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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 2, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>>this morning on the kron 4 morning news. we're tracking the rain hitting the bay area and this is a live look at stormtracker 4 radar you can see exactly where the rain is ciming down the hardest this morning. and it could make for a wet commute. good morning and thanks for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news on her back is strong in for robin winston this morning and let's get a check of the rainy weather and traffic how it's going to be a impacted today, here's john trail. yeah, thanks so much for back and we are looking at that rain as we speak which. >>makes for wet roadways as you do hopefully after all was
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a nice thanksgiving not having to worry so much about your truck and org. you look outside from berkeley this morning does show conditions on the rainy side, but visibility is holding just fine obviously we don't really see fog and a as we get the rain so that's not something you're contending with this morning a look at future cast shows where the rain is headed next and it does look like much of the bay area could be seeing some heavy stuff drifting a right into the midst of your morning commute. those areas of yellow and orange, especially up in the north bay on portions of the peninsula showing rain will be the heaviest by weeds the time we were torched 10:00am and noon time showers actually become a lot more sparse so the impact this morning is what we're looking at primarily with isolated showers carrying us on into the evening tonight which could still offer some heavy rainfall at times interspersed by times of dry conditions, let's get a look at where we're sitting on the radar right now you do actually see the heaviest of rainfall easily a spot. well down into
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the central valley if you're heading that direction where you're looking at the worst of it here in the bay area rainfall actually at this point pretty light to moderate for most areas you do see some areas of heavy rainfall just east of 6.80 north of areas like dublin in livermore on up into the mount diablo area than out into the delta on over and towards benicia the way how on down to richmond, you're looking at light to moderate showers some heavier stuff in marine county as we speak well, things dying down on the peninsula down into the south bay at least as of this moment, we'll see an uptick in activity from time to time an area of showers that i'm looking at very closely right now includes this right around san leandro where as you can see around 80 in 5.80 rainfall going to be picking up at the house in just yet for you already a little bit further north a mention richmond, a second ago while up into the north bay right around nevado we are looking at some heavy
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areas of rainfall as well now we do still have a winter storm warning in effect up in the sierra nevada that remains intel 10:00am this morning has continued snowfall a scene up in the sierra was a treacherous weekend for travel if you're heading up towards lake tahoe, but he is sure to make for good skiing up there are mid-levels actually lost some snow mass as we saw rainfall washing some of that low elevation snow fall away that you 3 millie during your pre thanksgiving storm. now daytime highs today will rise much compared to were current temperatures are sitting redwood city at 53 degrees right now oakland. you're at 56. well 55 filet o sitting at a comfortably cool 50 degrees to start the morning from these 50's to just a couple of low 60's in a few upper 50's for your highs, not a whole lot of temperature change you'll see just a touch of sunshine between the clouds later on today areas of rainfall, especially during the morning and then showers becoming more isolated on into
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the afternoon. that's a look at your forecast rebecca, the rain obviously having an impact on the roads with her. we're just looking like. >>there are a little bit it's a rainy and wet. john of course as expected here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza trying to get into san francisco. you can the wind is definitely a whipping up in fact chp has a high wind advisory issued for the span. so if you are going to be heading into san francisco. make sure the have both hands on the steering wheel trying to get to the fremont street exit though no delays so far it's going to be a speech at the limit here at the san mateo bridge. the west then 92 ride the right hand side, your screen still looking good trying to get over to the peninsula not tracking any major hot spots or big delays. but of the deck is what here at the golden gate bridge you can see the camera there with the raindrops on it coming out of the north bay on south one on one. you're going to be delay free but just make sure that stay under the speed limit because of the roadway is slippery getting into the city and it's what here at the richmond sandra fell bridge. we can cause i make out the roadway there. but just a
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couple cars trickling through for your west bound 5.80 commute trying to get into a the richmond area so far though things are definitely looking good so make sure that you leave early. well storms across the country impacted thousands of holiday travelers trying to get back home from the long holiday weekend. 8,000 delays were reported across the country just yesterday kron four's taylor sackey spoke to some of the frustrated travelers. >>hundreds of delays and cancellations at san francisco international on sunday little bit of a dilemma would not want to vote, but if we are. >>we'll just get to spend another night in san francisco. >>many of the delays and cancellations caused by winter like weather and storms in the northeast yet supposed be about 14 inches of snow around boston last weekend according to the federal aviation administration flights arriving at sfo were delayed by an average of 4 andia half hours on sunday. >>i thought it cleared up this morning is what they said when we landed they were finally going to start letting people out learned what the problem
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was apparently when there's certain kind when there's only one way in and out so they have to line up all planes to take off on the same runway. so a delay evhrything by 3 hours and one minute. >>some flights leaving san francisco heading to places like boston new work in new york and philadelphia were also delayed. >>others traveling internationally to the brunt of the bad weather too. >>you know the weather is what as we flew in from home, dublin to san francisco yesterday. we saw that was at the lee of of foreign and that turned into a cancellation and an evening and some francisco was is not the worst place in the world to actually have to for the evening despite delays and cancellations as a foe crowds came in waves slams. even had to take us a special way to get and so far the at is a vote hillary sackey kron 4 news. >>and in the south bay 2 people were killed and 5 others were hurt. crash in san jose. this is video of the
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scene on sunday along highway one to one up the 2.80 connector, one person died on the scene another at the hospital, 5 others were also injured and taken into the hospital one of the drivers was charged with driving under the influence. and in san francisco, a man died after another early morning crash that happened near the 25th street off-ramp from 2.80 south chp says alcohol is suspected but not confirmed. the man was reporting not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from his car. hacking his elderly parents was shot and killed. it happened sunday morning along oasis driving conquered the man's 8590 year-old parents called 911 because their son was acting a radically in pa possibly under the influence of drugs and alcohol. neighbors say they saw the man with a gun outside of the home. 2 officers shot him after finding him straddling his mother holding a knife. 3 years since the
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deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland, 36 people died in that hire a memorial concert was held at lake merritt united methodist church to remember those lives lost kron four's gayle on i was at the event. >>family and friends came together to celebrate those lives lost the goal is to keep the 36 victims legacy in the bay area and to inspire other artists. >>on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. and the memorial through song honoring the 36 lives lost the lives of those who died the lives of those who are around by. did lungs. you changed and their families. it was 12/2/2016 a raging fire tore through the building of an unpermitted electronic
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concert. the warehouse was also functioning illegally as a cluttered living space with safety violations after months of deliberation in the oakland ghost ship trial this year. >>one man free the other could be facing a new trial sunday's memorial concert comes almost 3 months after the stunning verdict singers from voices of silicon valley performed as a way to heal. >>many people are still grieving in the area. the trial has recently ended and so we felt that this was the right time to come together family and friends watched grieved. >>remembering the lives lost the memorial showcase some of the victims work, many of them artists and musicians in the bay area. this is the work of jonathan burn bomb his father edwin says he was a video jockey who performed in front of thousands of people this beautiful. >>he's since the ghost ship fire burned on started a nonprofit to ensure artists and musicians have access to safe affordable spaces to live. >>work and perform.
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>>the hope is to have this memorial concert as an annual event reporting in the newsroom to get along kron 4 news. >>also in the east bay, a man was arrested after officers found an assault weapon during a traffic stop in antioch police pulled the man over after he was lurking around some cars before getting into a vehicle and then driving off. they found a tactical vest assault weapon and methamphetamines inside of his car. the driver is a convicted felon and was on probation. >>on the kron 4 morning news, one east bay neighborhood is taking math others into their own hands to protect against porch pirates this holiday season. and the impeachment inquiry reaches a new a's in washington and the president says he won't take part in the hearings. and after the break snow is in acting travel
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throughout the entire higher sierra we will have a complete forecast coming up. and here's a live look outside the san mateo bridge it is wet on the roadway so leave or early this morning. have a more news weather and traffic coming up after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news we continue to track them rain
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hitting the bay area. this is a live look at stormtracker 4 radar rain in the north bay right now you can see all the green on the screen, definitely heavy across the area. and the storm also bringing snow to the sierra this is video out of sera county. you can see just how how much snow was on the road. so it is definitely going make for a tough drive in the sierra. because we're going to dealing with the rain here they're going to be dealing with the snow. john troubles here to let us know and give us all the details on what's going happen today, yeah and oh my goodness this year this weekend winter wonderland for skiers, not so much for everyone coming back for a moment players for thanksgiving. >>because it was definitely stuck up there and we've got more snow up in the sierra today and then of course i the rain here in the bay, are needed today exactly it's kind of hard to go to work at a monday, especially after vacation. i know it makes a hard and it's suker light out there which is the case this
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morning but just let that motivate shipped to get out of bed just a couple of minutes early. >>get that coffee going a bit early to and maybe hit the roads a little bit early as well. you could barely make out the city skyline across the bay this morning as we do have rain falling over the day as we especially once you head north of the golden gate that's where we're looking at it for the most part up in marine county stretching out into the delta. we still do have some activity in the south bay to with some heavier showers once you head up into the santa cruz mountains. and what you had south of san jose are underway to morgan hill. that's where you're looking at rain can't ignore that big yellow orange and red patch down in the central valley that's where they're really getting the heavy rainfall this morning in on san jose what you head further south from the downtown core down towards 7 trees is where you're looking at some heavier showers right now head north of the city and it's a little bit on the lighter side we are seeing some rainfall around lafayette or or august about to be pushing in towards areas
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like a walnut creek down to danville and and further north in the bay, probably our most persistent rain at this time at least is right along one o one from sandra fell through nevado searching eventually on up into sonoma county so pretty active morning enough to get those roadways very wet for you as you do make your drive into work. now heaviest of rainfall can be expected at times working its way through the north bay, south bay is still at the very northern tier of some shower activity if this moisture plume ends up moving a little bit further northward south bay you could end up getting in the mix a little bit more the future cast is showing right now north bay will continue to see showers into the latter part of your commute after which point the nature of the showers begins to change not quite as widespread, not quite as heavy, but you will have isolated showers interspersed by some dry conditions. so i like we had yesterday when at times will have dry skies and then some rainfall picks up here and there sometimes only lasting a few minutes,
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sometimes a little bit longer showers pick up into the early evening tonight and then we work our way into tomorrow a bit more sparse as far as rainfall goes but still do anticipate the potential of pop-up showers here and there a good one just to keep the in jacket with the and the umbrella handy in your pack, if you've got room for a wednesday also looks to have some showers in the as we make our way into the middle of the week. the heaviest of rainfall after wednesday though is actually expected on into friday to start this upcoming weekend 5 days away from us now we still do have that winter storm warning in the sierra until 10:00am today. we saw multiple feet of snowfall in the sierra especially at the crest and we still are looking at some strong winds up there in the sea air too that are resulting in blowing snow and drifting snow on roadways. your daytime highs today, mostly into the upper 50's and low 60's right around the 60 degree mark for most of the bay, san francisco oakland conquer just a few areas that will be right at 60 today, a breakdown of your next 7 days
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doesn't show a whole lot of changes as far as temperatures go. so make your way into tuesday and wednesday the potential of off and on showers continues. it does look like thursday could be the driest day of the forecast if you just need a good to step outside and enjoy some sunshine. ali speaking out between the clouds friday at rainfall returns and it looks to be some pretty solid rain saturday looks to continue before clearing into the afternoon. rebecca. >>all right, thank you john. a live look outside right now conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza approach you can see the flags are flying on the right hand side of your screen. it is windy out there in fact chp has a high wind advisory issued for this span. so if you're coming into san francisco. just one make sure your you leave early and then to both hands on the steering wheel because it is so windy to the fremont street exit. this amateur bridge looking good the speeds are at the limit no delays no major hot spots, the flat section looks good the hype rise. it's going to be problem free just of course the roadways are a little bit slick this morning. so careful on west 92 trying
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to get over to want to won and speaking of one to one it is what it is rainy in the north bay like john was mentioning so i just definitely be careful here getting into the city though no problems so far. it is early so just a couple of cars, trickling through the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza, the roadways slick here as well. so just a careful out of the east bay trying to get into the north bank. friday packages begin arriving in your cyber monday shopping begins you should be aware porch pirates. one east bay neighborhood to measures into their own hands and installed high tech security cameras neighborhood watch captain christopher glace or began installing a network of cameras about 10 years ago. they watch who comes and goes from different angles. one device can even read license plates through infrared technology. police are says the cameras have definitely helped his neighborhood stay safe. >>we've had 55 arrests over the last 10 the numbers are going up slightly so we
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probably get to rest on the average of every 8 weeks i would say and it covers home burglaries theft from auto auto theft mail theft package, theft. drugs yeah, pretty nice again, but. >>these methods to deter crime may sound expensive but police are says the neighborhood watch or an e-mail group are free options to avoid becoming a victim. one national news president trump and his lawyers have declined an invitation to take part. in the house's impeachment hearing the impeachment inquiry will enter a new phase this week while the president is out of the country. john lawrence has the details. >>president trump putting thousands of miles between himself and his impeachment woes. he and the first lady are attending a nato event in london this week but even if he was in town. the president wouldn't participate in the house judiciary committee impeachment hearing wednesday, white house lawyer pat cipollone released a letter sunday night calling the inquiry, baseless and highly
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partisan. >>this is entirely consistent with us. >>the letter accuses chairman jerrold nadler of purposely scheduling the hearing during the nato meeting, however, cipollone left the door open for white house participation in future hearings. while some believe that could be a good idea i think would be the president's advantage to have his attorneys there that is his right others say that could be a risky move for the white house side. >>allowing his own attorney to participate in the proceedings against the proceedings which missing one democratic presidential candidate says she's already made up her mind i made very clear i think this is impeachable conduct. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>and on the kron 00:04am morning news, the sun is left in disbelief at after his mother is killed in a hit and run in the south bay. now he
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says the city is partly responsible. and here's a live look outside conditions at the golden gate bridge is what it is this slippery so be really careful leave early this morning. the hollywood minute is coming up after the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, i'm tracking your entertainment headlines today and we're getting secrets from the set of one of the biggest movies this
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holiday season. and disney also set a box office record. dan david daniel has those stories and the hollywood minute. >>the smash hit whodunit knives out has plenty of laughs along with the suspense but who did the most unscripted laughing on set the man who wrote the script writer director rian johnson, he has the most funny laughed laughed. >>harry is really good and very high peach and loud. so he was the one running that hey this is a lot of the times i would break it was when they were at living. so when michael shannon would bust out like a hilarious ad lib line or something when they were fighting. >>i can just i was biting my fist trying to not i wonder if those met day there may be parts of the movie you can hear me in the background >>frozen 2 has taken disney into the unknown or at least the record books this equals big star has sent the studio's
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2019 domestic ticket sales. $3.2 billion demolishing the annual market set last year. and of course there's still a month left to push that total even higher the in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>conditions of the bay bridge toll plaza it is wet, it is windy and a high wind advisory issued trying to get into san francisco will be back with more on the kron 4 morning news after the break stay with us.
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>>this morning we're tracking the rain hitting the bay area. this is a live look at stormtracker 4 radar you can see exactly where the rain is coming down the hall artists look at all all that a green on the screen, it's definitely going to wet commute this morning. that is why we bring in the experts welcome back. i'm rebecca strom in for robin this morning and here is john scher able and he's going to let us know what today looks like yeah. >>gosh rebecca, another rainy, one. after what was so dry to start the season, thanksgiving bringing a paz potter rainfall over we had before thanksgiving try down to thanksgiving itself and then the interesting yet again and we're keeping it going this morning as you drive into work. we are seeing a pretty active of you out there on the radar and you can see from oakland and berkeley hills right here that conditions have cleared up over the past couple of minutes, this view
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looking a little less rainy showers are spotty a bit on and off this morning. some of our heaviest of rainfall this morning can be expected up in the north bay out these bad times even in san francisco and then if you're heading south of san jose, it looks like a depending on how far north this moisture plume comes in could have a south bay impact as well. now as we maoe our way through the rest of the day after this morning showers do look to be a bit more spotty so this morning, the request of roadways. the most persistent rainfall after this is going to be a lot like what we saw on days like friday and saturday event where you'll have spotty showers here and there interspersed by dry conditions out with the afternoon is going to be bringing us after some very wet conditions. this morning as of right now some areas that we're really focused on do include the north bay were areas of light to moderate showers to continue up in marine sonoma out in solano and even northern portions of contra costa county this morning little bit further


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