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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  November 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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[applause] >>i really returning to the bay area pockets of heavy downpours right now more coming tonight. >>the wet weather hitting during rush hour making for a dangerous commute out there. it has not rained for quite a while so the roads may be slick. now at that 80 up to tahoe white out conditions. this is forcing some closures on the interstate tonight. thanks for joining us. everyone, i'm catherine human in for grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis we have team coverage tonight on this
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november's storm. our first dan kerman he's live for us in the north bay where one city is still dealing with the effects of last winter. but first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the storm for us lawrence the system is being called a cyclamen explain. yeah, this is a room. >>rapidly intensifying storm system really in just the last 24 hours didn't look like much at all the gulf of alaska, but look at it now this is a serious storm that is moving in the california is going to change everything for us. this week of course we haven't seen any significant rainfall so far this season we're getting it now you see the snowball so piling up in the sierra nevada too driving up there very very dangerous tonight. some blizzard conditions expected across the sierra nevada winds gusting there over 65 maybe 70 miles per hour. but look at that rain coming down in the bay area's we take for a closer look. you can see some of those showers popping up some heavier bands now making their way into parts of the south bay they will get some
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downpours are really taking the better part of the day to get the rain in that direction otherwise the showers continuing across san francisco stretching into union city parts of the east bay too and then the main cold front is actually just beginning to move into the north bay where they've seen the most significant rainfall so far some of those are rain totals upwards of a half an inch of rain so far and there's plenty more to come. in fact there is some concern tonight and some of the north bay that we're looking at the possibility of some flash flooding. so some advisories have been posted in those areas and the north bay specially in and around the contained fire of the burn areas not able hold out water there's just not the root systems from up last there so certainly concern that we could see some flash flooding there. but this storm season looks like it is kicking off finally it took a long time to get here. the rain now rolling back in the bay area gray skies outside there tonight and more showers on the way maybe even some thunderstorms too. and it's going to be so
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cold guys not only are we just going to see the snow in the sierra nevada likely going to see that our local mountains to well morning weather guys coming up. >>in a few minutes height, lawrence real weather to talk about yes lawrence pointed out if you plan to to this year for thanksgiving, you know it actually might be too late. heavy rainfall already forcing closures on highways headed to tahoe. and it's going to get worse tonight. this is a live picture of interstate 80 at castle peak blizzard conditions at this hour. a chp says westbound traffic is being held up in turkey and then eastbound traffic at all to that's 2 to several crashes in the area any cars you see here are just residual traffic but the interstate between truckee and all to is closed and caltrans says it could actually close more roads depending on the storm's severity. >>and for a lot of people the storm is marking the really the official start of rainy for those concerned about drought, yeah, it's a good sign. but for those who are worried about landslides. >>it most definitely is not kron four's dan kerman live
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for us tonight in sausalito with details. hi dan. >>hi we're right here along crescent avenue we've got a light drizzle coming out now this is the bottom of where that one house slid down the hillside and hit another house, this is all that's left all of that debris that we saw for quite some time was finally removed within the last couple of weeks now the concern is making sure that while there is no longer any brush or debris on the sell side. problem is to make sure that none of the hillside comes down you can see right there there's some protective netting up the hill where that landslide began there is a plastic sheeting along that area and they're hoping that will do the trick. throughout this rainy season. a light rain over sausalito isn't that big a deal unless of course you live on this hillside along sausalito boulevard it was in february when the land above broke free crossing the street and sending one home crashing down the hill into another on crescent avenue.
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earlier this month that debris was finally removed and replaced with sea breeze and this green protected i had few ideas too. >>get some growth back on the slope and to keep it from eroding during rainstorms. just before the rain hit tuesday, public works crews put in some extra protection to catch green material before it goes in the storm drains on crescent that additional drainage system is also planned for this area in the next couple of weeks above sausalito boulevard plastic remains on the slope where the actual slide started that's to keep additional water from getting on to the hillside that should reduce but not eliminate the risk of future slides. anybody who lives in sausalito should always be concerned about the steep slopes in which they live up on so. it's it's hard to say if something is going to move up above us but we're going to manage it as best we can. >>the city is also working with the park service to put additional monitoring devices on the hillside itself which should help alert to any
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additional movement as for residents, the rain raises concerns for some but not for others. >>one said to these people and from what's happened. but i don't feel personally endangered by it. >>so is the first rain of the winter season arrives here in sausalito we're kind of in a wait and see mode this does not look like it's have enough at least not at this point to do anything here and this area we'll be talking again in february and see how sausalito has fared live to incur back to you in the studio. >>all right dan happening now some people trying to get home others are trying to get away. here's a look at the roads right now all all around the bay. >>the bridge is the bay bridge, the golden gate to sandra fell the san mateo bridge is some heavy traffic at the golden gate for example, northbound traffic started getting really heavy early in the afternoon and you can see it's a lot of people apparently already headed off for thanksgiving. and this strong storm that has police
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warning drivers about the dangerous road conditions of course we'll show you what it looked like in marin county this afternoon. it doesn't look too bad there, but plenty of traffic. the chp says because it has not rained in a long time. oil buildup from cars and that is making the roads pretty slick as always there suggesting you keep a good distance between cars. coming up we're going to talk to the chp about road conditions and when they are expected to be at their worst. the weather in your neighborhood any time with the kron app you'll find. >>full forecast to interactive radar. and weather alerts straight to your device download the kron 4 app today. >>and it happened again another car has been hit by a projectile along a stretch of highway one oh one this happened near prune dale dozens of cars even a school bus. i have been targeted to chp is stepping up enforcement in that area as thousands of people. >>early traveling the through there for the holiday, new
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details about this investigation now from kron four's rob fladeboe he joins us now from the area of the latest incident. rob what's going on. that's vicki and catherine at 2 a visa so-called projectile strikes now in the past 4 days a total of 42. >>and counting the latest occurring as you said on the eve of the busiest travel period of the year. right now they're in front of that landmark known as the red bar, here's more. maybe 04:05pm, monday a van carrying 6 people. >>was hit by an object as it passed the san juan. >>exit off highway one oh one near the red barn. >>no one was hurt. but a window was shattered chp officer going yard. >>the van was traveling southbound and to was struck in the rear driver's side window. last friday, a school bus carrying the carmel high school football team was hit. >>there have been 5 minor injuries associated with 42
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such attacks since february so this is happening both northbound and southbound along the one oh one in the prone to area we have seen a few. >>along highway one 56 and you're the oak hills area, but majority of them are happening along highway one 56 to the monterey county line worried about copy cash the chp war say exactly what is hitting the vehicles. >>highway neighbor freddie truffles says he's scared to get behind the wheel these days it could be some sort of a gun or something sling shot her. >>i don't know it's i just don't think that throwing a rock off overpass others suggest the random nature of the attacks on different stretches of highway. >>suggest the projectiles may be coming from another vehicle. the chp has not ruled that out it can be someone on the side of the road can be someone in a vehicle. >>that is still under investigation and we are considering both different situations. the chp has
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stepped up its presence from san juan road to crazy horse canyon in to prune dale along highway one 56. there's precious little drivers can do to avoid being targeted that people are scared and want the attacks to stop whoever does are sick. and they need to go to jail. >>and they made to maybe put more of an effort out here before somebody does get killed. because it's scary. the people's lives at stake. >>now the chp says the number of projectile stretch, maybe higher than 42 because it fears that to some of these are going on reporters who urging drivers who become victimized by these projectiles strikes to immediately stop call 911 and a demand an investigation also the chp says that private parties have offered a $1000 reward for information in the case live in ferndale rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>bond to the peninsula now palo alto police have arrested a home intruder after startling the people inside.
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it happened monday morning near the 2200 block of ramona street. a teenager, a sleeping woke up to noises outside her bedroom on the second floor, the suspect 29 year-old dwight ronald tucker then made his way downstairs where he was confronted by the teens mother. police say tucker then demanded money and for the safety of her kids the mother complied. officers eventually caught tucker in the neighbor's yard and found stolen stolen items in his pocket. tucker has been book into the san jose made jail. a un aid worker from san francisco was killed over the weekend in afghanistan secretary of state a state mike pompeo. >>he says the attack was targeting un workers who have been helping the afghan people the bay area worker has been identified as a male raj she was an american citizen. 5 other workers were hurt. no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing. but both the taliban and the islamic state group have been active in that area.
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>>coming up police are on the lookout for gunman who got away what witnesses say happened when shots rang out at a bakersfield wall monday night. and this wildfire raging tonight this is near santa barbara, how many acres have been burned so far and up next a live interview on the road conditions all around the bay we'll be talking with california highway patrol about which areas to watch out for tonight. and if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break you tune into our streaming kron on you can download the kron on app and began watching now. >>and finally the rain is back look at all the green around the bay area pocket, a yellow maybe some thunderstorms. we'll take a closer look when ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪
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♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ >>finally some honest to goodness winter like weather. we're taking a live look outside right now from our sutro cam overlooking san
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francisco, usually you can see the city all. you can make on so more. lawrence is here and you love dramatic weather center was absolutely are calling the storm. cool beautiful, yeah really a beautiful look at storm, you know yesterday it was just as massa clouds in the gulf of alaska. >>how about that that is a good look at storm right there's a rolls right in she had nice little swirl that com a cloud developing in the atmosphere as that low pressure center really intensified over the last 24 hours and that is bringing with it, plenty of rain to california much needed rain and how about that some lightning strikes now showing up in the central part of california and lots of snow in the sierra nevada in the bay area look at the storms rolling on through right now we had one heavy band making its way through into the south bay that bringing with it plenty of rain in that area you can see that right there one o one so for commuters, not the best time to see the storm rolling through. but here we go you've got that rain you've got a stronger band now making its way in the
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ear to 8072, you see the showers moving through in that direction. these are all sliding to the south you get said in one of these you're going to see some heavy downpours in that area now certainly things are going to continue throughout the evening hours as the showers going to start move on to the south but they'll continue right on through effect stretching across the bay see 90 to about to get hit by some a pretty good the rain moving across their into the east more that rain on the way san leandro your get some rain drops in your neighborhood bring pocket there in san ramon continues drop some rainfall down there walnut creek just some lighter showers in a rented to in concord little bit of a break. now making her way into a martinez, but also seeing more bands of fact, the main cold front is actually right here in the north bay. how about that the rain now moving through the petaluma there will be briefly heavy at times and with that cold front that airs on stable enough, there's a possibility you could see some thunderstorms so a very exciting night ahead guys love to see the rain back in the
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bay area. >>all right. thank you very much the track that stormy weather including the rain a lot of yet join ing is so right now on the phone with the latest on road in truckee chp officer pete man. thank you so much for joining us, you heard laurence he was very excited about this storm. but it spells trouble out there on the roads does it not. >>i that we've been >>hey pete own people headed to title which i find kind of hard to believe, but they're still trying to get there. how bad is it i headed that way. >>in that it could come in a little rock. a baby it. practices afternoon with what local prefect voter, however you had be here minute ago they had from the book about a foot from the cup the only in
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another >>you know what pete i hate to do this to you but you're breaking up a little town of like you're saying something significant. you are breaking some news here what can do care to repeat that again it sounds like you've opened up the uh the highways there. >>yeah that is it got her at the to go they and won't again and hopefully keep it going. >>all right, peter we were saying earlier pretty much all hands on deck is that true you've got people all over the bay area trying to deal with this i guess. >>absolutely you even in that. to make sure i like lord as well everybody paper and get to their holiday that. >>we have been advising people pretty much if you haven't gotten up to tahoe, just to give it up are are you
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changing the scenario a little bit is it ok to to make the track. >>and 3rd to about where they are. the weather go over the next 24 hours. but they can look better than the night the early tomorrow morning. think you walk that's the way to the next 36 hours i what does he not only made it out of the of crop that under law. >>hey people are looking up for example right now 80 at castle peak but even people trying to get from one end of the bay area to the other for move thanksgiving weekend. it's rough in some places what areas. getting this worst. >>you know i think everybody out there want eat your way we've got a huge and what propaganda it pretty on the way overnight hours. got our
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people aboard the boat. and potential was which is >>all right, thank you so much officer pete with the chp always good advice and we'll be talking to you in the next couple days hopefully we can get a little bit. a better cell service with you there be safe out there. tonight police are looking for an attacker who opened fire at a bakersfield mall wounding 2 people videos on social media showed customers running screaming for cover after gunfire erupted monday at the valley plaza mall as you can see there. a police say that there's no immediate word on what prompted the shooting. the mall has seen violence before a gang related shooting killed one man just 2 days after christmas in 2005 sending shoppers fleeing in panic. that shooter was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole. still ahead rain expected to hit most of the bay area's we
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move into the evening. we will have a live report from the east bay on what you can expect tonight. >>and a wildfire really raging in southern california. this is burned more than 4,000 acres where the so-called kaye fire. it's prompting evacuations tonight and looking the radar right now as you can see it is lit up in green some spots in yellow. firm, a lot of rain out there in southern california a
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look at this a video the k fire this is near santa barbara. it has grown to more than 4,000 acres tonight, it's still growing quickly the. >>santa barbara county fire department says 0 containment last be heard thousands of people are under evacuation orders but no homes have been destroyed at this point there have been no injuries. the fire began yesterday, the los padres national forest and grew very quickly and bone-dry vegetation. and although this
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round of wet weather will bring some relief cal fire's saying this is not the end of fire season capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explained. >>with wet weather set to soak the state cal fire says it's still business as usual one storm. it's not going to cure all. >>my teammate, so by that i mean we could have winds come through the valley or very celebrations throughout the course of next week which are not back out. >>cal fire spokesman scott mclean says staffing levels will stay the same as the agency prepares for both the incoming storm and future fire potential so far this year the agency has worked 6,190 fire incidents with nearly 200,000 acres burned. crews this week are keeping an eye on areas vulnerable to mudslides across the state and preparing swift water rescue teams in the south. as fire season winds down officials say fire repair efforts continue across california could be as simple fixing fences, but it also can.
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>>get further down into taking those dozer lines out smooth things out and then put what we call water bars in there to prevent the flow water coming down those does your trails so basically we're kind prevent erosion and a lot of cases cal fire has also been working on 35 high priority fire prevention projects across the state. >>a lot of that work is expected to be complete by the end of this year they're progressing as we speak that looking very good so your impacts cal fire or does everyone to be prepared for what the wet weather can bring in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>next to 5.30 november's all simers awareness month and also national family caregivers month. we will tell you about one local family's unique story that honors both and a handful of tech workers has been fired after violating company policy the roads which google says they broke while on the job. we have seen some downpours around the bay area today but the heaviest rain has just entered the the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to mateo, my favorite chair. grace, you get the beach house... just don't leave the lights on, okay? to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.


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