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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>now when i look at these flames emergency crews have been battling this wind driven wildfire in the east bay, it's been burning near. >>or would and inroads in world brett would. thanks for being with 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight. >>kron four's dan thorn he is live in brentwood joins us with the latest on the fire. dan. >>well catherine fire crews have actually gotten a pretty good ndle othis fire. they tell me that dozens of acres have burned out here since about 4 o'clock this afternoon when they first arrived on scene. no homes or businesses have been damaged and no people have been hurt in this fire. but it was moving very quickly because these conditions out here were ideal for the flames to move fast.
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time however, there was a in a legal. likely an illegal marijuana grow operation that has been in the vicinity of these flames. crews used a method called firing out to help put out these flames. the fire been burning in a swampy area in crews were concerned about their engines getting stocks they lit up another fire on the other and to help them control it on their ultimate goal here was to push it all together said it would burn out. the incident command says that today's conditions were ideal for fires to spread quickly and they were hoping to get as good of a handle as they could. we are on an agricultural area. >>because of their past weather. the mom of educational dry during very hot very fast along with that we had today pushed it real quick so it was already a 20 acres >>so crews are expected to be out here for the next several hours putting out any hot spots that might pop up and they will of course be monitoring this area. however the battalion chief there added today's conditions and
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that fire is a reality, it's something that's going to be happening around this time of year so people need to be aware and prepared especially for those red flag warnings so the main goal out of all of this is to just be safe. that's the latest here live in brentwood. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>all right. thank you. dan will stay in contra costa county and firefighters. they're getting some extra help tackling these wildfires a task force arrived in the county today. the task force consists of a fire bulldozer, a water tender and for wild fire engines. steve hill with the contra costa county fire protection district explained what the task force means for firefighters. >>its resources in the form of this task force. allow us the flexibity to get firefighters and their apparatus on the scene of small fires early give us the best chance possible keep the small fires small which is which is our will always our goal.
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>>and the city of oakland also bracing for fire danger starting tomorrow crews will be cleaning up an encampment near the home depot and east 8 straight and alameda avenue that's a notorious. >>spot and home depot even threatened to shut down that store the executives did the cleanup will include removing huge amounts of hazardous materials you're talking car, wooden structures propane tanks, random trash, the work is expected to take about 2 weeks >>well it was a a warm day in the bay area got hot in some places as we take a live look over san francisco and it's going to get even warmer. >>as we proceed through the week the fire danger and the potential preemptive pg power shut off is also a part of the story will be tracking closely. our erica cataract tells us what we can expect weather wise for the rest of the workweek. >>higher than what we saw over
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the weekend in fact some places like petaluma actually hit 90 degrees which is higher than what was predicted for daytime s,tomor going to be warmer as well the san francisco looking lear for a snowfall. and our temperatures are high because of this hype pressure that is building and it's also going to give us try conditions later in the week and above normal temperatures as well taking a look at our current numbers, so you can see it is a light for us across the bay area. but it does starting wednesday morning comes from the north here you can see the gusty conditions start in calistoga there. higher elevations, those numbers are going to be up to 50 even 60 miles per hour as for humidity percentage as a look at that map on wednesday, 17% so very dry for us that's why we have that fire weather watch that will be going into effect both wednesday and thursday, so if a fire were to break out it can spread rapidly because the
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windy conditions low humidity and warm temperatures asked for a daytime high highs tomorrow, san francisco upper 70's, 78 and half moon bay. millbrae and burlingame are looking at a high of 80 degrees in mid 80's out in redwood city the south bay seeing blue skies tomorrow pleasanton 86 dublin, 86, a purse 80's in concord and walnut. upper 80's tomorrow. so here's our 7 day 10 forecast. another warm day tomorrow. for your morning commute. like i pickup wednesday and thursday, our temperatures along the coast could pop possibly hit 80's on thursday and we don't see a coup transtar until saturday. temperatures get even lower by next monday. well low humidity and gusty winds high temperatures. those are the
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ingredients. >>really needed for pg need to raise the risk of more power shut utilities saying 201,000 customers could be affected by this second round of october shut offs. >>pg e says strong winds are expected to start around 5 o'clock wednesday night in the sierra foothills and parts of the north bay and in san mateo county the winds they say could pick up around 02:00am notify customers at least 8 to 12 hours in advance. so a final decision will have to be made by sometime wednesday morning. >>the possible outage might not affect as many customers as it did the last time around but it could still affect families with special needs again. a mother and santa rosa wants to know why they are arnaud community centers are shelters open 24 hours a day while the outage is happening. kron four's chair stone is following the story he joins us live in santa rosa and j r sounds like people are really frustrated.
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>>yeah there's quite a bit of frusttion out here catherine last time those community centers were only open during the daytime hours not the overnight hours are also fears out here that the temperature will be hotter this time compared to what it was last time. >>good lord here we go again thank it's just chaos. >>danny bear lives in santa rosa and is referring to the power safety outages that could again happened this week. outages that would directly impact her 13 year-old son riley was a rare lung condition and requires this vast machine along with several other electric machines that require a plug-in not ready yet either this time on the lake only been a few weeks since other one and. >>2 weeks. you simply thought and. >>the the money to get a generator yet in. so yeah mean.
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>>during the last power outage this online post asking for help for riley. quickly gained attention hundreds of viewers responded in those that united rentals in santa rosa. let danny a generator when they lost electricity. she has since returned but here we go again. >>pg e's center should be open for as long as the power's off 24 7 intel comes back on for people is a very good. >>think the bottom level should be done. >>that way riley could go there to properly do is treatments. >>but i do with my fast when i do in the morning and night. >>danny said she didn't think the outage what happened last time because they have been warned so many previous times about a shot off no action was ever taken. >>it kind got like that. yeah the boy who cried wolf kind of feeling we're just like i didn't really think was going to happen because they had won so many other times it is frustrating having their power turned off for high wind, having your son not feel it is treatments and sing hot air
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balloons fly. and you to buy a generator but that also cost a lot of money in takes and to save up money in this area is very expensive live in it's like living paycheck to paycheck you have a hard, i mean bells even >>that danny tells me she had so many people reach out to her offer her help last time, she's hopeful one of the folks who offered a generator last time might be able to let her borrow that generator this time as well and i did talk with the folks from united rentals. he said during the last power shut off turned into a generator apocalypse so many people calling them and showing up at their location looking for generators, reporting live in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 news. >>all right jr that is one family's story but hundreds of thousands of people are preparing now for the potential of no power p g of course issuing that official 48 hour heads up today about the potential power shut off son folks are being urged to
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prepare. >>kron four's haaziq madyun he talked to some north by residents and got their reaction. >>saying when a police department putin is announced the potential for public safety power shutoff beginning wednesday afternoon michael ray moore is reading this text message forwarded by the saint police department regarding a possible pg any public safety power shutoff if that happens it will be the second power shut down in the month of october for folks who live in napa county. >>well if you believe in the philosophy of a reactionary program for power underage inches in regard to the safety of the grid. i would say it's better than doing nothing. >>sisters in town you may need some help or hurt the yeah, enrique, campbell says he is planning to help out his sister by driving up from napa to help or when the power goes down here in saint helene that ethics and going to my relatives in here in town. >>got news was talking to my sister to be she says that we can ask you. hours so i can
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bring some of my generators which you can use it. >>here at the safeway grocery store you see some folks preparing by loading up on water and eyes. however, some residents say there's only so much preparation to do for power out. >>difficult to plan around especially when it comes to your living situation you have to go home and shower at the end of your work day you have to prepare your meals you have to sleep in it's hard to know if you're going want to do that in the dark or die, you know it's it's it's hard to prepare for it. >>but everyone i spoke to told me that although living without power for a few days as a major inconvenience. it is better they say then experiencing another wildfire. >>people have come. so we have to do whatever we can to cooperate. >>kron 4 has learned that this safeway grocery store will be open. in event of another pg public safety power shut off. in saint helene or has it made kron 4 news.
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>>and on kron 4 news dot com you'll find a map of the 15 northern california counties facing possible a shot offs this map is interactive you can also find how you can prepare for an outage and again that's all at kron 4 dot com. >>we have new information tonight on the fire at that new star energy facility in crockett remember this where the tank blew up the live flew off real time air quality measurements now done by katya custer's hazardous materials specialists have been released and they indicate it did not show unusually high levels of toxic substances in the air. the explosion and fire was last tuesday of course causing people in the area to shelter in place because of the air quality contra costa health officials now say the local smoke affects were minimized because of the extreme. he that the fire caused as well as the weather conditions that day. they say neighborhoods did experience high levels of
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smoke particles in the air and that can irritate your throat lungs and eyes, but again they say the air samples did not show high levels of toxic substances. >>and another big story we're following tonight in the north bay, the marin county sheriff's office has publicly identified the victim in the china camp homicide. happened on a friday this her 22 year-old pace is fast cars villa quez from richmond was killed his body found friday morning i was near the me walk meadows in sandra fell the cause of death still under investigation. >>for mayor of san francisco is coming under fire for what some people are claiming is a racist and offensive political ad kron four's charles clifford reports. >>well aaron san francisco mayoral candidate allen's hours put up about half dozen billboards around the city and one of them is being condemned as racist and offensive. another billboard in question is a long howard that show san francisco mare a london breed
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apparently a leaning back reclining counting money smoking a cigar also nearby there is a man carrying away a child and also a thought bubble that appears to contain homeless people in it now in front of the billboard on monday a group of san francisco elected officials were here to condemn the billboard and asking that the company that owns the billboard take it down behind us. >>is a vile and reprehensible political ad. that is invoking racist. the sergeant is sexes. what this actually this action of billboard means to me as an african american woman. i personally it's a very upsetting. >>now as for ellen's out she's apparently not backing down she is standing behind her billboard on her twitter feed. she has re posted several on news stories about the billboard on one she even went as far as to say that i believe london breed is a racist against 3 white men refused to debate. the truth will set up for vote allen for
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sf mare in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>u c berkeley students packed into an auditorium tonight to hear from supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, she's the latest guest in a lecture series that is hosted by the university's school of law. >>tonight she talked about her childhood her education her family in which she's most proud of kron four's michelle kingston at the chance to speak with her. >>it was an incredible evening here at u c berkeley about tooth 1000 students filled the auditorium mining up out hours before rbg took the stage. >>it's just supreme court associate justice ruth bader ginsburg. after beating cancer for time. >>times now at the age of 86 and is still doing planks and push-ups at the gym, she told the law students that life is about balance. >>think it appreciate in that there is more to life than
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>>has been marty ginsburg after law school. >>monday was the first boy i ever dated. >>ginsburg was one of 9 women in her harvard law school class of 500 students, she smiled when hearing that you see berkeley's law school is now about 60% women >>joined then at long welcome. >>the bench. she was asked what piece of advice was most helpful to her and she said it came from her mother-in-law just minutes before her wedding helps. >>every now and then. word is
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fo be needed to know you know here and then bison have followed only in a marriage. of the 56 year. and also to this day in dealing with colleagues students here say it wasn't on. >>to see and to hear from ginsburg. michelle kingston. >>today was suzy loftus is first day of san francisco's interim district attorney ernie. she is a former prosecutor she was president of the city's police commission loftus is running against 3 other candidates. bourdain leaf doubt and nancy tongue to fill the da seat left vacant by george gets going. earlier today loftus talked about her plans as interim d a. >>it's really about what can this office do in partnership with the rest of the city to build safety and and folks are concerned about everything from your property crime too car break ins ands to a rise in hate crimes in
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sexual-assault son. there's so much work that can be done from this office to to build a safe city and i'm just excited to get to work. >>as we near the election the san francisco chronicle released a new poll on the da's race right now chairs routine. he has the most support 21% followed by loftus said 18% nancy tongue at 11% leaf couch at 10%. according to the poll low 40% of voters are still undecided. the elections set for november 5th. >>national news now and president trump is calling on republicans to get tougher against a fast-moving impeachment inquiry. >>the president says that his of ty needs to do a better job sticking together. cnn's boris sanchez reports. >>and the republic raising questions about the future of mick mulvaney during a cabinet meeting today, thank president trump declined to talk about his embattled acting chief of
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staff instead launching attacks on the house impeachment angry and making a false claim about house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff a whistleblower disappeared were. actually informant maybe the informant was shift that could be shifty schiff. >>in my opinion is possibly trump also lamenting that democrats are more united than republicans i think lousy politicians. but 2 things they have to vicious. they don't have been romney in their midst. they stick together, you know to see them break off from trying to stick with his party by backing down from a controversial decision. >>which resulted in bipartisan backlash that next year's g 7 summit of world leaders would take trump's property in doral florida they would have been great but the democrats. >>one phrase even would have done it free. then they say oh but you'll get promotion. you
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don't get more from ocean. any human being that ever lived. >>think i can closed doors, growing doubts about whether trump will break off with his 3rd chief of staff in 3 years while aides say mick mu got a show of support a round of applause during a senior staff meeting today. sources say that trump believes his acting chief of staff is mishandling the white house's impeachment strategy thing trump increasingly agitated after spending the weekend indoors watching negative news coverage of last week's disastrous briefing and which mulvaney acknowledged the president sought a quid pro quo with ukraine military aid for political favors one source close to mulvaney says that after 10 months on the job the former congressman is seatching for an exit though he publicly denies it was i'm very happy working there that didn't that i have the perfect. a press conference know of but again the facts are on our side. >>for sanchez reporting there
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on the subject of iraq all of the president's resort, he said that he wishes he could have held the event there that it would have been quote the best g 7 ever. >>a republican resolution to censure intelligence chairman adam schiff has failed in the house of representatives, republicans wanted to censure him for his characterization of the president's a phone call with ukraine's president. it was the call of course that sparked the impeachment inquiry. schiff later said he intended his comments as a parody but the intelligence chairman now firing back on twitter he said it will be set of house republicans when they found they lacked the courage to confront the most dangerous and unethical president in american history. they come so themselves by attacking those who did it. coming up caught on camera getting away with thousands of dollars worth bikes at a bike shop. >>why the owner believes the crime is part of a bigger
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scheme. >>plus why this stock market rally would have been even stronger if not for boeing. >>and jp morgan give in people with criminal backgrounds a secon ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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>>money tonight, us stocks closed higher today, but the rally would have been even stronger if it hadn't been for boeing who's falling shares held back the doubt. >>yeah all other major indexes ended in the green, boeing stock it to drag the dow lower
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that was after a recent report that said the company withheld documents that showed employees long had had serious concerns about the software system that has been linked to 2 fatal crashes of the 7.37 max, jp morgan chase. >>says it wants to give people with criminal records a second chance at a decent job, the bank. so wants to broaden its pool of potential employees noting it is hired to people with a conviction on their record for entry level jobs like transaction processing an account servicing, potential employees are still required to fully disclose prior convictions. >>well drones are coming and they're bringing your aspirin among other things. cbs is the latest rug store to look into deliveries by drone cbs is partnering with ups and it's been certified by the f a a to make a limited drone deliveries. the pharmacy says it believes customers will value fast delivery, especially in rural areas.
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>>up next a local dog being called a hero. learning her family of a fire in the middle of the night. >>also we all know california gas prices are usually the highest in the country. now the governor says he wants to know why. >>plus south thieves announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside.
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yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. >>caught on camera thieves targeted a nonprofit bike shop, this san jose and that took bikes worth $5,000. it's
9:29 pm
called good karma bikes of soft lincoln avenue. they say they've been hit twice within a week. most recently this happened on thursday. >>kron four's taylor's sacking explains why the owner believes this was a well thought out. well research plan. >>the owner says that these rain and now within minutes and they knew exactly what they were looking for and how to get around the buildings locks. well, the owner says he later learned from the san jose police department and cover bikes is the most recent victim in a string of 40 bike shop burglaries in the bay area. >>good karma vikes in a san jose nonprofits and repairs and resells bikes in the bay area for each bikes sold. they donate one to someone in need ceo and founder jim gardner says donations will now be more challenging after 2 recent break ins this thursday. >>and about 04:00am they climbed in through the roof of this entire building. and they
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got into the corridor. cameras caught everything the 2 guys are walking slowly taking their time. they walk right up to the exact spot where they were going to climb through. one person. yeah hangs on to building. bean claims in over the top. >>garner says the 2 thieves got away with good cause. 3 most expensive bikes. valued at a total around $5,000 once they drop down into our sweet are alarms motion. detector fun found them and i got a call from our alarm company and i said yes please dispatch the police. but by then we saw from the that they work in our suite less than one minute once purchased. gardner says the bike revenue would have given back to its nonprofit services by providing by prepares free bikes to the homeless and more. if true the
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breaks my heart for these people because they're in a hole. they're struggling and they're digging hole deeper just days before the bike burglary sees broke in and stole a computer. they also grabbed an empty cash drawer. >>garner says he'working with the san jose police department to get that surveillance video and share with the public so everyone will keep their eyes out now while he's a big believer in karma he says that he hopes whoever is responsible make in san jose taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>in stockton video just released of shows 2 thieves stealing the tires and the rams from a family's parked car happened about 02:00am friday morning. and it all happened within just a matter of minutes reporter christy grosz has that story. >>is the type of work you expect to see out on the track from a nascar pit crew this home video shows 2 thieves in stockton, still all 4 tires and rims off a family's car up
9:32 pm
a whole into school. >>and that's when we realized the resort tires and rims on the car her surprise party go for us as their brand new 2019 toyota camry the pad for just a few months. >>was no sitting on blocks in their driveway went minutes to work hard, we got this current video shows the currents taking the tires rims off one by one and then running toward a car waiting at the corner wagner heights and brands that are placed ago drugs say that struck just before 02:00am friday and were done in a matter of minutes there are really experts. >>there's our car alarm didn't go off or anything on there i think they're just very sneaky the couple tells fox 40 that that isn't just a violation, it's a costly inconvenient they're not all. >>hundreds of dollars for their deductible to cover the cost to replace offered tires in the rooms which are almost $600 each plus the damage done to the car we can drive the car right now says it's making a loud doings yen on the uniform putting runs a bag things and fact the us still
9:33 pm
has some. >>some noises coming from the beans to go there say this isn't the first time this happened in their neighborhood so they're hoping police will step up patrols to protect people's property, we even had have the cameras it makes us feel that we still have to stay up at night. >>just watching for cars make sure everything is good, know in ebt food that goes on our cameras, my husband gets dad gets see everything is ok in the meantime the couple says they bought rim lock-in see they'll be parking their cars in the garage were behind their fenced-in gate from now on. >>and that was krista gross reporting a stockton police say that they are investigating what they call a netrend of tire and rams theft. >>dogs can be incredible right a 6 year old lab named maggie is being called a hero tonight after she woke up her family during a fire at their vacaville home that happened just after midnight yesterday morning. you see the cell phone video of the scene the parents. the 17 year-old daughter in the 14 year-old son and maggie were all able to get out safely the fire
9:34 pm
burned right up to the 17 year-old bedroom. the fence even melting part of the truck parked outside. >>and she's she is part of our family and it's sweet to know that she's got her back. >>everybody up the fire still under investigation. firefighters say the smoke and fire damage is fairly extensive. >>in the south by a drunk driver hit 2 parked cars and flipped over you see the result happened this morning happened there i easter states drive in cupertino police say the driver was treated for minor injuries. no one else was hurt. >>is demanding an investigation into big oil companies as californians pay more for gas than most in the country capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains why. >>well california spend up to $0.30 more per gallon at the pump than most other states california's energy commission claims big oil companies are partially to blame earlier this year governor newsome directed the agency to look
9:35 pm
into california's mystery surcharge outside of the states taxes and fees at gas pumps in its report released monday. the cdc concluded the charge could be traced to retail sales with companies like 76 chevron and shell overcharging in california and possibly falsely advertising premium gasoline compared to unbranded companies newsome and they requested attorneys general have set open an investigation in a letter to the set of the governor wrote quote the mystery surcharge adds up especially for cost-conscious working families if oil companies are engaging in false advertising or price fixing then legal action should be taken to protect the public oil companies have not responded to the energy commission's request for information to support their product claims in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>a woman accused of using somebody else's identity to buy a luxury car. police say you should be on the lookout for and in sports. the niners, slip slide. their way look at that it's so wet to a 6 record. nick bosa doing the
9:36 pm
thing mark carpenter as coach shanahan stocks about that when yesterday
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>>and will open over the undefeated san francisco 49 ers who showed us that even when the weather is awful and points are scarce, they could still eke out a win it wasn't pretty it still counts the 49
9:39 pm
ers free for the rain mud and cold front 9 nothing victory over the redskins they improved to 6 continues the team's best start since 1990 3rd time that's happenedn franchise history. they remain the top seed in the nfc. now top-rated niners offense didn't score a touchdown. 3 field goals was enough however in the defense pitched a shutout. their first in 3 years after watching the tape. kyle shanahan heaping praise on the team's grit. >>i did think there's a lot of weird little circumstances that i made that game very tough indeed guys a chance to kind of let up and not have the same mentality that we have had for the 5 weeks prior and especially after a huge win the week before i was seen as a little it's human nature just ease up a little bit and our guys did offices so think it's as we got the right guys also most ever you know slices you know let's do it so never be a star signing around everything. >>was was like a little little kids out there. you know this part of the game and have fun
9:40 pm
and you know right now we have a lot of fun. >>and the opportunity to go 7 and oicome sunday at levi's against the carolina panthers we have one foreigner row now switching over the raiders a day after aaron rodgers put a p game with the first perfect passer rating of his career, oakland addresses the secondary the raiders getting a jump on next week's trade deadline sending 2017 first-round quarterback. gary on conley to the houston texans oakland get the 3rd round pick in return. the expectation is trayvon mullen we'll step in a corner will hear from jon gruden later on. finally monday night football bill belichick and the pats of the new york jets as expected. not much of a contest 1st quarter tom brady, 26 yard strike to fill up set back of the endzone 17 nothing patriots. brady 31 of 45 to 49 yards and that td the real story as it's been all season, new england's defense picked off sam darnold 4 times including this one by stephon gilmore forced 6 turnovers enough less than 7 points per game this year. patriots role
9:41 pm
33 to nothing and they are now 7 now and we cannot emphasize this enough, the only other unbeaten team in the nfl. the
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9:43 pm
>>police in lodi are investigating a woman ty believe stole another woman's identity and used it to buy a car from a dealership in lodi last week was a nice car to a reporter k recede has the story she says the woman
9:44 pm
apparently used. >>very convincing documents. >>he was a picture perfect transaction should perfect driver's license, i mean you name it was all their customer who looked great on paper in the market for luxury sedan. >>exercise to it's a view to full car. was in immaculate condition, a price. >>brandon gonzales says was fair for both his dealership and the client. >>what we wanted to do here was treat people like real people. so you come in you actually get treated like a real person we try to help you to get a car that is until a phone call last week put the brakes on gonzales has confidence in the next day we had the real person give us a call and say hey my the was stolen goods all this says this woman's identity was a sham and she not only for them. he says she tricked the dmv and the bank where she got the car loan from we catch it like 99.9 9, 9%, of the time. >>this lady was dialed with
9:45 pm
the real documents from new documents that you couldn't help some of paperwork from the dmv it had the dme logo on the back of it was the blue my paper look, you know legit and lo behold it wasn't you proved auto center of lodi is now working with the lodi police department to track this suspected imposter doubt now police are hoping you help identify this woman not to put her behind the wheel. >>but behind bars, small company is now reeling from the fraud. it's devastating for a small independent dealership to lose a car. >>it's devastating to the company is devastating to the people around us but hoping. at least get back what's rightfully theirs. i haven't been sleeping very well obviously their number hopefully we'll get the car back shortly. >>and lodi. >>cain reseed. >>some toya brown long she is talking about her life the tennessee woman spent more than a decade behind bars for killing a man she said bought her for sec's when she was only 16. she was speaking at an event in memphis a today
9:46 pm
earlier this year she was released from prison after the former tennessee governor granted her clemency. the 31 year-old is now married she has written a book on her experience. she talks about her childhood and how it affected the choices that led her into prostitution and sex-trafficking. she says she never really believed that she would be locked away for life. she is now planning she says to continue fighting for women suffering from abuse and sexually exploitation. >>now checking on the 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco on a monday night. all it up pretty warm today, eric attar a with the latest on your forecast. >>good evening, everyone and it was a beautiful day across the bay area today temperatures a little higher than what we saw yesterday and
9:47 pm
no fog inside it's taking a look outside over the golden gate bridge winds are looking pretty light right now and some places actually start temperatures. 14 degrees higher than yesterday like in santa rosa, fairfield star numbers up about 10 degrees compared to what we saw over the weekend. overnight so why not see the meeting your shower peaks just after midnight you won't need a telescope rainey binoculars to see that. overnight lows. it's going to be about 5 degrees higher in some places compared to what we saw a 24 hour hours ago, daytime highs tomorrow will be a little above normal in some places and higher than what we saw today, 87 in concord and santa rosa. we do have that. because of windy conditions are dry conditions and high temperatures.
9:48 pm
>>speaking of whether people in north texas are left now searching through the rubble after severe storms we're through that area last night the national weather service says and the f 3 tornado touched down in dallas. the roofs of homes just sheared off widespread damage. cars destroyed you see the homes businesses as well. hold a home depot was nearly leveled the national weather service also reported an one tornado and nearby roll it and in the ef 0 in wills point those are both within an hour drive of dallas, no deaths have been reported. but at least 6 people were taken to the hospital because of injuries related to the storms and 3 people in oklahoma did die as a result of severe weather yesterday. for your help tonight an alarming new study reveals baby food may have traces of toxic heavy metals. >>95% of the brands they tested contained toxic metals. and of course they can
9:49 pm
threaten healthy brain development in children in today's health minute mary moloney has details. >>toxic heavy metals in baby food. that's according to a report by healthy babies bright futures, which looked at 168 baby foods. researchers found nearly all the foods they tested were contaminated with at least one of the following. and mercury. the study has at least one senator demanding an investigation even though the fda has been asked to test baby foods for these toxic metals. >>they've sent on their hands. >>experts say even trace amounts of those neurotoxins can have a huge impact on a developing brain. so we're looking at impacts like i q loss. >>adhd behavioral effects. >>the study's co-author recommends you take 3 key steps to limit exposure. number one reduce rice. the report found food with the most arsenic rice cereals and
9:50 pm
rice-based snacks number 2 avoid juice. it's a significant source of heavy metals because kids drink so much and number 3 for i d experts say parents tend to feed babies, the same thing like carrots and sweet potatoes which according to the report are among the most contaminated. experts say replace them with other veggies for today's health minute i'm mary moloney. >>adult hair, proper nutrition is still a key part of good health. so when your energy dips, it's important healthy snacks experts are recommending unsalted nuts made a home trail mix co-head loaded up there. they also say try to vary your vegetables you one green some. veggies orange options as well and they recommend bringing ready to eat the you have the power over your snack choices just armin shipping its stock up on whole fruits but that is apples oranges grapes accent are easy to throwing a bag
9:51 pm
they provide natural sugars rather than the processed sugars and lastly they say give yourself a nutrient blast, maybe by combining some food groups savea overton berries apples and peanut butter or almond butter also whole grain crackers with turkey and avocado i recommend >>coming up next prince harry is talking publicly about his relationship with his brother will
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
>>a belated birthday bash bush gladys knight turned 75 in may. but celebrated last night in l a. >>there was a big party she and her husband are where there. it happened late because she was on a world tour. the empress of soul has won 7 grammys she rose to stardom with the tips of course, the group opened for r and b legends in the 50's then headed to motown and crossed over to pop music. >>new england patriots quarterback cemetery sewn tom brady is defending his cameo in the netflix series living with yourself in a scene in the dark comedy. brady is seen walking out of a spot located in a strip mall. and he has a short conversation with the main character played by paul rudd some people are speculating the scene as a dig at his team's owner or. 2 in february was charged with soliciting prostitution at a strip mall day spa as part of a sex-trafficking cracked and in florida brady told the
9:55 pm
reporters recently that that scene has nothing to dwith the robert kraft is taken out of context was agreed to a year ago and was written for years ago also said was filmed using a green screen. he said he would never take a dig at his owner like that and he said the media has created a blame and shame culture. >>britain's prince harry is open up a little anyway about tensions with his older brother prince william, in an interview over the weekend, harry said the 2 are on different. he says they really don't see each other as much as they used to and as they've had good days and bad days as he put it. he added that he still loves his brother and we'll always be there for each other there have been months of tabloid speculation about a feud between their wives, harry's wife meghan and william's wife, kate reportedly do not exactly get along got to be tough. if your
9:56 pm
royal rent i i hope so because you are in the spotlight that for sure the tabloids in britain. >>go craze holidays or than the one especially with the american markle going over that they went there kron 4 news at night. >>our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at 10. >>catherine and grant and next 10 o'clock it is a clear sign that fire season is far from over crews spending most of the day today battling a fast-moving brush fire fueled by high winds and tender dry conditions. the good news tonight that local fire has been contained we're live at the scene we have the very latest close as pga considers another round of power shut off we talked to a bay area mother who says if she has no electricity. >>her son who has a rare lung condition may not get the help he needs it's a story you'll see only on kron 4 and a bay area nonprofit hit by thieves why the owner believes he was targeted don't go away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. there are those who will say that you're:
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(engines rev) the only thing better than horsepower... more horsepower. (engines rev) if we were for everyone, we'd be for no one. with dodge power dollars, more power means more cash allowance. purchase now and get $10 per horsepower. that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye. >>now a 10 strong winds fuel a
10:00 pm
wildfire in the east bay spreading in from 60 acres 250 acres in just a thanks for joining us. rs. attorney and i'm ken why and i'm pam moore that fire started earlier today near or would road in rural brentwood. >>well for santorum is live in redwood tonight, he joins us with the latest dan. >>maupin and can firefighters have been able to get a pretty good handle on this fire um but not before dozens of acres actually burned here today that combination of the weather and also those strong winds mean things could have been much worse. >>flames burning through dozens of acres of dry brush as fire crews work to control it. >>the fire breaking out in rural brentwood around 4 o'clock monday afternoon on the vegetation on drive during very hot very fast along with that we had today pushed it. >>real quick so it was already a 20 acres probably a >>to get control of the flames fire crews with the east contra costa


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