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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  November 8, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>>and we mentioned at the top of the newscast today marks one year since the devastating camp fire that inferno nearly wiped out the entire town of paradise which is in butte county. >>many people are on. 85 people who lost their lives during that campfire honoring them tonight and joining us now live is eric rucker who is that the paradise alliance church where many people are praying and paying tribute they seem to be gathering outside what's the emotional vibe. there tonight. >>and the grand good evening. obviously a lot more joyful than it was about a year ago we'll talk about that just just one second, but when got to give you a lay of the land were in the courtyard outside of the alliance to church here in paradise. the ceremony is supposed to begin in just a
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few minutes, so you already have upwards of a 1000 people inside the church grounds waiting but for the last i would say a couple of hours they've been on this score yardy eating free food from this food truck a very amazing service there. and this is just the end of what has been a very long day with many different events earlier today they were able to get 85 flags representing each person who passed away in the camp fire in line and along skyway nice skyway is a very major thoroughfare, the leads into the town of paradise. it was one of the places that was extremely packed and dangerous people were trying to flee about a year ago the other things they've been doing today include taking key change from people's homes that he's that were left behind and then taking those keys in creating art out of it and obviously they have the commencement of going on a little bit later on this evening, but you talked about the emotion, let's go ahead and roll that video and take you back to one year ago. and what it was all like i can tell you that myself and my photographer were up here in the afternoon and that was about 7 or 8 hours after the fire started very early on that thursday morning a year
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ago. and there were flames are still everywhere people were panicking. those who are unable to leave those who passed away those who were just extremely confused and for about a day and a half the town literally burned down now flash forward to tonight. obviously the emotion is still there we're going to get very emotional when people give out what i imagine to be very poignant speeches as they honor those who lost lives and honor those to save lives. one year ago today, >>there to get the sense that people are going to rebuild, i know some have then hundreds more plan to in the coming year, but so many people move to chico and nearby communities. do you think they're going to a large number of them up fruit and go back to paradise and start over in. let's be on its face the risk of another wildfire has. >>so well but many absolutely will not and that is something that i talked to the mayor about just a couple months after the fire happened last year. she says listen it comes
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down to a person to person basis. whatever makes you feel comfortable. there was an administrator at a high school here couldn't take it they want to deal with that the wind died down into the valley outside of modesto the restart their lives, many people doing the same thing in fact as you mentioned are still an estimate came out not too long ago saying about 20,000 people from the paradise and surrounding area. now live in chico how many of them will come back probably not a whole lot. >>eric rucker reporting live for us tonight from the very somber ceremony, but nonetheless there's a bitter sweetness to it that all of those people are coming together to support one another even this one year later. >>also learning more about the heroism of first responders who moved quickly to save lives in the early hours of the fire come for sure took clifford listen to fire dispatch audio from the first day of that fire.
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>>early on the morning of november 8th, multiple fire crews were dispatched to investigate reports of a wildfire near the small town of pulled almost immediately it became clear the blaze could become a big problem. pushed by strong winds the fire spread rapidly westward responding fire crews struggled to reach the flames more evacuations were put in place. within hours the fire reached paradise, the roadways out of the area became clogged with cars as people fled the advancing wildfire. the fire moved so quickly that in several cases even firefighters couldn't escape it. it took the better part of
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the day before the majority of people were able to reach safety. some neighbors didn't make it. in the newsroom charles clifford kron 4 news. >>as we turn our attention now to the 4 zone forecast you see the fire video you a reminder really of how badly we need a significant rain storm drain yes, lawrence and none in the forecast right now. yeah. certainly something to worry about fire season is not over until we get a significant rainfall but. >>right now we don't see the real strong offshore wind events either maybe a little bit off shore. in the sunday, but nothing that would really send those fires raging across california. outside right now we are looking at some patchy
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fog around the bay area not too bad there in san francisco, but if you're headed out about it watch out see some of that patchy fog developing tonight and it's going to be dense in spots into early tomorrow morning. and then i think we're going to see a little more even pull through along the coastline and allow the temperatures they're going to cool their 50's maybe couple low 60's, but a little bit warmer than what we've had at least nice to see the sun and then you start to see more of a northerly component you see it there on sunday that is going to clear out your skies even near the beaches, so while much of the bay area's been looking at temperatures in the 70's even some 80's inland. the koestler has been freezing all week long with low to mid 50's. all right for tomorrow this hour looking way to keep you cool out toward the coast. but about 58 in the sunset 60 in san francisco, 54 and cooler pacific inside the bay you'll find a lot of 50's and 60's there, then warming up down the peninsula in the 60's and the 70's, the south a lot of 70's but a z, maybe some low 80's. the warmer spots well inland by tomorrow afternoon. if the idea similar pattern but looks like it will start to improve little more toward the coast specially on sunday. thanks lawrence
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national news now and more transcripts have been released in the impeachment investigating. >>shedding new light on one white house officials involved in meanwhile lawmakers and the president are now preparing for public hearing scheduled for next week. darryl forges gives us the latest. >>with public hearings in the impeachment investigation just days away. house democrats, releasing the transcripts from the depositions of key witnesses say white house ukraine expert lieutenant colonel alexander veneman says the hold on military aid to ukraine quote came from the chief of staff's office adding the reason was to ensure the assistance ally with the administration priorities acting chief of staff mick mulvaney so they'll to appear at a scheduled deposition on friday. we wanted to hear whether he made the decision to withhold the 8. >>or did the president order him to withhold the aide speaking from the white house last month little rainy confirmed shot froze nearly million and us 8 ukraine he
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said it was done in part to pressure the country into investigating democrats but he later tonight, admitting the quid pro quo the reality is that republicans are trying to pin this on mulvaney arguing that the president may not have been involved. i don't believe that but mulvaney could clarify the president's role mulvaney's lawyer says the white house directed his client, not to be there adding to a list of white house officials who defied subpoenas i don't want to get ready. president trump continues to deny any wrongdoing as he and lawmakers prepare for public hearings. next week. i'm for just reporting. >>pennsylvania senator is warning people about health care plans that are meant to sabotage the affordable care act to have more on the so-called health plan said how to spot them. >>and made lovers a new study says certain meats are linked to higher rates of a certain
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>>the new study suggests processed meats are linked to higher rates of color rectal cancer that according to the international journal of epidemiology researchers say people who ate 76 grams of red or processed meat per day had a 20% higher chance of developing colon cancer. the study tracked the diets of nearly half a million adults between the ages of 4069 over roughly 5 year period. more
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than 2600 of the study's participants developed colorectal cancer. the dungeness crab season in the bay area will have to wait another week this season was set to start next friday november 15th, but the california department of fish and wildlife delayed the start until the next friday november 22th. wildlife officials delayed it because they believe there's a higher risk this month of whales and sea turtles getting caught in nets and traps intended for crabs fishermen are also warned that the crab season could be delayed. even further if the crab show up with levels of demote acid that are deemed unacceptable demote casted can be harmful to people. >>i'm morgan right is washington coming up pennsylvania, senator bob casey is warning consumers beware of junk house plants all details ahead. and if you are streaming us on kron on on the news
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. >>well this is crazy if you got a surprising or alarming text message on wednesday, you're not alone. in fact more than. >>150,000 messages were sent on wednesday of this week that were originally intended to be said on valentine's day earlier this year the glitch affected all major carriers atnt sprint verizon t mobile. this may consumers sharing their experiences about receiving delayed messages on
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social media and the website reddit some people say they received text messages from ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriends that led to an awkward conversations, other people said they got messages from relatives or friends who have since passed away. some carriers blamed a 3rd party vendor others blamed a maintenance update. and that is that. for your health lawmakers are warning consumers to watch out for so-called junk health plan they say the plans could leave individuals and families and protected against extreme out of pocket health care costs. >>our washington correspondent morgan right has details. >>they want to do anything they can. to undermine the existing health care law. >>pennsylvania senator bob casey is warning consumers about what he calls the trump administration's attempt to undermine the affordable care act with junk health plans. >>a plan that you think is how it health care dot gov the
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federal government and it's something else. casey says in 2018 the trump administration removed regulations, preventing jump plans from being sold. >>connecticut senator chris murphy says the number of people in the us with adequate insurance is going down because of these plants you do a google search this morning for open enrollment and the first ad that comes up is for a company selling a health insurance plan, the cost $30 a month. let me tell you $30 a month doesn't get you any health insurance might give you coverage for a period of time. >>but doesn't have the protections like a protection for. >>the preexisting condition. republicans argue the short term or narrow coverage plans are a valuable option for consumers because many of the plans on health care dot gov cost too much. there's a concern about affordability that's what the trump administration has been trying to address louisiana republican senator bill cassidy says the administration is helping those that need these low cost options they've given states
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flexibility to craft affordable options for families that do not have subsidies open enrollment for the affordable care act last until december 15th, reporting in washington morgan right. >>for your money sears and kmart have announced new store closures and some bay area stores will be affected. the only local sears store on the list is the one on telly road in san jose. kmart the store on clayton road in concord and the store on made out boulevard in petaluma will close the stores are expected to shut their doors in february going out of business sales are expected to start in early december. after 10 years on the streets of los angeles i yale graduate is getting his life back on track. in september might remember this cnn share the story of shawn pleasants that story got the attention of a fellow yale a lot. >>dan simon now has the update. california's homeless
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crisis has touched people from all different backgrounds. >>but sean pleasants case is truly unique it's not someone else's problem. it's a problem we all could face the 52 year-old had been a high school valedictorian got a degree from yale worked on wall street and became the owner of his own business before it all fell apart any wind up homeless on the streets of l a koreatown our story seemed to hit a nerve. i started reading it in just 2 years, tim hershman could not sit still, especially after learning his encampment was mere miles away from her home, hollywood a tourney also a yale grad began to formulate a plan your lawyer, you're not a homeless advocate. why you decided to get involved with this. because i'm a human being how could i not i live in l a. >>someone who is a year behind me in school. >>so on a sunny september afternoon she headed to koreatown feeling an obligation to help someone she considers one of her own. >>you don't have to bring any
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foods you don't have to bring any toiletries test forward 20 days later. >>moving day as sean along with his partner david say goodbye to the streets after 10 years. >>on this day today we will leave the streets hopefully forever. >>tim arrange for them to stay in a guest house on a posh states. soon the have a place of their own with section 8 housing, she's an angel. you have air conditioning as all the comforts of life television internet it was that life isn't real because we get the of one's at some point. >>so it before than in and it's over. >>turns out it was just the beginning we're. but it's not all fairy tales. years on the street contributed to a powerful drug addiction. rehab is a must. kim is facilitating it's tantamount it's a term that my credibility and along the way they've been documenting the journey a global yet sean's goal to
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become a powerful voice to combat the homeless crisis and become worthy of his new lease on life. there are people watching the story saying this guy's been given another chance. and i sure hope it doesn't blow. i do too i'll i don't i'm sure i'm i don't adele for their sake that they don't lose their footing because though experience a little worse times that i thought i personally is there any chance. you wind up back on the streets i hope they'll not dan simon, cnn, los angeles. it is time to get ready for the weekend on this friday night if you're looking for something to do this weekend. we've got some ideas. >>maybe a little lies get a little jazz little blues, how about some new winter gear get ready to ski we'll talk abou
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>>as we recognize years since the camp fire of course firefighters and first responders are known as heroes and one elderly woman says her hero is her garbage man last year, 93 year-old margaret newsome was evacuated by dane cummings her garbage man cummings has sums garbage man for about 8 years now during the fire he helped her evacuate. >>they literally a scooter on the but the seagull are make sure she was up there foreigners issue and father, your side. >>and then this year during the pga any power outages
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cummings would call newsome to see if she needed anything from the store before coming to pick up her garbage because her food has spoiled cummings would also lee firewood for her since she had no heat newsome calls him a wonderful man and yes, he >>a world war 2 veteran. >>from oklahoma receives a long overdue honor here 95 year-old lewis shot left high school early to enlist in the marines that was in 1943, he was quickly drafted into world war 2. now nearly 80 years later schall is receiving his high school diploma. >>i i was going to a diploma. no idea is going it said to turn around people. >>as we approach veterans day i think it's important that our students understand the freedom doesn't come free. >>law passed in 2001 allow school districts to avoid veterans of world war 2 and korea. their diplomas show will also serve as grand marshal of the tulsa veterans day parade.
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>>we get ready now for the weekend. we've got some patchy fog that has made its way inside the bay you see some of that out there right now just begin to push into san francisco very patchy out there but going to be thick in spots don't want to ruin your plans though we've got a great weekend ahead. the weather is going to shape up to be very nice how about this union square all decorated they got the christmas tree up and you know what the ice skating rink is up there too. and you can actually go for free ice skating lessons if you want to do that you got to get there early the start of the 30 but you probably want to get the5e at about 8.15 to check in. they've got those free ice skating lessons from 8.30 to 9 30 in the morning. dress warm it will be cool about this this. no bomb ski and snowboard festival that is going to be in santa clara. they're going to have everything about seeing all the major brands are going to be there causing all k to you name it, it's goi-g to be a great event to a temperatures going to be very warm mid
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70's, not feeling about like too much light wintry weather. but certainly it is going to be a great time there dia de los muertos live jazz and blues festival that is going to be in oakland, starting at 5 o'clock tomorrow evening. so if you want to head out near some jazz. yeah, a plan on where warm clothes, it is going to be a little bit chilly and another ice skating rink opening up in walnut creek. pam, i know you like to move that triple south cows that'll be the event for you. ok thank you lord. >>i mean we have a nice evening, everybody.
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>> danger zone. >> you get out of your car to gas up, suddenly you're vulnerable. >> it happened to this college student. >> what you need to know so it doesn't happen to you. then, toxic emergency. >> ordinary household cleaning products and the deadly mix when they're combined. and battle of the billionaires. >> i know a con when i see one. >> little michael will fail. plus, the business woman who is using her fortune to bail this accused killer out of jail to get married. >> this is a person that i want to be with me for the rest of my life. >>


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