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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 16, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>>a fire and explosion at an energy facility in crockett keeps firefighters even now. still on their toes as you can see they're busy spraying foam to the area will show you the explosion yesterday and give you the very latest moving forward and a live report. i'm live here in pleasant hill. >>where we found out that they've been hit by 2 earthquakes 2 days in a row and now paul ulster has been hit by 2 earthquakes. 2 in a row we'll have details coming up and we'll tell you and they're all connected. >>2 be seeing no cars driving on market we have new information on the band just. back to you will tell you after the break. and thanks for waking up with u m
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darya folsom and i'm james fletcher lots to get to today. well that's quick weather traffic update first before we do that. >>we had a focus on the road you have a house fire up i do it's been working since 5 30 this morning, it's on highway 4 the commute direction and traffic is just terrible for people traveling through conquered bay point pittsburgh antioch so we've gone from having 4 lanes blocked west for out after will pass to having just the far right lane blocked after being in your way for about an hour and a half it's just really making things tough for people heading west down to contra costa county. so there. it is right there right lane close and you see that long a line of traffic. it goes all the way back to contra loma in antioch here so 56 minutes for now, and one point was about an hour and a half half so you see this average drive time just go up and down as long as it's blocking as soon as they cleared. i will let you know and pass it on we're checking the bridges and they're ok it's calm and quiet into san francisco. but yes you still have to deal with the slow traffic so know that it's stacked up from the maze but
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nothing extra no problems on the bay bridge right now you're averaging 13 to 15 minutes, we'll check out some more bridges for you coming up john well rob and i will take this morning ahead of yesterday morning and the day so much nicer as you're getting outside even though in some spots it is a little bit cooler. >>at least are getting a nice view the sunrise instead of the gloomy conditions we yesterday for your tuesday morning. a clear skies over san francisco in just a touch of fog out there for a few areas like up in the north bay and then south of san francisco from half moon bay pacifica on inland out towards the airport where there is actually a bit of fog overhead sfo. now later on today expect skies to actually be mostly cloudy sore flip-flopping yesterday we were cloudy to start clear to finish today, we're clear to start and much cloudier to finish ahead of a cold front that is pushing in tonight, 60's and 70's for your peak temperatures today, i've got more details on what to expect the rest of the week. still ahead, james. all right, thank you very much
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john quick update for you this morning correction actually last night. we had some emergency officials declaring that john sweat unified school district. >>would have classes today after initially saying it be canceled because of the shelter in place order in the fire at the refinery there crock of what we're hearing from the superintendent this morning just within the last half hour that no in fact john swat unified school district classes will remain closed. so if you're narrow school today today going get some people confuse because sure the district told parents. >>and we were saying something else because got. word from officials so if you're unsure what to do with your kids today if this may impact you and going to work just know right now classes are in session for the john sweat unified school district. i'm sorry clothes. sunday today and those people know where they district told them and here's why because of the big shelter in place and just follow from the explosions and the fire yesterday this was at the refinery there right there
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in crockett you can see the video just how a massive one of those explosions was blue the top right off that tank, there. this is the new star facility and there's a lot of pipes the transfer, a crude oil. we've got jet fuel that goes through there all that stuff after all in fact that was what exploded was a tank full of ethanol. the fire is now contained that's the good news to shelter in place has been lifted schools closed today, there was a confusion because the firefighters lifted the shelter-in-place and sought that school was in session 80's, no school today, but. 80's back open it was shut down for a time yesterday back open again this morning course will tran is live in krakow with the very latest on the fire. the reason why probably they want to continue shutting it down james and area because it's such a. >>fluid situation now that the sun is you can clearly see just the charred land right next to the tanks and in fact you can see all those vehicles
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often the distance and know that of course is not snow that is foam on the ground and they were focusing on some of the left takes over there, it looks like all of the tanks. the reason being they want to make sure those tanks remain cool do not overheat and therefore possibly another fiery of an explosion. often the distance you see the smoke aply aparentording to authorities that's normal operation and look at how charge and the hillside is i see firefighters coming and going. this is an area that only the media is allowed to be at let me show you my location will quickly pull up a at cummings skyway off of. 80 which i 80 in both directions t washut down running. no for hours as they were fearful that it would cause died an explosion again and the drivers could be heard show you the video this all broke out at around 2 o'clock.
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yesterday afternoon. they don't know the cause yet one thing that possibly could be a factor and they're looking into a james and area. the recent earthquakes that we've had did it play a role and shaking up the system in here that caused the fire and when there is a fire at a house is bad when it's a fire here it is horrible because each take kerry's 250 1000 gallons a couple of takes actually they were surrounded by the flames and james you talked about the live. just blowing off one of those tanks fortunately, no injuries, no fatalities. but definitely a fluid situation. there are firefighters talking about what they're doing moving forward. and we have enough resources at scene and we've got to close enough examination of. >>the affected area with that we feel very confident the as the risk of another flare up is minimal. not saying it's
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not possible. but that it's minimal. we will determine whether or not we need any additional resources or expertise has to find out what actually caused this incident. but right now it is under investigation. >>and we want to that video agai you can hear just the explosion people in the background saying why because you don't see this everyday wear, it got so hot and so explosive that that lid off the tank just takes bloated 250,000 gallons of ethanol jet fuel. in each che fortunately, it did not erupt all the other tanks in the area so the firefighters they raced out here they took to the sky. they took to the ground they had deal with a brush fire. right next to a begin live again you can see they're still dealing with it they have their hands full and they
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will be here throughout the day to make sure those tanks don't have a repeat. what we saw yesterday only can you take the camera off the tripod i want to quickly show you if you could steps forward we want to give you a bird's-eye view as well of i 80 and crockett through this area that was shut down no cars going through as you can clearly see cars are are moving through this area. this is coming skyway and only the media until they felt it was safe enough at around 9 o'clock last night, but still even this morning. we are the only ones allowed to be in this area to show you what's going on and i definitely can see melbourne in the air so might not be the tank skies. but the land is seems to be small during because it is a strong smell back to you. >>interesting all right, thank you very much well stay connected with kron 4 will keep posted on the very latest at 2.10 yesterday there's push alert that was sent. >>to the kron 4 mobile app so that you would know about the fire and again we'll keep you posted here on air and get the
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mobile app. >>30 years since the loma prieta earthquake in the bay area course has seen some recent shaking of the ground it sort of brings earthquake preparedness back to mind kron 4 sarah stinson is in pleasant hill, the epicenter of a the quake that were a lot of people felt we did right but what's going on today. >>and you know we had a huge earthquake here 4.5 year in pleasant hill monday night and then last night we had another one which was 3.4 and then here we are live this morning and another earthquake hits in hollister that was also a 3.4 so let's talk about that one from we have a map for you so you can see the shaking intensity down there hollister it is a 3.4 and apparently it did basically right on the san andreas fault. so i'm not a huge one, but again holes are getting too it 2 days in a row. and yesterday and then
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this morning they get another one so multiple cities giving 2 earthquakes 2 days in a row. it's very intense for people, but it's it's like the earthquakes know that this this week is the 30th anniversary of loma prieta it's a time when people are already thinking about earthquake preparedness and now for sure they are after seeing right now the shaking that they're experiencing. time good time to. was experience on monday night here in pleasant hill as you can see cause lots of shaking people are still talking about it and then last night. quake 3.4 we have a map of that intensity. much less a significance but asking around some people say i did not feel that another woman got that it was an aftershock because it was so small so we caught up with thusgs ss has a lot of people asking. does this mean that the big one is going to hit tomorrow. so we asked
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them, you know it is the one down in host are connected to the one up here in the east bay and they responded take a listen think that the 2 earthquakes are. >>close together in time and in 92. it's really coincidence. and i don't think there's really any physical connection between the to their the pre for par different different fault, so. but he's really just coincidence. >>and we also talk to the usgs they said that the shaking earthquakes in the east bay here in the bay area in general very common thing but obviously we haven't had this many in a row and a long time and so has a lot of us wondering about them obviously with the 3rd 38th anniversary of lorieta we all have on our minds, you know what happened then that rattled a lot of people and obviously caused a lot of damage to the bay area. also talking with the usgs they said we've learned a lot since that one 30 years ago. they said that
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it's just completely change how we do infrastructure in the bay area areas so we have through stuff like that, but us as individuals we have to prepare. homes we need make sure we have enough food and water we have a prepared this kid and you know i have been talking a lot people in the bay area, you know every morning trying to get interviews and they tell me get i always hear you on the news saying get your preparedness kit but i forget, and now that i've actually experienced one it did remind me you know this is serious and i need to be prepared. so if you want to participate there will be a shake shakeout drill tomorrow, october 17th at 1017 you can do it at any time, but this trail is at 1017 do is stop drop hold on. and just basically pretend an earthquake is happening. so you can prepare for what it really does happen. for now live pleasant hill sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>right, thanks. a lot sarah. thank you sir. time is 7. we'll take quick break but still ahead a new plan been proved by san francisco to ease traffic on market street.
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we'll have details coming up in a live report. >>walmart start the holiday pricing war with amazon and wells fargo is still recovering from the fake account scandal. i'm jane have those stories coming out. >>and feeling like fall out there today from our morning temperatures only in the 30's and santa rosa to our cool afternoon highs. i've got the details in your forecast and check out the residual slowing on highway 4 the westbound traffic recovering from a crash. >>fashion conquer this is what it looks like on the pittsburgh side, i'll tell you ho
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news checking in on highway 4 it's recovering from across that was blocking for about an hour. after pass the traffic alert canceled. all lanes are open damage is done you are backed up all the way into beyond contra lama. so here's your drive time as i zoom out 53 minutes of residual slowing here from antioch over to conquer but at least it's out of your way we're checking the bay bridge and it's stacked up as usual your backup spilling into the maze and no problems at the richmond sandra fell still quiet into the north bay, a very decent 12 minutes to make your way from the pay gates, how to one oh one john well, robin it's a >>beautiful start to the morning across the bay unlike yesterday it was just gray out there this morning. this is what you're getting a nice little sunrise just that with a few clouds to be seen across the bay. now skies are going to remain so clear today an increasing cloud cover late
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this afternoon setting us up for what will be just a couple of sprinkles overnight tonight, passing of a cold front really losing steam as it reaches the day so don't expect much in the way of rainfall, nothing more than just a few drops as you are a sleeping tight tonight and then drying back out by the time you. the head outside for thursday morning tomorrow. now daytime highs today, they'll be some of the coolest we felt in a while only in the 60's and 70's so definitely don't forget those jackets and sweaters you'll be wanting of even into the afternoon today. tomorrow and friday very similar daytime highs, staying cool even for inland areas. saturday and sunday though we begin to warm up and monday and tuesday of next week. it's back to the 80's darya and james thanks a lot john 07:17am. >>and in san francisco starting next year you won't be able to drive on market street know it's all part of a plan to not only ease congestion on the road but also improve safety for pedestrians crawford's christina tetreault standing by with a closer look at exactly which stretch of
7:18 am
market now. >>will be closed to traffic will it be confusing because it already is just a a. >>evidently it's going to be a bit confusing as a market driver myself i can tell you there's already so many signs we know that may be a possible issue but this was a unanimous vote by city leaders that have happened last night to close down that s are in the area of market to any cars driving and it's going to be on market and street and anythingieast of that you can go ahead and see that here on this map that we provided for you guys and yours also look at what it would potentially look like with no cars there it's all a part of the better market street project mayor london breed said this is really to help safety with pedestrians bikers as well as those who take public transportation. they've been speaking with people out here on market street this morning a lot of them saying they really agree wuth that just because of the pure volume of people who are currently on market and use it every day. >>it's got so many people just stopping anywhere especially up and down market street that
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you can't see what's going on you can see the pedestrians. they're jumping out of. the people double parked in its just got three-year mark. >>now this change again will not happen until 2020 and though you can't drive on market street you'll still be able to use the intersections and cross market street, reporting live here in san francisco christina tetreault kron4 news. >>ok, thank you christina. >>7.19 and for your money this morning, nasa. >>repairs for its first all female spacewalk and wells fargo is still recovering from the fake account scandal. jane king is live at the nasdaq. >>with those stories and more hi james this story a good morning san francisco-based wells fargo's earnings took a hit in the 3rd quarter net income dropped by 23% year-over-year. >>now up to 3 and a half million fake accounts were uncovered in 2016. they were created without customers knowledge or consent and wells fargo has been dealing with the fall well from that from both customers and the federal reserve ever since. well the
7:20 am
holiday price wars between walmart and amazon are already heating up wal-mart has introduced a program to temporarily lower the prices that consumers pay for some items on his web site these are the items were 3rd party vendors. a walmart a fee to list those goods. the merchants selling on the site will still be paid the amount listed before the cuts walmart is one actually taken a hit hereand general motors and the u a w tentatively reached an agreement on tuesday to get temporary workers a clear path to becoming full time employees. this helps pave the way to ending a strike it's gone on for months now on the 2 sides are still negotiating around other issues like bringing up the manufacturing of an entire auto line from mexico to the us. and you can tune in later this week to witness 2 women stepping out into space together for the first time. astronauts christina koch and just meyer will get a chance to make history as they replace batteries on the international space station. cogan myers scheduled to step outside of the station of 04:50am pacific
7:21 am
time tomorrow. but there's a chance the spacewalk may get pushed to friday live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. thank you dorian thanks a lot shame. >>now is 7.20. coming up the latest on a lawsuit over the back and forth between the city of oakland and the county. alameda over the coliseum site will have the latest on where that stands now and after the break. house speaker nancy pelosi makes a big decision regarding impeachment inquiry into president trump. here's a live look outside as we check the commute we've got a lot of traffic here at the bay bridge approach also seeing backups elsewhere we've got robin winston with more on the traffic in a minute a job travel with your word weather for today. comey nice and cool. ♪
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7.24 on this wednesday morning. it's a clear morning than yesterday was san jose just one of many spots where you're actually getging a dose of sunshine already. >>as compared to yesterday's grace now it may be clear to start today but we are going to see increasing cloud cover later on and cooler temperatures too, 60's and low 70's for highs across the day tomorrow, another cool one and some predawn sprinkles will make way for some increased sunshine later on in the day tomorrow as for the weekend ahead. temperatures begin to reverse this cooling trend actually climbing setting us up for a warm next week. robin. >>much heavier on 80 heading into san francisco if you need to use it know that it's
7:25 am
backed up on to 5.80 from 24. it's backed up onto the shore freeway and pockets coming out of hercules from highway 4. so much heavner traffic at this hour coming in check out 2.80 not so fun, san jose to cupertino there's an accident north to 80 before 8.80 that's keeping traffic pretty tight 30 mitetoake it to cupertino and all lanes open concord west for after will pass major delays continue out of antioch at 48 minutes from one 60 to 2.42 daria. thanks a lot 7 25 new this morning pg e has released photos. >>of wind related to have hazards. they say they found during inspections. after the big power outages that they forced in the bay area, the blackout they said for safety and this is why. they say they found that many instances a 100 instances. things that could have sparked fires we can see trees limbs hanging on wer lines. well those lines had been d energized and they
7:26 am
point to this saying it's a good thing that we knocked out the power proving that they say was the right decision. >>well another big story this morning on the national front we have house speaker nancy pelosi holding off on a house a full house vote on impeachment into president trump. the impeachment inquiry was sparked by the president's controversial call with ukraine where he wanted that country to investigate joe biden and his son. well now president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani is refusing to turn over documents subpoenaed in that investigation and vice president mike pence is also shutting down requests for documents. speaker pelosi though says they will press forward they are taking this investigation seriously. >>we're not here call find that used to uphold the constitution of the united states. this is not a game for us. this is deadly serious and we're a and it is is getting a taking us to a path you choose in a timetable. all that respect. constitution. >>has anybody impeachment
7:27 am
inquiry continues united states is ambassador to ukraine gordon sondland the sea there is expected to testify tomorrow. >>coming up another democratic presidential debates now in the books. we'll have highlights from what was said on stage last night. come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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we have that to talk about we've also been dealing with this hot spot. yes it finally cleared out and conquer was blocking 4 lanes it's out of the way so i'll check the residual delays there's a lot. >>the minute as for the weather we're looking at you are saying today part of the cool today the week. will today kind of tied it their stay and friday. we're just sale in the next couple of days. cool though r sure and cooler than we're used to i know a lot of people really going to enjoy today. get those uh. coffee is ready to go and those sweaters ready to go to before you do step outside you will be into the afternoon even because it's just an nice and chilly out there the golden gate bridge, a lot clearer than yesterday really has is the entirety of the bay area after yesterday's dense fog and low lying cloud cover we have a couple of spots of it still hanging out there is like sfo around right around point raise into the north bay but for the most part a lot of us enjoying a lot more sunshine already than we did yesterday we're going
7:31 am
to reverse this into the afternoon yesterday. we started cloudy ended clear today we're starting clear and ending mostly cloudy increasing cloud cover into the afternoon ahead of a few sprinkles tonight, 60's and 70's for your highs today, robin a little busy for you now heading into san francisco using the golden gate all of a sudden it's getting. >>very sluggish coming off the spp to the tolls i keep waiting for something new to pop up, but no word anything happening at the toll so for now we'll just call it commute traffic 32 minutes novato to the tolls here's your bay bridge commute the norm here at stacked up from the maze little busy on the span but not bad at 13 minutes to fremont street and we're checking 2.80 because we've had an accident on the san jose sided 8.80 north to 8880. that's why it's so heavy 31 minutes, san jose to cupertino and one oh one philly and to 62 minutes pretty busy from san jose to menlo park james darya thanks >>so our top story at 7.30 we
7:32 am
have 12 of the people running for the democratic presidential nomination squaring off in their 4th debate last night they argued over healthcare guns and foreign policy m j lee has the height. >>to tuesday's democratic debate pressed on how she's paper bernie sanders is medicare for all plans. let me be clear on this costs will go up for the wealthy. they will go up for big corporations i will not sign a bill into law. that does not lower costs for middle class families. warren's moderate rivals unsatisfied with her answer. >>your signature senators to have a plan for everything except this i appreciate elizabeth work. but again. the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done. >>senator amy klobuchar also criticizing warren's wealth tax plans to want to get a reality check here to elizabeth because no one on this stage wants to protect millionaires not even the
7:33 am
billionaire wants to protect millionaires. the massachusetts senator fighting back but i think as democrats. >>we are going to succeed when we dream big and fight hard not when we dream small and quit before we get started. >>warren not the only candidate on stage on their heels. former vice president joe biden defending his son hunter's work in ukraine in the wake of the scandal rocking washington. my son. >>did nothing wrong. i carried out the policy. the united states government in rooting out corruption in in ukraine. >>biden explaining why he believes he's trump's targets. >>he's going after me because knows if i get if i get the nomination. i will beat him like a drum. >>senator sanders returning to the campaign after a heart attack. >>ready to move on from questions about his health showing that senator sanders i want to start with you i want to start work we're moving on feel great, but i would like
7:34 am
on gun control mayor to judge implying former congressman beto virts mandatory buyback proposal fizz unachievable we cannot. >>wait for purity test we have to just get something done. are not since this is a country that loses 40,000. our fellow americans every year to gun violence that this is a crisis got to do something about it i don't need lessons from you on and courage, political or personal. everyone on this stage is determined to get something done. >>but it also clashing with fellow combat veteran tulsa gabbert over president trump's decision to withdraw troops from syria. >>but you're mayor pete is that you would continue to support having us troops in syria for an indefinite period of time to continue this regime change war what we were doing in syria. >>was keeping our word. this president has betrayed american values, our credibility is in tatters.
7:35 am
>>but one topic all the candidates can agree on. >>we have to impeach this president i support impeachment. i don't really think this impeachment process take very long because as a former prosecutor i know confession when i see it every candidate here. >>is more decent more coherent and more patriotic than the criminal in the white house. >>senator cory booker again asking the field to focus on their collective goals, defeating the president. >>tearing each other down because we have a different plan to me is unacceptable. i have seen this script. >>it didn't work 2016. >>the disaster for us in 2020. >>well that was mj lee reporting the next democratic debate is set for november 20th. so candidates have qualified for that debate. >>in the east bay negotiations for selling the oakland coliseum site led to a lawsuit between the city of oakland and alameda county. and now alameda county wants oakland to take the lawsuit off the table or they'll cancel all the negotiations for selling
7:36 am
the coliseum oakland city council member larry reid says the city of oakland filed a lawsuit to prevent the county from selling its share of the land to the a's for million. >>osu was based on the surplus property act that you've got to put it out to the public. >>either around the million range that the a's and the county has been discussing. preserving our rights as relates to the sale of that land since the drain, leon byrd both the city and county. >>oakland and alameda until november 14th to reach an agreement before a court date is set to settle the dispute. >>also in the east bay people of walnut creek are demanding pge take action on what they're calling a problematic power pole. this poll in ross more has been connected to 5 fires so far within the last 12 years and with this latest fire sparking when a squirrel was electrocuted and fell down. they reached out to pga
7:37 am
insisting that something be done. so far they've been told, they'll replace 20 other polls because the area has been identified as a fire threat zone, but people say that they've heard this all before. >>by pg needle be replaced this month. we have about half a month ago. we do not have an exact date we can just hope for residents that they actually follow through this time this poll needs to be replaced and it needs to be replaced right now. >>california public utilities commission is launching an investigation into the case will be following it. 37 coming up house speaker nancy pelosi unveiling a new plan to cut down on college costs across the country. >>and that the nyse and feel like fall this morning and even this afternoon ahead of us take a look at some of these temperatures napa and santa rosa right now in the 30's a word oakland, the all in the 40's. if the jackets ready to go, i've got your forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute it's pretty busy out there so make sure you leave early and prepare for a lot of slow traffic, your style here, bay
7:38 am
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>>back 7.40 on this wednesday morning a lot clearer than it was yesterday for most of us, but there is some fog hanging out over sfo. usually that's a bad sign but at least so far today hasn't resulted and any weather-related delays so that's certainly good news for your wednesday travels maybe you're making plans for the weekend ahead if so i'd
7:41 am
recommend heading up into the sierra first of all we don't have any snow up there. second you've got a lot of fall colors right now and with those temperatures in the 50's and 40's if you're looking for a good fall activity might just be the right weekend to do it. james. all right john thank you very much 7 41 is the time national headlines we have house democrats saying that higher education. >>is broken, especially when it comes to the cost of that, but they have a plan to fix it moving forward is a bill called college affordability act. this bill aims to lower costs by expanding federal pell grants and loan forgiveness programs. the bill of dollars for states to identify gaps in academic achievement and prioritize aid for college is to serve minority and low income students. >>college affordability act restore state and federal investments when public colleges and universities which will reduce the burden that has been shifted to students and families over the years said we can no longer afford to do nothing when 44 million americans. >>are settled was one trillion in debt.
7:42 am
>>the bill would also lower the cost student loans for existing and future borrowers but the issue is it's unclear what's going to happen within that has passed the house because goes over to the senate where will join a long list of other bills have been passed in the house has so far seen no action on the senate side. senate. >>after the world series is set, tell you why the other ap might be on east bay with one east bay with one our 18-year-old was in an accident.
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>>7.45 on this wednesday morning clear than yesterday morning but only to start we're actually going to be in for a cloud your afternoon ahead of us, san francisco looking really nice this morning really as is the rest of the bay area. high pressure was at play to start the week this kept us dry and for the most part pretty sunny. now we've got to we have a low pressure and a cold front sinking in into the evening tonight, this have first will result in just a few scattered sprinkles this evening. weiner showers really losing its energy as it pushes on into the bay and even if we do see a couple of sprinkles it's all going to be while you're sleeping so not really something you're going to notice in this forecast ahead, more so than anything is this cold front settles in today tomorrow and friday are about to be pretty chilly days really feeling like fall to close out the week. temperatures today in the 50's and 60's in san francisco and for coastal areas, older not
7:46 am
and half moon bay. each at 61 today, 60's from brisbane down through burlingame well 60's replacing yesterday 70's from san mateo down through mountain view, south bay still holding on to your 70's but just barely san jose 71 for the high while holding on to n 's in pleasanton in dub right at 70 degrees. each from fremont through hayward up to oakland berkeley and richmond. all 60's today conquered 72 for you, mostly cloudy afternoon after some clear skies to start in the north bay that will help to keep temperatures down even as skies clear out into the afternoon tomorrow and stay clear into friday, temperatures not going to move too much. we're staying cool to close the week. then comes the weekend temperatures begin to reverse or cooling trend and begin to climb and by monday and tuesday of next week, it's back to the 80's. so we're not done with our warm weather just yet. robin. >>and we're not done with the slow traffic or right in the middle of it in the thick of your morning commute and we're not expecting things to get better any time soon it's a
7:47 am
slow drive here on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 cross ali from hayward over to the peninsula, but no interruptions it's about 30 minutes off to one oh one. traffic heavier as well you're back up spills through the mazen anything that connects out of the maze or oakland or him rebuild they're all slow. 12 minutes to make it off to fremont street we're checking in on the drive times because we are recovering from some crashes. still slow on highway 4 just better after a nasty crash on the car concord side that was blocking for last so at one point it was about an hour and a half. now we're down to 40 minutes antioch to concord and then 6.80 per taken a danville averaging 27 minutes. washington national celebrate. to night that gun up its >>not the same ring as 99
7:48 am
pardon me. i was dreaming when i wrote this forgive me if i goes astray, but washington hasn't seen a world series win since well they didn't win in 1933. >>but they won big last night than that co 7 run and the first inning and never looked back the cardinals cologna score for st. louis was sweat. of the series just like. now is the last one in the neck national story, the field. it's a the hangover before a bigger the world series in a week against the houston astros or the new york yankees more houston leaves the best all championship series now 2 to one after winning this game 3 in new york, 4 to one. they're supposed to play game. 00:04am tonight. but it might be delayed because the east coast is about to get hit with a huge rain and wind storm.
7:49 am
felicity hoffman got a rude awakening this morning, the hollywood star had to make her bed by 6.30 use the toilet in front of 3 roommates and she has to get by with one role. and these for 2 weeks. and there's no maid service at the federal prison in dublin. but they do have floor to ceiling windows, no bars, lots of leisure activities and they can spend 350 bucks a month at the com jury. felicity checked into club fed yesterday for a 2 week stay her sentence for admitting that she paid 15 grand to raise her daughter's s a t score. the school that sophia really wanted to go to didn't even require as a tease and ended up, turning her down because of the scandal. an armed robber chicago is behind bars, thanks to a former amateur boxer, who is still fast enough to disarm. run a marathon. the boxer 54 year-old john paul. chicago marathon win that guy who you see it with black hood the on
7:50 am
he had a gun he was robbing people on the train and everybody started running for the doors, but lap here when towards the robber wrestle the gun away and as you can see there he's got the gun is right hand. cnn's waiting for the cubs issue up. and they arrested him and then the best part is after saving the day. he continued on. percent effort a good all in a day's work for a marathon runner. yes surprised how many times a half >>so think you're pretty good at parallel parking or parking fitting into. >>a little tiny space. it doesn't get any tighter than this. this cruise ship is the biggest ever vessel to fit through one of the. in the world, the corinth now in greece the opening. it's 79 feet, the ship he's 74 feet
7:51 am
wide. passengers on board and the crews upper says they gave them a home never forget. >>and you can almost hear it ari. >>that's close enough you could literally reach out from reason they're scared of that. >>okay, yeah. >>you can fit a tight space. >>generally claustrophobic pros on that can you park i can you can i know her a little park better than my wife which i know she'll hate to hear it, but how about this though can squeeze into a a 90 degree spot. so close got to get out through through the hatchback. close to my can even get it you're that person. the kid.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
with a pretty cool story here. this is a house in new york that's on the market right now. >>for 2.7 9 mil and look at
7:55 am
that it actually has a home replica oval office as the homoffice in this home aside from that you get your standard 3 bedrooms i think it's got too bad says well know sorry 4 bedrooms 5 bags and that replica office. the architecture room like jazz recording studio. yeah, it does. so this by the perfect for a musical artist 10 acres of private property all around the home last. >>and this apparently and hudson valley a new york i have a. >>2.8 2.7. even care to 3 million are you kidding me think about him for tesco oh yeah. years of point everything's relative. but yet be willing to live in beautiful upstate right yes to. that is so tough coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news.
7:56 am
>>we have the follow-up for you this morning. we've got which schools are closed open. i should say and the latest in a live report coming up in a minute also more shaking across the bay area 2 more earthquakes hit as the anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake draws near we'll stay tuned for that and also cars banned from a major section of san francisco's market street the sfmta voted unanimously to make it happen, we'll have more on the plan. here's a live look outside of san mateo bridge robin's been following some problems on the roads this morning so we'll get another update from her on where any hot spots are still out there for you and then john trouble in the weather center takingaa look at the forecast for today, great looking view here of the golden gate bridge with some sunshine. it is going to be cool today in fact she was saying today tomorrow friday may be the coolest days of the nexus 7 ahead of us. we'll have more from him in a minute, but he said don't get they're going not yet known they're going not yet known ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries.
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try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. ♪ ♪ try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. >>darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got lots of news to get to and we will but weather and traffic updates as well that we have problems on the roads now it's looking better so the problem is a concord on highway 4 the hot spot cleared still slow but much much better now ok ok in the weather is looking chile. yeah, definitely chilly today fall it is in full force today tomorrow and friday. it's only a little taste of fall because actually not going to stay
8:00 am
cool into next week you're going to have some warmer weather around the corner. so if you've been waiting for cto ehae oyt is rht good now really. berkeley looking pretty clear compared to yesterday when it was very cloudy to start the morning. cloud cover having cleared out from yesterday so a clear start to the day. but unlike yesterday ended pretty sunny today is actually going to and mostly cloudy ahead of a few sprinkles during our evening hours tonight. where's where temperatures going to land us this afternoon. well expect 60's for most of the day, including oakland and san francisco in the mid 60's while san jose low 70's for your high. i do have more in your forecast to come. robert. thank you john traffic so heavy on the oakland side of the bay bridge toll plaza, you're stacked up from the maze but it does move well on. >>upper deck and the skyway that's why your drive time is not bad, it's only 12 minutes to make your way into fremont street. here's a peek at some more numbers one oh one approaching san francisco, slow and pockets. >>from brisbane up to about


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