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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 3, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>>good morning and thanks for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news of her biggest drama in for robin winston, let's start off the morning with a check of weather and track thick here is john sure able to let us know you know my commute in this morning was far different than yeste,day there was actually drive. >>that's coming up this morning. i think it's going to take a lot of people by surprise and a good way because it is a lot drier. we do have a couple of sprinkles on the horizon but compared to yesterday's rainfall. it is comparatively nice in these ago and for the roads looking at the golden gate bridge conditions are dry out there
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right now let's get a look at satellite and radar conditions definitely sparse as far as any sort of rain goes in fact most of it is sitting offshore right now just a couple of spots in the east bay, where you may be encountering a couple of sprinkles as you will be right along ocean drive up the coast and then a couple spots summer in county where you're also looking at some light rainfall decides that this is a pretty quiet morning. now a lot of the shower activity is going to drift its way our direction so before 10:00am this morning. do watch out for a few of the scattered showers to be making their way right along the coast, but as you can see in future cast. it's not being very optimistic about those showers making their way further inland. so a few spots may see some light showers at times for your morning that you want to be prepared for other spots might not see that at all as we make our way into the afternoon could catch a couple of sprinkles but what we're going to be seeing mostly is some clearing conditions on into wednesday morning tomorrow. we're also going to see a few areas of rain fall the kick off the morning followed by primarily clearing and drying skies. so
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today definitely a drier day that yesterday the slightly cooler start to this morning but we're still in the 50's so really not all that chilly the lay help 50 degrees right now berkeley and san francisco, egypt, 53 winds on the white side so not really even all that brisk out there all in all definitely a big improvement from yesterday so just a couple showers possible this morning, drying skies by noon time and then some sunshine to be holed into the afternoon that i think a lot of us have been waiting for a 60's for today's highs little bit warmer than yesterday was back to rebecca all right, thank you. john yes, we are definitely seeing a mostly dry conditions on the roads this morning and the bridges, here's a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>getting in the san francisco this morning going to be a we're tracking and no delays and it looks like it just under 10 minutes to make your way from of the east bay into san francisco was the 92 year san mateo bridge commute looks great. it is problem free no issues on the flat section the
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high all right looks good. it will be an easy ride to connect over 2, 1, o one on the peninsula and speaking of one to one. we're looking great coming southbound of that is your commute out of the north and the golden gate bridge. it's going to be a just a breeze into san francisco. so far this morning and the richmond sandra fell bridge just a couple cars trickling through it's really going to be all yours that many people to share with of this early hour so hit the roads if you can because there are no delays on west bound 5.80. getting to the north bay. officers in the south bay say what weather and speed likely contributed to a deadly crash in san jose kron four's j r stone has the details. >>a honda ripped into 2 is a tow truck driver tried to pull it off of the tree that it was wrapped around this several hours after a driver slammed into that tree. >>that just heard a screech is not a big game. >>officers say the driver of this car was going northbound along meridian avenue near interstate 2 80 in san jose.
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when he lost control and hit the tree. the high speed mix with the slick conditions turned into a deadly combo. >>a defining time, the roadways are wet. you need to slow your speed down. there was a sole vehicle accident. driver was transported to the hospital where they later died of their injuries. >>those in the area say the rain had stopped at the time of the accident. but the ground was still a mass. >>this wet, it's slippery out there a lot of oil coming up >>roadway is still wet and we definitely want people drive you know slow down their speeds and be very cautious. we've had a lot of accidents recently since the rain is as big and so we are asking people to be very cautious, it's just so sad because there's so much whether that's that. >>and and coming down the streets. you just need to take time slow down. >>traffic investigators are on scene for about 5 hours. traffic was at a standstill during that time. some of the
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area want the city to take action on this stretch of roadway. >>they just need to you know some great speed bumps would be wonderful to it's a very busy intersection here with the mailbox of the post office uniform shop and staffed. >>it's just definitely something that people need to take slower. >>j r stone kron 4 news. >>also in the south bay chp says the rain played a role in several multi vehicle accidents, including this one here in campbell. police say the car went off the road. no word yet on any injuries and with the rain expected this week officers are urging drivers to slow down. >>speed is the number one reason for collisions, especially in inclement weather. >>give yourself enough space between you and. to get your destination because it's going to be congested lot of traffic. everyone slowing down hopefully you get in a crash minor vehicle clock crash on the road. >>no injuries contact that
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other driver communicate well and say let's get off the freeway to the next location to exchange information that what you're out of harm's way there's a lot of secondary crashes and injuries happened when someone crashes in the union on the freeway. >>and that's really good advice chp says 42 people died in crashes statewide over the thanksgiving weekend. 40% of those were not wearing a seatbelt. we're a whopping 867 arrests for dui from wednesday to sunday and chp 173 of those were here in the bay area. officers are also investigating 2 accidents that resulted in 3 deathsthe first happened on sunday morning in san jose on one a one and the second also happened sunday morning. and san francisco near the 25th street off-ramp from 2.80 south. well here's a live. look at san francisco international airport this morning, what weather in the bay area and wintery conditions in other parts of
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the country forced widespread cancellations and delays on monday. kron four's dan thorn talked with frustrated travelers. >>holiday travel can often be a hassle throw in some nasty weather and you can expect a headache to last longer i'm tired to the light. just little things giving. lena ny blades flight from chicago was delayed for hours and she's not alone. >>well we just had a 2 hour delay and fairly weak. they tell us that there was a win-win situation here and it seemed like everything was going well, but then the second we are. the total last month, the lay on us. >>more than 560 flights were delayed at sfo on monday. another 120 plus were canceled. some flyers got lucky. >>everything's fine got here were delayed or circling a little bit. not to bump. was great. >>the rainy and windy weather forced other fliers to be extra prepared wasn't horrible. it was medium. the
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worst part of it was getting in okc on the plane delays or not travel stress was not going to bother stacey horrific. we just got in from seattle. it's fine the good week end zone that bothered me too much reporting at sfo. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>an east bay family is asking for your help to find their dog rocky. a thief broke into a car and a castro valley safeway snatched a purse and the dog with it kron four's taylor the psac ii has more. >>it's thanksgiving. the holidays is really hard. really hard and jean hours says. >>someone stole her dog rocky friday night after breaking into her sister's car parked right in front of full plane castro valley next to the safeway rockies be john mix and only one and a half years old rocky was in the front seat with her purrs and the
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culprit the. >>the person that broke the window was parked next to her. smashed the front passenger window. we're assuming they grab truckee as well because he was gone. >>now or says her sister eileen was watching him while she was out of town for thanksgiving. she and eileen haven't stopped looking for rocky ever since. >>since saturday morning we had reports of people spotting him running in the parking lot here and 5.36 o'clock. in the search team here ever since so this is kind of our home base and search team. the neighborhoods. giving out flyers posters our believes whoever took him. >>when it brought him back to this area near east castro valley boulevard she says he must be found soon before it's
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to if you see in rocky or of any information that can help included information for his family on our web site in castro valley taylor, the psac ii kron 4 news. >>on the kron 4 morning news, the board of supervisors in san francisco could take a big step to protect renters from addiction. plus democratic leaders are moving closer to impeaching the president and today we could learn more about the case democrats are making against him. and snow in the sierra causing problems for travelers. we'll take a look at conditions coming up. here's a live look outside right now conditions of the san mateo bridge look good it is dry on the daca no delays
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on westbound 92 over 2, 1, o one will be right back.
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harris was responsible for the death of these 36 feet.
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news tracking your entertainment headlines today, it's award season and we've
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got the latest nominations also a look at a documentary that's getting a whole lot of buzz. here's david daniel with the hollywood minute. >>frozen 2 is tied for number one. it's the co-leader in nominations for the emmy award which honor animation. the disney sequel and missing link lead this year's nominations with 8 apiece they'll compete for best animated feature with how to train your dragon the hidden world toy story 4. and klaus the 47th annie awards are january 25th in los angeles. joaquin oliver was one of the 17 people killed at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida. the documentary after parkland shows his parents manuel and patricia taking up the cause of stopping such mass shootings which they say joaquin had been angry about
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for years. >>was totally. concerned not afraid, not he will be fighting back we need to do something about says is crazy and then he became one of the victims in parkland so. yeah we we were putting all that and for that he started in our house, not office. we were started on with him and probably. dedicate more time and attention like we do today. when he was making sure that he was doing that you don't have to pay the price that we pay to understand what's going on in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>and here's a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza pro things are looking good. but a little bit busier of course in those cash lanes it's going to be under 15 minutes to make your way out of the east bay in the san francisco in westbound 80. >>we'll be right back with more news weather and traffic
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and topped with holiday herbed gravy. our take on a festive favorite is back. and it's only at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. come on home to cracker barrel. >>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news checking in on your morning forecast john is here to let us know what we can expect today and for the rest of the week. well, the rest of the week. >>and it's a little shaky at the gabba. pretty solid day
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ahead of us. definitely calmer than yesterday was good yes yesterday as you remember you drove to work and it may have been a little slick korea. this morning roadways significantly dry or just look at how clear this view is whipping across the bay from alcatraz right here big for where we're at 24 hours ago. we do have a couple of showers in the vicinity but a lot of that activity has been hugging the shoreline and hanging out just offshore we do have some have your areas of rainfall just west of the peninsula out towards point raise. but that's where these are areas of rain are staying you can see zoomed in just a little bit that if you're headed directly west to happen bay. you have some pretty significant rainfall. the showers are moving mostly to the north though, so really so far this morning dodging much of the day we do have a few sprinkles out there on the peninsula and including a little area of rainfall just north of the bay bridge right now nothing more than just a couple of sprinkles there though, and then around point
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raise you are also looking at just some light showers out there novato you may be running into a couple sprinkles there but compared to one o one yesterday which as you remember was just rainy all throughout the morning. this is a big change in a change in direction. i think a lot of us are ready to see so rainfall will be possible this morning but models are showing that it should stay pretty much write their offshore. if that happens a lot of us are going to remain dry and what you're going to see for the rest of the day is primarily dry conditions too regardless of what happens this morning. the rest of the day should be bringing consistently dry weather and you're also going to see a bit of sunshine peeking through those clouds this afternoon. tomorrow morning rain potential increases just briefly though for your morning hours. see a few showers to start the day and by the afternoon tomorrow we drive back out that sets us up for what will be the driest day of your forecast come thursday before rain pushes back in and a big a round of rainfall this time


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