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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 1, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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hill. that's where the party took place we see multiple police cars at that location. this is as close as we're allowed to get to for now let me show you video of the scene from what we are hearing this was a halloween party that began at around 10 45 last night, multiple shots fired we are hearing people being injured an unconfirmed reports at this time if anybody die, but we do know that we saw people being put into ambulances and rushed to the hospital at this last check and at last check we saw them alive, so we don't know of any fatalities at this particular point. we do know that they are still searching for people at this particular time and at that time, the party possibly had 100 people there were also hearing that possibly it was a halloween party. at an air bnb the right now we are waiting for the spokesman from the contra costa county sheriff's department to talk to us, but let me step out of the way let
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me just show you the scene it's right up on the hill as i mentioned robin there it is right there being taken over by many police officers are right that this is off of lucille and. spring road. there are the officers right there. and if they've been here for about 5 hours now i don't see any ambulances coming to the scene so that's good news as far as any possible injuries or fatalities at this point. but it looks like a it's a very narrow street hard to get to will try to get more information but again unconfirmed to reports at this time that possibly there could be fatalities. definitely people injured. but at the scene if you live in a written to you live in this neighborhood it's going to be very hard to get through because as you can calais early see police yellow tape at the scene back to all right. thank you all will check back with you a little later well reporting live from our end. now we want to check in on the forecast pretty chilly outside. >>right now we're just talking about how we have to start buying warmer club to get
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prepared for this weather because we're like dipping down into the spots this morning, you know we've seen plenty heat just the past yet. what a change yeah we are now working our way back to some freeze warnings hour. we're starting off in the north bay with temperatures in the 30's and even though you so loud. so it is calm, it is clear as you can see at the golden gate bridge. and it is chilly and that really is the biggest thing we're talking about kind of welcome talking about cold weather instead a winds though one of the reasons it is so cold is because we're seeing calmer conditions now often times on windy evening, she'll get all the air getting stirred up and that actually helps to keep things a bit warmer but an com evenings, the surface actually it's quite cold which is the case right now across much of the bay area. a freeze warning in effect for portions of marine sonoma and napa counties up in the north bay and one look at temperatures across the bay and it is easy to see why
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livermore in dublin, you are both in the 30's right now while you look out the north bay. and yeah, a lot of us in the 30's to fairfield at 35 degrees currently napa in petaluma each of 34 some of our coolest spots. right here so get those jackets ready to go stepping outside if yog thought yesterday morning was cool. today even cooler oakland down 9 degrees from 24 hours ago napa down 7 degrees. so frigid start to this day. after a frigid a lot of us are actually going to be a bit warmer this afternoon. daytime highs will rise into the mid 70's for many of our inland areas, staying with the 60's right along the coast. i'm talking the weekend ahead of us and what to expect all still ahead, robin. all right a pretty quiet commute on the roads for those of you getting out there early about to head to work, there's a minor weight. >>and some of the cash lanes off and on here at the bay bridge toll plaza, but it's been a great trip so 8 minutes to make it over to the fremont street exit, here's 92 little busy on both sides we have
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folks heading into and out of hayward westbound as the commute direction on the right side, but it's looking a little crowded, but not bad 13 minutes over 2, one o one. here's what i want to cross the golden gate for those of you commuting between the north bay and san francisco. all is well so far 18 minutes from the bottom to the tolls and the rich check in traffic tracker it does not include any major problems if you come from the east shore. it's only 14 minutes from crockett down to oakland. what's 24 is looking good as well wanted creek the caldecott over to the open side. no issues for 5 of the west from castro valley through san leandro or the net that's rolling north from to 38 to downtown oakland. we'll take a look at some more numbers and freeways coming up for you in a bit. fire fight for the can kate fire is now focused near the sonoma lake county line. firefighters say that their first priority. it's contacting the excuse me containing the fire as it burns on the eastern side of the lake dozens are out there working to clear brash and prevent the fire from spreading they also have
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helicopters that continue to do air drops putting water on those hot spots the fire is now less active. so that's good in crews are filling way more optimistic. just be >>frustrating being evacuated that we are working as hard as we can to get this incident contained. they can say for the community. >>well people in the town of middleton a put signs up all along the main roads in sonoma also lee county too thanking the first responders for their hard work for the past week. they say a simple thank you means a lot right. 10's of thousands of people are back home and trying to get you know back into the normal daily routine after leaving their homes last week kron four's maureen kelly talked to some folks in the lark feel we area who say they're just glad that their homes are still standing. >>you know there's nothing like sleeping all day frank woodward his roommates and pets are back in their home off wikia drive after being evacuated from here for several days there was concern
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that color field with area was in the past half of the fire as the winds shifted tuesday night. he says they were more prepared to leave then when they evacuated in 2017 because of the tubbs fire we had everything packed up and ready to go when we were evacuated. >>and the first responders were great. you know everybody everybody has been as helpful as they could be and i'm very appreciative for that. >>there's no place like home. pam mason is now back home to her rental she and her husband are still out of their house which burned down 2 years ago. but they say the house there 2 weeks away from moving back into did not burn this time. she says evacuating for a second time in 2 years brought back some bad memories. you have moments of having ptsd and then this did bring it back to us to bring. >>yeah it did and we packed everything we had into cars just because we didn't baby that's all we have. >>nicole husam helped move her 9 year-old back thursday their power's back on but not the gas she's had to fill her
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garbage can with everything that was in her fridge very much we're just happy to have a house her daughter kayla is happy to be home in time for halloween i get to do makeup and get my costume ready. >>and feel like you can you can get home. >>having a home to come back to after trick or treating with her family safe is the biggest read of all maureen kelly kron 40's. well to the north bay now a 21 year-old man is arrested in connection to his mother's death. vacaville police responded to real grande drive. after a woman called 911 screaming this happened thursday morning. they found a 59 year-old woman dead inside of that home with stab wounds. and is being introduced in san francisco to topple car break ins up ration tangled web is in full swing for the next 2 months during the holiday season. officers will talk or target residential hot spot and also shopping areas. >>we have a number of strategies that we will employ
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some of them tried and true some of them will be innovative in different. we know that there's a small amount of people that are very organized to commit these crimes and that's what we're going after. we want to make a difference. we want our city to be the safest city in this country and we're working toward that. >>well so far this year there's been over 20,000 car break ins in san francisco alone. last year there were 21,000. well on to national news now the stage is set for the next phase of the impeachment inquiry against president trump. but the new to a timeline the timeline is is still unknown karen caifa reports. >>vote opens a new phase in the impeachment inquiry and sets the stage for a more public phase. this vote was not about whether president trump should or should not be impeached rather how house democrats plan to proceed. >>the house takes the next step forward as we establish the procedures for ope hearings. >>house speaker nancy pelosi presided over the first house floor vote related to the
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impeachment inquiry which split largely along party lines. 2 democrats voted against it both from moderate districts i by the gop next november. no republicans voted in favor and there's a long list of things the american people deserve to have done that simply are not being addressed because the democrats. >>obsession with impeachment. let's hope the vote pits talk away from the probes legitimacy, a target of republicans over the last few weeks and they point the white house seized upon it. >>toward the substance of what witnesses bring to congress testimony the american public will now be able to hear firsthand the house intelligence committee will conduct those public hearings and the judiciary committee draft any articles of impeachment, it looks at the resolution says minority republicans may request witnesses any issue subpoenas with democratic approval. the timing of all of this still remains fluid. if the house concludes their business in votes to impeach a senate trial could stretch into 2020. close to democratic presidential primary voting partisan politics aside thursday's vote has significance congress has only gone down this road 3 times
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prior richard nixon resigned amid an impeachment inquiry in 1974, andrew johnson was impeached by the house in 1868 and bill clinton in 1998 folks were acquitted by the senate in washington. i'm karen caifa. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, one animal shelter is helping another after the can k 5 display several past. more on this story coming up. before we go a little peek outside we've been warning you it is cold and out there you're waking up to temperatures in the 30's and 40's jontre will scissors or freeze warning in place for some spots through the bay area. we'll tell you exactly where after the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, a time for 43. if you have not picked outside a crack that window open. it's called outside john you mentioned there is a freeze warning in place for some spots. >>yes freeze warning for a lot of the north bay today ok so even colder than yesterday, some areas and if you step outside chillier already cold out it was yeah so we are off to a cold start to this november morning. november already and yeah still make it out there clear skies across the bay area we are seeing clear calm and yes, chilly conditions for many of us east bay inland valleys in the north bay, our coldest spots.
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well if you're right alongside the bay. they're feeling temperatures at times assault 20 degrees warmer than some of our neighbors with the alameda berkeley and san francisco are warmest areas in the 50's well petaluma novato and napa all at 34 degrees right now likely to fall to or below freezing at points this morning mass freeze of freeze warnings in effect for those portion of miranda at sonoma and napa counties even more areas in these counties than what we saw yesterday and that should be no big surprises. temperatures are cooler. we are starting off the morning with some calm winds and that's part of the reason it is so cold petaluma and santa rosa 2 of our coldest spots off to a nice calm start this morning and will remain calm in the forecast ahead of us to daytime highs today after such a chilly start will be comfortable yet again if you got outside yesterday and enjoy the little bit of that sunshine and those 70's. we are going to see more of that today to start the weekend and we have more temperatures pretty similar the 2 these 2 on into the upcoming weekend ahead of us. so a great weekend much better than last
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to be making plans outside fremont 73 today pleasanton in dublin, each 74 for your highs. the east bay temperatures in berkeley orinda on over to moroccan all low 70's. well, upper 70's up in the north bay and sonoma and napa over to santa rosa, where temperatures inch closer to 80 degrees not quite getting there still though could see a couple of 80's in your forecast come the weekend but most of us will spend time in the 70's with a just meant to the clocks on saturday night as we fall back an hour on early sunday morning. it got to get those clocks adjusted at least before you head back to work on monday. robin. >>thank you jon i want to check in on traffic. take a peek at conditions around the bay area here is the bay bridge now. looking pretty didn't really stick, you're looking at an 8 minute trip from the bottom of the maze through the tolls across the upper deck and over to fremont street, here's 92 it's been busy since we started the
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broadcast, heading west at the commute direction. the tail light so folks are making their way to the peninsula and yes there's already a crowd. but it's not that overall it's a great trip at. minutes over to one oh one. she we usually get a later started doesn't back up as early as the bay bridge or the san mateo bridge. so you have time to get on out there, it's only 7 minutes to make your way across an over 2, one o one and picking a traffic tracker and these numbers look really good. we have 5 80 livermore to dublin that's heading west. so you're right on time. dublin to fremont south on 6.80 wide open. no issues for the limits are san leandro hayward fremont milpitas or leaving milpitas on to 37 west. it's looking good a quick trip. 6 minutes from 80 to one oh one and sunny, though. well to the north bay now north bay. some of which were evacuated in the contained fire. they're struggling to find space for all the pets and other animals that are in need of help. a santa cruz shelter is
4:47 am
answering their call for help kron four's ob fladeboe has more. >>it's not clear if she ate any small when her family was changed from their sonoma county home of the kincade fire. but turbo the tortoise is clearly enjoying the hospitality of the santa cruz county animal shelter says manager ben legal black. >>tortoise came down with his family who is staying in santa cruz with friends or family and they couldn't how's the the tortoise with them so we offered help with that. >>these pictures show some of the more than 95 cats dogs, rabbits and chickens, taken in by the rohnert park animal shelter. it reached out for help and santa cruz answered the call. arriving here last night for turbo that orders, a lovely parakeet named brett a beautiful young calico cat named scrappy and 12 other cats they had so many animals coming in that they needed this space. >>and. we were able to help them with that.
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>>and so 13 catch that had to give up their spots to fire rescue animals in rohnert park where they shipped to santa cruz where 13 other cats, all of whom are available for adoption had to give up their limited spock's all in the name of helping out in the fire recovery effort and we had to contact our foster homes and asked him to come in and help us. so we could help runner park or foster homes came in and took cats from our shelter into their homes created this space here the crush of evacuees and other pets here at the marine fairgrounds on sunday demonstrates the need the rohnert park shelter has taken in animals from the sonoma humane society which itself was threatened by the kincade fire. travolta toward us read the parakeet and many of the cash and other rescue animals will be reunited with their owners. but what's neededanow for people to adopt one of the animals that were already homeless before the fire struck. you know some of the animals that are. showing up
4:49 am
at shelters near the evacuation zone probably were straight. >>and they were pushed by the fire or by the activity. that's the reason that they got picked up and they're you know, they're looking for the adoption homes they don't run or park animal services or santa rosa. they're on the same boat. >>in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news and they're just so cute right. >>let's talk about football. the 49 ers the 49 ers undefeated streak continues are going pretty well so the team is now a to know after beating the arizona cardinals the game. i was one thanks to the arm of quarterback jimmy garoppolo he did a good job to meet he had. and touchdowns for jimmy g last night. the to about 3. but the niners offense got a first down.
4:50 am
>>to file the final 2 minutes to seal that. >>all those 3rd downs at the end there they're all 3 big and so you know our job is offense when we get ball like that, but whatever 5 minutes or so left. and we keep the ball for us the game that's that's how you win football games. they played great today. >>he made a lot of plays in rhythm and made a lot schedule place. they got a great pass rush. this multi coverage is the mix up a lot of stuff going on that tension is slated to help again. as best game yet problems. >>all right so now it's time to get a little rest. miners get 11 days to rest before their next challenge. they're going to host their division rivals the seattle seahawks that's on monday november, 11. well the warriors will be without steph curry for tonight's home game against the san antonio spurs.
4:51 am
>>i was in the game against the phoenix suns and it looks so good he drives up to the real and then he falls down and defender then the falls are right on that left hand that was a big issue. scan on his injury and the warriors are waiting to hear back from the doctor says he would have to say about him needing surgery. it's a that recovering from a broken hand takes at least a few months. but at least we know that he's in good spirits, right. >>look at him he posted this instagram waving you smiling, he has his hand wrapped up. and did so with a caption that said showing appreciation. support that he's got he says he will be back yes we are wishing you well a quick recovery right get well and get on back in the game. so cute. oh my gosh. yeah they're
4:52 am
out having a good time. for we go we're going to take a little peek outside. checking in on current conditions around the bay area once again it is called. for some of you waking up this morning, there's a special freeze warning in place so we'll talk a little more about the forecast and what's in store for the weekend com
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>>coming up on 05:00am on this friday morning first day of november and it is definitely feeling like it. chilly temperatures as you are stepping outside to don't forget those jackets as you venture out there clear skies across the bay that includes over san francisco, no fog whatsoever at the coastline we're going to stay that way today, 40's and 50's for areas right along side the bay while inland valleys in the east bay in the north bay notably down into the 30's cool enough for the north bay that it's a back to freeze warnings until 09:00am for many of these areas so i hope those plants are covered, you will definitely want to be covering them in the evenings to come to as we remain pretty chilly. temperatures definitely cooler than yesterday to oakland down 11 degrees from what was already a chilly morning 24 hours ago, half moon bay in napa also cooler than the same time yesterday. >>rob all right. thank you sir, let's check in on the traffic usually fridays are pretty less hot spot pops up, but we normally don't have as many folks on the road on a friday because a lot of folks
4:56 am
taking off which is good so the drive into san francisco. there's a minor weight in your car, ashley and it's been a great trip so far at 11 minutes after fremont street 92 busy check out the traffic leading hayward it's already crowded it stays like that to the high rise a open up so 13 minutes 2, one o one. and here's one want to cross the golden gates moved out the limit with no problems into are out of san francisco. i've several people are shot in orinda at a halloween party. we have team coverage we have will tran on scene with the latest plus fiji. yes, it's blamed for at least. we'll have the reaction coming up. also after the break efforts to contain the can kade fire are improving. we'll have the latest numbers after the break. our 18-year-old
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was in an accident.
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5:00 am
four's will tran actually on scene for us here as we take a look at the location just south of 24. in the small community of orinda so let's go live now to the scene will you been there this morning what can you tell us. >>there is a heavy police presence you can see the yellow tape right behind me knickerbocker lane is right up the hill you can see those red lights over my right shoulder. that's where the shooting take 5 took place there are a multiple police officers controlling this area very difficult to get around let's get right to the video we have confirmed as you guys mentioned at the top of the newscast for people have been killed, we don't know of any al cy injured, but we do know that that's the latest into the kron 4 news room that we do know that this party started at around 10 45 last night apparently was held at air bnb location. all of a sudden shots ring


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