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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  October 21, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>>welcome back everybody we told you about a news conference regarding the potential power shut off for parts of northern california that is under way let's listen. >>right now dry or than the event we just went through on october 9th through 11th. again we're looking at a total california wide event because as the system drops southward is going to produce santa ana winds. across the us south half of california. on thursday into friday. as far forecasted wind speeds are expecting and the reached gust of about 35 to 45 miles per hour in the sierra nevada generally north of calaveras county. and then we could
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similar gusts in the northern bay area gusts at 35 40 in general over elevated terrain and kind of on the west south southwest facing slopes where these downslope wind storms tend materialize as we're expecting those winds in the lower elevations like your your napa counties or sonoma counties winds down in the valleys are going to be less than that over some of the higher terrain know and like mount diablo this uh this mount saint helene as the jarboe gaps, big bend area in portions of our service territory. we could see gusts 55 or in excess of 55 national weather service is actually forecasting some gusts to 60 miles per hour. we do continue to closely. coordinate with our agency partners. starting friday week or native with the national weather service moderate office on this upcoming a storm event and every day since sunday we've been participating on an interagency call this led by
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northern operations predictive services that's an interagency forecasting group essentially a the fed's especially. essentially all meter logical entities. our ally and that this is another high risk a weather event. and some of the slides that i was going to present to you our some of the forecast from those federal forecasting agencies. so the slide on to my right the north northern operations predictive services forecasts and they're showing a high risk for wind for vast portions of northern california that it encapsulated 1.4 million of rpg customers. this time period is is still expected to be wednesday into thursday going the same time period that we're we're looking at for dry and gusty winds. the national weather service has just posted a fire weather watches today for similar areas across northern california. and we calculated that in that and that geographic footprint of the fire weather watchers about
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1.2 million. pg e customerg and that and that footprint so we will continue to kind of monitor. the weather forecast as they arise we were getting global and also our high-resolution local weather model, multiple times per day and we'll continue to monitor that we're still about 48 hours out from the start of the event so there is a chance for you know things to a involve a little bit as weather and weather forecasts are quite dynamic in nature. and but that'll only that there. >>the evening, everyone thanks for being here on build johnson. army the president pga. upright a brief operational update regarding the planning of this potential public safety power shutoff later this week also addressed improvements were focused on since our previous safety shut off. about 2 weeks ago. first a reminder of why we do this reminder of why we and the
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other california utilities and actually now many utilities across the west. the dish, a public power shut off at all. there's a simple answer. is safety. so intent is to prevent a catastrophic wildfire caused by a spark from electrical equipment. in high winds electoral equipment is more susceptible to damage including that from trees branches and other flying objects. damage of this nature can cause sparks. and with high wind and dry conditions and plenty of dead and dying grass and trees. our communities are much higher risk. for rapid fire spread. so that's what we want to avoid and we're serious about that. remember damage during high winds is possible even our equipment in high fire threat areas meet or exceed standards. inspect all that equipment earlier this year we fixed all high priority issues. mission in california is that more and more of our
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service area is considered by the state to be at high fire risk. in fact 3 times more of our service area there's a high risk of fire than was the case 7 years ago. a 15% 2012 more than 50% today. that service areas roughly 70,000 square miles so that is a big air. so we're really dealing with a new reality here. and power shut off star one tool we have keep the community safe and combat this risk, it's not a tool that we want to use a certain another tool we like to use. runs against the grain of why most of us ever got in this business. and we do understand it creates hardship and comes with its own potential safety issue for others. but again we've seen catastrophic wildfire recently california southern california last week, there's another one this morning. i think. and we're just determined to not let that happen here. so let's move to how we're preparing for this week's wind event.
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given the forecast we're looking at potentially turning a part of approximately 200,000 customers in parts of 16 counties. counties are largely located in the sheriff foot hills and the north bay parts of mendocino county are potentially included as parts of san mateo county. so we began proactively contacting potentially impacted customers this afternoon, 48 hours ahead of the event by phone e-mail and text so this means if you do not receive a notification from pg you're not currently in the area we anticipate turning off the power. other than parts of mateo county and some of napa and sonoma counties in the north bay. we do not expect shops and the remainder of the bay area. in terms of what's next the scot said we'll continue to monitor the forecasted wind event an update our customers and communities accordingly. over the next day or so we will
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determine if and exactly where we will turn off the power depending on how weather conditions change it. once the winds subside we give our army of field personnel, the all clear. which means they can begin expense inspecting power lines and other equipment in the impacted areas. we repair any damage from the wind that we find and then we turn the power back on. and that's not just as easy as china switching turning the power off. so will make every effort to restore power within 24 to 48 hours from the time the weather has passed. so far our customers planning purposes. we should just preparing for outages could last up to 48 hours. possibly longer depending on the extent of the storm and depending on what conditions and damage happens. but i think preparing for 48 hours is a good choice. so let me wrap up with how we're doing things differently from previous psp events based on our lessons learned. to
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prepare for a higher volume of our website. all visitors to pg dot com will be redirected to a temporary site with all the critical information on p s p s. this inclusion address lookup tool to confirm whether you're at just part of the potential shut off. as well as an outage map and downloadable maps for city and county leaders. as i said if you're one of the approximately 200,000 customers potentially effective we have and will continue to notify you directly. other improvements are call centers will be focused on emergency and p s p s calls only currently have 380 agents available on wait times are about 2 seconds. for community resource centers that we would open during a p s p s to provide device charging restrooms in here condition, working to acquire sites. >>listening to bill johnson, the president and ceo at pg
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who is alerting the public of another potential preemptive power shut off this week as high winds and low humidities warm temperatures are expected. a key take away probably from him is that people will be notified by the gini if they're going to be one of the potential customers they could lose power and there's a new website that is going to be available if you get a pg dot com. it will redirect you to this special temporary site where you can bump in your address and see if you're going to be affected and again we're talking about the winds that they're concerned about mostly one stay are going into thursday. >>johnson saying again though that if there are shut offs. it could be a couple of days before they're back on. but overall they're saying the impact will be last than that. october 9th through 12th period earlier this month significantly, fewer customers potentially affected mostly. >>north bay in napa sonoma, some san mateo county customers by and large there
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>>breaking news is in there is a brush fire right now burning in the brentwood area about 60 acres have burned already. these are pictures that we just got a new c a towering
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flames right there thick, dark smoke, no reports of any property damage or evacuation orders. nor will certainly keep our focus on this again in brentwood. it is burning about 60 acres at last check these are pictures the people said you see this and you can safely document it we're g to do so and you can use the kron 4 mobile app for our website kron 4 dot com. there's a reported tab there you can upload pictures or video there. this is burning along or would road in brentwood that is just north of discovery bay will keep you posted with the very latest tonight on kron 4 news at 6. >>facebook believes that russian trolls are getting ready to metal again in the presidential election. using the same tactics they pioneered in 2016. an investigative company hired by facebook says that fake accounts from russia, they're on the rise again. a lot of them were found on instagram which facebook owns democratic
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presidential candidate joe biden he was a key target. the kremlin sponsored trolls allegedly used a similar tactic to go after hillary clinton and swing states in 2016. the investigation identified 50 accounts on instagram one on facebook with a suspicious russian oranges those accounts had more than 250,000 followers combined facebook has removed the accounts and is on the lookout of says 4 more trouble as the election approaches. that probably saved a life we'll hear from the coach. now famous for disarming a suicidal high school student and the coach has bay area
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>>the video of a high school coach disarming and bear hugging a student who brought up a gun to a high school this has become viral. the video shows the coach came in low and a security guard approaching the student who had a loaded gun at the door of a classroom, but low grabbed the gun with one hand then began consoling and really hugging that 19 year-old student low has been talking to reporters it happened so used to be an assistant coach for the 49 ers. >>i feel like i was playing that and that room in that in that very moment for a reason to to protect those kids by and getting the gun from him. you know getting the gun with my right hand and hold them off with my left hand calling
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for a teacher to to come grabbed the gun for me. >>earlier this month, the student his name is and how granada studios he pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm sentenced to 3 years of probation as part of the steel he's going to get mental health and substance abuse treatment a statement, the deputy da confirmed that diaz did not intend to her anybody else. there was one bullet in the gun. the da's office said the weapon did not fire. wendy has pulled the trigger in that cave. the coach time to act. >>everything was fine up here and then now everything is just kind of. thank you don't think that it's going to happen to you and then it doesn't then like there's nothing to do about it. >>what a scene in dallas overnight. you can see the destruction here. this whole roof is gone as the national weather service has announced that there was in fact a tornado that touched down in
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the northern part of dallas overnight and the effect is devastating. so many homes destroyed in the storm's path you see just like a a battering ram went through there and as of last night, no tornado warnings were in effect that according to a tweet from the national weather service. however officials there saying that there's a chance a new tornado could develop bring severe storms in 2 spots east of dallas, so the volatility there continues. and there are reports 3 people have died from this storm. but they were in eastern oklahoma and not dallas. one man said that he thought he was not going to make it. >>and the dog is like collapsed like to just kind summary are run into the box i find emergency exit what everything and hoping. take care of my kids in the form thought this was it.
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>>scary again we mentioned that there could be additional storms and people are being reminded to stay in their homes. if they're an affected area. dallas is governor has issued a disaster declaration for would be texas as governor has issued a disaster declaration for 16 counties in the state. after last night's tornado. >>let's take another look at local weather let's look alive outside it the embarcadero and it was beautiful and warm day. >>yeah, if you like that get used to more the same the attar is with us could get even significantly warmer this week uh yeah, definitely and san francisco. we had 76 degrees today tomorrow we could possibly hit us. >>7879 depending on what part of the city you live in it's all thanks to that. and notice the arrow surrounding going downwards that's where winds are coming out of the north and as you've heard it will increase middle of this week, but our daytime highs tomorrow. san francisco
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depending on where you live as i just mentioned and along the coast here upper 70's in half moon bay tomorrow, 80 in millbrae and burlingame. 80's in redwood city in palo alto as you notice, those numbers are slightly higher than what we saw for our daytime high today, mid 80's across the south bay very 84. in milpitas pleasanton re looking at a high 86 tomorrow. concord upper 80's pasta lee 90 in back of alton, inching really close to that for a high tomorrow and petaluma 87 we're going back to see blue sky highs tomorrow. as well taking a look at our extended forecast. don't forget those offshore winds will pick up wednesday along the coast we could possibly hit 80's on a 3rd thursday. thank you america, the 2 astronauts who made history with the first all female spacewalk they say there.
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>>excited by all the reaction they got to that that walk happened a friday. jessica meir says the experience particularly meaningful because her friend, christina koch was the other astronaut. koch says the change to inspire the chance rather to inspire future explores really meant a lot to them. >>those the pave the way for us to be where are today, we just have just the upmost appreciation for them and i think we just pay homage to the fact that they allowed us to do what we do today and to achieve the dreams that we have. >>both astronauts scheduled to stay at the international space station until next spring. >>franz a pbably know the final trailer for the latest movie expected. so we've got
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>>ready the final trailer for the final star wars movie in the star wars saga will be released this evening disney says the trailer for the rise of skywalker that stay doing. during tonight's big football game. happens to be the day the late actress carrie fisher would have turned 63 and she does make an appearance in this movie tonight's football game monday night football earlier this hour patriots and the jets are playing the trail is expected to be. ringer and 00:30pm tonight. our time tickets also by the way go on sale tonight. mom is over. i'd
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probably run a fire that doors. a kentucky woman and her mother they were vacationing in tennessee. this was an unusual a burglary their color over the weekend. a mother bear deciding to check out their truck along with her 3 little cub there of the cubs. you hear the guy though as the best advice watch mom. where's mom of air. it's they say they tried scaring the bears away here that that yelling there the. >>woman later learned. the animals toll, a pack of chewing up. apparently it was a breath issue, that all they got was a some chewing gum maybe they needed it, you know, maybe they needed it. >>no one got hurt. >>the chuck though was scratched up a little bit as as you might imagine bears. >>breaking it down lot of trouble for some gum that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 o'clock. thank you for being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight later tonight, kron 4 news at 9 in
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prime time. right now the news at 6 continues with him or can wait. catherine thanks both coming up next a 6 o'clock it could happen again this week. >>the dna warning 10's of thousands of customers they could cut our as 5 weather is expected to hit northern california what pg e says it's doing different this time plus governor gavin newsome wanted know why californians pay more for gasoline than people in other states and now. >>officials say they have an answer what they say is
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>>1000 pg e customers could affected if the genie decides to shut off its power again. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore in a news conference within the hour piccinini said. >>15 know southern california counties could potentially have their power shut off this week. the president and c e o gave that update to the public today and we have a reporter at the scene, let's hear what the ceo of p g o p g and he had to say. >>higher volume of our website. all visitors to pg dot com will be redirected to a temporary site with all the critical information on p s p s.


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