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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 29, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>>and the freeways around the shopping centers and o let's wi the parking may be packed but the traffic leading up t the major malls, they're looking to right. >>maybe a couple th is the cold this morning so far this season saw our first raised really significant rain of the season earlier this week. now we're dealing with the wintery feel after the rain you are seeing clear skies above the golden gate bridge. so it's nice and dry for your bck friday shopping but it is very chilly and chilly enough that a ost advisories are in light blue for the south bay, the inla east bay out into the delta as well as for the coast of the north bay. well in the north bay areas ar under he for a eeze warning this morning all the way till 09:00am and take a look these temperatures a a lot of us are hovering right around freezing if not below it, san jose in palo alto each at 36 redwood ci, you're a 34 right now dublin in livermore each at 33ivermore you're at 32 moments ago.
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nevado napa petama santa rosa saint helene all in the 20's. we couldn't of otto year only at 23 degreesright now that may be the coldest number i've seen in some time on the bay area map so it is free agen out there definity bundle up as you're getting outside santa rosa is 6 degrees cooler an yesterday while nevadoown 9 degrees from yesterday so today sould be are primily dry one definitely drier than we have been a couple of sprinkles could be seen especially for the south bay at times. but overall wee going to stay pretty calm now tomorrow we start com but rainfalpushes into the afternooand evening and this rain event right here is going to be packing a punch a very mst system pushing its way on into to the bay area on the specially resulting in heavy rainfal from the santa cruz mountains into the north bay and it will also result in multiple more feet of snowfall pilg up in the sierra nevada, again that starts saturdaafternoon takes us on through sunday. so
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the latter part of your weekend is notoing tbe so fun for your travels today though in the easy one for travels as we will remain dry. this afternoon brings daytime highs pretty similar to yesterday as which as yo remember remained pretty chilly. so don't forget your jackets even as we do me our way towards 03:00pm we main in the low 50's. rob. >>all right. thank you john we're checking in on 80 the bay bridge traffic not much all right, it's looking good here at the toll plaza, it's fan. pretty much delay free throughout the morning, some of you have to get to work in of cell your commute will be fid so nothing tt you need to worry about heading in and it's only 8 minutes off to fremont street were checking in on oakland because we do have an accident. that's still active. this is actually left over from the last hour e 6 o'clock hou it's southbound 13 near redwood that left lane may still be blocked. this is where driveran off the road into the bushes, there so a bit of a backup approaching opposite side northbound looks good by the time you get to 5.80 you're looking in. and we so have crews wrapping up a crash westbound 24 at the
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central lafayette exit just a minor slow down through the ene because of the rubberneckers it's under 15 minutes total from wannacry to oakland will check more back to you. you coming up >>shoppinghopping and absolutely lot of it started last night. so this is all video from overnig people getting a jump on things in sacramento, lined up the net. chilly weather there outside the mallnd then filing in the low that miami the pposite nice boy was at night isver top and there without trouble. the rain didn't stop for a job at it and new york well nothing stops new yorks. snow says that an up and stopping people here in the bay area wee got coffers are seen it a toe out at the. >>g outlets, the san francisco premium outlets in livermore with the close be a little overwhelming i'mot gonna lie. yeschristina. >>catal lou. we can be and if you're one of the thousands of people that werecoming by at 03:00pm. n they opened up people were done
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shy eating and then going to shopping you know that those lights we absolutely wild actually here in the locks the time store which is lotion. like right behind me they're kind of hard to see because i somfriends here. these are sure first they came in and had be shopping since midnight right, yeah. you ladies have been going all around the outlet store go to tell us what stores u bought from. share we have she's going to show us because it's very impressive. these 3 ladies have about 9 to 10 bags yet 'll see then. and body creams buddy scraps and so. the food more cool. is
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tually one of the stores with a line ouide because they're only letting people in. i would say probab originally goes for what like 3 5400. how much did you get a 4. a 130. go discount these ladies are no, they know how to sp and tually they're visiting here saying up in the baarea for things getting through the holidays right. yes, yes. first time black friday shopping. and yet for them to have like my so what is your what what do you think about the first time black friday shopping what was the experience like now feel so excited and at fishy we need to likely from home. i meai and we're what do we need to take. definitely because we would likeave a trend. live
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shot you guys parking around here. they are actually have cones for differenareas you can or can't apart valley as wellot of people you bng using last to get in and out so i see traffic something ep in mind shows the la thing you got yet. ok fearful that he of voting. that i think you will getting kids one, but as you know this kin of pretty like pretty che is about $80. and it's warm. the many many stories of course that shoppers juslike coco have been in spending their hard earned cash in here and what he's been your favorite part so far of the bck friday processi think. so it's pretty cold has probably your favorite and it's reversible every month safer with both get e me line she's wearing it right thank you smuch for joining us live i really appreciate you very much. so as you can tell
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this is one of the many sources well that has deals going on and actually they'r free gifts here inside of the store if you make certn purchases so no that's coming store but also many as well, reporting live here. christine. that shopping on december 23th. i think christie knows men i don't think you guys shop like this night for the dressing room and youe by yourself. >>chrystia true say right a stranger you'll be like this is the good yeah, that's goo like we help each other wre something no free on. >>i have been buying shoes at macy's. 3 random the shoes i will try on monday to you. do you guys do that. yes trying
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to use on and gary where happened random guy and you know we did. now totally that. women werelike it's a re community feeling. % thanksgiving is over the house the fun continues to go. the santa clara winterfest is going out of antarctic turned on the lights they've t everything geared up for the holidays now kron four's will tran out thereor us this morning, rob. on skates. >>and to get another sweater from the guest story it is. >>john sure able. whatever you're seeg how cold it is kicking up a few notches it is bone chilling. look at that this morning i got my gloves, you got the charaers behind me they look like they're dancing instead, they're trying to stay warm, kidding getting they are getting ready
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for winter fest which begins tonight at 5 o'clock and goes all the way into december 31th. let me show you some video f whatou can expect that about 8 million will turn great american santa clara into a winter woerla they wilhave i skating rink they will have all all the performances you don't believe witgrt america to talkcheck about what people can expect so this is a big deal for you have to transition from october fest 2 winter fest what if a lot of peoplwill be skipping the malls. why should they come here. >>well, this is the best event in the bay area for the holiday season as you mentioned the park is completely transformed to winter wonderland so guests can coe enjoy our rides d special holiday activities like ice skati and decorating cookies of mrs. cause carriage rides it's a ally fun of tt so easy
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decorating so the kids can go awry. >>haveun and not have to worry about the rise because some of the rides could be a little scary for the only. >>that's ght. there's so much to d here beyond r rides you can also take pictures with santa. so if you' in on ryder there's a lot to do here festive foods to enjoy there's so mu for everyone and then we. >>we talked about how people have to budget the holiday, it's within reasonable prices for people to come in. >>that's right. yeah, the best pricen tickets is on our website at sea a great america dot com. any season pas holdercan come enjoy winterfest as many times as they like so there's really a ticket option for everyone ok, thank you so much says bringing the characters come on come on charlie come n snoopy. >>you know i work with a whole bunch of characters why not add a few more to my live shot, speaking of characters, les kind of acted james and daria. very cute get good purchase. yeah, good you will so want confiation, good purchases. >>most of us you made a good choice on that will cor looks gd compliment your
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ey. they feel like you know i feel like i have my christmas ugly sweater know. ank you well, 7 dead right now still ahead and the kron 4 morning news state. working he small businesses. rebound. from all the business they lost from power shut down so she what ty're doing. coumer experts say which items have the best deals today and americans were opping yesterday, especially on their mobile devices. >>i'm jane have those stories coming up. >>and you may be frozen as you're stepping outside this morning. know will serve looked at a little bit. 20's in the north bay right now redwood city palo alto mid 30's, very frigid i've got some numbers that will feel a little better foyour afternoon focast ahead. >>know t'really bad about the morning commute becase morning heading into san his francisco,o delays at that they weren't cell father, everybody s that
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>>it is so cold around the bay area eler they're actually opening some warming shelters in variousities, we've got a full list on kron 4 dot com. and there's also a number for you to call 3, 1, 1, if you see somebody who seems to be in crisis and non able to get warm they're outside they don't have the proper clothing and you know don't have a house or anywhere to warm up. then you can definitely call that number and get them some help definitely especially this morning because we're seeing temratures. i happened spy over john shouldering out of his weather maps. i can see over there below freezg just well by the way y i called in for will i call 3, 1, 1, i said ere's a reporter out there lining a of cold as ice, t better. >>you should probably be wearing more thaa co today' there's a miner fell on his authorities get themselves layer style. and in the czech
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there's a a look a look outside this morning as a phone oh it looking good out there. the cold don't impac your delays and we don't have anso that's really good news for the day after thanksgiving. >>no cloud is not a whole lot of the many ways and no rain this rning now really the only thing that you're dealing with as you're stepping outside that might note so pleaant is absolutely just how chilly it as redwood city 34 degrees palo alto and san jose each a 36 livermore dublin conquered berkeley, you're all in the 30's. this morning well look at the north bay novato is 23 dgrees right now napa petaluma santa rosa in saint helene a each in the 20's as well so should be no surprise theorth face under a freeze warning until 09:00am thatincludes much of her in sonoma and napa counties while light blue indicates frost advisories for inland the east y areas like the tri valley on up through walnut creek conquered out into the delta down to san jose to and all
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the waup to sunnyvale so yeah, definitely a lot of us feel inhe cold this morning into the afternoon today all the clear skies that we're going to be seeing will help to temperatures feel a little bit nicer especially once the sun hit ship it will be in the low 50's won't be so bad, but you want to keep the jacket on hand high pressure is briefly in place right now at least it's pushing in behind that low, but it's not going to last for long another cold front and stormy round of weather is eyeing the bay area and tht is as soon as tomorrow afternoon this time around some heavy rainfall is going to settle into the bay area. snow initially at least for much of the sier nevada, but snow levels gradually going to climb in the days to come as the system brings along y warming temperatures with it. so lot of the snow that we did see at the mid levels of the sierra nevadis going to start to melt off and rush down slopes as it's replaced with rainfall rain is goingo continue as th moisture plume just ntinues to funnel right up into the bay area and the central coast. all the way into monday and tuesday.
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wednesday and thursday we catch a break before a 3rd system a very for well formed system lks to be arriving on into the bay area. how did the next friday to start next weekend. very active forecast ead, lots of rainfall in this system right here well over an inch of if not in excess of 2 inches for some parts of the north bay by the time we worour way into monday lot of snowfall around 16 be a inches of its lake level at lake tahoe, a one to 3 feet of it once you head above 7,000 feet elevations argoing to be a little bit higher as far as snow line goes with this one, but sll going to be getting a lot of snow pack at the very crest of the sierra 50's for your daytime highs across the bay tay that similar to yesterday couple of degrees warmer. tomorrow a little bit cooler as those clouds arrive, and come along with some really strong nds to a windy rainy saturday. and we keep those rain showe on through sunday monday and tuesday. rob all right. thank you john, let's head over to a 92 are checking therive across the san mateo bridge.
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>>and we don't have any problems ut only to have nice traffic eastbound and westbound as looking pretty good well,o if you have to make that trip to foster city or maybe send the tl want to want to maybe even to the airport you'll be doing just fine here at 13 minutes for your average to the peninsula from the east bay to san franciscstill trouble free at theay toll plaza come on and get your shopping donif you want to get it done early in on the way while i'm not tracking a backup so no commute traffic to worry about and 8 minutes off to fremont street we're checking affic tracker and don't you will see numbers look like this every day. after a holiday everybody is out of town so smooth sailing highway 4 which can be rough sometimes to pittsburg bay point since babylooks good rolling south the nimitz that now. to get from to 38 to 37 this morning. it's only 19 minutes and then from the south bay to the peninsula 26 minutes, san jose to menlo park area. thanks a
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lot rob, 7.19 and for your money this morning, one analyst firm is warni about a shoroage of. >>apple air pods over the holidays and consumer experts weigh in on the besthings to buy on this black friday jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hi jane. >>good moing well electronics are the thing t buy on black friday, if you a great deal. so scored a deal news dot com. black fridayot com says it's not uncommon for things like smart home devices, big screen tv's gaming console small appliances to be at their lowest price of the year today now of cour they do remind shoppers to buy something you don't rlly want just because a data released by adobe shows he online reil sales on thanksgiving, they just updated the mbers will reach 4.4 billion so that's about a 15% year-over-year inease as of last evening almost 500 million in goods have been sold online with more than a 3rd of that coming from mobile devices. the christmas tree sellers across the country
7:21 am
expecting an influx of new and returning omers this holiday season after experiencing a surge in sales last year. industry insiders say the increase entry purchases as feeprimary by millennials who are settling down and startng families of the own and apple's air pods could potential shortages because of their popularity wedbush securities says it's the latest indication that the wireless ear budsre a big hifor the iphone maker well apple's web te showed a set of air pods pre orded on wednesday would nothip until after christmas le from the nasdaq marketsi i'm jane king bk to terry all right happy shopping jane. >>thanks you too >>coming up on the kn 4 morning news, one woman who looking to colle 5,000airs of pajamas for kids in need wi tell you why she needs your he though to gett done the job, his pajamas it's a chance. okay for a fact, here's a quick live look outside at the bay bridge.
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>>stands us county moer is hoping that she will be abl to t closing for kids in need in the central town of valley. yeah we have can receive now to explin more out the story. >>a brand new pair of pajamas a living room transfmed into a closet. now laying on couches at 1000 pajamas for chilen in need technically is just me. 's just me i'm the only person in this chapterthe goal 5 1000 by december a huge undertaking that sunny you need us as is made possible with yo help i can't do all of this without the help of t community to need a says she first got involved with a pajama ram me than a dade ago when she saw how they bought clothing in comfort to kids in need warm soft cozy pajas and that just gives you that ense of come for ling she knows wellecause you need to was once homeless becaus they
7:26 am
were homeless. you know me my sister wary like kind of jeans for and or sunita says after her mother lost her battle with breast cancer en she was 7 she and her siblings were placed in foster care se says every child deserves a safe and comfortable night and there's a big chance r going to wake up and have a better tomorr. better tomorrow that manyn the central valley are now workingowards and they get oks not just the jam is litle buand theyake it speal for them when they're just. >>they don't have anything as long as the items are brand new u can donate them to this cause. says it's important because it meet positively affect a child's life. never know that there might be that just one chi in there and that. >>it cake a huge impact. >>in stanislaw county k reseed. >>macy's union square employees all th went on strike here on ack crime but it turns out they didn'to through with it.
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>>after thanksgiving when your phone and will >>everybody had a lite uh. >>and us now make it this morning on. earlier in old clear you may just need a little era time to warm up the car something now called thate've been looking good even surrounding the shopping centers and malls and. >>let'sraffic looking good to >>yet turn off the oven and well apparently outside got cold carsguys the cold this across we've had in a while e bay. we're talking 30's and 20's for a lot of the bay area places that haven't seen numbers like that a very long time now your view outside from the east bay is
7:31 am
looking pretty clear in fact a lot of sunshine making its way down into berkeley. asf right now really the only thing that will slow you dow stepping outside of just how ld it is you may be searching for that thicker winner jacket that you haven't worn in a while because you're going to need it this morning we do have frost dvisories for thsouth bay for the inland the space stretching all the way into the delta. the north baynder a freeze warninright and that includes portions of marine napa and sonoma counties, temperatures still in the 30's for palo alto redwood city san mateo dublin in livermore right above freezing.well just below freezi are napa nevado petaluma santa rosa and say alina all down into the 20'up in the north bay. so very cold conditions just bundle up it's colder than yesterday was a ow that this is the cold this morning of your fecast after this mornin we do get a lot warmer from this point on out as far as ouevening lows, go tomorrow a lot of these spots are in the 20's pelley fall into the 40's so some pretty big changes as we move into the afternoon a couple of isolated spots where you may
7:32 am
see a sprinkle or 2. but our driest of days, nonetheless tomorrow we start dry, but don't end that way. another storsystem is eyeing the bay area and it's gog to result come saturday night on into suay monday and even tuesday of next week. this is an atmospheric rir event in this moisture plume is going to stay with us for some time. so after today and tomorrow morning expect a rainy next few days. and even rainie nextfew days than what we just finished up with the past couple of days. today are nice and dry breather inbetween the systems in a good chance to get outside not just some shoing but maybe just stretch those legs after all yesterday 50's for your highs today, a lot like yesterd was rob. >>l right. thank you john, a autiful shot of the golden gate and traffic is looking good too we he no problems right now on one oh one so leaving the north bay novato more and sausalo all is well for the southbound trip into san fransco and even when you pass the toll plaza continuing on to doyle 19th. everything looking goodso 19 minutes to make it in. here's
7:33 am
the bay bridge and normal i'm tracking a major delays right coming in during the morning drivbut this morning folks zipping rightand through the toll plaza at 7 minutes to downtown checking out the east bay, you're fine the east shore 2413 05:00am the nimitz and then livermore to dublin looking good i keep checking out heang toward the liver morale lets out nea el charro that's looking good to 6.80 wide open ybe you're heading to the stone ridge shopping center. and even th mendment maybe you're heading to south land this morning, it's looking good here in both directions between 38 will check more coming up mont james darya union square. >> fact 2 in san francisco came this close to having all of his workers go on strike today. on black id, but the last minute apparently they decided not to do th proper sara stinson live at macy's to explain good morning. sarah. >>go morning that's right to the macy's employees are now inside working but they were
7:34 am
gog to be out here on the picket lines they decided not to do it today on ack friday of all days, one of the buest shopping days of the year about 90% of the 600 and sales associates voted to authorize a strike and theye going to do it today, but it looks like they didot go through with it d they plan on doing it some time this holiday season now. the reason that they are they want to strike at all is bause they've beent the bargaining table with macy's for over 6 months they've been going back nd forth negotiating and they have and got what they wanted. retail workers say they are striking not only for higher pay to keep up with the cost of living but mainly because their health insurance is unaffordable one 3rd of employees are enrolled in coverage masays employees say costs $1070 to ense a family of 4 every month is covered and that's just for the basic kaiser plan macy's is also trying to lease out some of the floorpace to other retailers which could
7:35 am
force some longtime employees out the door that is what they fear at least maybe it hasn't responded about the negotiations but did say they will remain open during the strike when and if it had happens i actually met a previous macy's emploe. sh said that she wasn't going to was going on so that she could be in solidarity with her world co-workers i got her stance on it all take a listen what do you think that would have been like if they just decided to actually go tough the strike today. >>that's chaoticn both sides, yoknow for the 8 it's no nobody want to strike. i were 2 years ago at the phone company and i remember being a new employee and not being aware that there was a striking to go n it's very th sides. and it dissension once the associates come back so management and the union can come to some terms before that occurred.
7:36 am
>>i wa also told me that it concerns her about this retail, a shop they are trying to lease out to other vendors. she says d that really does put out some 10 year employee s says that's just really unfair because a lot of macy's a sales associates are very loya she now works at a different store she worries about some of the same stuff like the higher pay and some of the health inurance costs i have reached out to the president of the union to get an understanding of why exactly they postponed th quite yes so e and her back stay tuned. also waitingere for macy's about the negotiations again they did say when and if that strike happens they will still be open they'll get other sales associates come in so they can still of the with the friday, a lot of people ck heading inside i mean there's some really great als and down here in union square, 50% off a lot of the ste so. not only coveri the strike but also black friday.
7:37 am
>>7 36 is the ime. then a england police have arrested at least one person for a stabbing it happened near the london bridge, a number of peoplwere injured. in the attack. tnesses heard gunfire near the bridge to but police haven't confirm. those reports are not the area surrounding the bridge has been evacuated. this is a touristy area lot of people you know the chrtmas holidays and london i don't now about thanksgiving. but does this i a big touristy spot so we're hoping that everybody is ok. >>our state who will ha more on that as it bomes the meantime we'll take auick break but still ahead one family got a surise addition this thanksgiving, holiday plan. an expecting mother gave birth at e airport will have the full story and don't have unsuspecting of that cold because is definitely
7:38 am
chilly out there you want to get ready for it as you step outside lermore you're just above freezing as also as redwood ty on the bottom santa rosa and napa and get out in the 20's right now your forecast ahead. i'm tracking your commute around the bay ea not much of a commute this morning. you're looking good. >>on bay ea bridges we have the richmond sandra fell and it's wide open on 5.80. we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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>>are back taking a look at the forecast in here eck this out d c. >>what's in the shot. oh my god. they they do that they like to her it's like a bird. >>probably picking out which one of those skiersoing days after noon snag, wow. i ca report branches that the bridge uld support his weight exercises me going out for aittle while anyway. somebody cup video of it and
7:45 am
noit's making the rounds on social users and it was big be. no this was i just thought how program at very cute. yeah, you know get cold they don'get called pley of up there though john it gets a little more on the way i guess rain mix to write the kind of rain mix this weekend. i think that bear soon to be in hibernation though it's getting cold out there for all oa severe diver dating morning. this >>maybe she just go back in the but ye this weekend more snow and then kind of a rain snow mix is going to be little lower resorts, those higher up ones m actually be able to retain some of thei snow pack. now as far as we go this morning, yo seeing a nice of you out there the san francisco skyline temperares in the 30's and 40's for most of the bay right now it'sur cold this morning we felt so livermore each just above freezing at 33 a look at these north bay temperatures in the 20's from novato santa rosa down through napa at 29 degrees right now so bundle up layer upon lay up again
7:46 am
frost advisories for much of e east bay this morning reeze warnings for much of the north bay where we are in the 20's. now skies are clear and dry today easily. our most consistently clear d dry day of your forecast can see just a couple of sprinkles out there but can ting a breather in between these 2 storms the one that we saw the past few days being in the colder onreally packing the punch of snow at lower elevations. as you remember yesterday temporary closing down the grapevine the next to hat's eyeing us is going be warmer but much more signifcant as far as rainfall goes it's going to steer its where direion come tomorrow afternoon and a plume of moisture from familiar plume of moisture recall these atmospheric rivers is eyeing the central coast in the bay area, this meana lot of rainfall over a pretty prolonged period of time here now tomorrow we start on the chillier side with the storms he'll get so good snow pack forming up in the erra that's going make for some good skiing tomorrow butn
7:47 am
intounday, snow level climbs higher a higher elevations in the sierra that mean sw at mid levels is going to start to melt off be pushed down into stres because of that rain that's going to b falling on top of it. heaviest of rainfall start saturday night remains through sunday on into monday. likely lingering even into tuesday wednesday t another break and thursday followed by yet another system pushing its way in come fday of next weekend so we open the storm door and it does not want to close now how much rain are we talking here well much more significant than what we saw the past couple of days. this syst will rlly be a bringing the rain with over an inch for most of the bay if not over 2nches for parts of the north bay as well as the santa cruz mountainin the south bay and for the sierra nevada, 16 inches of snow initially at lake level in the. in the lake tahoe region a winter storm watch in fect because of that u had above 7,000 feet and they're talking additional feet of snow on top of what's already accumulated up there. daytime
7:48 am
highs today will be in the 50's across the way areas are a lot like yesterday. what's going on. >>well now you can keefor you are we're going to be a and the 50's just disappear. get little confused. the satday, rain and wind across the bay area and then sunday and monday we just keephe rain wind should die down after tomorrow into officer sure ab. miss fear river. >>i mean isn't rain that's it in the app this fear anit's not flowing that way it's a parallel. why do you callt a river so it's like a consistent plume of moisture. so you can lk at it on a satellite sometim and it will look like. >>it's just the clouds stream ading right towards a certain areas of storm. up in the skies us and it's and it just aims at one spot and this time around at least right now, it looking like it's aiming right at the sta cruz the guys you don't have the in
7:49 am
right traiok on the way king of as looking good out there. >>no big problems here leaving the st bay heading over to the peninsula nice trip acss the san mateo bridgewe're looking at aut a 14 minute triwhich is right on time and definitely holiday light to make it over to oneh one. cking up maybe often on every now and then and some of the cash lanes there are some folks out there some folks do have to get the to wo in summer to shopping they're not working, they're heading to the malls and shopping cents. it so heading into breeze this morning and 8 a minutes f to fremont street. heavy traffic from san jose through downtown and continui to he peninsula that is not the case this morning are maybe you're heading to the airport one oh one 8087 doing fine. 2.80 looks good. so does the
7:50 am
's a nice trip maybe you're on heading to sfo. no problems for wow o 81 on one 3, 8 even continuing. what i want to san francisco's just wide open en to the sky. the central freeway, the 2.80extension, nice and holiday lights, we'll check more coming up starting to change thanks rob. now let's talk football, 49 ers plan on sunday against the ravens yes, the fans alread gearing up for the game which means tailgating and there are some people take tailgating real serio kloppers vicki liviis is one of >>we'll gauge in the parking lot of levi's erng up gameday specialties, you got for me. frozen you're that a guy that's because i make >>yeah. >>kingf the tailgaters mario
7:51 am
gutierrez has not issed a nit or game in 40 year they said the number one pale gator here. >>show ia hearing onhe competition sheboygan you with a with a toe in upscal tailgate is more your speed lobsters and states and all the good stuff. this is michael mina's tailgate inside their fill of trips in oysters students. >>harriturner is thchef to 90 this ishe best tailgate party you'll ever see there's diane's famous blood he an these niner fans are also enjoying a fi sonoma county pino firms right i richardson is a guest chef who says he's invited to barbecue ribs because he brings is a game got there. it is sming r 3 a cook em for 2, loved him r another hour. back outside
7:52 am
in mario's tailgate where he's adming a crystal football, a gift from the team for his loyal tailgating. ers to give your dad is. 49 >>when the day that the sweetest taste of all. the taste. a victory. in santa clara king a livi i gue
7:53 am
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7:56 am
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>>and are you also change your to many complications and it will be heading out to do any shopping today hopefully there aren't any complications on the roads for you know not dead. we've had a couple of min the incidents bridges look great drive times are looking good to he one crash bash on once all check that nice okay other issue is how chilly.t >>it says the cold this morning e've had no speaking of whi one of my car go off and say it's 38 degrees at think i thinkt's it's something like that it like what this is e first morning i ot. close to freezing. like a you just might see places in well 30. bay, i mean it was and it's actually more like cooled down since then so definitely storage of this


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