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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 1, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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. >> ♪ we are giving thanks for the hollywood classics. celebrating major milestones ♪ ♪ >> e.t. with the stars. >> this is not the face of a romantic lead. then and now. >> we have wondered what we were doing. >> tom hanks new forest gump confessions as the iconic film turns 25 and just in time for friends-giving, a big reunion in the works. >> a lot of different ideas. >> happy days reunion. our reunion exclusive with stories that you never knew. >> my contract was up and i wanted to be a director. >> how did that work out?
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>> plus,teel magnolias 30 years. and another classic celebrating 30. >> entertainment tonight called and wanted to interview me. >> look who is talking about kirsten alley and -- >> happy thanksgiving, you are all about giving thanks for the big milestones this year. >> that includes having a friends-givi bause the gang from central perk turned 25 this year and now a reunion is in the works. ♪ >> 25 years of what? like since it was thought of? >> since it began. >> wow. >> my brain just warped. >> rachel? >> oh, god, monica hi. thank god. >> it feels like yesterday. it really does. we all gathered together and watched the premier of the pilot. >> we were like, i don't know, like little puppy dogs just, you
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know, climbing all over each other, and playing and playing games. and wanting to be together all the time. it was fun. >> the whole thing was the best experience that i could possibly imagine. i felt very lucky to have been a part of that show. >> welcome to the re world. >> it sucks. you are going to love it. >> ten years, 236 episodes and enough.ends we cannot get >> hi, we are here for entertainment tonight with television's courteney cox and david schwimer. >> before the ever ordered a latte they were all struggling actors in hollywood. >> joey doesn't share food. >> matt leblanc had $11 when he signed on with the show. now, he is worth a reported $60 million. >> the biggest change was the consistent work. and spending time around really talented people. a lot of which are here on the show too. >> jennifer aniston waited
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tables and now she is one of the highest paid actresse >> i worked in a swimming pool store. and tested pool water. ♪ >> we all remember courteney cox big break in, in "dancing in the da dark," today, she is mom to coco and teaching a phrase to sonny. >> i know. >> what did you say? >> i know. >> i know. >> i know. >> lisa kudro confessed that she felt like a mountain of a woman acting next to courtney and jennifer. the friends are all still hanging. this year, they supported jenn after the patron of the arts awards. >> it's like having your family stand behind you. these things are nerve wracking. >> do you get nervous? >> oh, god. i forgot my beta blocker at home and went through, you have no idea how many levels of panic. >> courtney had just posted this
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shot, posing with matthew perry and gave us this very chandler caption. -- could i be any happier? >> matthew and courtney had lunch today. >> i cannot believe those two. >> i think we are looking for an answer more sophisticated than to get you in to bed. >> david schwimmer, earned praise for his role in the people verse -- of oj simpson. how do you celebrate the sitcom? bring it back. >> we are always trying to figure out the right thing and we will. >> three weeks ago, the source confirmed that the talks are in early stages and everyone is on board, and the cast is cautious and doesn't want to do the fans and the shows a disservi. >> what do you want to do together? >> oh,god, there's a lot of different ideas. who knows. >> we heard one idea in the works is a reunion show and the shows creators are also in, we don't expect a ful reboot.
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>> no, no, no. i feel like we got it right. we, we did the show we wanted to do. put a bow on it, we got it right. why mess withit? >> just for fun, e.t. hit up a pop up installationi atioation meup with friends offriends. heads up, it's may go wheeler. >> oh, my god. >> fast talking new yoer. i heard her in my head. >> and james michael tyler, aka gunther. >> did you serve real cough sni. >> they we real, but i never made them. for the background actors, those were empty cups. >> i'm hoping that everyone comes back. gunther, yes, you too. let's talk about tom hanks. while he is transformed in to mr. rodgers. 25 years ago, he was forest gump and life is still like a box of
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chocolate and we are still running, run, for e-- run fores run. he wondered what we were doing and if it would make sense. >> it's a kind of small emotional story of a mantling you how he got his -- of a man telling you how he got his first pair of shoes. and it takes you places where you never have been. >> my mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates. >> forest was a simple man from alabama. and his lines are classic. >> are you stupid or something? >> stupid is as stupid does, sir. >> in this screen test, he ditched the southern accent. >> mama spent me $10 and i would like to spend it all on you. >> forest was present during the most historical moment of the times and met thr presidts. >> congratulations. how do you feel? >> i got to pee. >> it went on to win six oscars
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and best acting for tom. >> it's only going to get better. >> run, forest. run. >> the movie went on to win six oscars, including best actor for tom. >> my famy goes through a lot of sacrifices because of what i do. they, they, youave to compromise a lot of their regular daily life because of the level that i'm able to work at. ♪ ♪ >> we were with tom and wife rita wilson after the oscar after party where they were giving out these sweets. >> i don't have enough boxes of chocolates in my house right now. >> now, all the years later, he look backs at one of the finest roles. >> it was a magnicent movie, the reason it lasted, is somehow it's accurate to who we were when it came out --
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>> you better pray with me. >> i'm praying with you. mama. >> it's the best. i love it. >> now, it's also so crazy that it's 45 years anus happy days. >> and henry winkler and the cast just reunited to honor gary marshal. >> i can't believe it. i recognize all of you. >> it was a rare and very special reunion. the fonz, ritchie, ralph malph, potsy and mrs. c. >> i watched you walk in the room and it's like family. >> we played together. we acted together. >> i know everything about them. >> everything? >> what is everyone doing? taking a holiday from being cool? >> the catch phrases. how did you dream them up? >> okay. all right. so, hey was written. >> hey. >> hey. >> so for ten years i went hey
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and i added a word that i got from the favorite sport at the time. this was whoa. which was horse back riding. >> once you had a hit show. i heard you went on tour and it >> and it was kind of amazing change in your life. people wanted my socks without taking off my shoes. you know. >> they wanted more than that. >> it was kind of like, you know, the boy band of the moment. it was that kind of thing. a lot of it was just focused on trying to get his socks. somebody grabbed my hat and even back when i had hair, i liked the hat. but, and they graed my head and i went and got it. hey. you don't want to go out with me, do you? >> the first time the four of us were together was in dallas. so, there re 25,000 people between the four of us and the lim li
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limosine and i said, you are going to part like the red sea and notouch us and we are going to walk to that limosine and everybody went oh, my god and they did it. did they not? >> they got out of the way. >> they got out of the way a -- and we got in the car. >> hey, what is this? >> there were three networks. we had 55 million people, 58 million people a week watching the show. >> more and more, we are starting to see young kids who are being introduced to the sow. so it's like, generation after generation. >> a few other things you did not know. the origina pilot fail and -- he was not the first choice for potsy. >> john travolta auditioned for potsy and i said i saved his career by getting it. >> there was a point where you almost left the show, right? they wanted to change the name? >> they did come to me and said, the network would like to change the name of the show to fonzy's
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happy days. i said i don't want to be in that show. the one producer that was not there was gary marshal. and he in fact was standing outside and he said, it's not going to happen. and that was that. >> who walks out? >> the stars reunited at the jonathan club for the third annual founder's gala. >> you are here tonight because of gary. >> happy days to me was the show where the cast had the best that means a lot.ff the stage. >> oh, my god. >> another secret. early in the series, the network wants the fonz to wear a cloth jct, not a leather one, because they thought it made henry look too tough and gary stepped in to change history. >> he went to abc ande said, he could be hurt if he wears the cloth and he is riding a motorcycle. and they said, okay. when he is with his bike. he can wear leather.
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and gary went down to the pay phone and called the writers room and he said, never write another scene without his bike. >> gary organized the show ace famous softball team that traveled around the world, ron still played long after departing happy days. >> a few years before the show ended my contract was up and i wanted to be a director and it was very hard. >> how did that work out? >> still working on it. >> you may make it. >> i did litelly, i did say, to gary, do you think i can still be on the team? and he said, absolutely. and so, i went on to play. i continued to go to the trips. >> the cast is still very tight and props to mrs. c who is still acting and looking fabulous at 91 years young. >> so, let's say, hollywood gets crazy and they say, we are going to re-do happy days. we will do a reboot, who do you want to play your character? >> there's nobody that can do it.
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>> and we are with an actor celebratin30 years on his hit. >> you got choked up about this. >> jack abbott, how he and the cast are celebrating the milestone. and look who is also talking after 30 years. >> you know how i heard that? because entertainment tonight caed and wanted to interview me about it. >> we flash back to how kirstie fell in love on the set. >> sheas married andad a crush on me before she got married. >> will they reunite? >> he responds to money and threats. then, my so-called life, then and now, one star's life after what does help for heart failure ok like? it looks like this. ♪the beat goes on entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and t of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm oreath to an unborn baby. ♪la-di-la-di-di don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium.
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>> and actor peterburgman, jack abbott is celebrating 30 years on the show. >> what does it mean to you that we are officially celebrating you? an entirepisode dedicated to you? >> it is incredibly flattering. it really is. it's just a very powerful experience. you are getting choked up about this. >> i have a 30-year-old daughter who is four weeks old when i starte the job. she lived her whole life while i have been on the show. >> peter gets a little emotional thinking of the past 30 years he has played jack abbott. he has won three emmys of the role of the family participa pa this. i want to see him put victim or newman through the with a -- to put victor newman through the wall. i have lost every single battle for him for 30 years and it gets to me. >> have a seat on me.
7:17 pm
>> but the love he gets from his on-screen family is real. >> he invites you to his house and makes you breakfast. >> he is always at the top of his game. >> what are siblings for if not for good natured ribbing. >> he is the real hair officianado, we fight for it and he wins. >> he knocks people down on the mantel of the abbott living room. there's a giant mirror that he takes over. >> there one thing you don't do when you are acting with me. >> okay. >> i will show you. >> you don't -- you don't do that. >> that's what they said. >> i don't mess with my hair. it started as a joke and now it's turned in to legend. >> is it serious? >> not at all. >> oh, oh! >> this is my life. i don't mind being recognized for it. i don't mind talng about it. this is my life. >> and from a soap opera drama
7:18 pm
on cool intentions. >> piwe are looking at 20 years from the hit film. who almost played reece's role? and my so-called life is 25. and the cast is celebrating e.t. i can see it in your eyes. >> it's my so-called life. ♪ ♪
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♪ rich chocolate layers sprinkled with festive peppermint. with love from san francisco ghirardelli peppermint bark squares. makes the holidays a bite better.
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♪ everybody does it. it's just that nobody talks about it. >> oh, man, does that take me back, right? vintage sarah michelle geller and reese witherspoon and cool intentions. >> it's shocking that the movie is 20. but not that we were on the set in 1998. >> you were just conquest. >> you gave up on the first person you ever loved. because i threatened your reputati reputation.
7:21 pm
>> cheers. so, 's great to have a number like that to remind you how hold you are. close your eyes and wet your lips. >> it was edgy and people were against it and we knew we were doing something cool. >> it wassarah's idea to dye her hair to play catherine. her evil counterpart was ryan, a role that almost went to jonath reece myers and they originally wanted katieolmes to play that role. and then they had a different plan. >> i begged her to do this movie. i really wanted the girl playing this role in parcular to be very strong and very honest and pure and reece can do those things. >> why can't we be together? >> i don't trust myself with you. >> e.t. was on the set of the film, reece and ryan's real life romance made the love scenes easier to shoot. as for ryan's other r-rated moments. >> it was hard to see him kiss
7:22 pm
other women and get in bath tubs with other women. >> it was weird, it felt like an explosion. >> the movie was title cool intentions. we have this behind the scenes secret. >> i had the tongue in her mouth and she could pray for it to be over. but i was torturing her. >> i barely could make it out of the trailer i was so nervous and the first couple of takes were awkward and selma is a good friend o mine. i'm like, i'm kissing selma, i hope not everyone is looking. good reese w pregnant with her look alike daughter. she and ryan married three months later. the cast, then and now, well, these before and afters prove they are ageless, so can we expect a reunion? >> funny how the lives are intertwined. our kids are around the same age. we see each other. i doubt it will be a televised
7:23 pm
reunion. but we will get together. >> i want to be invited to the play dates. let's go from prep school to blic school. remember, "my so-called life"? >> i do. >> this may make you feel old. >> i never feel old. kelcy knight found somebody else who could not believe it. her costar. >> it has been -- >> do you understand what the character meant to teenage girls like me? >> i can see it in your eyes. >> jordan was having a conversation with me on purpose. >> it was radical to be inside of a teenage girl's brain like that. >> only 19 episos of the abc cong of age drama aired. that was enough to cement it in pop culture history had. >> go somewhere. >> sure.
7:24 pm
♪ a.j. langer played the loveable yet troubled best friend. but here's something that you may not have known. she first auditioned for the role of angela. >> i read for angela. and then, on my way out. i asked if i could ste one of the scripts. and i read every line and i thought, whoever gets this is going to have so much fun. and then, she just became a part of me. >> the show, also broke boundaries. it cast the first openly gay actor to play an openly gay character tv, played by wilson cruz. >> ah, i'm gay. i just don't usually say it like that. actually, never said it out loud. >> he still gets emotional reflecting on the life changing role. >> i look at that photo and i think about the fact that there was no reason for that boy to believe. >> yeah, sure. >> that he would ever have gotten that opportunity. he blazed his own trail.
7:25 pm
and he took an opportunity and made the most of it. and i'm proud of him for that. >> wilson is now on cbs all access, star trek discovery. it would not be e.t. if we did not transport them back to the 1994 set. young you on the e.t. set visit to your show. >> a.j., come on down. you are the next contestant. >> this is a.j. langer. she is one of my very, very good friends and i love all of these people, very, very, very. >> how crazy is that? you are so emotional. >> i know. i'm so easy though. yeah, i mean, it just brings you back. >> we had so much fun. we went true -- we went through much together. >> and we showed wilson's prediction. >> it wl be the lost serious. 40 years later, they will go back and look, and say, this was kind of good. and then, it will be aged. do they really dre like that
7:26 pm
then? >> didhey really dress like that? and yes was the answer. i cannot say that nor the hair. >> when it came to the life who as changed the most. it's a.j. who is now a countess that lives in a castle. true story. your life after the show is abouting. >> i fell in love with a goofy guy and next thing you know. >>so, we met in vegas, and he is just gorgeous. and most amazing smile. and we jt laughed and had such a great time and we were like, okay, this is a romantic fling, let's milk it. he said, do you want to stop by and meet my family. i'm like okay, and there's a big castle and it was like,ou know, you have to right girl, i don't know what to do with that information. >> little did a.j. know her new love, charles courtney was actually lord courtney, son of
7:27 pm
the 18th earl devon they got married s married, a.j. assumed the title, countess of devin. >> it's so weird? >> it's such an adventure. and life has been that for me. >> and what about comedic royalty, kirstie royalty? years after look who is talking, what they are saying about the movie that brought them together. >> we are always dealing with this discomfort when it came to kissing and stuff. >> plus, we are taking you back to the set of 13 going on 30. >> it's just a blast. >> after 15 years, is jenn thinking of a sequel? >> like, 15, going on 50? >> closed captioning provided by:
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about jenn garner's anniversary. 13 going on 30 turned 15. >> she and fellow avenger were jenn's co-stars. so, what does mark remember out it? apparently not -- >> did you know that brie was in 13 going on 30. >> which one is she? >> they was-- she was a mean gi. >> no. >> that's amazing. does she talk about it? what did she say? >> i remember it was like the moment when i realized that i really wanted to direct. >> that's how she learned she wanted to be a director one day. >> that was a lovely little movie. ♪ >> in honor of the 15th anniversary this year, e.t. is taking you behind the scenes of mark and jennifer garner's iconic scenes. >> thriller was fun, and getting to rehearse it and have all the dancers behind us backing us up, that was one of the most fun da i had at work.
7:32 pm
>> jennifer poste a heart felt message on instagram, saying i fe so, so lucky of having the experience of making this joyful movie. ♪ >> we could play monopoly. >> 13 going on 30 was jennifer's first leading film role. it was filmed in the 31 year olds hiatus. ♪ >> the distanance sequences wer blast. they were like having a fight, but we got to smile instead of grunting. it was a blast. >> the film follows the 13-year-old who wakes up in a 30-year-old body. >> i can certainly relate to young jenna, not that i was a disaster. you know, i played in the marching band and i didn't wear cool clothes like ever. ani wore glasses this huge and i was in a very awkward stage for a very long time just like every other girl. >> yesterday was my3th birthday and then, and then
7:33 pm
today i woke up and'm this. >> could there be a sequel. >> jenn shut down that appeance. >> what? like 15 going on 50? simmer down. leave it well enough alone. >> we asked about everything. so, get used to it, jenn. now, let's go to another3-0 milestone. kirstie alley's "look who's talking" celebrated its 30th anniversary. >> we had a blast. honestly. we loved working together. >> whoa! baby, hot mama. hot mama. >> you know that the 30th anniversary of look who talking is coming up. >> i heard that. you know how i heard that? because entertainment tonight called and wanted to interview me. >> look good? >> look slightly cute. >> 30th anniversary, that is
7:34 pm
redic. >> they are esteemi i-- therm t were -- they were steaming it up on the big screen and if kirstie had her way, it would have been more. >> she was married to parker stephenson back then and years later, admitted she fell hard for john. calling him the love of her life. >> she had a crush before she was married. so we had discomfort when it came to kissing and stuff. when we went to kiss, she got tight lipped. i was like, okay, come on, you are kissing me like the neighbor. you have to loosen up. ♪ >> the hardest thing about acting with the babies is that they have a short attention span. >> hey, it's the blare show. yeah! >> the kids are going -- mcdonald's. mcnuggs. it's more difficult acting with the children.
7:35 pm
i will say that. >> oh, oh, put me back in. put me back in, please. >> of course, bruce willis was the voice of mickey. he was dad to a 1-year-old and once told us all of the kids loved watching the movie growing up. >> they could not figure it out for so long. it's daddy's voice. where is daddy? >> oh, no, don't give in. >> it's a deal, sucker. >> now, 30 years later, there's talk of a remake. and we would settle for a cast reunion. >> i would love to do that. i would love to do anything with kirstie. >> i will try to convince him, he responds to money and threats. >> i don't know. maybe we can get him to sign on one way or the other. and 30 theme doesn't stop there. we were with dolly parton 3 years after steel magnolias. >> steel magnolias. 30 years old. >> can you believe it? my life spins around andll the wonderful artists i get to work. some of us are aging and some of us are not, and we are still
7:36 pm
around. >> please, call me truvy. >> it's the tear jerker that pink can get enough of. >> it's 30 years old this year. >> i can't handle that. i have always loved dolly parton. she is incredible. >> here's tngs that you may not know. for starters, alli can't r -- j was 20 years old. >> it was a huge learning experience. you know, i was with all these women and there was this enormous wealth of information about everything. you know, not just acting and life a atever. and they were dropping the pieces of information and i'm picking them up saying i will remember this and keep this one. it was a big, big time for me. >> she was dating the co-star. and they were engaged and calling it quits in 1990. another secret from the set, dolly and darrol had to go to beauty school to play their parts in the movie. >> this is going in the hair-do hall of fame. >> and remember this scene?
7:37 pm
>> yeah, dolly was cutting julia's hair for real. >> now, i'm having to cut everyone's hair. i have become a beautician in my family. it's a job and i am not getting paid for it. >> i loved working with the women and it was a wonrful story to do. >> there's romance in the air ahead had, as we celebrate 15 years since the "notebook,". >> she was good. actually. >> then, we are flashing back 20 years with never been kissed. >> i'm so not the popular girl. >> jessica alba and drew barrymore and david he could've just been the middle class kid who made good. but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a biness that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it.
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>> i was hoping this was what it was. >> isn't it beautiful? >> so, it's a vacuum robot that has a powerful built in battery. with up to 100 minutes of cleaning time. when it goes down, it will go back to the charging station and chargist, so, you can come home after a long day -- charge itself, so you can come home and after a long day, you can rest, and not have to lift a finger. >> that will come and find it and lean it up. this has a visual navigation camera and wifi connectivity, it's a security camera, so, when you are on your phone, yeah, this syncs with your phone, you can see what is going on all around your home from the comfort of your phone. not just a vacuum, also security. boom, you all need this. >> all right, we have seen them as high as $400. here, it's $149. that's a 63% savings. >> you have my hyped. let's keep the train going. >> up next, something practical
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7:44 pm
massager. i am obsessed with this product. first of all, it's cordless. you can bring it to your office. >> wait a minute, it's cordless? >> you can use it at the desk. put on it me. >> let me turn it on here. >> yeah, give it to me. >> it's there, and now, i will hold it up to you. hold it up. yeah, right, this is incredible. , itit works every area of your body. what you are feeling right now is a nice heated massage technology. which i soothing your muscles. we lo-- we lost her and she is done. it will help increase circulation and mobility. >> you know what i would pay for it. whatever it is, i'm getting it. we have seen them as hyatt$280. right here, right now, you can get it for $49. that was 83% savings. >> that is ridiculous. $49 for the thing. >> come on, come on. >> you cannot put a price on
7:45 pm
your health. >> you have to do all the holiday shopping. good to see you. >> great to see you. and of course, you can get the vip steals. >> still to come. after the notebook turned 15 this year. we reveal how ryan gosslings role could be play by tom cruz. >> who is going to fall in love with you and drew -- >> and the stars of when harry met sally 30 years after screening the movie for princess di, it was a not so royal moment. >> the audience knew about the scene, i'm sure she didn't. >> that's ahead, and first, this weekend in the entertainment >> that's ahead, and first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays that big bang manolo! it's so cold, come ! what's wrong? it's dry.
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7:49 pm
romantic lead. >> it's the role that catapulted him to hollywood heartthrob status. he to hide his baby blues with contacts and his role could have been played by tom cruz. when the new director came on. he did not want a handsome lead. >> that way, we know she is in it for the right reasons. anybody is going to fall in love with brad pitt. you,ho is going to fall in love with you? >> get in the water. get in the water. get in the water, baby. >> something else you may not he, her old mickey mouse club counter party auditioned. >> what is that supposed to mean? >> he have a lot of money. >> oh, okay. now, i hate you. noi hate you. >> she just kind of went like --
7:50 pm
she did this incredible thing of emotions and it was over. and she wiped tears and left the room. we were like, i guess we are making this. >> after a few conversations i could tell how intelligent and precise he is. and you know, he just, you know, just dives right in to a character. >> that on screen steam translated in to a two-year relationship for ryan and rachel and earned them a mtv best kiss award. ♪ >> what goes in to making a screen kiss the best kiss? >> you have to be born with a magic mouth. >> he learned c eed -- he learn carpentry and built this table. and did the stunt. >> they put me on the farris wheel to hang on, on theast day. just in case. >> yeah. it was ay. >> i love the little nuggets
7:51 pm
that we never knew. let's keep it going. because, remember drew barrymore's rom-com, never been kissed. >> i play a woman named josie geller. and finally gets a chance to be a report, and the assignmt is to go back to high school. cut not knowing what is cool. the kids are like -- >> she couldook that stupid. >> 20 years later, e.t. is taking you back to the set with a then 23-year-old drew. >> check out jessica alba who played the queen of the popular girls. >> totally ripped off my malibu barbie idea. >> i'm discobarbie. it's so pretend, i'm not the popular girl. i'm the nerd that walks thought a restaurant. i'm so that girl. >> and this seat taken? role for michael bartans, he m
7:52 pm
said that drew fought hard to cast him as her high school teacher turned love interest. >> who will see me in texas or braska. i mean, so it was very, very nice to know that she, i am basically here because of her. >> david arquette played her popular brother. >> you are 23 years old. >> yeah, with the reading comprehension of a 15-year-old and plus, i'm popular. >> david just started to date his screen co-star. courteney cox. >> i'm madly in love with her. >> she madly in love back? >> i hope so. >> wedding bells in the future? >> i can only wish. >> oh, my wish, that was a reality. >> they have the cutest little girl all of it i love i. >> now to another romance movie milestone, it's been 30 years
7:53 pm
since when harry met sall we had royal surprise. >> when did you know the movie was such a clasc? >> today. people called me and said, it's 30 years. they are going to close down hollywood boulevard. >> she took your breath away when she got out of the car and she could not be more beautiful and more positive. >> how did diana. react to the diner scene? >> everybody in the orchestra, their weight and turned toorpd see how she will react. it was awesome. >> did she laugh? >> oh, yeah. >> that diner scene is one of e most famous moments. >> that's director rob ryaner's mother. estellith the mic drop. >> i'll have what she is having. >> so, can we see harry and sally return? >> we ha talked about it for years and years and years.
7:54 pm
for those of you who believe in happy ever after, that's where they are and that's where they should be. is the route to take.them alone should be. is the route to take.them alone >> we ll be right back. you know when you go to ross for a few gis and realize... oh yeah! yoshould've gotten a cart? that's yes for less. get gifts for everyone on your list and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. department store prices. ...6, 7, ♪
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a few stars with birthdays. now, take a look at the final choices, which big bang theory series stars, 34 this weekend. >> harry and meghan celebrate archie's first thanksgiving and we are inside era special holiday plans. >> it's unique. >> and parks and rec exclusive. >> we are going to interview each other because apparently the interviewer from e.t. did not show up. >> monday, on e.t. now, for all the late breaking news, go to we are getting in the holiday seas, so we leave you with t video of merry christmas and
7:58 pm
hope holiys. david's new deluxe edition of the album, winter in the air is out. >> it's christmas time and i get to be a chris mess nerd. enjoy the video and the rest of the holay season. e-bye. ♪ is is why u dot.
7:59 pm
little surprises can bring.sme kinder joy adds a yummy surprise to your kid's stocking. now, with limited edition holiday toys... a little surprise goes a long way.
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>>continues to get hit hard by this storm system as the nasty weather here in the bay area continues. mother nature bring wet and windyeather to wrap up the long holiday weekend. >>good evening and thank you for joining us tonight 8. i'm j r stone just involvement, this wet weather is is very much needed. but it has made for some slick conditions on the road. and major delays at local airports. we have crime. double trouble for you tonight


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