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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 18, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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and thank you for joining us on the kron four rning news, it's monday november, 1820 19. >>i'm robin winston, this is rebecca strong with check of the forecast want to take a peek at the weather before folks head outside and you mentioned earlier we have some changes on the way to yh i really do robin today were so it's been a warm over the jurors in e 70's, yeah, lots of sunshine to enjoy we're going to see that repeat today and then once we get into tuesday and wednesday that we're going to start to see some changes around the bay area right now out the dr
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conditions here at san francisco international airport, mostly clear conditions really ne shot of the airport in facti'm not tracking any delays for inbounflights so far and oakland and san jose all so far so good in the green. like i was mentioning though some changes on the waas we get into tomorrow and even into wednesday and thursday we are watching a storm system develop just to the far north of us. but then eecially into wednesday or late tuesday nit and in 20 day. we are going to see a the winds the ly start to kick up around bay area. we did have a chance of rain we mig have some sprinkles but really we're going to see this offshore flow kicking in and we're going to see winds coming out of the northeast and they're going to be very high as we get from wednesday into thursday and because of that we do have a fire weather watch. issued for the north bay and the east bay hills so again. this is tuesday wednesday and possibly into early thsday morning. so keep that in mind because temperatures are still going
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to be a little bit higher than normal for is time of year. hours ago you could see some spots where cooler other spots where little bit higher. this morning waking up to theyour 9 degrees higher than we were this time yesterday look at concord your little bit cooler start this morning livermor you're 2 degrees higher than yesterday, nevadsan francisco. we're about to evenly split there. so a little bit cooler for a this morning like we're looking at more 40's in the north bay, nevada you're coming in d 43 degrees 45 in napa right no 59 if you're just now waking up with us in downtown san francisco, 47 in concord 60 degrees alady in fremont right and downtown san jose here coming in at 50. but what will the aftrnoon hold all have those numbers all coming up in just a bit. let's send it back toobin all right. thank you. rebecca sounds fantastic, let's check in on traffic now. >>ich is looking really good for the early birds. those of you who are getting up right now about to hit the road. it's looking good here at the bay bridge toll plaza don't
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have any problem. >>snow crash is null stalls a couple cars backed up there on t left side, but overall it's been nice 8 minutes to make your way into san% francisco. we're checking in on 92, it's a very quiet commute right now leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula were accident install frewhich is the perfect way to start the morning drive right13 minutes and growing to make it over to the peninsula over to the return sandra fell at the ritz report of a wrong-way driver, 5.80 westbound near harbor as you work your way through richmo just be on the lookout for that person at last check chp was responding. but no other details just yet leading up to the toll plaza, u're fine 7 minutes to make th trip into the north bay, here's what want to cross the golden gate sometimes it's covered in fog, setimes it's not right now, it's looking good right. you drive into and out of san francisco looks ear traffic us move now 19 minutes to make it from the ttle leaving of the north bay fromhe 37 to san francisco are reaching the
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minutes, we'll check more g 19 bridges and more dry times coming up in just a bit. a breaking news story that we're following for you this morning is actually from overnight where 4 people are de 6 others injured after a party in fresno reid binion has details. >>we do have mulple shooting victims. >>police california briefing the public after a dely shooting rampage at a residence in fresno there was about 35 people that ilooks like that we inside th house and inside e backyard. >>the victims gunned down durg whathould have been in a joyful family eve. they're at a football party, so this was a family gatherg. the extent of the first responders arrived fore on scene as officers and paramedics were en route we receive more and more infortion on ltiple victims. >>officers came in and they saw 3 people thatere down immiately there all asian males between 2530 d cpr was
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started immediately. >>no motive yet disclosed but police giving a dturbing account of just how the rampage apparently unfolded. the initial information is that somebody came up on foot possibly at least one suspect and began firing. >>they fired intthe backyard where most of the people were and this party. >>when asked the shooting was gang-related authorities said there was no indication of that. but it s a possibility would be investigated. i read the news reported. >>another big story that we're ollowing for you this morni pgd is warning of more potential power shut-offs later this week, the utility hanot said yet where the shut-offs could have happen but we'll definitely keep you updated. for scale on has more. >>our would be shut off in the north bay but in sonoma conty it has become the new normal for residen. they say they understand why it happens but they are not looking forward to it don't like it. >>but if it saves us from being burned like we were 2 years ago i guess it's okay.
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gaelic lost por for 2 days last month during pg knees publisafety power shutoff she's learned to live with it how do you prepare for that. >>weave a generator, so we don't worry too much about it. with that you know there's no other options at th point other than >>highinds and critical fire weather conditions prompted the utilityompany to shut off power twice in october weeks apart, the kincade fire brokout in sonoma county on october 23th during the p event pg any admits there was an issue with a transmission tower at the same location where the fire broke out the cause of the fire is under investigation pg e has been taking heat om the public and governor gavin newsome these planned power shots have been the new normal for the north bay for quite some time there's 2 sid to this so we've got to fix and they do need fix here. infrastructure for it. after
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experiencing the 2017 wildfires and the kincade fire residents have been preparing go bags and have emergency plans in place when those winds get really bad. those bers go anywhere and i don't feel safe in fort bragg and right at the ocean feel safe there. >>the national weather service issued a fire watch sunday. offshore winds are expected the north bay mountains beginning tuesday night into wednesday. the offshore winds mixed with low relative humidity ll likely lead to critical fire weather conditions. the genie is monitoring drand windy weather. in a stateme, the utility company says pg any seven-day potential psps forecast doesn't indicate the public safety power shutoff at this time, but weather conditions can change quickly if the forecast holds true pg any expat. customers to be in the dark. >>we expect to learn more in the next veral hours reporting from sonoma county jail on on for news.
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the state capitol for hearing for a second time this month. the senate committee is investigatinthe utilities recent power. now the committeewill dig into the effects of the blackout d you know the effects it had on the economy schools. emergency management and also businesses state senators will also examine the state's oversight. now testimony is expected from leaders from the state office of emergency servis and also the president of the california public utilities commission. lawmakers say that this hearing is the first ste ap and deciding what policies need to be proposed in order to you know prevent probls seen in the massive power shuff the hearing is scheduled to start this
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morning at 11:00am. well authorities are looking for a man caught on camera vandalizing a san francisco ice cream shop. this wasn't the first time that the shop has been hit. so we do have surveillance video check it i see the guys here.his is surveillance video of the 2 incides at the senate ice cream shop that's right along valencia street. it happened back in august of 2018 and also september of this year. the man left vulgar words right there on the store front e the door the ocks as well, the owner believes that the shop is being tarted. i'm sort of usedto it. it is wrong. >>and like i said, but what better to do iuess. nothing >>well the owners are offering a $2000 reward or 1000 ice cream cones to help capture. i take the ice can happening today, there's amemorial service will be held for the late ceo kaiser permanente bernard tyson. the memorial will be held at the chase center this afternoon. there
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was a public viewing there is right there that was yesterday at the open rotunda. tyson died a week o unpectedly at the age of 60. he served as ceo of the health care company since 2013 very influential in the community. he was the first african amerin man to hold that position. well over to the peninsula now the city of palo alto has released the name of the electrical worker who died over the weekend. 42not us o co he was a veteran and also seasoned electrician lineman he leaves behind a wife and 4 daughters. crewswere upgrading an electrical transformer near metal dre in middle full road when the worker waelectrocuted the city says that this is the first work related death in the utilities dartment in more than 30 years. the shelter in the east bay, the city of hayward will open today. the shelter will provide transitional housing and servis to up to 45 homeless people living iand aroundhe city of hayward now it's located in hayward's
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instrial zone that's right on the corner of whisell street and people ad. the shelter is staffed 24 7 and the goal is to have every reside placed into permanent housing within the nex 3 months. >>i one of the main differences is that hope focuseon housing outces. so this isn't a long-term placement this is a short-term intervention with a lot of financial and a very service rich environment to help people achieve their goals and move into permanent housing. >>well 45 people will moving in slowly over the next few weekwith the first group arriving today. it's always nice to see get those coming upnext on the crop morning news, a man and shot and robbed inroad daylight this happened in the south bay and the whole thing was caught on camera we'll show you comg up after the break also after the break a bay area community is coming together to help a young boy battling cancer for the second time. before we go a little peek ouide we're checking in on 92 traffic looks good a little busy, but it's t bad and here across the san mateo bridge. wel
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check your forecast. rebecca strong has a look at what you can expect in our big story of one of our big weather stories. the winds are going to have a some high fire danger warnings coming up we'll talk abt that and what to expect today after the break.
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>>welcome back to the crime r morning news said time now is for 14 the largest indoor are sinn crash on the west coast. finally returned to the bay area over the weekend.
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it's called the harvest festival and it features more than 24th 1000 american handmade ods. those live entertainment for you there's fo and there's also a hands on was pretty fun. wealked to one couple who says that they look for or to sharing a ece of their heart in their work. >>you love what you do. and so you really wt to run. you just really want to she it. >>well her harvest festival wille back in the bay area over thanksgiving weekend just shopping this something great to do. agn so you can share for thansgiving christmas. something to do if you want to have a little free time, i'm on the weekend and support you know small businesses too. let's che in on the forecast. head to thanksgiving whether i was going to go there every day. and i know her back he said that we had a bigger concern. that's back again and that's going to be
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back as we get thugh the next couple of days and today, we're still going to be warmer actuly going to see temperatures. a couple of degrees warmer than what we know even over the weekend, really nice arou the area and definitely not a normal for this time of year. now so we're well above average so outside the door rightow that we're seeing a lot of clear conditions around entire bay and especially here in downtown san francisco. and i shot of the all the downtown buildings right now nice and clear and not trackingny clouds are any fog for that matter so but we will be tracking the winds. thiss a scheduled the national weather service is scheduled this fire weather watch you can see all that and coloring in your screen mainly it's going to be affecting the east bay hills and the north bay mountains. that's where the winds are really going to pick up especially of course is the elevation is higher right. it's going to cough up 04:00am on wednesday. and it should to subside by 7 o'clock o thursday morning. so whathis means that the humidity is going to berelatively low
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temperatures are going to be above at average them what we normally see for thisime of year. we're also tracking. this is a storm system just to the east of us as well could be bringing some snow shers parts of the sierra as we get into wednesday but we're going to get all the dry weather here in the bay area and the high winds so we're definitely miss see an offshore flow hi through the bay area tuesday wednesday even into early thursday morning. sohat is why we'rwatching it and keeping a really close eye on it whether wise because of the fire possibilities. temperatures outside right now. we are a few degrees warmer in some spots and a few degrees lower in some spots versus this time yesterday. it all depends where you are so conquered a couple of grees cooler than yesterday at this time, san francisco in nevada though you're about even oakland ur about a degree. and then yesterday, but it's still going to be very chilly. you're going to feel it as you make your way to the car ts morning because we're once again in the 40's and 50's very normal start for the morning, 45 inapa right now
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43 in of otto 49 in downtown oaand, 59 if yoe coming into downwn san francco shortly 50 degrees in san jose right now. temperatures are going tchange it again in some spots we might see it a little higher than what we saw even over the weekend like livermore look at that 78 degrees that's what we'r expecting the temperature to be later on this afternoon conquered, you'll be at 76 and then we're going to be in low to mid 70's, a longebayside communities like downtown oakland at 72 hayworth 74, san francisco, we're looking at a high o 71 with a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy around the entire bay area as we get into tomorrow. ain we're tracking that so weather system heading our direction. it is going to keep teeratures a cool just a bit. early tuesday and into the 's but then the winds really start to amp up once we get into wednesdawith a partly sunny skies little change on thursday, it's really going to be about the same as wednesday and then once we get into he weekend. we're looking at a party
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cloudy conditions with the temperatures ally holding study we're looking at said the mid to upper 60's for the afrnoon high. now let's nd it back to robin all right. thank you rebecca checking in on the traffic very quiet incident was like don't see any major accidents stalled talks 21 across the golden gate looks fantastic. 19 minutes hernovato to the toll plaza. now there's a little bit of a backup at the bay bridge tl plaza as you can see the cap planes are stacking up. that's no surprise it normally happens for the cash payers have about 2 lanes open right now on the left and on the right, the open up an additional lane shortly so you have about 3 to work with and that usually helps he backup. right now it's starting to spill t80 over crossing. but once you get through the paye gates. it's a great trip across the upr deck to downtown san francisco. 92 it's busy bu not bad that little croed on the flat section. but overall it's been a nice quiet commute into fost city and san mateo the richmond san rafael brge all is well here couple of cars rolling through the paye gates but to put trip so far through the paye gates across
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span and now to one on one that's averaging only 7 minutes. we're taking a pick a highway for which looks great pittsburgh. they point ccord 6 a is fine of rolling south to wannacry danville the nimitz trouble for yothat's how we like it and one on one trouble for esa leaving the south bay ading north on one on one to the peninsula. no trouble spots are averaging 26 minutes which is great too if you're continuing of toward sfo or san francisco. we'll chck more ming up in a bit. well a community in t north bay they're coming together to help a 6 year-old boy who was diagnosed with cancer for second time khan for sale of second has that story. but he told yesterday was that now he doesn't care as much because little too shy to show off h new hairdo, leo costa. >>played with his family sunday like any little boy about to turn 7. >>but he's always really go to getit and love that about him.
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>>leo was diagnosed with wilms tumor in 2018 1st discovered. that'sow big his boat was like a typeof kidney cancer that's considered easier to treat. ut in about 15% of cases ican come back and leo is one of those rare cases was e end of his chemo. see it here has been as i rose had but he never lot it. >>last month they found t cancer now in after just 2 weeks ungs. and of chemotherapy. leo had already started to lose a lot more ir so they decided to call their family and friends to help them feel not so alone. we wersort of you know kind of. >>and i don't think about it and then onef our fries. showbiz had just on his own and send us a pictu that will like i want to too. with big brother luke gu cousin dhabi wanting to join in a prayer service for leo this week. >>beca a knight of head shaving in solidarity they know that people not just theifamily harmfulo them.
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>>whether it's words of encouragement to prayers from their church community or couple of bald heads. they know every little bit helps ipreally. >>you knohave faith that god is taking care of him and that's he's been you know sort of giving us strength for is whole process because it can be very you know draining ts. i think maybe one of the worst things that a mom c hear you know about her son is finding out that he has cancer. do you feel now. >>in vallejo know well below kron 4 ns. to follow breaking news from ovnight at least 4 people are dead. afr shooting a football have an update on that story coming up. before we go a little peeoutside checking
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on conditions, not a lot of fodder, the golden gate traffic lo
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welcome back to the crowd for morning news and thanks for staying with us let's check in on those entertainment headlines. this morning. >>one of this year's biggest blockbusterjust keep setting records stated daniel has that story and more andhis morning's hollywood mine. >>joker has made box office
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history. it's the first r rated movie ever totop a billion dollars in worldwide ticket sales and one of just a few movies with any rating to reach that level without playing in china. here's a look at the new documentary after parkland directors emily to gucci nj clip from film for months in parkland florida after last year's devastating shooting at marjorytoneman douglas high school lking th survivors and those who lost friends and loved ones as i made their way through the aftermath and worked to end gun violence in e us. it's a beautiful day in this book, beautiful. will you be mine a beautiful day inhe neighborhood with tom hanks as fred rogers opens friday and that's prompting new calls to follow his commandment of kindness the nonprofit child
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3.60 whose staff, don mister rogers signaturered cardigans is hosting a good neighbor week with school events aimed at strengthening rogers lesss of kindness acceptance healthfulness gratitude and trust. >>beautiful indeed in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>before we go a little peek outside check in on the favorites. there's are back up for the growing especially cash payers, we'll
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>>and welcome back to the crime for morning is the time for 29, let's get a check of the forecast we have a firewatch warning that's coming up pretty soon but whether sll nice today. it's really nice today's take advantage of it becse we're not actually going to see it maybe a degree or 2 warmer. >>he actually saw over the weekend yestrday was pretty i was little surprising. a war sweater trend yesterday. i think i'm not essed yeah, yeah exactly because it was warm and then it was alot of but sunshine it was on which is examine warmer. we didn't really have a breeze in the air. so i we're above average temperature wise this time of year. and it's going to be a much of the same today and so no sweater we're seeing clear conditns at the golden gate bridge, a nicelear shot here trying to get into and out of san francisco on on it's going to be a nice drive for you so far this morningyes, like of robin was mentioning we e under a fire weather watch and this starts. early wednesday m


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