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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  October 10, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>i had just begun the flames broke out un010am at 70% contained. you could see the car. all streaming out of the neighborhood they were ordered to evacuate most of them have been allowed back in and it's pretty amazing that the firefighters were able to make such quick working as hard as >>close to some homes absolutely so positive news on that front here is the wider view of the bay area. this is the pg e power outage map because that's the other huge story the power outages initiated by the utility company to help prevent any wildfires from sparking while we had a lot of wind blowing across the bay area last night increasing fire danger and you can see every single one of those icons represents a community where part or all have thrown into darkness because of this outage. we nt to connue our team coverage, one of those areas that saw the lights go out and go out for the widespread was lafayette yeah, let's go kron 4 sarah stinson she's been speaking of people they're not to have. >>the being in the dark this morning, sarah.
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>>yeah people are sort of adjusting as we've seen you know sausalito some parts of the north bay. they've been on this for 2 days. people here in lafayette they just woke up this morning without power our so they're still trying to acclimate to it all obviously not a fun situation. a lot of people are just very excited that safeway is open. it's the little things when you're going through something like this. and now people can go inside. get some food get some things they may have forgotten maybe some candles a flashlight who knows. maybe water but they have have a lot of stuff in there it's pretty dark inside. but there making do with it all. take a look at this map so you can see all of the areas affected by this power outage. again, i'm standing live here in lafayette. there's about 1400 100 customers that are without power and they all woke up that way some people were awake last night when it went off. down wnut crabout 2600 customers without power in orinda i mean that whole
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cities basically in the dark 11,000 customers without power. parag a over 4,000 customers so people are just trying to figure it all out of seen a lot of people driving around to find out and figure out they can find a place that's open mostly since morning time people want a cup of coffee. a lot of people coming up to me asking you know what's going on with pg needs this really about wildfire danger. what is it about and i told them yeah they're telling us will wildfire. the winds but one man he's not alone. he says he just doesn't buy it all. >>overreacting due to their own situation at p g need which is they can't afford. to not be that way because they're already in a pretty bad place financially being bankrupt and so forth they're totally overreacting but they have no choice because there's an expectation they're not going to screw up again.
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>>now coming up next half hour we'll hear from another man and who lives here lafayette woke up without power. he says you know at the end of the day what makes it feel worthwhile to him at least is that he feel safer that they are shutting off power due to that wildfire danger so some people say you know i believe it can and i'm glad that they're taking these options. others are saying yeah, i don't buy it. so overall all people are frustrated, they're just trying go by dave you go through this day by day and that's what we're doing to because we're trying to see what and the power will come back on stay tuned to kron 4 as we continued as pg e when they will turn it back on even when they say they will it will take probably 2 to 3 days to maybe get power back because they have to inspect each line and keep in mind. this is almost the entire bay area. the side san francisco that is dealing with this. now unlike lafayette sarah stinson kron 4 news sarah because you spoken to so many people b i.
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the number one question they want to know is is why are they doing this they. is this really the reason was a wildfire dangers of the wind. people are al here in lafayette and they see no wind of course you know john troubles mundaring that wind up on the hills, the east bay hills, there's wind there. but people are just not convinced of this wind factor if they could just answer that. why they're doing this that would be great and then again people want to know realistically when will their power be back on. sometimes p not able to answer that. but if they can just give people some kind answer he would just kind of put people up he's okay okay bulldog because and i that because those are first 2 questions right now. >>thank you sarah with pga. we've got representative on the phone. and let's ask most to pg e spokesperson melissa,
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me bolton. joining us right now so melissa, i assume you were hearing the report this area just had. >>of the 2 big questions when will the power be back on and. >>was this worth was really necessary necessary some of them are doubting the whole wind safety sake. >>our wildfire safety operations center team monitors conditions across after that evaluator to proactively turned off our electric power line. and we do this in intert of public safety. and when you mix stream weather condition. a line in that instance did see that there was or forecasted strong wind. dry vegetation low humidity. and we you know. we call the red flag warning issued by the national weather service and the national interagency fire center's
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geographic area coronation center for cap significant fire potential in but the condition, the line. we have that's where our service area may be impacted in the case. we identified 34 counties. >>in this case everywhere. i mean most i think that's what some people are taking when we heard that you would do power shutdowns i think people are like ok, they'll be targeted. but to say it everywhere in so couldn't you nearly got a little better because this is the first time in history you've ever done this. >>to this level unprecedented event is a widespread severe wind and from a geographical standpoint it certainly the largest that we have i'm in a number here. >>so you can narrow down any and you could narrow down a little better us now. >>we did you know we county that would be most severely impacted and get our very back to include only those customers that we're within
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those down. >>wright says 2 million people lot of people are 15 million and use it but she does say that they serve up new millions fresh and service as you're talking i'm melissa we're showing your pg outage map and we do see those. >>polly god's write the kind of carve out those areas where the power needed to be turned off. a lot of it targets these more hilly mountainous areas around the bay area. how long do you think it's going to take to get those services back up in places that was the other big question people want to know is when will my life turned back to normalqwhen will the power come back on. >>our number one responsibility is the safety of our customers and the community that we serve and when it safe to do so we are. conducting controlled
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affecting the infrastructure and will begin restoration we have alreadystored power to a 100 27,000 customers ok and my understanding is that it rolled of already begun in certain areas and we continue to monitor the weather in other area and want to say to do will begin conducting patrol and and turning the power back on. >>is it different is it first in first out like the north bay area's for example they've been without power for 2 days are you serving that area first. >>we survey once the weather had. and it determined that it to conduct that role and that we we do not intend to 8 additional extreme weather in the area. not that they have the the line. the conduct on foot and that meant an aerial men and then once we're able to determine that there was no damage to the repairs are not very clear people to begin that restoration process so the 120,000 or so customers
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that have power back on where's that. >>across service area but the majority actually have and then humble. >>okay okay, so it's not necessarily an order of wind power shut off the on that where the winds die down first and you can get crews out there to assess the line she did say now i as to who already has popped who what about which areas have e r. >>already gone and checked out because you said you had started that already which ones. >>conducting in select areas across service area. and they merely in the humboldt region that at all saying we have over 6 1000 person out ending by to come back a patrol and restoration effort and. a few dozen helicopters who are all but ending bite again, conducting aerial. >>so mostly humble right now because i mean we're concerned about our area of viewers. you know if you could give us any idea of which area is next or
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first to even survey that big debbie great you have great knowledge it can you kenny and i have enough we should have an update for you this afternoon. >>it rolled in during daylight hours and right now one sunrise. starts were able to get through that place to start doing a patrol. >>so i guess the one bit of encouraging news we can give viewers is that your crews will be out there on a rolling basis soon as the winds die down here, jumping on it you're looking at the lines and hopefully we can start seeing power rolled on gradually throughout the day is that what we're hearing. >>i don't have an estimation are bay area restoration. but what i can tell you is that we have over 6,000 person now in addition, service ending by ready to conduct the patrol. one 50,000 i strive it's nice try >>today, she can't say that yet. i guess we'll stand by for the update the afternoon
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now and see how many people get to see the lights and next day or 2 and those that have to linger on maybe into the weekend fingers crossed melissa, hey, thank you so much for joining us today in office going to stay in touch and trying to keep everybody updated as soon as. >>you have new information to share okay. thanks lot. thanks to melissa. and our team coverage continues to press not only pg on and talk to residents but also chat with city leaders to affect san jose had a press conference earlier this morning where they tried to at least that's what they knew and makes we didn't give them san jose's mayor complaint which was about communication right. i think they want to talk about that after they get the power back first things first because right now in the power's still out san jose kron four's christine pedro is there right now hi christine. >>3 different a large areas here in the city of san jose. those people woke up without power in 3 different areas, those are alum rock as well as almandin in south san jose and evergreen neighborhood. now those people were people who kind of yesterday were being thrown back and forth on on the way next you know power
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was going to be should offer say got reports that are they had reported around 08:00pm 10:00pm lot of them happened just before 11:00pm are closer to midnight. so some people went to bed with power and then we're waking up with no power at all in the dark so that is kind of the case here in the city of san jose. actually 20,000 homes for the city. city officials they say 20,000 homes are without power in the city and they said roxanne the least 60,000 people with those 20,000 home. so i've a press conference just over an hour ago and city officials as well led by mayor sam liccardo they were saying that they actually don't necessarily approve of the power outages and this is something that the mayor mentioned that he's been advocating against since the summer months we're going take a listen to what he had to say. >>so we have heard from pg any that the outages that have happened thus far will be the only outages they're expecting the weather events to
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dissipate this morning, i rode not bad in july and testified in front of the state legislature. a month later urging a change in the process and procedures that preceded power shut down. i expect that conversation become much more a bus now that we've had real experience experience it frankly is confirmed the concerns that we at the city of san jose have long had. >>was not shying away from the fact that the city didn't approve of these shut off and they knew these were this was greatly can hurt of their constituents now something they were very worried about however, of course as we've mentioned before they say first things first this make sure that everyone here in the area. well they're without power are taking care of so the city has been working on something called a power vulnerability planned even working on that since the summer months and it pretty much means that they are alerting people that the power outages are going on and then the set of 3 different city centers for people who are getting need any assistance basically if you need help charging something. his menie
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helped hurting something or need food and water. all those are going to be available for you. 3 throughout the city of san jose put on for the city. if using once again open at 08:00am closing at 08:00pm and that's going to last the city centers are going to be open until the power outage is over and then also pg e has opened up a vice adm the soccer stadium here to make sure that those that area is open for people as well that's open 08:00am until 06:00pm no one just big thing but at the ed mentioned as well as all law enforcement we've been talking with throughout this power outage is they say you know there are some major thoroughfares that do not have traffic lights better was working and that is a big issue, especially in area with so many people consent, they say if you come up to a traffic light we're a traffic stop that does not have a working life please treated as a stop sign or a 4 way stop you'll to the first on the right and please proceed with caution for now reporting live here in san jose christina tetreault kron 4 news.
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>>our christine before we let you go let me ask a quick question got john coming up here with the weather forecast in the winds. we noticed the flags behind your flapping in look breezy out there has a been like that all morning or as a grown or less and in your time there. >>it has been it's actually from what i have fell has grown i've been this area. in next to the police department since about 6 30 this morning and the wind has grown actually go into law just within the past our here and actually if you could hear micro cunning little choked up there it's been very dry. i because of all the wind. and so that's something that definitely we have felt when other members of the media were here earlier we're actually having to make sure that we stabilize our cameras and kind of stand with them because the winds were getting so strong the press conference that they had. >>ok thank you very much christiane. >>all right, let's go to john them talk about winds picking up and guys what what's going today is the intensity of winds is gradually going to spread further and further southward so make sense that chrissy in the south bay. >>and other residents of the south bay would begin to see
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wind speeds increasing somewhat as they peaked further north in california yesterday throughout much of the bay area last night now spreading further south so that greatest risk of strong winds. for southern california has yet to even be seen yet that will really affect the area's like la into the afternoon today evening tonight. so yeah, this just the nature of the way that strong inland flow is working its way down the state you can see out there across the bay right now it's clear skies we still do have that low humidity. a lot of the reason is probably choking up there a little bit too just because it's so dry outside right now humidity is further going to fall into the single digits yet again this afternoon and we're still looking at some rather strong winds in a few spots, rio vista not as windy as it was about an hour ago 20 mile per hour winds right now byron at 20 miles per hour. good news around the vicinity of marotta is conditions have calmed down overall this morning look out at the marine had winds also showing a wind speeds holding steady in a few
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areas, but also starting to come down in areas like sandra fell in novato and it's been calm to the morning in petaluma rohnert park up to santa rosa now all these areas have been com much of the morning now you had over the hills on into sonoma bill and say whoa lena, this is where we're still definitely seeing some stronger winds and dust. still some very high fire danger as for windy conditions we should start to see winds really subsiding into the afternoon. that's enough to say goodbye to wind advisories by 03:00pm and waving goodbye to red flag warnings by 05:00pm today. so at least our window of the strongest of winds is showing signs now beginning to pass us especially for the north bay, san jose and other areas definitely still experiencing some breezy conditions as you still are parts of the north bay too. now as far as san francisco, oakland and san jose are concerned daytime highs 70's today we will see a few 80's in there too so it was warm but not too terribly warm at least no 90's as so
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many of us across the day again don't have power today. robin all right, thank you john want to head over to a hot spot on highway 24. this is westbound. >>blocking the left lane of the left boards chp responding to a 5 car crash that's tying up traffic so we have rajor delays through our renda you're backed up all the way out to saint stephen's you're looking at 24 minutes right now from wannacry to oakland because of this singular but the crash blocking your left gore. the other problem, the richmond sandra fell bridge. there was a crash just west of the toll plaza that was blocking the left lane so heavy delays leading up to the pay gates, it's spilling back beyond harbor. the crash has cleared the traffic is still at a crawl and i'll give you one more 80 west before cutting we have an accident that's working 2 or 3 lanes blocked here so extra heavy through san pablo and richmond trying to make your date way do to the lower east shore freeway with several lanes blocked there 31 minutes from crockett to the maysles
9:19 am
several big problems out there right now get out there extra early because it's still extra slow for your morning commute james. >>9 18 is the time again just a quick visit once more with the pg e power outage map as we're keeping you updated on where we're seeing nhe power outages phase 2 now has gone into effect and here we have of the peninsula woodside if we in fact click on that icon will see that just south of woodside down towards portola valley, we're looking at conditions where we have complete power outages right now instituted by pg e and if we follow highway 84. out towards the coast you'll see that we're also catching it pretty much along entire coastline along one o one from san gregorio all the way up towards half moon ban fact let's keep slide the map and you'll see here san gregorio come into view there it is and then once we go north of the one o one corridor all the way up to half moon bay impacted by this complete shutdown of power and that continues on even pass set up speech now once we get closer to san francisco, it goes away tomorrow, we're looking good once in the city then we
9:20 am
transit across the golden gate bridge into the nortbaan we pick up these power outages once again from sausalito to marine city and out tennell pious and near woods see widespread power outages there as well and then one oh one as we continue that ride up into santa rosa we're fine here through sandra fell no issues you've got power great news for you in novato same story there and again remember pg e said the phase 2 is complete, which means if you're in places where you have power. you're safe. you're going to continue to have power throughout the day it's in these areas like in santa rosa up here on a park dealing with power outages and this is where the big question is when will this be restored. right now we just heard live on our air pg e said they're not quite sure they have to wait until the winds die down for let's say the eastern half of santa rosa. they can't go in and assess the lines until the winds calm down enough that their crews can get out there safely and only then can they begin to re energize those lines and that at this point is anybody's guess we're not quite sure but again the
9:21 am
reason why all of this is happening is because the winds picked up the humidity is low the brush is dry and they were worried about their lines sparking a wildfire. ironically despite their best efforts we did have a wild fire break out last night over in the east bay daria thanks a lot and let's take a look at the latest with the fire that broke out want clock this morning as you can see. >>it is 70% contained right now they're still working on it. but they started to allow earlier this morning, residents back into their homes they had to leave in the middle of the night with no light 60 the flashlights and lights that are lighting up the noighborhood because they lost power at midnight then the fire broke out one and you can see. >>the emergency crews rushing and put out the flames that were really coming up close to people's properties kron four's will tran is live with the latest now will good morning. >>and the parking lot guys this is everything you need to know the evacuation center is right behind me, but the last of the evacuees were allowed to return at around 8.30 and
9:22 am
we're talking meryl circle north so they were not allowed to return because their homes still in jeopardy. not anymore. the fire started at around 1 o'clock at a time when pg any had already shot off our throughout that area because it's so dry erase down the ridge line either to the left and the right and that's why not only merrill circle north but sanders rance row they were in jeopardy. so they got the phone call they also got that knock at the door to evacuate approximately a 140 homes would obviously many people inside all jumped into their cars race down the hillside came to the evacuation center not knowing if their homes with still be there. but the fire department threw everything at it that they got 70% containment at around 6 o'clock in the morning or so they don't know the use of the fire. pg e is one possibility but they basically have all but run them out at this point because
9:23 am
oz the power was not running through that area so people were in the dark at that particular time as well. they're still in the dark but they have a home at least to go back to and with some light up now they at least can still walk around and know what's going on. no homes threatened at this particular time and we're not hearing anybody injured so as was a dramatic overnight. but good news to pass along to everybody passed a back to you guys alright, certainly good news. thank you very much well and we are giving you the very latest here throughout the morning but then you can enjoy the news 24 hour 7 day a week commercial free. >>with our kron on and usually we charge of that would lift enough pay while because say this event we want everybody to abia up to date and up to the minute with the power off and the winner will come on and the winds picking up and dying down to keep posted on that go to kron dot t v you can sign up for free right now so download that.
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>>welcome back 9.28 on this thursday morning, a lot of us without power. again this morning as we work our way through what will continue to be a breezy day, although peak wind gusts for most of the barrier bay area scene last night obviously having resulted in many power taking effect after you went to bed last night golden gate bridge, it's a beautiful view right now but a whole lot of areas as you head north up into marion county going to be without power for some time red flag warnings at least there is an end in sight here at 05:00pm today, red flag warnings are anticipated to expire across the bay area, we're still affected with them down in the santa cruz mountains from the peninsula through the south bay on up into the east bay and then much of the north bay as well. it's a mix of calm conditions but also still some breezy conditions san jose your sustained wind speed right now is 9 miles per hour. that's not accounting for winds that will be gusting higher than
9:30 am
that hayward in concord rather calm wall fairfield at 14 miles per hour for years the sustained winds, san francisco in nevado each checking in right now with 10 miles per hour sustained winds as you can see they'll be adding through the day at times breezier at times on the lighter side so just because it may be calm right now that's no guarantee it's going to stay that way an hour from now or 30 minutes from now even 70's 80's for your daytime highs today concord napa nevado up to santa rosa all low 80's with upper 70's, an antioch hayward on up to oakland to san francisco mid 70's for the high temperature today, let's take a look at the rest of the forecast and there is good news in that winds are calming down. so fire danger not going to be so high come friday and saturday your opportunity to hopefully get back into routine hopefully get back to normal. daytime highs, not changing much as those winds that are going to be dying down which results in the big change as far as risk of rapidly spreading fire. come next week daytime highs on average cooler than they have been
9:31 am
this week mostly talking 70's for the week just around the corner. robin. >>thank you john checking in on a hot spot at the caldecott tunnel at an accident here involving several vehicles and it has as your left bor completely close minor injuries reported 5 crews chp other crews out there workwith abortion down. it's creating a nasty little back up through our end a that's killing all all the way out to aka lon us now so they've issued a traffic alert and the backup is growing you're looking at 31 minutes to make it over to oakland with that left war shut down at the caldecott as they deal with that crash. another problem, 80 west at cutting your 2 left lanes blocked here so it's going to be pretty heavy squeezing into richmond coming out of san pablo know similar for this one, but it's keeping the drive time in 27 minutes from crockett to the maze and even after you pass the crash there's more crowding up ahead through berkeley and also through emeryville if you're trying to make your way into san francisco. yes, they're
9:32 am
still await at the bay bridge toll plaza spilling through the mud on to 5.80 from
9:33 am
9:34 am
>>morning to story israeli it started as a power outage for almost everybody in the bay area. an hour after they lost power how are these flames started breaking out everybody had to get out of their homes right now they've a lot of
9:35 am
people back in because that fire in moroccan near saint mary's college is 70% contained also following the blackouts all around the bay area the unprecedented level of blackouts. >>again done on purpose by pg need to help prevent a wildfire. youan see on the map here just how widespread it is the north bay east bay, the south bay with the conditions that are going to be dark for quite a while the fact kron 4 sarah stinson is in lafayette you've been there all morning. people are getting a little impatient. she says sarah. >>a lafayette woke up without power. feeling frustrated as they try to navigate through the dark many people driving around the town trying to find anything that luckily, this safely behind the open on mount diablo people were very grateful. >>i think it's going to be super helpful to lot of people right now i'm just trying to get >>take a look at this map so you can see the affected areas here in the east bay, 4200 pg e customers are without power
9:36 am
in lafayette, 2600 in walnut creek, 11 1000 or end up basically the whole city is without power. over 4,000 in wrong. >>hope you know intention of it is to keep everyone safe and so you just hope that's indeed what happens might make it feel. >>some people say they understand that this is due to wildfire danger and high winds. but others don't buy it. due to their own situation at p g need which is they can't afford. to not be that way because they're already in a pretty bad place financially being bankrupt and so forth genie has completed the second phase of its public safety plant shut off. >>the power went off here in the east bay around 1015. many people say they were able to prepare but they're still certain things that you forget about pairs well as you can
9:37 am
>>you know it's frustrating is it is there was advance notice. >>people are now wondering when the power is going to be back on pg e says even when they regenerate that electricity could take 48 to 72 hours to actually have that power up and running because they have to inspect each line, stay tuned as we continue to follow this in lafayette sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>right back to more that breaking news out of iraq over the ball far this morning really had a lot of people worry it forced evacuation of a number of residents after this fire broke out at one in the morning. it was on merrill drive. that's just south of saint mary's college. it burned about 40 acres in total, it's still growing. but at least 70% contained firefighters made great progress on that front and also great news most evacuation orders have been lifted. >>but most of the fears have come to light for that community which had its power shut off again due to the high fire danger because they're in that isolated pocket. >>within the hills with only just a few ways to exit i think that the people emerge.
9:38 am
>>prague are going to be the most understanding of everywhere around the bay lost power true agreed will will tran is out their lives were talking to people and firefighters there is no need for an evacuation center anymore because people from merrill circle north. >>they are allowed to finally return home all smiles for you very happy, it's been a long we evacuated at 2.15 had saw flames outside her house had no idea how large the fire would grow. >>we just got the word now from the raw police department were cleared to go back to our very grateful for the american red cross and all the first responders how huge where the flames did you get a good look. it was very dramatic i can see huge they were but from our bedroom window. we can clearly see the fire line advancing down the hill toward our house, so it's a quite a frightening moment, was it what was it like for you guys. >>that's i know is a big fire.
9:39 am
a fish that that choose line that there's a fire. but then a shot. and so we packed up everything and left. >>fortunately no injuries or fatalities. this is the stunt last away because the first wave of people returning it happened on sanders ranch road and they were finally are out loud to return to their homes at around 5 40 in the morning. we're talking approximately a 140 homes with multiple people inside the homes, the cause of the fire still under investigation. but we do know that pg any they took out power from this location as part of the rolling blackouts about an hour before the fire started back to you. >>and stay connected with kron 4 will be the first to tell you when we find out ours on again we will let you know and if you don't have power old and he's the tv maybe you're watching us on the kron on. there are no commercials in a 24 hour 7 day a week news coverage go to kron on dot tv. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. yeah, have fun! thanks to you, we will. aw, stop. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. um, you guys are just going for a week, right? yeah! that's right. can you help with these? oh... um, we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement. >>and we are backed item 9.42 just a quick check on pg e's power outage map for you this morning as we take a look at the south bay downtown san jose are fine, no. power outages from pg e there but when you get out into the more a peripheral communities like for instance out of the east you' got alum rock here you've got evergreen these are the communities that border on the diablo range where you're seeing your power outage. this morning, you're part of phase
9:43 am
2 in fact as we slide the map just a little bit you're going to see across the bottom here we've got more areas that are going to be impacted. these are the areas going take a little bit longer to bring back on line and the all valley to also part of that as well we heard from san jose mayor sam liccardo early this morning saying those were the 3 areas. alum rock evergreen and on that in valley where they're having the majority of the power outages in the south bay about 60,000 people or so impacted by this they're going to work with pga to try get that on as quickly as possible. elsewhere in the south the outside of a san jose you got los gatos and highway 17 that whole stretch leading out towards santa cruz. you've got power now completely from one end of 17 all the way down into santa cruz itself so just keep that in mind and it's going to be out that we've heard potentially another day or 2 before technicians can get out there. line crews and get these power lines restored re energize saratoga you're in the same boat keep it tuned same boat keep it tuned here to kron welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
9:44 am
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back 9.46 on this thursday morning high fire danger has prompted. >>power shut off across much of the bay which is really the biggest news of the day so far winds. they're still very presence but calming down compared to peak wind gusts of last night you look from berkeley right here an area that is still under red flag warning out the rest of the bay shows primarily clear skies as you look out on to the horizon, red flag warning still in effect but there is
9:47 am
an end in sight by 05:00pm today we're anticipating these red flag warnings to expire for north base east bay even some peninsula areas right there on the santa cruz mountains by 03:00pm today wind advisories will expire now we're already starting to see the critical fire danger starting to let up somewhat we're still at extreme fire danger up north in the bay area you can see that red contour right there indicating that but notice how it gradually recedes by 07:15pm tonight, we're looking at much calmer conditions as far as winds go humidity will be bone dry again today and that paired was still some winds that are breezy means we're not out of the woods just yet. but strongest of winds. those were seen last night now as the system that brought us the strong offshore flow are looking at gradually slides to the south. so will the greatest potential of wildfires, let's take a look at this map put out this morning by the national oceana oceanic and atmospheric administration showing that even though are still under critical elevated fire
9:48 am
conditions today. the extreme fire danger on into the afternoon today and into tonight actually moves down into southern california where it will be seen in the la area on into inland valleys just to the east of la as well and these areas really going to be looking at a potential of a rapidly moving wildfire, even longer than we will here in the bay area as these winds begin to ease up still breezy as i mentioned in some spots and will be breezy into the early afternoon too but you're going to notice that wind speeds will decrease especially later on in the day and then a much calmer night tonight to expect than what we just saw last night 70's and 80's for your high temperatures across the bay with 77 in fremont hayward in oakland concord napa nevado in santa rosa all in the low 80's with mid 70's in san francisco for the high. not a big change in really temperatures are moving too terribly much in your forecast next week on average will be a touch cooler. the biggest change here is that winds will
9:49 am
subside into the afternoon and evening that sets us up for a much calmer day tomorrow and saturday for your finish of fleet week and much less and fire danger. a good chance to hopefully get back to normal as soon as possible. robin. >>well, the traffic is still pretty tough on westbound 24 leading up to the caldecott tunnel we still have a special traffic alert for this five-car crash. sets blocking. you're left bore the hole left bore block right now as fire crews deal with the minor injury accident. it's causing a big backup through a renda spilling all the way out to aka law is so a special alert remains in place it's going to be extra heavy through or enda 30 minutes right now from wannacry to oakland you have to use the right for instead of the left for because it's completely blocked. it's not really improving much into san francisco, at least not for now cash lanes fast track lanes backed up spilling through the maze but that is completely normal for this time of morning. we're checking in on 92, this is a trip across the san mateo bridge busy as you can see as
9:50 am
well but no big problems making it to the eninsula clock and at 25 minutes off to want want to want. here's what to protein san francisco, it's about 14 minutes from brisbane to 80 and they were checking in on 2.c0. no problems 12 minutes from daly city to downtown san francisco james all right robin thank you very much just >>quickly touch on the pga power outage map for folks are having trouble accessing this map because its connection can be spty sometimes want to talk quickly about the peninsula and where we're seeing the power outages right now you can see which side of the click on that icon, we're looking at south woodside heading along highway 80 for dealing with some of power outages right now portola valley, this is again widespread complete power outages instituted by pg if we follow the freeway out towards the coast. you'll see that it extends all the way out to the coast in fact we've got san gregorio right there and then all points north and south from that point fact, let's head north in the direction of half moon bay you'll see the entire coastline now impacted by this power outage. the entirety of half moon bay
9:51 am
right now without power and that continues on out speech and even just a little bit beyond that out on terror. but after that point once you get closer to san francisco. you're doing ok real briefly while we're moving in that direction, let's head north of the golden gate bridge. just want to be quick update now on the part of the bay that saw these blackouts first sausalito for instance, we're seeing some spotty blackouts right now is pg e has sort of carved out different sections of that city where the power's going turned off same for marine city and then as you look out towards that same out hammond, mere words that whole stretch even out towards as you can see their mere beache and stinson beach were seen sections there were the power's been shut off now these areas are going to the hardest to get back on because peachey has to go in physically inspect every inch of line and the terrain is rough and they're going use helicopters to do a lot of that work and as we heard from pg e live on our air this morning. they can only run those operations during day loud for daylight from dawn until dusk so their time is limited and they have to wait
9:52 am
until the winds die down this won't be a case where you know it's in order of when the lights were turned off that they'll get turned back on it really is depended on where the winds die down first that is where they can first start their inspections of those communities will in all likelihood see their power come back on for so some parts of the north bay, even though they went dark first may be one of the last to be turned back on depending on where they are here we have another prime example out near rohnert park were we got the whole eastern side of that region heading up into wind alley hills in the dark right now the power outage, but folks on the west side of one oh one. you're looking. okay this morning and that's going to be the situation for not only north bay, but the east bay and the south bay as well we'll
9:53 am
9:54 am
oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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>>outages hitting all around the bay area and when the pow be back on that 70 to stay tuned to be the question hopefully we'll get some more insights from pg throughout the day and for more on that and how we're going to cover that throughout the day we've got some to her knee and theresa stasi standing by in the kron on the newsroom, good morning, ladies. >>i'm talking to school districts and of course the big question is the wind. going to be restored. where's it going to be restored. >>and is we've actually removed the pay wall from the kron app so you can tune in to cry on for free, just head over to your app store and
9:56 am
download it to all of your mobile devices back to guys. and we'll see you on kron on if you don't have it yet get that streaming service going kron tv sign up, absolutely let me give you a quick look at the 7 day forecast before we go because weather is the biggest. >>angle to all this with the fire danger and everything else and the good news is john said that the winds should die down beginning today and the overall fire threat should be removed by the time we get to this evening which is great news now that's not to say that that's when power's going to come back on because as we've heard from pg e all day long it's going to take them hours if not days to inspect the lines in your neighborhood potentially before you can receive power once again, so want to keep it to kron four's we head into the weekend. it couldn't it could be that you don't get power back until maybe saturday or sunday depending on where you live and how rugged the terrain is around you. but the good news is the weather generally looks good with temperatures gradually falling into the mid to upper 70's for the inland valleys once we get toward the weekend. think the best advice that we have. >>is helping neighbor. yes, you're in it. and you know
9:57 am
somebody who doesn't just tell them out. you've got spare cities in your fries my for stephon the freeze if you'd like can do >>we'll see you back here tomorrow morning and over it. coverage continues next we will see you back here tonight.
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