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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  October 11, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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fire is burning out of control overnight this is in northern los north of burbank just as i 5 comes out of the great find down into san fernando. this is the saddle ridge fire burning right now in the granada hills 4600 acres scorched so far in this thing just broke out overnight look 1000 homes already evacuated and for that reason when there are a number of homes that have been vermont they can't get his account right now because it's so dark in there just weren't working on, putting it out one commercial building all sober. but just look at. >>how it's going into the winds whipping up to 60 miles an hour blowing right up against buildings like this one it could be the next to go the fire money, you know they can't the everywhere in this thing is spreading so fast and just to give you know you know how traffic in la is bad normally just a normal day. >>well this fire has jumped to freeways. i 5 and the 2 10 in fact we have sections of i 5 shut down in both directions and to 10 as well and you can imagine that's going to snore loudly traffic there locally but any traffic coming in from northern california down the grapevine being stop right now
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because i 5 shut down right there and what's incredible is we had our power shut off in the bay area because we have. >>high winds down southern california, their winds are higher and just now today, southern california edison was going to be shutting off is too late that john trouble he's in the weather center john you're saying the system is bringing in those winds is the same one that brought us our winds yesterday absolutely is exact same system just spreading a little bit further southward and it's interesting watching those winds down there i know you've been keeping an eye on him to james. the widespread nature of those gas is very impressive yesterday. we saw couple of peak, wind gusts up above 70 miles per hour 60 miles per hour. if you look at maps down there right now it is just 60 miles per hour gusts. all across the area. >>and that's what is rapidly spreading those flames right now so definitely a situation that is not good for wildfires in southern california. and you see the results of that play currently and opposite is occurring this morning here in the bay after what was such a
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windy day yesterday we're enjoying a calm start to the morning now the threat really passing for those of us in northern california. so get out there today enjoy what will be a much calmer day only a couple red flag warnings remain for us in northern the lake and colusa counties now let's go further south and you see just how much of southern california is lit up in red flag warnings today and no big surprise there with a very dry weather and of course those strong winds searching from san diego through la up through the grapevine in the kern county mountains into the southern sierra all these areas under extreme fire risk throughout the course of your friday. now here in the bay we are seeing calm conditions. but a little bit warmer this afternoon. 80's for your highs for mosof the bay area later on this morning, it's a little cooler than yesterday. so want to keep a light jacket on hand just for your morning hours. tracking your forecast here in the bay hand down in southern california to still to come. robin all right, thank you john tracking your drive
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aroung the bay area this morning and it's busy on. >>the bridges, especially the bay bridge, 80 west, your cash lanes the fast track lanes are all stacked up now it's filling be on the west grand exit. slowly spilling back to the bottom of the maze upper deck looks good. the toll plaza not so much for just under 15 minutes to make it in i don't have the hot spots but i do have a new crash 80 south at to coto right at that the code off-ramp entering fremont we have and at least one lane blocked that middle lane so a little heavy exit union city entering fremont that put to a 29 minutes total from to 38 to 2.37 look at some more slow downs coming up darya thanks a lot at 6 oh 3 right now and pg is starting to store path. to hundreds of thousands of customers here in the bay area you can see the numbers here percentages. >>in the various counties that have and the lights back on santa clara county seeing the most progress there with 88% of customers now have electricity and contra costa
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is doing pretty well moran those are all coming back, but you can see that napa and sonoma those are probably the counties that still are you know about 50 50 in the doghouse so many hills there so many a power lines and you'd be inspected conference christina takes actually. >>a live for us this morning up in santa rosa where she's been seeing what both areas that do have power in areas that don't correct. >>and that's exactly cracked in the eyes, you're really driving through the town, especially for sonoma. the highway you see that to pretty much just about every block may have light and every other may not so the you're going to see as you're driving through the major thoroughfares here. was driving through sonoma highway i really can tell a lot of the traffic lights were off. and that's something to keep in mind if you're driving through here, it is still so dark this morning. please make sure and you ve and please please please be careful because again the traffic lights being offer one of the main concerns that all public officials and law enforcement
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i've had throughout this power shut off. obviously yes, we are very worried about people who do not have power in there holmes. but when it comes to people on the road, especially people who are familiar with driving in an area they may not know that a traffic light is there or available and so they may just speed or power right threat not understanding that it originally was supposed to be on and to be functioning so if you do come up to a street light, it doesn't have power treated as a normal stoplight you'll to the person on the right there, here's specifically in santa rosa as i mentioned just about every other a street light every other block either has power doesn't specifically i'm here live in front of this walgreens off of mission boulevard and sonoma a highway as i mentioned now it's actually using generator to go ahead and say on a broad power back yesterday so customers can come here and get resources. but just on the other side of mission boulevard is the shopping shopping center shopping structure there on the side. it is completely dark completely blocked on the other side of sonoma highway
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we've got apartment complex and had apartment complex and does have power the other side of that another apartment complex that doesn't have power. so lies about 5050 a lot of off and on up here in santa rosa, but i also want to share with you guys some thought that people have had as they were getting ready to kind of backed away area prepared there's out themselves where the power shut off we talk to them about their preparations go ahead and take a listen. >>lot of patience and a lot of anger. it's look this been off. >>i also want to let everyone know about school closures as well as schools that are now back open here in the unified school district just want to go ahead and tell everyone here in santa rosa we have hidden valley elementary school, their school will be closed today and today is friday again hidden valley elementary school, no school today on friday, however all
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other schools here in the unified school district in santa rosa, we'll go back to their normal schedule. they have regained power they did yesterday. >>so even though knows may have been off the past 2 days they now have full day unless you're valley elementary school. but just as a reminder to everyone when you're on the road safe you're dealing with this power. i did please be patient with one other one another and please be very careful on the roads reporting live here in santa rosa christina tetreault kron 4 news. thank you christina. >>quick update the peninsula. there was a fire that broke out in brisbane in the area where power actually was not shut off. the fire came dangerously close to pg power lines evacuations were voluntary, none of them ever became mandatory and luckily, the fire is out now so there's no more worry that cal fire is now looking into sea. what the ca,se was. >>in the east bay, the wildfire in march rhonda is out and power is back to customers their 5th 50 acre fire broke out in the hills behind sanders ranch road in iraq and we covered it all yesterday here on the show just 2 hours before the fire
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started pg e cut power to that area because of the risk of their equipment starting a fire so we know that didn't do it, but they still don't know the cause of this fire. one fire engine in the area is there right now still this morning just watch out for hot spots. >>would move report, it's good news that marotta has the power back on nearby lafayette, most areas have power so but they're still pockets in the dark this morning, you got your power back i did >>that's a toughie when you have power than your neighbors across the street downtown. >>i feel bad for those who lost their power i founately never lost power so let's keep going pg e i live in pleasanton off the hop yard so keep it up as far as lafayette, there are many pla places with out power. let me quickly pull up the video for you to show you the head abs
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and o. i am curve early and delores drive and you can see the apartment complexes that windows are jarred the parking lot is stark. they don't have power. but this reminds be james and darya just like more august morocco yesterday when the fires broke out some parts did have power but most did not and that's exactly the situation this morning in lafayette there are downtown spots, mostly supermarket chains. there are nationwide. they have power. i think that they have generators going but most of downtown lafayette is still dark at this time and i have a pg the map to prove it to use money quickly pull up that map for comes in basically to color codes. the orange and then the yellow the orange, mostly impacts lafayette, so you could see lafayette is covered by pg e as far as their power outage. the good news is they said that they will spend today and the days ahead looking at
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their power lines and try to restorweto lafayette, another 34 counties that were hit in california because of the rolling blackouts they hope to have power back as soon as they possibly can still no rhyme or reason why one side of the street has power and the other especially when they're talking about trying to prevent wildfires altogether but they told before on certain runs on a grid, so james might be on a certain grid and duryea u might be on a certain grade and you could buy look at each other as you're drinking coffee, unfortunately, james might be in the dark and you're all smiles with bright tpr stereo >>thank you very will pay off or die offer to do your laundry until >>lucky that came back everything went take the amassed that san jose. there this morning. they get the power back yesterday at for the afternoon and neighborhoods in east, san
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jose happy about that. but you know pgd acknowledge that it's been a rough go. >>that had some trouble they they definitely could improve on communication. >>they said, and one customers san jose gave her feedback. >>i do think the communicated well we were well informed that the power will be going out. so it just be nice if they resolve these issues a loss to net, so you wouldn't be without power for so long. >>mayor sam liccardo says the planned shutdown cost the city of san jose about. >>we have more than 300,000 customers are still in the dark when you add it all up and 34 counties impacted by this out have been cleared for restoration but again crews are going to have to do to use daylight hours and get their helicopters up to visually inspect all the power lines before they can really energize those lines and p says it could take several days. we did hear from the utility company c e o he actually came before the media bill johnson is a name and he says the utility yes cut
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power. in the interest of public safety because of the fire threat but he says you're correct pg e was not properly prepared. >>several times are maps are inconsistent. that's incorrect.,put simply we were not adequately prepared to support the operational event. and this will improve. >>so your gripes have been heard they went all the way up the chain to the ceo of pg e who came out and to make that public statement now in order to determine which areas are safe to turn the power back on as i said p has to do these patrols inspect the lines only during daylight hours, so they're not doing it right now, but you expect those crews to be out there at first light. governor gavin newsom by the way slammed utility company saying these blackouts were the result of decades of pg e's mismanagement greed and the collect. what has occurred and the last 48 hours is
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unacceptable. what occurred in last 48 hours is kids stay home from school. parents can't pay their kids. folks that come home from work. you can even find a way to get into their garage. you've got people that can't even access water or medical. supplies. we're seeing the scale and scope of something that no state. 21th century should experience. what happened. it's unacceptable. and it's happened because of neglect. newsom also called on california utility regulators to review pg e's actions. now the california public utilities commission says that they review all intentional outages by utility company. so we'll see what their report turns up. bring breaking news out of southern california because the winds that forced peach you need to shut off power here at now moved to southern california and look has what has erupted. a major
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wildfire now the saddle ridge fires what they're calling it. this broke out at 9 o'clock last night and it's already exploded to 4600 acres in size driven by those santa ana winds 60 mile an hour gusts. consistently across the ridge tops 12,000 homes evacuated right now well complete details a full update for you coming up in just a moment.
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>>we're back again following the latest to breaking news out of southern california look at the flames coming close to another section of
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homes in the hills, the granada hills of los angeles this was the this is the saddle ridge fire broke out overnight 4600 acres burned over the chopper pilots talking right now, let's listen in briefly if we can see if he saying anything about the fire. progress is he's talking with their anchors in their own news right there. the >>look at those flames leaping into the backyard of this home. and you see across the top and left.
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>>south with these individual spot. really good to hear
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perspective what's going on because we see the glow of the fire but we're not necessarily show a lack of that. rice is dark, but so when you see the little spot fires. those are homes that are on fire, we know several the story and more of the chain in the mountains maine right and that's just brush that's burning and that's the worry with the santa ana winds and was we had yesterday of course here is that these embers coming off the main fire. >>blow in the direction of wind and a drop into these neighborhoods and start the spot fires in there battling exactly in these are warm winds too so they keep those embers burning for quite some time as thesh dowinto these valleys
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>>you could be a pretty good distance away from where you actually see the fire burning and start to get the spot, popping up around they're getting gusty wind today that we have got rid of yesterday s actually a very similar system guys except their winds are a bit more widespread than i czars were yesterday. we certainly saw some impressive peak wind gusts in the some isolated upper elevations in the bay yesterday but down in the la area this morning. they're saying those same wind gusts, a across a wide region and that is the biggest threat right there. this is very strong winds across southern california paired with some low humidity you see fire danger is very high. reverse it and take it back up here to the bay we're not looking at any sort of yellow or red on the map indicating extreme fire danger certainly we're still going to keep an eye on conditions for the weekend but are extreme fire danger has diminished along with those winds. still red flag warnings up in lake and colusa counties done for the rest of the day, although southern california is lit up in solid red across la down to san diego up into
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the kern county mountains around the grapevine and up into the southern sierra nevada as well our winds here in the bay are quite calm compared to 60 mile per hour gusts in southern california. we're looking at gust topping out at maybe 12 miles per hour today. and that's just for a few short minutes, so winds are really started to calm down with high pressure still in place we're going to stay dry fog free. that's good news as we see those ships making their way through the golden gate for fleet week today. so we are going to see some good weather for getting out for fleet week very comfortable in san francisco in the 70's for your highs with 70's out along the coastline on the peninsula and then 80's for much of the rest of the bay burlingame southward on the peninsula, looking at low 80's palo alto not quite there to 79 but very close santa clara and san jose as well as down to morgan hill, each 82 for your highs east bay temperatures a range of 70's and 80's today, just as you will also see further north in the bay area with low
6:22 am
80's up in the north bay. these numbers they're warmer than yesterday, but it's those calmer winds that have really made this forecast so much better into the weekend. tomorrow, not a lot of changes temperature still the same next week on average a lot cooler robin. >>all right. thank you john off to the san mateo bridge we're checking in on westbound 92. right that was already pushed off to the shoulder. but the backup spilled over to the flat section so this is all merging together now as we look at the flat section leaving hayward it is at a crawl it's already backed up beyond the toll plaza, so much heavier because of that minor accident, we'll put it at 29 minutes to make your way over to the peninsula for checking the bay bridge traffic it's busy but it's not bad. no problems here just slowing in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes so it's spilling back all. >>almost almost. >>to the bottom of the maze for that's pretty typical for this time of morning at least it's quiet. we're checking in on the nimitz an accident to the south at to kowtow still working and still backing up
6:23 am
traffic into union city for a td south slow out of hayward union city injury fremont some of that is commute traffic. some of it is because of the crash. so we'll just say often on from to 38. we'll put it at 40 minutes right now from to 38 out to 2.37, which is not too bad for you, 1, 1, 7 minutes brisbane to san francisco to 80 only 9 a minute. >>daly city to downtown san francisco, not so bad we'll be back with more weathe a door to another dimen...
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>>angels and kind of it in yesterday you hear that. >>today absolutely today tomorrow sunday, the air shows will be in full force kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco with sarah. >>the case for long. fleet week brings in. and people here to the marina people love to come down and see the blue angels obviously they are so fascinating to watch so yesterday but they were practicing and you can hear room through the city and people all oer the city just stopped in their tracks looked up in the sky, sometimes you can hear hear them. but then you can't spot them. the us stop and look for a second then you can find and they're really fun to watch we have video from the blue angels last year we caught up with the blue angels see how
6:27 am
they've been preparing all week obviously yesterday this but the whole day practicing all. but they've also been inspecting make sure making sure that the planes are all good and making sure that they are ready and and they're all excited for the big show. >>so the morning of the workers to start all eyes on the jets that morning we will a new recall final checks of the jet so star from the nose, we're into the after their craft make sure that our tires are good a probably atlantic running probably have the pens that we need in the right places and we also check service the room. they're right john for the right way on a jet have not really deserves it up to where the standard isn't sure we don't have any leaks are issues that at the time. >>now a lot going on today the big show begins at noon and goes until 4 and then pick back up saturday and sunday too but before all. >>the ships rolling into the bay under the golden gate
6:28 am
bridge and that will take you right into the air show. most perfect place to sit and enjoy the show because you are right. there's nothing blocking your site as i said when you're in the city deeper it's hard to see with all the building so again air show starts at noon. but don't see the sheeps cup ships come on down here, we'll start rolling iraq 11 o'clock for now live in marina green sarah stinson. >>they lot of fun. we'll take a quick break we'll be right deal talk! my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo.
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>>back to the kron 00:04am morning news where we are covering the breaking news, the wildfire burning in southern california. wow now you can looks like there there's a counter what you know. now they are hitting hard in the dark you look is down to the spotlight's going there to see where these fires are flaring out real as i close was to the freeway or very close. it's jumped a couple of freeways caused the closure of couple freeways. what was that the 2.10 5 and the 5 i have both and then there are the spotty fires because the winds that are broken out in those are the ones that have spread to homes burning down several we don't know exactly a count yet because it's still dark out, absolutely serena keep watching the story for you and keep you updated on this fast moving fire driven by the santa ana winds. the same winds by the way we're just yesterday were blown across the bay area. >>and that system is now moved down impacts of talking about that yesterday that was headed their direction hates do with that was our worst fear. absolutely that's the what we
6:32 am
were so afraid of seeing here in the bay area and people were fearful of that when we have that fire morocco yesterday fortunately crews were able to get that under control right away, but winds down there in southern california, biggest enemy of the situation because they are widespread in the 60 mile per hour range for those peak wind gust that's not just at those mountain tops either so much of the la area as you wouldn't be surprised is lit up in red flag warnings this morning very different situ us here in northern california this morning as you can see looking at the very corner that map we only have one red flag warning left and it's traveling. caloosa and lake counties just north of the core of the bay area so will our situation calms down it is still very much so an extreme situation as far as fire danger goes for southern neighbors down in the los angeles area. calm winds across the bay area this morning want to change one day makes we're going to be looking at calm winds into the afternoon too great news for
6:33 am
fleet week today with daytime highs in the 70's for san francisco, 80's for much of the rest of the bay, more your forecast is still to come. >>robin i'm tracking much heavier than normal traffic on the san mateo bridge. earlier i talked about a minor crash which is out of the way but look you lose have traffic all stacked up so it's westbound it's at the high rise it on the shoulder that was the last update from chp but there's a long a traffic behind it, everybody has to slow down and be a little nosy and that equals this major delays here from hayward heading over to the financial you are backed up on the flat section through the toll plaza into hayward at a whopping 40 minutes to make your way from the nimitz through the slow traffic and off to one on one normally it's about 2530 minutes but because of this crash in his 40 saw let you know when it's out of your way we're checking in on san jose because we have a new crash north one oh one near the old oakland road exit. it's blocking one lane but pretty busy out of south san jose sauls zoom out you can see the whole stretch 46
6:34 am
minutes and growing because of this new crock cash to make it from san jose to menlo park will check in on some more slow spots coming up darya james thanks a lot 06:33am and our team coverage continues of. around age is still in the dark others said the blackout has been lifted by pg neither slowly get slowly in every community seems to be dealing with lafayette is dealing with for instance, we've got a good section of the city's. >>back on but still pockets of people struggling with the a power blackout that has been restored crawford's will trend. >>out there live for us this morning with a firsthand look well. >>absolutely and people are still struggling it's the haves and have nots you can see some of the lights behind me let me get you video. so you can see what is going on so there are some apartments in lafayette that are waking up without any power you can see the windows are jarred they don't have it and probably didn't have it for close to most of a day because of the rolling blackouts and
6:35 am
we don't know exactly whthe power will come back on because there are other parts of lafayette and downtown some lights are on and it depends on. i would imagine how big your financial pocket is because some of the big grocery stories they have partial power to keep some of their food. frozen at this particular time but the montage shops in the smaller shops, they are dark at this time. many intersections don't have lights. let me quickly pull up a map for you so you can know exactly what you're facing in lafayette so basically comes into jones orange and yellow the orange pretty much in compass is most of lafayette. those are the areas without power and then the orange those are parts that are slowly trying to get their power back. the bottom line is pg e is trying to make sure or that the power is on and all all areas of the map so they want to work as quickly as they possibly can and as safe as they possibly can do it and so they're going
6:36 am
to go through their check their allies to see if there's any damage and if there's any damage they will make for the repairs. then they'll re energize the line. the hope is they have all all power back to the 34 counties there were wiped out from time to time because the rolling blackouts but it's going to be this james and ari it occurred to me doing these stories of the past couple of days. is is the new norm, so you might hopefully this is round one of one. but when surprise anybody right if this is just round one of many other routes to come because we are indeed in fire season and los angeles, those 4 people down there. they definitely can attest to that back to you. >>all right, thank you very much well, and as power comes back on on to cities across marin and sonoma counties, some people in sausalito are happy but then others are upset about the power outage in the first place kron four's dan thorn has more from there. >>power makes a return to areas across moraine county
6:37 am
the city of sausalito so one portion virtually unscathed by pg planned power outages. but another part took a hit we have to throw we only lost inventory. >>it's it's it's a my reaction. >>darnya's restaurant was one of several forced to close because of the power outage. hours without refrigeration cost owner says on far hand more than $5,000 in meats cheeses doe and other ingredients far hand believes her business should be reimbursed by pg n a. >>big big company of the have to be with >>mostly unaffected businesses downtown saw people walking into their shops and eating at their restaurants if the power outage hit them. they too would have faced painful costs. >>camera so i the only unhappy that he had >>as for some of the more than 3,000 residents affected in
6:38 am
sausalito and marine city sheila pott is glad things will be getting back to normal. at least for now. reporting in sausalito dan thorn kron 4 news. >>and conference christie it a show is in santa run was a look this morning and who's got power and and who doesn't christina. >>now it is pretty much half and half here in santa rosa as you're driving down a sonoma highway you're going to see some locks have power some don't i'm actually here in front of the walgreens off of mission boulevard and a sonoma highway as you can tell behind me is completely lit lit up has been sent yesterday because they actually have a generator running to it but just on the other side of mission we've got them in the highly trafficked. mcdonald's corner right there off of mission in sonoma and it is completely back on the other side of the highway as well and got apartment complex with power. and yet the other side of them an apartment complex without power as you're going to be seeing that as you head
6:39 am
down, but be careful on the major tyoroughfares as you're going through this entire area because we've got a lot of street lights that are out some of the major ones are back on but pretty much again it's every others to be very careful, especially with the high speeds in that area. you know a lot of people have really been preparing for this power shut off a lot of people without power throughout the past few days, here's a listen to what they had to say. lot of patience and a lot of anger. >>now kind of like a ghost town, it's looking at this as has been off. >>i didn't want to share this a sonoma county how about 200,000 residents that were affected by this again pg is working to restore the power. as quickly as they can in this area they say, but again about half of the people have the power half don't it is still unclear of when the other half will get their power when it will be on. but when it comes to schools, there's now only one a school. here in the unified school district in
6:40 am
santa rosa that does not have school today that hidden valley elementary school again hidden valley elementary school, no school today on friday all the rest are back in session today, reporting live here in santa rosa christina tetreault kron 4 news okay. thank you christina. >>stay connected with kron through our mobile app and also go to kron 4 dot com and right here on the morning news of course we have wall to wall coverage of what's going on who's got power and who doesn't all right still ahead the debt. >>lawsuit against pg for the deadly warehouse or the deadly wildfires. it's coming up have more on that what you need to know. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better? check this out! that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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at ross. yes for less. >>breaking news out of southern california for just waking up this morning. we have our first daylight pictures now of this massive wildfire that broke out in northern los angeles, it's called the saddle ridge fire. it broke out about 9 o'clock last night has already grown to 4600 acres fueled by the santa ana winds. it's already jumped the to 10 and highway and interstate 5 freeways, closing portions of them some in some cases in both directions which is snarling traffic in 1900 homes now under mandatory evacuation orders. so a lot of the folks that are fleeing these neighborhoods are jammed on those roads as a result. and now that we can with daylight just how rugged some of the terrain is there. and if you've ever driven your kids to disneyland for instance, you know the grapevine write that giant hailed the past have to go up and over and get down into la double to right as it comes down into la right there by just north of ikea
6:44 am
that's where this is burning right now so now with the light you can see even scarier area. >>because you see how close it is to the whole look at all all of this home is packed in that are in danger right now that we know 12,000 homes are evacuated. plus now that it's light you can see the difference between the smoke you couldn't really tell where they're smoking over spot fires in little dots of flames that are popping up in some of these developments these homes from falling embers right coming off the main fire in the hill and those are house fires other been several homes destroyed already. >>so be following that in much more detail throughout the morning. stay tuned as long as we have these live pictures will keep you updated, but those winds. those are the same winds that we were dealing with just yesterday and john was talking about they were heading down south here we are and these winds really packing a punch down there today we did see impressive gusts here in the bay yesterday put gusts down in la more way more of them exactly all widespread across the area. >>so that is resulting in those spot fires the rapid spread of this fire. hopefully
6:45 am
th get t upper hand on this blaze right now sarah percent contained that was the latest from him. fire risk is less and isn't that this morning. exact yeah we're looking at a nice calm day ahead of us now as those winds spread further south. what we have in southern california is extreme fire danger in that red and yellow that you see on this map looking at the northern part of the state here in the bay we don't have any of that left a still a good day to be on on top of it this far as fire danger goes the plenty of dry tender out there just winds have calmed down and that is the big difference maker still one red flag warning in the area that's up in lake and colusa counties but southern california is now where we're seeing all the action with red flag warnings stretching from san diego through los angeles up into the great find and into the southern sierra nevada so with those winds down there likely breezy through much of the day ahead of us. there is expected to be even further spread of wildfires in the south. now he
6:46 am
runs a bay area we have winds maxing out at 12 miles per hour today which is breezy but just brief winds and that's the max we're going to see that most of us are going to be seeing calm conditions. big change from yesterday as winds which were obviously quite breezy. high pressure is now situated across the region. this is what's resulting in the strong winds to our south. but what it's doing for us is just keeping any sort of fog out of the region and keeping us pretty warm today. this is good news for fleet week as you watch those boats sail under the golden gate bridge you're going to be doing so with no fog whatsoever it is crystal clear 70's for your daytime highs in san francisco today as well as out along the coastline. then we're going to be seeing 80's elsewhere in the day more 80's than we saw yesterday temperatures today, warmer than yesterday's and south bay looking at highs in the low 80's with 82 in san jose for the high 80 in fremont so no big club pleasanton dublin while livermore at 79 70's as well for oakland berkeley up to
6:47 am
richmond 80's from walnut creek down to danville and up to concord well 70's 80's for the north bay again these numbers warmer than yesterday. the big difference though from yesterday is that really the temperature change but just how much lighter the winds are tomorrow we remain steady temperatures not changing much. but by sunday monday we begin to really cool down daytime highs next week are going on average be much cooler than this week's only in the 70's inland by the bay with 60's by the coast. robin thank you john back to the san mateo bridge. i talked about >>earlier it a minor accident. it was quickly moved off to the shoulder, but either it's blocking again, just attracting a lot of attention and it is causing some major delays out of hayward this morning we see all the heavy traffic on the san mateo bridge. that's because of the crash that still working at. rise but the latest update from chp was that it was off to the shoulder not blocking but your traffic here, not looking so good, it's back to be on the tolls 36 to 40 minutes for yeah efforts to make it across
6:48 am
protecting the bay bridge traffic is slow stacked up from the bottom of the maze this is pretty normal for friday's all take it 11 minutes to make your way off to fremont street that consider pretty good getting busy at the richmond sandra fell but not bad and it's very calm and quiet here about a 12 minute trip for you to make it to the north bay. they want to one north old oakland road in san jose accident still working at least one lane blocked so heavy at the scene but nice after the scene 74 minutes because of this crash, san jose to menlo park, no issues for the e sure 24 5 80 and the nimitz rolling to downtown oakland, only 12 minutes. james started. >>6.48. we have more than a million people expected. in san francisco for fleet week entire weekend ahead in every big event. there's of course a big emphasis on security crowd forcefully to call reports from san francisco where police are prepared for anything. >>long before the famous blue
6:49 am
angels hit the sky we are excited for this for because i was such a fun event for the city the san francisco police department has been planning for the air shows and exhibits honoring the men and women in our armed forces. >>since the end of last year's fleet week celebrations and in light of the recent deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival officer adam lob singer says police will be out in force we have officers on foot on bicycle. >>patrol cars plainclothes we have a specialty units including a team honoring the bay waters. lobbe singer says his department is coordinating security with state and federal law enforcement in addition to other local agencies to ensure events run smoothly. the public can help out to the alerts parks marred only valuables in your car and if you see something say something best to use public transportation rideshare service is considering the influx of people in town. >>and develop an emergency family plan in case you run into trouble predetermine a location in case the families
6:50 am
to get separate seek see can meet up also keep in mind fleet week is a no drone zone, no drone flights within a 5 nautical mile radius around the center point of an air show. >>a violation is a federal crime and can result in up to a $10,000 fine. in san francisco felipe should all kron 4 news. and don't forget you can catch all the action. the fleet week right here on kron 4 the home of the blue angels live that's our special broadcast for you. >>on saturday we're going to bring you all the high-flying stunts of the blue angels as they perform their show on saturday live right here living room. all you have to do is to to cross for this saturday october 12th between 2, 04:00pm. >>time is running out for wildfire victims to file a claim against pg a federal bankruptcy judge set the deadline for monday. october 21th. if you are a victim of the campfire or any other wildfire that happened before pg e filed for bankruptcy. you have until that date monday,
6:51 am
the 21th to file a claim pg e says the deadline is a key milestone in their efforts to restructure the company and to compensate the wildfire victims as quickly as possible, however, some attorneys for the victims say the deadline is too soon to file a claim visit pg e's website. >>all right as we continue our wildfire threat. storyline here park officials at mount diablo a state park there they're going to be reevaluating fire conditions this morning a shutdown the park for the entire day yesterday. the closed because of the wildfire concerns with the high winds. the park service several 100 people on any given weekday and one class trip had to be canceled yesterday as a result, but again they'll re evaluate see if they can reopen that today. 2 men are under arrest after breaking into cars during a curfew and morgan help the man identified as 26 year-old chris gomez from tracy in 21 year-old jason gomez from san joiti mgan hill initiated that curfew for the
6:52 am
community in the areas affected by the power shut off didn't want people breaking into homes and cars. well police found the 2 men walking around the neighborhood past the curfew time. the officers noticed broken glass on their clothes and that led to their arrest the 2 cars that were broken into were right nearby the stolen property was returned to the victim. 2 people are in custody in the death of antioch man raul garcia was shot and killed in september. >>his body was found on saint christopher court. and apparently with those an argument at a pittsburgh gas station and that led to this road rage incident where he was shot. more than 4 miles away a man and a woman were arrested. nearly 200 miles south in to larry. in the south bay, a man was shot and killed in san jose. and this happened near virginia street and highway 87 wednesday night that's where the man was found
6:53 am
dead. along the guadalupe river trail. it's the city's 29th homicide of the year. >>take a quick break as we go reminder. we're following the latest out of southern california fire breaking out overnight fueled by the santa ana winds. it has burned. thousands of acres with more than a 1000 people evacuated will have one
6:54 am
6:55 am
>>welcome back 6.55 on this friday morning things a nicer out there today than they had been the past couple of days,
6:56 am
most notably wind speeds a lot calmer today and with clear skies across the bay area. >>we are looking at very many delays but we do have a 30 minute one at san francisco airport right now. >>don't think that's because of the weather it is a very calm start to the morning and it crystal clear one too 40's and 50's for your current temperatures for most of the bay santa rosa you're at 34 degrees, though, so one of our cooler spots easily just sitting above freezing right now. we are seeing temperatures later today in san francisco in the 70's that's great news for fleet week festivities. if you're getting out there to watch the boats coming on and under the golden gate or. for any of the other activities that's going to be great weather to do so well today and then tomorrow for the air show. robin. >>well traffic is slowly improving on the san mateo bridge. we had a crash that was minor it was cleared, but it started attracting a lot of attention the drive time to shot up for the san mateo bridge at one point it was over 40 minutes now we're back down to 32 so still small but
6:57 am
looking a little bit better just know that you need to get out there are early because it is pack from the tolls to the high rise. the bay bridge commute into san francisco is backed up to the bottom of the maze, it's not a bad commute looking good on the suspension 10 minutes off to fremont street and then checking in on the richmond sandra fell there okayed no problems here from the tolls you're looking at 12 minutes from the pay gates to one oh one. james. >>robin thank you. morning news. we're following the very latest not only the power outage restoration here in the bay area but the wildfire that has since erupted in southern california, thanks to the winds. that we had yesterday we'll talk mor
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>morning news, a wildfire explodes overnight in southern california with thousands forced to flee their homes. put it simply were not adequatepared toupport the operational event plus pge admits it was not prepared for the massive power shut off across california's thousands of area residents wake up without electricity. and the blue angels, they're getting ready to take to the skies this weekend we've got everything you need to know about fleet week's main event. good morning. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher you're looking at live pictures from southern


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