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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 3, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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fully secure it so they can let her put it back in. ok. >>well good to have that handled and we'll tell you what everybody's let back in those who are evacuated. seems to be sunny how about the roads and the traffic it's been morning. no major hot spots. >>of course hopefully at some other related because if things are really dry. now today which is a lot of folks trying to get into san francisco. so the bridges are busy all right and we're going is whole week without and she's on vacation i think a little annex way to write just so you know test just sunny >>nice that we're joined live. a little taste of it maybe not as sunny as well segues compared to yesterday which was not sunny in the least bit. >>we do have some clouds and then there's your blue skies up about iran really nice start to the day. we've had some offshore showers that have been hanging off just offshore the babe really have
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an impact and most of us we are looking at some light rainfall just south of san jose right now really just enough to maybe getting a spot along one o one wet between morgan hill in san jose besides this though it has been very quiet out there continuing to look at light sprinkles as well up in marine county, nothing more than sprinkles though up there even the fog that we've been seeing across the central valley, some to lee fog having formed out there starting to burn off had some accidents along i 5 99 this been saying and that has a been definitely fog related our visibility in the bay hasn't been so bad compared to those areas out towards the delta 50's for your current temperatures across the bay 56 alameda in hayward each at 55, san mateo berkeley, san francisco on 54 degrees right now so not a bad start to the day in the least bit. we'll see some clouds and some sun today, a nice mix of both that overall just a calmer more comfortable day than what we have been seeing. rebecca. >>and definitely dry out there. john weakens really
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tell on the roadways this morning because no major hot spots of folks have just been driving really safely today so that is that the good news and a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy if you're going to be stuck in this back up here. the bay bridge toll plaza approach should buy your drive time not too bad under 20 minutes to make your way across the upper deck into san francisco and we are looking at some other drive times. it's a little bit slow out of the livermore area to the dublin interchange 12 minutes on the west bound 5.80 dublin to fremont 21 minutes so on south 6 ad and then of course the nimitz always a grind every morning nothing out of the ordinary just a lot of folks using it almost 45 minutes from san leandro to milpitas on south 80 and then to 37 bumper to bumper out to milpitas getting over to sunnyvale now back to the desk. >>ok to the east bay we have repairs underway right now at dublin elementary school after damage was caused by the recent storm will tran is live there this morning with more will.
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>>that's the roof right behind me workers are crisscrossing the area they came out here, bright and early trying to take advantage of the dry conditions before the rain comes back. according to many parents the school district knew about this but did not maintain. dublin elementary is approximately 60 years old they've been told a long time they have to make the repairs but instead the parents said the school district use the money for other projects they waited and waited, and then unfortunately after the kids got back from thanksgiving they went into the classrooms and some of them. water on the ground. there was a ceiling damage in fact some students according to some parents get wet from the leaky roof that they had to be moved to other parts of the classroom. one parent said the school district shame on you. >>maintenance been kept up
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like it should have yeah they're finally starting to see the repercussions of it our children are being affected my child directly as of so her classroom was one of and classrooms that have the roof caved in. >>roof literally the ceiling fell down and there was multiple throughout the building and other classrooms. >>the her class has been displaced out of their usual classroom. >>the parents are frustrated saying throughout the years they try to con coming days, the dublin school district passing bond measures. yundreds of millions of dollars spent instead the money was used for other things which is set idly by. idol at the banks and never was use and until unfortunately it was too late at an emergency meeting last night the dublin school district they actually allocated about $30 million
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skies moving forward to make the repairs but unfortunately, those repairs will take years. not in time for the next round of rain which is why those kids are now moved to different parts of the school district, many parents, just said they knew about this, but didn't do about it and unfortunately now it's a little too late, especially with the rain. coming back throughout the rest of the week and let's face it rainy season. the venue all right, thanks a lot. well. >>well speaking of rainy season, san francisco crews there in the city are working around the clock to try to clear out the storm drains as quick as possible because we have more rain on the horizon there are all clogged up right now you can see i believe all can't have that there are so many storm drains a got to clear out before the rain arrives 35,000 as a matter of fact you can see and the worst case scenario with the most clog once they got to bring in this giant vacuum to suck it all out yeah. >>so we keep your preventive maintenance. and we keep going
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at it and when you see floods notifies country 1 one are off. we'll be there them up all over the city. >>music fails to trim the trees they do can see they actually had in this last storm had 5 trees come down and about 15 different tree limbs which of course you follow cars everything else. so they get those trim back as well. >>and then there were problems with high winds knocking down >>that's a big tree and those are some look at power lines. i thought by that point it would have snapped i guess there isn't that crazy strong enough to hold up that the trade. >>and to cut power knocked out power officials at everything and here is one lady who i'm saying should be our next reporter explaining how and also cut off a car access to that area. >>one way in now. >>what was it 2 years ago those terrible rains who shot
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he's road collapse ups in redwood lodge is close so it's a little concerning when it comes to fire there's probably 30 to 40 houses be on this so. >>emergency access has been completely cut off. >>i love her she's the nothing nobody was hurt when a tree came it just barely missed a house so. >>they're fortunate on that front too make sure you download the kron on app that's our way of keeping you updated on the storms as they roll through because it's our 24 7 streaming news apps that were costly on even between our broadcast giving it the latest go to your app store now and download it today. >>in the south bay of police think it was wet roads and likely speeding that contributed to a deadly crash in san jose. here's the car that hit a tree when a driver lost control on meridian avenue near to 80. he was in his 20's that's all we know no id yet, but he was killed in that crash and people who live around say that the rain has stopped around the time of the crash but that the roads are still slick. >>it's just so sad because
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there's so much whether that's. coming down the streets, you just need to take time slow down the roadway is still wet and we definitely want people drive >>you know slow down their speeds and be very cautious. we've had a lot of accidents recently since the rain is as big and so we are asking people to be very cautious. >>in fact the neighbors are asking police to take over the city to take action to somehow make that stretch of roadway safer. also the south bay with the rain and the slick roads there were several multi vehicle crashes in addition, this one was in campbell you can see this car that went off the road. we're not sure about any injuries in that crash. but police are saying you need to slow down. >>speed is the number one reason for collisions, especially in inclement weather. >>give yourself enough space between you and. to get your destination because it's going to be congested lot of traffic. everyone slowing down hopefully you get in a crash minor vehicle clock crash on the road. >>there's no injuries contact
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that other driver communicate well and say let's get off the freeway to the next location to exchange information that what you're out of harm's way there's a lot of secondary crashes and injuries happened when someone crashes in the union on the freeway. >>in fact over the holidays wednesday to sunday 42 crashes in statewide were deadly and 40% of those people weren't wearing a seat belt. there were 867 dui arrests. 73 impaired drivers were arrested just in the bay area and officers continue to investigate. 2 deadly crashes that happened in the bay area resulting in 3 deaths. >>in san francisco. we have supervisor matt haney now proposing a measure to protect thousands of rents a renters from being evicted landlord in the landlord's i should say in the city and there are newer 3pbuildings could evict tenants for no reason whatsoever buildings built before 1979 landlords have to prove at least one of 16 just causes to
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evict well haiti's measure would expand the victory protection of people living in any building build after 1979 and that includes protections against evictions that are already in progress a full vote by the board of supervisors is expected on december 10th. and he's bay family meanwhile is asking for your help to find their dog rocky after a thief broke into their car and took a purse and maybe even took the dog to they're not sure because the dogs missing. it may have jumped out the person may have taken it, but this was friday at a castro valley safeway parking lot just off of he's castro had a boulevard. rocky was sitting in the front seat when somebody broke the window. the family has gotten reports of people spotting the dog running in the parking lot they believe whoever took him maybe brought him back and dropped him off. they say he has to be found soon before it's too late. >>it's thanksgiving. the holidays is really hard.
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>>the family says that they're confident rockies still in the area they just need your help finding him. coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news. this could be coming down the way here after an off-duty officer was attacked at an east bay mauled by a group of teenagers more on that story in a minute and snow in the sierra making it a little sloppy for folks getting around it trying to get back to the bay area we'll take a closer look at conditions coming up and then a look at a popular holiday scam, we'll have some tips on how you can avoid being scammed yourself. and we're also monitoring the markets this morning as they react to president trump's comments about trade with china overnight. that's like the dow is off by more almost 400 points coming up next financial expert, rob black with winners and losers on wall street.
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>>we saw that we saw so many problems during commercials and their allies from his law. ok, well first of all there's the weather and. at mia, the roads are fine, you know there's a song but the big
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problem is. and to start gaining weight, i'm to say you guys. what i was saying is don't bother trying to lose weight now because you know it just wait till january because this to me like the office parties, yes, the dinners, mrs, thanksgiving off. >>right you know what i came in this morning thinking i have to get healthier. i do need to start which we did if you made some good are you kidding. >>our producer big cookies and we all had a couple of will head up the key. weather workouts of it will be my house resolution all summer of its and watch as ever it's a but yes, a nice weather today to get out there and. job get
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a walk in before the rain tomorrow he's never doing james is never doing thinking walks the dog you don't that though. >>your the world, good news for anybody that is going to go out there and maybe get some physical activities today because it's a good day to be doing so. >>the past few days have been a little tough getting outside, having to face some of those cloudier conditions but today it's cleared out a lot there's definitely some clouds above the lick observatory look at that snow there as well this i 80 just a minute ago before we started talking about eating and it's also snowy up there so definitely still holding out of snow in her upper elevations, although things have calmed down now. so across the bay we're looking at calmer conditions overall we do have a brewery ferry of rainfall sitting just east of san jose this is actually right there around the league observers or ear i just showed you and those clouds of sitting over as i showed you
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as well so some light showers up there really not a whole lot to notice far as rainfall activity goes this tuesday morning. part of that is because the atmospheric river shifting a little bit further south so it's going to have its influence on southern california and leave us here in the bay area with so much drier conditions, couple sprinkles at times pushing across the day nothing really that should stop you from planning something outside i keep the jacket handy just because of the cool weather not necessarily because you need to shelter yourself from the rain to our west though that's where those showers are going to be staying offshore today. tomorrow increasing cloud cover to be expected. mork a widespread rainfall activity for your morning should remain pretty light for wednesday overall just a few light showers for your morning, the heavier stuff should remain to our south and then thursday going to be the of your forecast. so today tomorrow and thursday, definitely calmer than we have been this is before friday we start to see rainfall really kicking back into gear and
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friday going to be the radius and the windiest day the worst day for your travels. today's daytime highs up into the 60's morrow going to be a bit cooler but after those morning showers some clearing conditions as i mentioned friday, your worst day for travel saturday and sunday should be a lot better. rebecca. >>all right, i'm tracking an accident that just popped up in the open area, it's right near the washington, new exits and you can see the drive time bumping up to about 15 minutes. and it looks like a it's going to be a little bit of a crime scene we come out of san leandro and into the downtown oakland area until crews can we're out of the way. so we are looking just the normal sloan go it's not too bad at all if you're traveling from milpitas into san leandro before you get to the oakland area. that's a quick 21 minute trip so far that i am tracking and we're also tracking some other s longest spots around the bay area 12 minutes for your livermore valley commute to the dublin interchange 20 minutes from dublin on south
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6.80 into fremont 33 minutes like i was mentioning from san leandro to milpitas now on the southbound side and then to 37. it's definitely getting slower here into sonny bill at 15 minutes. >>time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert, rob, black gracious enough to join us once again to share his wisdom, his knowledge and explain. what's going on looking at the dow this morning. it's like in a nose dive down more than 40 points at some points. yeah december's not starting off very lee, >>we had a great year we had a great month of november. december starting with a big pullback in large part because of president trump and china negotiated in the headlines about those. she loved me that she loved me not kind of economy is working together. at one point in time the trade deal was a big picture kind of 1000 page document ideas and it turned into a phase one. now president trump is saying maybe it's something we'll
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look at after the 2020 election. interesting because he has an economy that's working so he's likely to get reelected in theory. 80% of incumbents get reelected with low unemployment. china's got an economy that's struggling right now so it's a game of poker. i don't like it. 2 nations have been haggling for 18 months. i feel like a broken record. i hate the story longer term i'd like to see a healthy relationship that does to some of the things the white house are calling for protecting intellectual property that the united states create one of the movies or technology. ok. >>let's talk about numbers are a little more encouraging yesterday we talked with you about the black friday numbers and what they what they would look now we've got cyber monday figures coming wesley on that front huge bigger than trump's hands, huge it's just that are connecting cyber monday shoppers spent a record billion yesterday. >>up 19.7% that's a huge number 19.7% to your last year. yeah well wow that's a
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big number. cyber monday, shoppers are buying pricier products not only are we spine more items but we're ticket a check out to cut a little bit higher 6% higher that's good news. top toy surprises include laugh out loud surprise dolls frozen 2 toys and it has switched camps on tv's apple left well apple laptops my favorite like a star wars darth vader's castle. we're halfway through the holiday shopping seasons that start in november. we've spent about 81 billion of the 143 billion will spend where are you on the shopping list james. >>i am actually was oddly enough i was just looking this morning for. watch. that is going to put on my wish list for my wife. you i just i feel, it sounds horrible when i say it like that, but that's what my wife asks me to give her ideas because i'm so hard to shop for because every time she has only a fine she's like it be some clues something so i had the same thing i asked
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for an apple 5 watts i can get my kid, my apple 3 watch there you go see some fear could snow left in a box on a rather different sago speaking of hello time was one of a stock items are big ticket items to on wall street that we were talking about and i guess they're in some hot water for their most recent ad happy with gifting ad came out over the weekend a pallet on is a new ipo there are a fad and exercise equipment a bicycle it has a screen ipad on it with an instructor yelling at you in your home. it is 20 a flight is not cheap at 4,000 plus dollars. in the commercial a woman received a pallet on as a christmas gift from her husband. she looks frightened. she looks care is very odd marking. she is super skinny i hope i can say that without getting in trouble when she gets it and after a year of documents herself. she's super skinny -4 pounds. it's not going to connect with a lot of people in america. with that said have some of the comments on twitter are
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hilarious. like for instance, nothing says maybe you should lose a few pounds like getting your rd real life partner a pallet on. another one says look at her she looks like i'm nervous i've never ridden a stationary bike in my life even though i've given birth, i'm nervous about a bike. i'm terrified please help me call the police. this is message now what's interesting about it is the stock went up. and i don't care it's for the flight anyway. they're not really marking to the people below the a flight for houses, huge people on social media like there's a bike and by 2000 foot house yes. but stocks doing well and it's trending on twitter and it's why did the how you mary old tv commercials with new team you with gets people buzzing about kind of super bowl commercial right that arc of our marketing ok all right rob, thank you as always we're going to check in with rob once again tomorrow send in your questions now trying to answer him for you then rob or a black dot com facebook twitter and of course you can always connect with them on our website at kron 4 dot com. thank you
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>>and giving to those less fortunate but there are also sees taking advantage of your generosity. here's some tips to avoid becoming the victim of a charity scam. consumer stands open their checkbooks to give back to those who need it during the holidays and charities get a boost because of that support. now scammers are hoping to make a pretty penny off of their generosity. they poses charities or needy individuals asking for donations. experts say you should be donated to charity and only one way. >>always always done it with a credit card. because that way if there is a problem afterwards, your bank can help you i'm get that money back never wire never send gift cards. you do that consider it a gift, it's gone. >>here are a few things to look out for sound alike names to charities you might already know make sure to verify her charity and give dot org. and finally reviewed the charity's web site to make sure they
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specify their plans for your donation. >>this morning, san francisco city leaders are announcing a new plan to watch sidewalks in the tenderloin not once z3nyaz z1ncz
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y3nyay y1ncy
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>>we're looking at weather and traffic it's been a pretty easy day. >>plane oh yeah, then a major hot spots just a lot of folks out on the roadways doing the now, the bridges are packed. think a lot of kids are still off. but not a normal normal congestion school for ca police were christians from right. >>have a breather in between some heavier areas of rain at all like the sweater because is it does kind of keep it a little bit warmer by next been i a step out there with a
9:32 am
light jacket on and just enjoy some of the sunshine that we do have you can see it above you here at the golden gate bridge were keep in skies, pretty clear compared to where they have been today we've had just a couple of areas of light sprinkles that includes in the north bay and then we had this area of rainfall working its way just south of san jose moments ago likely to be heading towards sault i'm out here in the next hour or so so you may see a couple sprinkles if you're heading out towards tracie and out into the central valley temperatures in the 50's right now hayward at 55 oakland alameda 56 berkeley in conquered a 55, pretty similar temperatures yesterday at this time, although or daytime highs will be just a touch warmer and you can think a little bit of that sunshine for that a low 60's and san francisco, 63 and san jose today. rebecca. >>all right john thank you looks good on the roadways as well because of the break that we're getting in the weather it's been that nice and dry for you are looking to set a whole bunch of folks trying to
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get into san francisco's to leave early if you can and because there is going to be a little bit of a wait there. the overall drive time though not too bad out of the macarthur maze 60 minutes to the fremont street exit, but of course you have to wait a little bit longer. if you are paying with cash over to the san mateo bridge where it has been path that's all morning long but look at the drive time now starting to go down a little bit which is the good news is we are and just passed the 9.30. kinda it's going to be nice on the flat section the high there is no issues for you over to the one on connector and a big improvement versus the last hour the richmond center fell bridge back to normal a quick trip of 12 minutes into the north bay. now back to the new star ia. >>thanks a lot of 9 33 in our local first story this morning. it's a problem all across san francisco, human waste in the streets and on the sidewalks and one city supervisor has a plan to clean it up especially in the tender line from 4 sarah stinson has the details from city hall heiser.
9:34 am
>>and city hall like you said that is just a few blocks away from the tenderloin and where you know a supervisor matt haney is really trying to concentrate his efforts in his district. he plans on cleaning the sidewalks from the wall that he sees that we see on a daily basis. instead of doing it once a month they want to pressure wash the sidewalks once a week and i've been talking to a lot of people today. most people in favor some people saying this is a band-aid haney was able to secure $260,000 in funds for the cleaning within his district and during this year's budget process now he's also been working with the tenor in community benefit district on his 10. out those long-term solutions if you haven't walked through the area. well let me tell you it's definitely. without seeing some type of human waste you to dodge it left and right. there she says especially when she's walking
9:35 am
2 it's still dark outside it is hard 2 dog you know, it's become so bad that you to create who patrol basically they just clean up human waste and now they're going to make it so they clean that up. often people can report any proof they may see on the sidewalks in the city through the city's 3, 1 one service. i spoke to another woman this morning, she works in walk-in the to know when all the time and she said that this is a good idea, but we need more long-term solutions take a listen. >>to help businesses to help people going into work every day. they kind rather see a long-term solution. helping people get off the street and giving them places to go during that. >>and twitter as well a lot of people saying they're concerned about this waste being power washed off in the
9:36 am
water going into the drain. so and mixed feelings about it were. having to increase them times that they wash the streets because there they have received more complaints than ever burgess from january until november. they receive 25,000 complaints on the 3, 1, one system so they're having to keep up with it and do something so have to learn more again at 11 o'clock we'll have more in kelly there reporting with the press conference. and city hall sarah stinson. >>back to answer were you surprised i kind of was i mean who are known to just see streets that they only clean once a month. to keep things clean just in general, like once a week seems kind of normal. >>i would say i see them clean definitely more than once a month yet. i think just in the
9:37 am
tenderloin areas what we're talking about. worst of the worst in the city, so i think once a week is for sure. >>i was going to be expensive course to look so we'll keep you posted on kron on. thank you very much 9.37 and in the east bay and off-duty police officer was attacked by a group of teenagers. it was caught on camera friday night the bay street mall in emeryville watch this first it was a woman who confronted the teens because she thought they stole her phone and they started attacking her, they were physically beating her up and that's when an off-duty chp officer intervened and then they attacked him hitting him and choking him until he passed out at one point. the officer was really was able to % regain consciousness look at this and he uses pepper spray and one of the teens you can see a uniformed officers jumping in and they have the vests on there. still the teams are punching and kicking. they were able to
9:38 am
detain several teenagers. >>so he was choked and at which point i want what he did go unconscious, we're not sure for how long a brief it was a but he did go unconscious man was able to for a defendant to be sustained some injuries and brain injuries, he suffered ford's self to the hospital as far as i don't know the extent of those i just know he did sustain injuries that night. >>8 or 10 teenagers were involved in the attack, but they only detained 4, 2, people were identified and arrested police are expecting more arrests and this point it seems like the officer and the woman who was attacked they're going to be ok. >>and off the coast of california could be poisoning the state's mount lines with mercury. so researchers at you see santa cruz found or a marine fog mercury levels actually 3 times higher in mount lines that live along the coast and those that live inland. mercury is released into the atmosphere through things like mining and coal fired power plants. the toxins can cause neurological damage and decreased fertility and
9:39 am
apparently the born mercury is moving all the way up the food chain that started implants that it was detected in deer now mountain lions. the mercury levels in fog at this point don't appear to be a health risk to humans but his office is something we're going watch. john. but we do have a few watching to our south that could meander their way further north and into the bay area over the next hour or 2. >>tracking the isn't letting you know what to expect for your tuesday ahead your forecast. >>and it's been a good commute around the bay area for the most part because of those dry conditions said the normal way time here 17 minutes in the san francisco, using the bay san francisco, using the bay we all have things we love and long for. a place, a feeling, a moment. but only kerrygold can take you there. to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for the most delicious taste imaginable. that's no ordinary cheese.
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. >>welcome back 9.45 on this tuesday morning been a much clearer morning than what we've gotten used to lately looking out at the east bay from berkeley skies, nice and clear overhead a few clouds but a lot of sunshine reaching its way down this morning a
9:46 am
little bit of the cloudier side for san jose a but you also have a nice dose of sunshine on the way as well now looking at the bay area we're pretty dry at the moment we do have some showers to the south and i'm watching closely. these isolated showers are likely to lose steam as they press over the santa cruz mountains but still possibly a resulting in just a couple of sprinkles to showers across the bay around 11:00am to noon just keep your eyes on those prepare for the possibility of a couple of light sprinkles for the most part though today definitely a drier day than what we have been seeing the moisture plume with the atmospheric river settle down a bit further south so we're dodging the bull's eye as far as where all that moisture is headed and that means today going to be one of our drier ones as we make our way into tomorrow, you'll notice a chance of shower activity increases somewhat, we'll start to see showers building from the south into the morning could see some light late morning areas of rain fall for your wednesday after that some sunshine and mostly dry conditions for the rest of the
9:47 am
day wednesday thursday looks to be dry before our heaviest of rainfall in the forecast arrives on friday, so that your best day to be traveling friday, 50's and 60's for today's daytime highs most of us in the 60's though, so a little bit warmer than yesterday burlingame 62 for your high temperature along with san carlos sharing that number with you south bay temperatures also low 60's today, the east bay also in the low 60's for your daytime highs tomorrow not going to be quite as warm as today but similar on to thursday our driest day and friday. our wettest day. rebecca. >>all right friday should definitely different on the roads than what we're seeing today. dry conditions, lots of sunshine. so it's going to be a pretty much a nice beautiful drive. no matter where you're headed around the bay area and if you're waiting. it's ok because it's going to so beautiful today and in fact we're starting to see the drive times go down a bit as the morning commute so winds down 60 minutes in the san
9:48 am
francisco out of macarthur maze across the upper deck on west an ad that's great and look at this much improvement here at the san mateo bridge, a quick 20 minute trip over to the peninsula and checking things out at the richmond center fell bridge. that's going to be an easy 12 minute problem free drive into the north bay and it's going to be smooth out of the north bay and look at the zipper truck rda making the lane configuration here making it even easier for you. 26 minutes in the san francisco. >>to see anybody sick but is it too and that the flu didn't get the best of the seahawks what the 49 ers. players were sick right up until last night's game. a couple. so bad they were far from between plays but still the sickly green seahawks managed to beat the purple liking started it. but i didn't see any niners fan sending get well cards to the patriots fan. so many sick players. they put them on a separate plane to houston. so they went in fact the rest of
9:49 am
the team. maybe they should stay home because they didn't have the gusto to beat the texans i think from now on i'm just going to root for the flu. the flu is the downside of living in new england, the upside show ball fight, here's the boston celtics have a little fun when they landed at the airport sunday after beating the knicks. that's where it's coming from. snowball fights when i was one of the connecticut, the kids would hide behind the tall banks write this no-bake nail you with that, but the snow was i could never make them enough big enough i couldn't throw line as i was i was like a sitting duck in self and you know for them. kids problems are different these days are regular california student has a snowball's chance of getting into a top you see school in less than a 4.6 and a cure cancer. i just discovered the next thing. 2 students small but us wrong campus, a 190
9:50 am
acres. marina was sail boat and kayak just for kids. i kid you not check this out i shot this video while i was writing. campuses like google you pick up a bike you ride around look at the page 19 percent of the students live on campus for all all 4 years. there's a fight nights fire pay like that yeah, the best part. the kids to pets. all with exception like a service animal just. i don't know we go on as guinea pigs anything domesticated squirrels basically if you can walk in early show you could have that little guy. a graduation ceremony for the end. source going to go there if it's a place for the for free and we both thought it awesome we went last week and so we came back, i wanted everybody. she
9:51 am
feel it's in california vive its laid back. look amazing. here's a thing of 2000 campaign you wonder about the school part just the beach are deciding 97 per cent of students graduate 4 years ok let you know here anymore because it's so hard to get classes 5, 6 years where. 100% of the classes are taught by professors. that students he is or not in an amazingly it was it was a cool deal. i don't if i ever go to classify had a beach like that with all the water. >>looking at kids ok, pretty soon the only thing hard to find in a college that you can afford to go to is going to be french fries. the us is in for a french fry shortage because the potato crop is bad this year all the cold wet weather this year has stunted the growth. potatoes and the restaurants, they need a nice big ones for the french fries was he alone. is he and waffle
9:52 am
fries are good so either we're going lesser pay more or both and james, i know that's actually good for you because you said you put on a few pounds. >>we're just going to announce that but they your suit and tie its front it's it's thanksgiving right, it's normal. it's the holiday the holidays, remember we talked about how long are the leftovers good for gas. got something for you because actually. yelling to get apple is good for the bridge when in the fridge, the few weeks at least that's where i put my honey christian for like a month, us, this apple is called the cosmic crisp and that the honeycrisp and it is good for a year in your fridge, 5. researchers at your alma mater washington state university. cocoa takes. as says something it to prevent it from going brown are in the
9:53 am
fridge. how about that agricultural sciences at its best in washington state university right so now twinkies because those are good forever. this and it
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
is only for the rain no going back. >>yeah live few showers today. maybe a few more tomorrow, mostly cloudy thursday, so nice little break there but then yeah definitely has back friday think john a safe ride is going to be the strongest day in terms of rainfall before we hit the weekend so just. >>keep that in mind snow to remember he said in time oh yeah could be the weekend it escaped, yeah, just don't travel on friday last week so prevalent all right so that's it for now we'll see you back here starting at 04:00am tomorrow. but by everybody will see tomorrow.
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