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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 25, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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fletcher the big story today this week is going to be. >>their winter storms we have on tap and we can already know we already know what it's going to bring into the sierra they're making the man made snow now however, this is kirkwood but then we can take our foot off the gas with the man made snow because mother nature says i'll take it from here. yeah we've got snow on the way rain as well for your thanksgiving. travel plans, john travel with more on that in the weather center john guys we've been waiting for this rain unfortunately it is coming are right in the midst of your holiday travels definitely the best timing for it. today, though if you do have travel plans. you are good to go it is looking great out there solid sunny start to the day across the bay area and that's the way we're going to stay today so do expect abundant sunshine throughout the course of your monday ahead of us tell us break down what's about to happen tomorrow. by hour because this is where everything changes. so tomorrow morning as you drive to work, you're going to have continually nice and clear skies for 30 am tomorrow radar is still looking nice
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and quiet. now into the afternoon tomorrow this begins to change between 02:03pm, it's looking likely that light to moderate rainfall pushes into the north bay after 03:00pm really settling into the rest of the bay area and on into your evening commute tomorrow, wet roadways. heaviest of rainfall is expected on into tomorrow evening by the time. sunsets you're going to get heavy rainfall pushing on in through the bay and a half heavy snowfall up into the sierra nevada we're talking half a foot to a foot of it, falling as low as 2500 feet elevation north of 80 3,000 to 4,000 feet south of 80's. so that's a lot of rainfall and snowfall to be talking about on into such a busy travel day on tuesday afternoon into evening. wednesday also going to be bringing areas of rain could be some isolated doses of heavy rainfall on this day before thanksgiving will also be a cooler day so it's going to be a cold rain breezy at times and i see up in the sierra thursday itself you get a mix of light showers and
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some sunshine and then friday for black friday fortunately looking a little better now with snowfall in the forecast and not just snow but winds potentially gusting as high in the sierra as 60 miles per hour. we do have winter storm watches that will take effect tomorrow, we could be seeing blowing snow drifting snow low visibility. icy conditions. all those factors you don't want to hear about. well you've got travel plans ahead of thanksgiving now as i mentioned today is your day to be on the roads really the only thing you're contending with this morning. uh some chilly temperatures with 30's in redwood city fairfield the napa just to name a few areas and the low 50 in berkeley right now one of our warmer spots. later on today expect daytime highs in the 60's, plenty of sunshine in her last day i'm going to be talking about weather like this. i've got the rest your forecast is still to come >>all right. thank you john over to the bay bridge want to take a peek at 80 which is pretty packed right now it started backing up early this morning and it continues to grow this stretches all the way through the maze so anything that connects you out of the maze is so call it an
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especially backed up on to the east shore freeway so make sure you get out there early this morning. it's still under 20 minutes, but still jammed at the toll plaza we're checking highway for which for now now looks a little bit lighter than usual 23 minutes. antioch to concord 6.80 a little busy for you. under 30 minutes to make it to danville the news and recovering from a crash. bash but still not bad year seeing slow traffic to hayward union city, a little pocket through fremont and then one oh one recovering from an accident. 43 minutes from san jose to menlo park james. >>all right robin thank you time now 7 oh 3, one of our top stories this morning comes out of the east bay where a community is remembering 2 young boys who were murdered over the weekend in union city. residents there gathered together in a circle to remember the 1114 year-old boys. they were gunned down in the parking lot of a sears. this year was elementary school early saturday morning while the community shaken up. police have not ruled out that the shooting could have been gang related.
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>>our 11 year-old just left for school and graduated and went on to middle school the 40 year-old i just saw him thursday in. i said hello and he asked me did remember him and i asked him did he remember me so these are my kids away from home. >>there is a go fund me page that's been set up for the 2 boys to help with their funeral costs. >>also in the east bay local high school and college football. standout he lost a yearlong battle with cancer friends and family held a tribute concert. at a oakland church to remember this man here 20 years old his name is ramon sanders, he played football and the clintons high school and laney college. sanders leaves behind a one year-old daughter and his
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fiance. >>to stay strong in history and just to see. this spirit will live. >>sanders was diagnosed shortly after his daughter was born a go fund me page has been set up on behalf of sanders. you can find a link to it on our web page at kron 4 dot com. happening today, one of the men arrested in connection with the deadly halloween party shooting are in the will be. >>in court. donna codons is facing 2 felonies one is a felon in possession of a firearm and the other as a felon in possession of ammunition. he was arrested last certain last thursday and the weapon that he had was linked to other bay area shootings, fred or johnson was also arrested last thursday so far no one though has been officially charged with the halloween shooting 5 people.
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we know were killed when that shooting happened at an air bnb rental home. there is now $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in that case. and in the north bay man will be charged with murder for a deadly stabbing in santa rosa, 21 year-old carlos martinez course heiress was arrested saturday afternoon. he's connected to the murder of a 55 year-old man that happened at a home on jennings avenue that was on thursday. police say the car sarah's knew the victim but add that there are still a lot of work that needs to be done. neighbors tell us the victim lived at home with his wife for more than 15 years. at least one person was arrested for participating in a sideshow in oakland, here's a picture of the car that was towed away. >>the sideshow happened on 42th avenue and international boulevard another car was towed and later several others were detained after they threw bottles at police officers. the latest arrest comes as oakland police increase enforcement in that role to
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try to cracksdown on sideshows. several people were arrested for carjacking this time it happened in any off police found the stolen car driving down the freeway and followed it all into pleasant hill. after a chase the driver crashed right into a tree will show it to you right there right next to the freeway and this is office 6.80. everyone in the car, however ran away, but they were caught as a nearby shopping center. >>all right time to talk bay area football, the 49 ers it was a statement game the 49 ers are for real. they should that took a shellacking in the and it's just it would just scored just attended one now. >>the niners record on the season. let's get to the highlights. the defense was dominant from the very start. there they are sacking aaron rodgers, he fumbles smith bosa gets the ball gets tackled at the 2. and it all downhill from the packers after that there's tevin coleman scoring right there 7 nothing lost
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that live here they are and then jimmy g roles in the lap defines george kittle look back from his ankle injury. is when the fed asus titans in the league if not the fastest course it was all lie for a for a sunday night football game 37. here's what jimmy g after the game. good test, you know. >>you can look to find out a one game at time and this time guy's guy the guys up front really battles ahead it was just my job really easy. >>there's not going to be easy next week because they have to fly to baltimore, play the ravens and lamar jackson, but right now 10 in one day and the patriots have the best record in the nfl. now on the other end of the spectrum. we have the raiders losing. >>big it was a tough one on the road they were taking on the new york jets. and what turned out to be a cold and wet day raiders failing to get really any kind offense going
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their car head. well his worst game all year we had a 127 yards. no touchdowns passes and he had an interception the defense couldn't stop the jets and in the end they lost by a landslide 34 to 3 the final score. >>we all know how quickly these things change in the nfl right we're just on how many you game win streak. you homestand all these kind things he come out again, but case you know that. hate to say, but it's not going to last time right the come out physically just could be a right and and i mean that for the course of football right teams all over the place show up there get but somehow it happens this this game. it was interesting the. >>niners won by the biggest margin of any team yesterday and then the raiders lost by the biggest margin. they're on the road next sunday will be taken on the kansas city chiefs it will be important game 2. >>still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. e coli breakout outbreak involved in romaine lettuce this time it's linked a lot closer to home
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salinas region. we'll have reaction from a woman who actually got it last year. and coming up after the break police in southern california stop a teenager who they think was planning a school shooting will explained. >>strike may happen just as we begin the holiday travel season planned which has better deals black friday or cyber monday. i'm jane have those stories coming up. >>and today is going to be our to be on the roads because after today things start to get little dicey out there as far as holiday travel goes, i've got your updates on what to expect. >>and tracking your monday morning commute around the bay area pretty busy in some spots, the bay bridge traffic, 80 west continues to grow it's still a tough drive from we made usaa bank for members like cassie.
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♪ lowe's helps you do hosting right with the best prices of the year on appliances to help you handle anything and everything. we're back 7 13 is the time we got john here talking about the weather because it's going to be. >>impacting everybody this
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thanksgiving week yeah, definitely an impact skies we've had clear skies all fall long it feels like we've been . spoil thanksgiving hats finally the winter weather approaches. yeah, the timing hey it's nice of you don't have to travel and it can to get you spirit. here yeah, i would rather spend thanksgiving with nobody a thank you, but i feel the same way. yeah, you know growing but people are going to be traveling though it is i mean we got to talk about some rain and snow exactly yeah we are going to be looking at some significant weather ahead of us and it's rain and snow just as james mentioned also some chillier weather just around the corner too. so we do have clear skies across the bay area today, i'm talking about it all morning long today really is the day that you want to be on roadways. if you've got to take to them because we've got crystal clear conditions. your morning is going to be the same as your afternoon will be lots of
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sunshine do expect out there now are storm system is making its way in from the north right now we have high pressure situated right to our west. it's helping to keep us dry for the day today, but this all changes as the storm window opens into tomorrow and this moisture funnels down our direction what we're going to be seeing is initially some moderate shower activity pushing into the north bay around 02:00pm to 03:00pm tomorrow. so your morning is actually nice and dry for your tuesday it your afternoon worthing starts of well not be so good for your travels as for the sierra snowfall settles in above 2500 feet we could see anywhere from a half to a foot to a foot of it. what you had about 4,000 feet isolated spots could be anywhere from one to 2 feet of snowfall so that is why we do have winter storm watches taking effect for the sierra come tomorrow will not want to be a day that you want to be traveling up into the high country on 80 and for the bay area. it's not going to be the best to travel either with them heavy rainfall pushing in on into tomorrow evening. showers continue on into
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wednesday the day before thanksgiving in a company by some of our coolest of temperatures. it will be a cold the rain snow continues up in the sierra and icy conditions likely to be seen in the mountains. thursday itself will come along with on and off showers a very frigid morning for thanksgiving followed by sunshine reappearing in the afternoon and then plenty of sunshine for black friday. before what's looking like that to be another push of rain could be light into next weekend after thanksgiving as far as temperatures go today, it's our last chance to step outside and enjoy 60's under the sunshine. after today, we get a lot cooler than this so if you like the weather we had yesterday and over the weekend today we're repeating that it will be breezy are today that's just something to know but into tomorrow we're going keep the wind we're just going attract a lot of temperatures away. from the 60's to the 50's will go on into your tuesday just around the corner napa in vacaville, huge 64 today while a few 50's out
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along the coast 50's is something we're going to see across the board not just at the coast after today with tuesday afternoon into wednesday being near rainiest of days. thursday is going to be frigid look at those inland temperatures on thursday morning for thanksgiving, dropping in some cases into the upper 20's. that's a look at your forecast rob, and you said you are hoping for a lighter traffic on the roads today is that true all i feel like it's for some. >>spot some spots are nice allied other spots are at a crawl. we're checking out the richmond sandra fell bridge and this is definitely one of the slow. leading up to the toll plaza on west 5.80. and it started around marina marina through the tolls getting on to the span it's going to stay heavy and you're looking at 60 minutes and growing to make it into the north bay so quite slow but no major problems right there our for now 80 west heading into san francisco. this is another slow bridge, but it started a little early this morning, its bills all the way back through the maze we had a stalled
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truck that's gone and the traffic just continue to grow so no problems right now the hot spots are averaging 12 minutes to make it into san francisco. as we look at some more freeways and drive times we start to see. areas where traffic is just not and at all. some folks have left 10 and some folks are still working this week to really it all depends on where you going 5.80 castor valley to oakland wide open at 14 minutes. the e sure a little busy but not bad at all 26 minutes from crockett to the maze or maybe you're taking 24 west. it's about a 14 minute trip to head for wannacry lafayette our window with no big trouble spots and the nimitz heading north 15 minutes from to 38 to downtown oakland. well, robin a big story that we're following police say school officials in one southern california district. >>may have prevented a school shooting. nick watt has the details. >>a 13 year-old student at this la middle school was arrested thursday. we're told he planned the shooting for
7:19 am
friday students at the suspect made a threat to reported to the school administration and they in turn reported to us his home was searched. >>a rifle with a high-capacity magazine was seized along with ammunition for the rifle and that is the rifle that was seized. >>along with around 100 rounds of ammunition. >>the subject also ahead in his position. reutimann terry hand drawn map of the school as well as a list containing names of both students and staff members from the school his arrest comes just one week after a 16 year-old student at saugus high school just north of l a. >>opened fire on 5. but his schoolmates. >>it very scary. we ran, we're the one shot then for after 15 year-old gracie muehlberger and 14 year-old dominic blackwell were killed. authorities then repeated that well worn mantra, if you see something say something and since then. la county sheriff's department says they've received numerous reports the threats made to
7:20 am
schools and here in south l a see something say something might just of st. a lot of lives. the fact that people step forward said what they what they'd heard led to us to be able to prevent a tragedy today so. >>definitely kudos to the staff and students of the school. >>investigators don't know who own unregistered a r 15 that was seized in the case the 13 year-old and an adult relative they're both in custody. >>for your money this morning airline catering workers plan to strike during the thanksgiving travel rush. now jane king live the nasdaq with these stories and more a j. >>this is james good morning as thousands of airline catering workers at 18 airports threatening to strike starting tomorrow. so course this is one of the busiest travel times of the year. the labor union which represents workers to many contract with a $15 minimum wage, better health care options and
7:21 am
seniority peso. this involves the 2 main airline catering companies lsg sky and decor may about 3 million people are expected to fly between tuesday and sunday. many people think of black friday as the in-store shopping holiday inn in cyber monday. as the day to shop online. now in reality online retailers will be offering discounts on both days and a good rule of thumb, according to consumer experts is that black friday is a better time to buy the new or big ticket items and the best day to shop in stores cyber monday is better protect deal smaller dose wells fargo expects refunds customers for monthly account service fees due to confusion over how to qualify to have those fees waived a filing to disclose how many customers may be affected or how much money is on the line but the company did mention this as a way to rebuild customer trust and the city with the most million dollar homes is the san jose shares of million-dollar homes in the city is 56% the median home value is just over a million dollars in effect lending tree says all 5 of the
7:22 am
metros with the highest percentage of million-dollar homes were on the west coast in seattle was the only one outside of california live from the nasdaq marketsite i'm jane king back to you. >>thank you very much, jane ok. seattle is so expensive coming up on the kron 4 morning news this wednesday is expected to be the worst day. >>they hit the road for thanksgiving details when you'll want to hit the roads before the storm hits and after the break, someone stole a salvation army donation kettle we'll tell you where it happened and how much was stolen. what are you searching for, mark? a version of myself who doesn't make decisions based on fear? no, what streaming apps are you searching for? oh. because you have xfinity flex. it puts your apps in one place, and it comes with your internet. try it! kung fu panda. ah. you have kids? nope. xfinity flex a personalized streaming dashboard that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $29.99 a month for 12 months and add a flex 4k streaming device on us. click, call or visit a store today.
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these are looking for whoever posed as a volunteer and then stole a salvation army kettle in concord it happened outside of a. >>lucky supermarket on saturday, the salvation army says the man conned one of their volunteers while he was collecting money saying he was also a volunteer and that he was there to collect the cattle and bring it back to the salvation army. he then
7:26 am
took off with the $400 inside but did not bring it back of course to the salvation army. that money goes to their toy and food program for all of contra costa counties. >>sacred heart in san jose is low on turkey. so tell you how you
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>>all right we're back 7 30 is the time let's find out from jon robin how weather and traffic are shaping up for you this morning first the road right some spots are just at a crawl others are light holiday light and wide open. we'll check in on the bridges and the nimitz it's recovering from a crash. ok and today should be get away monday yet today should be the monday that you're given out in town if you need to tomorrow. >>if you start really really early into the afternoon you want to be on the roads too terribly much this is your view san francisco. it is clear this morning just as we're going to stay all throughout the course of the day today. we are going to see
7:30 am
lots of sunshine today and you're going to have some nice clear skies tomorrow morning. you can see in future cast right here. but tomorrow afternoon all all that begins to change in around the showers begin to ascend into the bay will start early afternoon for the north bay settle in right around your evening commute for the rest of the bay area with light to moderate showers heavier rainfall pushes in after sunset tomorrow night and that's what you do not want to be stuck in for the sierra nevada it will be heavy snowfall anywhere from 2 to 4 feet of snow once you head above 4,000 feet about 2500 feet you could see 6 inches to a whole foot of it and with strong winds in the sierra you do not want to be traveling up into the mountains tomorrow evening especially thursday and wednesday the day before thanksgiving into thanksgiving isolated showers will continue and some of our cole this weather is expected on those same days. so today, a good one compared to those days as far as getting on the roads later today expect 60's sunshine and just overall grade travel weather for your
7:31 am
monday. and you have more details on the rest of your holiday forecast still to come. >>it is busy out there but not bad we're checking out 92, this is a trip across the san mateo bridge and you're only at 33 minutes to make it over to the peninsula. so it's backed up on to the nimitz it's spilling southbound through hayward and family and row, and it's often on from to 38 when you make it to the bridge. >>there's a nice steady flow of traffic but it's not bad at all into foster city. >>here's the bay bridge, 80 west and the carpool lanes as usual look fantastic, but right down the middle you are backed up all the way through the maze, no problems, no crashes no stalls. it's a quick 15 minute average to make it into san francisco james well. robin thanksgiving. >>3 days away and the rush is on right now try to help people in the south bay as much as they can sacred heart is a every year they're doing the same thing they're handing out turkeys handing out. help in need this thanksgiving holiday, but they also need your help as well kron 4 sarah stinson live in san jose to explain good morning. sarah.
7:32 am
>>good morning that's right sacred heart here in san jose, it is down turkeys they need more they need donations anything you can do to help donating a couple dollars can help them by some turkeys because they need a couple more 1000 meet their goals these are all the boxes. they put the turkeys inside the boxes, you're looking at what's inside this one that's bread he got canned food. of course the turkey what most important part of your thanksgiving meal. have a lot of produce here. and also people just coming by bringing turkeys. you can do that today tomorrow and wednesday but joining us now is poncho q bar and he's here to tell us about an need you see a lot of people these are working families, they just need help to get through the holidays need a little back sure help. >>well happy thanksgiving to and we want to make sure that a lot of families can have a happy thanksgiving to so in this valley where there's so much need especially with the escalating housing crisis
7:33 am
continues unabated a lot of families who are working hard and trying to play by the rules and everything they can still can't get enough of money actually put food on the table and so this one of the things that we try to do each year in our 55 year history is being able make sure that families have a really special thing to celebrate and we put together these food boxes that are about a $100 worth of worth groceries. everything from canned goods and you know and pasta rice and other things but but we're still in need of his those turkeys so those financial contributions of people coming through website help us go a long way to make sure that we have everything that we need. >>much do you need 6,000 more turkeys of the law. >>this week we're actually looking to try to make sure that that we have every one of the 4400 boxes that we pack this past weekend. i'm going to go out between now and wednesday actually come with turkey inside. and so right now we have about 1800 of those so we have about enough to get us through perhaps today. but probably not for
7:34 am
tomorrow tomorrow wednesday, so those financial contributions will help us out a long way. >>the big concern for you is the stress you, i mean you've been doing this for so long, you will make sure people have a but knowing that you may not have enough for the rest the week make an arrest. >>you know i think that's part of the blessing of this community there's so much wealth and so and so many folks that actually care that we really are putting the word out have a lot of faith that plate don't make p to the that happen. but you know it's really not worth being stressed out about because because the kind of stress that we're dealing with is only a fraction of the stress and that's the families that received in our community are dealing with. >>so true and there's actually people waiting outside right now they're going to come in here. >>9 o'clock at the fox starting at 9 o'clock and so if folks are live in sanford county are especially folks that are in the downtown area. one a bill to come and pick one up there work and actually come by between not 9, 5, today. all right thank you so much and thanks for everything you do. >>again, this is the freezer right here you can see the turkeys. they need more
7:35 am
because hold a box is great, but the turkey is what really makes the family feel like they're able to celebrate thanksgiving in have that for their entire family to gather on the turkey. we all know how much we love our big turkey meal so if you can donate money to their we put that on our website as well kron 4 dot com or just come by drop off a turkey can run by a grocery store drop it off. it would mean a lot to not only secret harper to the families who come here and depend on this before the holiday meal. say sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>very good. thank you sarah. >>families on the peninsula. they're also getting help for the holiday season, the san mateo san samaritan house distributed frozen turkeys and all the fixings to more than a 1000 families. long lines of people just getting there trying to get their food in time for thanksgiving. this coming week for thanksgiving week will serve between a
7:36 am
1,1500 meals you didn't do this fall over again in late december. when we bring the toy shop in action. >>for about 4,000 children. >>on thanksgiving day they're expected to feed about 500 community members at 5 different locations across the bay area. the 4 million americans traveling for thanksgiving aaa says is going to be one of the busiest travel. >>years they've seen 4 million say they're going to fly 50 million americans say they're going to traveling by car and when you add up the numbers that's actually the most we've seen since 2005. it's nearly 3% up from the levels we saw last year and wednesday turns out will be the worst time to set out on the roads because that's what most people are expected to hit the highways in fact there 3 times more then what we've seen before expect between 2 4 o'clock to see 3 times the normal level of traffic so if you're already struggling to get through a commute during that window expected to be 3
7:37 am
times worse on wednesday. so factor that in on when you think you might leave. here's a look at the average gas prices across the bay because you'll certainly need to fill up the tank in san francisco. an average gallon of gas going for 3 97 in oakland, it's 3.90 little bit cheaper in san jose but not by much $3.83 per gallon. we'll take a quick break coming up. >>walker 3rd grader who has been bullied for years is now fighting back with a song. they hear his story coming up in the next hour. and after the break. there's another coli outbreak involving romaine lettuce this time linked to the salinas region we're going to have reaction from the woman who contracted coli last year just now getting over it. and the rain we've been waiting for the timing of it. i'm talking rain that may impact your thanksgiving travel still to come. >>i'm on 6 amy there's the crash folks are heading south for one or create the backup actually starts and calm. on south 6 city of to 42 that
7:38 am
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>>for your health this morning be careful about the salad you plan to eat on thanksgiving. there's an outbreak of e coli live from lettuce grown in salinas valley. now according to the cdc there have been nearly 30 cases of e coli i timber on a resident called that clause was frustrated to hear of the latest outbreak tied to romaine lettuce she just spent months trying to get out of her system after contract. the eco lie. last december. >>make sure that our farmers are really really careful. but we're ingesting into our bodies and he collides not one thing that we want in our bodies. >>the cdc has not traced the outbreak to any specific grower in the salinas region, but they of course are still investigating if you have romaine lettuce in your fridge, the cdc suggests you wash and sanitize the shelves where it was stored.
7:42 am
>>the 41. still ahead, we've got snow heading our way live look here from kirkwood as they've got the snow blowers going with. mother nature preparing to add to it later in the week we're going to talk with the chp about what you need to know what you're going to heading out this holiday weekend.
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7:45 am
>>and we are back taking a live look at the kirkwood where we can see there's snow on the ground much of that artificial of course but that's going to change as we head deeper into your thanksgiving holiday week we've got a little fresh snow coming down which means hazardous travel conditions perhaps for you joining us on the phone right now to talk about what you need to know before you head out is a chp officer pete man joining us as he does every year and thank you for joining us. >>yeah good morning guys doing great today is getaway would you agree with our john traber meteorologist today's the getaway day. >>if you want to go to tahoe. >>absolutely you're not on the
7:46 am
road here in the about it in 8 hours you are behind the curve and things are and get >>oh man we're looking at a live picture right now we can see traffic backed up pretty good on 50. as ski run. but at least you can see the pavement and at least it's dry but that's going to be pretty different going what starting tomorrow right. >>yeah early tomorrow afternoon will be that big significant change be a little bit of precipitation come down want to get rocky which let the west something they call a crop fact which is kind of like those little frozen tariff on all over the place little bit but the funding that things are drying out pretty quick on our side of lake. me that's what a lot of these and ah it's going to be a to b to start off the season. >>do you expect a lot of snow where they might need chains are can i always think it's counter intuitive but a lot of traffic actually is safer because it slows things down. >>absolutely nokia and a public out of it. amount of pollution that would be up
7:47 am
here but what he thought that reduces the severity collision that we see that to clinton gore or something where people are going stop her going remake for a long time we're seeing a lot of little better better lot of that up to the other i like that better. a little little >>he also got a question for you for anybody heading up there that might be let's say new to the bay area this is their first thanksgiving heading up to tahoe and their first experience traveling through that kind of snow or the congestion we typically see what should they pack in their cars. in advance just in case they get stuck in these backups that seemed to last forever when you're in it. >>yeah great question that not only a great question for new people that the great question first, but you can get great thing get what if you could only but line for that first on so if you never put chains on a car. hi bill right now want before you have to do it. well and up there on the shoulders of the road. start talking about your vehicle make sure he got extra water you've got to the end up searchable anything you've got
7:48 am
up. priya clothing pocket, tampa talking actual like it. possibly getting k-league luck. did she have a cell phone charger that going get much to the than anything before you start over the hill if your hold back and looking out gore gauge for below cake. because she will be at the top for a while people are like yeah. >>that's a good point make sure you fill up right before you start your sent to get over the past oh my goodness when i travel it's less than is almost in the middle i get petrified absolutely because you never know what you're to like officer matt just said. >>hey officer matt thank you so much for joining us today and i'm sure we'll be talking to you. now that the winter weather is finally arrive so we'll talk to shortly and you stay safe as everybody safe we want to say you stay safe as well sir. >>all right, let's get over to the weather center because john follow in the forecast.
7:49 am
and we heard officer man john talk about tomorrow afternoon they're going to expect the snow to start falling said jive with your timing. >>yeah, definitely jibes with my timing were on the same page with that one we are looking at snow making its way back up into the sierra. >>come the middle of the day tomorrow so as officer man said if you're not getting on the road these next few hours. you're already a little bit behind the curve i know that might mess up your travel plans a little bit but i'd rather have you do it safely than get stuck up there because look at how nice of roads are right now this is a t as it makes its way up to donner summit up in the sierra beautiful blue skies over had no snow whatsoever on the ground we're going to be looking at this you very much so come tomorrow, afternoon now as far as we go right now we're nice and dry eve. we heard officer man talk about a little gras pull up there around lake tahoe, you can actually see that on radar what we are going to be seeing tomorrow as nothing a little i'm a little bit is not going to be that what we're describing tomorrow as it's a
7:50 am
lot of snow in the sierra, a lot rain here in the bay area so even if you're just staying here locally. we also could have an impact on what you're seeing on the roads now taking a look at future cast. you do see how that rain settles into the bay right into the middle of the day tomorrow early afternoon for the north bay snow into the sea air and we could see 2 to 4 feet of it towards the crest of the sierra certainly what she had above 4,000 feet that's where you start seeing the deepest of snow. but as low as 2500 feet that's how cold the system that is rushing in will be for this bay area a little bit of snow at the top of our mountains, but it's mostly a rain event for us and into tomorrow evening and afternoon. some of this heavy us to rain can be expected. rain continues on into wednesday the day before thanksgiving thanksgiving itself self we start to see conditions getting a little bit better, a mix of rain and then clear skies later on in the day and then into black friday, good news for you shoppers. we are going to be seeing some drier skies towards the end of the week
7:51 am
before we do look at rainfall pushing back in on into the weekend after thanksgiving, so a lot of travel impact here if you're on the roads today. you don't have to worry about it too much if you're heading to the roads tomorrow or wednesday. that's where you should be concerned on into thursday conditions will improve though. temperatures today will be in the 60's and what's significant about this is not that it's anything new for us we spent a lot of time in the 60's lately, but that it will be our last day in the 60's for the rest of your forecast because after today. temperatures easily fall in some cases 10 degrees on into tomorrow will be a not so comfortable in sunny anymore. a lot more gone the cool side with their heavy hopefully on hand as you get outside tuesday and wednesday thursday morning, especially look at those evening lows in land falling into the 20's with a mix of sunshine a few sprinkles on thanksgiving itself. robin. >>checking in on a big hot spot that we have along the shore freeway. this is
7:52 am
westbound 80 west of the central exit. it's a hit and run involving a motorcycle and o we have the motorcyclist injured here and the 3 left lanes are closed so chp has issued a traffic alert you're getting by in the right lane only traffic was okay before this crash popped up. and now it's just cruel calling all the way back out of richmond heading west down to the scene a little bit closer to that albany split. so that's why it's a major delay in a major drive time of 67 minutes because of this too hot spot from crockett down to oakland i'll be tracking that for you also tracking a drive into san francisco busy but not bad. it is stacked up from the maze under 15 minutes to make it in. i think it will start clearing out early for you today from so many people off we're checking the golden gate, a beautiful shot of one o one not so bad into or out of san francisco, 29 that's nevado to that holt will check
7:53 am
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report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. way fell from second to 5th. $4.7 million the 21 bridges in it. the thriller 21 bridge is opened in 4th place on ticket sales of 9.2 million to you consider yourself a hero. >>i don't think of myself as a hero, not all. >>a beautiful day in the neighborhood debuted 3rd making 13 and a half million dollars. >>it's because of what his car's mean. ford v ferrari downshifted to second place million gave the drama 58 million in 10 days. >>excuse me i climb to the north mom survived a frozen heart and safety for my ex-boyfriend and i did all without powers so you know i'm coming frozen 2 came out smoking with million the best november animated movie debut ever and one of the best openings ever for an animated film. >>in hollywood, i'm david daniel.
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you for joining us this morning, i'm james fletcher will tran in for darya folsom who will not be braving the snowy conditions are rainy conditions. >>as many people well if they don't take off now yet today's probably year clean as day on the roads because we've got snow and rain coming for all of your travel plans. come later on this week. we have a winter storm warning in effect actually so let's get to the latest with this john trouble standing by the tents are we talking about this is definitely going to be quite the rainmaker in quite the snow maker james and will something we've been waiting for so far this season, but would say


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