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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 1, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, the breaking news that we're following for you this morning, multiple people shot and arend a check out this video this is video from the scene near the spillway and you can see the police are out there. multiple agencies responded to the shooting there is police from pleasant hill. renda they came for one that creek chp and the contra costa county sheriff are all on scene investigating the contra costa county sheriff's office tweeted about this incident. it happened at around 11 o'clock last night. now in this video you can see a man there he is right there he's on us stretcher. he's being loaded onto an
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ambulance. you can see other people helping out who. other folks who appear to be injured. this is a map of where the shooting happened we're working to gather more information more details still coming into the newsroom this morning. we have a crew on the way to the scene and of course, we'll give you the latest in a live report as soon as we get there. well, thank you for joining us and waking up with us again on this friday morning of course you want to check in on the forecast because. those leggings that scar that jacket your college's jobs trouble here with the update john we're talking about the sleeves yes yeah do have some just and from know sleet to a little bit better. it takes me a while to get the and boots are just talking about those yeah, you know it is a rather chilly one robin, so it a side. >>and the jacket i'm in paris nicely with the jacket this morning you're ready eat a full winter cold. for your area for the north bay. we are
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definitely looking at some chilly temperatures to start. just as cold as yesterday for a few spots. this is a nice and different to you that i'm showing you this morning here look at sales first tower is crystal clear out they got the bay bridge back in the background too. it's clear it's calm and it is chilly back to those freeze warnings much like we saw yesterday and freeze warnings even more widespread than yesterday's you're seeing him in marine sonoma and napa counties at least portions of all these areas and a look at your temperatures it's easy to see why dublin in livermore bolt in the 30's right now oakland 1.43 eur that's cooler than yesterday while petaluma novato san anselmo napa santa rosa say holy enough airfield just to name a few spots also in the 30's this morning. so yeah, even cooler than yesterday for many of these areas oakland year the most noticeable difference down 9 degrees. napa down 7 degrees from 24 hours ago. so get the jackets on even if you are wearing sleeves on your dress this morning just get the
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jacket on and you'll be fine as you're getting outside 30's and 40's for your morning temperatures by the afternoon ahead we're talking 60's and 70's pretty similar data yesterday really i'm talking more in your forecast. still ahead back to robin all right, thank you john checking in on traffic. >>your friday morning commute off to a pretty good start it's very quiet and normally we don't have as many folks on the road on friday. so we'll see if that happens as we continue through the morning drive. right now, it's looking good no problems into san francisco. we're on the upper deck. smooth on the skyway so very easy 7 minutes for your drive in this is a 70 oh bridge westbound 92 it a little crowded, but it's not bad overall it's been a nice quiet commute into foster city and san mateo what's 5 80 to the richmond sandra fell wide open. delay free trouble free 8 min'tes for that trip to the north bay and then here's the golden gate, one oh one is looking good we've had no problems into are out of san francisco. so if you go ahead and leave now, we're looking at an easy 18 minutes novato to the tolls will check more
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coming up in just a bit. back to the breaking news story that we're following for you this morning, multiple people shot and a rent to check out this video this is from lucille way that's where the shooting happened or near lucille way you can see police just from multiple agencies around the bay area responding to the shooting. they came from pleasant hill are rendon walnut creek chp n the contra costa county sheriffs. now the contra costa county sheriff's office tweeted out. a tweet about this incident which happened at around 11 o'clock last night. this is video and you can see a man being taking away on a stretcher loaded on to an ambulance. this may be related to some sort of party. we still have more details coming in you can see other folks helping others. folks who were injured as well so we're working to gather more details for you. heading out to the scene right now we'll give you an update as soon as we receive on we'll have a live report coming up in just a bit so make sure you stay
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meanwhile pgd is being blamed for causing at least 5 i've bay area fires in the past week. now that's despite the round of power shut off to prevent the wildfires. kron four's psaki was at a news conference. we're paging defended the shut off take a listen. to preemptive power shut-offs by pg need this past week. >>and one point affecting nearly 1 million customers over the weekend despite the shut offs the california public utilities commission is now investigating. as a cause of at least 5 bay area fires over a one-week period. we asked to and president bill johnson about those incidents. >>how would you respond to these customers frustrated that we're still seeing these fires despite shut offs. >>we've shown here damage of over 300 instances of things that could have caused fires and major fires and you saw the pictures behind marcus he was talking. so in a wind event like we had that may have caused some of those fires you referenced i haven't
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seen the report said. really allocated that you could have a fire in any instance. so i think what we've done is we have mitigated and avoided. numerous the things that could have been catastrophic fire. >>on wednesday. contra costa fire officials said pg e power lines started the bethel island fire on sunday, here you see surveillance video of sparks shooting from its lines moments before the bethel island fire broke out that same day the fire department says pg e's equipment again malfunctioned sending sparks 200 yards into vegetation starting another fire in oakley despite this information from fire officials pg any avoided taking any sort of responsibility on thursday for us you know the main thing is. >>we did because any fires within for these people we've been burned out any houses the kincade fire still under investigation. i got the pg e is also under investigation for 2 lafayette fires over the weekend where a tennis club
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was destroyed. >>and of course there's the kincade fire that's still burning nearly 78,000 acres. so far it's destroyed 349 structures, including homes pge filed a report last week where the utility said there was a broken jumper on a transmission tower. >>near kincaid wrote in burned mount in the same location where the fire began. it says the affected transmission tower was not the energized as part of the power shut off we looked at everything we fixed everything on a priority basis needed fixing we have a very aggressive vegetation management. well behind me on the regulatory requirements. >>and i really don't think the items you mention are causing these psps of this. >>now he's uni filed incident reports for all 5 of those fires. press conference on thursday pg knee also said that these firep are in just a bay area problem but a california problem as a whole they put a lot of the blame on the climate in san francisco taylor sackey kron 4 news. the law many. >>looking forward to getting a
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reimbursement for pg needs power shut off residents and one senior living community near the can k fire. they say they're not getting anything kron four's dan thorn has more from calistoga. >>sandy says aereo is thankful the power is back on in her calistoga home, the 71 year-old lives in a senior living community that's been concerned with evacuation warnings because of the kincade fire raging in nearby sonoma county. but it's pga knees plan safety power shutoff that have really been a burden to says aereo and her elderly neighbors. >>i'm tired of living like this because at any time they can choose to turn off. and turns on. >>says aereo says her community has had to deal with outages for more than a week and she's lost hundreds of dollars worth of food because of its that's a lot for many people but on a fixed income it becomes even more of a strain. >>to waste $300 worth of food. 2 to $300. that's a lot of money a lot of us. >>caving to pressure from
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governor gavin newsome pg any this week announced it would reimburse customers impacted by the october 9th public safety outage but residents of rancho de calistoga are sub metered meaning the reimbursement will likely go to the landlord residents argue they too should be getting some support from the utility. i don't understand. >>a lot but it needs to be hamill and. quite understand. we're supposed to do about >>john brady went to stay with a friend in napa during the outages but says she was concerned about her neighbors who are 90 plus years old, especially because of the colder temperatures at night. >>it doesn't really bother me that much to have to put up with emergencies because i'm prepared for them. so that being i don't really like what's happening. everybody also because they're not. >>both women say they are just fed up with the outages all together. >>i don't think i want to go through another power outage.
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push to my limit right now. i'm just now getting back to filling who i >>reporting in calistoga dan thorn kron 4 news. >>congress in containing the kincade fire in sonoma county. so the latest updates that we're getting in is that it's now 65% contained cal fire expects full containment by november 7th. and we have more numbers coming into the newsroom. the fire has burned over 77,000 acres. it has destroyed 349 structures so far 165 of those were homes about 1600 structures remain threatened this morning and there and he's a huge drop from the 90,000 that we saw before right. no deaths have been reported so far that's good. but for firefighters have been injured. want to take a little peek outside we're checking in on on the san mateo bridge. it is a little crowded already as expected. you know the commute
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starts early. you're on westbound 92, but the temperatures it's cold outside or lease cold by west coast standards right. it's 35 degrees right now in santa rosa 3rd 9 and napa 43 in oakland, 54 degrees right now at fremont and 41 and redwood city so grab that jacket grab that coat before you head out. john trimble has your full forecast coming up after the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, the time now for 13 happy friday today and thank you for waking up with us we appreciate the company we love the company we're not the only ones talking early john, you know, it's talk to people and i'm like what ending as watch. >>it always surprises me that people watch early yeah. so much, thank you, thank you, thank you they want to get the traffic. the weather. the latest news headlines. we have all of that for you saw, let's see how the weekend is shaping up we know it's cold. yeah, you like warming up a few degrees. you know what you we have to wait few hours. but the warming will begin camper era. >>that is definitely chilly out there though right >>back to those freeze warnings again and for similar spots as we saw them yesterday too. it is clear out there this morning we are actually seeing some improvement in the haze that we had yesterday your going to see a light breeze across parts of the bay area bowl today and tomorrow, this will help to mix up the lower atmosphere just a bit and that will also help air
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quality out just a touch too, 30's, 40's and 50's for your current temperatures across the bay area. temperatures pretty similar to yesterday, another wide if you're in berkeley alameda, san francisco, it's on the warmer side of things while livermore dublin on up into the north bay temperatures are definitely chillier. now put down at 34 degrees right now so north bay conditions cold enough for freeze warnings to again be in effect. intel at 09:00am same time frame as yesterday and for even more of sonoma county this time around so for these areas it is definitely one of those mornings that you want to step outside with that extra layer on officially in november now got to dress like it too. now winds are going to remain fairly calm for the north bay just enough wind as i mentioned to keep things stirred up out there so hopefully not going to see too much haze at least for most of the bay area today we are going to be looking at your daytime highs again pretty similar to yesterday for a few spots, especially our inland
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areas, a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday a few more mid 70's on the map today than we had yesterday when most of us were in the low 70's palo alto at 72 today while san jose 76 and clare at 75 east bay temperatures solid the in the 70's to pleasanton dublin snow leach at 74 today. temperatures in berkeley oakland moraga at 73. well upper 70's in sonoma at 77 1 of our closer spots to 80 degrees. not quite getting there anywhere in the bay today though, as we make our way into tomorrow and sunday you will notice temperatures a few degrees warmer yet. and don't forget this weekend's you've got to adjust those clocks at least saturday night as sunday morning vnry early we will be falling back an hour on into next week temperatures remain steady not a whole lot of change going on, and no major wind events in this forecast which is much welcome to news. rob we just have to start buying some new clothes retire. king about that this morning. >>time for the boots of the sweaters job. want to check
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the drive into san francisco. there's a minor weights in some of the cash lanes great trip coming crashes no trouble spots so it will be about 7 minutes for your average drive time off to fremont street. here's 92 to little dark out there this morning but we're checking out traffic on the right hand side that traffic leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. yes, it's a little cool. but it's not bad. only 14 minutes over to one oh one in san mateo here's the richmond sandra fell hot spot free couple of cars approaching the toll plaza 8 minutes to make your way into the north bay and the king in on traffic tracker and it's looking good. we had one major crash in west oakland that 80 south before broadway to leave west of toward the downtown area. it was blocking all lanes so that's gone out of the way traffic back at the limit so that's great news highway 4 looking good to contra costa county 6.80 smoove pacheco wannacry danville alamo, no troubles there. the minutes rolling
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south that's a good trip to its only 18 minutes to 38 out to 2.37 or maybe you're leaving the south they heading to the peninsula. it's wide open on north one oh one at just under 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park. well more than 7,000 people are evacuated from their homes in southern california. now this one is being called the maria fire it broke out just south of santa paula and ventura county last night we're looking at la a live picture. the fire that is raging right now this fire destroyed more than 4,000 acres and as 0% contained as of this morning as of right now as you can see from this live shot. i have this under control and doesn't look like they're even close mandatory evacuations are in place. we'll keep you updated throughout this broadcast. i think fire season in california right and it's only just begun fire crews are hoping that the winds start to die down so that they can get on top all the wildfires throughout the state. brad conway has more. the hillside
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fire erupted wednesday night. >>quickly destroying homes in the san bernardino area. >>it's devastating. we have our first christmas in. >>the fast-moving fire consumed several homes and businesses and san bernardino county according to officials. >>the speed of the fire underscoring the importance staying alert. it's just one of the many fires crews are battling in california. all across the state. crews are making headway as the winds died down slightly today. >>and they're hoping the red flag warnings that are scheduled to in tonight. actually will. >>you don't see the wind blowing real hard right now, at least where we're at but
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you go up on the side of the hill are up in the foothill areas. the winds are very erratic. >>california governor gavin newsome says the federal government is assisting and urges all residents to remain alert. i'm brett conway reporting. >>well to the south bay now a man is dead after a confrontation with officers the shooting happened thursday afternoon was right along the key road in san jose officers responding to report of a man with the gun. investigators say that at some point that man was shot. he later died at the hospital and so far no word on exactly what led up to the shooting. but no officers were injured. well in santa clara, the man is dead after police say that he threatened people at the valley transportation authority light rail station with knives and scissors. there's a photo of the scissors right there. these are pictures from the scene this was wednesday night as deputies were responding. and armed vta security officer engage with the suspect and fired shots and killing the man. others are just flying
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off the shelves as we can imagine right because of the recent power shut off. but now experts want buyers to know exactly how to use them and which ones to buy one of the most important things that you need to know is the wattage the wattage for what you're trying to pop. store owner says that the wrong wattage could simply run your electronic devices and also spark a fire. worst case scenario. the other fire. >>definitely do not bring inside your house and fired at police probably 20 feet from the building itself with the exhaust point away from the house. >>that's right so if you want to make sure that are power generators installed correctly. it's a good idea to have a professional there with you just help him come out to your house and help you with that installation that ways to be safe. there is now being blamed for a house fire. so this happened in public pa times that an el dorado county. one of the areas impacted by the power shut off the generator sparked a fire
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and destroyed the home and now it's not clear whether it's because of a malfunction or if it was a user error. and on the kron 4 morning news, the stage is set for the next phase of the impeachment inquiry. >>we'll have the latest on this coming up. and before we go a little peek outside and how about we read off some temperatures even tell you how cold it is out there right now some spots from the 30's like in the north bay novato at 39 degrees napa at 34. 43 degrees in open right now 54 in fremont so it's. for most of you waking up to grab something for your arms before you head out. we'll have your full forecast we'll have the hollywood minute also coming up after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 news suzanne. thank you for waking up with us it's time to check in on those entertainment headlines today and we're talking about dwayne johnson he's channeling danny devito. right in kevin hart, he's channeling danny glover it could only have happened in the world of german g rick damigella has that and more and this morning hollywood minute. >>here's a sneak peek at jumanji the next level the sequel to the 2017 hit jumanji welcome to the jungle reunites the cast. but does a bit of roles whopping with dwayne johnson and kevin hart, playing the jumanji game avatars of danny devito and
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danny glover it's game on for jumanji the next level on december 13th i the casting news, jeffrey wright teams up with batman director matt reeves announced via social media that right will play commissioner gordon in his upcoming film the batman the movie stars robert pattinson as the caped crusader and is scheduled to hit theaters in june of 2021. netflix has released a first look at its upcoming series. the witcher henry cavill plays monster 100 barrels of roe v a in a series based on the witcher books by andre, some cops key. the winter storms onto netflix december 20th in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. >>before we go a little peek outside and checking in on current conditions bay bridge traffic getting a little heavy a little busy. a great trip into san francisco will check more bridges and drive times and temperatures which are pretty low the way it's
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news and thanks for staying with us we're following breaking news out of a rented out where multiple people were shot last night. four's will tran has made it out to the scene will what's the latest. >>right now police officers have taken over this neighborhood this is off the lucille you can see right behind me, there's police yellow tape and up on the
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hill. that's where the party took place we see multiple police cars at that location. this is as close as we're allowed to get to for now let me show you video of the scene from what we are hearing this was a halloween party that began at around 10 45 last night, multiple shots fired we are hearing people being injured an unconfirmed reports at this time if anybody die, but we do know that we saw people being put into ambulances and rushed to the hospital at this last check and at last check we saw them alive, so we don't know of any fatalities at this particular point. we do know that they are still searching for people at this particular time and at that time, the party possibly had 100 people there were also hearing that possibly it was a halloween party. at an air bnb the right now we are waiting for the spokesman from the contra costa county sheriff's department to talk to us, but


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