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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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spreading in from 60 acres 250 acres in just a thanks for joining us. rs. attorney and i'm ken why and i'm pam moore that fire started earlier today near or would road in rural brentwood. >>well for santorum is live in redwood tonight, he joins us with the latest dan. >>maupin and can firefighters have been able to get a pretty good handle on this fire um but not before dozens of acres actually burned here today that combination of the weather and also those strong winds mean things could have been much worse. >>flames burning through dozens of acres of dry brush as fire crews work to control it. >>the fire breaking out in rural brentwood around 4 o'clock monday afternoon on the vegetation on drive during very hot very fast along with that we had today pushed it. >>real quick so it was already a 20 acres probably a >>to get control of the flames fire crews with the east contra costa fire protection district began firing out a
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method used to push the fire together so that it will burn out this camp fire engines from getting stock in a swampy area. >>we use fire to put out the fire. fired out what was not hurt yet that's all coming together. >>humidity from the nightfall also helped fire crews in their battle. the fire did not threaten any homes or businesses. however, a marijuana grow was in the vicinity of the flames. >>were able get on a pretty quick and then control the way. >>well the bait hallion chief added that these kinds of fires are a good reminder of what time of year it is here in california. they say that people should be proactive they should be prepared. their main goal is that everybody is safe, especially during red flag warnings, reporting live in brentwood. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you dan. this just in tonight, authorities in morocco looking into whether a
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vape pen actually sparked a grass fire that spread dangerously close to homes earlier this month. police confirmed a crowd for a broken of 8 then was located at the scene the fast-moving fire started in the early morning hours of october the. the flames forced the evacuations of 150 families the fire spread to 40 acres before the crews managed to contain it. the gna shut off power in the area prior to the blaze because of the high fire danger. firefighters in contra costa county are getting some extra help to tackle wildfires. a task force arrived to the county today. >>that task force includes a bulldozer water tender and 4 engines. steve hill with the contra costa county fire protection district explained what the task force means for firefighters. >>these resources in the form of this task force. allow us the flexibility to get firefighters and their apparatus on the scene of small fires early it give us the best cmance possible keep this small fires small which
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is which is our will always our goal. >>meantime the city of oakland is also bracing for fire danger starting tomorrow crews will clean up a homeless encampment near a home depot that said east 8th street and alameda avenue the cleanup will include removing hazardous materials also some cars wooden structures, propane tanks and some garbage, the work is expected to take about 2 weeks that fire danger also means a chance for pg need to turn off power pga nice as today 201,000 customers could be affected by this second round of october shut offs. >>the utility says strong winds are expected to start at 5 o'clock in the was of 5 in the evening on wednesday in the sierra foothills and in the north bay and in san mateo county. the winds could pick up about 2 o'clock thursday morning. pg says it will notify customers at least 8 to 12 hours in advance. so a final decision will be made on wednesday morning and now to a
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story you'll see only on kron 4 the possible power outage may not affect as many customers as it did last time but. >>it could still have effect on families with special needs mother and santa rosa wants to know why there are not any community centers are shelters open 24 hours a day while the outage is happening. kron four's j r stone reports. >>good lord here we go again thank it's just chaos. >>danny bear lives in santa rosa and is referring to the power safety outages that could again happened this week. outages that would directly impact her 13 year-old son riley was a rare lung condition and requires this vest machine along with several other electric machines that require a plug-in not ready yet either this time on the lake only been a few weeks since other one and. >>2 weeks. you simply thought and. >>and the money to get a general area in so yeah mean.
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>>during the last power outage this online post asking for help for riley. quickly gained attention and reaction. hundreds of viewers responded in those that united rentals in santa rosa. let danny a generator when they lost electricity. she has since returned but here we go again. >>pg e's center should be open for as long as the power's off 24 7 tell comes back on for people is a very good. >>i think the bottom level should be done. >>that way riley could go there to properly do is treatments. >>what i do with my fast when i do in the morning and night. >>danny said she didn't think the outage what happened last time because they have been warned so many previous times about a shot off no action was ever taken. >>it kind got like that. yeah the boy who cried wolf kind of feeling we're just like i didn't real think was going to happen because they had won so many other times it is frustrating having their power turned off for high wind, having your son not feel it is
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treatments and sing hot air balloons fly. and you to buy a generator but that also cost a lot of money in takes and to save up money in this area is very expensive live in it's like living paycheck to paycheck you have a hard, i mean bells even sometimes so. >>now danny tells me she is very thankful over the many people who reached out during that first power outage willing to help she is hopeful that some of those people may be able to help with a generator during what could be a second power outage. in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 news. >>families in the saint helene area are also bracing for their power to be cut some people are preparing by loading up on water and on ice at the grocery store some residents say there's only so much preparation they can do for power outage. >>difficult to plan around especially when it comes to your living situation you have to go home and shower at the end of your work day you have to prepare your meals you have to sleep in it's hard to know if you're going want to do that in the dark or die.
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>>however, everybody we spoke with said that, although it is a major inconvenience. it is better than experiencing another wildfire. >>good evening, everyone. it was a beautiful day across the bay area today temperatures a little higher than what we saw yesterday and no fog inside it's taking a look outside over the golden gate bridge winds are looking pretty light right now and some places actually start temperatures. 14 degrees higher than yesterday like in santa rosa, fairfield star numbers up about 10 degrees compared to what we saw over the weekend as. overnight so why not see the media a shower peaks just after midnight and you won't need a telescope. binoculars to see that. overnight lows. it's going to be about 5 degrees higher in some places compared to what we saw a 24 hour hours ago. daytime highs
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tomorrow will be a little above normal in some places and higher than what we saw today, 87 in concord and santa rosa. we do have that. because of windy conditions and dry conditions and high temperatures. the south bay teens are apparently targeting a nonprofit bicycle shop in san jose, good rma bikes. it's off of a lincoln avenues says it was hit twice within one week losing items worth $5,000 for his taylor but sackey explains why the owner believes that this was a well thought out researched plan. >>the owner says that these rain and now within minutes and they knew exactly what they were looking for and how to get around the buildings locks. well, the owner says he later learned from the san jose police department hes called a bike says the most recent victim a string of the 30 bike shop burglaries in the bay area.
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>>good karma vikes in a san jose nonprofits and repairs and resells bikes in the bay area for each bikes sold. they donate one to someone in need ceo and founder jim gardner says donations will now be more challenging after 2 recent break ins this thursday. >>and about 04:00am they climbed in through the roof of this entire building. and they got into the corridor. cameras caught everything the 2 guys are walking slowly taking their time. they walk right up to the exact spot where they were going to climb through. one person. hangs on to the building. bean claims in over the top. >>garner says the 2 thieves got away with good cause. 3 most expensive bikes. valued at a total around $5,000 once they drop down into our sweet are alarms motion.
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>>detector from found them and i got a call from our alarm company and i said yes please dispatch the police. but by then we saw from the video. that they were in our suite less than one minute once purchased. >>gardner says the bike revenue would have given back to its nonprofit services by providing by prepares free bikes to the homeless and more. if true the breaks my heart for these people because. >>they're in a hole. they're struggling and they're digging hole deeper just days before the bike burglary sees broke in and stole a computer. >>they also grabbed an empty cash drawer. >>garner says he's working with the san jose police department to get that surveillance video and share with the public so everyone will keep their eyes out now while he's a big believer in karma he says that he hopes whoever is responsible make better choices moving forward in san jose taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>in the north bay the marin
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county sheriff's department has identified the person who was found dead near china camp state park. they say 22 year-old cases vasquez velasquez from richmond died. his body was found friday morning the cause of death is still under investigation. ellen a candidate for mayor of san francisco is under fire tonight over a political ad. >>she put up half a dozen billboards around the city, but as kron 4 charles clifford reports one of them in particular is being condemned as racist. >>and offensive. >>the billboard in question is a long howard that show san francisco mare. >>a london breed apparently a leaning back reclining counting money smoking a cigar also nearby there is a man carrying away a child and also a thought bubble that appears to contain homeless people in it now in front of the billboard on monday a group of san francisco elected officials were here to condemn the billboard in asking that the company that owns the billboard take it down behind us. >>is a vile and reprehensible political ad. that is invoking racist. the sergeant is and
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sexes. what this actually this action of billboard means to me as an african american woman. i personally it's a very upsetting. >>now as for ellen's out she's apparently not backing down she is standing behind her billboard on her twitter feed. she has re posted several on news stories about the billboard on one she even went as far as to say that i believe london breed is a racist against 3 white men refused to debate. the truth will set up for vote allen for sf mare in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>today was the first day on the job for suzy loftus as san commission, she's running against 3 other candidates for the job district attorney ernie in november. the chen, nancy town. all are signed up
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they want to fill the district attorney's seat which was left vacant by george guess calm loftus talk with kron on's charles clifford about her plans as interim d a. it's really about what can this office do in partnership with the rest of the city. >>to build safetyband folks are concerned about everything from you property rime, i'm too car break ins ands to a rise in hate crimes in sexual-assault son. there's so much work that can be done from this office to to build a safe city and i'm just excited to get to work. >>loftus has gotten criticism from her other opponents, she was appointed by mayor london breed to fill the vacancy left by the departure of ga gas cone in what many thought would be a race that was incumbent free. as we near the november election the san francisco chronicle released a new. the race for district attorney ernie, right now chase abou dean has the most support at 21% has followed by suzy loftus at 18%. nancy town
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at 11d lead out at 10%. according to the poll 40% of the people are still undecided. >>in national tonight. president trump is calling on republicans to get together and get tougher rather agains a -moving impeachment inquiry. the president said his party needs to stick together better. boris sanchez reports. and the republic, they sing questions about the future of mick mulvaney during a cabinet meeting today, thank >>president trump declined to talk about his embattled acting chief of staff instead launching attacks on the house impeachment angry and making a false claim about house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff all they have a whistleblor course disappeared were. actually inormant maybe the informant was shift that could be shifty schiff. >>in my opinion is possibly ship trump also lamenting that
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democrats are more united than republicans i think lousy politicians. they don't have been romney in their midst. they stick together, you know to see them break off from trying to stick with his party by backing down from a controversial decision which resulted in bipartisan backlash that next year's g 7 summit of world leaders would take trump's property in doral florida they would have been great but the democrats one race even though would have done it free. then they say oh but you'll get promotion. you don't get more from ocean. any human being that ever lived. i think i can closed doors, growing doubts about whether trump will break off with his 3rd chief of staff in 3 years while aides say mick mulvaney got a show of support around of applause during a senior staff meeting today. sources
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say that trump believes his acting chief of staff is mishandling the white house's impeachment strategy thing trump increasingly agitated after spending the weekend indoors watching negative news veof last week's disastrous briefing. >>and which mulvaney acknowledged the president sought a quid pro quo with ukraine military aid for political favors one source close to mulvaney says that after 10 months on the job the former congressman is searching for an exit though he publicly denies it was i'm very happy working there that didn't that i have the perfect a press conference know of but again the facts are on our side. >>that was more sanchez reporting on the subject of the drought, golf course in florida president trump says he wishes he could have held the g 7 there. >>that would have been quote the best g 7 ever. >>house republicans tried but failed to date to censure the chairman of the intelligence committee congressman adage, adam schiff in the impeachment inquiry. the gop wanted to censure of the california
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democrat for his characterization of president trump's now infamous phone call with ukraine's president portrayed trump in the call as saying quote i want you to make up dirt on my political opponent. later shift at mit that he intended his comments as a pair already tonight, congressman schiff is hitting back at the republican lawmakers he tweeted quote it will be said of house republicans when they found they lacked the curve it is to confront the most dangerous and unethical president in american history. they consoled themselves by attacking those who did back here at home easy berkeley students got to hear from one of the most influential women in the country us supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg to as the university's featured guest in a lecture series hosted by the school of law. >>well 4 michelle kingston was there as justice ginsburg talked about her childhood. her education, her family and what she's most proud of. >>it was an incredible evening here at u c berkeley about
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tooth 1000 students filled the auditorium mining up hours before rbg took the stage. >>it's just supreme court associate justice ruth bader ginsburg. after beating cancer for time. >>times now at the age of 86 and is still doing planks and push-ups at the gym, she told the law students that life is about balance. >>i think it appreciate in that there is more to life than >>has been marty ginsburg after law school. >>money was for us. boy i ever dated. >>ginsburg was one of 9 women in her harvard law school class of 500 students, sh smiled when hearing that you see berkeley's law school is now about 60% women
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>>we're joined then it won't welcome. >>the bench. she was asked what piece of advice was most helpful to her and she said it came from her mother-in-law just minutes before her wedding helps. >>every now and then. word is fo be needed to know you know here and then bison have followed only in a marriage. of the 56 year. and also to this day in dealing with colleaguestudents here say it wasn't on. >>to see and to hear from gainesville. michelle kingston. >>coming up a last minute deal in an opioid case involving for pharmaceutical companies how much they agreed to pay
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and what the agreement could mean for future the only cases. >>plus why are gasoline prices so high i am california and will be a report blames the oil companies how governor newsome now wants the state to take action and next a fraud investigation in the central valley how police say oh this woma deal talk! my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. aaddiction. how juuline hooked kids and ignited an public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul.
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person's identity and then used it to buy a car from a dealership as casey tells there's a warning here for all of us because the woman apparently used some very convincing documents. >>he was a picture perfect transaction should perfect driver's license, i mean you name it was all their customer who looked great on paper in the market for luxury sedan. >>exercise to it's a view to full car. was in immaculate condition, a price. >>brandon gonzales says was fair for both his dealership and the client. >>what we wanted to do here was treat people like real people. so you come in you actually get treated like a real person we try to help you to get a car that is until a phone call last week put the brakes on gonzales has confidence in the next day we had the real person give us a call and say hey my the was stolen goods office says this woman's identity was a sham and she not only for them. he says she tricked the dmv and the bank where she got the car loan from we catch it like
10:24 pm
99.9 9, 9%, of the time. >>this lady was dialed with the real documents from new documents that you couldn't help some of paperwork from the dmv it was the blue my paper wealth, you know legit and lo behold it wasn't you proved auto center of lodi is now working with the lodi police department to track this suspected imposter doubt now poce are hoping you help identify this woman not to put her behind the wheel. >>but behind bars, small company is now reeling from the fraud. it's devastating for a small independent dealership to lose a car. >>it's devastating to the company is devastating to the people around us but hoping. at least get back what rightfully theirs. i haven't been sleeping very well obviously their number hopefully we'll get the car back shortly. >>and lodi. >>cain reseed. >>here at home a well known the role in san francisco is going away this building on market street between 6th and 7th features a painting of the
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face of the late bay area comedy icon robin williams. the building started coming down today. the demolition of the building is expected to be finished by the end of the week. >>of smoke starts to pour from a vacaville home while everybody is asleep, we'll explain how the family pet came to the rescue and earned the title man's best friend, next 10's of millions of dollars awarded in a settlement reached today in
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this settlement gives us hope. >>that will be able to make significant impact on the issues that we face we think we we made the first step and we set a pretty good benchmark i can imagine asking for last. if they're going to wait it's taking a wait that long to pay. >>a major step tonight in the nationwide fight against the opioid epidemic for companies decided to settle with 2 counties in ohio in order to avoid a trial over the crisis in the deal means million for some of those affected by that prices in the midwest. >>kron four's grant lotus is here in the studio to break down the settlement grant could be just the beginning can pan that's the general thinking talking about a billion dollar industry and hundreds of millions here are exchanging changing was supposed to be the first federal multidistrict litigation involving the opioid crisis but a deal was struck early this morning dismissing the trial. look at
10:29 pm
the company's name sear on the left side of your screen yet mckesson and cardinal health bergin they combined agreed to settle with 2 counties in ohio for million another company tebow will pay $20 million in some attorneys say this money isn't enough. resources from the parties that caused this problem. >>and they need to make it right and that's the benchmark that this set so as you've seen from both from our mitigation plan involves treatment involves. caring for the kids that have left been left behind miles. criminal justice issues that involves all kinds of things. >>and one major potential plaintiffs walgreens was left off the case. we realized the pharmacies should stand alone. and that's why will be snapping severed out. walgreens releasing this statement that reads in part we never sold opioid
10:30 pm
medications to pain clinics, internet pharmacies or the so-called pill mills that fueled the national opioid crisis. but the giant pharmacy may have to defend itself again in a different trial. today's settlement is the first case of more than 2700 plaintive communities across the us. >>back to you thank you grant this weekend is drug take back day there will be about a 150 locations around the bay area and across northern california where you can drop off your old and unwanted prescription drugs this time things will be different not only drugs but vaping and the cigarette products will be accepted. >>special agent chris nielsen talked with our kron on acres about what prompted this change. >>this is the first time that we're doing this and it is a public health emergency we want for those families that want to remove those items from house were happy to take them. we would just ask that you don't bring lithium batteries along with those
10:31 pm
because we can dispose of those so he removed the lithium battery or is it cannot be removed from device and you need to find another way to dispose of that. so we are taking battle these like kind of sandwiched inside. right. that's right. some of them you can remove some you can't depend device you are very >>why was it decided a measure imagine this is public health issue we've we've seen the numbers, 22 deaths so far. thousands of people ill because of vaping. why is it important to expand the drop-off. >>i think it's important because we're interested in finding any way that we can to make your household a little bit safer in. someone is using device want rid of are maybe a mother a father whose wants to you know remove that from the child whos whose vaping then we're happy to take these devices from. >>now is this the first time we're doing this type of take back. counties or cities of day done this type the second
10:32 pm
thing before. >>think this is i think the 18 time that we've done a says from national program. we do to a we do one in the spring when the fall need note that here this fall it happens of this particular week is a our red ribbon week which is a week we devote to remembering that a healthy and drug-free lifestyle, something we'd like to come out as an agency for the public this event falls during our week a red ribbon week so um yeah we've been doing it for a while this is a little bit different taking back devices in addition to all the other controlled prescription pharmaceutical drugs we about. >>opioids rising crisis we and today there was news that there was a settlements back an ohio. this is still very much a crisis that some you i can so many people so that's something no doubt you guys are taking back as well. >>absolutely are our number one priority is trying to
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trying to make a dent in overdose deaths that we're seeing a that are still staggering. >>this full interview ran on kron on and that's our 24 hour commercial free news, the streaming service. you can learn more about the types of drugs you can drop off and how you can participate in the red ribbon week what was mentioned in the interview by watching the full discussion on the kron on app you can download it tonight from the app store. >>governor gavin newsom is demanding an investigation into big oil companies as drivers here in california pay more for gas in drivers in most of the country. this is in response to report released today by california's energy commission. report concluded oil companies such as 76 chevron and shell oveharging california and falsely advertise premium gasoline compared to unbranded companies. governor newsom director the agency earlier this year to look into california's mystery surcharge sets outside of the states taxes and fees at gas pumps.
10:34 pm
today the governor also asked attorneys general javier becerra to open an investigation. >>well it might be hard to believe but for some ski season will begin this week. these are pictures of mount rose ski tahoe where snowmaking is under way the resort will open for scheme and for snow boarding this friday. the beautiful day. >>in the bay area today warm day to our temperatures are actually little higher than what we saw yesterday a san francisco anaheim, it's 76 degrees and as you can see it is looking very clear we don't see any for out there. we do have this type pressure that is building so that's why we have this warming trend that is under way and it's also going to bring us some windy conditions later in the week. but in the meantime right now it's looking a very light for us across the bay area. but it starts to come in wednesday morning from the north here those gusty conditions hit
10:35 pm
calistoga as you can see there 20 miles per hour. yes, in some areas a 50 to even 60 miles per hour. for our humidity percentages, very low there in napa 17% that's wednesday. afternoon and then like i said those got that will increase our temperatures are going to be warmer and above normal for this time of year. a fire were to break out it can spread rapidly that's why we have that fire weather watch on both wednesday and thursday as for daytime highs tomorrow, upper 70's in san francisco depending on where you live half and they were looking at a high 78 degrees. 80's for millbrae and burlingame. you are looking at 83 degrees mid 80's. back in ville tomorrow and in the north bay here center. was a.
10:36 pm
and he's so here's a look at our ended for cash. areas will see numbers in the up. he's there through for thursday thursday looks like the warmest day he we and then we see this cooling trend start to develop there over the weekend by sunday will be in the mid 70's fair monday, even lower with our daytime high temperatures. in southern california all evacuation orders have now been lifted from the pacific palisades fire this started in los angeles earlier today. >>the latest report says that fire burned about 40 acres. but it did not damage any structures, but scared a lot of people to people did get her. >>and the fire got very close dangerously close to homes even an elementary school as brittany harper tells us the threat sent parents rushing to that school to pick up their children. >>parents ran toward calvary
10:37 pm
christian elementary as they got word flames were coming closer to the school and the palisades. >>live in the pacific palisades in this was the one he's very enchanting neighborhoods right. but on days like this happens and you got to react. >>and this will send us an alert saying kids are safe or you pick them up now need to. by the school via text and email alerting parents their children were safe keeping shelter. calvary christian school says there's a huge responsibility and making sure the children are seat first and foremost an ever an emergency happens. i have a wonderful team. >>we serve an amazing god and uh give it to the lapd in the firefighters. they're they're really good at taking care of schools and so they're really good communicating with us. >>we were there on the fire lines were some residents had to be evacuated. and firefighters making water drops saving a number of homes. meanwhile down below. we're very grateful to the firefighters.
10:38 pm
>>they've just been impressive. learned about this morning for my wife when i was back at work and i came into town here to try to get to or could not but they did an excellent job. >>that was written hopper reporting a firefighter did suffer a minor injury and one local resident was taken to a hospital for trouble breathing from all the smoke. >>the driver charged a crash that killed 7 motorcyclists in new hampshire has now been indicted on 23 charges want to show you some police body cam video of officers arresting of the 21 year-old suspect now faces, new charges including 7 manslaughter charges. charges of driving while intoxicated and reckless conduct the driver previously pleaded not guilty to 7 negligent homicide charges and was under the influence of one or more drugs at the time according to police. the white house is looking for a new site to host next year's g 7 summit. after president trump and backed off his controversial plan to have
10:39 pm
it hosted at his own florida resort however the president still same something have a the summit at his property was a very good idea. >>brian todd reports. >>a little example tonight president trump defiant despite a surprising reversal deciding over the weekend not to host next year's g 7 summit at his doral golf resort. they would have been great but the democrats grace even would have done it free. and they say oh but you'll get promotion. you know i get more from ocean. and a human being that several trump's biographer say despite his bravado that around reversal has to sting for donald trump who's not used to admitting defeat or conceding to his adversaries even when he had to reverse himself in real estate deals in this case. >>he succumbed to pressure in a unique fashion for when he says that the democrats for in an uproar about this it wasn't
10:40 pm
just the democrats it was republicans as well and remarkably donald trump's stucked back. >>trump had been under enormous pressure for violating rules saying the .ppresident can't profit off government work or profit from foreign nationals who would have stated around the president sent that wouldn't been problem but i was willing to this free. and they want and would have been the greatest g 7. in his mind even one trump critic who's also an expert on government ethics still isn't giving trump up asked for reversing course on around. critics point out foreign dignitaries are still flocking to trump properties more than 110 officials from nearly 60 foreign governments have been spotted at trump hotels, golf courses and other properties since 2017. according to the new york times and a prominent watchdog group the concern is that they're there to influence the president or at least good stead thim even in conceding the darrelle defeat. the president was still promoting the resort.
10:41 pm
>>it's a beautiful place, it's new it's been totally rebuilt, it's everything. meeting rooms. >>trump biographer say the trump brand, especially darrelle might get a short-term boost with all the attention it's gotten in recent days. but they say the trump brand overall is in some trouble net operating income at the dir our resort plummeted between 2015 2017 according to the washington post. bloomberg has reported that the occupancy rate at trump tower in new york nose-dived in recent years and the brand could be in even more trouble going forward, i think. >>the damage long-term is going to be great thinking about having properties emblazoned with the name of a president is likely to be impeached. >>now as brian todd reporting president trump is now saying camp david is a possible location for the g 7 summit next year, but is acting chief of staff is already criticizing that option of mick mulvaney says that camp
10:42 pm
david was quote way too small and a quote miserable place for that summit when it was held there in 2012. a vacaville family is without a home tonight, but they are thankful to be safe. thanks to their dog. >>the fire broke out just after midnight yesterday morning, this is cell phone video of the scene the fire burned on the outside of the family, 70 year-old son's bedroom. the fence, stephen melting part of the truck that is parked outside. parents say their 6 year-old lab. maggie kept barking to wake up the family. >>and she's she is part of our family and its we to know that she's got her back no matter what. >>the fire is still under investigation. firefighters say the smoke and fire damage is extensive. >>some fun pictures from the east bay, shows the concord police officer playing basketball young basketball enthusiast's the concord police department shared the pictures on his facebook page saying rada had just cleared a call when he was flagged down by a child who had a major
10:43 pm
life goal of playing basketball with a police officer and it happened. >>san jose earthquakes are getting a new rival northern california team that just strong up and is now part of major league soccer. >>and as far as the other undefeated team in the nfl flexes its muscle on monday
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>>and was that there is now a new major league soccer team in northern california today, the sacramento republic fc joined the league becoming an immediately new rival for the san jose earthquakes damage. >>as you'll see the announcement really excited. the fans the most doug johnson reports. >>republican less announcement may have had team executives and politicians on the main stage but up on the second level balcony that's where the real soccer fans the way. them being here for the official and was announcement was a long-awaited dream come true. years of speculation promise disappointment finally came to an end today. members of the tower bridge battalion fan groups say it was all worth the wait passed up.
10:47 pm
>>for nashville for austerity for cincinnati. i think i was back my mind it would it would happen. >>many of these fans been going to countless republica since the team's first at sacramento city college in 2014. >>been every single game. they say they'll continue to show up when the republic less for the 2022 season, heavy bass will bring a championship trophy home to sacramento or. >>probably going champion per share going win the caucus like we did for us all call first here first your champions. >>first your champion pretty optimistic 1000 jobs are reporting now that the republic is in the big leagues of need a bigger venue city leaders say construction for the new stadium is getting
10:48 pm
started very so this is what the stadium is supposed to look like when it's done they say it. >>has already gone through the planning and entitlement process, the leaders plan to get the venue ready by february of 2022. >>to finnerty making it easy access all your favorite entertainment. >>have a new soccer team in and now there's some more football talk about tonight american south football. it seems like there are a lot of years about this point the season will be looking ahead to next year for the 49 ers and how they could get better. yeah we don't have that. >>you know now it's like when the next game right going to see this team again now yesterday's game, not sure if watching that one on the dvr all right but it still counts towards right now the great teams constantly find a way to win and that rings true for the 49 ers latest performance overcoming the elements to remain undefeated wasn't pretty but hey it's a when the
10:49 pm
49 ers break from the rain mud cold to county 9 zip victory over the redskins. >>they improved to 6 continue the team's best start since 1990 3rd time that's happened in franchise history. in the top seed in the nfc. the top-rated niners offense didn't score a touchdown. 3 field goals was enough and the defense pitched a shutout their first in 3 years. >>there's a lot of weird little circumstances that made that game very tough and guys a chance to kind of let up and not have the same mentality that we have had for the 5 weeks prior and especially after a huge win the week before i was seen as a little. it's human nature just to ease up a little bit and our guys did offices so think it's as we got the right guys so it's almost every second. >>slice you know, let's do it so never be a star signing around everything was was like a little about a little kids out there. you know this is part of the game and have fun and you know right now we have a lot of fun. >>and the opportunity to go 7
10:50 pm
and o come sunday at levi's against the carolina panthers who have won 4 in aow. now switching over the raiders a day after aaron rodgers put up a historic county. the first perfect passer rating of his career. oakland, making changes to its secondary the raiders get jump on next week's trade deadline sending 2017 first-round quarterback. gary on conley to the houston texans oakland get a third-round pick in return the expectation is trayvon mullen will step in a corner. jon gruden says it's a hard call to make but tfront office taking the long view. >>but it does give us 3 third-round picks next year 5 picture early in the top 90 and is is an area that we wanted man we wanted to continue to add to our football team. we're excited about the possibilities next year in the draft that is hard start a trade an anybody we have young guys that we want they have an opportunity and that's decision we made. >>now to monday night football bill belichick and the pats. the new york jets as expected.
10:51 pm
not much of a contest 1st quarter tom brady, the pride of san mateo 26 yard strike to brady 31 of 45. 249 yards and that td the real story as it's been all season, new england's defense picked off sam darnold 4 times including this one by stephon gilmore, they forced 6 turnovers. given up less than 7 points a game this season. patriots role, 33 nothing there now 7 or no. the only other unbeaten team to lose 49 ers and finally we are less than 24 hours away from game, one of the fall classic the world series is upon us houston astro's washington nationals. what a season, it's been for both teams. the stros entered the playoffs as the heavy favorites behind it stacked lineup. sensational pitching staff loaded with isis just got past the yankees in 6 games in walk-off fashion. well, the nationals and the surprise of the postseason when the wild-card game went on to stun the dodgers a sweep the cardinals
10:52 pm
in the nlcs what pitching matchup tomorrow that's thrown scherzer against the untouchable gerrit cole. have yet to lose this postseason so runs maybe coming at a premium. the dodgers and the yankees will be watching on tv like will as well enjoy the fact that the dodgers are
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>>next news continues our 24 7
10:55 pm
streaming service called kron on on its commercial free he then standing by in the was at we're working on catherine. thank you, pam and ken coming up at 11 it is the pga any update. >>nobody wanted to hear a warning that there could be another round of power shut-offs later this week depending on weather epconditions. we're told that probably won't be as bad as outages earlier this month. that is not a lot of consolation to some people that's coming up at 11 back to you. >>thank you catherine make sure and download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage. as for daytime highs tomorrow, upper 70's in san francisco depending on where you live how they were looking at a high 78 degrees. 80's for millbrae and burlingame. and you are looking at 83 degrees mid 80's. in a vacaville
10:56 pm
tomorrow and in the north bay here center. and he's so here's a look at our ended for cash. areas will see numbers in the up. he's there through for thursday thursday looks like the warmest day of the week and then we see this cooling trend start to develop there over the weekend by sunday will be in need. mid 70's fair monday, even lower with our daytime high temperatures. >>this is picture taken north carolina high school is starting something positive it sparked an anti bullying campaign on campus. the teachers shows 2 seniors having lunch with freshman who had been picked on and was eating lunch alone, the upperclassmen say they learned about the situation on twitter and decided to help. >>both the next day. so we do
10:57 pm
day invite hear >>the story has gone viral. the teens appeared on several television shhws and social media hundreds of thousands people have read and share their story and good for them absolutely friends for life hopefully, yeah, yeah that stuff gets to have a good night everybody will see tomorrow. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
10:58 pm
addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets
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e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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narrator: in the criminal justice system sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. sex crimes? yeah. take a look at this. girl hanged herself from the bed. name's layla briggs. neighbor said she was generally a quiet, good tenant. looks like she killed herself. anything she didn't pierce? so much steel in her it must set odetectors. not to mention the burn marks. could be self-inflicted. we got reasons to believe this is anything other than a suicide? yeah. the robe was tied over her folded arms. well, that's not impossible. i mean, i'm no houdini, but how hard is that? wait a minute. the robe was open.


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