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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>and we're seeing here in the bay area combined with the storms in the northeast are causing. inflation's here that's a whole to you exactly what's happening here right now. >>well answerable to their jackets and you should too as you getting out there because it is wet cross the day. i'm talking where the rain is heading next in your forecast. >>there's more it's cyber monday. it is cyber monday maybe a want to stay inside today and do some shopping because it is wet out there. the road's been pretty slick the luckily. no major hot spots >>no major hot spots that's good news to get out now there's no major hot spots. act out there the bridges are
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packed its went on the roads and it's really windy. yeah it's been very sloppy just like it was over the weekend. >>yeah, the weekend, not necessarily the best travel weather now today's back to work. and not the best travel weather either this morning, some of our heaviest of rainfall is working its way into the north bay right now you're seeing rain stretching offshore now into the north bay going to be pushing its way into marion county over the course of the next hour or so some very wet roads if you're traveling on one oh one the richmond sandra fell bridge, even down to contra costa and solano counties bit of a dry area in the middle and then he had into the south bay and also looking at some persistent rainfall. the start this morning down around san jose were just east of the city right now 6 a dna 80. you are seeing moderate showers for the most part staying south of the tri valley, although light showers are being seen right around dublin, currently our heaviest of rainfall is right around highway one. just east to point rays there's more shower activity that's going to work its way closer and closer
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inland. that means those of you along highway one o one are about to see an uptick in rainfall intensity here in just a few minutes, it's already falling pretty hard in a few spots right around san pablo bay and will continue to do so over the next hour or so there's a nice dry stretch in a few areas right along the peninsula in the southern areas of alameda county and then san jose at least as of this point future cast is showing that it should be dry into the latter part of your commute but so far this morning we've actually seen that moisture plume a little bit further north so i think you could be getting some rain over the next couple of hours. so make your way into the afternoon isolated spots of rainfall will continue to be seen it's n%t going to be near as widespread as it has been this morning. so your evening drive home will still come with some wet roadways. just not as heavy of rainfall nor as persistent of rainfall as what we're looking at right now evening hours tonight to come along with isolated burst of heavier showers interspersed by some dry conditions then come tomorrow,
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a lighter showers on in general and then heavier showers come wednesday, so by no means are we anywhere close to being done with this rain. nor snow just yet as we did see additional snow in the sierra over the weekend. we're still under a winter storm warning up in the sierra nevada has new snowfalls this morning. elevations are a bit higher for your snow line so mid levels of the sierra it's a mix of rain and snow. it's not just rainfall as the system is actually rather warm temperatures in the mid to upper 50's right now it's a warm start to the morning compared to those 30's 20's that we had last week as we're talking about rain right around thanksgiving later on today, daytime highs will be similar to r current temperatures only in the upper 50's to low 60's with a few showers later on into the afternoon. definitely not as heavy of rainfall as what we're seeing right now rebecca. >>all right, thank you. john yes, it is what it is rainy. it is windy out there right now so leave early if you can
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and just to be really safe on the roadways because look at it is getting really pack act here. the bay bridge toll plaza we saw an earlier start actually to the commute so looks like folks are definitely taking our advice. this morning. metering lights turned on about 20 minutes earlier than normal. but look at your drive time great only 11 minutes into san francisco, but just both hands on the steering wheel because there is a high wind advisory issued for the bay bridge and for the san mateo is the fact as a matter of fact the good news is here it's not to pack. so you can still make it over to the peninsula and connect with 1, 1, and and are less than 20 minutes. and the flat section looks good. no problems and no accidents on the high rise either so that is going to be. so far so good here for your commute and i'll be checking the richmond sandra fell bridge and the golden gate in just a couple of minutes. james started. thanks a lot. >>all right well as you heard jphn mention it's going to be very rainy week across the bay area today we have more storms rolling through and will tran has been out there in the thick of it all for us this morning, the brave trooper that he is used to it.
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>>gay is you just said all week will. there was old school. we'll track or. as a cover look at all that rainfall. so if you think it's not bad. proof yes, it is bad. this is awful want to win the bills the goal droughts my rain jacket so definitely so. and the north bay might not be as bad in some other parts but here oh my goodness, it is bad that's lucky drive and historically. rainfall causes problem, but a lot of rainfall. you get lucky lake or late lucky as i call it because it huddling going on right now. fortunately, there's plenty of space between the cars on the other side of the freeway those headlights. so even if you
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have a little bit i do planning at least you can adjust your car and not slam into other cars. because the traffic has not picked up too badly at this time. lights and look at that it is coming down from the right to the left your screen. there is a good part. it is not windy. and sometimes it is why. a lucky drive so i don't see the hydra painting playing with a puddle like i saw little but it's going to be a busy day for them because they will come back and forth to drain the looks like these are veterans because they're slowing down.
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no waiters on i think more. because they got dry and it just. replacing it so. gene kelly or should i call it alley that did not. you get at least a mile half and i'm from seattle reign is no big deal. >>we'll thank you much and of course the storms across the country are also impacting thousands of holiday travel trying to get back to the bay area after a long holiday weekend you're looking at live pictures here of sfo are the local weather is causing delays but that's on top last nation right i mean yesterday it was our fault with the rain delays up to 4 hours a >>so that you're going to have
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that combination today with the snow and everything on the east coast. talk with some frustrated travelers. >>hundreds of delays and cancellations at san francisco international on sunday little bit of a that would not want to vote, but if we are. >>we'll just get to spend another night in san francisco. >>many of the delays and cancellations caused by winter like weather and storms in the northeast yet supposed be about 14 inches of snow around boston. last weekend according to the federal aviation administration flights arriving at sfo were delayed by an average of 4 and a half hours on sunday. >>i thought it cleared up this morning is what they said when we landed so they were finally going to start letting people out. learned what the problem was apparently when there's certain kind when there's only one way in and out so they have to line up all planes to take off on the same runway. so a delay everything by 3 hours and one minute. >>some flights leaving san francisco heading to places like boston and newark in new york and philadelphia were
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also delayed. >>others traveling internationally took the brunt of the bad weather too. >>you know the weather is what as we flew in from home, dublin to san francisco yesterday. we saw that was at the lee of of foreign and that turned into a cancellation and an evening and some francisco was is not the worst place in the world to actually have to for the evening despite delays and cancellations as a foe crowds came in waves slams. even had to take it's a special way to get and so far the at is a vote hillary sackey kron 4 news. >>and of course we will continue coverage of the rain that we're seeing all across the bay area throughout the morning. we'll have live reports from the field john travel in the weather center keeping an eye on. >>the storm in the radar room beckstrom in the traffic center keeping us updated on the roads as well so stay with us. 6 oh 9. >>and today marks 3 years since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland that killed 36 people. that's a
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memorial concert that was held at lake merritt to united methodist church yesterday to remember the victims. the fire broke out december second 2016. in the warehouse where people were living it was functioning as an illegal living space in an artist's work place and there are multiple safety violations while the legal case against one of the operators of the warehouse is still ongoing. sunday's concert was about remembering and honoring of those who lost their lives. >>in the lives of those who died the lives of those who are around by. went into their lungs. >>you changed and their families. >>many people are still grieving in the area. the trial has recently ended and so we felt that this was the right time to come together. >>2 men were charged with manslaughter for the fire and after months of deliberation. >>in the trial. one man was
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set free and the other could be facing a new trial. >>we'll take a break at they're on the kron 4 morning news one east bay neighborhood is taking matters into its own hands to protect against porch pirates this holiday season, we'll tell you what they're doing. and then a son is left in disbelief after his mother is killed in a hit and run in the east bay now he says the city that is partly responsible. and we have rain all across the bay area but some especially heavy rainfall working its way into marine county now tracking where it's headed next in your forecast. >>and aside from the rain we also have high winds in fact there's advisory for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. as you make your way across both these fans this morning, both hands on the steering will leave early if
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>>well the travel conditions in this year over the holiday weekend didn't make getting back to the bay area easy at
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all for people and they had a lot of snow to deal with some rain too. and both those conditions made it very slick and slippery. bridget of borough actually has more now on how travelers coped. >>black sing holiday weekend travelers headed west for the work week but the drive home was an entire police move families. drivers having to navigate rain sleet and yes. with powdery snow falling as low as emigrant gap. >>that's where we found college student him pham trying to make it home to livermore for class monday. >>the rains making more. >>but unlike some drivers tim came prepared. >>i saw the snow coming down so. that's a good idea to get one oh 4. >>comes down this a time or 2, but for others they needed some help. ok this doesn't
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make and break up here. 40 bucks for a five-minute job. many travelers stopping at this chevron and cisco road. if you love that apply chains before road conditions become too icy. we have to chain up ties. >>to be you at work at want to toss going to take about 10 hours to get yes. >>jose let they just celebrated thanksgiving in his birthday up in lake tahoe. but now the fun is over and the stress has begun as he attempts to drive down the mountain and into los angeles by sunrise. >>what advice for drivers heading >>6 a scene right now. we're going to be talking about this rain for some time because all aboard. >>rain trained the rain that story likes to call way for me to understand this
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atmospherics wrong. i think alike are in training, we are going to be a tricky they're all coming in at all coming in and actually i love this rain train thing so much yes, i knew would talk about it, a little graphic. >>actual train on this graphic but i i was like yeah. this weekend we saw that heaviest of rainfall guys right there on the central coast or talked about the impact a big serve. up into the central sierra so that's we're actually seeing the heaviest of rainfall and we're in right at the northern edge of this moisture plume atmospheric river rain train. whatever you want to call it. you can see those clouds stretching well offshore and that stretches well further even out into the this very moisture laden air that will be pushing its way on into
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areas just south of the bay than well here into the bay area to so the south bay and the north bay is where we're seeing the most activity so leases past couple of hours. peninsula has been pretty quiet. the past few hours as has the east bay just light showers in areas like the inland east bay, so rainfall in the south bay sting for the most part south of 85 right now you did of heavier showers right around san jose sonny bill in santa clara. moments ago the areas east to milpitas as you head up into the hills looking a little rain here light showers for san leandro out to walnut creek on up to concord our heaviest of rainfall though is definitely up in the north bay, this heavy round of showers continuing to push inland so expect isolated bursts of heavy rainfall across moraine county. these next couple of hours of very active for north bay neighbors while much of the rest of the bay is looking up on and off areas of rain fall through the morning and then into the afternoon 2. so the morning really packing the punch with the heaviest of rain later today. showers will
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be interspersed by even a little bit of sunshine. some clearing at times into the afternoon and evening tonight and then you'll be looking at rainfall pushing at other times so even if it is dry for the time being keep the rain jacket with you and the umbrella with you to tomorrow showers will be a lot lighter than today's but again you want to be prepared for what if those showers do move overhead. come wednesday, rainfall picks back up and wednesday looks to be a weather day before we do dry out into thursday for only one day though, today's daytime highs in the low 60's to upper 50's. this is pretty seasonable pretty normal weather to expect on a rainy day this time of year as for thursday as i mentioned you're driest day of the forecast. that's followed by friday and yet another push of rain fall into the bay area that will make for some less than ideal travel conditions to start this upcoming weekend. showers should linger into saturday before what looks to be a drier sunday. rebecca. >>all right, thank you john starting off. with conditions
6:20 am
at the bay bridge toll plaza approach. we're looking good in some of the pack track lanes look at that you can kind of get through just find the cash lanes nice and busy for you and it's a started quite early this morning just after 5 the meteor lights were turned on so that's little bit earlier than normally for what we see, but it definitely good advice to leave or earlier today because of the road conditions and the wet weather and the winds. but your drive time looks great out of the macarthur maze only 11 minutes to the fremont street exit but a high wind advisory still in effect for the bay bridge to just to take note of that this morning and that what spam is this can barely make it out. well it's the richmond sandra fell bridge here. but yes it's very wet here. you can see all the raindrops on the camera lens and it is busy here we're seeing a lot more headlights passed through the pay gates and try to make their way to one to one and it looks like at the drive time bumping up just a bit 13 minutes to the north bay to connect with 1, 1, so not too bad, but just keep in mind. it is what it is slick there. so just to make
6:21 am
it a really careful commute. other commutes around the bay area we're seeing things slow down if your tip taking a westbound for from antioch out of concord it's going to start slow you through pittsburgh, making your way to a the concord area looks pretty good in antioch right now, but 24 minutes for your total drive time. i'm not tracking any hot spots just a lot of commute looks great look at this only 11 minutes, a quick trip from livermore and the vasco road area out to the dublin interchange so that is good on west them 5.80 problem free and hot spot free so far but i am tracking a number of spin outs this morning. so again% that just be extra careful because the roadways are slick and it is windy. i'll have a complete bridge check and let you know how the golden gate bridge is looking that's all coming up daria. >>thanks a lot. rebecca 6 21 in the south bay 2 people were killed and 5 others hurt in a crash in san jose. that happened yesterday along highway one on one of the 2.80
6:22 am
connector. one person died at the scene and the other person died at the hospital and then 5 people were taken to the hospital as well one of the drivers is charged with driving under the influence. in san francisco, a man died in an early morning crash that happened near 25th street off the off ramp there from 2.80 south. and the chp says alcohol may have played a role. the man was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from his car. activists in california are calling for the del mar racetrack in san diego to be shut down. after another horse had to be euthanized it was a 3 year-old horse that got her in a trainee actually got exercise yesterday the track was dry at the time it's the 9th force to die there this year. several safety reforms were put into place to make sure the horses would be safe. during the racing, but as you can see it's still a problem something's going wrong. this morning on the kron 00:04am morning. >>back in the rain hitting the
6:23 am
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>>we're all talking about the niners second law ross and how close it was good day look it was a great battle the 9 ers and the baltimore ravens on a wet. >>field there in baltimore lee the rain coming down. it was like i carry a so-called came along and it what it really was a back and forth there you see the first 9 or touch down and then the turnover and eventually the raiders would get a touchdown and it would go back and forth staying pretty much tied all the way to the final 3 seconds and it was then that the raiders put up their final field goal as we watch his highlights go back and forth. i mean the ratings cited this as a writer's and that ravens yes it was a heartbreaker. >>again they just they won by 3 points. but it was enough and here it is on a very it
6:27 am
was a pitchers duel whoever had the ball has won him they had the ball out and they won they ran down the clock that's for sure so anyway niners with the loss, but hey they still got a great looking record looks like they're still on their way to the postseason so keep our fingers >>not the same for the raiders but down it seems in kansas city, they went down to the chiefs. 3 turnovers that she's taken advantage oakland fell behind begun. it was over the chiefs win it. >>40 10 9. next week the raiders will be back at home taking on the tennessee titans. >>and we're seeing here in the bay. these are causing major delays sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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>>looking at weather and traffic for you on a rainy monday morning and we're going have to get used to this.
6:31 am
>>tease out a lot of drive on 1, 1, and we big problems out there are no major problems so not because it is good right now we're seeing a lot of spin out some things but out pretty quickly i could it's a lot of of the on the roads right now we're seeing the wind obviously be a factor, especially for the bridges so check the bay bridge and the san mateo just messy messy. >>yeah. >>that not the ideal way to come back to work. thanks giving. yeah. but no excuses today you had time to rest after hosting everyone on thursday. it's just the weather that's going to slow you down today and that is something that we're seeing all across the bay area, some less than ideal conditions to be making your way back into the office we are seeing some of our heaviest of rain up in the north bay currently but also a pretty active one down in the south bay to its mostly when you head south of san jose along 85, you are encountering some light to moderate showers around los gatos stretching down to morgan hill as you eventually a drive down one oh one light
6:32 am
showers in the east bay and then some heavier rainfall up in marine county in this line of showers inching its way closer to one o one is really pack in the biggest punch out of what we're seeing this morning. so definitely if you're traveling one o one this morning expect some very wet conditions if not some ponding of water in a couple of spots on roadways as this rainfall is definitely the heaviest rain will continue to push northward on through the bay area through the morning isolated showers are expected after that so today's heaviest of rainfall. we're in the midst of it expected during our morning hours after which point isolated showers continue through the day and in between the showers some nice and dry conditions just because you may be dry for the time being doesn't mean you can a stash the umbrella away just yet though as areas of light to moderate rainfall will continue even into the evening tonight and into tomorrow as well although tomorrow it looks like intensity of rainfall should really died down. wednesday that will pick back up though as it's looking like an even weather day for wednesday
6:33 am
before a dry day on thursday as so often on wet and then not so wet days ahead. we do still have a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra nevada intel 10:00am if your plans involve heading up there, it is still slick and it is still snowing up in the high country temperatures are in the 50's right now not much different than where they're going to be later today, a cool but not too cool start, billy how at 49 berkeley a 55 oakland at 56 and later today our daytime highs will be in the upper 50's to low 60's. rebecca. >>all right, thank you john and we are tracking. yeah what commute this morning john has been tracking the reins and we've also been seeing the winds kick up in fact chp has a high wind advisory issued for 2 of the bridges starting off here with the bay bridge. the toll plaza you could see how path a lot of folks on the roadways trying to make their way into san francisco right now you're backed up to the macarthur maze. but the drive time not too bad under 15 minutes to get you to the fremont street exit that's not bad, but to just book hands on
6:34 am
it soon will be really careful across the upper deck because it is so windy. it's also in here and the drive time is definitely increasing your san mateo bridge commute standing at 24 minutes as you make your way out of the east bay and then try to go over to the peninsula. but i'm not tracking any problems on the flat section or the high the rise as far as accidents go some things are problem free here just and the winds and of course the wet roads. they're going to tie you down just a bit and just a lot of folks on the vehicle right now in fact in just just popped up to 25 minutes to make your connection with one oh one. i'll check the golden gate and the richmond center fell bridge coming up in just a couple minutes. james started. >>it was not the only messy thing so are the airport sfo had big delays yesterday because of our rain and you combine that with the east coast snow and it's still a mess in a nightmare for folks trying to get back proper sarah stinson live at the airport right now with more sarah. >>yeah we're seeing a combination of people were in this is trips and then people just trying to get home afttr
6:35 am
spending other things coming holiday here in the bay area, but it's very slick out here as rebecca was just saying take a look at this video you can see just was shot just moments ago here at sfo you can see lots of people trying to get into the airport. and get their flight but the once again years figuring out if your flight is delayed were canceled. so far there have been 33 delays in 14 cancellations yesterday there were. columns here that's because of the weather in the northeast. there was fog 594 delays and 169 cancellations that means people are scrambling to figure out what they needed to do another that means. you know getting a hotel figuring out sleeping in the airport saw a few people sit in the airport this morning. delays on average for 4 and a half hours then and since we have our own include weather here that we're dealing with right now flights are delayed on average about.
6:36 am
specifically flights headed to detroit atlanta florida. the apple assailants awesome flights heading to vegas that canceled so did you have to be flying to says sara lee to the east coast to be caught up with the several people flying out a lot of people saying no by floods. >>i heard there's been a few area. yes, i'm very fortunate that my aunt islands canal, a sound this business trip so. >>and he's not the only one a lot of people saying my flight is on time, but you do see a lot of people checking those flight status is a checking out on the board. make sure you check your flight says on the way to the airport. hoping a lot because they're frustrated. maybe it's the
6:37 am
fact that their flights could be delayed, people not to happy as they leave whatever that maybe a. nelson the back tail continue to monitor the current situation. >>all right, thanks. a lot of sarah and from there. let's continue our team coverage by heading to the north bay where we've got. >>rainy weather coming through as well and it's been kind of a mess in the usual spots right looking dry it and we sell well to lucky drive because it always floods out there. >>and the spray from the car. if you can close it up to us. bush hits you like a wave. as we get set on camera. >>this morning, this is the biggest downpours. this way
6:38 am
hitting may. they plan fix call for once that it comes in handy, then he stepped out of the way and show you exactly. it's going on dr. yahya live in the north bay, you about lucky drive and look at that. hydroplane this is in the counter commute directions, those cars. that is southbound into san francisco. so it looks like. traffic has picked up as far as the morning commute into the move the camera here and i can show you look at the headlights more. cars are getting closer and closer so it's picked up a little bit in terms of the commute. also picking up mother nature look at this. i don't know if the camera can pick it up very well i can clearly see with my naked eye. you can see all. >>worries at one call it windy
6:39 am
but it is a little bit breezy at times and it is pushing up big a drop. and just be careful. i mean so far so good. i keep. as matt rabbits but just in case a car would lose control, lucky driving come careening and then slam into me so far so good it looks like if you're in this area, you are better and lucky drive so you know what to do and if you're watching me this morning and you're heading northbound shots make sure when you get closer to lucky drive try to go to the number 3, 4, lanes because it looks like the is mostly in the lanes one and 2. >>this is to the center divide all right well, thank you very much and hopefully everybody stay safe. we have no accidents to report this morning that would be really nice. thank you will. >>make sure to download the condo an app so you can stay up to date on. >>on the rain, the weather the roads and the news. >>it's easy just download that it is 6.39 right now and in
6:40 am
the east bay, one son is sharing his heartbreaking story after a car. struck and killed his mother. suzanne oh gee was walking her dog in the crosswalk on rock avenue at naas boulevard friday night in fremont she was a 100 yards away from her home when a driver slammed into her killing her and her dog. a witness says the driver actually stopped. god of his car walked towards her and then got back in the car and drove off. suzanne son is struggling to deal with the loss. >>about storing it down they can single lane. at the very least they should have stop signs. there's don't have. animosity toward the driver. they do the right thing in and turn themselves in, you know just to help with closure.
6:41 am
>>police say that it was a white man in his 50's who is behind the wheel, gray hair and driving a silver or gray sedan and they say now it would have front end damaged. damage so be on those up for that. this is the city's 7th deadly traffic collision of the year. the city has developed a safe and complete streets project to make niles boulevard safer. >>6 41 is the time and and they use going to start getting a lot of packages in the mail probably like a lot of people cyber monday starts today will be adding to that so be ware of porch pirates, one neighborhood in pleasanton took some measures of their own installing high-tech security cameras in the neighborhood. the watch captain. i'm christopher glacier began installing this network of cameras in his neighborhood about 10 years ago and that's all different angles. they're watching what happens there. one device can even read license plates through infrared technology. glazer says the cameras have definitely helped keep his
6:42 am
neighborhood safe. >>we've had 55 arrests over the last 10 the numbers are going up slightly so we probably get to an arrest on the average of every 8 weeks i would say it covers home burglaries theft from auto auto theft mail theft package, theft. drugs yeah, pretty nice again, but. >>how that's neighborhood i think if we had a little sign in my neighborhood it just says we watch right, but they really do want are pointing to this saying you know you could try this too if you want to pull together and. >>get cameras in her neighborhood. >>ok well, let's ahead to the north bay now we have burglar striking a home in sandra fell not just once but twice in fact on the same day while the homeowners were away on a holiday vacation. now the owner of this home received an electronic alert. that link them to surveillance video their property in the video. it actually shows 2 men wearing a gray sweatshirt and bandanas covering their faces
6:43 am
eventually breaking into the home. the homeowner called center fell police who responded but you can find the burglars. we'll take a quick break coming up. news snow impacting travel through this year up we'll get you an update on conditions up there. john have a closer to home who are yeah it is rainy back here at home definitely no snow in the bay area but look at this heavy rainfall at the marine and parts of sonoma counties. shop kohl's...
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>>all right so check this out heavy fog out maryland cause what we're all no fear with the holiday traffic coming home. there's a 58 car pileup this was sunday as a lot of folks are heading home from the thanksgiving holiday weekend. and luckily, everybody was fine. but again just a reminder of what can happen when the fog visibility rolls in and you can't see very far in front of you just has this chain-reaction effect when that when an accident occurs ahead of your 50 cars but again, everybody be just fine. that's crazy design now.
6:47 am
and that's always pops from i like when i was sat back and yeah this weekend you know white out conditions abby >>and everything else you know kind of falls apart. here's a live. look out this is highway 80 right at old the old ak station. when you see all these guys who goes awry. that's or something like that. so that's what's going on there the travel back from a sunday when that bad it was raining but officials saying that safe i like looks like here's the signage to upon meeting the person you don't want in the text worsening in the spawning in the last year bringing a spanish >>it was pictures all of because i wanted to span work. dog pictures in this, but it just right. yeah, and up in
6:48 am
the sierra, some areas actually saw some snow melts occurring because it's warmer. oh yeah. snow which is good news because i was a little concerned they might see some icy conditions up there may be some rain but things actually held up pretty well up in tahoe this weekend it's those lower elevations, the mid levels of the sierra that yeah began to see some rainfall that washed a lot of that snowfall especially in the foot hills away now we're continuing to look there moist plume of air right on into the bay area, especially the central coast, though the rain train, the atmospheric river you can call it whatever you want to but that stretches well out of the pacific and it has resulted and some of the heaviest of rainfall in the state right along the central coast in the central valley and here in the bay area where the ri right at the northern tier of some of this heaviest of rain which sits south of san jose right now if you're traveling south on one oh one. that's where you're really running into it south of gilroy this morning, san jose
6:49 am
itself some light sprinkles for you 85 is right at the northern tier, some areas of rain so campbell in saratoga among those areas that are actively seeing some light rain well palo alto sunnyvale milpitas have really dried out since then a couple of light showers around walnut creek lafayette down to san ramon and up to concord richmond also in the mix of some lighter showers but her heaviest of rainfall here locally in the bay is actually up in marine county with some heavy rainfall stretching right along one o one through nevado on up towards the southern end of sonoma and napa counties so very active there this morning, one oh one is very wet for those of you do head down one on one to get to work during your morning -ours watch out for some wet spots on the road. as we make our way towards 08:15am you do see the heaviest of rainfall for the most part staying south of the bay area we're going to look at isolated on and off showers that could bring isolated bursts of heavy rainfall on through the rest of the morning into the afternoon and if you are heading south of san jose do
6:50 am
watch out roadways are very wet down there as you make your way down towards the central coast and into the central valley too into the midday today you can expect continued isolated showers that moisture plume still resulting in heavy rainfall just to our south. it's bowles eyeing the central part of the state rather than the bay. so that sparing us at least the worst of the heavy rain isolated showers continue into tomorrow for your tuesday, although they should be lessened compared to today's intensity of rainfall and then rain picks back up again on into wednesday, the middle of the week making for just a very wet next few days ahead of us before we do dry out pretty consistently, it's looking like into thursday that is your one perfectly dry day in this forecast, 50's and 60's for today's daytime highs as i mentioned thursday is your dry day showers continue today tomorrow into wednesday and then friday and saturday they ramp up again, it looks like sunday c uld be a calmer finish to the weekend. after friday's very wet start.
6:51 am
rebecca. >>all right, thank you john we are definitely tracking. the wet roads around the bay area and the windy conditions. here we go. here's a live look the bay bridge toll plaza approach lot of folks trying to get in san francisco this morning. but it is slick out there and windy so a high wind advisory issued for the bay bridge. since earlier this morning by the chp so just be careful. this is your commute. the drive time though not too bad, it is backed up into the maze but only. 15 that's pretty good for this hour trying to get over to the fremont street exit across the upper deck. the richmond sandra fell bridge. you can see here. yes, the payment is very wet and we're looking at said a little bit busier here chaz folks are trying to get to the pay gates. 14 minutes to be exact for your drive time into the north being connect with 1 one. we're accident and we're still free so that is some good news and we're looking at a pretty good conditions here across the golden gate bridge coming out of the north they were seen a lot of the rain falling john has been mentioning. but the drive time
6:52 am
bumping up now to about 27 minutes as you make your way out of the bottle and then try to get to moran and then eventually across the span into the city. so we're definitely seeing it's a little bit delayed. but that is good news because and there's no accidents, no hot spots. to let you know about quite yet. and hopefully we wanted all this morning. some other drive times that i am following the livermore valley commune out to the dublin interchange 12 minutes on west bound 5.80 and then from dublin to fremont on south 6.80. that's because a lot of folks are just using it's 26 minutes and a normal commute time on the nimitz san leandro down to milpitas on the southbound side. a little over half an hour for your drive time and then to 37 10 minutes from aps how to one on one daria. >>thanks a lot 6.52 senator kamala harris is top aide has resigned, saying the campaign has no plan to win. kelly melon baich or is now joining michael bloomberg's campaign.
6:53 am
she wrote it's unacceptable that with less than 90 days until iowa, we we still do not have a real plan to win our campaign for the eople is made up of diverse talent which is being squandered by indecision and a lack of leaders who lead. her resignation letter goes on to say that she has never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly. last month senator harris dramatically restructure her staff laying off dozens of aids at her baltimore headquarters. >>this morning on the kron 00:04am morning. tracking the rain hitting the bay area, here's a live look at stormtracker 4 john trouble again with an update for us and rebecca in the traffic center with the impacts on the roads weather and traffic
6:54 am
6:55 am
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6:57 am
north face we're tracking that carefully the south bay also seeing some heavier showers john travel will be up in a moment to break this down in full detail and keeping us up to date on the weather for ♪oh there's no place like home for the holidays.♪ ♪'cause no matter how far away you roam.♪ ♪when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze.♪
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>>good morning and thanks for joining us. so we've got all a lot of rain to keep that looks like for quite a while. >>this is the live look storm tracker for the active radar showing us where all hot spots are on the weather front we've got john and rebecca joining us this morning to start the hour. hot spots on the weather front any on the traffic front not. >>and that's wishful thinking said let's stay positive, yeah, just lucky that they're at and then you know more access and the rain is competing for that the bulk of the commute right. yeah, it's going to be with us throughout the community, i guess people


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