's car his injuries from the severe. he says he's most thankful for the support from his loved ones. don't think a little bit this. >>well off right now mentally wasn't for that. they're really pushing for taylor sackey kron 4 news. if you would like to help london with his medical expenses head to our website kron 4 dot com. we posted the story. >>and you can also find a link to his go fund me page. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast for your sunday night taking a live look outside from downtown san francisco. you can see city hall lit up in orange this evening and stormtracker 4 tracking very dry conditions for everyone in the bay area, including those of you in the north bay you actually saw measurable amounts of rain specifically those of you in sonoma county light scattered showers but that threat of
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thunderstorm activity is now over so expect drier calmer conditions tonight. and temperatures out there right now in the mid to upper 50's so we are noticing a cooler air mass this evening with overnight lows throughout the bay area shoreline cooling down into the upper 40's low 50's with widespread 40's for interior valleys. and our highest peaks of the bay area mountains and hills will actually cool down in the 3rd a very chilly temperatures heading our way tonight and wake-up planner forecast is still tracking a very cool and dry air mass for your monday afternoon. but a nice warming trend is heading our way details on that and your full 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes just seen back to you thank you so much it was supposed to be a quick trip to san francisco. but it's become a month's long nightmare for this man from southern california. >>he's been looking for his beloved terrier that went missing in june and ever since then strangers have been stepping up and trying to help and they're even opening up their home so he has a place to stay while he looks for his
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dog. kron four's dan thorn spoke to the man about his journey to find his best friend he joins us now live in san francisco with why the skies just not giving up. >>well that's right just seen this guy has been virtually couch surfing at strangers homes in order to find his lost dog yet be he said he's not going to give up and others here in the city say he should. sean lopez is putting up flyers in san francisco. it's been 3 months since he's seen his dog and best friend, the f b i was closer with the of the night the night. >>in june the apple valley native was only passing through as staff on his journey to begin a new life in oregon. then everything changed when i take him everywhere he right next to me every night. >>shawn says he was driving in the angle side area when yet he was apparently spooked by something and then disappear.
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>>for the last 3 months, sean has been counts surfing throughout the city as people have felt compelled to help in his search. thanks to a kind stranger, this has been as bad for the past few weeks. others are also stepping up to help out people liked. >>fires for it. 5 hours with me sometimes and staying up all night just to post lies in areas covered so. it's likely inspired me to keep on you know and not give up. >>passion for his dog is clearly not something sean is lacking. he has a tattoo of lily up on his forearm. >>place finish. >>and has even written rap songs about his beloved terrier in the state make great facebook page with hundreds of members has been helping to spread the word about the last pop a few lookalikes have popped up, but none have been yet the however sean says his commitment to the search is not going to waver and he hopes to soon be
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reunited with his best friend. >>it's almost like it s like how hard are you want to go for it, someone or something you uh you know, mean not going >>sean says once he finds yet be he has no plans on coming back here to san francisco. he says that he just wants his best friend back and for his life to start all over again. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>finds the a p. democrats in washington want to hear from president trump's personal lawyer, why rudy giuliani says he will not cooperate with california representative adam schiff. and baseball legend. this guy had his last game at oracle park how the giants said goodbye to bruce bocce said goodbye to bruce bocce tonight.
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>>and to the season for the giants, the team lost to the 9 nothing today but fail and still pass. for bruce bocce is very last. while managing the giants he led the team to 3 world series championships and today he got a royal sendoff into retirement on forestall bell has more on both cheese. that's right a bit of an unfortunate series here to. >>and on especially for such a storied leader, but what a day
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at oracle park as you said a 13 year tenure here with the giants bocce has led this team to a 3 world series championships and he made his 2002 when here with team definitely a game changing leader that fans tell me they're going to mess. he's a legendary. he's the best as manager we have ever had or have ever seen from homemade signs and t-shirts to commemorative jackets and even hearings with his name and now. giants fans paid tribute to bruce bocce sunday, anyway they could is a personal person, not even dodger fans
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could deny his contribution to the game than well that's one of the reasons why came out. we can use had a first pitch from his son brett got things started and that the school board didn't go their way fans cup stadium path not till the end i'm. something the skipper himself couldn't appreciate more. >>emotional roller coaster. i just wish we play little better, beside this is a a day on never forget. >>and san francisco noel gallo kron 4 news. >>candidates running for san francisco district attorney
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>>tonight the impeachment investigation into president trump is moving forward house democrats are now working to bring the congress to testify on before the complaint. the president trump tried to get ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election. cnn's rick damigella has the latest reaction.
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>>adam schiff, the chairman of the house intelligence committee telling nbc's meet the press, a tentative agreement has been reached for the whistleblower to testify before congress. all that needs to be done at this point is to make sure that the attorneys that represent a whistleblower. >>get the cltarance is that they need to be able to accompany the whistleblower to testimony president trump maintains he's done nothing wrong. but with possible testimony looming some republicans are dismissing the whistleblower's complaint. >>senator lindsey graham questioning the basis of the inquiry on cbs news face the nation i think this whole thing is a sham. >>i can't believe we're talking about impeaching the president based on an accusation based on hearsay. >>who is this whistleblower the president's surrogates also rallying in his defense speaking to fox news's chris wallace white house aide stephen miller, doubling down on trump's talking points behavior of this individual is close to a spy. some democrats also want to hear from trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani, his name appears multiple times in the
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whistleblower's complaint. giuliani told face the nation that he testify if trump asks him to though he argues the investigation is tainted by political motives. >>i wouldn't cooperate with adam schiff. i think that i'm sure should be removed, but some of the president's supporters say giuliani's actions and possible testimony won't shift public opinion democrats want to impeach because rudy giuliani talked a couple ukrainians good luck with that i don't think the american people i think that's the appropriate course of action. i'm rick damigella reporting. >>in san francisco at the bay bridge, nice and quiet. yeah that's right just in you are about 4 to 12 degrees below average today's so. i think of an issue today like they were yesterday so we did notice. wind gusts around 20 miles per hour or less in today's
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daytime highs the biggest drop for those of you in santa rosa, only warming up to 69 degrees on average high should be in the low 80 so 12 degrees cooler than where you should be for this time of year. and also noticing very dry conditions for the north bay we did see some light scattered showers bringing measurable amounts of rain for sonoma county. but now all dry and already clearing up as well in fact, here's a live look outside from golden gate bridge and we're not even noticing that thick fog bank out there's still plenty of high clouds overhead temperatures widespread mid to upper 50's low 50's for those of you in half they've conquered in the low 60's right now as is oakland, so we are noticing a cooler air mass this evening and overnight lows, we'll dip into the 40's and 50's for most of the bay area but the highest peaks and our local hills and mountains will actually cool down into the 30's. so very chilly temperatures there yet again to start your monday morning. much like this morning. it was noticeably cooler as well and tomorrow's daytime highs very
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little change that we're going to remain about 5 to 10 degrees below average downtown san francisco 64 degrees oakland in the mid 60's in san jose flirting with 70's but upper 60's for you low 70's for the try valleys in concord an antioch and low 70's for those of you in santa rosa, so few degrees of warming on monday for those of you in the north bay but i amdtracking even warmer temperatures on tuesday. that's going to be transitional day we're we finally warm up to near average by the middle of this upcoming week and even this upcoming weekend tracking temperatures about 5 degrees above average so not dealing with any he waives this round even as he start out october and 10 days from now i am tracking near average temperatures in our full 10 at 10 outlook and no rain in sight. his team backto you. thank you. >>coming up our team from border report dot com visits a texas town that mostly speak span why that community is now trying to embrace. anal whresrchink a
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marijuana extract could help kids with autism.
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it.
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10:24 pm
out there's one reason now that english is making a comeback today. >>on sunday morning in l the streets are quiet with the exception of few car. we're just passing through. that's because most of the town is here pastor juan gonzalez speak a little bit of english but that's common in else. and the small border town south of laredo adopted spanish as its official language in 1999 to that see in community is growing in speaking but now 15 years later the town is trying to shift back to english as or gonzales says most of the congregation understands english but he chooses to do the service in spanish, so everyone who comes to church can participate will not confirm ceiling. he says it's a misunderstanding that the town doesn't want to speak english, it's simply generational most of the community migrated from mexico but now as they get older the kids are picking up english is good that they took that most
10:25 pm
this is fence. martin go says he wants his twin boys to be bilingual is better because that for the jobs and everything you know that. >>you have to happen in guy aigles and his sons had the park to themselves. he says quiet is normal. many of the residents have left we went back to makes a guy a goes and pastor gonzalez say they see a lot of people come across the rio grande from mexico them was a calm and allow up in west a unanimous gonzales says he usually just gives them water and they'll keep going only a few she was to stay. and in a warning key. possible use for marijuana why a group of researchers think that cannabis could be helped to use children with autism. this is the chevy silverado,
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scientists are trying to figure out of cannabis can help children with autism a group of researchers believe that uh not psychoactive cannabis extract could possibly help with autism symptoms. scientists say their incur urged by the success of the compound that it had and reducing epileptic seizures. researchers are really conducting clinical trials on 100 young patients and those trials will last through june 2021.
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>>well voters in san francisco will elect a new district attorney this november, the election is about 6 weeks away and these are the 4 candidates who are running and we have a live debate with them right here on kron 4 you can watch it on our ap exclusively, which is crime. a big chunk of
10:32 pm
what these candidates had to say because it is a big election. there is a lot at stake. so here now is part 2 of the debate. but you saw only on kron on. >>chase is this question is for yout is clear and we've been touching on this. hall or drugs do play a role in some of the collisions that we've referenced a chase you've got some pushback when you seem to describe first time drunk driving as a victimless crime. let me get your chance to second thoughts about that. >>i can't have second thoughts about a position take let's be real clear on how the law works. there's one section of the local code that criminalizes drunk driving where there is no injury or accident. there's a separate section, the vehicle code that criminalizes drunk driving where someone is injured. the section. 23 1.52, we're no one's injured luckily because the police do their job and get drunk drivers off the streets before collision. vehicle code section, 23, one 53 when the police only arrived after someone's been
10:33 pm
harmed. i want for a type crimes, including from driving where someone's actually harmed and they have a victim's first approach district attorney and that means notifying every victim of every crime what we're doing and using courtroom space between shore that those cases where someone has actually been directly injured the number one priority for my office and for the hall of justice. and top for everybody else would start with a leaf. >>we've how seriously would you take on operating a vehicle under the influence. >>very seriously and those are among the most serious offenses we have in san francisco. and it's important to note that studies have shown the drunk drivers only cost about one out of every 80 times they drive drunk. so when we're talking about first-time offenders are probably talking about 80 of time to offenders. they're just caught for the first time and so we don't know how many victims there could be on the streets as a result of their previous drunk driving when we get those opportunities to intervene and create a strong deterrent we need to take those so you will not see any letting up out of me, like a
10:34 pm
district attorney when it comes to the seriousness. the da's office takes those contrived cases we need to protect everyone on the streets. my office is one block away from 3 of the pedestrian fatalities that occurred in in the city over the last 6 months that could be any of my co-workers academia my way out to lunch, i take these incredibly seriously and that's a sort of dedication and bring its and this skip it. how we want to fix the broken criminal justice system. and there's many things that we need to fix how we prosecute duis is not one of them. >>it is one crime where it has the lowest recidivism rate which means we successfully prosecute someone for a dui and 3% of the time they do it again so we actually prevent future harm and that's why these are not victimless crimes just dui has to be treated with the seriousness that we know how dangerous it is to drive under the influence on our streets and at a moment in time in san francisco. you know look i'm raising my 3 daughters here my
10:35 pm
mom is a senior citizen. the idea that we would let up change how we're handling one of the crimes that have successfully deterred dangerous behavior is reckless and as district attorney everyone can count on a partner in me in prosecuting duis effectively as we've done in the past and holding people accountable, so that they know not to have that drink and get in the car and drive on our streets. you can see. the change that has taken overly technical position as to the definition a victimless because. >>in terms of public safety respect to drunk driving the set. the public is the victim here. it's not just about. people in their cars or their passengers. it's about pedestrians about bicyclists about other motorists. people who are living in buildings even. john driving is that. one of the most important crimes that we try as misdemeanors in san francisco and it is a critically important one because of the dense urban nature of our
10:36 pm
city. it's not something that is a victimless by any stretch of the imagination. it is a man actually some of the proposals that chase a has talked about are actually illegal please. so the idea that we're going to divert are doing a deferred entry of judgment for a first time victimless dui it is actually something that we're not able to do as prosecutors and prosecutors should be upholding the law that's time chasing would you like to respond absolutely you know i think it's telling as we have this conversation. >>there's one of us up here who actually works in san francisco's home justice today. i'm the only one who understands the critical crisis that we're having every day with lack of access to courtrooms with lack of resources for district attorneys in for judges to do the difficult work of trying cases like murder and rate an armed robbery cases that today take in some instances, 10 years to get to trial. this is where someone has been directly in gravely injured killed. and right now the problem at 30 seconds to
10:37 pm
respond since i was invoked multiple times. right now. 2 thirds of the trials in san francisco for misdemeanors that'the highest percentage of any county in the state and the results are deplorable rather than the time i'm sure half the cases, let's hope people kind knife away. >>and hearing from women have been raped or sexually assaulted that their case is just sit at the district attorney's office with charging decisions not made and cases rarely prosecuted. s easy currently a sexual-assault survivor is petitioning the supreme court after she says the sfpd did not test her rape kit. you are the police commission president during part of the time period in question. it's a dismissed the claim how would you reassure sexual-assault victims. their cases would be given the resources that they deserve. >>what happened to the victim in that case is completely unacceptable and when i learned of it on the police commission i made sure that her kit was tested and not
10:38 pm
only was her kid tested, but identified that what happens in too many cities across this country is backlogs of rape kits are created because a detective in the police department decides whether or not to test test that kit does it go to the property room or does it go to the crime lab. and so many of these kids go to the property room and they never get tested, it's it's a determination made by a police officer whether they believe the victim that perpetuates so much victim shaming and blaming and it stop to change that policy all of the kids are immediately sent to the crime lab for testing and moreover we set timelines of how quickly they had to be tested. and we required reporting to victim so what happened to her will never happen again. and david to put a bill before the sacramento. legislature, that actually codified this and required other jurisdictions to do the same. so no one on this stage has done more than i have have to protect victims of sexually violent and that's why i have the support of san francisco when his political committee. >>stay on this topic everybody else starting with nancy would
10:39 pm
you handle sexual-assault cases differently as district attorney and if so how. i think one of the issues that have has come up during this election season is that we really don't treat victims. the way that we should and that's one thing that will change one of many things that will change from the district attorney i think we need to take an approach where we actually have not just a victim contact when you know a case goes to trial or we need somebody to testify. victims should be a part of the process and informed of the process, according to marsy's law which is a constitutional right the car and the victim's right every single step of the way so whether it's a point of investigation if it's approved charging or whether it's about to go to trial or about to go to arraignment or any type of core process. we need to have the district attorney's office really invested in not only communicating with victims but communicating with them in the language of their preference and in a culturally competent way so that they feel involved howard in the system and not victimized again. and chase
10:40 pm
same question. >>we know i laid out a really detailed plan it on my website for wage morning dramatically improve response to sexual-assault it's a priority for me, and it's a priority for everyone who cares about public safety and victims rights in this city what we're doing right now the status quo is totally unacceptable. i want to go back to where this conversation started because facts matter and history matters. there's a reason why susie is a defendant in the lawsuit that you mentioned heather and this notion that we have a backlog of cases is really a misnomer it's not a backlog. a backlog suggests that those kids were going to get tested. they were never going to get tested. heather marlatt that's her name and she sued susie in the city of san francisco, the it after repeated meetings with everybody high and low. she was not given just as she was not treated with dignity. she has told her story she has come forward and have the courage and we need to encourage other people who suffer some more states to do the same refusing to test rape kits for injecting millions of dollars in grant money that would help test rate cut is
10:41 pm
exactly the opposite of what we should do it. says he would do >>yet again. facts matter here. every court that has looked at this case has been dismissed any finding of any wrongdoing on behalf of me or the police commissioner of the city but that's not issue here. the issue is we know we're failing victims evy day. we know that we can do better and what i've committed to is doing what i did at the police commission get to the root of the problem, too many women are being told we can't win their case and so what i've said is when the first 100 days is d a all look at every case we've rejected bring in the best prosecutors at best investigators and make sure we can prosecute and hold people accountable for sexually violent. thank you. >>i have spoken to the survivor sexual-assault who is suing susie in the us supreme court and it's really important to be clear because we're all lawyers on the stage. there's never been an on the record on the merits determination of the claim that she's brought the case was dismissed in lower courts based on procedural technicalities on special invitations she deserves her day in court and
10:42 pm
sexual-assault survivors around san francisco deserve their day in court. heather marlatt was one of 757 women who reported sexual-assault in a given year. the da's office only got 9 convictions after trial that's 1.3% and we wonder why reporting rates are so low. and that's why my policy committee has put out what was called by the press, the most detailed specific plan to address this quarter central islands, an online rape kit tracking portal the survivors of sexual-assault can access the whereabouts and the result of the rape kit in real time online there's a technology company that wants to give it to the service to us for free. san francisco hasn't done it know where in california has done it, let's be leaders here on this issue. >>and was and that again would you like to say anything out. the issue of how we deal with a sexually violent in san francisco is at the top of my priorities. >>last year, 21% of women went to san francisco general hospital saying they had been victims of sexual-assault so all my opponents might want to
10:43 pm
take cheap shots. my record is clear i am the choice of women who want a different response on this from sunny schwartz teletype assignment to maryland and brief. a commonly harris. my record is clear i reduced eliminated the backlog of rape kits in san francisco and i will handle this as district attorney. current district attorney there have been no charges filed against san francisco. >>police officers who have fired. their weapon leaf you have said that one officer involved shooting is one too many. but ca a fire you suggesting that officers should not use their weapons against people who are shooting other people. >>i'm saying that our goal should always be to eliminate put officer-involved shootings and that's waiting to move towards de-escalation has been has been critical. i'm one of the first groups that i met with after falling to declare for district attorney was a group of community activists who lost loved ones in officer-involved shootings and
10:44 pm
the really 3 main take away from the concerns of there. these cases are taking forever sites that i'm nervous all every case within 6 months. there was no transparency that's what i'm gonna hold a town hall and explain why am charging or not charging officer and 3 they said it seemed like it was either murder 4 nothing and i said i'm going use my experience as a prosecutor as a lawyer to consider all available charges to deliver some semblance of justice to these families so. there may be tragic instances of officer-involved shootings but i think we as a city and me as district attorney should always be aiming to get back to 0. >>are the same topic is for. everybody else and we'll start with you chase a is there any recent officer-involved shooting in which you believe charges would have been more to it but i don't think it's appropriate to comment on a specification having seen all of the internal investigations on. >>hesitant to do that here what i can tell you is the status quo is not working we need leaders with the independence, the courage and
10:45 pm
the track record of enforcing the law equally of holding police accountable when they break the law and that's my track record a cross examine officers every day in court as a public defender. i shed light on the ongoing abuses in the county jail at the hands deputy sheriffs and for that reason that the deputy sheriffs aave come into this race and spent more than a $100,000 attacking because they know that i will enforce the law equally that's my track record my commitment district attorney to investigate every single officer involved shooting to never allow evidence to be admitted into court winter result of racial profiling racial bias police misconduct and to ensure, but the standard when force against police are the same ones in force against every single one of us. nancy. >>a deputy district attorney in san francisco for almost 11 years before i went over to alameda county. of those years i spent in special prosecutions unit wheri was tasked with investigating and prosecuting officers for
10:46 pm
criminal misconduct. i was also part of a team of attorneys that reviewed officer-involved shootings and so when it comes to holding officers responsible for misconduct, i'm the only one on the stage who has prosecuted police officers in criminal court. and i think that. holding the public's trust and integrity enough when we if when it comes to police officers is one of the most important things that we do it just at the district attorney's office and that we will continue to do that when a well i'm the district. the san cisco examiner called me the face of police reform in san francisco because i terminated more officers for serious misconduct ever been done is present a police commission i got party funny one cameras. >>and change the use of force policy that has resulted in a 30% reduction in use of force by san francisco police officers. and what we need is a district attorney who can be independent and fair. the thing that needs to change that. i've called for is we need the california department of justice to come in and handle these investigations. i
10:47 pm
often say that my 10 year-old can tell you that we shouldn't be investigating themselves when there's an officer involved shooting so i've laid out a plan to calling the california department of justice. a specialized prosecutors to prosecute police officers for on-duty and off-duty misconduct and make sure that our process around our investigation is transparent and clear and we let the community know what happened i made the decision we made that hasn't happened enough in the last officer-involved shootings. all right this next question is for nancy. >>san francisco's juvenile hall is scheduled to close within a couple of years there we'll still be juvenile offenders and then see you broken with some of the other stating your belief that there is a need for a juvenile hall in san francisco. in what circumstances should a juvenile be locked up. this is the thing about juveniles in san francisco. we need to treat kids kids. we also need to rehabilitate them and that's part of what is the ultimate goal of the juvenile
10:48 pm
law. judge makes a determination. the kid has committed a crime is not safe to release to the public because the public safety yours, a danger or harm to themselves. and that judge makes a determination. the juvenile should be detained. with we don't have a juvenile hall in san francisco. we harm san francisco kids because we're taking them out of their community out of their support networks at a time that is most critical for them. we're going to have to send them to title 15 compliant facilities, either in a neighboring county or somewhere very far away there are 2 juveniles right now that are in los angeles county because we cannot accommodate them and so my question meant to people who support the closing juvenile hall is well who's going to pay for a parent or guardian or you a loved one to go down to los angeles to support these at time. same topic for everybody else starting with susie susie, what should happen to those offenders if and when juvenile hall close us. station that was approved
10:49 pm
by the board contemplates a secure detention facility for some kids unfortunately in our society today we have juveniles committing some of our more certain most serious crimes and a judge determines whether it's safe for them to go home and so while that number is probably between 1020. what we know is we're not doing a very good job rehabilitating the juveniles in that category so the opportunity we have is to create a secure detention facility that is more designed to help a kid rehabilitate themselves. the juvenile system is fundamentally different than the adult system. it is expressly designed to rehabilitate our adult system is designed to punish when it comes to kids we've got to have a facility that makes it more likely. they can get the therapy and help that they need and that they can have the type of parent visits that we know helps kid go from. committing harm to rehabilitate themselves we've got a great opportunity here in san francisco to design a juvenile system that fundamentally ends incarceration of kids as we know it and when we do have to detain a child. we make sure that they leave better than they came in. thank you jason.
10:50 pm
well, i'm excited to support this critical policy in san francisco. look part of how we end mass incarceration. it's part of how we break the school to prison pipeline. we all know that we are safer when we invest in education rather than incarceration and is my commitment to that approach to 20 the so enforcement of united you caters of san francisco. >>and of the city college teachers union we need to start treating kids life kids and look it doesn't mean everybody who commits a serious crime is on the street we do need secure safe. place to put kids who at risk. work causing harm. but we also need to make sure that we're not perpetuating injustices that we're not continuing to fail children. we're so vulnerable in failed. countless times by their families by their communities, let's invest in those communities, let's break the cycle and let turn the juvenile hall into a transitional age you center
10:51 pm
that huge the expertise of the staff there to work with the 18 to 25 year-old court in the adult jail in give them a chance to treated like >>this issue is near and dear to my heart, not just because my mom was a nurse and a juvenile hall and i was crying out because i was the president san francisco juvenile probation commission so that strong supporter from the very beginning of re imagining our juvenile hall. and let's put some numbers on it. a 150 meds in juvenile hall. there's currently about 32 kids there so it's 80% empty of those 32 kids only about 10 of them are charged with serious or violent felonies another 10 or so are there on misdemeanor violation, another 10 or so are there on probation violations so we're talking about 10 or 12 kids at any given time to do need to be any safer secure setting in san francisco. this idea that will be sending kids to la is a complete fallacy, the 2 kids who are in la right now are there because they have serious mental health needs. and that is why i have proposed turning juvenile hall into a mental health justice center so we have the capability and the facility to
10:52 pm
address those needs of right here in san francisco. so we don't need to send a single kid out of county. best of all this is a scalable model every juvenile hall around california is under half capacity. we can try mental health facilities. >>15 seconds to answer it's a very simple question. the next it will be elected using ranked choice voting. kilian be voting for for number 2, 3, >>i go on to get along and in this particular case would have to say that there are there is only one other person who has been a prosecutor in san francisco on that says a law office. so >>and cz thank you nancy i do agree that having the
10:53 pm
experience of being a n francisco prosecutor and talking to 12 san franciscans and asking them to hold someone accountable is a key leave that up to the voters to decide who to vote for number 2, 3, i sure hope they pick number one. we'd now like to turn the floor back to the candidates. this is your. >>closing statement not long you get 30 seconds, let's start with the leaf find should voters pick you. >>well thank you so much for this opportunity i am running for district attorney san francisco to restore that sense of accountability back to our system. i have bold plans to turn juvenile hall into a mental health justice center to start an auto burglary taskforce within the office to go after those organized rings breaking into cars and those big ideas are the reason that the same cisco firefighters in the deputy sheriffs have endorsed me as long as a as well as another 150 organizations elected officials and community leaders i would be honored earn your support on november 5th. nancy.
10:54 pm
>>and see that what's happening on our streets isn't working as a career prosecutor and having worked in the san francisco district attorney's office for more than a decade. i see what's working and where we need to do better. our city faces some serious challenges to protect the people of the city and i have skills the experience and the political independence to make sure that we put san francisco on a better path. when elected i will be ready on day one to protect its people the people of the city and san francisco. susan. i believe we can make our cities safe and just we've got to reject the politics of division and the blame game. >>i have the sole endorsement of the san francisco democratic party. the support of our mayor 7 members of the board because i have plans to address the mental health crisis, the car braking problem. our property crime issues. we needed trusted seasoned prosecutor who's worked inside and outside the courtroom and has the support the community to make change and i hope they'll support me on on noveuber 5th. >>i'm proud to have the
10:55 pm
support of a diversity of leaders from the seven-member felt hang to 5 meers of the board supervisors from dozens of local democratic clubs and labor groups community organizations to the elected district attorneys across this country, we're leading our national criminal justice reform as your district attorney i'm going to treat every arrest as opportunity for intervention for healing and for prevention of crime. that's how we'll make the city safer. we have a unique opportunity to fix this broken
10:56 pm
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