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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  December 2, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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your comments and tweets coming. i read them all. you might wind up me reading it here. see you next time. thanks so much. [applause] >>now 5 storms on both coasts are creating a post holiday headache. hello everyone and storms on both coasts are
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creating a post holiday headache. for travelers, we have rain of course out here on the west coast. and then a wintery snowy mix in the northeast, not pretty there. it is triggering delays at airports as well as dangerous conditions on the roads, thanks for being with us everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight. >>thousands of travelers are facing delays or cancellations at sfo. >>because of the stormy weather just driving back to the bay area is treacherous in some places. we have team coverage tonight kron four's rob fladeboe shows us troubles that the south bay commuters are going through chief meteorologist lawrence karnow of course tracking our forecast. but first dan kerman is live at sfo where there have been really big delays. >>that's right catherine a grant we have to tell you what a great day this would have been not to be traveling here at sfo alone we've seen more than 500 delays we've seen more than a 100 cancellations just pick your area and you
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can find bold places like newark places like boston, places like washington d c in houston all saying delays anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours. that's for flights still coming and going right now we're also delays. all seeing delays as well again this is all not just due to the bad weather on the east coast with the bad weather here. for me so thank god. >>deck for today f o stories of flight delays and cancellations come back on and we get a chance or 5 houston and when we got there. the plane was delayed for about and our oh so when we got on the plane to set the ground control at sfo said that the wind was too strong the so they've another 30 minutes so we got delayed about 2 hours. >>by 05:00pm sfo it's seen nearly 500 delays in just over a 100 cancellations due to bad weather here and across the
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united states. >>color from houston now has cancer delayed sos inbound l a and then we had a mechanical issue which lead to us getting canceled and then we're rebooked a originally that we actually didn't have any flights and then one popped up magically i jump in on that one. so all in all it's been about. caution is how many hours now getting into. so a lot of 5 and a half hour delay. at this point i'm just so tired. i can recount anymore so i'm trying to make connections were out of luck due to delays and cancellations. >>as for some coming to san francisco for work. we've missed the first part of our meetings and some were delayed having nothing to do with the weather altogether coming from the delay was about 45 minutes. >>but it was not weather related at the catering. well as caring trump was like broken down outside of the airplane which haven't heard before and they said we are
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free to lead because said the load food on to the plane. how is the food was it worth the 45 minute delay. no hope a sick >>back live at sfo. we can tell you that things are starting to improve west coast flights are starting to be closer to one time some of them are. as we all know flight status can change like the weather as i said last week that's why you should call your local carrier first if you're picking somebody up here dropping somebody off here either way you just never know what the weather's going to be a sweet proceed into the evening. that's the latest live at us a vote >>appreciated and our team coverage continues now as we. >>take a look at lawrence karnow and your list of delays any what portable time we the traveling in this storm this weekend people thought it was hard to get where they wanted to go to see their loved ones now they're just trying to get
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home and here we go we've got major delays at sfo there of 244 minutes that's right. those are long delays at sfo cloudy skies here the rain has come to an end temporarily now not only there but around the country look at that laguardia chicago o'hare, new jfk you've got major problems new work all the start to get back to paul wants one gets backed up the other start to get back to before you know it you've got trouble all all across the country so yeah, just kind of take a deep breath, it's going to be a long ride get home tonight to grab a little extra cup of coffee might need it. and we're not done with the stormy weather here on the west coast. you see that low still spinning off the coastline. that is bringing more rain in the california. the heaviest rain man has now shifted further to the south now moving south. a big sur. i think that low is going to sweep in towards southern california and bring them some very heavy rain as we head in toward tomorrow. just scattered showers around the bay area right now but we're not done with the rain here yet expects more showers and yet another strong storm
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headed our way we'll tell you when coming up in a few minutes. >>all right. thank you lauren told the high winds are being blamed for a downed tree in the santa cruz mountains which took out power the lines on the way down and forced a road closure. it happened just off highway 17 kron four's rob fladeboe as they're alive. he has an update on how the closure affected the commute trump. >>that's right catherine i'm here in los gatos right across from lexington reservoir as you can see behind me the commute over highway 17 going as smoothly right now north and south the rain has stopped. it moves guy peeking through over the horizon there at least for now let's take a look at some video all paint a picture for you. well you can see there was a lot of water standing here along 17 throughout the day maybe 2 to 3 inches up there on the 1100 foot summit kind of slow going i didn't grow i drove a hill. twice once this morning and once again. late this afternoon and night have to say looks like commuters past
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the first big test of the winter season with flying colors just a couple of solo vehicle spinouts that at least i was able to witness the bigger problem was off world. downed tree knocked out power the power is still out there right now there's more on that. >>a heavy equipment operator familiar with logging it didn't take long for resident daniel siro to assess the situation here on laurel road for a large tree came down in high winds early this morning, a jacket to work my landlord can't get to work his wife can't get to work my wife can't get to work the tree came down on some power lines knocking out the electricity even more troubling though there is no other way out of the canyon says longtime resident jeanette macdonald one way in now. >>what was it 2 years ago those terrible rains social tease road collapse ups in redwood lodge is close. so it's a little concerning when it comes to fire. >>no one was hurt as the fir tree about 50 to 60 feet tall took out a fence along the road narrowly missing a nearby
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home. more road was closed about a quarter mile off highway 17 which meant there would also be no easy access for first responders should they be needed to be like i said there's probably 30 to 40 houses be on this so. >>emergency access has been completely cut off. >>when i first arrived to pg and e lineman was on scene making sure those downed lines were dead. not long after another crew arrived to begin clearing the tree so at minimum the road might be reopened first. but one resident was told the power might not be back on until 2 or 3 o'clock this afternoon. >>and i just spoke with jessica who lives along rural roads. she tells me the power is still out right now an estimated that time to be restored, but 02:00am and what's really bothering those folks is thgt because the crews the pga crews have to work on the power line right there on the road traffic cannot get through to the road to is still closed live in los
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gatos rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>and here we are looking at what was left of a pair of vehicles involved in a pretty bad collision as rain came down on freeways. this is in the east bay and it was just one of several traffic accidents that are has secret unit found as he was out about today. >>big rig here on highway to 42 in concord a pair of multi vehicle collisions here on west and eastbound highway 24 in rent. this could've been a lot worse but just glad it wasn't. the rainy conditions and the wet road combined to make 8 busy day a bay area freeways for tow truck drivers. that goes double for the california highway patrol chp officer bread in korea and there's lots of spin outs due to speed. >>there's a meeting on a 100 and just means are going too fast for the conditions. bonding most it today. collisions people stuck on the side of the road. the officer
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korea says with the rain is coming down like this it is good to remember some. >>basic safety tips before getting behind the wheel. >>number one. slow down. >>and that's really easy. one speed is the number one the reason for collisions, especially in inclement weather. give yourself enough space between you and the car in front of you the extra space, whatever that is so you can make a decision on what to do ksat traffic slowing or whatever that is give yourself more time to get your destination because it's going to be congested the a lot of traffic and if your windshield wipers are on. >>your headline should be on to just eliminate your car a little bit better and it's the law and then lastly if you get in a crash, minor vehicle clock crash on the road. no injuries contact that other driver communicate well and say let's get off the freeway to the next location to exchange information that what you're out of harm's way there's a lot of secondary crashes and injuries happened when someone crashes into you and you're on the freeway. >>bay has a lead you. >>there's more trouble for people traveling by car our
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through the sierra. and it's blocking the westbound lane on highway 50. this is just east of echo summit caltrans is working to clear it right now, but the westbound lane will be closed. they say for the next 5 hours at the very least if you're traveling in that area the chp is are now doing one-way traffic control. >>and our coverage of the rain storm continues right now and always on kron 4 dot com there you can find the 7 day forecast live radar and current temperatures plus any weather advisories. >>here was a deadly thanksgiving weekend in the bay area on roads this was across the state the chp says 42 people died in crashes statewide 40% of them have not been wearing a seatbelt. there were 867 arrests for dui that was for my from wednesday to sunday. 173 impaired drivers were arrested in the bay area and there were 2 fatal crashes that resulted in 3 deaths. the
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first crash sunday morning in san jose on one near the 2.80 connector. the second accident or was that same morning and san francisco november 25th street. >>andy's band off-duty officer chp officer was choked unconscious, after confronting a group of kids too took the woman's cellphone this happened friday night near the bay stream on emeryville here you see the video woman confronted the group of kids who she believed was connocted to her phone being stolen recently the group became aggressive and started assaulting her that's when this off-duty officer tried to intervene. but the kids started hitting the officer eventually choked him until he passed out. moments later the officer did regain consciousness and pepper sprayed one of the kids uniformed officers eventually showed up and detained several of the juveniles. the coming 5 cyber monday today expected to smash records again and that means packages are on their way to your door, a local
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officials say you can deter thieves from swiping your gifts. >>also a pretty tough thanksgiving holiday for bay area sports teams and their fans the game plan for bouncing back and next 3 years after the ghost ship fire killed 36 people. the legal battle is still out
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>>happening today, we're remembering the 36 lives that were lost 3 years ago today and that ghost ship warehouse fire. in oakland that night a fire raged through the building during an unpermitted music show the building was functioning illegally as an artists warehouse, it was a cluttered living space it had safety violations all over him back in september defendant. max harris was acquitted on all counts. whdle derek aumentos fate ended in a hung jury. in october it was announced that prosecutors would retry aumenta the master
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tenant on manslaughter charges this coming april that is about the same. that is about the same time that he will be tried in a civil case we talked to his criminal attorney ernie paula canny about the significance of the civil case. >>here is the apa 2 nutty for the victim families to get some sort of financial restitution. practically speaking. even though harris was acquitted in. okc stormy bend and in the civil case, but they don't have any resources so. of senator knees are looking for the sort of the crop. which includes of course pg n a on the ticket county the city of all one. now precisely what go ship was. condoned its existence and its com when kate and even
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in that burghardt because so many of the people that lived there what didn't. you know we obviously have more on why housing shortage judge for people who don't have a and your money to pay a bunch of money around. >>complicated tragedy all the way around by the way we have all of our go ship fire coverage in one spot on our website just go to kron 4 dot com slash go ship. >>today is cyber monday meaning a lot of home delivery is coming up soon. a recent study says the bay area of town. the list for package theft with the larsen the rate of 24 incidents per 1000 people and now that has a san mateo supervisor warning people about the crime trend again he's suggesting some good basic advice ensure your packages. use a self-service storage locker put up a security camera or you can
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have your packages delivered to work more and more people are doing that. he's also calling for changes and how package thefts are prosecuted saying that all package that should be treated as federal. take a peek outside get a check on storm tracker 4 this is a. >>live look at radar and you can see quite a bit of precept there off the monterey coast man that is quite a system that has rolled through in the bay area scattered but not nearly as intense and our chief meteorologist is here with what's next lawrence yeah, boy i think we'll see more rain just more scattered showers the heaviest is done for now in the bay area of a boy. if you live in certain spots it was really coming down on the spots not so much santa rosa in the last 24 hours you've had over 2 inches of rainfall can feel almost 4 inches nevada, almost 3 inches in san francisco, only 3700's, san jose only 39 hunters kind of all of the rain shadow effect there and just up the hill and ben moment, 4 plus
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inches of rain. so that's how worked out in this kind of storm system get a little subtropical tap to it and boy if you get the right are graphics you get the right lifting mechanism. you can squeeze out a lot of rain and this is exactly why we have a lot of rain in the santa cruz now is that was taken aim in the santa cruz area rain out there get toward san jose and then of course dissipate now that has moved a little further south we've got scattered showers popping up around the bay area most this is fairly light right now we're going to see this done on and off throughout the night tonight and then looks like we'll see things continuing is tomorrow morning. and then maybe in the wednesday morning to is we're going to see that system kind of sliding in the southern california. a lot of clouds out there right now some drizzle on any some of those clouds as well so very damp night across the bay area, mostly cloudy skies and some scattered showers for tonight, partly cloudy maybe see a glimmer sunshine tomorrow. still a slight chance of a few more lingering showers another storm is going to take aim at the bay area but that will not take a. aim at the bexar to late in the week, here's a storm system though latching on little subtropical moisture coming up on the south. it is now going to slide into
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southern california. they want if you are headed to southern california in the next couple days be extra careful expecting some very heavy rainfall there. some thunderstorms may be the possibility of some flash flooding that's a forecast guys back to you. thank you lawrence, busy sports day yesterday. the results of course not what a bay area fans have been hoping for no couple losses across the board for a local pro teams are kay rene joining us now. >>in studio with an update will get to the raiders kate momentarily. >>niners though ravens game of the week really in the nfl. we learned that the ravens are really really good. >>great teams. this one lived up to the hype and so that you could possibly be a potential super bowl match. fans not too happy about the way it finished if you're tracking the bay area pro sports yesterday wasn't over the 49 ers and the raiders we're both on the run to in big games and let's just say the way from home environments proved a little bit hostile. let's start with the 49 ers for the second week in a row san francisco was going up against a division leader, lamar
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jackson, the ravens have been the hottest team in the nfl winning 7 in a row and during yesterday's contest. a frigid downpour. but the 49 ers managed to find the end zone on the first drive the game and that's but the tone fred back and forth physical football game. but despite a career 146 rushing yards from where he most art valley and defensive effort, the reasons kick the game winning field goal as time expired and they won the battle 20 to 17. >>we had lot of chances to win that game we came up short. it's no one's fault. everyone gave it all they could. but i'm excited about our team here. stay here in florida and get ready for new orleans and and our guys fought hard. there was a game was still going. i'm done and the way we wanted but exciting get on a plane and spent a week together and i'm going to turn around personal ones. >>as for oakland raiders had a chance to take the lead in their division with a win yesterday but instead they turned in one of their most dismal performances of the
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season stadium penalties piled up early 12 of them for 99 yards last. derek carr struggle for the second game in a row throwing 2 interceptions. multiple red zone opportunities and the readers. which point kansas city already established a 31 point lead. >>the penalties turnovers. ahead in your age, it's it's it's it's a huge statistic. this one that we're not good enough to overcome counties in those are killers matter when or what they are. you know no matter how they happened the man who cares what happened. the set you back on the states it's hard to stay on schedule. in this league long enough to stuff like that. >>a tough test continue for both teams. the raiders host the suddenly surging titans this week and the 49 ers head to new orleans to take on the saints they're currently tied. for the top spot in the nfc ciso the playoffs still a
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possibility for both of these teams it's going to be going to be tough test, especially for the raiders know that i appreciate k. >>by the way this is noting if you're ghinking about maybe trying to get to the coliseum we are less than 2 weeks away from the raiders last ever game there and tickets to go to that game are are through the roof, we just checked on stubhub right now the cheapest seats going for around 250 bucks a pop. if you'd like a good view. level midfield tickets ranging from more than 500 bucks to $2000 each and if you want to sit in the black hole really do it up for one last time tickets there go from over around $400 to a whopping. 19,000. a black hole wyo. >>still ahead strict noon. start taking effect in the new year, the protections, he'll soon be offered and testing is underway for a new technology that may help
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he could've just been the middle class kid who made good.
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but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dream that defines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes and the middle class get their fair share. everyone without health insurance can get it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead. and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. leader. problem solver. mike bloomberg for president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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technology being tested now by california utilities, this is to diagnose and problems. >>before they cause power the outages or even worse a spark wildfires as cold distribution fall anticipation that was developed by. >>texas anm professor the software will determine when the most opportune time is to shut off the power to try to prevent a fire from starting when there's a lot of wind a pg e power lines determine to be the cause of the deadliest wildfire in state history that was the camp fire up in paradise last year since then the genie is shut off power several times during high wind events like 4, 5 times at least last month in october i guess that was the last month anymore. the testing phase of this technology is expected to be completed by july of 2020. next at 5 supreme court justices argued today as they
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for their biggest second amendment case in a decade. >>also the house set to resume its impeachment probe tomorrow by the president turned down an invitation to a house hearing this week and if you're traveling to this year during the holidays, a warning tonight from the chp why taking a short cut may not be safe. and weekend storms around the bay area we're not done just yet fact we've got
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids.


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