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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  September 30, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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oakland, it's 55 right now, but the further north you get in the bay look at some of those cool temperatures up north with santa rosa 41 cloverdale at 42 right now saint helene are right there with you so definitely want to keep those jackets on hand as you are stepping outside this morning for the north bay and our coastal areas it's a significantly cooler start to the morning that it was yesterday while some of our inland areas like over to fairfield are actually a little bit warmer than yesterday up 7 degrees in fairfield compared to the same time yesterday. after such a chilly start. temperatures later on today will rise into a range of 60's won't be so chilly into the afternoon, but it will remain crisp when you factor in a steady breeze that's going to stay with us even into the afternoon, so it'll be one for the sweaters for the light jacket on this monday morning, definitely feeling like fall, although i am talking warmer weather for the rest of your forecast still to come. robin all right, thank you sir, let's check in on traffic now and see out moving around the bay area. >>here's the bay bridge 80
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wesson to san francisco and we already have a little bit of a crash some of those cars flames but overall it's not bad nothing to worry about still very quiet. this morning rolling into san francisco. so you're just back up on the far left and the far right hand side there in the cash lanes fast track lanes in carpool lanes look fantastic so 8 minutes to make your way to fremont street. here's 92, this is your trip across the san mateo bridge and it's a little cry. section just west of the tolls but we've had no problem no crash susan we're at a very quick 12 minutes to make it off to one o one. here's what want to cross the golden gate looking good smooth that's what we like to see so if you're commuting from the north bay to san francisco, it'll be a very quick 18 minutes from now now for now is the key word as we continue the hour into 5 o'clock 6 o'clock you know it's going to heavy or so get out there early if you can get an early start while we have no problems into san francisco. we're checking traffic tracker looking at highway 4 through contra costa county that looks good. no problems for the nimitz and then from san jose heading
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north on one on one it's going to be smooth trip along the peninsula in to menlo park look at some more numbers coming up. california sen and presidential candidate kamala harris was back in the bay area. the center is poll numbers are slipping since an early surge after the first debate. but kron four's dan thorn has more on the senator's first visit. >>new polling numbers show california senator kamala harris is falling behind in the presidential race. berkeley igs poll has harris a distant 4th in her home state i ha a very complicated relationship calls. while visiting san francisco's chinatown the former district attorney and state attorney general says she's remaining confident despite the numbers, however it might be unsettling for the senator to see her popularity is down in the bay area as well. harris is currently trailing joe biden elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, almost every poll that for every one of my race
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is certainly district attorney and attorney general said i couldn't wait. >>but the american people the california voter analysts. in a manila town center at the international hotel. >>harris says her focus in chinatown was to listen to the asian-american community. the topics of homelessness housing and senior services were all brought up. harris who also serves on the senate intelligence committee also addressed the effort to impeach president trump i'm thankful that in this case. some of the most significant evidence. >>that is obvious that shows that this president should be impeached is known by the american people and i'm and i'm very thankful that this impeachment process is beginning. >>reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well the chp is investigating a deadly stabbing that happened near highway 6 80 in milpitas so police learned about it when a man walked into the embassy suites on east calaveras and told employees there about the stabbing. so investigators
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believe that he's the actual suspect police later. a man is in custody for attempted murder after nevada police say that he shot at 2 people this happened near bowling drive in. police say that enter nicholas camp sees from berkeley he shot but to people in their car after a fight. police found him inside his car when they arrived, they also found a handgun inside the 2 victims were not hurt. we'll study show that young black men and boys are less likely to drop out of school or get into trouble. toward by a successful black man. and that's the central focus for one oakland-based nonprofit kron forcefully to paul has more. >>back in middle school now 18 year-old oakland native and youth pastor romero lesson to join the okay programs he was
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recruited to the oakland-based nonprofit by now-retired sacramento county deputy sheriff donald north cross who founded the organization in 19 90 not country. >>police officers working full time well that was me and that is okay as mission seeming black men with young black boys 12 to 18 years old helping them develop leadership skills find success in the classroom. >>and stay out of jail in order to raise the boy to be a man you need a man in the equation do it and this is what the program brings oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick was invited to speak at the program's fundraiser saturday patrick pledged her support for the group's work also saying sorry for the fractured. >>yet improving relationship between police and the black community we need to begin elaine and restoring trust and restoring trust begins were honestly acknowledge memory of cost impact.
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>>but the police department also does a lot of good several of its officers are program mentors officer robert smith is the program director, a product of the foster system in maryland. he can relate to you growing up without a just ask romero wesson what he says he was angry at the world after his father abandoned him his mother and 4 brothers and he credits deputy north cross and the okay program for providing an avenue that steady course as black man. >>and the mayors of to have and come and talk to you in would you have one game inspire motivate you to be your brain is self even when you live in the low income communities and you might not have father i think is be beyond power. >>for program model that continues to make a difference. in oakland felipe to of all kron 4 news. >>that's a great story and a great program. well over 10 man has been convicted of rape
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and murder of an 81 year-old woman so this is all thanks to advanced technology. that connected. jonathan jackson as a man who assaulted and killed an 81 year-old name was sunni kwan. this happened when she was just out for a morning walk in el serino back in 2012. so police arrested jackson in 2016 for cars. >>2012 it was fully developed and in 2016. mister jackson was arrested for car theft in september of 2016 and by october. his dna had been uploaded codis hit was made one was truly vulnerable and truly innocent. she was on her morning walk as an 81 year-old grandmother when tiffany jackson kidnapped her off the street dragged her into an alley and brutalize her. >>well through the years kwan's family never lost hope and they say that they're very thankful that justice is finally being served. well a
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catholic priest from our freeman church will spend nearly 5 5 years in state prison on molestation charges. father heck in dole's of is accused of molesting a boy in hayward over an 18 month period in 2016 2017. so investigators they finally arrested him in march. a plea deal and august's and in addition to the prison term. the agreement calls for failing to register as a sex-offender for the rest of his life and to stay away from the victim for 10 years. well to the south and now a congregation is left feeling frustrated and helpless after thieves continue to target their church. all that in hills united methodist church has been struck. twice recently. this was the second time the equipment shed was broken into and struck by burglars in the past month. now in the latest effort fees may off with a trailer that was filled with fat thousands of dollars worth of camping gear. pastor mary ellen yoshino says that they are devastated that this just keeps happening. hurtful we
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know what happens. but it's her we'll be fine. >>we had a more secure a place for them and someone knew exactly how to get in pulled the trailer out trailer and stuff. >>went away. well, san jose police actually found the trailer it was just a few miles away from the church at a homeless camp. of course all the supplies are gone and some people are using it as shelter. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a bittersweet gunfire as giants manager bruce bocce retire years after 25 years, see how fans packed the stadium for his very last it. before we go how about we take a little peek outside we're checking in on embarcadero here in san francisco. you can see the bay bridge there in the background i guess we have like some overcast conditions this morning. but rock to a chilly start will for some of you because it's 41 degrees right now in santa rosa 48 in nevado a little bit warmer at 54 in san francisco. 55 degrees in
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antioch and 52 in livermore so that's what we're looking at right now, but how's it going to feel later on this afternoon. john trimble answer the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections.
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say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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>>welcome back 4.52 on this monday morning if you're stepping outside to get back to work right now you definitely want to prepare yourselves like getting those jackets and we have some overall pretty clear conditions across the bay but it is clear cool and it's also pretty breezy out there this
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morning definitely want to plan for what will be a brisk morning and a pretty cool afternoon to now tomorrow and much of the rest of the forecast we see our daytime highs pushing back up to our seasonal averages them by the weekend ahead of us. we're actually above average with highs into the 80's so yes, still some he just around the corner and a much warmer weekend just around the corner than what we just finished up with your current temperatures are mostly in the 50's but if you focus on the north bay. it's pretty chilly up around santa rosa specially were current temperatures are in the low 40's, some the coolest weather we felt so far this season as for hayward you're at 55 along with oakland, san francisco sitting at 54 degrees as i mentioned winds will be president even into the afternoon, pretty steady with about 15 miles per hour this morning on into the afternoon ahead of us. also mentioned that we had snowfall this weekend up in the sierra nevada and we're actually continuing to see some of that this morning by the time we move into tomorrow sunshine
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returns and hey if you still want some nice warm weather for your hiking up in the sierra by wednesday and thursday it's back to the 60'- they go up there after what was a cool weekend below freezing at the crest of the mountains. >>robin the perfect hiking conditions, thank you so much jon now let's check in on traffic. >>just getting word of a little fender bender at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound right before the pay gates, it's already moving. >>off to the side which is good because we don't need anything in the way it's already stacking up in the cash lanes we have about 3 open now on the left and right, but you see the line it is growing. it's already spilling back beyond 8.80 over crossing so get on out there before it gets too bad. 9 minutes and growing for the trip off to fremont street and it is hot spot free. here's 92, it's a little busy as well, but it's not bad your trip out of hayward will be nice on the nimitz merging on to 92 a quiet commute over to the peninsula. so just that normal crowding on the flat overall it's a great trip. here's one oh one this is a great trip to from the north
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bay to san francisco for south one oh one which is the left side that's looking good. it's only 20 minutes and then on the right you have traffic leaving san francisco and the trouble free as well so smooth in both directions. here's a peek at traffic tracker want to show you some more freeways, there's 5.80 headed west livermore to dublin. if that's part of your commute, it's only 10 minutes. i don't see any major trouble spots for the trip on south 6.80 from dublin through sanaullah to fremont that's looking good. the nimitz is looking good too through hayward union city of milpitas and leaving no p this to 37 west. it's doing just fine a very quick 6 minute trip from 80 off to one oh one in sunnyvale. we'll take a look at this country music star toby keith he has a special gift for it dan before his concert in pennsylvania, the singer he gave a retired marine who lost both legs in afghanistan and all-terrain wheelchair is not pretty cool. so in 2010 and then ron paul he was carrying a fellow marine to safety. when he
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stepped on an explosive and that's how he lost his leg. but you know he's been able to walk with prosthetic leg. but he says said you know he wanted to have the special type a wheelchair because. special activities to get outside he can play with the kids in the 6 month old daughter. so that is absolutely beautiful, love it love it love it. well families pack theaters over the weekend and now a new animated movie is in the box office, it's the champ, rick damigella has a look at that face. and the round up top and here we go. >>brad pitt's astronaut flick ad astra fell out of orbit from second all the way down to 5th place with million. it chapter 2 repeated in 4th place with 10.4 million while hustlers moved up from 5th into 3rd on ticket sales of million to see some made known to as left of and downton
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abbey's rain at number one ended this week with the period drama finishing in second with million bringing its 2 week domestic gross to 58.5 million. the animated adventure abominable climb to the top of the box office mounted in its debut weekend. the dreamworks animation movie opened with million variety reports that marks the biggest opening for an original animated movie in 20 19 in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. and the kron 4 morning news, a deadly shooting. >>just south side of an outlet is now under investigation. what we've learned this morning coming up. those are taking the streets of one san francisco neighborhood as people fight to keep homeless off their sidewalks we'll have their sidewalks we'll have a live report this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself, our business is you.
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