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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 2, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>>and travel woes if you're driving back into work today or out at sfo is there just mentioned rainfall across the bay area. i'm tracking it in your forecast. >>we'll talk all about that with those live shots as you saw it really is coming down we all expression driving and you will too so let's get the latest on weather and traffic with john and rebecca hope there aren't any big hot spots out there. no major hot spots a lot of spinouts that we've been horses the morning progresses we could see get a little bit worse as more folks are going out there so leave early if you can be is it going to get worse weatherwise are we going to see more rain so today this morning is actually going to be the key rain time after this it's actually going to come. for much of the rest of the day. but yes your morning commute it is rainy and it's are going
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continue to see some light to moderate showers throughout the course of your morning so this is your look outside from berkeley you're in the midst of some dry conditions. but if you look out there over the bay. >>you can see that rain is actively following so it's spotty right now, but we're definitely seeing it for a lot of the bay area zooming out you actually are seeing the heaviest of rainfall just to our south pushing in on into the central valley and the cenrral coast, if you are heading south. that's where you're looking at the core of this moisture plume right now down here for the bay area what we're seeing is definitely some lighter stuff that our neighbors further south but enough to get roadways wet and the causing some travel headaches as you are heading back to work right around san jose on over to mountain view and up into the mountains just east of san jose you are seeing some of our the heaviest of shower activity little bit further north on the peninsula, some drier conditions, but it's still spotty showers around such as a 86 ad out in the east bay are definitely wet livermore seeing moderate
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rainfall at this time as you are us also out west oakland as the bay bridge. across the bay itself on over into san francisco. further north some light to moderate showers as well over in the richmond sandra fell bridge area and then a little bit further north yet definitely some rainfall up in the north bay, so it's pretty widespread. this morning, a future cast shows that after a morning filled with rainfall showers do begin to taper off especially after 08:00am lasting until 09:00am that's when you're going to see rain pushing a little further north by 10 noontime today. it's more of a spotty shower kind of variety so times when you may actually see the sun reappearing for just a moment, but don't use that as an excuse to put the rain jacket away just yet. showers will continue on and off throughout the day today and into tomorrow, lighter showers on average in wednesday actually does see an uptick in rainfall before driest of days this week actually doesn't arrive until thursday now winter storm warnings do remain in effect for the sierra nevada
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in this pinch you that you see up in the sierra here in the bay area, no advisories right now rain has tapered enough that flood advisories up in the north bay that we saw over the weekend have since expired 50's for your current temperatures and that's really not far away from where afternoon highs are going to sit later today, daytime highs will rise into the low 60's for a few spots upper 50's in other areas. rebecca. >>all right, thank you john yes and we're definitely seeing of the roadways very slick very rainy. and especially here at the bay bridge toll plaza approach we're seeing it very windy as well and chp has issued a high wind advisory for the stance of the left-hand side of your screen. that is all the folks trying to get in to san francisco, mostly in those cash paying lanes on the right hand you can see a parking lot there and the flag and just whipping in the wind and that's a has been issued for hours now by the chp is going to be that way for quite some time this morning. 12 for your drive time over to the fremont street exit across the upper deck so not too bad as far as
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that goes and things are looking good here we're get busier san mateo bridge coming over to the peninsula in connecting with want to want it's going to be under 15 minutes. but there's also a high wind advisory that chp is issued for this span as well some both hands on the steering wheel and i can't stress enough to leave early this morning if you can now back to the news james story of things a lot. as we've been talking about it is raining and it's going to be raining for. >>while seems like just yesterday we are waiting for the rain to play about a year now it's here the complaining already be in speaking of complaining with 4 will tran standing by this morning. give us the same they say. but you guys can get get up. >>the rain it feel like a little kid. i can jump all over the puddles because there are puddles. north bay. let me
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step out and i'll show you. the biggest irony. cars going northbound on one oh one. lackey also known as lake. i'm lucky drive. i don't know why they call the lucky drive because this morning if you're going through look at that car. i want to quickly show you. there is that car going through and oh my goodness hydro planing years ago i thought to myself this is how it's going to and i almost ran into the center median so. listen to rebecca strong take it easy that car right there looks like they know about it and has slowed. down good job there on the other side, cars heading southbound. into the sea not as bad, but the one thing this morning that is constant guys. the instant rainfall. it's not really. unlike massive big drops or windy. but good enough to turn this into a lake lucky. is
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beyond me because it's just an accident waiting to happen. being fix just take it easy in the north bay. and my goodness, i'm glad you can get it up james you and i anchor last week you're laughing why are you going to get yours next week. deadly getting beat up good news is it's not windy and not cold if there's any silver lining. the warm studio i hope you choke on your coffee. was christina tate rowe who was given you a hard time she was out in the elements on friday while will is in studio. she said i hope on monday you're out here with now. >>that drive ago from tahoe by the way actually went well because we left early enough in the morning on sunday that there wasn't a whole lot on the road of other traffic but it was raining just as john a
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case knowing. well, yeah snow the east coast is getting hammered. so you combine our storm and they are storm and hundreds of flights had to be canceled delays and. >>they're seeking more the same today could have a lot of people trying to get back today and they're going to be in the middle of all of that crop for sarah stinson live at sfo with the latest good morning, sarah. >>we're seeing some sprinkling but earlier it's really coming down you can see. recreating some major delays and cancellations just already this morning here that there's been 33 delays in fort cancellations so far yesterday. it was chaotic take a look at the video. a lot of people impacted bh that weather in the northeast and our o storm. 94 delays. and 69 cancellations. specifically to
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fly to looked at. the flights that are heading towards a there also experiencing some delays and we're going to continue to monitor these a flight cancellations and delays to people traveling this morning those pretty packed right now i'd say. to catch their flight but you know is better to check your flight status before you even. sense of getting here for flights already canceled a is the word special year. was he want to be careful out there make sure you don't hydroplaned. an sfo sarah stinson kron. >>thanks a lot sarah and we of course will have full coverage
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of the rain all across the area throughout the morning and throughout the week we'll have live reports from the field josh are able track in the latest conditions beckstrom in the traffic center keeping us updated on the road so stay tuned. >>5 oh 8 and today marks 3 years since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland that killed 36 people. a memorial concert was held at lake merritt united methodist church to remember the victims kron four's gayle ong was there. >>family and friends came together to celebrate those lives lost the goal is to keep the 36 victims legacy in the bay area and to inspire other artists. >>on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. and the memorial through song honoring the 36 lives lost the lives of those who died the lives of those who are around >>the guy. did lungs.
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>>you changed and their families. it was 12/2/2016 a raging fire tore through the building of an unpermitted electronic concert. the warehouse was also functioning illegally as a cluttered living space with safety violations after months of deliberation in the oakland ghost ship trial this year. one man free the other could be facing a new trial sunday's memorial concert comes almost 3 months after the stunning verdict singers from voices of silicon valley performed as a way to heal. >>many people are still grieving in the area. the trial has recently ended and so we felt that this was the right time to come together family and friends watched grieved. >>remembering the lives lost the memorial showcase some of the victims work, many of them artists and musicians in the bay area. this is the work of jonathan burn bomb his father edwin says he was a video jockey who performed in front of thousands of people this beautiful.
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>>he's since the ghost ship fire burned on started a nonprofit to ensure artists and musicians have access to safe affordable spaces to live. >>work and perform. >>the hope is to have this memorial concert as an annual event reporting in the newsroom to get along kron 4 news. >>on the kron 4 morning news, the impeachment inquiry, reaching a new phase in washington and the president says he won't take part in the hearings this week will explain john and of course keep updated on the rainfall this morning as we do see it falling run right in the midst of your morning commute. i'm talking about what you can expect. >>and i'm tracking a wet commute this morning for you leave early if you can and so far no problems here, the bay bridge toll plaza approach getting into san francisco. a high wind advisory issued just be really carefu right now, 2 of my breakfast jacks with a freshly cracked
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>>and you told us to expect it and it's here straight up what a busy past week guys and it's not one to let up just yet. this morning, especially very rainy morning. >>of the areas of looks like out yet the heaviest rain is actually to our south though let's get a. >>big picture on the radar guys look at all that orange and yellow that you're saying on the central down to the central valley, us of this moisture plume that this fear river that i mentioned last week oftentimes that aims at one specific soft spot. >>and then there are really dumps a lot of water there and that spot this weekend was the central coast on up into the central valley. so we're definitely at the northern tier of where the heaviest of rainfall is being seen but if you're heading south today or even to the us. that's where you're looking at some very wet roadways even some isolated they're isolated areas where there's been some flooding here across the bay
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area certainly enough to talk about in our own right though with light to moderate showers all across the bay even some isolated spots where rainfall is a bit on the heavier side, san jose downtown you're in the midst of some conditions dying down for the moment milpitas rainfall is picking back up for us and also is up into the tri valley at this time east bay on and off areas of light to moderate rain on a 24 between lafayette down to heavier stuff right around the tunnel oakland down the san leandro also looking at rain and if you're crossing the richmond sandra fell bridge. you're also looking at it. some heavy rainfall about to be pushing on into marine county these isolated spots right here really going to be packing a punch. they're working their way in a northeasterly direction on toward sandra fell on over towards the richmond sandra fell bridge. so expect rainfall to be picking up on these areas here in just a few minutes you do see some of the heaviest of rainfall potential on up in the north bay today, although this moisture plume
5:17 am
could adjust and result in some heavy rainfall then future cast a showing down in the south bay at times this morning so really from north to south we all at least have some heavy rainfall potential at times. now rainfall will be the heaviest as well as the most widespread right in the middle of your morning commute definitely not the ideal time to be seeing some of our heaviest of rain into the in to taper off somewhat and you have a more isolated rainfall that will be interspersed by dry conditions much like it was on friday, where you may have stepped outside from time to time seeing some sunshine overhead and then a shower will push back in. that's what we're going to be looking at this afternoon on into the evening tonight. tomorrow showers taper off even more so drying out compared to what we will see this afternoon before rainfall picks back up on into wednesday, not really wanting to lose its grip on the bay area just yet towards the middle of the week. today's daytime highs will be pretty similar to yesterday's a range of low 60's to upper 50's this
5:18 am
is actually very seasonable for this time of year. tomorrow wednesday in the rest of the week after temperatures not changing much not for your daytime highs nor really for your evening lows. tomorrow showers will be lighter winds days picking back up before thursday does look to be our in your forecast. friday rainfall picks back up yet again with saturday bringing continued areas of rain. that's a look at your forecast rebecca, we know the roads are wet. else is looking like out there. >>and a windy i would say john out there because there's a number bridges with that high wind advisory issued by the chp this morning starting off here with the bay bridge in it was issued at hours ago and it is still windy here. so just be really careful of course you can see on the water on the lens here and so it is definitely went like john has been talking about and in they turn the metering lights on about 20 minutes earlier than normal. it's pretty packed tear the drive time already beginning to increase at a total of 16 minutes out of the macarthur maze and then up and
5:19 am
over the upper deck a the fremont street exit choose just leave or if you can we just can't say enough here. this morning. here the san mateo bridge a lot busier than our last check and this fan also has a high wind advisory issued by the chp so both hands on the steering wheel. the good news is no major hot spots, a flat section is problem free. so far the high rise looks good over to the 1 one connector and you're out about to just under 15 minutes from end and so that is a good commute so far to start. it is what it is raining here at the richmond sandra fell bridge. you can barely make out the payment right now and you can see all the going through so it is definitely getting busier here. but the drive time looks great only 8 minutes from the pay gates out to the one on connector in the north bay and speaking of one to one. it's problem free that we're seeing a lot of rain like john has been mentioning on radar coming out of the north bay. it's going to be wet on the deck itself into san francisco, but your drive times stands at about 21 minutes to the toll plaza so that is a good drive time some
5:20 am
other drive times that i'm checking around the bay area, 21 minutes it started slow down from antioch in the concord but it looks good we're in the green speeds are at the limit from a check of the danville on 6.80 only 18 minutes and then the nimitz looks great so far this morning from san leandro to milpitas on the southbound side at 21 minutes and then one on one so far problem free from downtown san jose and to palo alto a 28 minutes. james all right rebecca, thank you. >>5 20 is the time, let's turn our attention to some national news this morning president trump and his lawyers have declined an invitation to take part in the house judiciary committees impeachment hearing this week. the inquiry enters a whole new phase this week while the president is out of the country. we have john large now to explain. president trump putting thousands of miles between himself and his impeachment woes. he and the first lady are attending a nato event in london this week but even if he was in town. the president wouldn't participate in the house judiciary committee impeachment hearing wednesday,
5:21 am
white house lawyer pat cipollone released a letter sunday night calling the inquiry, baseless and highly partisan. >>this is entirely consistent with us. >>the letter accuses chairman jerrold nadler of purposely scheduling the hearing during the nato meeting, however, cipollone left the door open for white house participation in future hearings. while some believe that could be a good idea i think would be the president's advantage to have his attorneys there that is his right others say that could be a risky move for the white house side. >>allowing his own attorney and to participate in the proceedings against the proceedings which missing one democratic presidential candidate says she's already made up her mind i've made very clear i think this is impeachable conduct. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>coming up next here on the kron 4 morning news with
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>>to spend more than $9 billion today and and that's a lot all week long kron 4 is helping protect you from becoming the victim though of holiday scams which always pop up this time, yes, and today we want you to know about these shipping scams when you were packages on line. >>hopper's do the bulk of their buying online. >>so they're used to getting shipping notifications sent to their email address. >>but now scammers are banking on that creating falss e-mails alongside the real ones just hoping you don't notice. once a consumer clicks a variety of things can go wrong. such as downloading dangerous software onto your computer. experts say that there's one thing you can do to avoid these fake
5:26 am
notifications best. >>the best way to check on shipping notifications is for you to proactively go to that web site and if you are relying on the e-mails that legitimate companies do send you a verified just make sure that it really is the right you mail address. >>consumer should always make sure to check tracking numbers read previous e-mails to make sure before opening and look for scammer grammar another term for misspellings in the email. >>then there's a porch pirates which simpler form of scamming you. and in san francisco there are 24 thefts. 1000 people. safewise puts a top 10 list out of this they used to saft rates and they use google trends to figure out and the city's with a lot of porch pirates include san francisco and then salt lake city, baltimore, seattle austin l a and denver. >>all right this morning on the cross for more news. we're tracking the rain of course that's the big story impacting everyone as we're taking a
5:27 am
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>>i think which is pretty much the lead story and traffic's going to be tough out there when you head out powers of it he doing so far we're doing so far so good, i mean no major hot spots which is a shocker. >>everyone's behaving maybe folks are leaving early like we've been talking about but i'll check of the bridges because we do have the wind advisories and they're starting to pack. >>earlier i had a so the wind and the rain then this morning, the wind and the rain but at least it's not cold or >>and now it's really not. >>that actually feels pretty good until the rain hits yet and that is not so great anymore. but yao widespread rainfall across the bay area this we should feel lucky him knowing that's the heaviest of rainfall is actually not here
5:31 am
in the bay area but rather further to our south along the central coast, the central valley and eventually up into the sierra foothills. rainfall here locally is definitely not as extreme. but definitely causing the problems. a south bay is looking at light to moderate showers right now little on the dry side for the peninsula at this moment, but if you look offshore this wide area of rainfall is about to be working its way on up into the north bay over the next few hours the north bay as we're really going to be watching as far as some of our heaviest of rainfall potential in fact right now one of our heaviest of sitting right around mount tam about to be drifting further to the east towards one o one. so if you are in these areas expect some especially wet conditions here in about a just a few minutes really and over the next few hours rainfall is going to continue that the shower actually just moving a little bit closer to one o one over the past couple of seconds here. martinez down to concord and walnut creek also looking at light to moderate showers currently as you are further to the north up in napa so a
5:32 am
look at future cast shows those heavier showers pushing on through the north bay over the course of the next couple of hours. but the rest of the bay area will also see off and on showers not just through the morning. but all the way through the day today isolated showers continue into the evening tonight and do expect a few the showers to be resulting in some heavy isolated spots of rainfall. that means even if you see the sunshine peak and back out from time to time there's likely to be shower activity in the vicinity side keep that rain jacket and that umbrella handy even into the evening. tomorrow shower activity is lessened compared to today's but enough that you should still keep the rain jacket with you and into wednesday. it does look to be picking back up on into the sierra nevada we're still under winter storm warnings as a mix of rain and snow is seen up in the sierra rainfall has crept to higher and higher elevations over the weekend that has resulted in a lot of snow fall at the mid levels of the sierra to be washed away, but the crest of this year did
5:33 am
pick up an additional couple feet of snow. so that's great for a building a base for the rest of the season ahead. 50's for today's a current temperatures anyways and really for today's daytime highs to will rise into the upper 50's and low 60's later today. so really not much different than our current temperatures are overall just expect a primarily cloudy one and on and off showers even into the afternoon. the heaviest of rainfall though we're in the midst of it right now through your morning commute over to you rebecca. >>all right well i am definitely a wet roads of course like john has been mentioning and the winds are really kicking up and chp as high wind advisories for a couple of the bridges around the bay area so book is about stirring well this morning. with the conditions here at the bay bridge toll plaza approach were meteor lights were turned on earlier than normal. so a lot of folks are trying to head out early because of the wet weather so definitely a try to do the same before it gets too busy out there are 11 minutes though not about drive time in the san francisco, but again
5:34 am
it is going to be really windy on the deck itself make sure that you just are careful trying to get over to the fremont street exit. we're hot spot free on the san mateo bridge. but it's very windy on the span as well both hands on steering wheel through the flat section and especially on the high the rise. but how are looking good over to the 1, 1, connector only 15 minutes for your total drive time check your east bay commute and getting word of a brand-new accident on south 80 that coming up in just a couple of minutes, james starry of things. and this rain is going to be with us pretty much for the week. >>it will yeah this storm is going to taking its time moving through crawford's will trend is up in marin county this morning keeping an eye on the situation up there and what you expect as you head outside and obviously could up that's what you can. >>pretty much bank on game face on and it is rain faces gave a swell. >>john sure able is money whatever numbers that he is even the lottery tickets and leaned down because he's right it has picked up since 5
5:35 am
o'clock i'm off a lucky drive-in. my jacket is so it looks like mother nature, she's clearing her throat and she's stepping on the gas. let me step out of the way what you do want to do is step on the gas today because lucky drive historically. water accumulates and look at that look at that car driving through what i call. lake lucky, why they call it lucky. i have no idea because anytime it rains, especially as significant as it is right now you get this looks like the water gets just some the car. he got to take it easy. it is not windy that's at least the saving grace but i'll zoom in on some light, so you can really see just the rain going across toss the lights over the highway so. news in terms you windshield wipers you will have slick roadway. the good
5:36 am
news is at least you're not going to be tossed around by the windy conditions just be careful especially off of the lucky drive they have chp officers crisscrossing this area just to tell people early show people were out here. robin tonight in today but all user phrase slow your roll. you could have a very long on monday. maybe. now worst case an accident. just be patient today be patient with each other because it's going to be a tough sledding monday morning. >>all right, thank you very much well. well parts of highway are closed in big serve. no real surprise here the national weather service is predicting 6 to 8 inches of rain through wednesday and the closure started over the weekend. >>after concerned that that rain could lead to mudslides like we saw back in 2017. that's what some of ariel. pictures show you the file video highway one will reopen when caltrans decides that it is safe. and make sure to
5:37 am
download the kron on app by the way to stay updated on the very latest with the forecast in the traffic conditions that's our 24 7 news app where we provide continuing coverage of the rain keeping you updated. on all of its impacts you can download that app right now that your favorite app store. >>time now is 5 37 in today, the supreme court will discuss guns rights for the first time in nearly a decade. the case is being brought up after a lawsuit in new york. it challenged the city's prohibition on carrying a licensed. >>locked and unloaded handgun. outside a city limits. i get to a shooting range or a second home guns rights groups are hoping that the high court is on the verge of extending its landmark rulings that laid out the right to have a gun for self-defense at home gun control advocates fear the court's conservative majority could use this case to call into question. gun restrictions across the
5:38 am
country. a decision is expected by late june. >>track showers across the bay area, some spots we're looking at right now include the north bay as rainfall picks up in marin county. also the south bay looking likely to see some more active weather in the next few hours, i'm talking your forecast. >>and i'm talking your wet commute around the bay area and the winds have really picked up in fact a high wind advisory iss,ed for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. i'll [farmers bell]
5:39 am
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5:45 am
southern california opened up and you can see in the video just so much fun, everybody had to have 4 feet of snow plow that's the real deal. it is yet we had some pretty decent snow to up in the sierra closer to home. are having to make more than make more snow yet and yet this is a. >>storm. this is what we're talking about now definitely warmer. yes, so some of that snow up in the sierra was in jeopardy. but it looks like they kept to about a whole at least ok good, i know a lot of the mid levels. >>a lot of it melted on the ash the way that's great to look at it and lots of rain and this is not the end of days or what about mister river. is which will flow and remembers the rain they're all right. i think that's what we should start calling ok could actually see the rain train pretty distinctly this take a look at this this is a bit of a zoomed out version of settling. and you can see where the core of the atmospheric river is it really
5:46 am
shaped up right along the central coast. now moving into the central valley and thus the sierra nevada after that so that yellow and orange are saying that some moisture plume right there ok movie star south and ok and we're right at the northern edge of it so we are definitely catching rain just not as heavy of rainfall as some areas to our south are really was a very rainy pass down south of monterey which if you're down along the central coast this morning. it is very wet down their here in the bay area whether enough to make roadways definitely not the easiest to be traveling on as you're heading into work. right now san jose is seeing some light to moderate shower activity zooming in you do see some of the heaviest of rainfall right around santa clara and sunnyvale as you're driving along one o one currently also just west of the downtown core on up to milpitas and some heavier rainfall as right along 85 as you traverse south of the city a light showers in lafayette
5:47 am
san ramon on up through danville walnut creek oakland and san leandro currently richmond also on the lighter side and then rainfall picking up up in the north bay to with moraine county these isolated pockets of rainfall are really proving to bring a lot of rain in a short period of time see richmond sandra fell bridge looking at some pretty good shower s coming down too and some of her windiest conditions up in the north bay. so there's 2 focuses with the rainfall right now up in marine county and then down in the south bay that moisture does look to be moving far enough north that san jose you should be singing next few hours of rainfall, yourselves and then a bit of a dry window in between these 2 areas of rain fall now moving on to the rest of the day today not years heavy of rain is what we're looking at this morning and showers will be sparse a popping up from time to time and interspersed by dry conditions and maybe even a peek of sunshine from here to rainfall continues through the evening tonight ol and off such as that will this
5:48 am
afternoon tomorrow more on and off showers accept lighter than what we're seeing today and then wednesday looks to see shower activity ticking back up thursday, drying back out before even heavier rainfall working its way back in on into friday to start next weekend. so by no means are we anywhere close to being done with this active weather pattern just yet. temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's this afternoon concord oakland, san francisco, redwood city mountain view each out 60 degrees today as i mentioned tomorrow's rainfall not near as widespread as what we're seeing today. wednesday we see it picking back up and then if you really want to look dry day to get outside get some stuff done. thursday is the day to plan on as friday rainfall pushes back in and it looks likely to be some heavy rain that should linger on into saturday of the weekend. rebecca. >>alright checking the roadways right now starting off with the bay bridge toll plaza approach where problem free getting into san francisco that is the good news and look at the drive time it's a even improved versus my last check only 10
5:49 am
minutes in the san francisco. but it is wet, it is rainy and it is very windy a high wind advisory issued by the chp for the spencers be really careful. if you this is your community can be heading into the city over to the fremont street exit just to leave early because we are backed up into the macarthur maze already as of this point checking things out here for your wet commute across the richmond center fell bridge hot spot free. we'll get a little bit busier here but tell your drive times great under 10 minutes to make your connection with one on one in the north bay. we do have an app accident. the good news is it's clearing to the clearing stages there actually are removing the of the vehicle is a big rig. a couple of vehicles blocking some lanes and you could see how it's definitely causing a snag in traffic so southbound 80 through oakland right at the 5th street avenue. the accident but said the back of extends past asinine 80 but again because it is in the clearing stages we're going to start to see things moving in the drive time improving my
5:50 am
last check is about 20 minutes to get to 38 now it's dropped to 14 so that is some good news. but just to be aware of that is your commute this morning. i'm tracking a number of spin out it's and also a rainy wet commute for your san mateo bridge and you're golden have all those coming up in just a bit james darya thanks a lot. i 50 let's talk football. >>the 40 niners took on one of the best teams in the nfl. they're places right and it was tough against the ravens in the rain it was pretty sloppy pretty slippery how you can see here in the video all of it coming down. >>but it didn't slow down the niners or the ravens it was a pretty heated again, no people samuel making a great catch for 33 yards that was a up ball squirts out that was a turnover hand that sports that's kind of how when it was just a back and forth game all game long. it led you know scores on both sides it was tied right down to the very end and it was a ravens field goal that sealed it in the
5:51 am
final seconds in fact here you see give them the lead with 3 seconds left on the clock and then by that point there was just no time left to come back. but it was a pretty impressive matchup between of great offense, a great defense. and that's kind of how it went down. that was closer than most analysts expected. but it was a loss for the niners, unfortunately, yes still we're still you know in first place in his hand the last same thing was a field goal for that's against the seahawks. things were ugly though for the rays. yeah, kansas city taking on the chiefs raiders had 3 turnovers and the chiefs. >>took advantage, oakland fell behind big early on couldn't come back and the chiefs win it 40 tonight a blow and it wasn't even that. well i get home to take on the tennessee titans team. >>all right this morning on the kron 4 news. we're also tracking the rain of course as we take a brief will be back with us more coverage in a minute as we have more rain
5:52 am
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5:56 am
state of the top with the biggest thanksgiving weekend ever 85.3 million from friday to sunday and a five-day total of 123.7 million for a 10 day domestic total of million in hollywood, i'm david daniel. quick live look at storm tracker for the radar as we continue to follow showers moving across the bay area this morning, john travel will have a complete look at the weather for today and beyond and then. >>the beckstrom in the traffic center will talk more about the impacts of all this wet weather on the roads this morning will be right back. ♪ ahhh ♪ you are the one ♪ light of my life ♪ i love you so please be my wife? yes! yes! save on a gift that says it all. ♪ only at jared
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>>and we're seeing here in the bay area combined with the storms in the northeast are causing. inflation's here that's a whole to you exactly what's happening here right now. >>well answerable to their jackets and you should too as you getting out there because it is wet cross the day. i'm talking where the rain is heading next in your forecast. >>there's more it's cyber monday. it is cyber monday maybe a want to stay inside today and do some shopping because it is wet out there. the road's been pretty slick the luckily. no major hot spots >>no major hot spots that's good news to get out now there's no major hot spots.


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