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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  October 22, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>>governor gavin newsom is demanding answers from big oil companies about why we're paying $0.30 more at the pump in other states all of details coming up in a live report. >>i'm james ftcher one day closer to that high fire danger day and as we're watching closely on the weather front and hospice for you to the forecastnow we're starting off hot spot free. it's a great time to get out there now getting a little busier and heavier on our bridges so check the bridges that's just getting. >>yeah, and you felt a probably stepping outside this morning to yeah. no jet carrying i'll be a hardly need the jacket this morning, our saving grace right now is the calm winds ahead of what will be a pickup in wind speeds come tomorrow and then that fire danger really kicks into gear as for today we remain
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calm, but we are hotter than yesterday crystal clear skies across the bay, your view from berkeley, this morning show just how clear the skies are clear route to the coastline. no fog whatsoever. no cloud cover whatsoever you'll enjoy abundant sunshine today. hopefully get yourself to a cool spot this afternoon as those daytime highs are scooting on upward 50's and 60's for current temperatures berkeley, one of our warmest spots at 66 right now well fairfield napa petaluma some of our cooler areas only in the 40's so pretty wide range of temperatures but all in all we are warmer than we were yesterday as i mentioned wind speeds are calm that's not going to stay that way tomorrow wind speeds will pick up and for the north bay peak gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour into tomorrow evening means highest a fire danger expected wednesday night and thursday today 70's and 80's for highs even a few 90's on the map which talk more about ahead. robin. >>all right, thank you john time to check in on the early morning, commuters they are out there heading into san
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francisco. so yes we have some busy air traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza mainly for the cash lanes but you notice that the fast track lanes will start to stack up off and on as well, but so far i don't have any bad news to report hot spot free no problems on the upper deck or downtown san francisco. so your drive time is under 15 minutes, we'll check more coming up james all right robin thank you very much. >>so our big story this morning of course the dry conditions the high fire danger that could be impacting the bay area and force another round of power shut off by pg we're looking at roughly 200,000 pg customers it could be impacted. and here's a map showing the areas that we see the highest risk for thursday, we're looking at high winds picking up in the a san mateo hills that's this area that you see color to end this map provided by pg by the way and then to the north of course we've got a lot of the wine country we're talking about napa and sonoma counties. the utility company says that if they do shut off power in places like sonoma. we could be getting maybe 8 to 12 hours advance notice. but that will
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be about it they're going make their final decision more likely by tomorrow morning carefully but this entire area here of napa and sonoma county and points to the north by the way daria are looking at some pretty high probability that could see their power cut off we'll have to see. >>let's continue our team coverage them of the possible blackouts kron four's will tran is live in sonoma county where the lights could go out well. >>the lights are on right now area, but no guarantee that they will remain on come wednesday into thursday night, the lights go out they could be out for as long as. >>today's so every at the end that fire area that james was talking about on pins and needles because the conditions are so dry. they are right to have another wildfire that we've seen of the past couple years low humidity, strong winds. dry terrain a disastrous recipe should a fire break out and despite being slammed a couple of weeks ago by many people
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including governor newsom for the rolling blackouts by pg me the agency says they are doing it again. james talked about it being 200,000 people. but the breakdown is about 2 and a half people business or home so we are talking roughly 5 800,000 people possibly without lights for up to 2 days a little bit smaller than what we saw 2 weeks ago when it was still 700,000 people. but nonetheless people are upset they really don't know how to plan their lives, including this person. difficult to plan around especially when it comes to your living situation you have to go home and. >>shower at the end of yo work day you have to prepare your meals you have to sleep in it's hard to know if you're going to be able to do that in the dark or die, you know it's it's it's hard to prepare for it. >>pg e is still trying to work out some of the areas we're talking approximately 16
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counties in california some counties have been added some counties removed, but they s they will try to notify all of us should there be a power outage in our. >>and that the potential power shut off could impact a 13 year-old boy from santa rosa who needs a machine to stay alive, yeah that boys a rare lung condition and during the last outage actually needed a generator to help them. stay alive and continue his treatment now his mother is calling on peach you need to help patients like his son with that kron four's share sown with the story. >>good lord here we go again thank it's just chaos. >>danny paired lives in santa rosa and is referring to the power safety outages that could again happened this week. outages that would directly impact her 13 year-old son riley was a rare lung condition and requires this vest machine along with several other electric machines that require a
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plug-in not ready yet either this time lake. >>it's only been a few weeks since other one and 2 weeks. the money to get a generator yet in. so yeah mean. >>during the last power outage this online post asking for help for riley. quickly gained attention and reaction. hundreds of viewers responded in those that united rentals in santa rosa. let danny a generator when they lost electricity. she has since returned it. but here we go again. >>pg e's center should be open for as long as the power's off 24 7 tell comes back on for people is a very good. >>i think the bottom level should be done. >>that way riley could go there to properly do is treatments. >>what i do with my fast when i do in the morning and night. >>danny said she didn't think the outage what happened last time because they had been warned so many previous times about a shot off. and no action was ever taken.
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>>it kind got like that. yeah the boy who cried wolf kind of feeling where just like a i didn't really think was going to happen because they had won so many other times it is frustrating having their power turned off for high wind, having your son not bill it is treatments and sing hot air balloons fly. and you to buy a generator but that also cost a lot of money in takes and to save up money and in this area is very expensive live in it's like living paycheck to paycheck you have a heart, i mean bells even sometimes so. >>now danny tells me she is very thankful over the many people who reached out during that first power outage willing to help she's hopeful that some of those people may be able to help with a generator during what could be a second power out. in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 news. >>thank you j r and make sure to download the kron on app in the app store are live streaming service provides 24 hours of commercial free news and we'll give you updates throughout the day on any possible power shut-offs in
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your neighborhood. >>in the east bay firefighters contained a 150 acre wildfire that broke out east of brentwood. here's some video of the fire going along or would road does was said around 4 o'clock. it was sparked yesterday afternoon 4 o'clock and then the warm dry conditions cause it to spread quickly to get control of the flames crew set other fires back fire so that the brush could burn itself out. >>news 5. >>fired out what was not yet that even were able get on a replay can then control >>the fire didn't threaten any homes or businesses but a big marijuana grow was in the area near that fire of 8. sparta while for that happened in morocco earlier this month, let's take a look at the video of that fire. as he came dangerously close to homes on october 10th. well police investigated and they found a broken the vape han in that
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area, the 150 families had to evacuate and run from the flames, the fire was contained to about 40 acres pg e had already shut off power in the area because of the high high fire danger at the time. >>firefighters in contra costa county are getting some extra help now in their effort to tackle wildfires. a task force including a bulldozer which you see there a water tender 4 engines are all on standby now. and steve hill with the contra costa county fire protection district explains what the task force means for firefighters. >>his resources in the form of this task force. allow us the flexibility to get firefighters and their apparatus on the scene of small fires early it give us the best chance possible keep the small fires small which is which is our will always our goal. >>yeah and happening today by the way the city of oakland is bracing for fire danger by cleaning out a homeless encampment is right near a home depot at the state street
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in alameda. crews are going to be removing hazardous materials like car and wooden structures propane tanks, a lot of trash said that they got to clear out. they say the work is expected to take probably a couple of weeks. >>kron 4 morning news thieves get away with thousands of dollars of items from bay area bicycle shop going hear from the owner. and us supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg visits, u c berkeley and shares some of her wisdom with law student. plus the latest on the impeachment inquiry into president trump has that house gets ready to question the former ambassador to ukraine. and temperatures today going to be even warmer than yesterday is under sunny and dry conditions tomorrow. >>winds are going to pick up so i'll eyes are on these fire weather watches. i'm talking your forecast ahead. >>and it's getting busier heading into san francisco, your backup continues to grow here at the bay bridge toll plaza so get on out
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>>we've got scorching hot weather and high fire danger on the way, but mount rose didn't get the memo. they're making snow and they're going to open they say for ski season this friday. i knew it. >>and to save that debt. all crappy snowboard all the one might get because i go out there and check it out this was incredible to me to see and understand we got hot weather on the way at work. >>already opening up early
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don't understand it doesn't make sense of my chance here to help the silence james lot shot was saying that up there it's going to be warm to lay it all this is going well you're saying going to saturate the ground certain the ground but still i mean open for going to be pretty warm during the but hey as long as you meet me that wet full that night they can meet the snow and then boom, even if it is warm during the day don't don't don't care about to board stop his the key bring the old well in the meantime, it's still a midsummer here the big guys. these today for a few >>he's going for >>in it. yeah we got some 90's in play today. we are going to be looking at clear skies all through the day, no fog whatsoever across the bay area as cfo is one of our spots that is fog free which is good news obviously for travelers today if your head now along
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the golden gate bridge or really any other route to work don't worry about low visibility. that's just not something you're going to be saying that's going to cause issue and well temperatures are pretty comfortable to under these clear skies. so really on all you've got a smooth start here tuesday morning winds remain calm. that's are saving grace today, we're still looking at high pressure building in. but it's yet to kick off the offshore flow though, as we make our way into tomorrow night and that is going to change winds are going to pick up most notably for the north bay peak wind gust tomorrow night leading into thursday, anywhere from 50 to 60 miles per hour for the north bay. well the east bay hills in the santa cruz mountains above 1000 feet could see peak wind gust to around 30 to 40 miles per hour as winds really start to pick up tomorrow that's we do have these advisories right now it's fire weather watches, you're likely to see this turning red on into tomorrow indicating fire weather warnings better known as red flag warnings for the north bay portions of the east bay and then the santa cruz mountains too and of course
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our southern california neighbors which actually had a couple wildfires yesterday even with are calm winds right now fire danger still high but only getting higher as we work our way into that 3rd recipe we're already dry and we're already hot. but now you add in those winds and that's what gets us potential power shut-offs going 70's for your daytime highs in san francisco as well as our other coastal areas. bonne terre you're definitely the cool spot. no doubt about that 68 degrees for your daytime high today will most of the bay area will be well into the 80's for temperatures redwood city up to 85 mountain view up to 85 as well for her eyes, south bay temperatures out of the low 80's of yesterday and into the mid 80's today. temperatures in the east bay, no more 70's out here we are oking at 80's all across the board even for berkeley oakland and richmond, which as you remember yesterday, we're still in the 70's making for a comfortable monday. now we're going to see though youngsville 87 for your high
5:17 am
wall sonoma on over to santa rosa petaluma and nevado all in the 90's for today's daytime highs only going to see more 90's come tomorrow and then especially thursday and friday are too hot to stays our 2 windiest days wednesday afternoon into evening. then come thursday, these are the days that we do have those fire weather watch is in effect for as for thursday daytime highs inland will be on average in the 90's and by the bay in the upper 80's even out towards the coast. some 80's. but by sunday and monday of next week we see really finally back into the 70's across the board with the exception being 60's at the coast. so average conditions are in sight around the corner in the meantime it's hot it's dry which will be comfortable in some cases but do be wary of that fire danger. robin. >>thank you jon i have not found any hot spots so it's a great time to commute get out there early you don't have to deal with any problems here to the richmond sandra fell westbound by the traffic, nice and light smooth and quiet 7 trouble free here into the
5:18 am
north bay. we have the bay bridge which is one of our busiest 80 west, stacking up in the cash lanes of fast track lanes starting the spill that just beyond 8.80 over crossing so this is a good trip into san francisco. on out there it's only 18 minutes off to fremont street looking at traffic tracker checking out the drive times around the bay area and they are off to a fantastic start so if you come in from the east shore freeway. no problems from the upper east shore. to the lower. shore 60 minutes heading west from crockett down to oakland wide open on west 24, leading up to the caldecott tunnel both macarthur and the nimitz trouble free to downtown highway for now that's picking up a little bit haven't seen any trouble spots. already at 17 minutes from one 60 out to 2.42 so that slowly on the rise. one oh one from the south bay to the peninsula. no accidents or stall so it's clear for now and an under 30 minutes to menlo park and then 6.80 looks good too hot spot free rolling south from highway 4 leaving pacheco too danville 60 minutes back to
5:19 am
you darya thank you robin. >>5 18 in the east berkeley students got to hear from one of the most influential women in the country us supreme court justice. ruth bader ginsburg. she was the featured guest in a lecture hosted by the u c berkeley school of law kron four's michelle kingston was there. >>it was an incredible evening here at u c berkeley about tooth 1000 students filled the auditorium mining up out hours before rbg took the stage. >>he's now at the age of 86 and is still doing planks and push-ups at the gym. she told the law students that life is about balance. >>i think it would appreciate in that there is more to life in law school. that it
5:20 am
>>after law school. >>money was for us. boy i ever dated. >>was one of 9 women in her harvard law school class of 500 students, she smiled when hearing that you see berkeley's law school is now about 60% women >>joined then at long let me know welcome. >>and tomorrow and on the bench. she was asked what piece of advice was most helpful to her and she said it came from her mother-in-law just minutes before her wedding helps. >>every now and then. a less word is fo be needed to know you know here and then bison have followed and only in a marriage. of the 56 year. and
5:21 am
also to this day in dealing with my colleagues students here say it wasn't on. >>to see and to hear from ginsburg. >>well to national headlines this morning bill taylor, the top us diplomat to ukraine will be questioned today by lawmakers as part e impeachment inquiry. house democrats are investigating allegations the president abused his power by pushing ukraine to probe the democrats in his political rivals president trump is now calling on more support from the gop. he wants republicans to get tough during this impeachment battle. just like he says the democrats are. >>but 2 things they have to vicious. >>yesterday house democrats stop the republican led effort to censor. representative adam schiff who is among those leading the impeachment investigation. those who wanted to censor. schiff says
5:22 am
that he is guilty of quote misleading conduct for exaggerating the phone call the president trump had with the president of ukraine. >>morning news, the explosive new star facility fire released chemicals into the air we have test results to see just how it impacted the air quality for people around there and the dog comes to the rescue for its family. when a fire starts in their home in the north bay. and a live look here if you're heading over the bay bridge. so is everybody else you thought you were the first one. ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash.
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loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. >>it is 5.24 on this tuesday morning winds calm righnow but let's take a look at where we're heading this next few days this is today at 01:00pm still pretty calm for the most part you will see some gusty conditions at times for some of our mountain peaks but nothing like what we're about to see tomorrow by 10:45am in the morning tomorrow conditions overall not too terribly windy just yet, but you are seeing slightly breezier conditions for the north bay tomorrow night winds really pick up this is by 09:30pm you see the offshore flow kicking on into gear in the north bay notice, the direction of those wind barbs bringing that hot dry air from our inland valleys out towards the coast. picking up even further get on into early thursday morning. that's we do have the concern as far as fire danger goes with fire weather watches taking effect tomorrow into thursday. >>robin all right, thank you
5:26 am
john off to a great start heading across the golden gate, your trip into and out of san francisco, trouble free on one oh one so it's a great time to go and use it before it starts to pick up. we're looking at 18 minutes novato to the tolls getting word of a stall on the bay bridge westbound mid span left lane blocked the atrium bridge crews on the way. it's not going help your drive coming in your already backed up along incline through the tolls and now it's just about back to the bottom of the started. >>thanks robin is 5.26 a dog in vacaville saved its family by waking them up when a fire started in their home. the fire broke out around midnight sunday morning and the dog sounded the alarm, barked loudly to wake everybody up in everybody getting and ok that fire turns out was burning right outside of a teenager's bedroom, the fence was destroyed it melted part of the truck that was parked outside too. the family says their dog maggie save their lives.
5:27 am
>>and she's she is part of our family and it's sweet to know that she's got her back. >>but there was a lot of smoke and fire damage to the home. >>well for eons paying so much of the gas. full that's gavin newsome our governor wants to know too. have more details coming up i
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>>it for you as we begin a warm up that we started yesterday, we'll get to the second any hot spots, no hot spots but a stall on the bay bridge and that's not helping the drive in so we'll check in on 80. >>hopefully get that clear pretty quick also asked for the weather still looking at what wednesday night be in our fire danger yet wednesday night into thursday those are the days right there that pg e crews are concerned about national weather service really anyone and that could be affected by a rapidly spreading fire are concerned about. why are we seeing those days when are already so hot and dry. well, the factor there is the winds that will be picking up tomorrow night leading into thursday, so as for right now, we're certainly hot. as daryn mentioned we warmed up yesterday we're going to even warmer today but winds really just not picking up yet so that their saving grace at least for today, golden gate bridge is crl clear you are not seeing any fog out there whatsoever not something you have to worry about as you're driving into
5:31 am
work. temperatures not even that chilly we're in the 50's and 60's across parts of the day like fremont in pittsburgh. each at 60 degrees look at berkeley right now you're at 67 degrees currently napa petaluma and santa rosa on the other side of the temperature scale the in the 40's currently we are calm right now winds pick up tomorrow into the evening and then last through thursday, very gusty at times and temperatures are going to be even warmer. we're already warmer than yesterday today, 87 degrees for your average inland high in a few 90's in play for the north bay this afternoon. i'm a really digging into the details of what to expect tomorrow and into thursday as fire danger increases have your forecast. robin. >>thank you john checking in on the bay bridge traffic now we have lots of it was already pretty slow coming in an oust all westbound there mid span blocking one lane. so that adding to all the slow traffic that you see here behind the pay gates, you're back to and to the bottom of the maze spilling over to the east shore freeway connector and then i just got word of a
5:32 am
crash. 80 west at 5th street on the skyway that's blocking the left lane. the off-ramp so not helping and that's why up to 23 minutes now off to fremont street. the rest of the bay area pretty quiet 6.80 looks great. no problems on the dumb barden and 11 minutes for a 5.80 west livermore to dublin james. >>and so one of the big stories. we're following this morning the high gas prices that we're seeing across the state fact so high that governor gavin newsome now is demanding an investigation into big oil companies now time we're always that. >>in the country, the prices are especially high always. area kron 4 sarah stinson is live in lafayette with more. hi sir. >>you'll notice some of the gas prices, definitely spot. but a gas station lafayette. because $4 and 89 and cents per gallon that's for premium gas. a lot of money most $5 per gallon but you will get a 10 and cent discount if you pay with cash. so that is
5:33 am
quite expensive and that is why gavin newsome our governor is wanting to launch an investigation into this. into these big oil companies california and spend up to $0.30 more per gallon at the pump than most other states. earlier this year governor newsome directed the energy commission to look into the mystery surcharge outside of the states taxes and fees at gas pumps in its report. the cdc concluded the charge could be traced to retail sales with companies like 76 chevron in show overcharging in california and possibly falsely advertising premium gasoline compared to unbranded companies newsome wrote a letter yesterday requesting that are turning general open investigation. take a look at your screen you can see it. the letter to sarah the governor wrote the mystery surcharge at. especially for cost conscious working families. if oil companies are
5:34 am
engaging in false advertising or price fixing the legal action should be taken to protect the public. now according to triple a these are the ad average gas prices per gallon here in the bay area take a look your screen, $4.26 in san francisco, $4.17 in oakland and $4.14 in san jose, a again these are just the ad averages. more expensive at the gas station where i'm at here in lafayette. oil companies have not responded to the energy commission's requests for informations will have to fall this see what they have to say, but for many people it's good to hear that our governor is looking into this since we are stressed paying for so much at the pump. i'm here looking to talk to people about expensive it is. a lot of people stopping at this gas station probably maybe because it is so expensive for now live in lafayette sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>in the fees are targeting and not profit bicycle shop in
5:35 am
san jose and the owner thinks the burglaries are targeted. good karma bikes of lincoln avenue they've been hit twice in a week, $5,000 worth of stuff was stolen. they're the most recent victims of a string of 30 bicycle shop burglaries that have happened around the bay area and this bike shop owner says it is sad to see people take from others in need. >>we saw from the that they were in our suite less than one minute. if true the breaks my heart for these people because they're in a hole. they're struggling and they're digging hole deeper. >>police are looking at surveillance video hoping to catch the fees. 5 35 in the north bay the marin county sheriff's office has identified the person was found dead near china camp state park. 22 year-old hey seuss vasquez velasquez from richmond was found dead his body found friday morning they're still investigating the cause of death.
5:36 am
>>in the east bay we are getting new information now on the new star facility fire in ockett that fire did not release unusually high levels of toxic substances into the air so some good news on that front real-time air quality measurements were done by contra costa's hazous materials specialist. the explosion and the fire happened last week and health officials say at le a local smoke affects were minimize due to the extreme heat of the fire. and the weather conditions as well. take back day there's going to be about a 150 locations in northern california where you can drop off your old or unwanted prescription drugs and time things are going little bit differently, not only drugs will they accept, but of a ping an e cigarette products as well. >>for more parents have flipped their pleas to guilty in the college admissions scandal. while full house actress lori loughlin and her husband are still pleading not guilty locklear and her husband mossimo are accused of
5:37 am
paying for $500,000 to a fake charity to get their 2 daughters accepted to usc falsely designating them as crew team recruits. her daughters are no longer enrolled at usc prosecutors charged more than 30 parents in this scandal back in march, including actress felicity huffman who as you know pleaded guilty and is right now in the east bay serving her prison time 2 weeks in dublin. coming up on it. >>another san francisco political race is heating up this election season. the controversial billboard. they'll see in parts of the city and how current city leaders are reacting to it. plus a san francisco building is set to be demolished and a mural the bay area comedian coming down with it. hundreds of people are back home after a fast moving wildfire forced evacuations. last southern california neighborhood. and the risk of wildfires
5:38 am
increasing here in the bay area come tomorrow as winds increase i'm talking what this means to the next couple of days ahead your forecast. >>a couple of trouble spots on the bay bridge. we have a stall westbound that span. (burke) at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. even a- (ernie) lost rubber duckie? (burke) you mean this one? (ernie) rubber duckie! (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. (grover) yoooooow! oh! what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover? (grover) cause an accident? maybe... (bert) how do you know all this stuff? (burke) just comes with experience. (all muppets) yup. ♪ we are farmers. ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. golden gate bridge just one of many areas that are. >>free of any fog this morning
5:41 am
for another morning, we're not looking at any impact visit to visibility as you're heading into work. and hey conditions are pretty comfortable 2 were in the 40's 50's 60's right now all depending on where pretty widespread of temperatures really for your morning hours bells for winds, we are nice and calm and we're going to stay pretty calm today, let's advance into tomorrow though, so this is at 11:00am tomorrow morning. you're going to start to notice winds picking up in the north bay but look at where we are heading into tomorrow evening by 09:45pm winds, regular the gusting well into the 20 mile per hour range for areas like sonoma in calistoga even higher come thursday morning, this is one peak fire danger is to be expected. as i've been talking about we do have this fire weather watches taking effect tomorrow afternoon for the north bay and tomorrow evening for the rest of the bay area. robin thank you john lots of heavy traffic heading into san francisco, your drive. >>i'm just shot up to a whopping 34 minutes there's a stall being cleared it's fan bridge crews are on scene working with that. plus we had
5:42 am
an accident on the skyway blocking the off-ramp at 5th, you're up to 34 minutes now you're back up already spilling into the maze so heavy from 5.80 heavy from the shore get out there early on that you know when these problems clear daria it's a lot it's 5.42. hundreds of residents in la are back in their homes after this fire. >>forced evacuations of the rich and famous a lot of stars live in this neighborhood where the flames broke out and they were fast moving this fire threatened a multimillion dollar homes planes and helicopters battled in a fire throughout the day. and they were able to stop it at 40 acres. los angeles fire department says no structures ended up being damaged by that fire. >>and how close it came though right. 5.42 right now let's take a look at. or yours if you're heading maybe to the south land grab a flight to anywhere from sfo. looks pretty clear out there so that's good news.
5:43 am
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>>and we are checking the forecast and see how things are going to get today as far as the heat goes they definitely warmer than yesterday was skies. but the good news about today as we are staying calm. so fire danger need when isaac could the. tomorrow is when the winds kick out how fast so that's why we're talking tomorrow and thursday as your
5:46 am
peak fire danger days just around the corner but as i mentioned today were calm, we're clear actually we're pretty mild this morning. this is a really nice morning to get outside if you need to run some errands before are up early anyways might as well enjoy the comfortable start. a san francisco just like the rest of the bay area free of any fog and actually pretty comfortable with temperatures in the 60's right now for san francisco as they also are up towards berkeley and some of our inland valleys. now conditions are nice and calm for now those offshore winds have yet to kick into gear just yet but as this high pressure further builds into the region. it is going to dry out some very high. dry and temperatures. in air masses from our inland valleys bring him on out to the coast today as i mentioned we're still sitting pretty good winds. calm today we start tomorrow com to its not until tomorrow afternoon we start to see conditions. getting windy for the north bay and then will be tomorrow evening for the rest of the bay area, why yellow is in place for so many parts of the bay as wind advisories
5:47 am
take effect tomorrow afternoon for the north bay and then as i mention tomorrow evening for the rest of the bay area that includes even portions the south bay in the east bay and then down into southern california right around l a as for today, calm winds still and temperatures warmer. so fire danger is definitely high but not as high as it is about to be 70's for your daytime highs out along the coastline. half moon bay in daly city in the upper 70's today wi be talking 80's for most of the bay area though that include some areas that were in the 70's yesterday like palo alto and up to foster city each now in the low 80's for your highs, mid 80's for the south bay. you are low 80's yesterday, san jose santa clara and milpitas 84 for today's highs, mid to upper 80's for the east bay temperatures yesterday in oakland berkeley and richmond. you remember 70's wasn't that all, but all that bad of a day today is definitely getting toastie though you want to crank up the ac if you do have it and if you don't find a cool spot this afternoon.
5:48 am
sonoma on over to santa rosa. petaluma down to nevado all in the 90's today and we're going to see even more 90's come tomorrow thursday and friday are 3 hottest days of the forecast wednesday night into thursday are windiest days and our peak fire danger days too. thursday itself being the hottest day with 90's on average inland upper 80's alongside the bay and mid 80's out towards the coast by sunday and monday of next week, there's relief just around the corner temperatures really cooling down fast taking us back to average is in the 60's and 70's that's a look at your forecast robin have we had any problem spots so far we have minor issues that are causing big backups like for the bay bridge, 80 west into san francisco. >>a stall being cleared at mid span accident on the sky away and that back up just continues to spill into the oakland maze now we're up to from 5 80 and the shore as well, but that's a high drive time because of both little issues coming in so get out
5:49 am
there early because you're already backed up on that you know those problems are out of your way heading to the richmond sandra fell bridge west bound 5.80 not bad. it often on and some of the cash lanes full 7 minutes to the north bay. >>late road work for oakland, 5 the east from 35th to edwards to see the heavy traffic looks like they have not picked up the cones yet so that's the counter commute directions, but still at a crawl as they slow for the work crews that are out there. concord southbound to 42 in concord avenue minor accident. look at your backup, it's spilling over to highway 4 and then highway forced pretty crowded through pittsburgh. point approaching conquered for up to 21 minutes now for one 60 out to 2.42 daria. >>thanks a lot and it's 5.49 a candidate for san francisco mayor is under fire over a political ad, allen's ill put up ahead, half a dozen billboards around the city and one of them is being condemned as racist and offensive kron four's charles clifford takes a look.
5:50 am
>>well here in san francisco mayoral candidate allen's hours put up about half dozen billboards around the city and one of them is being condemned as racist and offensive. another billboard in question is a long howard that show san francisco mayor, a london breed apart earlier, a leaning back reclining counting money smoking a cigar also nearby there is a man carrying away a child and also a thought bubble that appears to contain homeless people in it. now in front of the billboard on monday a group of san francisco elected officials were here to condemn the billboard in asking that the company that owns the billboard take it down behind us. >>is a vile and reprehensible political ad. that is invoking racist. the sergeant and sexes. what this actually this the detention of billboard means to me as an african american woman. i personally it's a very upsetting. >>now as for ellen's out she's apparently not backing down she is standing behind her billboard on her twitter feed.
5:51 am
she has re posted several on news stories about the billboard on one she even went as far as to say that i believe london breed is a racist against 3 white men refused to debate. the truth will set up for vote allen for sf mare in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>well a well known mural in san francisco is going away. this building on market street between 6th and 7th features a painting a bay area comedy icon robin williams face the building is now in the process of being taken down the demolition expected to be finished by the end of the week. and some san francisco interim district her niece, susan loftus so the first words from her this in fact today will be her second day on the job. she was the former prosecutor and president of the city's police commission. she was appointed by mayor london breed to fill the vacancy left by the departure of george gascon on loftus talk to kron 4 about plans as d a.
5:52 am
>>it's really about what can this office do in partnership with the rest of the city to build safety and and folks are concerned about everything from your property crime, i'm too car break ins ands to a rise in hate crimes in sexual-assault son. there's so much work that can be done from this office to to build a safe city and i'm just excited to get to work. >>loftus is running against 3 other candidates for the permanent job as da the other candidates. our chase of odin leaf doubt and nancy town. >>i do still ahead in the 6 o'clock hour a warning for parents new research says that there are toxic metals in baby there are toxic metals in baby food. have the details i see you found the snacks. mmm, delicious! i need this recipe. everyone thinks i made them, but it's actually d-con. what was that? judy? d-con. mice love it to death.
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air wick scented oils are infused... ...with essential oils that are 100% natural. to fill every corner with the fragrance of nature. air wick. >>back coming up on 06:00am now 5.55 skies still crystal clear across the bay from the eastay out towards san francisco in the golden gate bridge, no fog out there whatsoever temperatures actually pretty comfortable for those of you who may be venturing outside these next few minutes. we're in the 50's and 60's and really not a lot of wind to be talking about either. that's not what we're going to be talking about tomorrow the wind speeds picking up and picking up dramatically come tomorrow night. that's we're going to be seeing peak. wind gusts of up to 50 to 60 miles per hour for the north bay, the north bay also going to be seeing some of our driest conditions in some of our hottest of temperatures. that means that we will see high fire danger in all these areas and potential for power touch us back to you. all right, thank
5:56 am
you very much john star wars fans got their latest look at the last chapter the final chapter of the skywalker saga. >>final trailer for star wars, the rise of skywalker shows never before seen footage, we've got a clip of it here take a look. >>pretty cool the movie is the 9th and final episode of the skywalker story. >>that started with and again and did with lou and now with ray tickets went on sale last night apparently outsold avengers endgame in the first hour presale tickets. that's according to adam tickets. star wars, the rise of skywalker hits theaters on december 20 to have you but not yet you. >>jen york about you got to get on get in for jack gentlemen, wait a week and lot i can't believe away. i
5:57 am
killed. >>coming up the next hour another round of power shut off possible. for high fire danger areas will have the latest coming up in a live report. and why do you pay why we pay so much of the pop that's what governor gavin newsom wants to find out as he demands an investigation into big oil.
5:58 am
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>>tuesday i'm darya folsom and james fletcher tuesday one day closer to that very hot day with the high winds that were expecting by midweek we'll talk more about that with ryan and one day closer to friday. where i thought you >>80 a stall in a crash makes for a very slow commute into san francisco now its path on the bay bridge. yeah 60's and for berkeley right now 67 degrees very mild start to >>crystal clear out there too so no fog really no need to worry too much about the cold weather either couple of chilly spots in the north bay, though if you're heading up there, but definitely clear skies across the bay area temperatures showing a pretty wide


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