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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 4, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>>clarity an emergency, not because anybody's lives of right near any homes have been evacuated, but the. >>emergency declaration allows them to tap into money to bring out experts so they can look at the hillside to see what needs to be done so far so good it looks like there are no police officers in the area just to monitor the situation but of course we all know mother nature's just
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clearing her throat this being the winter. >>and rain rain rain. >>tasker our friend john travel. it's certainly in the forecast back to you and to be fair because it had the viewers don't understand will didn't have the microphones on in his years so he couldn't hear. >>us talking about him before we went to you will. how pleasant sarah was she's covering the rain today. she doesn't have a mudslide, she's just in the rain has rated and she was very pleasant. you know i wonder if raised the ante and went up and down here. i cannot tell where's rain i don't the rain i walked in was shorts. tell us it is she's dollars stake, let's get back he's in saying well still
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says, but he thinks that wearing the flip make sense sure his shoes right now wet socks. the kron on app you can watch wills antics as we continue to follow the latest with the rain. >>all throughout the bay area off for the rest of the week really so again if you haven't already download that now is your favorite app store. >>happening tonight caltrans is causing part of the caldecott tunnel for maintenance work and that could impact the commute early tomorrow morning. earlier this morning caltrans wrapped up their annual fire extinguisher inspections on board number one in the eastbound direction born number 2 is next the eastbound that's going to be closed for inspections tonight. bor 3 westbound will be closed tomorrow night and bore for westbound well close next wednesday night caltrans is warning drivers expect delays during these tunnel closures.
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>>early commuters, you know what really affects you. but like for like a mere like me like 9 in the morning, a second the s bad i'm just thankful they have. >>for more yes, some will will be affected by that in the evening. we back from san francisco. >>each tunnel will open at at 4 30 the following morning and. caltrans says it is raining. they will both be postponing this whole closure schedule. >>tension to another part of the east bay here where we're getting a look at the car that investigators believe was involved in a deadly hit and run in fremont is described as a buick will save or from the late 90's. the hit-and-run happened near the intersection of niles boulevard and rock avenue it was during the niles festival of lights parade, 72 year-old she was walking her dog when she was hit. both she and her dog died if you think you recognize who owns that car if you've seen that car around let police know.
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>>looking outside at rainfall this morning, some of the heavier showers that we're seeing is right out there in the east bay towards conquered brett one right now around dublin and just south of san jose as well, i've got more details in your forecast. >>and speaking of all all that rain we're seeing a live look outside right now the bay bridge toll plaza approach it is wet. it is slick here leave early the drive time already starting to increase during this early morning hour 15 minutes out of the east bay into san francisco. my full you know the time is right to get the tools you trust. lowe's is here with more of the tools and accessories that pros want. at our lowest prices of the year.
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brand power. helping you buy better. warm feelings of home this season. with country fried turkey, hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, and topped with holiday herbed gravy. our take on a festive favorite is back. and it's only at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. come on home to cracker barrel. >>the christmas tree to me everybody is a week and that's still important of people haven't gotten them yet. you know the rain days and that rain is a good you know to get it to open up today to the cars are going to be nice and not >>they're sitting out there in the tree farms no rain. so it was a letter friday might be a window of opportunity or snow
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friday is the really rainy day. >>which days are not rating, let's do it this was the kind of title stay healthy at least a little chance of rain so even tomorrow which is our still has a chance of sprinkles. friday is the one just don't want to deal with it is the rain so tomorrow's but not bad and tomorrow is not bad and after days your next better way. so thursday and yesterday we had a little bit of sunshine to than the cloud cover came back and and a little bit of rain came back and remember. this morning this definitely not. it is wet out there as cfo you see that wet runway. we don't have any major delays just yet a couple of delayed arriving flights but departures so far looking good might not last board keep you updated because with these rainy days low visibility, you know you're likely to see some delays a lot like we saw just a couple of days ago. now some
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of our heaviest of rainfall is out in the east bay, currently well out to the east bay. well are lighter conditions are actually out towards the coast. marine you're starting to see conditions dying down as are you in san francisco, and portions of the out towards the tri valley into the ultimate definitely some heavier rainfall out here pleasanton livermore all looking at some areas of heavier rain, san ramon, you're right at the edge of it. a little bit further south if you're traveling along 85 down to one o one just south of san jose. definitely some heavy rain in this area to san jose you're also looking at picking up and then further north in the bay right around antioch and oakley heavy rainfall for you right out there towards the delta. so we have 2 systems we're talking about this low what we're dealing with right now and then that friday storm still a ways out in the pacific right now this low pressure area center just to our south and west. the atmospheric river is actually down south but it's drying error right up into the bay area so drawing a lot of
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that moisture back here right into the bay, one of the reasons this morning. rainfall has become so widespread yet again and you're going to be seeing areas of rainfall throughout much of your morning commute so just plan on a wet commute whether you're leaving later this morning or here in just a couple of minutes by the time we work towards 1030 we start to see showers breaking apart pretty significantly at this point. still a few showers linger on into the afternoon overall some pretty cloudy conditions overhead although you'll get hints of sunshine at times as i darya and james we do have a couple of scattered sprinkles tomorrow, but definitely you're better day. before friday that and the line of showers that you see right out there begins to work its where direction and that is likely to have an impact on your morning commute on friday with some heavy rains and some very a a strong winds too. temperatures today only peaking in the 50's for most areas, san jose in mountain view in the low 60's, taking a look at tomorrow a little bit warmer definitely on the drier side than today.
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friday our wettest day saturday is likely to have lingering showers and sunday you do have a couple of showers but you're driest day of the weekend. rebecca. >>all right. thank you josh. it is a wet commute into san francisco and really no matter where you're driving. can see the roadways here very slick and getting into san francisco. it's going to take you just under 15 minutes out of the east bay across the upper deck, no hot spots though no accidents so that is the good news, but of course slow down because it is a very slick out there and leave early this morning. good news out of the livermore valley area we did have an earlier crash walking a few lanes now that is cleared. but your drive time about 13 minutes from vasco on the westbound side out to the dublin interchange daria thanks a lot rebecca 5 18 in the north bay thousands of dollars worth of high in beauty products. >>we're shoplifted from several stuff for us stores. according to daraa store employee captured video of 2 women going on a little
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shopping so shop lifting spree. this was friday november, 22nd a week later on black friday. they were seen inside a sephora store in novato doing the same thing just grab and. for employee says the women are part of a crew. shoplifters. >>pop and multiple top i >>but recently is just getting worse and worse to the point that they know how now we work in the store, they know what you know. >>what we're not allowed to do. >>they know there were too. you know stop them for anything that we just have to let them go. >>and they want to let everybody get look at the shop lifters the employee says the women have also targeted to for stores in the east bay. so the police if your help to in the south bay. a brazen break in at a los altos jewelry store it happened early sunday morning, the marcel jewelry design store on main street.
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and that's a smash-and-grab right from the start first they smashed right through the front of the store. 2 people in masks got out. smashed a display cases and this is tough. and this particular store has been hit by fees. >>going up in the morning. >>11 minutes after it happened. and i saw it and so p% while this time they ran a truck last time they broke the windows the time before they try to come through the roof. >>stolen vehicle that. the store owner says he's considering an actually closing the store for cash. >>alright national headlines this morning, the impeachment inquiry into president trump enters a new phase this morning with members of the house judiciary committee preparing to hear from constitutional experts about what it means to commit an
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impeachable offense. we joke a little now reporting. >>susan block had a front row seat to history for is a and honor 2 recalled. >>and it was a a. >>challenge in 1998. she was called to testify before the house judiciary committee as a constitutional expert on the first day of the clinton impeachment hearings source of contention. it was. >>do you really want to impeach a president for lying about miss behaving in the oval office sexually. >>and wednesday as a new round of impeachment hearings begins they're going to be 4 different constitutional experts called to fulfill the same role that block filled back in 1998 flock says she believes president trump did abuse his power to benefit his personal political affairs. >>i believe it is impeachable, i don't think there's a good argument that it is. >>president trump is already
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derided hearings wednesday. he and his attorneys say they will not be participating is very much a kangaroo court. and i think it robs the proceedings of any a. >>legitimacy. >>republican congressman tom mcclintock who sits on the judiciary committee agrees the process is unfair it's going to be a you know 3 a left wing college professors talking about to impeachment and 1 token republican witness. >>watch as the partisanship is playing role. i think we're definitely in a more partisan time but she adds impeachment is always a political process in washington, i'm joke a lead. >>up on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to details on a scam that is targeting people looking to get a temporary job during the holidays, stay tuned, we'll tell you what to be on the lookout for it and as we head to breakers a quick look at the radars were tracking the storm here with stormtracker 4 coming up john travels going to be breaking it all down for us as he explains the rain today and beyond we'll be right back. shop kohl's...
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i have no watch how many days away from is a gifted is a fit for about 20 is days till christmas kron continues to protect you from being a victim of a holiday scam so today we're going to tell you what to be on the lookout for to avoid scams that are targeting people. >>that offered little to temper jobs during the holidays right well scammers are out to get you. lots of consumers look to make extra money during the holiday season, and retailers are looking for the help temporary holiday jobs searches are just another thing scammers are hoping to take advantage of better business bureau officials say scammers are simply looking to take your personal information and you need to pay attention the key here is that the retailers not going to contact you directly and offer you a job if you've ever applied. >>and so that's what folks need to understand is that if they've gone in applied at amazon will that make sense that amazon reaches out. >>but if you've never applied
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they're not going to send you a job offer unsolicited in order to avoid a temporary holiday jobs. camp consumer should. >>apply for the job in person, go directly to the retailer's website never give personal information over the phone and never pay for software or equipment up front. a legitimate business will not ever ask you to do this. >>and we have an entire section on our web site warning you about all the various potential scams that are out there this holiday. so you know what you need. to do to be safe always does go to kron 4 dot com and the list goes on a scam upon scam the boy scouts were scammed. >>with a christmas wreath at all you're going to die when you hear that stories later this morning, sarah. >>there is experiencing some much needed rain but it's making for a very slippery
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haven't stepped outside yet you probably heard of at least we had rain falling all night long outside you probably did too as we're taking a look at widespread with light to moderate rain barry white. i did a year. yeah, i heard my dog. >>because dogs little dogs mine hates to go out the rangers. that one or 2 in the morning because of course they could go at 8 o'clock when it was one more rain right now john did you have that same issue with your dog or a dead. yields me i don't take him out before work. but this morning to try to i just really don't need to go this is your look outside right now it is definitely rainy out there. some of the lightest of rain is actually now out towards the coast peninsula. moraine county a little bit on the lighter side, some sparse areas of light rain well further inland and south of the bay is we're actually saying some of the heaviest of conditions right around san jose around mount diablo just
5:32 am
north of the tri valley, then for those of you up in fairfield in vacaville starting to see it picking up to let me know i 5 though right through the central valley, some of our head heaviest of showers are going to be seen today, central valley up into the sierra foothills, if you do happen to be heading down that way i 5.99 any of those routes do expect some especially heavy rainfall again mostly to our south. so fairfield vacaville, these are some areas right along 80 right there where rainfall is currently falling pretty heavy antioch you're still picking up some light to moderate showers just east of san jose as we're seeing some of the heaviest of stuff but if you're crossing from sunnyvale on over to milpitas you are also looking at some heavy rainfall as of this time rainfall is going to continue through much of your morning commute so not just for the start of your commute right now. but if you're leaving in a few hours from now and still do expect some wet roadways. definitely an impact to be seen a little bit later on this morning too showers begin to break apart into the late morning right before noon, you're still going to have a
5:33 am
couple of areas of rain fall into the afternoon, not near as widespread though and actually a bit of sunshine here and there mixed in with those clouds and those showers now tomorrow couple of sprinkles but tomorrow by far your easiest a for getting outside weatherby for your commute or just for a nice walk. then we work our way into friday which is about to be the rainiest of days as well as bring the strongest of winds that says the line of showers that is going to be rolling on into the bay area come friday morning resulting in those tricky conditions as you plan out your weekend travel. today we are going to see daytime highs in the 50's were already in the 50's right now so really not too many changes for temperatures later today, berkeley and concord each at 52 degrees right now. and later today, daytime highs mid to upper 50's but a little bit of sunshine in looking at some sprinkles after areas of widespread rain we're currently seeing that's a look at your forecast we have rebecca in for robin again today with traffic and obviously there's going to be an impact for
5:34 am
>>yeah there definitely is john we're even seeing a flooding on the roadways will get to that in just a moment right now we're tracking a slow ride into san francisco you could see the roadway there. the pavement is wet. it is slick. and mean our lights are turned on now so your wait time about 10 minutes to get yourself over to the freeman street exit it's about there's no hot spots. no accidents to talk about just a lot of folks heading in that direction and it's a very wet here 15 minutes out of the east bay over to the peninsula. it's not a bad commute like i said leave or early. the earlier the better because we can definitely see more problems arise as we get through the rest of the morning, but yup flooding that i'm reporting. this is in the san mateo area on the peninsula northbound want to one right at 90 to survive as exit of the san mateo bridge there you're going to see a some flooding in the 2 right lanes so just be careful out there, i'll check the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate in just a couple of minutes james darya. >>thanks a lot let's continue our team coverage of the rain.
5:35 am
>>and you're wet commute this morning to you but let's go to the east bay circumference sarah stinson in walnut creek with a look at conditions there last time we checked with you sarah was just the ball cap now looks like you got the hood as well. >>yeah because it is starting to sprinkle on its continuing its not on and off this spring, boy. >>as we've been showing you i checked in with meteorologist john sure able and he told we are that it's going to be raining. a basically a and through. their commute so that makes it very difficult for people on the run. and for people like me standing out in the rain but you know what as long as we take it slow we'll be ok. i'm going zoom into highway 20 force you can get a live look at at the current situation if you're heading out this morning to drive to work this is what you're going to experience slick road. it's definitely some paddling on all of the freeways in the bay area i drove from la san francisco to watch a creek and
5:36 am
you can see a it's just very slick out there. flooding on roadways in causes you to all hydroplane see if you take it slower and you have both hands on the wheel you should be okay this is right at the area where breaks off into 6.80 south to san jose in dublin. and then you could hit i'm not diablo boulevard as well but does more people get on the road and as the sunlight comes up. it's going to just get more and more chaotic out there on the road to make sure that you have those wind chills go wipers going because it's only going to get a more and more intense with the rain that we're expecting anyways all be out here live. showing you that current conditions all morning so make sure to join me before you head and out the door you can figure out what exactly is going on the roadways. i'm live in walnut creek sarah stinson kron 4 news a slot sarah. >>and make sure to download the kron on app by the way are
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24 7 local news streaming service and will be offering coverage all day long all week long really of the rain that's rolling through the bay area. so if you haven't already make sure you go to the app store and download kron on today. >>5 36 in the south bay a high school wrestling coach faces charges of inappropriately touching a student, san jose police arrested bruce shelton on monday and he's accused of multiple counts of lewd lascivious acts with a 14 year-old student. he was a coach in a food service worker at oak grove high school for more than 35 years. it's not clear if the student was on the wrestling team, but he told police the inappropriate contact occurred between december of 2016 and february of 20 16 in both san jose and los banos where shelton lives. >>he came forward and confirm that in fact i t was inappropriately touched by the suspect so we know that he had contact with children so we are encouraging anybody that has any information not only on this case they have had
5:38 am
relations with the suspect in this case. we're a victim that are just reluctant to come forward, we are encouraging them to contact our detectives, it's unclear. >>at this time of shelton is still employed at the high school prom for reached out to the school district but they had to calm. >>still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. report about pga points to failures and violations that led to the devastating camp fire. more on that to come meanwhile, mobile phone stores in the east bay are being targeted by an armed robber we'll have the latest surveillance video these robberies coming up.
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5:42 am
happened at a store on foothill boulevard right near high street back in mid october. the store owner says the armed robber demands cash from the clerk's and appears to be the same person in each case. >>you can tell that he's used to doing this and he's used to get away with this and he knows how the system works everybody get down on the ground everybody did on the ground and screen it off as long as and some ploys got on the ground someplace that up with the hands up. >>yeah, well they'll come police department says that they're looking into these robberies now they put this video out to the public. if you think you know who this person is let police know. 5 42 on the clock. let's take another look at the radar here as we head to break we've got some a rain now being reported throughout walnut creek and gets a little heavier as you head out towards clean them out blown it. >>down to the tri valley is to look at all that yellow on your tracy so if you're one of our supercomputer supercomputers super getting ready to head out this morning in the san francisco, just know it's coming up pretty good where you are fear right back.
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>>and we're checking other whether in the green covering all of your >>rain trade and it's kind of just it is everywhere and i say the block but remember that look it it's way too 90 cologna and slime when i so there might be a but yeah, whatever it is it's all over the area this morning. all of us in the mix with some wet roadways. that's for sure if you are getting outside these next few minutes anticipate some very slick conditions on roads. >>we are actually seeing is some of that rainfall lightning upper right along the coastline. the heaviest of rainfall is settled down into the south bay and far eastern parts of the bay oakland alameda you're drying out berkeley on up to richmond
5:47 am
even out towards walnut creek starting to dry out now the showers are primarily working their way northward. c can expect some of that moisture from the south bay to eventually push on up into the tri valley here shortly vacaville, some of our heaviest of rainfall is just east of you right now as you head out to the lowlands of the delta there as well as looking at some heavier rainfall just north of san jose and then especially right along one o one as you head down through morgan hill. eventually on down on into gilroy along one o one so conditions definitely proving to be rainy for a lot of spots, here's a look out towards mount diablo antioch you have been seeing some heavier rainfall now it's working its way down on over to oakley a little bit further south as well as you do travel those roads just east of mount diablo to so 2 systems we're talking about here one we're dealing with right now to our friday storm that's just around the corner, let's focus on what we've got right now i talked a lot about yesterday how the atmospheric river had been thrust southward all that moisture is getting of funnel
5:48 am
the right up our direction by the slow pressure now, and it is pushing right into the bay area this morning resulting in those widespread showers that's so much activity on the radar as what we're seeing and some of our heaviest of rainfall. we're in the midst of it currently showers begin to break up right into the latter part of your morning. we start to see a little bit of sunshine mixed in with isolated lighter showers on into the afternoon. even with some sunshine reappearing later today, i'd still keep the rain jacket and umbrella handy with you as you could see some of these pop up showers at any time today than we work our way into tomorrow a few light sprinkles to be seen, but overall our driest day of your forecast after tomorrow comes the wettest day of your forecast and even more significant system pushes in directly from the west right here. this was going to be packing a punch to with some heavy rain and some very strong winds rainfall going to be the heaviest on friday likely lingering on into saturday though as well daytime highs today a bit cooler than they were yesterday mostly in the mid to
5:49 am
upper 50's, although san jose in mountain view you hold on to the low 60's. tomorrow a bit warmer definitely on the drier side compared to where we're at friday rain and wind saturday. we still hold on to showers and sunday, i'm not ruling those showers out, but it is like the to be or driest day of the weekend setting us up for what will be a dry monday and tuesday of next week as well. rebecca, all right john we're starting off in the south bay brand-new accident. >>of course of the wet weather definitely can be of the cold front. it's a multi vehicle accident maybe even 6 cars involved chp telling us northbound 2.80 right 10th. and so i definitely take it easy. this getting through of the downtown san jose area. look at the backup you can already start to see traffic slowing almost all the way from a the one oh one split there. so tracking a your drive time right now we're definitely seeing it's a start slow 15 minutes right now out of san jose try to make your way over to the 85 split and cupertino on the northbound 2.80 side. here the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed up the
5:50 am
drive. it was great though because there's no app accidents, no stalls in your way just a lot of folks trying to get into san francisco 10 minutes from the east bay into the city and across the upper deck things are getting busier here the san mateo bridge you can see a lot more cars on the roadway, the right side of your screen 15 minutes for the commute direction over to the one on connector on the peninsula raindrops on the camera lens here at the richmond center fell bridge. you can see of minor back appear in some of the cash paying lanes but all in all it's a nice smooth ride in 2 of the north bay in connecting with one on one and 8 minutes daria. by 15 a big story focusing on pg any recent state investigation showed the utility violated several state regulations with equipment. >>that sparked the campfire capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more. >>the genie tuesday remaining apologetic for its role in california's camp fire after investigators with the public utilities commission released the report the 700 page
5:51 am
investigation outlines 12 ways in which the utility violated state regulations, including failures to properly maintain and inspect equipment that sparked the deadliest fire in state history investigators say pg e had not properly inspected a tower involved in the fire since at least a 2001. the company also didn't document a reason for the delay state lawmakers say they are not surprised. >>that you county district attorney's can use thing out and more to go. speech you need for this behavior of the genie spokesperson says the company has since made strides on equipment maintenance noting it inspected 730,000 structures this year and completed 18 months worth of inspections in a 4 month span. this is yet another week under the microscope for the embattled utility which wednesday will have to face state regulators. >>this time to prove why they shouldn't be punished for october's massive power shut off. the utility had no comment on the upcoming
5:52 am
hearing in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>all right, let's head to break quickly as we continue to track the rain falling across the bay area this morning. the rain train as we like to call it with moisture continuing to fall around the bay, we'll be back with more in just a minute.
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>>first to worst the warriors are in last place in the a yes the records only for an 18 however. it was a great night for one more year. and draymond green had his number his jersey number retired. there's a big number 23. he played for the spartans from 2008 to 2012 and he got she'll stop talking about the honor.
5:56 am
just about a year. the words are still on the road everybody was there to see which is great. they take on steps hometown hornets. tonight. as i said i'm just going to rooting for the flow. working yet. i mean lebron and the lakers and the seahawks won some points but at some point the patriots. they couldn't do it. they were 2 seconds all got to win. i will take a quick break coming up in the next hour, the we are of course tracking the rain as it continues to fall around the bay area here a live look at stormtracker 4 we'll be back with john travel in the weather center and director strong in the traffic center in just a minute.
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the united states postal service goes the extra mile to bring your holidays home. of the scenes and.
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>>this wet wednesday also then i'm james fletcher yeah, there's a lot of rain to talk about more on the way we've got john in the weather center kicking off. the hour for some of the scene outside john still very active out there guys a couple of spots we've seen rainfall dying down, but a couple of others that has picked up just depends on where you're at so closer to the coast. it is a lot calmer. >>and you also seen conditions coming down now in oakland alameda, san leandro on up through portions of contra costa and sonoma and marin counties so these areas a little quieter compared to some of our i guess you could say hot spots 80 as you traverse unfair field in vacaville looking on the wet side. we're also looking at some very rainy conditions just east of dublin in san ramon as you head up on into the blows. mount diablo itself antioch down through oakley on over discovery bay, pretty rainy tri valley getting rainy as well


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