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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  October 22, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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least it's out of the way i'll talk about the residual delays quickly how warm up today. >>orman up already as we move into the afternoon it might be a little too warm for some yesterday we stuck with the 70's in areas like oakland and berkeley as you see below today, some of these areas will be in the 80's so yao warmer one than yesterday. unfortunately, that means for many of us without ac you're going want to find a cool spot to get to this afternoon police to cool off for a few minutes, i'm sure plenty of sunshine overhead. we've had no fog out there whatsoever fortunately for us today, not a whole lot of wind that's what saving us from peak fire danger today that all changes into tomorrow though now winds are going to pick up tomorrow afternoon and that means that the same time fire weather watches are going to take effect across the north bay tomorrow night winds could gust as high as 50 to 60 miles per hour in some of our nor bay hills. and that's why we do have those potential pg e power shut off as we do look at such strong winds paired with our existing dry and already hot conditions as for
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temperatures right now we are in the 50's and 60's a few areas on the chillier side like double and in napa which have been in the 40's through the morning, pittsburgh berkeley on over to san francisco and over towards timber on all 60's berkeley, hugh put our warm spot all morning long at 67 right now later today, it is going to be a toasty afternoon. but fortunately, a calm afternoon, upper 70's for san francisco's mission in financial districts, while oakland and san jose each in the mid 80's today, i've got a few 90's in your 4 zone forecast already this afternoon. aid even more on the way still to come. robin thank you john. >>over to the bay bridge where traffic is recovering our so it was 80 west right at the harrison fremont off-ramp a rep for you got to those exits and was blocking only one lane but there was a special alert in place it was canceled cleared off to city streets. looks a little bit better already on the suspension but through the tunnel the eastern
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span. >>behind the tolls you see that back up and it's heavy it even started backing up the car pool lanes again. they had completely panned out so you're holding at 37 minutes which is very high to make it into san francisco, but it's getting better want to cross the golden gate, not a problem just about 40 minutes novato to the toll plaza completely normal for this time of morning james, all right. thank you robin. >>back to our big story this morning which continues to be the fire threat that we have this week with dry conditions high winds picking up by mid week and that could spell another round of pga cut off. this is actually a map that p g's provided to illustrate where they think we're going to see these power cut off least where the risk is highest with about 200 a 1000 customers in jeopardy, some of them here along the peninsula along the san mateo hills that's that area colored in and then the vast majority of potentially in the north bay where winds are expected to pick up the wednesday night as we zoom in you'll see all these areas that have been color to uncover. points along one o one sonoma, the napa
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valley in fact we zoom in closer you'll see some of the cities that could potentially have power gone for up to maybe one or 2 days, we'll have to wait and see as for how much notice speech will give out this and about 8 to 12 hours advance notice, the final decision though won't come until tomorrow morning so we're going to keep abreast of the story and keep you updated daryn. >>yeah let's continue our team coverage other potential a power shut off scott four's will tran is live in sonoma county which could see the lights go out well. >>the lights are on right now, but the lights could go out fortunately business is normal for now become wednesday night into thursday, this bakery here called up basketball injury cafe, might be forced to turn to their generator and they said they're the only one in this particular area of downtown sonoma that has a generator but even then their workload will be cut severely because they would only be able to do certain things.
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let's see we get reaction from the manager carmen. can you come over he. what do you think pg e said they need to cut off power for everybody's safety because they don't want o you agree s. so we 2 years for now. >>i do agree because the if this score of safety. they can let me and do it because that it was really hard most periods where the fires and i kind like waited. i have you know sleep save a parking lot. it was horrible. >>it's yet so i remember i remember joe was a monday. were told to get out. >>right yeah right here we were like in my queen week id have the chance to. take anything my head. it was just the big bullies guys are like out. week, i'm relieved to just to the mountains. so it was just horrible. >>so she obviously is all for what pg e wants to do pg e says that they have a very
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fluid situation that some counties have been added some counties have been removed, but the bottom line is they will try to give a heads up and if your power is out best case scenario could be 48 hours could be even longer should there be damage to any of the wires and those areas that are considered very dangerous. back to you. >>and these potential power shut could impact a 13 year-old boy from santa rosa he needs machines to stay alive just one of a number of stories that are related to a health issues. the boy has a rare long condition and during the last out she needed a generator to help him continue his treatments and now his mother is calling on pg need to help patients like her son kron four's air stone has more. >>good lord here we go again like it's just. >>danny paired lives in santa rosa and is referring to the power safety outages that could again happened this week. outages that would directly impact her 13 year-old son riley was a rare
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lung condition and requires this vest machine along with several other electric machines that require a plug-in not ready yet either this time on the lake. >>it's only been a few weeks since other one and 2 weeks. w who cut in the money to get a generator yet. >>during the last power outage this online post asking for help for riley. quickly gained attention and reaction. hundreds of viewers responded in those that united rentals in santa rosa. let danny a generator when they lost electricity. she has since returned it. but here we go again. >>pg e's center should be open for as long as the power's off 24 7 until comes on for people is a very good. >>i think the bottom level should be done. >>that way riley could go there to properly do is treatments. >>what i do with my fast when i do in morning and night.
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>>danny said she didn't think the outage what happened last time because they have been warned so many previous times about a shot off no action was ever taken. >>it kind got like that. yeah the boy who cried wolf kind of feeling or just like a i didn't really think was going to happen because they had won so many other times it is frustrating having their power turned off for high wind, having your son not bill it is treatments and sing hot air balloons fly. and you to buy a generator but that also cost a lot of money in takes and to save up money in this area is very expensive live in it's like living paycheck to paycheck you have a heart, i mean bells even sometimes so. >>now danny tells me she is very thankful over the many people who reached out during that first power outage willing to help she's hopeful that some of those people may be able to help with a generator. during what could be a second power out. in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 news. >>all right and make sure to download the kron on app in the app store that's where we
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provide live, streaming service 24 hours a day commercial free and we'll get you the updates throughout the day on any possible power shut-offs in your neighborhood. >>and the big story this morning high gas prices. finally governor wants to do something about it get to the bottom of why in california and here the very do we pay the most launching investigation into big oil, the prices. >>here bad any time of year really kron 4 sarah. stinson fact out at a gas station this morning talking more about this. new investigation sarah. >>another gas station in lafayette, this one happens to be on the cheaper side the expensive gas stations. >>mystery surcharge on. prices take a look at this video from a gas station shows that
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earlier to see just so expensive it is this is exactly why governor gavin newsom is demanding an investigation into these big oil companies californian spend up to $0.30 more per gallon at the pump than most other states. earlier this year governor newsome directed to to the energy commission to look into the mystery surcharge outside the states taxes and fees in its report. the cdc concluded that cars could be traced to retail sales with companies like 76, chevron and shell overcharging in california and possibly falsifying advertising premium gasoline compared to those and branded companies news actually wrote a letter share a question that our california tourney general opens an your screen. the governor on wrote the mystery surcharge as of especially for cost conscious working families. oil companies are engaging in false advertising or price fixing and legal action should be taken. about talking to
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people in the streets here in lafayette. any explaining that they've recently been in other states seeing that gas is so much cheaper. one man said cost them. $5 to fill up his land cruiser. >>well because there seems to be a big disparity in gas here versus the other rest of the country i was in austin a couple weeks ago and gases probably 50% down there what it is here. >>everything is more expensive in the bay area but wire gas prices so much higher. take a look at your screen according to aaa these are the average gas prices per gallon here in the bay. according to these 3 cities. $4.26 in san francisco $4.17 in oakland and $4.14 in san jose. average is being average a bit cheaper than what you see on the street, especially here in the east bay now oil companies is big
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oil companies that the sec is looking into they haven't responded to the requests for informations love to see how they respond and if they have an answer us why we really do pay the most for now live in lafayette sarah stinson kron 4 news only maybe we had some fineries that were closer and we didn't have those large. >>shipment thanks scratch. your head. >>all right before we go to break i just want a quick update you on some breaking news this morning with former president jimmy carter back in the hospital. if you haven't heard he fell early this morning fractured his pelvis minor fracture. happened at his home in georgia. a spokesperson for the family says it's only a minor issue that the 95 year-old is good spirits and is actually looking forward to getting home and recovering. but this is his 3rd fall in recent months you may remember a few weeks ago he fell a bump his head had to get 14 stitches didn't slow him down though, so we'll see how quickly he can bounce back and recover from this. our we'll take a break it's 8.11. still ahead. came to the rescue of the
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family of it actually park got all out of the house is a fire broke out have more on th story out of e bay, very sweestory and also the us supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. she visited her plate and she shared some of her wisdom with the law students are a lot of them actually in attendance. and the latest on the impeachment inquiry into president trump as the house gets ready to question the former ambassador to ukraine we'll have more on that in a momen
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>>and the craziest mornings that the they're getting ready to open up ski season mount roses making snow and they say this friday. yeah, they'll be enough on the ground for to bring up the snowboard the i i can't mile board. >>fergie instances like this you want to get in on that, but on a week when we're looking at like 9 the forecast, this is crazy. but hey. >>they've got enough, snow hats off to him spring skiing i think thursday a lot of people, especially without a sea want to go up there roll around. i it's going to be a pretty hot to be so i you know we're talking 9 these guys from. a free that costco's around us 2 hours there's a that when the fridge section and the samples what about seriously do that i to stay cool because it is going to be
8:16 am
hot a lot of us without ac are going to look for something a little bit cooler to do maybe that will involve heading out towards the coast timber on it's going to be in the 80's today in a some s righ arounder so at's certainly warm enough, but it beats the 90's to your north up in novato and santa rosa today, see our heating up even as compared to yester let's start with the good stuff. this morning has been absolutely beautiful we've been mild we've been com skies have been crystal clear stepping outside the door has provided you know issues as headed out to work this tuesday morning now high pressure is building back in so we're going to stay just as clear and fog free on into the rest of the forecast ahead of us. but as this high builds back in conditions only going to get hotter and we're going to look at this offshore flow really starting to kick up. it's not going to be today. it's not even going to be early tomorrow, but tomorrow afternoon you're going to notice wind speeds starting to be on the rise up in the north bay first and then spreading on into the hills of the east bay and eventually even parts of the peninsula. all these
8:17 am
areas going to be susceptible to potential rapid spread of wildfire thus fire weather watches taking effect and likely to see red flag warnings in there too for the north bay we're going to see peak winds gusting anywhere from 50 to 60 miles per hour. and that is where the concern comes from on top of already existing hot dry conditions then for the east and south bay winds gusting anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. she certainly enough as for today we stay calm so out of the the peak fire around but we are still looking at dry conditions so be wary of that 70's for your highs out along the coast in san francisco slsewhere along the coast today while most of us are going to be in the 80's even warmer than yesterday for spots like redwood city in mountain view each up to 85 today, south bay temperatures rise from yesterday's low 80's to mid 80's today, campbell in los gatos each 85 for your highs 80's for the east bay replacing yesterday 70's, some places like berkeley oakland
8:18 am
and richmond. now with 80's and each of these areas. the north bay looking at not just a tease but also some 90's now sonoma santa rosa petaluma nevado as i mentioned at the start of your forecast all in the low 90's today. tomorrow just a little bit hotter, but the noticeable thing that's different about tomorrow. it's going to the fact that tomorrow afternoon those winds pick up for the north bay taking us through tomorrow evening into thursday, very windy conditions and very high fire danger on the same days. thursday, our hottest day with average inland highs in the low 90's upper 80's right along the bay and mid 80's all the way up towards the cot. by saturday you start to see signs of change and then into next week sunday and monday, it's back to the 60's and 70's. so there is an end to the heat and fire danger in sight. robin checking in on the san mateo bridge, your drive here out of hayward is still very very crowded. we're looking at the traffic here from the tolls. >>along the flat section continuing to the high rise and it's still stopping go with snow huge break so well
8:19 am
put it at 33 minutes that's a bit high, but that is normal for this time of morning. we're checking the bay bridge we've had about 2 crashes and a stall that traffic is recovering from nothing out there blocking right now, but there's a big backup spilling through the maze. all connectors slow the incline through the tunnel on the suspension as well so 17 minutes to make the drive off to fremont street we're checking in on 5.80 as you leave castro valley in a solid from to 38 along the great fun finally picking up before foot hill said and ramon so keep that in mind westbound looks good. but it's the eastbound commute that's how to crawl without anything blocking. 18 minutes for highway 24 leaving wannacry covert to oakland and the no problems for 8.80 out of san jose, it's only 16 minutes from 2.80 to 2.37 daria. >>thank you robin, a 19 in the east bay u c berkeley students got to hear from one of the most influential women in the country. us supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, she was a featured guest and a letter of the law school and conference michelle kingston
8:20 am
was there. >>as an ncredible evening here at u c berkeley about 2, 3, 10 studes filled the auditorium mining up out hours before rbg took the stage. times now at the age of 86 and is still doing planks and push-ups at the gym. >>she told the law students that life is about balance. >>i think it appreciate in that there is more to life in law school. >>after law school. >>money was for us. boy i ever dated. the care that i had a brain. >>ginsburg was one of 9 women in her harvard law school class of 500 students, she
8:21 am
smiled when hearing that you see berkeley's law school is now about 60% women >>with joined then at long let me know welcome. >>and tomorrow and on the bench. she was asked what piece of advice was most helpful to her and she said it came from her mother-in-law just minutes before her wedding helps. >>every now and then. word is fo be needed to know you know here and then bison have followed and only in a marriage. of the 56 year. and also to this day in dealing with my colleagues students here say it wasn't on >>to see and to hear from gainesville. >>town now to a national
8:22 am
headlines this morning. we have bill taylor, the top us diplomat in ukraine being questioned today by lawmakers as part of the impeachment inquiry. house democrats are investigating allegations that the president abused his power by pushing ukraine to probe his political rivals. president trump is now calling on more support from the gop he says he wants republicans to get tough during his impeachment battle in fact says he wants start acting more like democrats. >>but 2 things they have to vicious. >>he says he wants republicans to do more of the same yesterday house democrats stop the republican led effort to censor representative adam schiff who is among those leading the impeachment investigation. those behind the sensors say that he's guilty of misleading conduct for exaggerating the phone call between president trump and ukraine's president. >>it's a 22 still ahead on a couple morning news, the explosive fire the new star facility released chemicals into the air will have test results to see if it impacts acted the community. and
8:23 am
thieves get away with that thousands of dollars. bikes from a bay area shop and they're not the only one that was hit. welcome back 8.25 on
8:24 am
8:25 am
this tuesday morning. it's been a beautiful morning so far it's calm, it's mild. >>and it is crystal clear out there as you can see from the east bay looking above berkeley eventually out towards the coast. now this afternoon you're going to notice daytime highs warmer
8:26 am
than they were yesterday for a few spots in the north bay, we're back to the 90's now now tomorrow we're going to be looking at temperatures just as hot if not a little bit hotter. but most notably wind speeds will pick up tomorrow afternoon leading us into thursday with continued winds in our highest fire danger during that time. let's look ahead at winds, it's calm right now and it will stay calm today, but by tomorrow afternoon. you initially notice winds kicking up in the north bay and then spreading further south to some our strongest of winds will be in the mountains of the north bay gusting regularly into the 20 mile per hour range with peak gusts up to 50 to 60 miles per hour tomorrow night on into thursday. james our john thank you time now is a 26, let's head to the south bay where thieves are targeting a nonprofit bike shop in san jose and the owner says. >>it looks as though these burglars or not random. ironically the break-in happened good karma bikes. both lincoln avenue. it was hit twice in a week. not very good karma their $5,000 worth of items were stolen and they
8:27 am
are just the most recent victim in what appears to be a string of about 30 bike shop burglaries all around the bay area. the bike shop owner says it's sad to see people take from other people in need. we saw from the video. >>that they work in our suite less than one minute. if true the breaks my heart for these people because they're in a hole. they're struggling and they're digging hole deeper. >>yeah police now looking at surveillance video hoping to get a better picture of who these thieves are. we'll take a break in a 27 coming up fire crews contain a 150 acre fire in the east bay will tell you how they stop those flames from spreading. our 18-year-old
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>>and hopefully no that so many little issues in minor car ashes that traffic hasn't really ha,e a chance to recover not yet. okay okay. >>and yes, certainly warm and eventually windy and possibly power shut off as a result, yeah that's the toughest thing to talk about those power shut off service. >>for people to have to deal with especially when it does get as hot hot as it is these next couple of days. yesterday was warmed by all accounts but we're only getting hotter from here. >>daytime highs for some parts of the day going to be in the 90's today while most of us will still be in the 80's. a crystal clear obviously when you see the golden gate bridge
8:31 am
is clear is that as it is you know most of the rest of the bay area's probably following suit. a light breeze you can see there on the flag just blown around all the winds are going to be a lot lighter today compared to where they're about to be as offshore flow really kicks into gear come tomorrow night on into thursday, this is when we're going to see peak fire danger fire danger is going to rise along with those winds into tomorrow night. and us the fire weather watches that will take effect tomorrow afternoon for the north bay and then tomorrow night for some of the east bay hills as well as the santa cruz mountains on the peninsula. winds gusting as high 50 to 60 miles per hour for parts of the north bay that's why everyone's taking this so seriously we're already hot and dry and we're going to be that way again today it's been a mild start to the morning really the morning's been very co-operative a good chance to get outside right now enjoy a jogger just enjoy some of our cooler temperatures before it does get too hot out there. berkeley you're at 68 with pittsburgh at a comfortable 60 degrees currently now later on today daytime highs in san
8:32 am
francisco will be well into the 70's with mission financial districts in the upper 70's 80's for most other areas, i've got the details and are forecast still to come. robert. >>a little busy for you heading into san francisco traffic is still recovering from so many problems we had to cry ashes. there was a stall. i've noticed that the carpool lanes look a lot better they started backing up again alexis i think we have some action live on tv. a stall being cleared right now well, yeah, tow truck moving somewhat out of the way that was quick. thank goodness, it's out of the way. but it's just one more little thing to add to the problem, yeah, they're off to the parking lot now so we've had 2 stalls and 2 crashes give you all this heavy traffic which spills back through the maze but now it's under 15 minutes, traffic tracker at ok, it's showing you san francisco, your approach from north one oh 01:00am to about 18 minutes from brisbane to 80 2.80 is heavier up to 24 minutes from daly city to downtown san francisco darya james. thank
8:33 am
you robin, a 32 in the north bay, a dog in vacaville saved his family by waking everybody up and there was a fire yeah, right. >>best thing that dead kron four's ray kelly talk to the homeowners who are crediting their dog maggie was saving their lives. >>maggie is a lot of things sweet energetic playful but luckily, quiet is not want to vote. just after midnight sunday morning the 6 year-old black lab made herself heard so middle of the night and laying in bed sound asleep in maggie decides to start barking baggies owner says she tried to get the dog to settle down. but maggie kept at it went out to the hallway started pacing in barking out there. so i got up to see what the commotion was and notice. was glowing orange went in to see what was going on in. window was starting to crack from the heat of the fire just outside of her. her bedroom window, the parents 17 year-old daughter, 14 year-old son and maggie. all able to get out safely he can see where the fire burned up
8:34 am
outside the 17 year olds bedroom, the fence, even melting part of the truck parked outside it's a good thing. maggie was on her guard. the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it appears to have started outside the house and travel along the fence line getting up into the eves and then into the attic by passing the smoke detectors there was no sound in our house whatsoever. so we wouldn't of mount. in talking to the fire department they've seen things like this before where people have not been as lucky because ere is no indicator for the people inside the house until the fire breaches, the house. which would have been literally over my 70 year-old percent the smoke and fire damage is fairly extensive that many of the family's possessions are ruined, but they still have each other and they still have their family pet we're really proud of her and she's she is part of our family and it's sweet to know that she's got her back. it's a tale of survival as happy as the tail maggie wags maureen kelly kron 4 news.
8:35 am
>>an east bay firefighters have contained a 150 acre wildfire that broke outt of brentwood. here's video was burning along. road started around 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon with the dry. and windy weather we have well then it spread pretty quickly, but they got control of it by setting actually brush fire so it will burn itself out. >>use fire to put out the fire. fid out what was not yet that were able get on a replay command control >>the fire didn't end up a certain ing the homes or businesses or this big pot grow that is nearby. carter wildfire that happened iran earlier this month his video from the fire it came dangerously close to some homes on october 10th. and in the investigation police found a broken vape. in the area that's what they think may have started it the 150 families had to evacuate.
8:36 am
everybody got out ok the fire department moved in and put that out and about 40 acres and pg had already shut off how to that area because of the high fire risk. >>contra costa county are getting some extra help to tackle wildfires. check this out a new task force has been brought in including a bulldozer, their water tenders for engines and they're all on standby ready to jump into action and steve hill with the contra costa county fire protection district explains what having this task force at the disposal means for fighting fires. >>its resources in the form of this task force. allow us the flexibility to get firefighters and their apparatus on the scene of small fires early give us the best chance possible keep the small fires small which is which is our will always our goal. >>fact happening today, the city of oakland will be bracing for fire danger by clearing out a homeless encampment. it's right near the home depot there at east 8th street in alameda avenue.
8:37 am
crews are going to be removing hazardous materials are sought to trash there as you can see wooden structures propane tanks things that would not be safe should a fire break out. it will take a little while they think maybe a couple weeks to get all that work done. >>we have new information about the new star a fire that happened in crack at the fire did not release any unusually high levels of toxic substances into the air. that's what the investigation finds real time air quality management. our measurements were done by contra costa counties hazardous materials. they say the health officials say that local smoke was minimized because of the extreme heat and fire and weather conditions. this weekend is a a drug take back weekend. there's a day where you can surrender your drugs safely 150 locations in northern california you can drop off any old or unwanted prescription drugs. and you know they won't get anybody into trouble leach into the
8:38 am
soil or into the water wind up in the wrong hands. >>this they are doing things a little differently not only drugs. but also you can this time turn in vaping any cigarette products will be accepting those 2. >>we'll take a break at 8.37 state. morning news, a community coming together to help a young boy live out his dreams on the football field, we'll have inspiring story coming out. and another san francisco political race heating up this election season. the controversial billboard hanging in parts of the city now. now current city leaders are reacting also coming up next hundreds of people are back home after a fast-moving wildfire forced evacuations from million dollar homes. the latest that story in just a moment. there are those who will say that you're: too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected.
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what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. >>a 41 on this tuesday morning it's calm, it's clear and it's mild all in all it's been a really easy mornings to be out and about hopefully had a chance to enjoy it for gets a little hotter a if you're flying out from one of our air force is also your ideal morning to be doing so with not a cloud in the sky overhead. now tomorrow, not going to be so common been talking a lot today about how winds are going to be picking up tomorrow afternoon for the north bay and then for the rest of the bay area come tomorrow evening now for the north bay peak wind gust could be seen anywhere from 50 to 60 miles per hour. obviously this paired with are already hot and dry conditions. it's no good for fire danger and why people are taking this so seriously. we are going to be seeing gusts of wind in the east bay and south bay as high as 30 to 40 miles per hour.
8:42 am
daria thanks a lot. >>hundreds of residents in los angeles are back in their home side john they had a fire conditions and a fire and evacuated them yesterday you can see how hard they hit the fire from above there was enough dairy. fancy posh neighborhood you can see the size mansion's and how close the flames came people running there at the top of the screen. you can see as well. right back up against this property and it was hard to get because of that steepness of the terrain that's why the uso may helicopters and fired a. airplanes 40 acres was burned they were able to stop it at 40 acres and stop it from damaging. any of those homes. as we head to the break, let's take a live look outside at. >>san francisco international airport this morning full sunshine there should be any delays less or some other problem we'll be right back.
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8:45 am
>>45 in youth football players and coaches in new york came together to do a very special thing for a boy with cerebral palsy after years of watching from the sidelines. he finally got his chance to take to the field himself. jennifer logan reports. >>something wonderful happened on the football field to 11 year-old jackson weiss. saw jack put on helmet on and it said i heard the doubts that hot this wasn't really planned ahead of time and definitely brought a tear to my eye. overwhelmed, completely
8:46 am
overwhelmed. >>tanya and james weiss's son was born with cerebral palsy and aboa football fan. shores league opened its arms to jackson and its playbook in a rival linden hers up to the coach. >>from london her son explained what we wanted to do. and when do want to do it in great and had a play set for his kids and we are just running down the field and all the other. >>kids on the other team started diving and it why and trying to make players really help to make it jackson special day. i saw jacks just have a big smile are the crew outgoing crazy behind me. >>pins and needles for jackson's parents, you just want for them and it's a little scary will they have friends will people make fun of them several years ago jackson sister emma started e say no to the r word campaign the bayshore community signed on no more using the term return hearted instead embrace differences.
8:47 am
>>not a dry eye on the field. parents and players from both sides calling it the play of the year. no one even remember the final score. >>the future is very bright when we look at the generation coming up and what they're doing for each kid that has action needs jackson's football brothers jackson weis was. >>plus the coal mine. >>very and the fact that it was just impromptu that's great. ok johns here with us talking about the weather going forward if anybody does have football practice. >>come this week scrutiny toasty especially today tomorrow. >>at the snow one of those days you're to see in the afternoon going into morning yeah maybe adjust the school everyone can move total and easy about yeah, it's going to be hot today today at least com and that's the plus 2 today. tomorrow s when winds pick up and that means areas like the look observatory
8:48 am
other high elevations across the day will actually be under. some fire weather watches as fire danger increases along with those winds obviously it's beautiful clear skies today, there's a big plus about this forecast. it's been a super pleasant morning. this afternoon getting toastie and only getting hotter from here on out as high pressure continues to build in across the day. eventually the same high is going to contribute to some very strong offshore winds that are going to push and polls some very hot dry air from our inland valleys out towards the coast resulting in hot temperatures towards the coast. and of course those strong winds we've been talking about especially for the north bay where peak, wind gusts could top out around 50 to 60 miles per hour come tomorrow night on into thursday and then for the east and south bay peak wind gusts anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour existing dry and hot conditions paired with those winds is why we do have such high fire danger and potential for so many power outages for the north bay and then even for some down into the south
8:49 am
bay too. now as far as your temperatures go today we are going to be looking at 70's and 80's for daytime highs a few 90's mixed in there and even the 60's as a number in the 60's and mont era at 68 degrees today, 83 in burlingame millbrae and south san francisco, each 80 degrees. foster city will be 82 with woodside 86 today, south bay temperatures warmer than yesterday's from the low 80's yesterday to today's mid-eighties as for the east bay, it's solid a tease for you at least 3 of those calm winds and those clear skies but if you are in areas like oakland and berkeley where so many of us don't have the a c now might want to consider getting to a cool spot this afternoon. it's going to be noticeably warmer than yesterday. sonoma on over to santa rosa petaluma nevado each back into the 90's and it's not going to be the you see those 90's even more areas will be in the 90's come tomorrow thursday and friday are 3 hottest days of this forecast as for windiest days may unfortunately fall during
8:50 am
those same hottest of days wednesday, and thursday with thursday sing 90's inland, upper 80's by the bay in mid 80's by the coast. these are your peak fire danger days as for sunday and monday of next week there is relief in sight. highs return to the 60's and 70's. so we've got to get through the heat but then we see the return of some nicer fall conditions. robin thank you john we're off to the san mateo bridge checking in on 92 lives that real dark is like a dark cloud over the bridge. >>maybe it's a camera 33 minutes are usually it's much brighter 33 minutes to make it from the nimitz through the crowding that you see on the flat section and over to the peninsula. so no big trouble spot into foster city percent tail the usual crawl all with nothing extra in the way we don't have any hot spots. we've had some but they're all gone, including so many problems on the bay bridge this morning 2 crashes 2 stalls everything's out of the way but on the oakland side. you will still be stuck in a lot of heavy traffic from the maze all connectors are pretty small. it does get better west
8:51 am
of treasure island which was solid earlier this morning so it has improved, but it's going to take a little longer to completely that out about 2.80 up from san jose working your way into cupertino we've had so many problems in fact the backup on 2.80 has spilled over to 6.80 that's going to be slow southbound before the split and it just stays like this off and on all the way over to cupertino and into los altos hills so be prepared for that at 35 minutes from one oh one to 85. really quick peak at 5 80 and the nimitz both okay roughly 30 to34 minutes from to 38 to downtown oakland daria thanks a lot romney 51. >>and a candidate for mayor san francisco is coming under fire for what some say is racist and offensive. to depiction in a political ad of hers and there it is allen's out billboard, it's up at door street in san francisco and shows cartoon version of mayor breed, smoking with a stack of bills and homeless people lined up in a bubble and
8:52 am
there's also a man carrying a child away city leaders are denouncing the billboard. >>plus is a vile and reprehensible political ad. that is invoking racist. the sergeant and sexes. perspectives button of >>billboard means to me as an african american woman. i personally it's a very upsetting. >>zal is standing firm behind the billboard saying the truth will set san francisco free. >>in san francisco will be going away. the building on market street between 6th and 7th features a painting of the face of robin williams, the iconic comedian who passed away. demolition of that building apparently now underway. expected to be fully demolished by the end of the week. time now a 52 coming up at 9 o'clock a warning for
8:53 am
parents, new research says there are possibly toxic metals in some baby food, details on 20 to be on the lookout for.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>checking back in on the golden gate we're taking a look at your commute here from the north bay to san francisco and i saw all morning we haven't had and the big trouble spots are accidents here so 35 minutes that's quick from nevado to the tolls the bay bridge traffic recovering from problems everything's out of the way be
8:56 am
prepared for solid traffic from the bottom of the maze up the incline through the tunnel. >>star wars fans got their latest look now at the last chapter of the skywalker saga, the final trailer for star wars rise of skywalker showed some never before seen footage and actually aired at half-time during last night's monday night football game is a little bit. >>the movie the night and final installment of the skywalker story from this point on and the other star wars film will cover completely foreign ground we'll see where the adventure goes tickets went on sale last night for this movie and already outsold avengers endgame in the first hour a precinct it at every ticket sale so there you have it star wars the rise of skywalker comes out december 20th. >>a 56 said and still ahead
8:57 am
the next hour another round of path. come to the bay area because of high fire danger will tell you when and where in a live report. i do we have to pay so much of the pond here in the bay area that's what governor newsom wants to get to the bottom of. we'll tell you what he's doing about it. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new amican addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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>>area false and i'mames fletcher we've got lots to talk about today probably the power of possible power the biggest story we'll get to that in a second hoping the hot spots before we get to the weather. no hot spots. we've had a couple this morning. we've had so many problems on the bay bridge all check in on 82 crashes 2 stalls and it's struggling to recover so what makes >>and you may say. or for you a normal person for for 6. >>that's heading to work right now everybody is happy hour because you're going to sleep aid and this is true some cases it is already warming up right now is the time get out there and enjoy the day because it is going to be nicer than yesterday a warmer than yesterday. if you like a warmer than yeah nicer than yesterday. you look outside of


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