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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 27, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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your sister stopped rrowing your sweaters? that's yes for less. op stealing mine... never. holiday gift everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department sre prices. at ross. yes for less. >>and this morning on the kron 4 morninnews, the big story is the srm that we're tracking you can see here on storm tracker for the live radar view. there's certainly still a lot of rain out there like we saw last night a lot of rain here a lot of snow up in the sierrthis is a live view along i 80 and judge flat the roads covered. >>and snow if you're anning to travel up there. you might want to hold off those plans because they say the window has slammed shut possibly after thanksgiving could be the best time to head up ere absolutely chain requirements
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in place the passes hard to get throh. >>let's talk about a good morning, everybody thank you for joining us on this wednesday, i'm jamefletcher nd i will tran and for darya folsom for more on the weather here and up in tahoe, let's go overo our ddy john. yeah guys saw her looking rough this moing. but like you said well we are going to be seeing improving condions come thanksgiving and black friday, thse you're better days head up to lake tahoe, maybe enjoy some of that powder up there or finally make your thanksgiving travel plans which you may have put on delay after last nig and if you did kudos to you because it w not fun. >>to be traveling across not just the bay but across th state last night. you can see a calm conditions right now at the goldegate bridge. but we do still have actively rain falling just south of the bridge on the peninsula out to the east bay snow well out into the mountains just east of san jose and i've looking at some summer radar detected lightning just offshore of e bay area so that could be making its way and so don't be
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surprised if you hear roll of thund too this morning either very acti morning still san jose milpitas fremont all these areas looking at light to moderate showers. snow just above san jose and that's something that you' going to notice as you wake up later this morning and the un eveually comes up and see some white there on thosslopes just east of san jose a fremont union city of pretty good area of rainfall making its way across the bay right now it's i knew over in hayward into union city and also a heavy area of rainfall right along 2.80 just south daly city it's going to be moving its way towards the airport here in the next few minutes may just delayed some flights probably doing so already would not be surprised at all to see a bright flashes could se somligningnd ne the ing produced by that so currently as wmake our way through the morning isolated spots of rainfall will continueo be seen. we'll see areasith nshi and then for example noon here looks likee do have some
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development in the form of some showers right across san frc in marin county by 02:4m gathering ynan isan jose in the east bay showers taper off before yet again early in the afternoon and then we really start to see activity dyin into the evening tonight. is sets us up for a much calmer thanksgiving into tomorrow could see a few sprinkles out there maybe a few moderate showers but from the bay to the sierra tomorrow will be a much better day for your travels still would hesitate to head up into the sierra today we have a lot more snow coming down and we have that feet of snow yesterday that is still going to be blowing across the roadway resulting in drips at times and low visibility. friday itself will be your best day for travel whether you're staying in the bay or heading up into the mos winter storm warnings remain through the day today in the sierra as well as in lake county which is currently seeing snowfall right above clear lake. word youll ytu have to do is head up to 1200 feet you start to see some wintryix up there just to our north.
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temperatures right now are in the 40's with 47 in oakland alameda at 49 degree petaluma you're currently at degrees up in the rth bay. later today will make our way from the 40's back into range of 50's staying cool staying cloudy at times and sunshine at times you do want to keep the umbrella wi you even into the evening tonight. robin. >>all rht, thk you biggest problem right now is an act then on the dumbarton bridge that's been blocking for abou an hour and crews are still working with it. this is westbound. 2 right lanes closed, tow trucks have i've having it clear but we don't know exactly when they've issued a special traffic alert. it's a solidrom right before m span. all the way over to the west end of the bridge d i just got word of an accident on the east bay side a little bit closer to the toll plaza so something in your way in addition to the rain and the slick ads out there look at that drive time major delays can be expected 62 minutes. not good to make
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it from the east bay over to the peninsula. ani don't really know if the san mateo bridge is a great alternate i mean lo at it it's wet. it's low. you may save a little bit of te, but it all depends on where ou're going it's not like you're avoiding traffic. so if you don't want to take he dumbarton bridge. yeah, thers the option of 92, but it's just pass from the toll plaza over tohe high rise. here's the y bridge nothing in your way here except for stacked from s, figure west grand. bu it's very quiet just don't forget the headlights and the wipers coming up we'll talk about some you needo liaise getting word of some problems with new knee. metro underground service will take up in a bit james wi. coming >>you very much rob and so back to big story this morning which of course is the rain the storm dumping a whole lot of water around the bay and that's flooded some streets and roads throughout the bay area. this is video from across 4 of you are in francisco. they're on a fire escape above looking down at the flooded sidewa and street below and watch to see trfic driving through this was right alon18th and fulsome in the mission district. yeah, pretty
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innse. the c i. that's likely change the name to that with the wet roads are expected timpact thanksgiving travel for so many people who had to work yesterday that was the best day to get away. many people this is when they take to the skies and the really do absolutely and complicating matters of cours of the weather conditions occasional power outages because of the storms christi to take live in walnut creek talk about all that. >>christina. >>now i'm incredibly fortunate for about the past 10 to 15 minutes, the rain has not been completely pouring down so far buif you are talking to me and just at 05:00am it wod have been completely pouring down you would have seen that. but this has been the case here in walnut creek, i'm downtown off of north main street and if yo know anything about the area. it's definitely the main house right 's where people go from one side of town to the other some people some residces actually and they have have to go through
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downtown walnut creek to get to the other side the city. soseen unavoidable area that this actually an area the last pass our overnight just around 2 o'clock thi morning. it didn't happen. >>on the block right behind me that actually now but up the weather and some of the rainhat happened here it going to take a look at this footagwe've got puddles we've got obviously a lot of flooding in the are. >>this is what it looked like just yesterday here in the woman eek area. but it wasn't the only area that was strongly heady all of these weather conditions. the storm also greatly hit san je go to take a look at this footage we also have extreme flooding have being in different residential areas of course shopping centers d parking lots of those are hit very the heart as well with this and also a lot of streets they have not been repaid in the weather rain like this and of you're going to see a lot of floong. some word to the wise with this make sureo be very careful when you're on the rod and as we've en speaking with drivers throughout all the storm coverage of courseot all of
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them are thrilled that this rain is happeng. we' take a listen. >>i try not the driving vibility is veryow. so when i see the same. that strted a drive in their name. you ha been more cautious they even without the ring is >>sten to those 2 talking about you know driving in the in of course is a struggle for a lot of people and keep in mind when you are on the roads a lot of people obviously more people are on throads we've got a lot of people who are mfortable with driving in the rain so please when you areriving have a loof patients when you're out there the back out here live i do want to show you one mortime here in downtown walnut creek again this is an area that lost power overnight and actually powers off here until about 2 in the morning yocan see the blinking. light right behind me that's the thinking one of the linking street lights here on north main almost a 2 or 3 blocks here was were complete was completely without. you can hear actually in the back a generator and that is heing power up that ea there are some crews here on site working on the downtown
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area. so make se to update you on that. but of course is that big reminders, especially well please be reful on ng as the roads, sure windshield wipers are rey. and hey i'm going to be finding rain the rest of the moning. so we're going to be moving around to different parts of the bay areto find those trouble spots to go in and stay with us there can i give you some pointers with that reporting live here in walnut creek christina >>ok thank you very much christine she looks dry at this time, yeah it's er yet know she's going to chase and the rain all morning long. and don't forget you can also follow the very test all day long with our kronn app that's our live local 24 7 new staming service if you haven't already go had downloaded from your favorite app sre. this will be our way of keeping you updated here snow in the sierra the n traffic problems there rising from both so keep it tun to kron on throughout the day by the way aaa nearly 50 million thanksgiving g the roads this and that's well that's more than we've seen since 2005. so that will tell ou something up 3% from last
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year and today will bone of the worst days to get out, i know it's unfortunate lot of folks have only today to get to where they're going but you can expect to see 3 times the traff on barry roads between 2 4 o'clock this afternoon is evybody's trying to get out town. and don't forget to gas up before you go because yoll be idling burning a lot of it on your way out of the bay area, hers where prices are at the moment on average in san francisco. gallon of gas is going for about 3.94. 3 87n oakland and in san jose little bit cheaper, not by much though.79 for an average gallon of regular gas. and by the way happening now thanksgiving holiday travel rush is really going getting into full swing at the bay area airports just right travel from now until le to cemb d. >>across the country. that's also up from last year he a credible we've got kron 4 sarah stinson on that parof the story for us live at sfo. good morning, sarah. >>that'sight. i mean 3 to 5 million people just flying alone this week and look at it
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righnow the security lines have gone much worse at one point this was alfilled up. and i can see they are. people arlined up here and then they have to wait to act tually going to the security lines and then they ha to keep keep waiting for the canal actually get through security get inside and get to their gates so it's looking to be a bit more packed. but take a look at this video that i jus flights are still on time even though don trouble tracking some. intense weather conditions. it looks like you know the flgghts are still on t here li to give you. just says you're seeing now it's changed a lot in that now in the last hour terms of just how. now i talked to one traveler actually que a few a lot of people telling m they got here. >>ongoing to maryland's for thanksgiving. i came here.
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unless i'm looking for and i took a lyft so yeah i i expected soon. this will take a whe site there again he is always possibl lot of people saying their e a flight is until 7.30 but they got here 5 o'clock that is really ely but you know what better safe than sorry because it is taking a long time for people to get through security right now it's only going to get worse as jas said rlier 2 to 4 zinni the worst. wrote which means getting to the airport could take you 3 times longer than nomal. that is something that most people not prepare for so. and then get your flight and celebrate thanksgiving. >>rising tensions over lowering emissions standards is leading to a lawsuit. the
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>>80 through the sierra is clos ts morning tuesday storms cost several spinouts and crashes caltrans is discouraging tvel to the sierra unil at after thanksgiving da but if you must travel bring chains just in case there are some chain requirements there you can see it slow and go through that ea. snow plows and blowers had been out in full force removing snow from the planes and not enoh because looat that 2 car collision there all the backup and you see the refighters therslowing go. >>expect l. delays on the owy. >>crashes all over the place traffics not moving. so if you can avoid it. >>if you can delait a day a
6:17 am
day and a half 2 days. please do becae it just ing to come up here get stuck with everyone else. >> so if youmust go up there. they'rencouraging you to bring emergency kit that includes water food bnks. cell phones d first aid supplies and if yohave an electric car, they said the other day maksure it is fully chechnya no kidding we've got john here tking more about the forecast. >>awe head into thanksgiving thursday and then into the thanksgiving weekend to for people who are planning a may be heading up to the sierra and yeah because we had 2 rnds of rain guys one that wee currently in the midst of especially last night yeah and then another arriving this upcoming weekend rit after anksgiving, so coming back, it'sgoing be treacherous definitely could some problems for people coming back because there's a window and there, thanks giving a black friday which is great for shoppers and a tentially eafor travelers you choose to take those days to be o the roads which i would definitely commend now this morning still looking at rain and still looking at snowfall
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for partsf the bay area to we've seen some lightning ju off shore this morning. so if you hear a few rolls of thunder do not be surprised we do have a couple of these cells that have produced lightning so far a light to modere rainfall sitting right across the peninsula across the day. >>and then across the east bay to some of our heaviest of rain and then snow fall converting to snowfall right around 2,2500 feet just east of san jose right now looking at this spot of rain right here working i way to the south andast we have union city and eventually some nowhere looks like that heavr rain could be heading. and then just behind be another area of heavy rnfall sitting right over 92. this shower is going to make its way across the bay likely into the southeastern part of the bay to therthat could be packing a maybe a roll of thunder to this onright here as well we saw making its way onshore just moments ago with some very heavy rain just south daly city in pacifica now eyeing 9192 and further south
6:19 am
on into san mateo asell. so a couple of activspots that we can be pointing out this morning. most of us are under some light rainfall enough to get roadways. wet and defitely enough to maybe keep inside a little bit more this morning, especially if you don't have to leave the use. why do it to stay inside and stay cozy. snow continues up in the sierra neva the day as will and james mentioned moments ago 80 does remain closed in a few spots and hey no big surprise there. e have strong winds and those feet of snowfall that has piledp that result and rowing the drublowing snow drifting snow on roadways. less than ideal conditions for y sort of travel into the high country snow to our north and to our sth and the great finds all you have to do is have a few hours and sure in some wintry weather at the bay area itself will contie look isolated showers into the aftnoon. some of these spots could produce thunder storms such athis is showing at noon today just south of san jose toward morgan hill isolated shower should start
6:20 am
to die down leading into tomorrow and then thursy for thanksgiving itself will come along with areas of sunshine. a couple spnkles definitely cannot be ruledut for thanksgiving, friday looking even drier yet know your daytime highs today, those will be in a range of 5s low 50's for the most part fremont each from 50 to 52 degrees e. while 56 in mill valley our warmest spot on the map today. here's your next 7 days tomorrow and friday our driest of days as i mentioned at the start of your forecast your best days for shopping for travel for doing whatever outside because saturday and sunday. that's whatur next round of rain looks likely to arrive could result in some stronwinds again just like we saw last night and maybe even a few rolls of thunder monday and tuesday, an unsettled weather pattern continues. but not oking at as heavy of rainfall as what we're seeing this weekend. rob. >>all right. thank you john stll tracking some big problems around the bay area one problem is on muni this
6:21 am
morning jor delays to the underground subway service. having issues with food letting between church and then as ty are not running trai along thastretch. so trains are switching back at this time time they're workin on getting some bus shuttles in place for you as an alternate but then bart is also assisting they're offering free traners for anyone stuck in this problem on muni and you want to go bart once again major muni metro delays this mning because of flooding between church and then s we also have delays on the dumbarton bridge because of an old. tim blocking for about an hour 20 minutes, it's still out there west 84 after mitt sp your 2 right lanes closer still working with it takes time us it's raining that's not helping. so you're jammed here fore mid span all all the way over tthe west and prepare for major delays on the dumb barred or maybe just hold off. if youan if you have that luxury, i know a lo of you don't you're at 73 minutes here to make your way over to the peninsula that is absolute awful 92 is not a great alternate you are saving
6:22 am
time a look you have to get through this right and that's not pretty it's raining. it's wet and it's slow from the tolls all the way er to the high rise, so 21 minutes if you're opting for 92 to make it to the peninsa. bay bridge traffic looks normal despite the rain right, it's a little soggy.o don't forget the headlights and wipers his fairly quiet on the upper deck nd yet we like quiet. the richmond sandra fell that's nice right. 12 minutes and wide open from the pay gates to one oh one james will. >>all right, thank you very much rob and time now 6.22 mother nature thankfully, helping crews fight aildfire burning in santa barbara county with rain slming into the area of the cave fire was started 2 days ago it was fast moving in just yesterday was 3300 acres now it'sore than 4,000 acres and only 10% contained. but we should get an update in about 30 minutes from hopefully we no homes are threatened by the flames hough none of burned. so at least some good news. but thi fire is onef the reasons the cal fire says the fire seon
6:23 am
is far from over staffing levels as a matter of fact will stay the same as the agey prepas for both the incing storm and future fire tential so far this year the agency has worked 1190 fire incidents with nearly 200,000 acres burned inhis week in particular crews are keing an eye on air isulnerable mudslides and prepping for swift water rescue teams down south. >>the fixing fences, but it also can. >>gefurther down into taking those dozer lines out things out put what we call water bars flow water comingown those does your trails so basically we're kind prevent esion and a lot of cases. >>cal fire'also been working on 35 high priority fire revention projects acro california lot of that work i expected to be completed by e end of the year. >>kron 00:04am morning news, a
6:24 am
warning for people driving through monrey county vecles are getting hit by projectiles we'lhave the very lates wh's he hp is doing to make sure ople are safe
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and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero? yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better whenou find it for less. atoss. yes for less. >>well this morning on the kron 4 morning news. we are of heading to the bay area well not heading it'here. here's a live look from downtown truckee as we're seeing the effects higher up snow blanketing a lot of the roads up there so be extra careful if you're making way your way up into this year this holiday weekend. because you're going to need it and a lot of time topack a lot of patients a lot of time getting up there. thank yofor joining us, i'm james fletcher and i will trend in for darya folsom john sure able told us thanksgiving will b bookended yes light storms in the front and storms in the back yes so let's get what you need to know now before you and out there, hejohn it's like your leftover turkey
6:32 am
sandwiches ys use to give it to reduce slices of bread that's things givg this time around it's the turkey between these 2 rain storms that come fore thanksgiving after thanksgiving, weo have some cloud to ground cloud to ocean lightning out offore this morning. >>you e those lightning strikes just west of the peninsula do be expecting the possibility of just this at times today aoss the bay area we heard a few rolls o thunder yesterday could hear a fe more today, the isolated nature of today's storms will allow some sunlight to hit the ground that helps thunderstorms to delop a little bit more so keep your eye out for that we do have isolated showers continuing across the bay right now including a light rainfall couple of problem spots will point out to you if you're east of san jose are encountering snow to rain snow mix at around 2000 feet in elevation. that's where you're going to get some slick holding on to rain while san jose you're in a bit of a dry spot currtly and then further to the north we're looki at this area of rain
6:33 am
wouldn't be surprised to hear a few rumblings of thunder up there in the vicinity of san mateo in heavy round of rain continues to make its way further to the south just to the east highway one oh one has been trending pretty close to tha route about to cross the dumbarton bridge nearingalo alto i'd say within the next active morning and it's going continue to be an active day ahead of us is these isolated showers continue to make their w in a southeasterly direction through the bay continuing to see snowfall in some of our highest peaks like mount diablo mount saint helene a the blows east of san jose d thenf sps wher yore gng tencoter me heavy rains even if you're in an area of sunshine make sure to havehat umbrellan hand as things can change pretty quickly today moment by moment into the evening tonight down setting us up for what g will be a much calmer thanksgiving around the corner. still a few sprinkles ssible but should be a mostly dry thanksgiving. and en a pretty dry black friday
6:34 am
after that tho are 2 really good travel days. ahead of rainfall that pushesn saturday and on into sunday even more of that rainfall. rain and into the sierra nevada foothills makfor some slick conditions in the foot hills themselves. what you had passed that it solid snowfall and feet of it in the sierra that'why winter storm warnings remain in effect for the sierra and lake county as well which when you head abo clear lake, you're looking at snow is low in elevation as 15 feet this morning. 40's for most of your curnt temperatures, it is a frigid one san francisco at 47 redwood cit of 43 and that rain this morninis just going to makeit feel even colder should getting out there so make sure to have that good wateroof layer in the umbrella ready to go as you're stepping out the door possibly for work possibly for some travels 50's for your highs later on today areasf rain interspersed by some sunshine. robin. >>all right. thank you john back to our big tuble spot and that's an old accident n the dumbarton bridget and blocking for about an our and 30 minutes cre have not been
6:35 am
able to get out of the way. i've been ab to open an additional lane, so we've gone from having 2 lanes close to just the far right lane only so at least are getting by. but of course the backup is growing of special alert remains in place. this is westbound after mitt span but now yore back up the starting to spill toward the to plaza, so definitely an unexpected slowdown fowest 84 and especially on a day where traffic is so light and other spots because so many folks have the day off. so yeah we're callinthis a major delay of 77 minutes to make your way from the east bay over to the peninsu. so you've been warned the san mateo bridgei guess it's an ok alternate we look at the traffic we see how slow it is i don't have any problems here, but you think about 70 minutes compareto 24 minutes. you know take your pick but you're going to be sitting in affic too just tothe peninsula. if you are r going to use the san mateo bridge as an alternate. there was an accident that we can't
6:36 am
really see it's before the pay gates th once wrapping up so it's sort of holding fultz back a little bit which makes plaza, but it's really because people are sort stuck behind the crash. it's minutes to make it to the north bay. we'll check some mo trouble spots for you coming up james well. thank you very. story today which is the ra ig a lotof water hit the bay area fact you can see it resulted in some flooded streets and roads. this is video from a kron 4 viewer in san francisco. they're on the fire escape of their building looking down on 18th street. the flooding their 18th and fulsome in the mission district can't evenake out the side that car going through the water that's pretty crazy. he ould never do that because you really don't know w deep, you could stl flood after and absolutely oh my goodness thankfully, that persois ok but withthe rain continuing if you even have any doubts. >>just don't do that you recommended to go after anksgiving if you haven't already started out already
6:37 am
we've got kron four's christina teacher she's en kind of roaming around the bay area this morning looking at conditions. now in danville joining us live for hood is not good sign righthristina. >>and that is a very good sign for me at least i have to tell you i have pretty ch locked out the past5 ish minutes. i have not been getting rained upon but feel like because i'm saying that right now and we're talking about it inevitay i'm going to get port on within the next half hour. so you know john has be mtioning the fact that here in the east bay that there are some sick stream weather conditions coming through this morning around 5 clock this morning. it was pouring pretty hard in walnut creek, i've now moved over to downtown daniel danville and we're going to continue to east our way throughout the bay here mae your way over to dublin where i know that sam rain is expected pretty soon here as well. so again things are looking pretty clear right w, i'm very fortunate. the hood is not on the camera does not have its cover on however let's take a look at what some footage of just yesterday over in walnut creek ere was som
6:38 am
extreme flooding that was going on a lot of rain happened right there, especially near the downtown area and actually some of the rain was so exeme the past power went out in certain parts of the bay and that include walnut creek downtown waln creek, north main street overnight. actually had a few blocks that were completely witho power right nothings are running on a generator to keep them open forhe day so this is obviously something that is not just ppening in walnut creek but also as i mentioned throhout the bay area, not let's now take a look at some footage from san jose things were in crasub flooded there yesterday. you know will was actuay justalking about some information when it comes to driving and being careful on the roads you happen see flooding like this are few happened also see a large puddle you never ow how dp it really is or what's underneath ito please be careful because again you don't want thurt your engine you don't want to stall. you don't want to spin out and you don't want to get your car stack that would definitely put a dent tent righinto your plans. got your live in danville again things are
6:39 am
pretty so so far this morning, but of course we are expecting some heavy rain here all throughout the bay area this morning is john had mentioned the forect is looking very rainy to many continue to be here and the east bay throughout this morning driving around trying to find more of the rainy spot and i know inevitab we will nd them. they also know will turn is very sad can't bout here with me doing some rain coverage because i just know rain is out favorite right well, i i was out there. >>i wish you and i was home out there with you as i. >>and you wish see your breath. just so selfless well, i j laughing the james you going to get it will you be out there today and and all that. >>guaranteed go or he's going to get his thank y so much make sure to download the kr on app you can follow the across the bay area and the next one to come to kron on is our live local 24 7 new reaming service if you haven't already gto your app store. download it day. a
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warning for people driving through monterey county the chp says several vehiles have been hit by projectiles it all happened along highway one oh one in the prune dale area. >>kron four's rob fladeboe shows us the damage. carrying 4:05pm, monday a van 6 people was hit by an oject as it passed the senate one ro exit off ghway one oh one near the red bn. no one was hur but a window was shattered chp office jessica langlais new road. the van was travelng southbound. >>and to was stck in the rear driver's side window. last friday, a school bus carrying the carmel high scho football team was hit. >>there have been 5 mor injuries associated with 42 such attacks sincfebruary so this is happening both nortound and southbound along the one oh one in the prone to area we have seen a few. >>along highway one 56 an you'rthe oak hills, the ea, but the majority of them
6:41 am
are haening along highwy one 56 to the monterey county line >>wried about copy cash the chp war say exactly whais hitting the vehicles. highway neighbofreddie truffles says he's scad to get behind the wheel these days it cld be some sort of gun or something sling shot her >>i don't know it's i just do't think that throwing a rock off the overpass others suggest the random nature of thattacks on different stretches of highway. >>suggest the projectiles may be coming from another vehicle. the chp has not ruled that out. >>they can be someone on the side of the road he can be someone in a vehicle that is still undeinvestigation and we are consideringa both different situations, the chp has stepped up its presence from san juan road to crazy horse canyon in to prune dale along highway one 56. there's precious little drivers can do to avoid being targeted that people are scared and want the attacks to stop whoever does or and they need to go to jail
6:42 am
and they made to maybe put more of an effort out here before somebody does get killed. >>prune dale rob fladeboe kron 4 news from the south bay to the north bay wearable a whole police plan to step up patrols during this holiday shopping season to prevent car break ins. police say criminals are using bluetooth signal technology to detect phones left in cars. ese also use radio frequency jammers to stop key. from locking your cars and you think you're locking your cars and then you're walking into the store when it's really unlocked. police say it's important to manually lock your car. all right still ahd on the cross. a busy week of travel ross the country as people take off for thanksgiving, we'll tell you what you can expect if you're going to be heading to the airport.
6:43 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ egg and your choice of sausage, jacks or now chien,cracked are just 4 bucks. served all day, so they're not just for ear birds. nice cause i was spinning till like 4 am. (snores) get my 2 for $4 brkfast jack deal while you can. >rwell if you're one of the millions of americans
6:46 am
traveling this week well the journey is going to be a challenge will just put that out front and center. you've been warned john candy and steve martin yes, us decades travel not only may be hindered. >>but long airport security lines security lines and heavy traffic but severe storm big wrench in their plans. yeah we've got darryl forges now with the story. the hustle and bustle of thanksgiving travel, millions of americans will take to the roads and the skies to get to their turkey day destinations. >>and aaa expects more than 55 million people to be traveling. that's the most on record since 2005. >>and those 55 million people may not only be hindered by long airport security lines and heavy traffic, severe storms could also snore last minute travel plans. snow and rain is forecast throughout the midwest in northeast regions of the u s possibly extending delays and prompting flight cancellations for passengers, what's. and aaa
6:47 am
says wednesday will be the busiest travel day of the week. we expect that. >>heaviest traffic volume in the afternoons because at that time we're going to see a lot of holiday commuters mixing with some evening commuters on the on the road at the same times. >>for drivers aaa says gas prices our cheaper than last year's average. but travelers should make sure their vehicles are ready to go the distance before they hit e road. >>we expect to rescue about 368,000 people on the side of the road due to batteries lockouts and flat tire so. >>i'm darryl forges reporting. >>okay well, so there you have it nasty weather around the country and here in the bay area's going to be makinh it difficult for people have now yeah we're right there with the rest the country this time around guys that you're on thanksgiving day itself, let's say for leaving early thanksgiving morning trying to get a local family and friends has of that should be all right. yeah thanksgiving itself looks great for some good local travel, maybe even
6:48 am
if you're heading up into the sierra not the worst day for friday is the best day for act. the problem is effort is coming back it does get difficult saturday and sunday more rain on the way guys so here we go winter is here and it's sticking around for a bit this time we do have confirmed cloud to ground lightning on the peninsula. now you do see those 2 lightning bolts showing up on our satellite and radar one associated with the cell that i've been watching pretty consistently that's been working its way down highway one oh one on the peninsula here and we're going to look at isolated cells popping up at times across the bay today so keep your ear out for thunder, if you see lightning, that is something you want to just step inside and avoid as much as possible, but definitely an active morning, let's zoom in on the spot right here right now that which has produced lightning. this storm working its way further and further to the south pretty working its way a line right along one oh one this morning you can expect
6:49 am
this heavy rainfall to make its way further south on to the morning eventually looks to be impacting areas like sunnyvale santa clara, san jose within the next couple of hours that is if it doesn't lose its momentum. but as of this moment, those of you right around palo alto in the dumbarton bridge. you're eingui a the rain storm and maybe even here in a few rolls those thunder the thunder this morning. skies will continue to be quite acti through the day today, even though you'll see clearing at times isolated spots of light to moderate even heavy rain will continue making for an active day for the bay. this day before thanksgiving snow up in the sierra nevada will continue for much of the day resulting in slick roadways. snow ver roadws, possibility o low visibility. snow gradually, tapers off into the evening tonight though which does give you the opportunity to hopefully have better travel weather come tomorrow up into the sierra tomorrow in the bay looks to be a lot drier with rainfall to be seen across the region and overall just some better conditions for your travels as we do make
6:50 am
our way through your day tomorrow winter storm warnings remain in effect for lake county as well as the sierra nevada and snow is some impressively low elevations. the good thing about our weekend snowfall is that it does look to be coming along with some warmer temperatures so for those of you that are heading up to the sierra possibly on friday to do some skiing on black friday. well it's going to be looking like a beer travel to be driving down as you shouldn't be looking at snow at least as and lowlevation as we have been seeing in the sierra foothills, daytime highs today going to be cooler than yesterday's only low to mid-fifties with hayward at 51 degrees mill valley, a 56 san francisco at 52 today. breaking down your next 7 days daytime highs are going to stay pretty cool at least for the rest of the week. tomorrow on friday, your best travel days that includes if you're heading up into the sierra or staying here in the bay also some of our coldest evenings though 20's for your evening lows inland thursday night and friday nights now saturday
6:51 am
comes along with the push of rain that could also be accompanied by some thunder and lightning and notice, how those evening lows are going to be quite as chilly and into the weekend that means a snowfall at a higher and higher elevations. a good news for skiers and better news for travelers at lower elevations. monday and tuesday remain unsettled temperatures are warmer and sunshine reappearing but do watch out for some continued showers. robin. >>all right. thank you john back to our hot spot and that is the dumbarton bridge an accident still working we're going on this is westbound 84. lane is blocked tow trucks have arrived, but they have yet to clear all the vehicles involved in this crash year so a special traffic alert remains in place you're getting by and the backups feels all all the way across the bridge through the toll plaza beyond thorton and now way back from the north side so not looking so good for 84 west this morning, 54 minutes as your drive time for now it's been going up and down but still awful making it to the peninsula. we're checking the richmond center fell rim
6:52 am
of the law last time i checked looked really light and quiet. no that's because these folks were stuck behind a crash. that crash is cleared. it was right before the toll plaza so cash lanes and fast track lanes stacked up here averaging 11 minutes to the north bay bay bridge traffic looks pretty decent it's ok i don't have any problems here. no crashes no stalls. but yes, a full house, yes, it's backed up. it's about 12 minutes to make it into san francisco. what i think is decent right for a rainy morning like this highway 4 looks great. we can call that holiday light 60 minutes antioch to concord one o one not bad 36 minutes that's pretty decent to make it from san jose to menlo park. >>all right robin, thank you the storm has caused communities in the north bay concerned about mudslides to be extra concern this morning in sausalito public works crews are out there inspecting the area that mudslide that have back in february member that that slide sent one home another one on crescent avenue earlier this month that debris was finally cleared out and replaced with seed in green
6:53 am
protective netting officials say an additional drainage system will have to be installed in that area in the next couple of weeks too. the city is also working with the park service to add devices to monitor the hillside. >>teenager uses doordash to have food delivered within the driver sends a message is inviting him to a hotel. now the boy's mom is warning others have that story just a few minutes.
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>>coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, the latest on the rain falling now and where's it headed next. we're going to john travel and weather center breaking down what we're seeing on storm tracker 4. plus a busy day of travel for a lot of folks heading out for tnksgiving. we'll have a live report from the roads and from the rports coming up next.
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>>good morning, everybody thanks for joining us on this wednesday november 27th the day before thanksgiving and we are tracking the rain as it's falling across the bay area live look here at storm tracker for the radar shows. it's falling in the east bay in the south bay right now with some more rain coming on shore in the north and the peninsula. i see some pockets of yellow to which is this shows that it's a lot rain lot of snowfall up in truckee and here's a live look at the truckee tahoe where they were this morning. snow still falling this morning and making run for people trying to get out for thanksgiving. going to be covering it from all angles will start this morning with a check of weather and traffic see what the weather's doing for you as you're heading out this morning, how are the red robin but not too many folks out there which is sort of a good we do have. >>problems all update the dumbarton bridge and then we have delays in san francisco because of flooding. so that's an issue as well. >>after this pr


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