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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 26, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PST

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it could lead to white out conditions which calls. >>lead to a halt on the freeway as well it's kind of the perfect storm in a we're getting feet of snow and b it's a holiday travel weekend. >>well our top story, this morning, the chp as you just saw a warning people of heavy traffic delays for bayer travelers headed to this year for thanksgiving and people thinking about heading up there should probably hit the road sooner rather than later good morning. i'm james fletcher and i will train in for darya folsom, unfortunately, a lot of people still have work for you today before they hit the roads tomorrow and if you hit the roads tomorrow. >>blizzard conditions that's going to be worry as you head higher higher up chain controls are likely freeway closures almost a guarantee when the snow gets really bad they're talking about 2 to 3 feet of snow falling anywhere
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above 3,000 feet so you're going head into free to get to the past get your snow chains. i change ready to go because we just saw that in the video because that probably will be needed right yeah, definitely need those chain as you guys mentioned of yemen and the roads already in or planning and crossing the sierra your window is closing in closing very quickly as that snow will be on its way some of our with the us conditions tonight, some of the most eccentrics excessive snowfall and that's why doubt conditions likely to be seen on into the evening with those winds with that fetus now not good news for travelers and during such a busy travel time to i know it's definitely not ideal. we've got clear skies right now what a beautiful way we've been starting the day so far all across the bay area and really across the state even the sierra looks great right now all this changes towards the middle of the day as those showers descend on into the bay area light showers at noonan, the heaviest of rainfall looking likely right
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around your evening commute tonight expect those heavy rain showers to drift in around 4, 5, 06:07pm, tonight that's the midst of your travel on home from work in definitely not something you want to be caught on in. caught him off guard. as far as the sierra goes that's also when we can expect some of our heaviest of snow fall, falling to increasingly low elevations over the course of the next couple of hours so cold temperatures, windy conditions, rainy and snowy conditions. all this adds up for less than ideal travel. this is 00:15pm tonight, look at that and the line or a that pushes on through the day. after it clears. you can expect winds to calm down, but still isolated spots out there where you can see heavy rain well into tomorrow and look at how some low that snow gets an elevation. snow line will fall as low as 1200 feet that means a winter storm warnings in effect for highest of elevations, snow across passes like the grapevine on up into northern california lake county under a winter storm warning as well so it's
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definitely not just the sierra that's going to be looking at that dose of snow. that's going to be all around the bay area here in the bay, some snow on mountain tops but under lower elevations, it's just rain and some frigid temperatures. this is where we're sitting this morning a few spots in the 30's. we've got some 20's for inland lows. and some of our evenings to come as for temperatures later today do expect 50's that's definitely cooler than what we were yesterday now as we look at rainfall pushing on into the bay you want to stay with us right here, not just on kron 4 but on kron on now is the time that you can get on the app we're going to keep you updated. but moment by moment as the showers drift and a lot of times the showers will drift in in the middle of the day such as the case today and we're going to meteorologist here through the day to keep you updated on exactly what you can expect. robert. >>thank you john what they can definitely expect a slower drive heading into and out of san francisco and oakland side we have a big backup here at the toll plaza, this goes through the bottom of the maze
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and it's been holding right there at that point throughout your morning commute so. good thing because normally you know during or an average week you're backed up all the way through the maze but with so many people often out of town we're not getting that heavy traffic that we normally see after you go through the meter lighten up the incline it's a really good trip into san francisco. traveling on the nimitz and 5.80 they're roughly the same there's an accident 5.81. and that has traffic a little slow out of san leandro so the nimitz 23 minutes to downtown oakland, 5.80 west is 25 minutes a little bit heavier. we'll check in on one oh one coming up in a bit james will. >>the proposal could help clean up the streets of san francisco. >>the city has seen thousands of complaints about dog and human waste year after year a lot of people the market president trump mocked david yeah we've got preference, theresa with more now on the city's new plan to address the problem. >>this is a need that is true across our entire city. and we
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are united. >>to get this done in the city by the bay known internationally for its beauty and bounty. now facing a growing problem coop smash smeared and smelling up the city streets. >>a national embarrassment. it's also for many communities where it's you know really endemic. it's disgusting it's a public health crisis. it's you know you nobody should have to walk county pope smeared all over the place every day know we should live in those conditions. so we laugh about it sometimes but for the people who are living in this reality are being forced to use the bathroom on the streets, the south >>not funny indeed, recent city government figures show a 35% increase in feces complaints from 2017 to 2018. >>was used over the last 3 months months between 11:00pm and 07:00am almost 4,000 time. >>one way supervisor haney and others say that the pooh
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problem can be cleaned up are these 24 hour pit stops. 25 are in operation citywide 3 just wrapped up a pilot program where they were open 24 hours a day. the mayor's office announced monday morning that they will remain open 24 hours a day until the end of the fiscal year, including this one in the tenderloin supervisor haney and other activists applauded the move have homeless people come up to me and thank me. the women, the dane sam able to be. >>keep my hygiene of which is so essential for the pit stops are also places to drop off pet waste and needed. >>we reached out to the mayor's office said a spokesperson sent us this statement saying that the results of the mayor's pa i love program are promising and that the mayor will continue to push for funding to build
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on this progress in the next budget cycle. in san francisco, theresa kron 4 news. >>in the south bay there's been a streak of deadly crashes. here's video showing the aftermath of one of the crashes in san jose. get this. >>and the last 9 days 5 people have been hit and killed the organization california walks. >>they're calling for safer, san jose streets. they're also working with the city to find long-term solutions to all these accidents. >>but it's really important for drivers to turn make sure they're driving slowly and carefully and acknowledging that the not the only road user now the the question is when is the city i'm investing some some actual changes on >>some more devastating numbers to pass along to you so far this year, san jose has seen 52 people killed in crashes and 23 pedestrians were killed. plus a look at new video what appears to be
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hit and run accident in alameda take a look at this this is st. footage surveillance footage from the camera pointing right to the intersection in it. you can see the driver hits a bicyclist at a stop sign and this was on santa clara avenue and sherman street. this all went down on sunday night. neither the driver or the bicyclists came to a complete stop before the crash and you can see that minivan making a left turn the headlights kind of blair's out some of the footage right there for a brief moment. stops briefly and then just takes off from the scene of last check. according to police officers that minivan was going through the proposed the 2 into oakland. >>a big story out of san francisco turns out construction on that controversial homeless shelter long abarca darrow, we'll continue a judge ruled against the market or a neighborhood group that was trying to stop it. there on port property. the group says the navigation centers, a bad idea for the community and it's also bad for taxpayers. they're turning
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as the city government is being allowed to proceed without getting the necessary approval measures while we're disappointed in the it you know the judge ruled against us and state lands commission. >>and against his prior ruling baby will be evaluating all options going forward and. so we'll see lands commission frankly they've they've got a bone to pick in this ruling as well. >>mayor london breed plans to open a 1000 shelter beds by the end of next year. following the deadly halloween party shoot%ng brenda has pleaded not guilty. dimicco dawn's was in court monday. they pleaded not guilty to 2 felonies he was arrested last thursday as part of a police raid and arrests that followed the are in the shooting his weapon were told was linked to other bay area shootings, however, he has not been charged in connection with the attack. in a renda that left 5 people dead on halloween. there's still a $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in that case. a wildfire burning in santa barbara county has
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now spread to at least 3800 acres that's a new number this morning. the fire started yesterday afternoon, it's threatening homes in has already forced evacuations. that fire is being fueled right now by the high winds and the dry conditions. no reports of any injuries or damage homes but the hope is that maybe with this incoming rain that will help firefighters put out the flames. >>so looks like in the overnight hours and went up 500 still ahead on the crime. settled over a south bay city now a public agency is working to find the source and fix the problem. plus a daylight shootout in the east bay will hear from the shop owner. after he was right. he went after the armed robbers. and a driving hazard on highway one oh one in the south bay you live in san jose, you know about this spot, we'll tell you what's going on and what's being done to try to fix the problem before the big storms before we get all the stories, let's head outside really quickly show you the san mateo bridge. of people working 2
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>>well winter doesn't officially start for more than 3 weeks but millions of americans are ready to be dealing with frigid weather and snow. >>this week far as i was concerned it started this morning, i got to the car. risk. the weather will play a factor and thanksgiving travel they need to be california winter is that the grade on a curve. john lawrence has the details about winter weather across the country. >>if you're visiting family and friends this thanksgiving. pack, your patience. >>along with your clothes. i don't like cold weather. i don't like snow. i'm ready for spring. >>the national weather service is a historic storm is hitting parts of the west coast. tuesday and wednesday. and winter weather advisories. watches and warnings are in effect for more than 20 million people from california to michigan, i'm a
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denver nader. >>so used to when it's sounds of fun and then it melts the so i'm used to it. >>triple a reports more than 55 million americans will be traveling at least 50 miles for thanksgiving. and vicious weather is going to play a factor for those hitting the road by vehicle. >>they've got thanksgiving, travelers mixing with commuters mixing with the snow. so all that at once really is going to lengthen your commute. >>as well as those traveling by air. >>short cashing on a lunch may choose you. oscar travel waivers or can so definitely check in your air. as your trip gets closer and some travelers won't have much to be thankful for later this week. >>another round of nasty weather is expected to hit many parts of the us this weekend. i'm john lawrence reporting. all right so here we've got john our john talking about the forecast
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here for the bay area specifically and now we have our own winter weather. we sure do maybe not is widespread. yeah, the bay area like the snow that they're seeing elsewhere but if you drive long enough you'll see it now this time around i know this is where it is counter intuitive my dad worked for the department of transportation in seattle snow actually safer than rain according to him because people know to go slow no rain i think there may over confident, i mean it's good reminder that with the range you got to take it slow too careful how yeah and we have some chilly evenings. the next few nights too so there could even be a few icy spots of the day for the sierra, it's just solid snow for this year we were talking about you know it's going to be measured in feet locally the rain are we talking about a good day. lucia water to we could see upwards of an inch for a few areas that's good early season storm right there and right in the midst of busy trouble. just a good idea if you have to travel might as well give yourself plenty of time to do it. don't do it tonight because tonight we're in the
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midst. what will be some of our worst whether these next few days. now this morning, it would boyer right it looks gorgeous out there we've been nice and clear all morning long golden gate bridge has just been easy going across it as it has been traveling across any part of the bay even the sierras, nice and dry this morning. this is going to change it's going to change quick as the showers continue to make their way on towards the bay. we're seeing more widespread activity now for northern california snow already settling in right around reading and that's just going to work its way our direction as the system is carried out in closer and closer to the bay area, you'll notice winds picking up temperatures dropping, especially into tonight cloud cover increasing and then obviously the rain you're not gonna miss that as it pushes on into the bay into the middle of the day expect some showers right around noontime isolated showers becoming more widespread eventually some moderate showers and between 4, 5, 06:07pm, tonight, some of our heaviest of rain right in the midst of your drive home from work so it's going
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to be kind of a slick drive home. the sierra nevada is going to see feet of snow strong strong winds that means blowing snow drifting snow low visibility. that is not your night to head up into the sierra if you haven't already lefh to head up there you might want to just wait until after the next couple of days as thanksgiving and black friday things look to be calming down temporarily though we are going to see conditions nice and calm for your friday best day for your travel being black friday and then saturday and sunday and there comes another round of rain and yet some more mountain snowfall right in the middle of your weekend after thanksgiving so too busy travel times right now and right after thanksgiving. both of these times looking at some significant rain and snow around the corner as for today into tomorrow as i mentioned which aims and will we are looking at a potential of over an inch of rain for a few spots in the bays such as hayward and a few other coastal areas, a lot of rainfall in a pretty short period time here enough to be resulting in flood watches taking effect. today at 02:00pm last until 10:00pm
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tonight in the midst of some of the heaviest of rainfall. i showed you just a moment ago the kincade fire burn scar susceptible to debris flows could see some localized flooding in these areas and then windy conditions on top of the rain which just doesn't help the situation. so that's what you're encountering if you do decide to the roads tonight as for temperatures today, well it will be cooler than yesterday down into the 50's were will remain in the rest of your forecast. tomorrow rain and summer coal dust of temperatures along with the showers at thursday and friday staying cold but clearing out at least before more rain looking likely saturday into sunday. robin. >>all right, thank you john we're checking out the golden gate we want to take a peek at the traffic heading into and out of san francisco looking good right. this is a beautiful shot, not too much traffic 23 minutes here from the bottom to the toll plaza, you just have this little stretch of crowding south one oh one working your way into sandra fell. but that's about it looking good turn of otto looking good through marin city checking the bay bridge
8:20 am
traffic it's standing out so not as many folks on the road this morning and we can tell because we have a clearing here from the 80 over crossing and you're back up right down the middle in those cash lanes its bills right here to west grand. now there's another little pocket, leaving oakland on 5 of the west's as you murder with 80 ecc those people are trying to get in to emeryville of an 80 west you're slow from west grand to the toll plaza folks heading to san francisco, 5.80 all clogged up leaving san leandro to oakland. there's an accident at 13 right at the split that has traffic stacked up doesn't look like a major crash. but it's definitely crowding up your drive. one oh one is recovering from that earlier accident on the lower deck. it's pretty busy northbound from 2.80 to the skyway so you're looking at 20 minutes from brisbane to 80 in san francisco. well, robin it hasn't started raining. >>yet, but if you are driving on highway one oh one just south of 8 80 in san jose and looks like it rains every day if you drive by that area because of the puddle you know all about this i've gone
8:21 am
through there. the pot looks like a flooding situation day after day this is video of the area. after water was pumped out by a cruise, so it's a losing cause caltrans is pumping more than 2 million gallons of water every day to try to solve the problem. well, the drivers are still complaining saying the water is a driving has or whether they drive through it. around it. the water has taken a toll on the pavement as new cracks and potholes seem to appear as fast as there are filled those rain water is now forecast to drivers fear the problem would only get worse and that is ground water. coming up through that pavement. >>well major cell phone carriers are promising to make changes after last month's
8:22 am
power shut off set not only left many california's the dark but also without any cell service whatsoever so we've got the big players for rise and atnt sprint t mobile their long periods of time. the rise until regulators that it will also start making cell service outage information available to the public. coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, rash of break-ins and burglaries all impacting businesses in a neighborhood in san francisco will give you a closer look and a warning about a lottery ticket scam targeting hispanic women here in california.
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>>we're back in a 25 and a warning this morning about a lottery ticket scam targeting older hispanic women. the fbi
8:26 am
says the scammers approach a victim and tell them that they have a winning lottery ticket but they can't cash it because of immigration issues the scammers and convinced the victims that they could cash the ticket but in order do that they have to pay a deposit or collect a fee for the winnings. 10's of thousands of dollars have been stolen in this scam and so far 4 defendants in southern california have been charged with several counts including wire fraud. >>they then take as much cash as they can get from the victim. drive into a random residents where they claim the rest of the cash is available. and then drive away with the victim's money. >>yeah, the common trend in scams like this is to tell the victim that they have to give money to get money and authorities say if you hear that that's a red flag to say people should warn there, especially the older loved ones about this latest scam they seem to be the ones most susceptible to being conned by it. coming up next the big storm expected to hit the bay
8:27 am
area today we're going to have a full forecast with meteorologist john travel not only the weather. we're expecting here locally but. >>also if you're heading up to the sierra too.
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>>and we're back our top story this morning a storm moving into the bay area today that could impact your holiday travel so expect heavy rain tonight and slick roads in the chp also warning of heavy traffic delays to for barry travelers, heading farther up into the sierra and the clock is ticking on you people thinking about heading up there should do it right about. >>now now it's sooner rather than later that's for sure because they're calling for like blizzard-like conditions on a lot of the free was heading up to tahoe. let's go for more on that let's go to john tribal who's watching. bay area weather app. yeah anyone that's heading up into the sierra right now i wish you'd have done it a few hours ago maybe yesterday actually but hey sooner better than later because it is about to get really slick up there. >>and for the bay area things
8:31 am
about to get pretty dicey as well seeing some increase in cloud cover overhead but still holding on to some sunshine and timber on what a great morning it's been if you have amended minded how chilly it's been we've been in the 30's and 40's throughout the morning. so yeah that's been cooler than we've been the past few days. but at least we've been dry for your morning so far things are not going to stay dry by the middle of the day light to moderate showers start to drift into the bay by 02:30pm you see widespread rain especially for the north bay. the heaviest of rainfall is expected to right around your evening commute tonight. that's when this line of showers pushes right on into the bay between 4, 5, 6, and 07:00pm and that's when you can expect the worst of travel conditions for the bay as far as strongest of winds most intense rainfall and snow in the sierra nevada it's going to last all night long on into tomorrow as well now snow is going to fall and increasingly low elevations over the next couple of days. that means that we're going to see it not just in the sierra but down into the sierra foothills on
8:32 am
into the grapevine if you're heading south or well across northern california for many of our northern counties even towards some lower elevations. so very slick conditions if you're driving north south or east and for the bay area also going to be slick with continually rainy conditions on into wednesday tomorrow, a busy travel day before thanksgiving. looks like thursday and friday should be you're better days for travel as conditions will really come down by then especially on into friday for your black friday shopping. now for the sierra got to know that it's not just some snow up there it's a lot of snow multiple feet of it once you head above especially 3,000 feet that's where you're really going to be looking at the snow really piling up well above one to 2 feet possibly even up to 4 feet at the crest of the sierra you add in winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour you've got white out conditions, drifting snow and blowing snow on roadways. not a good recipe for heading up into the mountains today, especially not tonight. temperatures as i mentioned been chilly this morning. most
8:33 am
of us are back in the 40's by this point many of us have fallen into the 30's napa holding as well santa rosa, you're each still in the 30's but expected to rise into the 40's and eventually 50's later on today 50's will be in company by heavier showers into the late afternoon and right around sunset tonight time tonight some of our heaviest of rainfall. i'm talking what else to expect as we make our way into the holiday still to come and if you want to stay with us as those showers fall, you can do so by following kron on we're going to keep you updated all day long here. so you want to check out your radar here the latest information make sure to uh give us a look there on kron on robert i thank you john over to 92 are checking in on the san mateo bridge looks much better. >>earlier this morning was packed we have some accidents and hayward now it's thinning out so a lot of folks left town that's why we're not seeing the usual crowd here from the east bay to the peninsula. so we are down to a very nice 17 minutes to make it off 2, one to one check out the favorites trip into san
8:34 am
francisco does not look good. we're starting to see get trip making and it's only 12 minutes to fremont street as we get closer and closer to a thanksgiving day, it's just got to get better and better lighter and lighter. let's head over to traffic tracker we're checking in on the dumb barton 14 minutes across the bay for more to dublin, you're good. no problems on one oh one it's just recovering from an earlier crash. so if you're traveling into or towards san francisco. one oh one still a little heavy from 3rd street to the skyway because of that earlier accident on the lower deck. james well. thank you very much. >>robin let's go to the south bay right now our public agencies working to try to figure out the cause of a smelly problem them enough to beat us all my goodness you ever smell that driving through milpitas even on a sunny day when his so far the cause has been narrowed down to at least 3 sources kron four's maureen kelly tells us those sources. >>it's a problem that's been lingering for decades so much
8:35 am
so some people refer to the city of milpitas as smell pitas even though the owner also affects parts of north san jose and southern fremont i can't smell it myself today but people i've talked to describe it as like rotting garbage. now the bay area air quality management district is going to take a year long comprehensive look at the possible causes to the stake. there are several suspects already a wastewater treatment plant a landfill and recycling plant. >>all are believed to be contributing to the smell. this study is going to try to pinpoint the cause is so they can be dealt with this. >>a study is intended to do is to use laboratory instruments laboratory great insurance. and very very low levels of celtic compounds that are producing the old. so we'll hopefully get to. what sources are producing what odor. what percentage of voters so it's
8:36 am
called source attribution some people i talk to think the study might be a big waste of a lot of money. >>but others think if they can get rid of the smell it would be worth it, know. >>there's a thing can be done because i mean it's a landfill and that's just going to how it so i don't know that that's like. use of a lot of money to figure out or where it's coming from, but if they can figure out a way to you like and i suppose that the good. >>this is not the only study into the source of this smell this month. the city launched another $85,000 community odor monitoring pilot program which will collect samples and data weekly through october 2020. maureen kelly kron 4 needs. >>from know ptsd san francisco where break ins or just out of control most most recently the break-ins are happening to russian hill businesses take a look at the video. a burglar broke into the new russian hill market convenience store located on pacific avenue. the
8:37 am
burglar shattered a window and took office cigarettes and make out that burglars face right there. this is owners well they're dealing with thousands of dollars worth of damage on top of the stolen items and now they want the city to do a lot more to protect them. it's devastating to the brick and mortars. >>because you know we don't make a lot of money as it is in. it's killing us drop the hammer. you know if you go to pacific are other cities in the bay area. they don't have these laws that will make it easy on the criminals, they punish them accordingly. >>so they want stricter laws oftentimes in these cases, the criminals are never caught and some business owners say it's so bad, they don't even bother filing a police report. coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news. >>north a woman is helping the long-term fight for a cure for alzheimer's. we'll have a special report on that coming up. plus a daylight shootout in the east bay we're going to hear from the shop owner who went after his armed robbers.
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>>they an armed robbery in oakland led to a shootout in the streets when the store owner decided to fight back. it happened yesterday morning in the grand lake district, 2 armed men stole about $60,000 worth of items from a rare coin store. well as soon as they left the store, the owner grabbed his own gun and went after them. the store owner in the robbers engaged in a firefight on elmwood avenue in the end the armed robbers dropped the stolen items and sped away. >>this is trying to protect myself stuff i can take a. $60,000 head. we hope can i believe he shot at me so i shot a couple of times at him. he dropped a bag and kept going up the hill. guy was in a car and he drove by and he shot at me as he was driving away. i took a shot at him. >>well in the chaos of all of
8:42 am
that shooting there was a stray bullet that went into a nearby home and ended up hitting someone in the leg. luckily that person's going to be ok. the police are trying to find out now whose gun that bullet came from. as we head to break, here's a quick look outside we've got our san francisco international airport camera this morning where at the moment, the weather's nice so we're not looking for any delays on that front. but certainly by tonight and into tomorrow, especially if you're flying out here is a plenty of time because sfo with stormy weather is always a slow and we'll be right back.
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8:45 am
>>welcome back 8.45 on this tuesday morning ahead ahead of what will be a rainy finish the day look at how nice it's been out there continues to be pretty good looking over us. berkeley currently you are seeing just a few more clouds drifting overhead but and that is nothing compared to the cloud cover about to see and the rain and snow for the mountains at least that we're about to see as well will be
8:46 am
activity across the state whether you're heading into the sierra are seeing here in the bay area. you're going to be running into some slick conditions for the bay. it will be some very uh heavy rain come the evening commute tonight. peak rain hours between 5, 06:07:08pm, tonight, right in the middle of your evening commute is when you can expect some of our heaviest of rainfall. but it will be widespread beyond that picking up around noon for some areas, lasting wealth through tomorrow and for the sierra nevada feet of snowfall are going to be seen not just today but into tomorrow resulting in blowing snow drifting snow on roadways. what you factor in the strong winds that we're going to be seeing along with it so not your best travel day, i'd recommend saving the travel if you can at least and tell thanksgiving today, not the day to be on the roads thanksgiving itself in friday for black friday looking great before this happens yet another round of rain pushes in saturday on into sunday. the weekend after thanksgiving another busy travel one and another one that you're going to be greeted by some rain and
8:47 am
snow if you're heading into higher elevation areas as for how much rain we're about to see we could see anywhere from a half an inch to above an inch of rainfall just over the next 24 hours. so this is a good first rainfall the have timing of it that's what's the pain in the neck here 50's for your current temperatures or other your daytime highs later today across the bay right now we're still in the 40's and we're going to remain in the 40's, the 50's we push the your next 7 days. some of our coldest of days actually be thanksgiving and friday black friday, look at those evening lows. inland falling well into the 20's. robin wright, thank you john over to the richmond center fell bridge west bound 5.81 of our busiest bridge is right now it's really not bad. >>it's backed up to speed on the western drive on around to find westbound so you're looking at roughly a 10 minute trip to the north bay. check this out the bay bridge traffic pretty much god earlier we had a backup that spilled into the maze, it's not there anymore. so a great trip into san francisco right now a little pick up the nimitz because that's one of the heavier freeways coming
8:48 am
out of the east bay, he looks variance a lot of crime coming out of san leandro passing the coliseum entering downtown oakland. so that's a 24 minute trip and one more. get the 85 slow in little pockets at 26 minutes from san jose to mountain view back to you. >>8 48 is the time november is all timers awareness months and national family caregivers month. this morning kron four's grant lotus is sharing a special story which onors both. hand in hand precious moments now frozen in time. >>in january his life was brand new her life 81 years of it was in the final months of an all timers battle. both needed help with the most basic tasks and the person there for them was vanessa carter. leslie had just made her a mom and vow to is her mom my husband and i moved back to my childhood bedroom back in her old timber on home so vanessa could be there for her mom i don't think that i
8:49 am
took years off my life mean i think still in good health, but. >>and you think i was really depressed it was really for a lot of that journey with my mom. >>and her story her struggle is all too common. >>ted you 2 are now living with i heard. i've been diagnosed with you know we're little bit of a i don't know how much. >>not really aware of a. not being fun thing she would ever so the titles it's a small town doesn't seem me. >>for a few years now vanessa's father has been living with the same disease that took his bride of 46 years this past july. those stable and charming and witty at times ted carter, a longtime attorney ernie in novato is affected more than he realizes you do ask questions. you know funny things like taking something out of the freezer and bring it upstairs and putting it in a drawer and you know things like that. there's notice.
8:50 am
because they don't make of that spurt of the fascination of this disease is that the brain makes decisions then take a left at the ice cream in drawer. one of the reasons his condition has not worsened faster is likely his daily trek to the marine chapter of jewish family and children's services and we really felt that when the car was out so they were closed for 4 days. >>he'll sleep both the social isolation and just the lack of structure and routine now forgotten county to incident. >>2 years of field trips all over the place, although museums in the bay area. the jury is out for all good news with a for them that they do all the work of the planning piles on the bus and off the bus so vanessa cares for dad and her baby.
8:51 am
>>as she mourns her mom's passing. she's also a full time environmental literacy content specialist for san francisco unified school district and she's become a leading alzheimer's advocate you're exhausted right. >>was was more tiring i think it was more tiring emotionally it was a you know my first experience holding the there's also to be you know setting an alarm and getting up in the middle of the night change might wonder stivers. >>she credits her family first husband, joe for agreeing to move into his in-laws home. when he's not working as a sail boat captain he helps with baby wesley and around the house for this family of sailors all timers has meant it's all hands on deck and finesse is taking her advocacy work to our local us representatives jared huffman are represented has been nothing but receptive he spent
8:52 am
just so welcoming and. >>and says yes to what we ask of him in terms of policy but seriously with everything else how does she have time in her day or week to relentlessly drive policy change people may perceive as a caregiver how could it possibly have a full-time job assignment, caring for my dad. >>and do this and yet i feel like it's the only way i can do all of the other things that not everyone got a good civics lesson in high school to understand that. >>it is our responsibility to show up to the people who represent and and to share and sure asks and so to have mechanism by which to move policy forward i think you know fallen tearing is is the least we can all do. >>an inspirational message from the leader of this family who is also leading the fight to end all simers lending a loving hand wherever, and whenever she can to make things better for people now and in the future.
8:53 am
>>that was graham lotus reporting and we'll be posting the story on kron 4 dot com and a link if you'd like to donate to the alzheimer's association. and coming up at 9 o'clock a man breaks into this home of this 82 year-old woman. he got more to bargain for she kick the snot out of him he needed a doctor will have the full story coming up. we made usaa bank for members like cassie. she's made of nerves of steel, so when she has to perform
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>>4 morning news that incoming storm will be impacting holiday travelers. not only here but up in the sierra as well we'll tell you how much time you have before the heavy delays start piling up and construction on a controversial homeless shelter along the embarcadero will con the van gogh.
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and this morning on the kron 4 morning news we are tracking the storm. >>approaching the bay area in here you can see on future cast for what we're expecting to develop over the course of the day today with rain here in the bay and snow up in the sierra good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm james fletcher and i will tran in for darya folsom that window, he's to be like this, but it way closing because we expect winter like conditions up in tahoe, this is mostly man me at kirkwood and but in a few hours it's going to be the real deal never placed by feet of fresh snow, we got john triple in the weather center right now tracking it all john yeah that snow on its way guys it's not here yet but it is heading our way very quickly see up that window is closing if not already closed hopefully. you got chance to reach your holiday destination before now if not you might be driving there on thanksgiving itself. the golden gate bridge. it's been clear


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