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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 2, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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looking a little less rainy showers are spotty a bit on and off this morning. some of our heaviest of rainfall this morning can be expected up in the north bay out these bad times even in san francisco and then if you're heading south of san jose, it looks like a depending on how far north this moisture plume comes in could have a south bay impact as well. now as we maoe our way through the rest of the day after this morning showers do look to be a bit more spotty so this morning, the request of roadways. the most persistent rainfall after this is going to be a lot like what we saw on days like friday and saturday event where you'll have spotty showers here and there interspersed by dry conditions out with the afternoon is going to be bringing us after some very wet conditions. this morning as of right now some areas that we're really focused on do include the north bay were areas of light to moderate showers to continue up in marine sonoma out in solano and even northern portions of contra costa county this morning little bit further south a
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nice little dry area currently in san francisco from oakland south the hayward and fremont often on light showers on the peninsula. and then if you are down in the south bay your hour right at the edge of some heavier stuff that is working its way through the santa cruz mountains and even right along highway 85 south of san jose san jose downtown is right at the northern tier of some heavier rainfall from the south. where as you head north from there and things are actually a little bit on the calmer side, currently now we don't really have any advisories across the bay area this morning. flood advisories have expired as of this point which is definitely good news. if you are heading up into the sierra winter storm warning does remain until 10:00am this morning has continued areas of snowfall do continue to fall up in the high country. actually lost a lot of that accumulated snowfall over the weekend in the mid levels this year. it just washed away by some rainfall that worked its way into some higher elevations. there in the high country. today's daytime highs, not a far cry from where current temperature said
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a cloudy day such as this means temperatures are going to be moving too much right now we're in the low to mid 50's asked for your highs later today, a range of upper 50's to low 60's and as i mentioned rainfall becomes more sparse later on just a few showers lingering into the afternoon. still do expect the potential of heavy isolated rain though so even though you may see some sunshine peeking out from time to time don't forget to keep the umbrella handy as well as the rain jacket. rebecca. >>all right to take a look outside at your commute is checking the bridges here starting on for the bay bridge you can see the toll plaza there pretty pass act in some of those cash lanes on the left side of your screen and it's windy look at the flags on your right. a high when it is of advisory rather has been issued for the stand by chp this morning. so be really careful if this is your commute over the san mateo bridge things are looking good. this speeds are at the limit no delays no pre problem spot section looks good. as well as the high rise getting over to the one in one split so and the golden gate bridge,
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it is wet on the deck coming out of the north bay, you're definitely going to see that rain that john has been talking about in just a both hands on steering wheel and just be real careful trying to get into a san francisco in one on one. indeed the richmond center fell bridge, another wet commute for you. but the good news is it's not busy quite yet, but definitely want to leave early no matter where you are headed to this morning because so we're definitely going to see it what for the next couple of hours. well in the east bay the weekend rain did not people from heading outside kron four's dan thorn was in walnut creek where some people found a way to enjoy the rain. >>holiday weekends when weather made for an easy excuse to stay indoors. that many people if the office one that creates ice skating rink in civic park was the place to be sunday afternoon. never
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mind the white whether the holiday spirit was not going to be dampened. >>you know it's raining they when they knew the open really. >>the wipers were needed on 6.80 and this sign along pacheco boulevard in pacheco warned about potential flooding under this overpass. big puddles filled up in some parking lots as cars. >>splash through them. >>the rain didn't keep people from walking they're all weather pops or visiting some local shops with umbrellas overhead. >>it's really not that bad, i mean i wish it was sunny i wish it was sunny and 75 it could be a breakout my shorts others weren't so thrilled with the wet weather. >>but they understand it helps in the long run, they get it a bummer that we have. reporting in walnut creek. dan thorn kron 4 news.
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>>on east basin is sharing his heartbreak after a car our struck his mother and the street. the woman was killed in fremont on a cross walk friday night and has been identified as 72 year-old game she was walking her dog when a driver slammed into her. her dog was killed as well kron four's felecia call has the latest. i always knew someone would be hit and killed i just never knew. >>my mom the robins struggling to come to grips with his family's loss in shock. it's in shock we still can't believe it is 72 year-old mother he was killed using the crosswalk on rock avenue at niles friday night in fremont just 300 feet away from the home they shared. >>flowers and a stuffed animal. c. and her lab for duty. >>molly cupcakes who also did not survive from had talks with the city how about storing it down they can single lane. at the very least they should have stop signs
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here the city has developed a safe and complete streets projects to make niles boulevard safer. >>a plan that includes some of the tunnel you robin suggestions, which is scheduled to be complete next year. >>that obviously too late in this situation. police say a caucasian man in his 50's with great here driving a silver or gray sedan now with front end damage is believed to be the driver who killed turns man. >>according to one of the a driver, the vehicle that struck me. our walk towards the. >>he's now potentially facing felony hit and run charges. police and neighbors say drivers routinely speed in this area. the limit is 35 miles per hour. >>and on the other it's 40 miles per hour. be was a semi retired caregiver who moved to berkeley from maryland in the
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60's and was an activist during the civil rights movement on the issues that are really loving and for animosity toward the driver. >>they do the right thing and turn themselves in, you know just to help with closure. and that's a police say this is the city 7th deadly traffic collision of the year. in fremont police to call kron 4 news. >>pg e says its power lines haven't sparked any wildfire since the power shut-offs but the utility however did acknowledge its transmission equipment may have started a fire in sonoma county near geyserville last month that fire destroyed more than 400 structures. authorities haven't determined the cause cars that pg e says they had a problem at a transmission tower nearby. our to the
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distribution lines to prevent its equipment from igniting wildfires. but it left electricity flowing to what was believed were less vulnerable transmission law times. alameda county sheriff's office needs your help finding this stop someone snatched up the pup from a car in castro valley. the car was parked in a strip mall on marketplace friday night. of the 49 ers taking on one of the best teams in the nfl, the baltimore ravens this game was in a full rain storm, but that didn't slow down the niners on their first drive of the game. you samuel makes a great catch for 33 yards and and the touchdown. that gave the niners a seven-point lead. strive jimmy g is sad active loses the football and the ravens then recover but that would lead to a 20 yard touchdown pass from lamar jackson to 2 tie the game. then later in the 1st half with the ravens up by 7 raheem mostert turn comes up with a
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40 yard touchdown. run to tie the game then a 4th quarter with the game tied at 17 the ravens kick up 49 yard field goal to win the game 20 to 17. head coach kyle shanahan spoke after the game. >>i was real proud of this i thought they played extremely all 3 phases. definitely against a real good team. i was real happy with our guys how they played we had every chance to win that game came up a little bit short there then give credit to them. hopefully can earn opportunity to maybe get a chance when some other time again. >>next week the 40 niners will travel to new orleans to take on the saints. and it was an ugly day for the raiders in kansas city taking on the chiefs the raiders had 3 turnovers and the chiefs took advantage open fell behind big early and cannot come back. the chiefs win by a final 40 to 9. raiders coach jon gruden spoke after the game. not a. >>not disappointed with the
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effort of our of our team. but we've got to learn from this and i got to take it upon myself the penalties and the turnovers are. 2 things that doing in big games in december. when everything's on the line with the turnovers in the kicking game. we have i think for defense of false starts. you know we had a pick-six you know we just never found our rhythm. >>next week the raiders will be back at home. take on the tennessee titans. on the kron 4 morning news with the house what a season in full swing now that also means that some people are trying to scam holiday shoppers. we will show you how to avoid becoming a victim. and here's a live look outside and a wet embarcadero and san francisco, the street is what here and it's pretty much what around the entire bay area john travel has a full weather check. coming up after the break stay with us.
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>>this morning we're tracking the rain hitting the bay area and this is a live look at stormtracker 4 radar you can see exactly where the rain is coming down artists this morning. for a wet commute could it's definitely going to i rebecca strom in for robin this morning. and we will his expert advice on what we should do today. well. >>and from experience of the rain jackets and umbrellas
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those are the 2 easy us pics is for sure, but yeah wet roadways already and that means so wet commute for sure rebecca, and as so many people. do not what they get up on a monday morning after making who wants to do that. we need the rain great to be just give yourself extra time to get to work this morning and you'll be just fine we've seen rain like this before it's something i can handle as you're getting out there, especially after a few days of wet roadways. now we have at least had practiced driving up, but you look outside across the bay is showing a clear going on across the bay itself right now this who wasn't really that clear just a few moments ago so rainfall tapering off in some spots while in other spots kind of picking back up light to moderate showers across the south bay on the peninsula and then especially in the north bay right now first lets start in the south bay right around san jose, some light to moderate shower activity if you're traveling on 17 from downtown san jose down 3 to 5
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you're seeing some of the heaviest of stuff at the moment as well, south of 7 trees, currently up into the east bay oakland north of san leandro lafayette richmond and north of san ramon is where you're seeing some of our light to moderate showers right now nothing i'm detecting on the radar that's really super heavy one of our spots a doesn't just north of san pablo just to the southwest of napa so if you are in this area you're seeing it coming down about the hardest anywhere in the bay area currently seeing him, although radar is detecting some of the lightest of rainfall up in marin county currently and we're still seeing snow as of this morning up in the sierra nevada we accumulated additional feet of it at the crest of the sierra water mid levels actually lost a bit of snow pack as rainfall crept into higher and higher about libations as you felt at those temperatures gradually rose throughout the course of your weekend. rainfall is going to be the most substantial this morning has also will be snowfall in the sierra rain in the central valley is actually going to be
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the heaviest that moisture plume really setting up shop in this central coast into the central valley. we're right at the northern tier of it here in the bay area as we make our way into the afternoon. you see how this wide spread shower activity becomes a lot more sparse you'll still need your umbrella on hand and or rain jacket as conditions will prove to be rainy from time to time. but you'll have a nice little dry spots in the midst of it by 08:45pm tonight, light to moderate showers to continue on and off as they will into tomorrow too although becoming less and into your tuesday and wednesday we'll see an uptick in rainfall activity again before we look to dry out pretty significantly on into thursday before our next weather maker into the weekend after that point. now today's daytime highs pretty seasonable upper 50's to low 60's, comfortably cool day a little warmer than we have been and we're going to stay in that range of upper 50's to low 60's through the next 7 days. today bringing some of our heaviest of rain during the morning showers not as heavy this afternoon. tuesday,
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lighter showers the out wednesday, it looks like showers could actually pick back up then come thursday our driest day friday rainfall picks back up and a lot ahead we'll be seeing some heavy rainfall looking likely to start next weekend with saturday bringing even more of it, rebecca. >>all right, thank you john here is a live look outside right now conditions the wet and windy conditions here. the bay bridge toll plaza approach a lot of cars there in the cash paying lanes on the left side of your screen and then the flag i was just whipping around on the right. a high wind advisory is issued by chp for the spans just be careful here. if you're trying to head into san francisco this morning. the san mateo bridge looks great speeds are at the limit no problems no major. that's for the flat section or the high rise getting over 21 looks good, but just leave early because everywhere we're definitely seeing of the roadways wet and slippery especially here coming out of the north bay. ron john has been talking about it all morning long. we're definitely seeing it so wet and rainy, so
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careful on one oh one into san francisco. and you're richmond center fell bridge looks a good because there's not a lot of folks yet so again if you can leave early definitely do so today just because of the weather. one the east bay 73 year-old man survived an armed home invasion in concord and he's sharing his story. a trail of dried mud shows the robbers route and john perry says he was tied up and then robbed at his home on crawford street wednesday night. the robbers got away with more than $2200. mary says he's thankful. he's alive after this traumatic experience. >>i was scared of course. i think i should say to probably 3 times for for different reasons like it. not shooting the you know please don't. >>comes just a day after 2 people were injured in a similar home invasion and lafayette. police say armed
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man snuck into a home where they tied up the homeowner and another person. well in the north bay burglars strike a home and center fell not just once but twice on the same day while the homeowners were away on holiday vacation. the owner of this home received an electronic alert that link them to surveillance video of their property and in the video you can see 2 men wearing sweatshirts and indiana's to cover their faces eventually breaking into the house also the homeowner then called sanibel police who responded but could not fun and the burglars. >>we left the house probably around 6.45. and then we got another phone call from a resident in florida. out about 7.55 that they could see that the suspects had returned to the residents don't know why they came back, we don't know if they were seeking stuff they left behind. but they did come back during the daytime. >>the thieves got away with electronics and jewelry. well for your money this morning
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all week long kron four's helping you protect from becoming the victim of a holiday scam. today we tell you what you need to know to avoid shipping scams when you order online packages. >>somehow the shoppers do the bulk of their buying online. so they're used to getting shipping notifications sent to their email address. but now scammers are banking on that creating false e-mails alongside the real ones just hoping you don't notice. once a consumer clicks a variety of things can go wrong. such as downloading dangerous software onto your computer. experts say that there's one thing you can do to avoid these fake notifications best. >>the best way to check on shipping notifications is for you to proactively go to that web site and if you are relying on the e-mails that legitimate companies do send you a verified just make sure that it really is the right you mail address. >>consumer should always make sure to check tracking numbers read previous e-mails to make sure before opening and look for scammer grammar another term for misspellings in the email.
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>>and the city with the most porch pirates is san francisco. with 3024 thefts per 1000 people safewise put a top 10 list using larceny theft rates and google trends data more than half half of the metro areas are where porch pirates strike. the city's also include salt lake city, baltimore, seattle austin la and denver. this is the first time chicago denver and sacramento have made that list. >>i've right now conditions at san francisco international airport and so we're looking at a very wet slick runways bui so far delay free for inbound flights and over to a live look at stormtracker 4 radar widespread rain across the bay area right now making for a wet commute john scher able. update on your forecast after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back for 55 on this monday morning and the it is a rainy one out there across the bay area we're seeing light to moderate showers across the bay but look at all this activity that we've got into the central valley that's where that moisture plume is really leaving its impacts you have to head south the gilroy before you really see some of our heaviest of rainfall. but if you are heading south on out routes like i 5.99. you
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are looking at some heavy rain out that direction now as for the south bay right now we do have some light to moderate showers being seen some of our heaviest of rain is up in the santa cruz mountains around los gatos and saratoga to be expecting heavy rainfall in the next few minutes. campbell and north to milpitas also looking at some moderate shower activity over towards lafayette orinda out towards walnut creek and if you're driving down 24 into oakland and berkeley. you are looking at some light to moderate showers as you are as well on the bay bridge crossing into san francisco or the richmond sandra fell bridge crossing up north. a little bit further north in the bay light to moderate showers up in the north bay right now it's a little bit more sparse up here. some of our heaviest isolated areas of rainfall though are up in the north bay, including right around youngsville in saint helene at this moment. we did have flood advisories around the contain fire burn scar. those have since expired as rainfall has diminished. rebecca. >>alright checking the roadways around the bay area starting off of the bay bridge toll plaza approach it is what
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it is raining like. john has been mentioning so that is going to make for a wet commute to leave early if you can and it's windy out there there's a high wind advisory issued for the bay bridge. getting in the san francisco, supposed hands on that stirring well this morning and then over to the san mateo bridge we're looking at some pretty good conditions here. folks are not quite yet here. speeds are the limit no problems to report on your westbound 92 ryan over to the golden gate bridge coming out of the north bay that is going to be a wet right for you you can see the rain drops on the screen there just be real careful here is it is going to be slick and the san francisco. and a problem free the richmond sandra fell bridge shad that you can see the raindrops definitely coming down again leave early reduce here. speed and just be careful out there on the roadways. we have team coverage coming up on the wet and rainy conditions coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news and it starts at 5 next stay with us.
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>>and travel woes if you're driving back into work today or out at sfo is there just mentioned rainfall across the bay area. i'm tracking it in your forecast. >>we'll talk all about that with those live shots as you saw it really is coming down we all expression driving and you will too so let's get the latest on weather and traffic with john and rebecca hope there aren't any big hot spots out there. no major hot spots a lot of spinouts that we've been horses the morning progresses we could see get a little bit worse as more folks are going out there so leave early if you can be is it going to get worse weatherwise are we going to see more rain so today this morning is actually going to be the key rain time after this it's actually going to come. for much of the rest of the day. but yes


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