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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  November 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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answers, they know and searching for othe that they don't. it's here near the 13 hole at san francisco's lincoln park golf course we' golfers discoverea body about 2 20 saturday afternoon. nopolice are confirming the body is an infant i just think abouty own children and other children and sort of. >>that's a human life so for me it's. very this call for
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says his group was fst to e off saturday rning. and in fact spotted something near the 13th hole that didn't realize it was a baby that seemed like it had the slime and i've seen dogs mourned, so it seemedike it was a dog because the sign but. >>seen it knowing at it's a baby now i get i get what they just look liket was not a baby a big big big baby but. never seen anythg like it. >>security video fromhe clubhse is now being viewed by police in hopes it will shed more light on this casehich so far is being dubbed a suspicious death. now police are al saying they're concerned about the health and welfare of the mother they say anybody with information about this case should contact them. live at lincoln park golf course in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank police are looking for 4
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suspects connected with this a vicious beating of 3 seniors in san francisco chinatown as you can ll some of the attack was captured on video kron four's maureekelly has the latest on the investigation. >>the video posted on social media sho the attack underway near fort smith square saturday night one suspect iseen feeding at least 2 of the 3 male victims in the crowd as bystander scream of the seniors was apparently knocked unconscious supervisor, aaron peskin says he was briefed by the cap central station sunday. >>it started a cell phone robbery. that as he explained a number of senrs took the law into their own hands and ckled one of the perpetrators t which point the other perpetrator that you see in the video.hey want to beat on the folks ho are on top of his buddy in starkly randomly on other people.
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>>the 4 men were seen by witnesses helene eastbound in the dark colored suv the vehicle that has been says t description get away vehicle coect with an aggravated purse snatching outside the garden bakery. >>on jacon street friday night, so it appears that. the done at least 2 crimes, the beatings of 3 seniors ght outside of described as the living room, the highest concentration of the elderly in the city has community members shake it. police were seen in the square as part of a boosting up patrols at the me ti the grand daughter of an 88 year-old woman, the uncoscious in a visitation valley park back in january gaged in a silent vigil. r sign calling for no more vionce. friends spoke on her behalf. >>this is not as a side e-mail. supervisor custom says
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the victims in this case are 6367 68 years old. >>the goodews is they're all going to be ok. 2 of them were transported to san francisco general spital for observation and are now out of the hospital. the 3rd victim was treated and reased at the scene reporting from chinatown i maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>3 minutes sonoma unty were arrested after stealing from a busines in santa rosa the men were seen on camera walking around the propertyarly sunday morning. deputies responded in apparently interrupted 2 men who were loading electronics into a box truck. a 3rd an was found inside the business is fenced area that man was also a suspect from an assaul case it and deputies have been searching for him since saturday. the prperty is all 3 men were arrested. and many are still reactingafter last
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incident end of pleasant hill bart station today parts general manager issued a statement regarding the incident that statement includes an apology that was not accepted by the man o was cid for eating the sandwh he tells kron four' haaziq why. >>the sandwich eating the pleasant hil bart station platform that led to stephen foster being confrond by a bart police officer ultimately cited for a violation of conduct has prompted this statement which includes an apology for a bart general manager bob powers, which reads in part quote i've seen the video of the incident involving the to vote our platform our police response eating of the bay area is bad and there are multiple sides insighevery station saying as much, i'm disappointed how the siation unfolded. i apologize to mr. foster our riders employees and the public who have had emotional reaction to the video unquote.
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>>i'not going to they kind of tk the story i don't think anyones owed an apology. >>both the recipient of the citations stephen foster and by director des browne and take issue wi the general managers apology but for different reasonwhy do i want. i mean. >>i wanted to be displayed, i feel like if you don't the approach people and tt appeal to the word and maybe some me. opposition. >>its job by directed ever allen explains why she takes a differenview we have a code of conduct whebart. >>and every writer who enters through our system passes by the signs that have been no heating no smokingo drinking no loitering ion down the list. >>most people. we'll have respect for that ofcer and they will put it away they will throw it away. they will comply. unfortunately in this case that wasn't the case you pport the officers actions. i do suppor the officers
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actions,stephen foster says he has no regts in fact. >>hesays he would do it all over ain year if i'm hungry i'm going to be i don't care i don't care where onhat. >>here in all bar in pleasant hill has it made kron 4 news >>in national this could be a historic wk in washington dc as the impeachment inquiry into president trump goes public for the first time. >>3 state department officials are set to testify in a televised hearings starting wednesday. sunne malveaux has the details. >>in just 2 days, the house's impeachment inquiry is going public starting off wednesday with televised ttimonies from top diplomat to ukraine bill taylor and deputy assistant secreta of stat george kent on friday former us ambassador to ukrainmarie yovanovitch ll testify the high stakes hearings bringing me of the nearly 2,700 pages ofmpeachment testimony released so far to life
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higighting allegations president trump withheld military aid to ukraine for political gain. american people need to understand what the issues rd to get the facts. >>we need to bring them along. >>the president warning his republicanolleagues not to give an inch tweeting the july 25 phone call to the ukrainian president was perfect. republicans don't be led into the fools trap o saying it was not perfect. but is not impeachae. >>they shouldn't be anything they should be up between hearing the tweet coming after this defense from onehouse republican i believe that it is inappropriate. >>for a president to ask a foreign leader to investigat a political rival i do not believe it was impeachable. >>her gop trump allies already following the president's advice pviewing their strategy for peachment hearings. >>the quid pro quo in my judgment. is a red herring there's always contingencies on aid.
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>>democrats disagree, this is a very simple straightforward. the president broke the law. this is a very strong case of bribery as house investigators filln the schedule for the impeachment inquiry. >>republican congressman and house intel ranking member devin nunez also submitting a wish list of witnesses on behalf of the gop, including vice president joe biden's son hunter and the anonymous whistlebwer. >>so if they don't call the whistleblower in the house. ths thing is dead on arrival in the senate. >>house intelligence chairman adam schiff rejecting that requests saying the whistlebler will not be testifying, writing the inquirwill not serve as a vehicle to undertake the same sham investigations that e president pressed ukraine to conduct foris own political benefit. conspiracy theories of people have relevant information to this instigation of the president's conduct. of course we want to ar from us. >>and that was suzanne
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malveaux reporting we will be streaming the impeachment hearings from start to fish on kron on on this wednesday. you can download the kron on app rit now from the app store. let's take a liveook outside right now on this monday evening outside what a beutiful picture it is monday lawrence karnow here to tell us how the work week is shaping up. >>i knw what a nice start to the week lot of sunshine outside couple high clouds otherwise we're looking at some great conditions out there right nowind of a nice evening is wee settling in on what looks like another dry week ahead as high pressure holds on here along the west coast, a beautiful shot up toward the golden gate bridge right now does fog free but likely seek a patch of form a little b later on temperatures today. it w all the way up to 76 degrees 12 degrees above the average today in san francisco, 75 in oakland, 78 san jose de in livermore in concord and 81 degrees in santa rosa courtesy. a little offshore
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flow. we're going to see a coup batches of our reform along the coastline a few high clouds up above that we' goingo wake up tomorrow morning temratures going to be cool in the 40's in the 50's by noon we're up in the mid 70's and will you see a lot of 60's inside the bay and 1560's along the cstline with a mixture of sunshine and some clouds we see a few more clouds are rling across the skies by tomorrow afternoon temperatures going to be mild to warm ay from the coastline. 70'sven some upper 70's almost 80 degrees. inland. so ctainly some very nice weather ahead, looks like that is going to be a case inside the bay you'll find those temperatures very comfortably up in the 70's in many spots, upper 70's, inland up towrd the beaches pounds of 50's and some 60's guys back to you. >>police in the eastay are once again cracking down on site shows what they're doing this time to step up forcement plus the us supreme court t to take on the docket case tomorrow. we will he what t stake for 10s of thousands of dreamers and we take lk across the country as millions today on earth. us veterans.
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>today people acss the country honor those who fought and served and di for our nation by celebrating veterans day hundreds in sacramento coty made their way to the full some veterans day parade you can see veterans writing on the floats and waving and children took part in today's parade as well people in new york city paid their respects by heading out to the ty's one 100th annual veterans day parade and others in arlington virgin wash as vice
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president mike pence placed a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier at the national metery. as many across the country on our men and women in uniform, presidential candidates also took to sev events to pay homage to that's darryl forges has the story. a day of gratitude. >>a day to honor us veterans ross t country. >>oureterans risked everything for us. now it is ouruty to serve and protect them. every single day of our lives. >>the president speaking at a veterans day parade in new york. honoring those who gave service the uned states to ever >>veteran hereoday. >>and all acss our land. america's greatest living heroes. >>the president wasn't the only back. vice president mike pence laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arington national cemetery later givi remarks. >>and on thiday on behalf of your president. and a grateful nation. democratic
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presidential ndidates also stepped away from the campaign trail. >>to pay their respects well. merapi but a judge a veteran himself attended a ceremony in new hampshire. and one of the democric front runners, bernie sanders held a veteransnd seniors town hall in iowa. on veterans day and i want to. >>salute all of the men and women put their lives on the thank you very much. try. we all for the men and women who gaveheir all for the country for many it's all about unity in a country that's dided politically. i'm ford is reporting. >>and of course observances area, including at the e bay national cemetery in san mateo countyron 4 shelf clifford was fair. >>on this veterans day observance ceremony was held here at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno on monday morning. >>the presentation the colors was followed by performances by the ecb's >>and a local youth and the
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play provided all of the music for today's observance there waalso a wreath ceremony and multiple speakers including us representative jackiepear who spoke for a while and talked about the imptance of veterans day. >>so we reflect on veterans day for a very specl reason. that always reminds me of the quotation by george washington wn he said. with which our young people are likely to serven any war. no matter how jtified shall be directly proportional. proceed. the veterans. earlier wars were treated and appreciated >>and today's observance was well attended all the diffent branches of the military were represented perhaps in a sign of the times however there was only one gentleman here today who servedin world war 2. in san bruno charles clifford kron 4 news.
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>>and we are celebrating veterans day re at kron 4 we have been askg our ewers to send us photographs of who selves, their loved ones are veters, if you would like to see your picture on air you can post it on our faceok page. >>let's take a live look the weather as we show you the embarcadero in the bay bridge on a monday nigh >>kron four's chief meteorologist lawren karnow is here with the 4 zone forecast really was a beautiful there is a today it was ally nice compared to other parts of country this weather speck down the freeze in other parts of the country er basking in the sunshine and here we go again not tonight mosy clear skies couple high clouds up above and we're likely going to s a couple of patches of fog develop at lower levels near the other them after we are looking good up toward the goen gate bridge right now we're f free so far waiting for somthat fog to form a little bit later on. temperatures today, a ry niclot of 70's around the bay area see this ridge high prsure still holding on but starting a little what we call dirty and that means we' seeing a couple high clouds moving across the top of tha ridge owing it that is
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weakening somewhat anyway and think we'll see more clouds moving in or skies over the next few days so with that being in not a badevening outside we've got the seabreeze that is blowing now inthe san francisco, 8 miles per hour 2 miles per sevugan not much in the way ofind in the bottle petaluma 9 miles per hour to the northeast. and snowmen that's that offore wind and th was enough to warm the temperatures up around the bay areaoday still working on a nice evening. in faca san francisco downtown still 68 degrees. even warmer than san jose at 67 65in dublin 67 degrees in conquer right now 6 tonight in pittsburg 69 him 61 in about a 65 degrees in santa rose and 71 still a very mild the tonight we are going to see most clear skies patchy fog developing a little bit later on tomorrow is going make sure sunshine and a few clouds mild warm temperatures them, increasing clouds as we he towarthe middle of this week is this ridge of high pressure start to break down. you see those clouds begin to flow over the toof that ridge. tomorrow ain going to be
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rather hazy day around the bay area with some of the a high clouds moving overhead and then not much mixing down below so some those plumes kind building up outside with that being said not seeinguch in the way of rain in the forecast just yet but there's a sign that were started a transition now to more that's going to be more progressive and that means likely see at least a chance of showers as we get in these next couple weeks so here we overnight tonight we're going to see some patchy fog cau side, mostly clear skies elsewherebut then a fehigh clouds begin to move overhead. you see him right there as we head tough the day tomorrow and more that all wednesday probably gog to be a mostly cloudy on wednesday. as see more those cuds flowing through ornight lows going to be in the 40's and the 50's by day. yeah, one of those days where you've got the nice 70's inside the bay you'll e mid upper 70's, inland. 50's and 60's along the coastline next few days those temperatures coming down a few more cloudcoming our way realllooks like a best chance of rain probably not till next week. they and 6.45
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p genie is expected to loss. rse customers for thei >>the last months power shut-offs but what about the state of california. the possible paybackhe utility company may have to dish out also up next r sleep quality could have serious consequences for your health. >how researchers now say a lack of fleet may ju lead to heart disease. ♪
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♪ ♪ if you're livg with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat.
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>>well your help tonight as you know sleep is an essential body's ability to recharge and repair and so those who struggle to get a good night's slp could be at risk of some serious illnesses down the road meredith wood has more in tonight's health minute. >>if y suffer from insomnia you may be at risk for more than just being tired. according to study published in the journal neurology adults who have insomnia may be more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. researchers quiznearly half a million people in china on the symptoms insomnia couple falling asleep or staying asleep, waki up early in th morning and not be able to fall back asleep, trouble staying focused because of lack of sleep. 10 years later, researchers checked their cardiovascularealth. those that self reported on 3 symptoms ere found to be 22% moreiky to have coronary artery disease and 10% more likely to have a stroke compared tparticipants who didn't suffer from insomnia even those ithe study who reported only suffering from
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one of the 3 insomnia symoms, we're still more likely to suer from cardiovascular disease. doctors are uncertain as to the exact li but stressed getting enough rest is essential in t fight to stay healthy. for today's health minute, i'm meredith wood regard. students are putting down cigarette. >>at's in far of marijuana of those of the findings in a new udy, researchers looked at data from 2002 to 2016 to identify smoking trends. increase in popularity among 18 to year olds in college by nearly 8% by 2016 about 40% of young adults aitted to year. the udy did not the past specify how now tho students were consuming pot. the research found stents were marijuana. they were doing so exclively and ditching tobacco. the study was published in the american academy of pediatricsournal. >>for your money after years of waiting tesla's they are ready to reveal its electric
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pickup truc the company says it will unveil the lo awaited truck november 21th ne the space x rocket factory in los angeles. tesla ceo musk made the announcement on twitter today musk says the new pickup will cost less than $50,000 and will be a better truck then ford's f one 50 however, he warns traditional pickup truck buyers probably won't like to design this tear image was released by tesla shows line of light coming out of what appears to be the trucks could ford and general motors are also working on their versions of an electric pickup truck. area are remembering the late ceo of iser permanente bernard tyson now he is beg honored mi up. plus campus police investigating after a california student debt on returning ho from an on campus frat party, what police know so far. >>a next to 6.30 the supreme urt begins hearing arguments on dhaka in less than 24 hours. we're going hear fro one of the plaintiffs in the
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case about what is taken to get to this point. and it continues to be shorts and sandls weather for much of california other parts of the country. they're dealing with someeal wintry weather will ke
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so that early retirement we planned. i's great.ok? now i'm ending more time with the ds. i'm inoducing them tcrab. crab!? they lovit , you mentioned that that moneye set aside. ah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shac ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building thatutdoor kitchen. yup - with room forthe wh. ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan aisor can help you. vit your local chase bnch. national headlines, the
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immigration debate will be front and center tomoow as us supreme court hears arguments on dhaka. >>that is a prograthat protects hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants who were brought to
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the us as young children to be laverne all has a look at the politics behind dhaka and explains why the high court's decision could motivate members of both parties to vote. >>first-time voter gave room anton still doest know. he will vote for in 2020. what he does know is that her book for a candida who supports the so-called dreamers. many cases came to the country illegay as children. there are now protected by the obama era deferred action proam. >>even thgh i'm a us more citizen. the census, our community and getting rid of dhaka recipients would that's a mentally harm. our entire community. what we foughfor so far. >>madison has never needed dhakput the issue is near and dear to him and has even motivated him to become involved in politics, it's an otional issue. >>and that inspires people especially on the left to be involvedin part because


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