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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 26, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>>forecast e storm that could lead to white out conditions whh can also lead to hold on the freeway as well it's kind of the perft storm a wee getting feet of snow and b it's a holiday travel weekend. >>boyer top story this morning. yojust saw it there chp warning of heavy trafic delays for barry travelers headed this year for thanksgiving. people thinking about heading up there should probably hit the roads now. good morning. m james fletcher will trend in for darya folsom. >>a storm is expected to hit the bay area this afternoon. so the clock is ticking on you we're talking james blizzard conditions in tahoe yet chain controls expected likely freeways maybe even some closures all of that possible about 2 to 3 feet of snow is expected anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 feet for more on the storm this go out to john sure able who is monitoring the whole situation. bay area and tahoe. what can people expect as you guys mentioned i wouldn't be surpsed to see some of those closures or cha controls on roadways up in the sierra.
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>>as we are going to be looking at that snowfa and some very strong winds blowing snow drifting snow. all those factors that you're going counter if yu do head up to tonight which i would recommend highly against we do have calm conditions right now it is a nice quiet start to what wl not be a quiet finish to the day later on rainfall arrives late into morning for areaof northern sonoma county but rit into of us by noontime today do ost would be expecting some light showers starting tdrift into the bay area increasing to moderate showers mid afternoon and then after that our heaviest of rainfall on between 04:00pm and 07:00pm tonight or right in the midst of your evening commute ur drive home from work in the meantime snow up in the sierra nevada will be falling at increasingly lower elevations, as low as 1500 feet with above which you could see anywhere from a half an inch or rather half a foot to a wholfoot of snowfall head ave 4,000 feet and you're talking feet of snowfall at the crest of the
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siea we can get upwards of 4 feet and they're not going to be just in countering snow in the sierra but also up ilake county where a winter storm warning will take effect and the dn towards the grevine if you're heading into southern california. so from the heavy rain tonight here the bay area to the snow all around us from the grapevi the sierra up into rthern california, a very active next couple of days with cold rain continuing tomorrow and snowfall just continuing up in the sierra due to that snow in the sierra we do have those winter storm warnings in effect lasting well on into tomorrow also for lake county and other portions of the rthern part of the state and to our south a freeze warnings in the central valley and then also that snow tential on into the current county mountains as you cross i 5 on into the evening tonight, some not your for holiday travels. this morning may be good. but n't let that fool. you later today, we're going to be looking that less than ideal conditions as of right now most temperatures are in the 40's, although we do have some 30's out there such as and say
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alina aswell as conquered at 37 degrees currently later on today expect daytime highs to rise from the 40's where most of us are currently inta range of 50's cooler than yesterday's high temperatures changes toome cooler the temperatures. i have more in your forecast talking about what to expect thanksgiving itself still ahead. allight. thank you john checking in on traffic, it's pretty busy right into. now >>san francisco little windy too so we have a special gh wind avisory in place for the bay bridge san mateo bridge as well so reduce youspeed out it's just crowded the line is spilling beyond 8.80 but are smooth on the upper deck. the line is growing here o on the san mateo bridge west of the toll pla but it's going to be a great trip and over the high rise are good to foster city and san mateo we're only at 12 minutes to make it from the east bay over to the peninsula. we'll check out more bridges coming up james wilke. >>right thank you very much well speaking of traffic that srm heading to the bear is expected tompact your
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holiday travel stride, anyone headed to the sierrawell you better leave. what went hour from now an hour ago or an sarastinson out there now talking to drivers headed that direction she iunfair feel good morng sarah. >>good morning that's live in fairfield at this gas station right off of 80's is a spot. i usually stop off at picture of gas go to the bathroom before you just. the past sacmento. looks like it would take about 2 d a hars to get to a soh lake tahoe. that's a really good time now wld be the time to go because. which means we're going to see that snow come in especially up on the path passwords up but the 3,000 elevaon. take a look at video you casee ople geari up gassing up you know it's busy time it. is the busiest travel day of the
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banks ving lidays time. but since caltrans a chp or warning th you should really hit the road today. it's today mighas well be the busiest day if people are listening to the advi of our officials because tomorrow usually they're expectg about 49.3 million motorists nationwide this is from aaa the seen since 2005 and that's aut 2.8% more than last year so it's already g to be packed. now you have people may be tnkinof leaving today, so it's going to be pretty chaotic, especially they expect torrow from 2 to 4 to be the heaviest. now we're going to see rain which is going to make you know and when it rains people tendo. make poor decisions on the road so it's going to make. and it takes to for you to get to anywhere to go about east 3 to5 the worst i've seen drivi to people it took people over 10 hours to get it and you're having to put ur
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chains on i haven't to pull off it's just really scary conditions. so you want to drive up r all that scariness happens without winter storm on the way for one of the busiest travel times of the year. w the winter storm rning is in effect for the entire sierra nevada from tonight into wednesday. the national weather servicmeteorologist is saying that it will happen at this elevation of 3,000 feet ove we have john sch able monitoring situation he even said fries it is t day that's looking the best. i say just stay at home. cook the turkey, head up to talk whole well after we get that fresh weekend. i mean that snds e like the perfect idea, a brilliant really but if yo are going to go we're going to be talking to people here at the gas sttion see what they plan on doing it are they up and going to sierra nevada. hopefully they ve their chan. online fairfield sarah stinson on 4. >>thank you so much sarah james that's why i stay on the
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couch nobody has ever been sitting on the couch yeah, no kidding and while you're there watch our coverage on kron on don't forget we've got 24 7 live streaming, includinthe ve latest weather. a minute byinute as it's going to be developing here over the next handl of days so make sure you download it now and begin watching just go to your app store today. it hasn't started raining yetbut if you are dving on highway one oh one just south of 8 80 in san jose might notice a large puddle of water puddle is caused. very high water table in the a area been there done that james drivers are complaining saying the water is causing a driving hazard caltrans is pumping more than 2 million gallons of water. evy day to help soe the problem. the
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water has taken a toll on the pavement as new cracks and potholes seem to appear as fast as theare filled as a ra winter rain is now on the forecasts arin the forecast. drivers fear the problem will only get worse. ll the big story out of san francisco construction of a controversial homeless shelter alng the barcadero. >>we'll continue the judge ruled against in a market or a neighborhood group that has be trying to stop that project oport of san francisco property. the group says the navigation centers, bad for the community and for taxpayers d attorneys for the group as the city government is being allowed to proceed without gettinghe necessary appr measures while we're disappointed in the it. >>you know the judge ruled against us and state lands commission and against his prior ruling babwill be evaluing all options going forward and. so we'll see lands commission fnkly they've they've got a bone to pick in this ruling as well. >>well mayor london breed plans to open 00 shelter beds by the end of the year.
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an arrested following the deadly halloweecar shooting in a written is pleading not gulty. dimcco dons was in court monday. he pleaded not guilty to 2 felonies he was arrested last thursdaas part of a police raid and arrest that followed the are in the shooting his weapon has been linked now to other b area shootings, however don's has nobe charged connection $20,000 reward still out there for a information leading to an arrest and csnviction in that case. >>we are getting a closer look at new video of what appears to be a h and run in take a look at this the driver hits a bicyclisat a stop sign. on santa clara avenue and sherman street there it is right there that car makes a left turn. it happened on sunday night neither the driver or the bicyclists came to a complet stop at the stopign. before the crash. the driver in the white minivan stopped briefly and then took o from the scene. the driver was last seen goi through the posey
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to into oakland. from oakland to the uth bay there's been a streak of deadly crash. here's video showing t aftermath of one of the crashes in san jose in the last 9 days 5 pele ve been hit and killed the organization california walks calling for safer. san jose streets. they're working with the city to find solutions to traffic safety issues. >>buit's really impoant fodrivers to turn make sure the driving slowly and refully and that knowledge and that thnot the only road user now the the question is when is the city invest in some some acal chang on >>so far this year, san jose has seen 52 people kied in crashes and 23 pedestrians hit and killed by cars. >>happening right now bakersfield for a shooter who opened fire at the valley plaza mall with video from the there. 2 people see police were hurt. bakersfield p d says it all started after physical fight between 2 groups. they don't
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ow if the shooting was gang related or not, b they say one of the victims was an unintended target. police have people in custody right now that the questioning. >>a wildfire burning in santa barbara coun h now spread to at least 3300 acres we should get an update in less than 2 hours from now. the fire started yesterday afternoon and is threatening homes and forcingeople to evacuate. the fire is being fueled by high winds and dry conditions little bit of good news thoh so far there are no reports of injurs or damaged homes. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news complaintsbout dirty streets e growing in n francisco. details on the new plan to help the city cleaup. plus a daylight shootout in the east bay r shop owner goes tell you all obbers, we'll about cell phone companies are promising to make some changes to keep service on in the event a
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power shut-offs anof course tracking the rainfall that is settling in across the bay later on today, we're starting to see so showers up in northern california. >>i'm talking what texpect. for the day ahead still account. >>already a sy commute into san francisco right now we're checking out 80 you have a bit of backup heren your sh lanes but it's very quiet into san fncisco. we say yes for less to gifts storewide... ..t 20 to 60% off department store prices. most stores are open thanksgiving, 6pm to midnit. reopening friday at 7am. ...with extended hou saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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doesn't officially starfor more than 3 weeks but millions of americans will be dealing with frigid weather and snow this week on the last i dealt with it this morning was a 45 when i want to like it was the weather will be playing a factor for thasgiving travel if you're going across the country. john lawrence shows us the shows us the story. >>iyou're visiting mily and friends this thanksgiving. pack, your patience along with your clothes.
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>>i don't like cold weather and o'lakes know i'm ready for spring. >>the national weather service is a historic storm ihitting parts of the west coast. tuesday and wednesday. and winter weather advisories. watches and warnings are in effect for more than 20 million people from california to michigan. i'm a nver nader. so used to when it's. >>so as afoot and then it melts the next day so i'm used to i >>trle a reports more than 55 million americans will be travelinat least 50 miles for thanksgiving. and vicious weather is going to play a factor for those hitting the ad by vehicle. >>they've got thanksgiving, travelers mixing with commuters mixing with the snow. so all that at once reay is going to lengthen your commute. >>as well as those traveling by air. >>short ching on a may choosyou ravel waivers or can right and managed to definitely eck it there. your trip gets closer and some travelers won't have much to be thankful for later this
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week. >>another round of nasty weather is expected to hit many parts of the us this weekend. i'm john lawrence reporting. john that about the winter o weather that not only are we seeing tionwide but here locally most partly that's going to impacting everybody yeah it's going to have the impact acss the country by him i like the rest the year and we're like looking at them going up has to be just how we were for ovell island. this on television well it's going to be on televisn as long as you're not on the top of mount diablo are heading up into thsierra that going to get down to the outlook looks like we should get a dusting least at e top of our higst about is here in the bay area around saint the blows about blow itself. likely see a little bit of white stuff there at the fair at the tops but it's the sierra we're really going toee it coming down the grapevine as well you're gonna have some slick conditions there. it isoing to be a very active next couple of days for those of you at do happen to be on the roadand
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we've been talking pretty consistently about the good trav days and the bad trel days. last weekend it was the one to be on the roads yesterday was a good one too. today is theday of change so we may be starting off nice and clear dry a great view, san francisco from across the bay. the rainfall is working its way our direction so showers to our north cloud cover ahead of this line of showers is increasing immediately to our north as we make our way into the afteoon. it's not just goin to be clouds that you're noticing, but it's going to be e rain strong winds at times and en some cooler air settling in behind the stormy weather as well. temperatures theext couple of days are going to be the coldest they've been so far this season and some of the rainit weather we've seen so far this season, 2. so by the time we work towas the afternoon the bay area checking in with some of the most significant rainfall that we're going to be looking at the next couple of days right around commute time tonight 04:00pm to 000pm is when the heaviest of rainfall is going to settle in across the bay. at's also when snowfall is really going to start to pick
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up in the sierra neva at which point chains will be necessary and i would not be surprised in the least bit to see some closures along route such as 80 another haute roads setting up into the sierra nevada as wmake our way into tomorrow rainfall continues that should light now beco interspersed by some dry condis so isolated showers on into tomorrow for your wednesday t day before th holay. fter wchint thursday, lighter showers even yet and then frid aually tting outside for some travel or some holiday opingood timing there at least on into the wkend after your drive black frida saturday and sunday looking lily to come along with yet another push of rain fall just around the corner, so yes, a very active pattern aping up active enough that flood watch is taking effect a02:00pm to 10:00pmonight for much of the north bay, especially noteworthy around the vicinity of the kinca fire. there's a lot of loose oils and a breeze th could all be washed downstream into small streams relting in some localized
5:20 am
flooding. so flood watches that in effect for some of our northern counties and gusty winds along with the shows, especially right along the coastline, but for some of ou higher elevations, too nd advisories taking effect in a similar time frame. howmuch rain are we talking here. well we could seover an inch of it and coastal areas as well as more mountainous areas. well most of the bayarea will be checking in with anywhere from a half an inch to an inch of rainfall as we do make our way eventually into tomorrow thursday, although we'll still see some isolated showers i believe on its thanksgiving itself. your daytime highs toy, those will be in a range of 50's that's cooler than we have been mid-fifties compareto mid 60's yterday and almost 10 degree drop in cooler yet and thursd a chilly thanksgiving morning, a look at those inland lows.28 degrees for inland temperatures on thanksgiving itself. aftea dry up on friday you get wet again on saturday and sunday, not the best travel weather into next week either robert.
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>>thank you jn a little breezy on some of our bridges issue a high wind r chp to advisory for the said theail bridge and the bay bridge as well you just want to reduce your speed heading across the span be extra cautiousand careful. we're checking in on the flow and it's a nice flow. so far nproblems no issu here your tip to the peninsula will be fairly quick. we'll put it at 13 mines to make it over to one o one which is fantastic protecting 80 into san francisco and there's a backup this started in the o'clock hour or so cash lanes fast track lanes stacked up here spilling just beyond 8.80 but a great trip coming in under 15 minutes, 11 to 15 minutes for therive off to fremont street. once again the hot spots are major alerts are looking at smth conditions on highway 4 6.80 south to take othe danville that just gets better as we get closer and closer to thanksgiving more and more folks will be at home and out of town the traffic will be as bad. one o one let's get to 27 minutes from san jose to menlo park.
5:22 am
>>robin major cell phone carriers are pmising to make changes after last month's power shut-offs that left many californians and theark and thout cell phone service bryson atnt sprint and t mobile. they want to make they have generors for cell tes in fire-prone areas, the companies say they want to work together and come up wi a plan f the best policy for backup power for prolonged periods of time for eyes and told regulators ey will also start making cell service outage information available to the public. >>coming up on the kron of break-ins and burglaries are impacng a neighborhood in san francisco will explain which one and a lottery ticket scam g about targeting hispanic women here in californi
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>>we have a warning this scam targeting older hispanic
5:26 am
women. the fbi says the scammers th victim and tell them that they had a winning ttery ticket but couldn't cash and due to immigration issues the scammers and commits a victim that they could cash the ticket but would have to pay a deposit or fee to collect the winnings. 10's of thousands of dollars have be stolen this way and so far 4 defendants in southern california have been charged with several counts including wire fraud. >>they then take much cash as they can get from the victim. drive into a random residents where they claim the rest of thcash is available. and then drive away with the victim's money. >>a common trend in scams when victims are asked tgive money to get money. authorities say peop should warned their older loved ones about this latest scam. we'll take a break time-out 5.26. still ahead, a big stm expected to hit the bay area today we're going to have a full forecast with teorologist john travel just a minute with the inrmaon you need to know wel be
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right back. the van gogh.
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>>and e're back at 5.30 our bistory this morning of course is th storm that's moving in on the bay area toy it's going to be impacti your holiday trav on the left-hand side is a look at what you can expect here locallyith heavy rain and slick roads and then of cour on the ght hand side is what the chp is warning if you're heading up to the sierra they've got snow on t way and that's going make the passes pretty dangerous athe city prepares right so if you're thinking about heading up there you should hit the roadsretty quickly officials re expecting near. >>the lizard conditions in tahoe chain contro are likely and freeway closures are more than about 2 to 3 feet of snow is psible about 3 to 5,000 feet let's get more on the storm now get hn trouble standing by to break it all down for us. so again
5:31 am
the word is head out noif today's the day you're planning on traveling right that windowis closing in osing quick guys if you've got to head up into the sier as we are looking at rain and snow on the way some rain for the bay ar. >>the heavy snok for the sierra but also in northern california and is low in elevion as the rapevine if you're heading down to lacut we're going to see an impact from that snow in a lot of spots and here in the bay area it's going to be slick enough with heavy rain on the way is nice d dry right now it's your morning commute a okay but after this is when the rain really starts to kick into gear. latthis morning is when you'll start to see some signs showers up in the north bay all the way into marine in sonoma counties, spreading further southward by noontime lig to moderate rainfall at first you do see a mix orain and snow up there ast of san jose. our higst peaks, snow in the sier nevada really kick nto gear right into the middle of the day so as i mentioned your window to get up there snow free is closing in closing rapidly as winter storm wangs ke fect later on
5:32 am
toy.just at 10:00am as we makour way on into the afternoon. o heaviest of rainfall moderate to heavy showers right in the midst of yo evening comte from 04:00pm to 07:00pm tonight. that's wh you can expect some of our heaviest of rain and that some of our worst travel conditions rht here in our own backyard. during this time, snow just picks up in the sierra and with winds gusting as high as 60 miles per hour. our mountain slopes whiteout conditions and drifting snowan vehaide be expected. conditions to be doing any travel tonight, i'd recommend against it. tomorw, not a od day for aveleier a isateeas lig to heavrainll can in the sierra and with some of our coldest of temperatures. u can also expect icy conditions on mountain passes ke the apevine well into tomorrow youray befoe thanksgiving. thanksgiving itself. conditions stt to lighten up a little bit that sets us up for whathould be a dry black friday just around the corner and friday will be your best day for tral and your to be heading up into t
5:33 am
sierra too because as of now we do have winter storm warnings taking effect what you had above 00 feet that's when you're certainly going to start to see snowfall. you can see t of it at the very crest of the sierra nevada we're talking 4 feet at the top of the sierra anywhere from 6 to 12 inche of it just in the foot hills that's a lot of snow to talk abouthis time of year 40's for most of your current temperatures across the bay, it has be a calm morning. it has been a dry morning. a good chan to get some errands done iyou don't to step outside tonight when that rain is falling we will be looking at some of our coldest of temperatures tonight, as well as some of our rainiest of conditions 50's for daytime highs today that's about 10 grees cooler than yesterday and some spots. stay with us through the day because kron on the place to be we've got your coverage as the storm comes in, especially right there in the middle of the day as wetart to see the showers we'll be bringing it to you live all day long just giving you what to expect as you get out there on the roadsinute by minute also did over to rob it.
5:34 am
>>all right. thank you john want to check in on the richmond sandra fell bridge, 's picking up a little bit but still not bad and also get out there now because you know it's not going to stay this nice and quiet. it's a ne a consistent steady flow of traffic. we're at 7inutes to make your way across the span over to highway want to want my that heavier heading into san francisco. 're checking out the bay bridge 80 west. yes, there's a backup in the cash lanes and fast track lanes tothat's starting to spill back be on westrand so get out there early 10 minutes after fremont street. highway 4 pittsburg bay pot approaching conquered, but only 19 minutes from one 60 out to2.42 back to you. >>time now is 5.43 new proposal could help clean up threets of san francisco, the city has seen thousands of complaints about dog and human waste. year after year. kron four's theresa has re on the city's plan to tackle the problem. >>is is a need that is true across our entire city. we are united.
5:35 am
>> get this done in the city by the bay known inatiolly for its buty anbounty. now facing a growing problem coop smash smeared and smelling up the city's streets. >>a national embarrassment. it's also for many communities where it's you know really endemic. it's disgustg it's a public health crisis. it's you know you know we ould have to walk county pope smeared all over the place every day. we should live in those conditions. so we lgh about it sometimes but for the people who are living in this reality are being forced to use the bathroom on the streets, the south >>not fuy indeed recent city government fires show a 35% increase in feces complaints from 2017 to 2018 this bathroom. >was used over the last 3 months months between 11:0m and 07:00am almost 4,000 times. >>one way supervisor haney and oters say that the pooh problem can be cleaned up are these 24 hour pit stops. 25
5:36 am
just wrapped up pilot ide 3 program where they were open 24ours a day. the mayor's office announced monday moing th they will remain open 24 hours a dauntil the end of the fiscal year, including this one in the tenderloin supervisor haney and other activists applaud the move have homeless people come up to me and thank me. the women, the dane sam able to >>keep my hygiene of which is sossential for the pit stop are also places to drop off pet waste and needles. >>we reached out to the mayor's ffice said a spokesperson sent us this statement saying that the results of the mayor's pilot program are promising and that the mayor will ntinue to push for funding to build on this progress in the next budget cycle. in san
5:37 am
news. sco, theresa kron 4 >>lettay in san francisco where break ins are also running rampant. most recently hitting russian hl business is a burglar broke into the russian hill market. is past thursday shattering a window and taking office cigarettes anliqr busins owners are dealing with thousands of dollars worth of damage and stolen itemsand now they want the city to do more tostop these burglaries from taking place. >>it's devastating to the brick and mortars because you knw we don't make a lot of money as it is. it's killing us drop the hammer. you know if you go to pacific are other cities in the bay area. they t have these laws that will make it easy on the criminals, they punis them accordingly. >>oftentes in these cases, the criminals are never caugh and some business owners y they don't even bother filing a police report. >>3still ahead the warriors in a close game at the chase
5:38 am
center againsthe thunder will have the highlights. and the holiday travel rush is re we'll tell you why you might want to as an alternative to driving. is this for real?
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>>time now is 5.40 let's head to the east y where an armed robbery in oakland led to a shootout in the streetshen thstore owner fought back. itappened yesterday morning it was in the grand lake district, 2rmed men stole abou$60,000 worth items from a rare coin store and as soon as the man left the store, the owner bed his gun and went after them. the store owner and the robbers exchanged gunfir on elmwood avenue. those armed robbers ended up droppinthe stolen items and got away. >>this is trying to protect mysetuff i can take a. $60,0 hit. we hope can i believe he shot at me so i shot a couple of times at him. he dropped a bag and kept going up the hill. guy was in
5:42 am
a car and he drove by and he shot at me as he was driving away. i took a shot at him. >>wow well in the chaos of the shooting a stray bullet went nto nearby home actually hit meone in the leg. that person's at the hospital right now they're expected to be our eyes. police are trying to figure out whose gun that bullet came from. as we head to break, here's a quick live look outside safrancisco international airport where again today if you're heading out. >>to be witfamily and friends for the thanksgiving holiday hopefully are flights in the 1st half of the day because come later on when the storarrives things are going to be delayed quite a bit at the airport will be right back.
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families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration torotect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebud a country and restore faith in the dream that des us. where the wealthy will pamore in taxe and the middless get their fair share. everyone without health inrance caget it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won'tust help you t by, but get ahead. and on all those things and everyone who likes theirs keep it. mi bmberintends to make good. jobs cator. leader. problem solv. mike bloomberg for presint. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>and we're back time now 5.45 thanksgivingravel expected to reach a nearly year high this year. according to aaa but not everyone is taking to the skies or to the roads. that's right more than a milon people are traveling by train old school that's right cover dickerson has the
5:46 am
story. >>most of the people coming valley amtrak statiomonday morning seemeto be regular commuters. but some holiday travelers have already hit the rails. >>d just a holiday traffic temperures in the thk enough so they ose to train and he's easy job down there to emeryville stations. >>on the making that at a tournament actually started their journey in denver. ripostes is even fatter day he could see the airport traffic picking up. nearly 4.5 million americans will fly to their destination this thanksgiving, accoding to aaa that's mo than a 4 and a half percent increase over last year. to the more than 49illion drivers on the road and to that the trn sounds a lot better super convenient. it's ne to not be stuck in watch the road. o constantly >>that's not to sayou have the trks all to yourself if last year's amtrak traffic is any indication. >>amtrak marketing manar
5:47 am
david perry predicts tuesday wednesdy and sunday will be the busiest train travel days but says tickets are still available.nd unlike plane ticket prices do not increase at the departure date approache >>also super exib because we missed or train. you missed earlier train. i teach everything gets yeah, however, not every route is as direct as llen nasha's path to the bay area. some involve transfers and bus this erall. >>david says train travel could make for less hassle thisoliday. >>anso really a letting us do the driving heading up team to sit ba relax and start your the thanksgiving holiday on the train is a great y to do it. in sacramento. dickerson. and traffic. let's get the l word from robin what things are like today. one of today's going to be big giveaway to people trying to get out ahead of the storm probably be keeping a track on the get away freeways like one oh one right now earlr the think od you were that's what you need to do so you can beat the
5:48 am
racinos as we just said a lot of folks will be out there on trains driving as well flying so just get out there early and not tracking any problems and i think is just as we get closer and closer to thanksging the traffic on the roads will be better and better except for the getaway routes because so many people seeing the heavy volume that we normally see we're checking want to wanto cross the golden gate looking od right now probls here 19 minutes to roll south that's from highway 3in novato to the san francisco side from oakland to san francisco are checking the bay bridge and yes, there's a line a lot folks are still working to so not everybody has the week of or at least first couple of dayswe're looking at a backup spilling beyond 8.80 over crossing, it's under 15 minutes to make it and so we consider this a pretty good commute at least some not tracking any major issues for more to dublin wide open dublin to fremont nice and smooth. the nimitz minor crowding, it's only 24 minutes heading south from 38 to 37. we'll check more coming up in a bit but firswe need
5:49 am
check in on the forecast we have rain on the way jn well robi >>we are looking at that rain is hard to lk about when you got avel plans like so many of us do, but we do need it so ere's the plus side of it for sure looking at a clear and dry start your morning though so far as you've gotten outside this tuesday morning conditions have been good for us so do expect your morng commute to continue to be just fine, it's the middle of the day where things start to get a little bit not so fine across the bay already seng that increasing cloud cover ahead of showers that are arting to settle in along the north coast of the state around eureka some rain and once you head up into the high mountains abo the redwoods you do actually do have some snow starting to fall that snow and rain it is head down our direction and along with it some cooler air and some very windy conditions today so we're talking a loof factors here that will inrrupt what could have otherwise been smooth travel conditionhave you left this weekend. so i would recommend against travel today, if you can aid it.
5:50 am
thursday will be a little bit are going to be rough in days geneal and especially tonight into tomorrow. this is when snow begins to fall in the sierra winter storm warnings taking effect at 10:00am in the erra and it's easy to see why when you're talking feet of snowfall and alyou have to do is head above 1500 feet that's when you start to see those icy and snow conditions and with blwing snow and such windy conditions it's not going tbe a good recipe for heading up into the sierra we're also going to see the heaviest of rain tonig in the bay area right around commute time. from 04:00pm tonight on through about 07:00pm do epect some of her wiiest of conditions showers evening on into tomorrow to tomorrow being some colrain for the bay area and snowfall falling at its lowest of elevions in eas like lake county through the sierra on to the kern county mountains which as we know that's where i 5 drives up into as you're headi over the grapevine do be expecting icy and snowy conditions as you head down to
5:51 am
l a now as we make our waon into thursday condition should start to lighten up still going to be icy cold though some very cod conditions and dust icy conditions on roadways for iday itself, your best day forravels for shoppinbeing black friday because after friday's rain pusheback in saturday into nday making for yet another round of wet weather to be encountering as you make your drive he thanksgiving destination of course e lot the past few weeksnd fire now to some flood watches as rainfall is expected to rive in the north bay early afternoon watch out for debris flows in small area streams which could result the streams backing up and then i addition to the flood concerns we do have we do have very wdy conditions along with our rainfall. winds gusting into a range of 30 to 40 miles per ur. that's just complicates an already ick situation on roadways when you're talking as much rain as we are which could be well in excess of an inch of rainfall up the coast in our higher
5:52 am
slopes anywhere from a half an inch to an inch of raifor e broade bay area. so a lot of rain to be talking about this is definitely a system that is not a light o. it's full fledged winter weather ahead of us 50's for your ytime highs today that's coer than we have been and certainly cooler than yesterd even was tomorrow a little bit cooler yet and look at thursday d friday, not just our daytime highs but those inland evening lows, falling into the 20's. that's where you get that risk of ice forming on roadways. not your best avel days even when we do dry back out saturday and sunday brain returns again, so my recommendation if you have to drive do so on either thuray or especially on friday. back to you. coming up an 6 o'clock some didn't smell right in milpitas now the public agencies they're woing to figure out what the source of that bad smell is. this is the week at ko!...
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>>more struggles for the waiors they were hosting e okloma citythunder the warriors jumped out to a hot start but oklahomaity they caught up with him in the 4 quarter thunder's win 100 to 97 the warriors will try agn tomorrow night against the chicago bus. the next hour, well tell you about that incoming storm thats going to impacting our holiday travel, especiay into the sierra this week but even if yore around bay area roads it's goingto be dicey. >>meanwhile construction on e controversial homeless shelter along the embarcadero will continue more on that in a minute and a deadly streak of crashes in t sth bay, we'll tell you how sidents we'll tell you how sidents what the streets to be safer. to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia ve, pv, symptoms can change so slowly overime you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor.
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the storm heading herethe bay area are takina live look here at stortracker 4. >>future cast which is predicting w this storm is set to hit the bay area later this afternoon. good morni. thank you for joining us. i'm james fletcher will tran in for darya folsom who is going to miss all of this rain and snow rain here snow up in tahoe and you can see here it is right there so to spring is light dusting on to the side of the road now they want to caromes by you can kind of make it out john trouble actually joining us as well as we're trying to track everything you need to know in regards travel around the bay. but obviously uh to tahoe as well. who is going to be a big problem guys tonight anthe bay area going to be a problematic enough. >>with so much rain on the way. so what are we expecting well right now obvisly nice and dry out there. good chance to hit the roads this morning get some stuff done maybe some errands before. this afternoon you may now want to head tside too terribly much so ie


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