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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  October 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the all-clear to begin power restoration in several counties 10's of thousands of people still waiting for an estimate. i win they're going to get their power back thanks for joining us. everybody. i think you would kids and i'm grant lotus the waiting game part to here's where we stand tonight, the genie officials say crews are working now. >>to restore power in affected areas, the process involves inspecting power lines for potential weather related damage. to look at all the lines that were d energize they are employing more than 6300 people on the ground also
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using 44 helicopters to help inspect some of the harder to access areas tonight, fire danger remains high across the state many mobile homes actually burned 2 this afternoon in the so-called sandalwood fire. this is down in riverside county southern california. you see here at least a dozen homes killed 5 are and the fast spreading flames. easily consume them. >>also currently awaiting a live update from governor gavin newsome and will certainly bring that to you once it starts the extreme fire danger is what prompted 2 of the state's utility companies to shut off the power. we have team coverage on these massive shut off. rob he joins us from santa clara county where restoration efforts are beginning. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the fire danger. >>but first anchorman is live tonight in brisbane where a fire. up to this morning. it came dangerously close to wer lines. dan what's the latest. well, what's
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interesting about this fire is it it grew up to just below power lines, but these were not power lines that were shut off these were power lines that were still on. >>the cause of this fire still under investigation. right now a lot of people have plenty of questions about how this fire started. brisbane residents were packing up at some other important items after a grass fire broke out on san bruno mountain below a set of pg e power lines that had not been turned off. >>i can see on hill there and it looks like some of the trees are really am. us. >>the evacuations were voluntary. >>i'm still here because i looked at it and didn't look too bad and while some stayed others decide take the chance means there's no point sticking around. >>mean the only the only thing i would do is be in the way. >>the fire broke out shortly before 11 and though initially just 3 acres a 150 firefighters were sent to the scene and they were joined by 2 air tankers and a helicopter
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due to the weather conditions. we got lucky on this one and we got lucky because we were able to get a lot of resources to a very small fire and keep it that way. >>firefighters were able to hold the blaze to just 11 acres. >>what was is we actually had a momentary power blip a few minutes before the fire started and i was joking with my that pg set something on fire cal fire is now investigating how the fire started they say the location is a park frequented by many people so they're not ruling anything out. >>electric was always a reason but we don't know that until investigation is complete. >>firefighters are still on the scene at the top of the hill behind me as for why these power lines were not turned off and brisbane pg says that these fall into the tear one category which are they lowest fire threat live in brisbane dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you again in southern
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california multiple mobile homes burned. >>in the sand, a wood fire. we mentioned this at the top this is in cali mesa as a nearby fire the reggie fire burned through at least 100 acres in the foothills near marino valley, the reggie fire was triggered. they actually don't know what caused it, but it has triggered mandatory evacuations for communities. a long rich a canyon road. winds in the area are being described as bone dry gusting at 20 to 30 miles per hour. >>back here locally now to an update on the merrill fire in moraga people forced from their homes. are now being allowed back but people living on merrill circle, they're still not allowed back in their homes that fire was first reported just after midnight near 46 merrill circle that is in north and off sanders ranch read this is near saint mary's com. about 60 acres in little more than 2 hours of burning ridge burned
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down towards homes in a valley where it was stop fortunately by the firefighters. crews are still on the scene a determining the cause as for this fire. >>reporting on this fire yesterday during the news at 5 turns out a malfunction in a piece of farming equipment is suspected as the cause of this 300 and 80 acre fire near rio vista in eastern solano county the fire started around 3.30 yesterday near state highways, one 13 and 12 fire actually jumped highway 12 at one point. 150 fire persoinel were battling the flames as it spread to a grass field for cash told the fire was contained after about 4 acres around 7 30 last night. >>i it's going to check on the weather conditions which are shifting all the time with the chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >>yeah, boy scary past 24 hours here in the bay area with fire conditions really stream out there we had some impressive gusts over some of the mountains how about san leon, almost 80 mile hour gusts up there. there is a point last night were between
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about 1 o'clock in the morning and about 07:00am they were just continually seen 60 and 70 mile an hour winds across the mound, there a 75 mile an hour winds mount diablo oakland hills, right down lower a 50 mile per hour plus winds in sonoma 30 am on our when san francisco to 24 and san jose to 32 miles per hour. but we have 3040 mile an hour gusts. reporter all around the bay area, the good news is the winds have diminished the last night, we're looking at these winds before we left and the 30 mile an hour range, but now things begin to calm down that is some great news in the mirror and you're also looking those winds just a breeze right now nothing too heavy still out the north. remember yesterday we're talking about some of those gusty winds in around real this where they have the fire that some 30 mile an hour gust. those winds are also a much calmer today now we're looking 4 miles per hour. out of the northwest or northeast continuing there and then all around the bay area. you're seeing a little bit of a breeze but the winds really begin drop off and there are signs that we're headed change
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in that wind pattern in fact overnight tonight, you'll notice these winds really beginning to calm down throughout the night tonight to see in the north a calm conditions and then as we head into early tomorrow morning still a little bit of an offshore wind but by the afternoon that all changes a sea breeze begins to kick in that will not bring in and the fire danger but also it is going to bring some more humidity more moisture in the atmosphere and that is how we're going head of the weekend so fire danger is still elevated right now. but it looks like the red flag warnings are down in the bay area. thank you lawrence will face 2 of the shutdown covered parts of oakland indeed that is where firefighters were out. >>on patrol keeping an eye on there is especially like the oakland hills kron 4 says you and joins us now live with that part of the story as >>firefighters heading to an emergency call service the residential area above the
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turned out to be a er, it boss ally does that take away from vital resources or that's just a part of the deal for you guys part of the deal when people call 911 with with what they see as a as a possible threat we need to take every one of those calls seriously we send the appropriate resources out there. >>because we just can't afford to be wrong especially during pga's public safety power shut down. >>windy weather create extreme fire danger. the oakland hills. >>that is where phase 2 of the shutdown impacted areas like the montclair district. >>here you see traffic signals not working. gas unable to service customers. foods are being stored in these 2 huge refrigerated trailers. customers say the stores open and trying its best to make nonperishable products available. the lights are out so you have to be guided by an employee with a flashlight. >>kind of going on and off and different.
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>>governor newsome is speaking live. it is not conditions. this is not from my climate stain story as much as a story about greed. and mismanagement. over the course of decades. 2 that's not public safety, but profits. over the course of years and years and years the kind of hardening of the great was not done. those were decisions. that were made by pacific gas and electric. they chose not to modernize. they're great. over the course of many many years it led to their own demise, it led to bankruptcy it lead to a series of events that culminated. weeks before. i had the privilege of being sworn in as governor of the state of california. you may recall i took not the oath of office but i took over as acting governor of the state of california the day after my election. as lieutenant
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governor in that position governor brown was out of office. when we were receiving word about a fire in northern califor later common referred to as the camp fire. learn more. hours later about a fire in southern california. the woolsey fire. he led to a sense of deep this now the second year last year in the year prior record number of devastating. forest fires brush fires. fires. that as we know but did not know at the time were directly caused by neglect and decisions. my major investor owned utilities. camp fire. substantively that example. we as a consequence of that led an effort culminated here. with an hour-long presentation detailed presentation of how we were laying out and scoping not just the problem, but
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framing a strategy is solutions we laid out a framework on it, byron mental commitments, we were making put together a wild fire mitigation strategy. we talked in terms of how we can get our largest investor owned utility out of bankruptcy and do with a sense of urgency and i made it clear to the legislature. we couldn't wait. tell after this summer. we needed to get it done. i don't think without exception. there's a person in this room that did not write for. producer tv upson said that was likely not going to happen. we got it done. and we got it done because we recognize the moment we are in. no one is naive about this moment in every way shape or form. we want to do everything in our power to shape this moment. in a. much. a more enlightened way. what has occurred and the last 48 hours is unacceptable. what occurred in last 48 hours. kids stay home from schoo parents
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can't pay their kids. folks that come home from work. you can even find a way to get into their garage. you've got people that can't even access water or medical. supplies. we're seeing the scale and scope of something that no state. 21th century should experience. what happened. it's unacceptable. and it's happened because of neglect. it happened because of decisions that were deferred delayed or not made by the largest us your own utility. in the state of california, one of the largest in the nation. so we are doing everything in our power to get through this moment since i want to talk. briefly about that we as you know when learn more from genie later this evening. we are now moving from turning off the lights to turning on the lights. pg e is
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now in that a motive assessment they are now looking to turn back the lights. but the requires them too inspect. thousands of miles of line before they do that. we are supplementing those efforts of providing resources as we have been to p to provide support if they need aerial equipment we will provide that equipment. so that we can move forward with those investigations in a much more expedited timeline we're providing any personnel that they may need including call center personnel. if that's i needed teams pretty evident. it is. i think it was 01:00am this morning. at as re microsoft and amazon with our i t teams help the genie get there web site back up. that's not the state's responsibility, bu we will take responsibility because of this moment requires that.
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we're doing everything in our power to build capacity and partnerships that's why the 3 folks behind me or behind me. they were amplified the work they have been doing from day one and day one for us was this weekend. arguably the end of last week. this weekend and more formally. the last 48 hours and over the course of the next few days. we will be pushing very hard to make sure that pg e fulfills all of their commitments. they're making privately. and all the commitments, they're making publicly to turn the lights back on as quickly as possible and in turn. we will any parallel track continue to hold them accountable to fulfill the obligations they have under the legislation we passed and you can go back and i encourage you to go back and look at the specific obligations pg e has in terms of modernizing their equipment investing billion. the
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investor owned utilities all 3 in the state to do just that to make sure that see. investigates and monitors. not only what's occurred over. the course last 48 hours but the protocols. okay we are going to be pulling away from this live news conference by governor gavin newsome on pg any public safety power shutoff. >>the governor clearly not happy about the situation. >>yeah love it live it really uh raged says the greed and mismanagement over decades that led to this. he says the pga chose profits over modernization of the grids and that is what led to their own demise lead to bankr the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition.
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that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>>power shut off coverage continues as we head to the south bay which was among the last portions of the bay area to actually have pg e cut the power. >>joins us now with more on how people are coping without electricity. quarter air sample cargo just a wrapped up a briefing here just a little while ago. >>confirmed for us that apg says is right there the restoration process has begun. the mayor telling us that at the height of the shutdown as many as 20,000 pg e customers a lost their power most of them in the alum rock almaden and evergreen parts of town i
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spent the day in evergreen were people there are not happy about this. let's take a look. >>the lights went out here in parts of san jose's evergreen district around midnight evergreen valley college is closed in the power is out across a wide area east of white road where residents like john estrada or because we don't see the problem that out here. ying that we have >>and it's very frustrating. >>well jason marino was moving perishables to a friend's house where the power is still on. >>if they knew they were going to some of these measures a long time ago we've been nice that months in advance so we can get generators and properly prepare rather a 6 hour notice. >>fighters and police were busy keeping tabs on intersections like white and send with the traffic signals are out. >>and a protocol supposed to be and when the power is out. it's a four-way stop but you can see people just one
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through the intersection here for the most part cyclis pedestrians like you're my ortiz from crossing one of those dark intersections to be risky business that was kind of a close call there for you on dow was pretty close you know we just trying to get across street ago. >>do we got to do and you know it's difficult people don't you right across the street, the power shut down seemed a bit capri shoes to some one side and white road has power while the evergreen valley plaza across the street is dark. the lucky store is running on generator power. but businesses like us aly's hair salon is closed and losing money. >>no i wouldn't the stand and then i know that from the rather to bob look at the cup with this weather nice and sunny and nor indeed. good then did another nice is not a fearful in a that coverage tonight we just living day by day. so really hard for me. >>and the mayor confirmed for us that this some of the
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lights now are coming back on in that area, he said initially at the height of the shutdown 68 traffic lights went down in san jose he said now there's only for intersections there is no power so still uncontrolled intersections and the governor not the only one have unhappy about this. the mayor says this costs san jose a half million dollars and he wants pg need to pay not sure though how he's going to collect live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news boy rob. good point. good luck. >>yes, the san jose. >>in the early morning hours pgd implemented a public safety power shut off in the city of lafayette and that is where our live team coverage continues now with kron forcefully to golf a leap. >>what's the status at this hour. >>not often that you pass by a whole foods marking market parking lot in the early evening, only to find it empty and the store closed, but that has been the case all day long i just spoke with the pg e crew passing by the area they
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see they're working to restore power. they hope to have this area back up by 00:08pm tonight. but we're not sure you'll just have to wait and see. >>gas stations in lafayette without power closed for the day though some employees were still called in to prepare for when the businesses can reopen. it seems most store fronts east of the police station were open makes sense because the city of lafayette says only portions of the city are experiencing an outage. most everything west of the police station down mount diablo boulevard was closed chain restaurants and pharmacies and off the beaten path, mom and pop stores that stayed open despite the outage shape that is >>nobody's going be. >>house to one oak long owner of suu kyi fine bedding and gifts gave it a try while also pledging support for p g m e and the power companies reason for the shut off
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>>live to so and they. choice throughout the day lafayette police and the contra costa county fire protection district responding to spot fires. >>like this one near the city offices. it was knocked down before firefighters arrived a break for first responders because of the windy conditions and the strong potential for small fires to turn into big ones really fortunate fortunate not only that the fire didn't spread. but that a grocery store was open. thanks to a generator. trader joe's stayed open and it was consistently busy all day it was really great lights are on air conditioning is on actually i'm meeting someone and the park in and we're going to go that restaurant closed. so we picked up a solid trader joe's and despite all 5 campuses losing electricity. the lafayette unified school district kept all of its schools open for the day i think it's terrific. more time in school the better
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overall parents supporting the decision students felt safe in the classrooms. the hope is that the shut off doesn't go on too long. the city offices were closed those and outside in near the generator. >>stating pga me begin the process for storing power to neighborhoods at noon. but that it could take several days before everyone's lights turned back on. >>cell service is out so client communications a little bit hard that these dogs don't need a lot of power to do they wanted >>if you want to stay up to date on the power situation you can always of course visit kron 4 dot com. but the city of lafayette also recommend you visit their website that's love lafayette dot org live in lafayette fleet all kron 4 news. thank you fully, good information there now to our 4 zone forecast. >>uh yeah, we still got those red flag warnings but not in the bay area so much they end up the a e spay or north bay, those just expired as we bring
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in our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow we did have fires this morning, one of did we dodged bullet, yeah i think so really a you just never know with the fires you never know where they're going to start if they was started. >>maybe in the north we could have really seen some serious situation, but look like things are want to calm down now and that is some good news, the red flag warnings coming down. >>but watch humidity. the humidity will be on the rise as we're going to start to see more of the sea breeze developing all the summer start to talk about 57% in the san francisco, got 38% in the napa valley after they were in the teens and a single digits show yesterday but then as we get into the day tomorrow again they're going to drop so it is still very dry. you've got a very dry air mass sitting over head right now so even though we are getting the wins. i think fire danger still elevated around the bay area will be careful for at least another day and then all the humidity levels will start to come up a red flag warnings right to the delta still into the central valley continuing there and in southern california the santa ana winds
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blowing ovnight tonight, they're looking gusts, maybe 55 to about 75 m les per hour in our reports, couple of fires there already so scary night ahead for them on the big picture you see high pressure still already see that big dome of high pressure and then that storm system help generate some the winds that actually moved through colorado bring in some of the snow is conditions they've seen there over a 140 years but the bay area just basking in sunshine and tell you what it is going to be a spectacular day tomorrow, the winds. yes, still breezy in spots to 10 miles per hour and temperatures go you know still out of the west you've got a northeasterly wind and oakland though at 12 miles per hour easterly wind hayward at 12, but the winds definitely beginning to calm down. temperatures around the bay area right now still looking very nice outside 70 degrees in san jose 74 in dublin, 70 degrees in congress still 80 in pittsburgh. and 78 degrees in sailing about. remember we're just talking about how dry the air is well that air is going to cool off in a hurry tonight, we'll tell you
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how cold and this would be chilly in your neighborhood will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >>good news for retirees, the social security administration giving up a benefit bombs were i'm going to tell you what at at&t we believe in access.
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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>>social security. the administration says millions of retirees will get the modest one 0.6% cost of living increase in 2020. that amounts to $24 a month or so for the
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average retiree. this could have political consequences in the coming election year is democrats push for more generous inflation protection. niors in advocates complain that the inflation yardstick used to determine the annual adjustment does not adequately reflect their costs mainly for health care. we'll take a quick bak, our come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.


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