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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 3, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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hopefully you've got a head start on your shopping with black friday and cyber monday, everything else watch out for the porch pirates, we'll talk more about that later on in the show. how are the roads this morning back and doing good. the role is good. >>and we're steam rolling right into a san francisco, the bay bridge though a little bit past, but no major hot spots this morning things are looking good can't complain but leave early. stopped in a different >>good commute to work for most of us at least looking out of cross the east bay skies, nice and crystal clear no fog out there whatsoever what we are seeing is some light showers offshore their stay offshore though mostly working their way to rome wrecked lee to the north that means that there really skip and most of the bay area we are seeing some light showers just nothing more than
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sprinkles up in the north bay right now compared to yesterday's a persistent rainfall along one o one it is definitely a much drier commute for all of you. now not along the coast or along the bay we do have some fog and wind though this is to leave fog that forms that are a central valley in down to the delta. and now it may be resulting in some visibility issues for those of you who they are very far east but for the most part, you head out to the central valley. that's where you're going to be seeing some low visibility. here in the bay area skies are going to remain pretty clear this morning and we're actually going to see a good dose of sunshine later today, a few sprinkles offshore may work their way inland this morning besides that a nice dry day ahead of us now as we push into tomorrow, you will see some shower activity trying to push its way into the bay area. heavy rainfall is going to sit in central and southern california tomorrow, but those of us that they are going to be right at the northern end of it so few light showers, especially early on in the day and then thursday after that point looks to be our driest day of the forecast so overall things trending drier the next 3 days
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before an uptick in rain friday and that rain is going to be heavy at times with some strong winds so enjoy this nice calm weather that we have what we do have it. temperatures this morning as you just saw are in the 40's and 50's later on today will be in the 60's for our daytime highs with sometimes the sunshine. rebecca. >>all right john thank you we're going to start off with the busy bay bridge toll plaza approach. you could just all the folks trying to make their way into san francisco leave early if you can because the backup continues to grow and extend almost into the macarthur maze now at this point your drive time standing in under 15 minutes across the upper deck into the city into that fremont street exit. no delays on the span itself you just have to get through. the toll plaza right now. and it's pretty packed here now at the san mateo bridge in fact west bay 92 look at all those brake lights just crawling over to the peninsula, a 17 minute drive time and i'm sure it's going to bump up over the next couple of minutes as well so trying to leave early if you can if you're taking this
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route. no delays no issues as far as any the hot spots are accidents just a lot of folks trying to use bridge right now the time martin always a good option. i will check the richmond sandra fell bridge and the golden gate in my next report james darya. >>after a deadly hit and run that happened over the weekend the fremont city council is going to have an emergency meeting tonight to talk about this problem of fatal accidents. yeah it's been playing the city the goal with these meetings is to make the streets safer, especially during the holiday season when more people will be out and about with kron four's will tran in fremont now following the story. well. >>james darya of the city council follows the recommendations those recommendations could be come implemented could be implemented. early next year they have been fearful about this for years and then their fears turned deadly when this woman was killed on friday night a 30 at night when she and her dog were about 300
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feet from her house. her name suzanne back ot, 7072 years old. she was on niles canyon and linder road heading home when a car slammed ihto both of them killing the 2 of them, the worst part according to investigators. the driver actually got out of the car came up to her look at her and the dog got back in the car and took off from the scene so as police officers are still searching for the driver. the city hall la county, the city council members and the residents. fremont they're trying to prevent another accident much less a deadly accident. at the scene this morning. they're still candles the stuffed animals at that road site as far as that roadside is concerned the city council will hear recommendations including lowering the speed limit from 40 miles per hour to 30 miles 35 miles per hour. narrow the lanes they believe a wide open
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lane invites drivers to drive too fast in that location and then also have flashing lights at the crosswalk the victim was in a crosswalk at the time she was hit by the car. this area is so busy that so many people from the south bay they cut through free mind that used to live here for 16 years. so many people use niles canyon to cut through that area that they sail every day on average james and area. 17,000 cars. cross niles canyon. back to you. 6 oh 5 right now. >>officers in the south bay are investigating a deadly crash that happened in san jose kron four's j r stone has the details. >>a honda ripped into 2 is a tow truck driver tried to pull it off of the tree that it was wrapped around this several hours after a driver slammed into that tree. >>just heard a screech is not a big game. >>officers say the driver of this car was going northbound
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along meridian avenue near interstate 2 80 in san jose. when he lost control and hit the tree. the high speed mix with the slick conditions turned into a deadly combo. >>a defining time, the roadways are wet. you need to slow your speed down. there was a solo vehicle accident. the driver was transported to the hospital. later died of their injuries. >>those in the area say the rain had stopped at the time of the accident. but the ground was still a mass. >>this wet, it's a lot of oil coming up does that leave. >>roadway is still wet and we definitely want people drive you know slow down their speeds and be very cautious. we've had a lot of accidents recently since the rain is as big and so we are asking people to be very cautious, it's just so sad because there's so much whether that's. >>coming down the streets. you just need to take time slow down. >>traffic investigators are on
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scene for about 5 hours. traffic was at a standstill during that time. some of the area want the city to take action on this stretch of roadway. >>they just need to you know some great speed bumps to be wonderful. it's a very busy intersection here with the mailbox in the post office uniform shop and staffed it's just definitely something that people need to take slower. >>j r stone kron 4 news. >>6 oh 7 right now in monday's high winds knocked down a tree in the santa cruz mountains you can see the big tree hang right over there highway 17 near larne road. and it caused some power outages and it also off the only way into the canyon. >>one way in now. >>was it 2 years ago those terrible rains social tease road collapse, sun redwood lodge is close so it's a little concerning when it comes to fire there's probably 30 to 40 houses be on this so. >>emergency access has been completely cut off.
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>>give that i can ever work for ground for this great reporter and very casual i like it with that at the coffee cup. the deal is you need turn the lights back on in cleared out the road to get through. wayne played a role in several multi vehicle crashes this one was in campbell, a car went off a wet road. we don't know about injuries, but they're urging drivers keep it slow when it's raining. >>speed is the number one reason for collisions, especially in inclement weather. >>give yourself enough space between you and the car in front. give yourself more time to get your destination because it's going to be congested the a lot of traffic. everyone slowing down hopefully you get in a crash minor vehicle clock crash on the road. >>no injuries contact that other driver communicate welk and say let's get off the freeway to the next location to exchange information that what you're out of harm's way there's a lot of secondary crashes and injuries happened when someone crashes into you and you're on the freeway. >>well here's some numbers to
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share with you now the chp says 42 people died in crashes statewide 40% of those were not wearing their seatbelts. there were 867 arrests for dui from wednesday through sunday. the chp says a 173 impaired drivers were arrested in the bay area law. officers are also investigating 2 fatal crashes that resulted in 3 deaths. the first deadly crash happened sunday morning in san jose was on one on one. the second fatality happened that same morning in san francisco near the 25th street off-ramp from 2.80 south. in san francisco, the rain has city crews working around the clock to try and clean up the damage from the storm among the problems of the clog sewer systems and here's some video showing exactly that city crews have had to make sure that the city's 35,000 storm drains are clear. this storm damage to color at the corner of cesar chavez and south and asked was choked with mud and needed a vacuum it all out. >>so we keep your preventive maintenance as long as keep a we keep going at it and when you see floods notifies country 1 one are off. we'll
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be there them up all over the city. >>yeah, they're pretty busy. those crews, not of the storm drains but also trimming back some tree branches to at least 5 trees and 15 limbs have come down since the wet weather started last week in san francisco. here's a quick check of the sfo by the way as we take a look a live look here at the airport looks like a planes are on the move as airport operations getting underway on this tuesday morning. don't forget that there are a lot of delays and cancellations not only did we have a wet. stormy weather here in the bay area but also winter storms and other parts of the country to the ripple effects are that hundreds of flights have been delayed or canceled at sfo they were on monday so make sure you call ahead to double check to make sure your flight is still being planned or at least on time today and also download the kron on app that's our 24 7. a new streaming service that's how we're going to keep you covered on the rain all across the bay area throughout the week. all between our
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broadcast everything so make sure you download dow that your favorite app store. >>koppel morning news more arrests could come after this fight involving an off-duty officer who was attacked by a group of teenagers in an east bay mall. and still ahead the board of supervisors in san francisco could take a big step to protect renters from being evicted. and after the break in the east bay families hoping to find their dog which disappeared in a car break in. we'll have their story coming we'll have their story coming up. we all have things we love and long for. a place, a feeling, a moment. but only kerrygold can take you there. to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk
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changed. >>hey had to change and by the way using the squeegee on this car. a good thing to do to get like don't use a to scrape snow off your car. well, it does seem ingenious ok because it removes the snow in one fell swoop those still more to have an edge, yes, you may be asking yourself. >>the first one. it was so much quicker. my kids are using like a little you know credit card or a little box for a cd with us craig, i'm like oh toys kids watch mommy. and i took the snowboarding i was like creek right. afterwards i had all these scratch a little dance in creativity was really a go. you're getting the snow on car. >>they guys, great to see the snow not so good for travelers
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may be best for your car, the we also of snow here in the bay area guys still have. yeah it's still hanging on. those that this is the view from san jose they they're all looking at those white slopes up their spirit as i know write a really nice start to the morning. definitely clear that we have been we've been so cloudy and so rainy lately that even though we do have a few showers in the vicinity, this morning, they're hanging off offshore and that means compared to where we have been this is a very dry start. you may have just a couple sprinkles in a few spots rainfall early hasn't budged it's staying out there to our west and that really has and cause many issues for you the moisture plume associated with the atmospheric river has shifted further to the south and that means higher rain potential in southern california today and tomorrow, then what we're going to be looking at here in the bay area so comparatively we're going to be nice and dry a couple of sprinkles on into tomorrow morning are possible
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more than just sprinkle some light showers for your wednesday morning. but heavy rainfall to our south in the central valley, central coast down into southern california and the southern sierra head north of the bay and there is nothing to be had as we're looking at some pretty dry conditions. then we work into thursday are most significantly dry day before our rainiest day which is expected on into friday which will come along with heavy rain and some strong winds, not looking like a good day for your travels come the start of the weekend. today's daytime highs will those will be a little bit warmer than yesterday as a few 50's at the coast. but most of us today are actually going to be in the low 60's so compared to yesterday's upper 50's double feel pretty good. we will have a dose of sunshine this afternoon that will help to make it feel even warmer yet. nice to have some brightness after such a great day yesterday even those showers did taper off yesterday we sure did hold on to those clouds today we should see him breaking up a bit more than what we had for your monday just behind us. now tomorrow
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daytime highs are going to be fairly similar you're going to have some clearing skies after some morning showers tomorrow. looking at our driest of conditions and then as i mentioned friday is going to be the rainiest 8 start the weekend after which point though the rest of the weekend looks better, especially in the sunday. rebecca. >>ok john i will be unavailable on friday. tracking of the storm for you. but no storm the track right now look at roads are really trying to dry out from yesterday here and you can really see it in the commute today because it's a breeze into san francisco just a lot of folks trying to get in there. but no major hot spots, no accidents, no stalls and i'm tracking. you're backed up into the macarthur maze your drive time now under 15 to the fremont street exit across the upper deck. so that is a great commute times so far pacteau here at the san mateo bridge a lot of folks tryin to get over to the peninsula and you can see it in the drive time. it is definitely bumping up
6:19 am
now to about 20 minutes. coming out of the hayward area and from the minutes over to the one on on the westbound side and we're seeing a sum of folks trying to leave san francisco. actually more cars said trying to leave tonight more cars trying to come in right now. so we're seeing some slow traffic is folks are making their way on north one oh one south one on great coming out the north bay 20 minutes from the motto to the toll plaza were and the green for your livermore valley commute agree means good speeds are at the limit 11 minutes from livermore to dublin. 18 from dublin to fremont and its logo on the nimitz 28 minutes from san leandro to milpitas on a south 80 and to 37 9 minutes from 8.80 out a one to one james started. >>6 19 in east bay family wants your help to find their dog rocky. yeah, a thief broke into their car a castro valley safeway took a purse and the dog kron four's taylor sacking has the story.
6:20 am
>>it's thanksgiving. the holidays is really hard. really hard in gene hours says. >>someone stole her dog rocky friday night after breaking into her sister's car parked right in front of full plane castro valley next to the safeway rockies be john mix and only one and a half years old rocky was in the front seat with her purrs and the culprit the. >>the person that broke the window was parked next to her. smashed the front passenger window. we're assuming they grab truckee as well because he was gone. >>our says her sister eileen was watching him while she was out of town for thanksgiving. she and eileen haven't stopped looking for rocky ever since. >>since then on saturday morning we had reports of people spotting him running in the parking lot here and 5.36 o'clock. in the search team
6:21 am
here ever since so this is kind of our home base and search team. the neighborhoods. given a flyers fan posters our bel eves whoever took him. >>when it brought him back to this area near east castro valley boulevard. she says he must be found soon before it's too late. he's sick. he's vacation even though he's young. now or says she's very thankful for the community's help in ever since he was taken many people have joined the search for rocky. she says. >>based on those saturday sightings she is very confident that he's in the area. she says that he also will probably have a leash attached to if you see in rocky or of any information that can help it included information for his family on our web site in castro valley taylor, the psac ii kron 4 news.
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>>coming up after the break a holiday nightmare after thieves get away with hundreds of amazon packages stolen straight from the post office. .
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>>that you know this time of year they're going to be porch pirates, stealing your pet packages stealing your gifts and yet to take it seriously, i mean it's it's the world we live in now they're all getting packages delivered to our doorstep. >>he's managed to steal hundreds though of amazon packages after they were delivered. to the post office. so not necessarily to your porch, but this is how they got away with so many we've got an with the story. >>minus a little tree that has all of our custom family ornaments jessica walling is a planner is specially come christmas time she had gifts for her family picked out months ago and ordered them last week that within just the last few hours she learned those gifts maine. >>never make it home, you know a lot of it you know she was
6:26 am
with us that she can't work and i want to be able to bless for christmas that's something that's very important to me. >>amador county sheriff's office says hundreds of packages were stolen from the pioneer post office on sunday, a carrier service amazon hired left the packages at this post office even though it was closed on sundays the mail is supposed to go to the jackson office. >>are they going to fix the problem. and who's responsible. who did like that. >>walling describes the shipment she likely lost as her family's entire christmas pretty hard to explain to a 5 year-old walling says her heart hurts for other families who may also be affected by this brazen theft as for the person or people who did this find it in their heart to do the right thing. i understand that everybody is struggling at christmas. but understand that those actions. that was anna giles reporting the
6:27 am
sheriff's office was contacted. the carrier service an amazon they haven't given us any details yet about what's going to happen next but. >>the probably gonna you know amazon's going to reimburse the customers or something orbit now. >>who knows if the pad, the re orders are going to get there in it all depends wow what a story. >>san francisco city leaders have seen a rise in reports of on the streets coming up in a live report, i'll tell you what they're doi you know when you go to ross for a few gifts and realize... oh yeah! you should've gotten a cart? that's yes for less. get gifts for everyone on your list and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. depaithere's my career...'s more to me than hiv. my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it.
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>>we're ging said i think we kind of like it after the last few days of rain a year look outside at the east bay really pretty right now starting to get a bit of light of day. just a hint of some low lying cloud cover nothing that's blocking out visibility from berkeley. so there's your rain that's hanging out off shore it's been there all morning long it's staying pretty stationary at this point we are seeing much activity across the bay a couple sprinkles up in marin county but nothing like yesterday, some to going to the central valley, a very different kind of fog than what we experience here in the bay area usually it's that fog that usually forms in the central valley band you are seeing a visibility impact for some areas far east in the bay, not so much looking at fog for the rest of us. so a couple sprinkles just offshore this morning. but yeah, pretty dry, one overall for the rest of
6:32 am
the day and actually getting a hint of sunshine later on to now as we move into tomorrow, some light rainfall will be seen for the bay, but with the placement of the atmospheric river further south now it's southern california rainfall as we move into tomorrow so central and southern areas of the state going to get a good dose of rain here tomorrow in the bay of some light showers in the morning but staying pretty dry compared to where we have been thursday a dry one before friday, the rain comes back in full force as for right now temperatures in the 50's oakland at 53 berkeley are at 54. knapp and fairfield some of our cooler spots. each in the upper 40's later on today will make our way from the 40's and 50's where we currently are into the 60's a nice one into the afternoon. rebecca. >>all right john things are looking good on the roads hopefully it's a lot because of the weather and things are mostly dry like john's been mentioning it packed here of course at the bay bridge toll plaza trying to get in the san francisco leave early because you are going to have to wait,
6:33 am
especially if you're paying it with those say in those cash lanes rather fast track moving through just fine your drive time standing under 15 minutes into the city. it's going to be a little bit slow across the upper deck as well once you get past the island and then over to fremont street so i just be aware of that but look at these drive times far better than they were yesterday. these are all south bay commute times and yesterday we saw it's a very have to because of the wet weather today though nice and dry so 9 minutes from the peace at a sunnyvale on to 37 and then from downtown san jose trying to get over to mountain view and the 1 one split standing at 27 minutes on highway 85 and then to 80 much better than yesterday. coming out of downtown san jose in the cupertino tracking only a 13 minute commute now back to the news. >>all right, thank you very much. time now and in our local first story this morning. it's a problem. all across san francisco. we've got human waste on sidewalks
6:34 am
streets makes it an unhealthy environment for everybody who walks by one city supervisor has a plan to clean up the tender line specifically kron 4 sarah stinson has the details so who is going to be the proper scooper. >>well we already have up who patrol and and you know supervisor matt haney he's been really rallying to make sure that we can get them out there his district is the tenderloin and now he has this new plan is announcing this morning to have of the sidewalks pressure wash not every month. but every week and this is what needs to be done to keep up with the human waste that we see day to day it is a serious problem take a look at some of the video you can see obviously we have a homeless problem in san francisco. but was able to secure $260,000 in funds for cleaning with in his district and during this year's buzz budget process. he's also been working with the tenderloin community benefit district on his 10 point plan for clean and healthy treats though if
6:35 am
you have to walk through the area while you know, maybe you live in the east bay south to north bay. let me just tell you from personal experience, you have to look down and we are walking to dog feces every single time you walk on the sidewalk and often you can witness people going to the bathroom in public this what i've seen with my own eyes, it's become so bad. the city has created the pooh patrol. now it sounds funny, but it is actually true these people clean-up human waste and they do use these pressure washers people can report of the feces that they see on the sidewalks in the city through the 3, 1 one service and i'm sure a lot of people d.don't reported. but those who do really helps because then we can figure out where and what needs to be cleaned upsan francisco officials received the most reports they received 25,000 complaints from january up until november. the most ever and mostly from the tenderloin neighborhood. also saw a rise in reports so this yorning. going to release this new plan and then he's also going be
6:36 am
with with the tenderloin group and they're going to showcase some of the new portable power pressure washers that way the people cleaning up they can just carry around with them. wash the sidewalks us to meet every week in the tenderloin instead of every month and hopefully that can just make everything much better and cleaner for people who live i the area and for tourists who come to visit our city for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you sarah. >>time now 6 36 in the east bay and off duty officer is recoverinin after he was attacked by a group of teenagers. it happened friday night and there's video of the attack was at the bay street mall in emeryville the teens were talking to a woman she confronted them because she said he stole her phone. they ended up attacking her and that's when an off-duty chp officers saw this and intervene and then they started attacking him. at one point they choked him until he passed out you could see it
6:37 am
being beaten up here and knocked down to the ground. the officer did regain consciousness and was able to fight them off he pepper sprayed one of the teenagers and then uniformed officers you can see they arrive with their bright yellow vests and aley were able to detain several of the teams. >>it go unconscious, we're not sure for how long brief it was a but he did go unconscious man was able to for a defendant to be sustained some injuries and brain injuries, he suffered for itself to the hospital as far as i don't know the extent of those i just know he did sustain injuries that night. >>it doesn't like he's going to be okay, it also sounds like the woman is going to be ok as for the teens, 8 to 10 individuals. they say were involved in the attack. 4 were detained and police are expecting more arrests. santa rosa police are investigating a gang-related shooting 2 people were injured last night. and it went in the shooting that happened on granted avenue was around 6 o'clock at first officers couldn't find any victims but
6:38 am
then they did find the bullet holes in parked cars. authorities say the 2 known gang members. showed up at 2 different hospitals a short time later with gunshot wounds. we don't know if the injured gang members were shooting at each other or if there was somebody else involved in this too. police believe a california mother tongue i'd her 3 year-old son up in his room before setting their house on fire luckily, first responders for acting quickly and they were able to rescue the boy carlos to say to has more. >>this 47 year-old mother is behind bars after a fire broke out in or 2 stories santa paula home on sunday. first responders found money sell at least tied up inside her legs bound to a bed upstairs. he stated. >>so we had a pretty sizable response. >>in a different room, the first 3 year-old son also tied up with a bag over his head.
6:39 am
the 2 were rescued from the burning home and rushed to a local hospital. but as the smoke cleared the air detectives started piecing together evidence which eventually led them to believe ruiz did it all herself. first tying up her son and setting the place on fire. neighbors are bewildered. >>that just doesn't make sense that in any shape or form because so the kids are here. seemed fine. as far as but you never know what kind of life people are living. >>during the course of the investigation we determined that she actually called a couple of people. >>police say really staged the incident but still don't know exactly why looking at the possibility of.
6:40 am
>>child is safe, but with a traumatic event like this could be scarred for life. you know you never want to see a little kid and that can situation was seeping that in a situation that that's when my heart kind of st. >>that was carlos saucedo reporting it's unclear who will get custody of the son now meanwhile release was booked in on suspicion of felony child endangerment. >>in the north bay 2 people now facing charges after stealing more than a 150 items from a lululemon store, the robbery happened monday af ernoon at the store on a montgomery village shopping center right there in santa rosa. 2 men apparently assaulted a security guard and took off with items worth more than $1500. the 2 were ultimately arrested after officers spotted their car on 1, near lakeview highway. like the highway. on the peninsula. we have a picture to show you here this man was arrested after burglarizing a store on black friday, san bruno police
6:41 am
found. this person with stolen items at the shoppes of 10 friend, he got into a closed business and stole the property. he's in san mateo county jail right now. a package theft in the east bay caught on camera a viewer sent us this video of someone stuffing a package up his shirt. now this is interesting that was friday morning on a san antonio avenue right near franklin park in alameda. he appeared to walk up to a bock up to the door like he was delivering a box. he put that box down perhaps it was empty, but then grabbed an actual box from the doorstep and stuffed it under his shirt. >>attorney-general wants the public's input on new consumer privacy laws that are set to take effect in the new year. the new law extends privacy rights to consumers by allowing you to opt out of having your information is sold 2 other businesses and be informed about what information is being collected by websites also this law would require businesses to delete consumer information.
6:42 am
if requested by the customer it only applies though to companies that make more than $25 million a year. >>i like that the state is working on this whole thing with this new law to protect consumers from the stuff when don't remember the dmv. >>the california dmv was given away all of our information. yes, i the way they were selling it, but they were giving it away and then it was going all these other people that were then contacting you for stopping probably didn't want and in need. 6.42 is still ahead. california terror suspects seen on camera praising osama bin laden, we'll take a look at that. plus democratic leaders are moving closer to impeaching the president and today we could learn more about the case that they are making case that they are making against him. ...6, 7, 8 case that they are making against him. ♪
6:43 am
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>>back 6.45 on this tuesday morning definitely a more co-operative morning as far as weather goes compared to yesterday's rainfall that we had to start things off. it's been pretty quiet out there.
6:46 am
we do have a touch of low lying cloud cover and fog around sfo, but it has not resulted and any major travel delays just yet big change from yesterday when obviously there is a lot of impact as far as 5 flights go and then source travel in the north and south bay goes with rainfall today, rainfall state for the most part offshore that means that it's been a dry day for most of us and the atmospheric river has shifted a bit further south that mean southern california getting in the mix with some areas of rainfall today rather than those of us here in northern california. so things going to be comparatively dry today at least compared to what we had been seeing a couple of sprinkles could be possible on into the latter part of the day but mostly what you're going to be looking at it's a mostly cloudy skies interspersed by even a little bit of sunshine at times. now tomorrow morning we could see a few areas of rainfall working their way into the day this is at 07:45am tomorrow morning. you do notice the heaviest of rainfall is going to be further south san jose's may see some moderate showers
6:47 am
for the morning. snow will return to the sierra but the heavy rain will be in the southern part of the central valley, central coast down into southern california thursday looks to be our the forecast before friday things kicked back into gear in a big way with heavy rainfall and some strong winds to start the weekend on friday. so do plan around that as you make your way into the weekend they want to travel on thursday or saturday, instead of making those travel plans on friday. temperatures today will be in the upper 50's to low 60's more 60's today than not palo alto up to 60 degrees at south redwood city up to 61. milpitas in santa clara as well as morgan hill all up to 62 degrees today, east bay temperatures also low 60's today that compared to yesterday's upper 50's and a lot of the same areas that slight dose of sunshine this afternoon is going to help to warm temperatures just a couple of degrees warmer than what we had for your monday. now tomorrow so temperatures will be a little bit cooler we
6:48 am
do have a few am showers but for the most part some clearing skies later in the day thursday, mostly cloudy but dry and then friday. well definitely cloudy and on the rainy too windy side as well. rebecca. >>all right john thank you for starting off with the conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza and yet that is packed like normal. i'm not tracking anything out of the ordinary just a lot of folks trying to head in the san francisco salive early this morning see don't have to get stuck. too much in the back up because we are backed up into the macarthur maze your drive time now standing it's about 15 minutes across the upper deck and then that trying to connect over to fremont street. we did have an earlier stall the rate before the island and the far left lane clear that out and so we might have just a slight delay from that but. to its pretty normal slow go getting in the san francisco. look at this we're crawling the drive time bumped up to 26 minutes now just because a lot of folks are trying to make their way out of the east bay and head over to the peninsula using the san
6:49 am
mateo bridge. so this is normal traffic on westbound 92. i'm not tracking anything on the flat section or the high rise as far as any hot spots. the dumbarton bridge also looking really good if you want to take that as a your alternate scott not tracking anything on that's a span so far drive times, yes slow in the east bay, the normal 25 minutes out of antioch trying to get over to conquer on the west and for that we are seeing into sloan go on the nimitz in the southbound direction from san leandro trying to get into the south bay and the milpitas to 37 connector, 35 minutes daria thanks a lot back it's 6.49 federal authorities are offering $5 million for information. >>on an american born terrorists from california, merrily more has more. >>it is under the strenuous circumstances that we remember the wrong. >>a video released by the fbi
6:50 am
monday afternoon showing 37 year-old us citizen j hanser won most praising osama bin laden. >>today we are here to announce the unsealing of a superseding indictment which charges a former san diego resident with terrorism investigators called the stop of the highest ranking us citizen fighting with the somalia-based terrorist group al-shabaab al shabaab's reign of terror. >>threatens united states national security. our international allies and innocent civilians. >>everywhere, the indictment expands the scope of an earlier indictment now covering most office activities to up to early 2017 with recent calls by al shabaab to its followers encouraging them to attack us citizens. the fbi says hunting most often down has become even more urgent. >>for over a decade must office played a critical role in al shabaab's operations. this includes media operations. training of
6:51 am
soldiers, participating on attacks. a somali government forces and african union troops. and holding various leadership positions. >>from the brief information released about mustafa. it's unclear what caused the wisconsin born in san diego raise man to terrorism. we're told he grew up in the serra mesa area attended mesa college and graduated from the university of california san diego in 2004 just 2 years later, the fbi says his involvement with terrorist groups began. we believe most office played and will continue to play an active role. in terrorist acts by al shabapb and he must be stopped. >>let's take a look at some national headlines now the house intelligence committee will be releasing its report on the impeachment inquiry to the public today. it will detail the panel's findings into president trump and ukraine after weeks of testimony and collecting documents the report will serve as the basis for the articles of impeachment that the committee will consider trump is accused of improperly seeking help from ukraine to investigate political rival, joe biden and his family. the
6:52 am
house judiciary committee will hold its first impeachment hearing, beginning tomorrow. and here's a quick check of the big more this morning as we're watching the markets and you can see the dow is way off by more than 400 points right now we're also seeing negative trading. across the board as well a lot of it has to do with comments the president made overnight in which when asked about the update on trade talks with china the president said that he may be willing or may want to actually push a deal beyond next year until after the presidential election and that has traders on wall street in a sour moved to the prospect of this trade. we're continuing throughout next year. we'll have to see if the president is serious about that intent or if this is just a negotiating tactic against china will have to wait and see. we'll take a break coming up at 7 o'clock here on the kron 4 morning news, a warning from the fbi they say your tv could be spying on you. you shouldn't have to live with pain. you shouldn't have to pretend you're fine.
6:53 am
you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't have to be thinking about the cost. you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the life you've built and the care you need.
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6:55 am
>>a sea lion took a wrong. and
6:56 am
the san francisco bay and wound up in a baseball field. in san mateo this is the sea life. >>recovering now at the marine mammal center in sausalito it was rescued. they found a sea lion near a baseball field sunday morning. will in abbeville none but nothing else. no external injuries. the vet say that she's being held in intensive care corin teen. and then the release or when she's ready. >>our we'll take a break it is 6.56 still ahead. emergency meeting happening tonight in fremont after a deadly hit and run, we'll tell you what city leaders are looking to discuss and waves are going to try and make it more safe. and a call to clean up the streets of san francisco will tell you one supervisors proposing to address the city's growing problem with us. waste on the streets was just call it that thank you know what i'm talking about will be
6:57 am
6:58 am
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>>and i'm james fletcher let's get you updates on weather traffic before we get to the headlines this hour. how the roads have been but commitment building but nothing than nothing crazy. no hot spot. >>let's let's hope for him that it stays that way. to see you can get to where you need to go just a lot of folks out there though everyone is behaving on the roads, the bridges are packed. check those ok, how was a break in the last. >>that depends on where you're at south bay tomorrow to get some showers. especially heavy for areas, south of san jose. today it does look like it's going to be a solidly clear day though than what we had been saying so we can at least hold on to that it's going to be definitely a better one today than what we saw yesterday skies will bring a little bit clear conditions than what we had yesterday to which as you remember was pretty overcast even after showers started to move out of


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