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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 4, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>this wet wednesday also then i'm james fletcher yeah, there's a lot of rain to talk about more on the way we've got john in the weather center kicking off. the hour for some of the scene outside john still very active out there guys a couple of spots we've seen rainfall dying down, but a couple of others that has picked up just depends on where you're at so closer to the coast. it is a lot calmer. >>and you also seen conditions coming down now in oakland alameda, san leandro on up through portions of contra costa and sonoma and marin counties so these areas a little quieter compared to some of our i guess you could say hot spots 80 as you traverse unfair field in vacaville looking on the wet side. we're also looking at some very rainy conditions just east of dublin in san ramon as you head up on into the blows. mount diablo itself antioch down through oakley on over discovery bay, pretty rainy tri valley getting rainy as well and for the south bay
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if you're heading down to one o one be watching out just like yesterday for some very wet spots is that's where we're seeing some of the heaviest of rainfall so isolated pockets out there were moderate to light showers are still being seen shower activity really begins to break up into the late morning at which point will still hold on to isolated showers into the afternoon. but definitely a lot less intense for the rest of the day after today, you're actually going to get nice dose of sunshine later today to mixed in with those sprinkles uh i'm sure not going to rule out so keep the umbrella and the rain jacket on hand because we do have a sprinkle potential in light rainfall potential well into the evening tonight. now tomorrow our driest of day definitely not going to be a wet day like this morning, but still keep the umbrellas with you because we do have a few sprinkles showing up here on future cast friday is going to be the rainiest one though this one going to bring the bringing heavy rain and some strong winds directly from the west going to be pushing on into the bay into your morning commute on friday and making for some tricky travel conditions come the weekend.
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well winter storm warnings taking effect on friday already looking at those and watch form looking ahead towards the weekend up in the sierra nevada. now as far as temperatures go right now we're in the 50's san mateo redwood city alameda in hayward at 53 conquered europe, 52 berkley also at 53 degrees this morning. not much different than what we're going to be this afternoon day time highs for the most part going to be staying in those 50's with some sunshine peaking between the clouds by 03:00pm over to rebecca. >>all right, thank you john we're starting off with though what look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach and it's busy it is passed act here as you try to make your way to the pay gates, the cash lanes that's up to the foot of the macarthur maze fast track to they're just fine. but so we're definitely seeing it continue to grow 12 minutes out of the east bay across the upper deck and into san francisco. i am tracking an accident now chp saying it was a 7 car pileup blocking the 3 left lanes it's northbound 2.80 right before highway 87.
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so it definitely avoid this stretch until they can get those cars out of the roadway. it is just some minor fender benders and no injuries have been reported by your drive time definitely growing 22 minutes out of the downtown san jose 1, one connector area up to cupertino in connecting with 85 on the complete traffic check coming up in just a few minutes chain started thanks a lot. let's continue our team coverage of the rain and the wet commute yes, so we want to go outside kron 4 sarah stinson. >>last witch ad with you sara you were in walnut creek. but i'm hearing here during get a look at the hood up down. down. good morning. in the east bay, but that's why. >>and making their way towards dublin. and just on travel says it's coming down so. we were just making their way to the east bay showing people what the conditions are. the 6 a to z, the cars russian on by
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asked me. take a look at the radar though let's see the current conditions you can see. and you can see that it's just it's going to get worse. so at least throughout the commute and that's why we're keeping up with that to see what is the what are the current conditions now into a traffic seeking. conditions are right now. you can see people. the speed limit i was just driving 1, 6, 80. i was out there so that's really good. but the roads are wet. so that makes for some a dangerous conditions but at least there's not as much polling as there was on 80 in own went along. cause you to hydroplane and you want to make sure you have both hands on the steering wheel and you're prepared for it anything that may come your way get those windshield
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wipers ready uh maybe get them on the slow motion way. way if it does pick up you are ready to crank up. going to dublin and that is where it looks like it's going to be coming down a bit more so. on 6.80 to dublin. and we'll see where i end up next, i'm just going to pull off somewhere in the next half hour. check in with you guys but for now, i'm live in des dam bill send it back to you. >>very good. thank you sarah. and of course happening right now we have a local emergency that's been declared after the rain caused a landslide in san bruno line is threatening a portion of san bruno avenue new and the sidewalk kron four's will tran is there getting a little closer look for us well. you know i can confirm. >>as far as the rain is concerned it is here you can see my hoodie is up not a hard rain fall all, but enough to make you a bundle up just a little enough to make the city
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of san bruno come out in the overnight hours and put up the yellow tape behind me this is off a san bruno avenue the sidewalk. the road seems to be okay, let me pull up a map for you just so you know exactly my on san bruno avenue between crest more and glenview drive since about a block and a half have stretch because of the recent rain falls. they have noticed that the hillside started to give way just a little bit. the good news is the homes on the bottom of the hill. they're not threatened. they have not been told to evacuate. they have been told i'm sure chad just be mindful keep a close eye on the hillside because of the rain that continues to come you never because he could happen in a flash. then he quickly show you some pictures that we can the daylight hours. so you can see some of the that's taking place. i can tell you that the city of san bruno they have declared an
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emergency in why did they do that they declared an emergency because that allows and that happened to money to hire experts who will come out take a look at the hillside and come up with some plans to try to shore up the hillside because we all know the rain is not going anywhere. the row here, the sidewalk. not going to collapse anytime soon it's about 10 feet down the hillside that could be a problem but just to make sure they don't want anybody walking on the right side of san bruno in fact, i'm standing in front of cones right now it's only the media are allowed here and just to give your you live in san bruno the right side of san bruno is the side that goes up the hill, not towards 2.80. and it is rainy right now so part of the team coverage. i know sarah is looking for rain. i found it.
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>>well thank you very much and of quick reminder download the kron on app that's how you can stay in touch with our ongoing coverage of the rain even in between are broadcast that's our 24 7 new streaming service just go to the app store today and download it. >>and not good timing for the delta cost project tonight caltrans is going to close part of the caldecott tunnel for maintenance work and that could impact the commute early tomorrow morning. they did say though if there's too much rain. it's going to hold up the whole schedule for all of this stuff but what they're doing is first they wrapped up their annual fire extinguisher and inspection on board number one eastbound tonight is born number twos turned so it's close for inspections. more 3 westbound gets closed tomorrow night and bore for along with the weather cooperating that westbound side closes next wednesday night so they say if all goes as planned you can expect delays. >>early early commuters, you know what really affects you. but like for like a mere like me like 9 in the morning, a second the as bad and i'm just
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thankful they have for moore's yes, some will will be affected by that in the evening. >>we back from san francisco. i think i'm getting old because a kid is a late commuter and i'm like he looks like he's he know. >>i just. old is getting younger. older anyway just be aware that you can. >>attention now to another part of the east bay bridge and is targeting metro by t mobile phone stores in oakland and robbing them at gunpoint and here's some surveillance video at least 3 stores have been hit so far in this video from the latest robbery, this week it took place at the store on 38 an international. another robbery happened at the store on boulevard near high street back in mid october and the store owner says this armed robber comes up demands cash from the clerk's and appears to be the same and in each case. >>you can tell that he's used to doing this and he's used to get away with this and he knows how the system works everybody get down on the ground everybody did on the ground and screen it off as long as and some ploys got on
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the ground someplace that up with a hands up. >>the oakland police department says that they're looking into these robberies but they've at least released this video to the public if you think you know who this person is lead investigators now. the latest report to blast pgd it actually points to failures and violations that led to the devastating camp fire. and thousands of dollars worth of makeup stolen from bay area so for us stores will tell you what we know about the group of women that are believed to be behind these robberies and up next california sen kamel harris out of the presidential race, we'll tell you why she's suspending their campaigns. and a rainy start to this wednesday morning commute. we're still looking at rain for a lot of the bay right now breaking down we're seeing at what to expect for the rest of the day and your forecast. >>yes, and it's a rough morning on the roadways. we have a brand new traffic alert and the van gogh.
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>>this a big problem or we talk and really that is what i miss robin filling in for her today, a 9 car i san jose 9 cars, their cars. it was so foggy in moran, serious and can barely see a couple of feet to find out from it was wrong in the east bay too when i was coming yeah, but i mean now what roads on this evening, a factor today though 9 car. one of the cars. this is like a rat often trapped against like the guardrail on the site of the attempts to shut wrote tow truck to come either. so that's why chp calling it a special traffic alert it's going to be out there for quite some time of the 3 left lanes are blocked. so traffic squeezing by in the right lane. so this is not a good commute for you right now definitely want to take city streets you can take 85 to get around the closure 8 80 in the meantime but really avoided this is getting through a downtown san jose coming out of the east bay avoid a northbound 2.80 right before
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highway 87 because that is where those 3 lanes are blocked and we're seeing a the drive times already bumping up to almost a half an hour 26 minutes. according to our road sensors right now and this is as you make your way from one to one into san jose and the trying to get over to cupertino so definitely avoid the stretch if you can because it's going to be out there for a just a bit because that's why chp is issuing a special traffic alert it's going to be out there longer than normal. your drive into san francisco looks really good spent 80 other than of course it is what it is rainy out there. a 12 minute from the macarthur maze and then over to the fremont street exit and we're really starting to get packed here at the san mateo bridge westbound 92 just a moving well under the speed limit which is good for the weather right. but a lot of folks 19 minutes coming out of the east bay trying to get their way over to of the peninsula and connecting with one on one. well that's a look at traffic let's the wet weather now with john yeah wet weather. you guys mentioned fog this morning and we have been
6:16 am
saying that patches across the day. >>it's definitely some low lying cloud cover that is causing visibility issues from time to time right now san jose as a whole is still looking at visibility sitting pretty good. but there's a police spots out there, i'm sure it's causing some issues. right now nevado and does have the lowest visibility as we look outside on your a map of rainfall we do see the lighter conditions up in the north bay currently it is starting to lighten up around san jose, the peninsula looking at light rainfall but the heaviest of it is definitely out into the east bay. you head east of mount diablo and up north on to the 80 corridor from vacaville up to dixon and you are looking at some all will have moderate to heavier showers there, san jose, a one oh one south to morgan hill looking at some heavier rain and then the heaviest of rain we have is on for from bay point out any act down through oakley eventually as you traverse down discovery bay are also looking at some very heavy rain so an active morning roadways are slick that 9 car pileup will tell
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you one thing you need to know you want to drive safely this morning, not russia anything just give yourself that extra time to get to work. we have 2 storm systems we're talking about the first we're in the midst of right now the next one going to be arriving on friday, so this one right here this low pressure area centered right to our south is drawing the moisture in from that range train that the spirit river that is centered right across southern california, pushing air right up here into the bay area today why we're seeing more widespread rainfall. well the nice window tomorrow of calmer weather before rain pushes in on into friday. so future cast today shows that our heaviest of rainfall today, we'll be this morning into the afternoon you'll still have a few isolated showers interspersed by some dry conditions. tomorrow a few scattered sprinkles but definitely are driest of days at least of the next 3 days come friday, the head and the rain begins to push in now from the west. that's what's going to cause of so many issues on friday with strong winds and those heavy rains, i just mentioned. daytime highs today, not raising much from
6:18 am
where we're at right now only into a range of 50's couple of spots like san jose in the low 60's. tomorrow a bit warmer and a bit clear temperatures will be back into the 60's friday, rain and wind returning back to you. thanks a lot of 6.17 the impeachment inquiry into president trump enters a new phase today. >>the house judiciary committee takes over as the democrats continue to make their case that the president abused the power of his office, yeah we have in washington dc now are on trevor shirley standing by with the very latest on what we'll expect. >>i guess a hearing set to start a little more than 40 minutes from right now trevor. that's exactly right and last night, the house intelligence committee passed on its findings to the house judiciary committee. >>that's we're going to hear from later this morning that's also the same committee that could and of filing articles of impeachment against the president. >>today the house judiciary committee holds its first impeachment hearing this one though is less about building a case against the president
6:19 am
and more focused on whether evidence that's already been presented fits the constitution's impeachment framework treason bribery. >>or other high crimes and misdemeanors that is the cause for impeachment and there's there's meaning to all of those terms and that's what are hearing this week will be about. >>for legal experts 3 chosen by democrats and won by republicans will testify the they're in search of a crime. president trump continues to say the entire process is a hoax and accused democrats of misusing their impeachment authority. i think it's very. >>page of the democrats to put it >>for us with a good that the white house declined to participate in today's hearing despite an offer from democrats for the president or his attorneys to appear on monday republicans released their own report. a 123 page document which says democrats failed to come up with any evidence showing the president
6:20 am
broke the law. >>and the hearing we're waiting on today's expected to get underway around 10 o'clock local time here in washington in the meantime some democrats around town think that if articles of impeachment are actually filed that could happen by the end of this year, reporting live in washington, i'm trevor shirley now back to you are right we'll be tracking those developments and chatting with you more thank you very much trevor 6.20. >>of the presidential race. she announced the decision to suspend her campaign on twitter. i can't find campaign and as the campaign has gone on it has become harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete. >>in good faith, i cannot tell you my supporters and volunteers but i have a path forward if i don't believe i do. ford next the vice president. >>and for noj she entered the race in january as a top contender for the democratic nomination. she is now the high profile candidate to drop
6:21 am
out the race. and she says she will still do everything in our power to defeat. president trump. well some very sad news out lake tahoe this morning after a man who was reported missing, is found dead in the lake. >>police believe the man was walking his dogs along that lake on thanksgiving day when one of the animals fell through the ice and he tried to rescue them, bridget has the story. >>in the peak of winter, it's a place where people i skated ice fish, but right now at lake barrett in el dorado county, it's still too warm for that 39 year-old david schmidt walked his 3 dogs along this water thanksgiving morning that chilly temperatures had most of the lake frozen over. but experts say the ice was still 2 inches to scene for safe crossing when we got there. >>we made our way down the lake and we saw the 2 dogs in the water. >>captain barry claimed that the lake valley fire district says the animals had fallen through the ice he knew crews
6:22 am
had to move fast to bring the path to safety is amazing how resilient dogs can be. >>you know they potentially could have been in the water for an hour for more we're not sure. they were still alive and paddling when we got there only after pulling the dogs out rescuers noticed him and winter clothing floating in the water that's when we realized that there is potential >>owner a human might be in the water also. >>multiple agencies began searching the lake it wasn't until the next day when rescuers located the man's remains in the water. it was david she met. crews believe he drowned trying to save his dog and help came too late never it even be out there alone. >>you know go near the ice with a partner. someone they can call 911 if if there is an accident to run the accidents do happen everyone in the family comes home don't attempt to self rescue. don't attempt to rescue your dogs on on your own we're more
6:23 am
prepared don't enter the water. hello, i'm. >>well rescuers were able to find again that man through an underwater remote operated vehicle after he drifted down the lake. all 3 dogs were treated at a local vet. they're all expected to survive. here's a live. look again at the radar this morning as we're continuing to follow rain throughout the bay. we've got more showers expected this afternoon. and even more so on friday we're going to have the very latest which entree pull out of the weather center in a minute and rejects trump following a hot spot possibly weather related a multi vehicle accident in the south bay. that's going to be impacting the commute this morning for sure we'll have the very l you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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6:27 am
during the niles festival of lights parade 72 year-old suzanne oh gee was walking her dog when she was struck and killed and her dog died as well. >>in san bruno perpetual rain has forced city officials to declare an emergency. you can see the yellow tape behind me in a man's world? maybe for the men lash blast from covergirl mega volume in an instant lashes with up to 10x volume from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl.
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>>yeah really quickly actually so the south bay where i have a brand new hot spot. it's in the it's up to the downtown san jose area. 9 car pileup 9 cars involved so i'm sure the weather had a lot to do and roads are slick and then even if it wasn't just wet roads. i. >>that could be so yeah we've had plenty of low clouds and fog. result in the low visibility that is what it takes right there and well the
6:31 am
slick roads is the reason that it's going to slow all of you down across the bay area in addition to that because all of us have seen rainfall overnight and definitely all of us to have an impact from went to sleep roadways. this morning. now we do have a couple of spots in the bay where conditions how the wind up this past hour that includes much of the peninsula, the north peninsula still holding on the light rainfall but the north bay of really starting to taper off at this point. now if you are up along 80 there still some pretty good rainfall there out to the tri valley are also looking at rain from dublin on over to livermore it's a little bit coming down a little bit more livermore than it is in dublin, currently and a little bit south of san jose through 7 trees down to morgan hill is where it's really wet. i know rebecca's going to tell you here in just a second about that pile up, and it has been very wet consistently down in the south bay. a lot like we were a couple of days ago as you remember san jose was also seeing some of the house strongest of rain across the bay area. so showers
6:32 am
continuing for your morning commute they break apart late morning and then into the afternoon ahead it's going to be some rain here and there that some dry conditions from the time to time too but even with those dry conditions. i'd recommend keeping the rain jacket on hand a lot like yesterday, those showers they can i catch you off guard, sometimes it will be dry for one minute and went to the next. you want to be prepared for it especially with such an active weather pattern like we do have even tomorrow on our driest of days we still see the potential of a few sprinkles on thursday friday, though easily our wettest day in the forecast that's when a really strong system is going to be pushing through resulting in heavy rain and some powerful winds sweeping on into the bay area come friday that going to have a big impact on your morning commute friday. temperatures in the 50's right now and we're going to be the 50's later today to oakland 54 degrees for your current temperature, san mateo alameda berkeley in the low 50's later on expect mid to upper 50's see i'm not a huge different
6:33 am
later on today we will see some sunshine but also a little bit of shower activity likely still popping up and a couple spots in the bay this afternoon. rebecca. >>all right john. thank you. yes we're following this hot spot in the south bay. it's a through the downtown san jose area. avoid destruction. we can northbound 2.80 right before highway 87 9 car pileup and of course weather probably the fact or one leave early to try not to follow too closely to the car in front of you and of definitely reduce your speed because the roadways are a very slippery and windy out there and look at that your drive time 17 minutes trying to get out of the san jose area from one to one trying to make your way over to cupertino again you can always jump on 8.80 that's a is solid green right now green means speeds are at the limits of that's going to be that alternate in the meantime to get around that mess. the bay bridge toll plaza wide open in the fast track lanes that's the good news in the drive times stands at 12 minutes. and the san francisco that's a
6:34 am
great ride to the fremont street exit so far but it's pretty packed here. the san mateo bridge start to really slow down and the drive time. definitely bumping up to 23 minutes now westman 92 trying to get over to the peninsula and connecting with one oh one. i'll check the richmond center fell bridge coming up james darya. >>thanks a lot 6.34 we're going to continue our team coverage of the rain and the wet commute sending our crews out and about to see what run for proper sarah stinson has been focusing on the east bay first of all the creek then in danville now apparently dublin, good morning. sir, what he says and what is up. >>as you said from danville and through san ramon and then now in i would say from. i
6:35 am
will say people are not slowing down there basically business as usual which is not good. i would say right now it's time to slow down you can see on the east side. in
6:36 am
dublin sarah stinson kron. >>also a of weather related we have local emergency officials declaring a emergency after rain caused landslides in san bruno one of the worries with rain like this that's what will tran was worried about winning our rain yesterday and a half and a portion of san bruno at and the sidewalk is covered will. >>no the sidewalk is actually off limits to the public that's why i'm standing in front of it you can see right behind me. the yellow tape so they just want to secure the hillside. this is off of san bruno avenue. so let me quickly pull up a map you see you know my location remains a drag is san bruno avenue the area that we're talking about goes between crests more drive and glenview drive so about a block and a half maybe 2 block stretch of roadway that they're very fearful because of what's going on let me pull up some pictures for you not
6:37 am
big chunks of hill rolling down so they're not a fact anybody they're not telling anybody. our homes are in imminent danger. but the rain really for is especially over the next a couple of days or weeks in never know they have declared an emergency. by doing that guys they can tap into money to hire geologists experts even heavy equipment if necessary to shore up the hillside. in case it gives way san bruno obviously is an area that a lot of people think about the san bruno gas line explosion i can tell you that it's just down the road from this location so a couple years removed of course, but those port residents, first they had to deal with the explosion the building and now the possible hill slide of landslides you possibly say right now it appears to be okay, there's a sidewalk behind me, i'm standing on one lane a san bruno avenue. so
6:38 am
it's ok, it's just about 10 feet down the hill. that's treacherous back to you. thanks a lot. well. >>and a reminder to download the kron on app is we have the storms rolling through kron on which is our 24 7 new streaming service is a great tool to stay updated on the very latest with the storms with any alerts with any breaking news. throughout the day and even between our broadcast so make sure you go to your app store today and download kron-on. >>in the south bay the high school wrestling coach is facing charges of inappropriately touching a student, san jose police arrested bruce shelton on monday. he is charged with multiple counts of lewd lascivious acts with a 14 year-old student. shelton was a coach and a food service worker at oak grove high school for more than 35 years. it's not clear if the student was on the wrestling team. but the student told the police that he was inappropriately touch. and that's occurred between december of 20 16 in favor of 2017. says it happened both in san jose and in los gatos where shelton lives.
6:39 am
>>well mother's now demanding answers after her son dies during a confrontation with police started as a traffic stop and turned into a chase and then a tense encounter kron four's dan kerman has more. >>investigators say a sonoma county sheriff's deputy tried to pull over what they thought was a stolen vehicle at five-fifty for wednesday morning near bloomfield road in murray road. but after initially stopping the driver sped away. speeds reached over 70 miles per hour before the pursuit ended at 6 oh 2 at sutton road. when the vehicle was boxed in by sheriff's deputies in sebastopol police. investigators say when the vehicles owner david ward refused to exit the vehicle. a struggle ensued between ward and law enforcement, a struggle which ultimately preceded ward's death. >>they give you more sacks the vehicle and she did not and one way try to read to through the driver's window of the vehicle which was rolled down and i think there was trouble
6:40 am
i drew trouble to the deputies got its by mister war and they use force which deputies force for jeanne clery act taser as well a crime or training and her son characterize his arms hands knees. >>ward was eventually removed from the vehicle when another officer broke the front passenger window and opened that door. investigators say he was placed in handcuffs but it's 6.10 a deputy reported ward stopped breathing a little over an hour later ward was pronounced dead at petaluma valley hospital. the question now is was the use of force too much. >>you'll turner for and lost the initiative turns off. >>the victim's mother tells kron 4 news why were they so rough with him tasering him in that hold it makes me want to cry he was disabled, he couldn't get out of the car. it would take him 10 minutes his body was broken. ernestine more goes on to say her son had a heart problem, a hole in
6:41 am
his heart, he said in a wheelchair, most of the time and had to take oxygen. and when they put the hold on him i assume they cut off his oxygen. ernestine ward says she doesn't plan to sue, but she wants the truth to come out. santa rosa police say this isn't the outcome. anybody wants which is why their investigation will be thorough and likely will take 2 months. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and looking at satellite and radar this morning a very active picture yet again another rainy start to your morning. some of our heaviest of rainfall is out in the south and east bay right now tracking all of it your forecast. >>and reduce your speed and leave early this morning because of the wet road conditions i am tracking a special traffic alert in the south bay through downtown, san jos 3 left lanes are blocked after
6:42 am
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>>yet 9 cars involved i mean it's crazy and if you think about it. multiple tow trucks have to get out there and they get stuck in the back of trying to to clear it so it's just a mess out there. and of course the roadways have been slick has followed too closely so that we see these fender benders no injuries thank waiting for the day that we have the chopper airlift situation. chp is going to have choppers that the traffic precious right to work is that commute to work valley. be so nice we definitely can use it to come this morning in the south bay because uh 3 left lanes are blocked so traffic squeezing by in the far right lane you could see the backup here whenever we see red on the screen traffic wise that is not good. that means speeds are well under the limit or traffic sometimes is at a complete standstill, and you could see it back to pass pass the one oh one split and even getting closer to a alum rock.
6:46 am
so avoid this stretch of can 80's actually going to be a better alternate would you which usually never happens 8 80's storm lee. quite pass. 16 minutes in really the drive times been shifting every once in a while to we have upwards of 20 minutes, sometimes it was even 26 16 minnesota just make it through that short stretch that's not a great drive time again your alternate is going to be 8 80 in the top and the meantime, or you can jump on the city streets to get around the closure. we do have very slow traffic here along the westbound for coming out of antioch and conquered 33 because of the wet roads and it was really foggy early this morning as well so just be careful author leave early and to just take your time because he really going to need it because it is so what the bay bridge toll plaza looks great if you're in the fast track lanes you have to wait a little bit in those cash being lanes that out of the east bay in the san francisco should take you just under 15 minutes from and then. that here at the san mateo bridge nothing out of the ordinary. i'm not
6:47 am
tracking any hot spots across the flat section or the high right. this is a lot of folks hit the roadways and it's wet here as well which i know be a covering in just a minute but look at that drive time almost 30 minutes coming out of hey we're trying to get over to san mateo we'll check in on the wet weather. let's go over to the expert meteorologist tom straight off. >>yeah and the knowledge and get at the san mateo bridge not looking good at sfo either very wet out there, currently definitely a wet tarmac and we are seeing a delay now although not as significant as we sometimes do see on these rainy days only 36 minutes for your delay, pretty good for a rainy day such as we're experiencing right now so lighter rain as you head out towards the coast. some of our heavier rain is further inland as well as into the south bay if you're traveling 5 80 over the ultimate on over into tracy running into some heavier stuff, 80 pass to vacaville east of antioch and then south of san jose as we're seeing the worst of it back to bill's i mentioned once you head out towards dixon that's where you're seeing some of the heavier
6:48 am
rainfall. you're also looking at it right around san jose where we do see that 9 car pileup right now if you're heading down 17 towards santa cruz are also running into some heavy rain down around santa cruz and as i mentioned past antioch out towards oakley another spot where we're seeing some of your heavy rain 2 systems in the forecast just these next few days that are going to be resulting in some of the wet conditions that i have been talking about the first we're in the midst of right now the second one right behind me that's the friday storm that's going to be working its way our direction so atmospheric river it's funneled a little bit further south right now, but because of this low pressure a lot of that moisture is being drawn right up into the bay area dust. the rainy morning that we're currently seeing bit of a break between the 2 and then that friday's storm begins to work its way into the picture. after thursday on into friday, active time of day e most to day. after this we begin to see showers breaking up. sometimes the sunshine followed by other times where you will have some
6:49 am
rain too so be prepared for both as you're getting outside one of those days where you just want to keep the go bag ready with a bit of everything because we still do have scattered showers into the afternoon tomorrow, a couple of scattered sprinkles looking possible, although your driest day, especially compared to today and then compared to friday which is actually going to bring the heaviest of rainfall as well as the strongest of winds. this is 04:15am on friday right here. you see that line of showers on the bay area likely to be making an impact on your morning commute as we make our way into the start of the weekend. it's also going to have an impact on your travel up into the sierra come the weekend from friday into sunday we're going have a lot of snow up there right now winter storm watches. uh issued ahead of that but we are going to see winter storm warnings likely taking effect as we do move into friday and that rain converts to snowfall and those higher elevations. temperatures today in the 50's for your highs mountain view in san jose, the exceptions reaching into the low 60's.
6:50 am
tomorrow more 60's because skies will be a little bit clear and definitely drier too friday, rain and wind are radius to and windiest day saturday will hold on to showers by sunday though our driest of days for your weekend. still a couple of showers possible. but definitely drier than friday and saturday will be monday and tuesday look to be dry to start off next week. daria thanks a lot john 6.50 thousands of dollars worth of high and beauty products are being shoplift from several so for us stores. >>and so for would like to catch them, but the employees you know the policies they do nothing they can just sit and watch is these women just grab what they could from the shelves at the store in corte madera and made off with them. right from the employees is friday november 22th. and then a week later on black friday, same pair seen again and it's a for store in novato doing the same thing once a for employees say the women are part of the crew of female shoplifters. >>happened multiple times
6:51 am
>>but recently is just getting worse and worse to the point that they know how now we work in the store, they know what you know. >>what we're not allowed to do they know there were too. you know stop them for anything that we just have to let them go. >>and they also think the woman may have targeted to serve or stores and other bay area cities from the north to the east bay. >>the brazen break in that one happened at a los altos jewelry store early sunday morning marcel jewelry design was hit again. it's on main street and thieves used a stolen truck this time just smashed their way in then watch this. 2 masked robbers get out. and they start smashing the display cases. just grab all the stuff and take off it's the 3rd time the store's been targeted. >>going up in the 11 minutes
6:52 am
after it happened. and i saw it and so while this time they ran a truck last time they broke the windows the time before they try to come through the roof. >>and you just saw that close i'm on the store's owner says he's thinking of closing up shop for good. >>a major grant will allow nonprofit organizations in san francisco to e eand their space and services mayor london breed announced million in nonprofits sustainability initiative awards funding includes a million dollar grant to mission neighborhood centers incorporated that money will be used to buy a former police station that will eventually become a child care and youth development center, $750,000 will go to the mission neighborhood health center to expand access in the excelsior and our mission neighborhoods as well. here's a quick check of the big board this morning we're keeping an eye on the markets here in about 22 minutes into the trading day we see the numbers up about a 188 points or so there was some encouraging news that maybe perhaps we're getting closer to a trade deal with china will have to wait and see that new seems to oscillate from
6:53 am
day to day we did get some disappointing jobs numbers in terms of the number of jobs that were created last month that provided by adp was only about 67,000 jobs created but they were hoping for more than a 150,000 jobs created so that fell short of estimations we'll see if that weighs on the markets at all as we head to break we're tracking the rain of course here around the bay we've got a live look at stormtracker 4 as we're looking at showers continuing part dominantly right now in the east bay in the south bay but we'll visit with john trouble find out what's in stor ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪
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>>6.56 coming up a local emergency is declared in san bruno because of erosion. the recent rains bring in mud down. the part of the caldecott tunnel is going to be closed for the next few days for maintenance. we'll tell you when. on those closures will last. we're following. i'm alive happenings in washington dc, the impeachment inquiry. president trump just about
6:57 am
ready to start here in looks like maybe 5 minutes top 4 minutes time from right now so stay tuned, we'll be back with more on that in a minute and then at the half hour mark we're going to chat with political analyst michael yaki. >>and try and dissect some of what we're hearing in today's i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it.
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7:00 am
all part of the rain training. yeah that's right goes just exactly like john said it would be rainy for you this morning, absolutely let's get the latest on the forecast is going to be we do with all day john actually so it's going to break apart a little bit but yeah be prepared for rain at some points all day long because you're definitely going to need that rain jacket handy. >>off and on into the afternoon. so better be prepared than not to be prepared for sure looking ou


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