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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 11, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. ke more of wh's yours®. >>this incident involving a man eating a sandwich and a park police officer has w gone viral and tonight. the transit agency's general manager is speaking out. od evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, several protests have popped up since the video of the officer had. service. ghing that man bart's general manager is apologizing of course has the on spoke with a
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man who was cited for eating who says that the apology is not nough. >>the said with cheating the pleasant hill bart station platform that led to stephen ster being confronted by a bart police officer ultimately cited for a violatn of conduct has prompted this statement which includes an apology for a bart general manager bob powers, which reads in part quote i've seen the video of the incident involving the mid 80 voteur platform our police response eating of the bay area is bad and there are multiple sides insight every station saying as much, i'm disappointed how the situation folded. i apologize to mr. foster, our riders employees and the public who have had the emotional reaction to the video unquote. >>i'm not going to volunteer they kind of took e story i don't think anyone is owed an apology. >>both the recipient of the citations stephen foster and by director des browne and take issue of the general
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manars apology but for different reasons why do i want. >>i mean. i wanted to be displayed, i feel like if you don't the approach people and that appeal to the word and maybe some e opposition. >>officer was doing hisdjoby directed ever allen explains why she takes a different view we have a code of conduct when bart. >>and every writer who enters throug our system passes by the signs that have the no heating no smoking no dnking no loitering in on down the list. >>most people. we'll have respect for that officer and they will put it away they wi throw it away. they will comply. unfortunately in thi case that wasn't e case you support the officers actions. i do support the officers actions, stephen foster says he has no regrets in fact. >> says he would do it all over again year if i'm hungry i'm going to be i don care i don't care where on that. >>120 period.
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>>il bar in pleasant hill has it made kron 4 news. >>continuing our coverage tonit that r passenger stephen foster was cited at the pleasant hill bart. >>and it turns outood is sold just outside the gates of the station and that's ere kron four's michelle kingston is live so michelle did you have tsee people and he seems natural years, there's food right oside the game. i want to grab something before if the train. >>of people eating but they were eating the bench is just outside the gates for bart says it's ok to say it's once you go through those gates that they don't want you eating drinking. paengers buying food and drinks at a gates in st outside the bar pleasant hill. the store sells hot dogs pizza not joe's drin, but the food can't go with you pass the fair game. they have signs posted in part. you get one of those thgs that. these are
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the signs that say you cannot eat in bars. >>there's a full 4 right here so feel like this is news is a lot of it. a lot of consion a lot of confusion. >>this is weatched dozens of people walking in and out of the rt station on monday, some carrying drinks but no this real takin food. d choose to eat before going through or before we're going home. but many people i spoke to say the in never saw anyone get cited before until last week when steve foster was cited for eating a brkfast sandwich on the pleasant hill bart platform. >>you know live different. >>the president of the bart police officers association keep garcia kron4 news that bart officers make hundreds of ntacts a day respectfully reminding riders of the bar rules but that foste
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situation was different because became hostile garcia said foster's activity caused the situation to escalate and his refusal to mply stop his illegal conduct was the root cause cause of this entire situation. he said he'd make no apology for the officers conduct. i just. >>even on barges. on the safety of its passengers. >>talked to said it's a cleanliness thing for them they eat on bart sometimes they see other people leaving on barton it's ok for them as long as they're cleani up after themselves, but again, bartsays no eating is allowed once you go through those gates own the platform and not on the train for now live in pleasant hill, michel kingston kron 4 news. >>miclle. thank you we have some breaking news to tell you about now. president jimmy carter has been admitted to an atlanta hoital for a procedure to rieve swelling on hibrain. the pressure was
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caused by bleeding from his recent lls that procedure will take place tomorrow morning and emory university hospital, the 95 year o is the oldest living ex-president he was hospitalized last month after fracturing his pelvis that was the 3rd timhethad suffered a fall. just this year. >>over the weekend. so one cover the body of an infant at local golf course s according to san francisco police. the death is beg investigated as suspicious. the baby's bodwas found on saturday at the lincoln par golf course on 34th avenue officials say the mother may be in need of medical help and they are asking the public for information to help locate her. security video fm the clubhouse is now being reviewed by police in hopes that it will shed light o thase. youhave any information you e asd to act san francis pole. >>ed by an ofty e of
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oil poce offic h been entified the shooting happened around 5.30 yesteay on fairgrounds drive near j j's fish and chicken when police arrived, they say they found 38 year-old eric suffering from gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene relativ tell kron 4. he was the father of 6. the person who shot him remain at thscene and was later identified as an off-duty richmond police oicer that officer is now on administrative leave solano coun district attorney's office is investigating this case. >>also new tonight, the widow of a man who died in that boat fi off the santa barbar coast is suing the vessel's owners christine bingham's husband was onof 34 people killed when theonception caught fire that was back on seemb the econd. e lawst is countercla to another lawsuit filed preemptively by truth aquatics they are the owners of the vote and may fio protect themselves from a liability
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under a e-civil war maritime law. it is the first lawsuit against the company fm a relate of those who died on that boat. a cause of the fire is under investigation. first for suspects connected seniors. in san francisco's 3 chinatown some of the attack as you can see was captured on video kron four'saureen kelly has the latest on the investigation >>video posted on social media shows the attack underway in your 4 square saturday nigh least 2 of the 3 male victims in the crowd as bystanders screens one of the seniors was apparently knocked unconscious. pervisor aaron eskin says he was briefed by the ca central station sunday. >>it started as a cell phone robbery. that as he explaine a number of seniors took the law into their own hands and tackled one of the perpetrators at which point the other perpetrator that you see in the video. they want to
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beat on the folks who are on top of his buddyn starkly randomly onother people the 4 men were seen by witnesses hene eastbound in the dark colored suv. >>the vehicle that has been says this description t away vehicle nnected with an aggrated purse snatching outside the garden bakery. >>on jackson street friday ght, so it appears that. the down at least to try. the beatings of 3 seniors right outside what is described the living room, the highest concentration of the elderly in the city has community members shake it. police were seen in the square as part of a boosting up patrols at t same time the grand daughter of an 88 year-old woman beaten unconscus ia visitation valley park back in january engaged in a silent vigil. her sign calling foro more violence. friends spoke on her behaf. not random acts of
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god, violence, this is not as a side e-mail. supervisor custom says the ctims in this case e 6367 old. 68 years >>he good news is they're all going to okay 2 of them were transported to san francis general hospital for obseation and are now out of the hospital. the 3rd victim was treated and released at the scene reporting from chinatown maureen lly kron 4 news. >>all th comes after chinatown saw a string of attacks this pastear in augu, 18 new security cameras were installed along stockton street in san francisco's chinatown the high-definion cameras cover stockton from the tunnel at sacramento stet to washington streets. police say there have been at least 8 high-profile violent attacks there. police have also beefed up foot patrols video from the cameras will be used to help the munity and police when criminal activity occursn
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northeast community federal credit union and as seth safe paid for those cameras. >>shuoff last month the state used a lot of its resources to keepommunities sa and functioning. well the state says it's time for pga need to pay up we're going to take it up add a little bit to see the sights and sounds of today's veterans day parade. >>and today we do honor our veterans for their service to our country atimes as we know that service can cause a serious traumao our heroes, we'll show you one man's effort to combat ptsd one step at a time. >>and we're looking at mostly clear skies outside right now a couple clouds headed our way
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>>tonight at kron 4 were celebrating those who have served in the armed forces on this veterans day hands and in tonight's edition of f n foye says we are sdding light on what is a sad phenomenon thousands of us veterans taking their own lives year. every >>many of them suffering from posttraumatic stress here in the bay area there is one marine corps vet who's bringing attention to this problem by going on a major hike across thetate of california kron four's haaziq madyun has his story. >>and we need to get this message to the entire rld. i don't see it as anything but that the message being this top kill, yourself. yeah, that's the stop killing yoself. >>the 37 year-old john press, good aides to spread that
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message to help veterans of first responder struggng with depression and posttraumatic re to do it by hiking 22 miles a day. kerry, 22 kilos of weight on his back this us marine iraq war veteran and current palo alto firefighter says his mission is to bring attentn to the 22 veterans who commit you. de every day called 22 in >>janua 13th. >>and it runs all the way to bruary 7 fortarting downtown palo at city hall, who know they we in at the uss midway in san diego. that is 577 miles i'm going to do it can to make this issue that we're dealing with this problem that we have so veteran community make it loud. >>president is in the comp the singer-songwriter who was touring back in 2016. when he says he got a devastating pne call that is older himself, his brother was also
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a us marine veteran who was the time of police officer at the incident. >>before i thought i knew about veteran suicide before i thought i knew about suide before i thought i knew what it did. that day that time that mont i walked out that door. a new view of of what this was now the >>teamed up with studios and terans powered films to document his journey to raise himself deal with his own elp battle with p t s. >>i need to do this any doubt i need to be part of something again. their smash that. o start thinking positively s moving positively towards whatever you want to do. >>well you're looking awhat i wanted to do. the thai with the us marines. >>well thousds of people turned out in petaluma today
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for one of the largest san francisco matter is going back to world war 2 are honored ere here are some of the sights and sounds. i think luma. chan and bodies at all. it really does. i pan through the streetand see different people anhe excitement is building i can't wait i look forward to it every year. means it the we celebrating freedom that we have. >>it is the war. hen come back from we were celebrating
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the sacrifices at they made.
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>>a very nice parade in petaluma events are held all over the bay area today i observance of veterans day, including at the golden gate national cemete in san bruno's there was a esentation of the colors a performancby the seabees use bands as a wreath laying ceremony and several speakers including us representative congresswoman jackie spear who talked about the impornce a veteran's days. >>so we reflect on veterans day for a very special reason. that always reminds me of the quotation by george washington when he said. with which our ung people are likely to serve in any war. how justified shall be directly proportional. proceed. the
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vetens. earlier wars were treated and appreciated. >>and u see just how man people turned out for tod's observance all of the branches of military were represented. buonly one veteran from world war 2 was able to make today's ceremony. and our 4 zone forecast to give you live look outside at t embarcadero in the city it day to day around the bay area lauren large is here now says they have more dry weather ahead. >>we really nd some rain that you don't see much of yeah i don't see much in the way of rain yet i do see some changes in the overall pattern so looks like things are gng to start to get a little re progressive. >>backing of that huge dome of high pressure overhead all the time, but it's out there right now and justlow the weekend. so yes, another nice start to the week. teeratures running a 10even 12 degrees above the average in somparts of the area so and numbers today, 76 degrees in dntown san francisco, 75 in oakland 78 in
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san jose degrees in liverme 81 in santa rosa native degrees in concord so certainly all these numbers running above the average for this time of year that's because theig dome of high pressure is sitting over head are ironically the r parts of the country. they're talking about some record cold temperatures as we've got very cold arctic air pouring in there for them, but not us we'veot that big ridge of high pressure overhead other than aew high clouds. yeah, mostly ear skies out there for tonight we will see a couple batches of fog reform out along the immediate coastline, light sea breeze out there so it's not going to push all the way on shore 5 miles per hour temratures go right now only in the pacific up temperatures outside right now we've got 64 grees in san jose the 60 in hayward at this hour 15 dublin, 64 degrees downtown san francisco, 68 inberkeley 56 degrees a nap and 55 in petaluma overnight tonight we are going to see mostly clear skies just a couple of packs a coastal fog tomorrow, mature sunshine and a few clouds mild warm temperatures again and the increasg clouds throughout the week with some cooler temperatures on the way
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anthat's a good sign. high presse finally going to start to weaken just a little bit hazy sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. stl we have some nice numbers outside lot of 70's even some upper 70's in some of the vleys along the coastline patchy fog and cool temperatures ie 50's and low 60's. >>genie is already agreed to pay out for ose customers who have their power shut off last month. now california pay up the paid as well. to i can assure you that more were followed. >>protests in hong kong have become increasingly violent justoday people were run over set on firand shot at point blank range now. police are responding to accusations
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>>it's in the streets of hong kong i'm not becoming increasingly violent as the enter now into the 5th straight month of protests from rsgrant lodes joins us now with how police are standing by their officers acons and this is a new one. >>and the violence seems to be increasing you see some of the still images the violence in hong kong has reach what some are calling an unprecedented level in the 5 mohs of protests right now police in hog kong aretanding behind a traffic officer who shot a protester in the too police say the officer who shot the protester was acting in self-defense re some the images we're seeing from hong kong. the officer says he saw
8:26 pm
the 21 year-old in quetion who is carrying what appeared to be a metal rod in the officesays he fired when that protester move towds him and quote touched the officers revolver police say the wounded man is now out of surgery and should recover however another guy who seem to be supporting the hong kong government was doused in flammable liquid and set on fire by protesters. he's in critical condition. the hong kong chief executive is condemning the violent scenes which of injured at least people just today. >>there's no question escalang violence could get what the riotous want not from the governeent and not from the ocietyt large. because violence will only lead to more violence. >>the blame on all sides here, hong kong police say they have suspended a police officer caught on camera riding his motorbike into crowds of protesters. the day saw
8:27 pm
protesters hurl petrol bombs set fires build barricades and drupt transit in several locations in that city protesters have 5 demands and say the chinese government has only fulfilled one of them thicrisis has plunged hong ng into an economic recession. the economy. the economic activity in hong kong is legendary on e global scale. so that's a big deal keep you posted there. kepam back to hugh grant. thank you. >>the meaning bind a small all sometimes overlooked veterans memorial sacramento. >>also during the p any power shut off californis government assistethe utility in many ways and now the state was to be paid takes a village to raise a child. to build a bridge. to tow a baseball... to throw yourself into to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals
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>>new healthy dna is expected to credit. >>customers affected by one of last moth's blackout the state of californiaay also be getting reimbursed for the time and resources it spends thisrdeal. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>for new may be getting some payck for the many resources that pull together when pg cut power to millions of people last month our piece s. >>managing the nsequences of that and part of that that was thei response to be well so we're holding them accountable for that as well as where they could not meet e need and that was a lot. we were stepping in with which state assets and state resoures to be able to do that asidfrom activating the emergency operaon center in taking an allands on deck approach to the blackouts cal
8:31 pm
oh yes, director mark ghilarducci noted for the first time ever. >>the state provided aircraft assets from the highway patrol and national guard to help eugenie assess its equipmen to quickly restore power. the federal ergency management agency typically reimburses the state for emergency operations costs when a disaster hits but beuse the blackouts were considered on taxpayers could be ft wondering who's covering those sts. there is some reimbursement that's been taking place by the utilities to to to address some of the didn't get specific saying he doesn't worry about the money so much as he does to responding to public safety. the genie recently reported it took a substantial hiin the last financial quarter. >>the utility is bring itself for possibly incurring up to billion in costs by the end othis year lated to recent events some 90 million that is expected to go to customers affected by the october 9th, blackout how much could go to the state is still to be seen the genie did no respond to requests for
8:32 pm
details and comment monday in 4 news. to, ashley zavala kron 4 zone forecast as we step beautiful shot of the gate bridge shot y. well let's check in with lawrence because well we're really happy about our weather at least until we get some rain we do need rain across the cut during its >>all my goodness, they're gog to see record cold for this week in fact the storm syem just moving in bringing. ali cold is bringing a lot of rain out ahead of and then yogot that cold snow developingight across the ohio valley and up through the rtheast who is we're going to see some lake effect snow and right around there around the great lakes, you're talking snow, maybe maybe 12 inches. 3 inches down throh the ohio valley parts of tennessee him. well even a little further to the south you can even see some of that all the way down into texas to golong with that. yeah the bitter cold temperatures of just looking athe a wind chill factor in chicago. yeah combined the when the with the temprature there looking at temperature of 0 degrees are
8:33 pm
sitting actually a 15 but feeling like 0 with theinds outside y see all that cold air now making its way down from the arctic and by tomorrow afternoon only 39 for a high even in dallas, oklahoma city only 36 degrees in new york and 27 in freezing in nasille. so certainly other pts of the country. our get the real wintry weather we've got a bigidge of higpressure so we get the nice weather and tempetures running a good 12 even 14 degrees above the average looks like a few more clos coming our way ridge going to start to weaken a little bit. you see that cold front that almost hold on maybe bring some rain for northern california by friday, dying as it approaches the bay area leaving behind just some clouds behind that looks like a nice weekend but next week. there is a hand sthat we might see some rain moving in by next tuesday of next week seeow that all works out behd that looks like another ridge, but things are looking a little more ogressive with that in mind not all going to be that bad tomorrow are planning a lot of numbersoving well in e 70's inside the bay in the valleys, cool 50's 60's along the coast. >>thank you lord for the ad
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annual ceremony celebrated at the often overlooked california mexican american veterans memorial was dedicated to several worlwar 2 and korean war veterans who arnow in their 80's and 90's as reporter lonnie wong tells uthe history of that memorial. >>has relevance in the current debate over immigration. it ke dozens of nk you to vets others today. >>this one dedicated to mexican arican vets of world war 2 and the kore war men now in their 80's and 90's younger vets to acknowledge the supports. the ceremony took place under a simple marble statue known only as el fold the soier, it was dedicated in 19 51 at the old mexican americ community center at southside park spearheaded by a gup known as the mexican american war mothers. thewanted to show everyone not all. >>they shot at hard fighting veterans, look like john wayne
8:35 pm
they got no help from civic organizations, instead they scraped for years selling tacos and tamales after church they did it the hard way by making tamales and making cakes putting on dance as 88 year-old commonan tell i mean remembers helping her mother in the dog and effort they were very proud when it s finished moved to its current location across from the state capitol in 1975. it has become a mbol for one communitsacrifices, mexican americans account for more congressional medals of honor th any other group. many like carman's fathewere not citizens when they were drafted b served willingly despite the discrimination they faced at the time. ale canelo was wounded and was in consnt pain he had to wear a brace of rest of his life. and he but heever complained that several years ago th statue was vandalized and what some say was a hate cri. many people believe that this memorial's htory has lessons to teach us that are relevant today. some here say is immigrants who should be embraced it makes me very angry because if it weren't
8:36 pm
for these people like the veter said kent state in the country work in the country worked in the fields work wherever they could get jobs were in the great state of california that we a. >>e us supreme court will hear itfirst arguments in the dhakcasey trump administration and the deferred action for childhood arrivals programback in 17. now the administration is being sued dhaka gives work anschool permits to young undocumented immigrants who came tthe united states as children they often call dreamers the trump administration argues a dhaka was never a legal program in the first place the court's decision will affect about 700,000 immigrants w are trying to stay in the united states. >>still ahead a new billimed at changing the way veterans go through the court system.
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>>and arlington cemetery has long been known as a final resting place for better is the reason some who are serving today manot be able to be buried there in the futu. >>and a dog missing for months is finally returned his family. all thanks to a so that early retirement we planned. it'sgreat. ok? now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they lovit. , you mentioned that that money wset aside. yeah. the kids and i want touild our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhhyou're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - wi room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase bnch.
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>>almost 8 months after disappearing a 3 year-old dog is finally back with his family's status last county
8:40 pm
that's right charlie a playful and energec to how a makes isow back home, thanks to a former. kay receive has the story. >>charlie is the playful mix that had stored at the ua goggles heart does go now she's back home, tnks in part to a former marine and current stanislaw county sheriff's deputy. >>my cousin is actually her dog. so like said out to die it was never going to him back mike carona says charlie is also known to be cuious almost 8 months ago, charlie wandered away fm his patterson home man i am 7 delgado says in spanish a neighbor spotted her daughter's dog and dropped him off at a mechanic nearby delgado says the business owner denied ever seen charlie that's when she gave up hop that is until this past friday when they saw a woman. >>wak in front of eir home with the dog who appear to be charlie as i was getting better says she called for charlie and he responded, but the woman claimed the tiny
8:41 pm
to followed her and found ll herself back at the mechanics who again denied the dog was charlie, the bill says his story kept changing and he claimed top to the g, thing that's life and dog like you no right to keep them. >>the head of the epa has owners like bill had proof. chlie had been registered and microchipped but that's when flight got their contact with t police that's when the former marine deputy wilson animal testing police officer und the dog at a modesto home and confirmed he was indeed charlie. >>within an hour the mike was back in paterson back in he lovingarms of his family excited side and that they that they're humans. excited happy.hey share my cousins have been too. >>charlie is willing to own dog next today, we're going to take a look at how people across the country came together today. but remember veterans day and in sports and
8:42 pm
what many say is their biggest ga in 6 years, the 49 ers go do to overtime with the seahawks. >>mark has an update coming up.
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>>cross country many people on earth our men and women in uniform today on veterans day and the president the vice president the democratic all of them going to es all a number of events throughout the nation to pay homage to our vets darryl forges has deils. a day of gratitude.
8:45 pm
>>a dato honor us veterans across the country. everything ans risked for us. now it is our duty to serve and protect them. every single day of our lives. >>presidentpeaking at a veterans day parade in new york. honoring those who gave service the ited states to >>and all across ourd. y. and his greatestliving heroes. >>the president wasn't the only back. vice president mike pence laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery later giving remarks. >>and on this day on behalf of your prident. and a grateful nation. presidential candidates also stepped away from the campaign trail. >>to pay their respects as well. merapi but a judge a veteran himself attended a ceremony in new hashire. and one of the democratic front runners, beie sanders held a
8:46 pm
veterans and seniors town hall in iowa. on veterans day and i want to. >>salute all of the men and men put their lives on the line to defend our country we thank yovery much. >>all for the men and women who gave their all for the country for many it's all abouunity in a country that's divided politically. i'm ford is reporting. >>for more than 150 years arlington nationalemetery has served as the final resting place for veterans. march of time has caughtup with the landmark cemetery arlington is running out of space. the powsnew rules still allow burial for those killed in action and recipients of the highest awards but now others will have to choose cremation above ground. today there are 22 million living armed fors members and veterans who are eligible for burial there but fewer than 95,000 burial spaces remain. it is a sensitive issue what today's younger veterans.
8:47 pm
>>talked to quite a few veterans about this issue and mixed but mainly of a big this of disappointment that is signaling that this is coming to an end and i think that st veterans alike to be able to see the possibity to be to be buried there are no i certainly would like to myself. >>but arlington says they're simply is nohoice expansion and changes are vital without that officials say arlington could be closed as soon as the year 2040 want. >>when returning from military service, some veterans affected by post-traumatic stss and other mental health issues can find themselves in egal trouble or even in jail now bill to help veters stay out of the criminal justice system is ving through congress to problem, florida. congressman charlie crist hos to prevent. >>it's to help veters who come back and they may have a u know difficulty reactor meeting civilian life and they get caught up in the criminal justice system or him under a
8:48 pm
fence of one kind or. >>his veterans treatment court coronation act establishes a program within the department of justice to help local governments velop and maintain veteran trtment courts. there are more than a 100 of these courts across country and more are expected to open because of the new bill chris says he hopes see this make it to the president's desk by the end of this year. >>world w 2 submarine that has been missing for 75 years has been found off the coast of okinawa, jan last 52 project that's a group that searches for sunken world war 2 vessels solve the mystery of for the u s s gray back went down. lastyear researcher found the navy haoriginally made an error in translating the japanesear records of where e greenback had been sunk. all this time the navy's istorical records listed an incorrect long to 2 armed with the new information and undeea explorer sent out on an expedition to try to find
8:49 pm
it using a thomas underwater vehicles remotely operated vehiclesnd advanced imaging technology. they found the gray back thre it is about a 100 miles from the area where it was originly thought to have gone wn. >>the gray back at 80 sailors on board when it was hit by a 5 100 pound mom from a japanese mom or blame. >>the most scessful submarines in the second world war sinking 14 enemy ships, is is the 5th submarine found by that group called lost project 52.
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>>and will open tonight with the game of the year t seahawks at vi's hosting the unfortunately we can't show you any highlights yet beuse the game is still going on you got a good one over time at levi's game tied at 24 all what a matchup it's been the 49 ers took an early 10 zip lead, seattlecame back to make it 10 niners tied up late to send it to ot. the niners are kick about to kick a field goal right now a 47 yarder to win it. we'll keep you posted on there. but we'll ha highlights when the game. those final on kro4 news at night and now it's entirely possible will have to playoff team from t bay area, thanks to win against the chargers and losses frothe chiefs bills and cold the raiders cuently hold a wild card spot. and the schedule works out nicely going forward with 9 bangles and she when jets ahead today, john gurdon asked
8:53 pm
he thinks his team is finally being noticed. >>i try n to listen to the talk shows i was part of that for 9 years turn to sound out we're going to gethat we deserve we've got a long way go in a lot of things over com. bengals at the coliseum e sunday, i'm getting updates in real time im told the 49 ers just missed a potential game winning field goal. seattle gets the ball back we will keep you posted on what goes on and finally while we wait to see whreplaces bruce bocce in the giants dugout the team is making a significant higher in its front office scott harris. introduces giants general manager this morning. the 32 year-old redwood city nive comg back to the bay area after working as the cubs assistant general manager, a seven-year run in chicago where he saw the team go from losingore than a 100 games to winning the wor series in 2016, we'll be working alongse president of baseball ops farhan zaidi but side he will ke the final call in decisions. harrison how his time with the cubs. can you
8:54 pm
translate to this next challenge. the one thing i will say about my experience in chicago is it. >>they can happen rlly fast. it certainly did for for us gng from 2014 2015. i know it has happened really fast and far owns. we're going to try to compete as mucas possible on and off the field to put us in a position to transforliquid in chicago. >>ken pam that if look at sports something is happening at levi's right now. it is like about 2 minutes left in overtime. ok so keep you updated cost news at 09:00am know. hit anything can to rain free friends in the brighten theood of a stressful day, some workplaces or even yne them to do it this companies pay more plus $45 a mon to adopt cash on
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the street. the trendy lies only to increase productivity and worker cent bringshim closer to their calling. for show a well it's been day celebrating the veterans of course today and then watching that incredible game up with the 49 ers that continues. >>that wraps it up for kron 4 ws tonight at 8 o'clock. >>but our primetime coverage just getti started on this monday night. grant lotus. and vicki is on our way with kron 4 and she just made it. the buzzer. >>myamily in kenya, ich is ve cing up next at 9 outrage in one b area and killed by an off-du ot lie ofcer and tonight a vigil was held in thatman's honor we are live in vallejo wi the ve latest was less new tonight at 9 a classic convertible stolen from popar car show now a bay area family is offering a rewardfor whoever brings that car back home a live report
8:56 pm
coming up d bart's general manager is now apologizing for. >>what happened in a viral video that shows an officer a bart officer handcuffing a man after he was eating a sadwich on a bart platform keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the.
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>>now anit family and friends of the valaisome d ot and killed by an off-dy offer gather for a vigil tonight. the shooting happened about 5 30 last night near a gas station and restaurant good evening, everybody thanks for being with us tonight at 9 i'm grant lotus liviakis poli have not been releasing many details but did say the off-duty officer works forthe richmond pd. >>but first dan thorn live for us tonight in the light how he joins us with more. on this shooting dan.
9:00 pm
>>well making grand palais how in richmond police department 7 not been really really sing much about this and. how however they have conrmed that it was a deadly shooting but the victim's family and friends say they want answers and they nt justice. family and riends of 38 year-old eric reason gather around cales and baoons filet o police say around 5 30 sunday night. the reason was shot and killedn this parking lot by an off-duty richmond com there >>the land. said love to was that happens out here. >>rivera says he grew up with reason and they later worked together for a scaffolding company. he sa his friend who was a father of was also knowas cheddar man was woing to improve his life >>he was in the know that move know bt love that they can say say nothing like that we all know he was. >>an instation into the shoot


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