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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 5, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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having had its impact on your morning commute so do take it slow are out there. i know it's going to be a smoother drive to work at least as far as road conditions go. but yeah visibility and that's the issue today as opposed to the rainfall that we did see yesterday now tomorrow rainfall works its way back into the picture and it's going to be our heaviest round of rain and also some of your strongest winds shouldn't impact your morning commute but by 02:45pm you're seeing that strongest line of showers now working its way on into the bay you can see yellow and orange obviously that indicating the heaviest of rainfall. the dust settle into the afternoon through sunset into the evening tomorrow night. definitely not your ideal day for travel, rain will make its way up into the sierra at which point it will fall as snow fall and enough snowfall to be resulting in some winter storm warnings come the weekend. now as far as temperatures go right now right now we are in the 40's and 50's slightly cooler morning than yesterday was livermore europe 48 napa
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novato each of 54 degrees later today you're going to notice temperatures just a little bit warmer, mostly cloudy skies. but some bits of sunshine in there. and after a foggy to chilly morning pretty pleasant afternoon. rebecca. >>all right, thank you john and over to the bay bridge toll plaza approach where traffic is still light, but say you do see a backup here in the cash being lanes just about to the 8.80 over crossing and yes fog is definitely going to be issue this morning so just to be aware of that leave early if you can, but no rain at least at least it's not wet. and there's no problems into san francisco right now. this believe it or not is actually the san mateo bridge earlier the fog was a little bit lighter at the bottom of your screen. so you could have seen like some of the. tail lights on the right side of your screen now we're completely sucked in but to just be aware, but the visibility very poor here at the san mateo bridge to reduce your speed but said the good news is no major hot spots as far as the traffic accidents over to the
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peninsula. and we're looking at some mostly clear conditions at the richmond sandra fell bridge 5.80 westbound a quick 10 minute trip into the north bay and heading out of the north bay this morning if you're going to be taking the golden gate bridge. i'm not tracking any issues that should be pretty smooth on south one oh one. through moran and then across the deck into san francisco. well it's peak season for package deliveries in one south bay police department is reminding porch pirates to think twice before they swipe that's because some of the packages may actually be bait and it's aimed at stopping these in their tracks kron four's gayle ong has the details. >>the delivery part of the program launched 3 years ago the packages will look no different and any other package. >>inside there's a gps tracker and were notified when that package is moved. >>it started as a program for bikes breaking bicycles with the tracker to lead officers to thieves now it's boxes with
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online shopping exploding and technology changing so as a trans with crime in the city of campbell we use a variety of different boxes whether it's or ups or post office captain gary bird with the campbell police department says package that's 10 to increase around the holidays investigators contact random residents for permission to send them bait packages the number of deaths went down in weeks when the bay program launched in 2016 officers were able to stop thieves in their tracks it soon becomes apparent that they made the wrong decision, but it's not just about catching the suspects it's about getting the word out and having potential thieves realize that campbell's not the place to come to steal packages. >>a reminder to any determine porch pirate this holiday season. well doorbell security cameras help deter crime. police are encouraging people to schedule their deliveries while they're at home. our pick up their package at the store reporting in campbell gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>and in the east bay holiday shoppers need to be aware of car break ins around shopping centers in alameda to avoid a
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smashed window. police want people to empty out and lock up their cars before heading into the stores. one shopper says she had her car broken into 3 times i'm since moving to alameda, a few years ago. >>the day's keep everything of value it in what i do is i actually leave nothing a valuable visible in the car so whether it's even a plastic bag it all remains so i don't give them any reason to break in at all. >>police say they have extra patrols out around shopping centers to try and detour burglars. more than a dozen gang members responsible for several freeway shootings in contra costa county are now behind bars. members of the norteno gang were sentenced to a combined total 165 years. all rested during an operation led by concord police and the fbi. authorities were after them because of the deadly freeway shootings in contra costa county triggered by a gang war between the north 10
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years and this array neos 4 people were killed on highway 4. and there were 11 shootings combined the teen 2015 2016. in the north and family will be displaced for the holiday season after a car our slammed into their home. it happened on maria drive near lauren drive wednesday morning. the car slammed through a wall leaving behind a major mess. people including 3 children live in the home, but no one was hurt. thankfully, including the driver of the car. the house was red tag though meaning that people cannot live inside that home. remaining prostitution and human trafficking out of several bay area parlors police started investigating anna playing and brian jones last year after people reported concerns over to massage businesses. people suspected prostitution was happening at a lead foot and back on vasco road and also paradise city put him back on
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wright brothers avenue in livermore weighing in jones was arrested on charges of human trafficking for the purpose of pimping and pandering money laundering and also tax evasion. it is getting $23 million from 52 auto park companies to settle an antitrust lawsuit. the manufacturing companies were accused of been ringing in dealings with foreign and domestic automakers resulting in higher car prices attorney-general the practices been happening for decades and all designed to suppress and eliminate competition. owners have until the end of the year to file a claim though, and they are entitled to at least $100. well you're going to have to pay a lot more for electric cars in california state regulators stopped offering rebates for buyers of
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electric cars or plug-in hybrid vehicles, the costs more than $60,000 for other electric cars, owners can now get $500 back for vehicle instead of between 2500 to $2000 state regulators say the changes are to ensure the more people receive rebates specifically those with low income. well in national news, the impeachment inquiry entered its second public phase this week members of the house judiciary committee heard from for expert witnesses and their testimony provided insights and controversy. meredith wood reports. >>the house judiciary committee wrapped up a day of marathon testimony for expert witnesses all constitutional scholars appear before the committee to outline what constitutes an impeachable offense. it wasn't just an abuse of power because the president was serving his own personal interests, but also an abuse of power. >>in so far as the president was putting american national security interests.
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>>3 witnesses said president trump's actions were impeachable one disagreed. >>i believe this impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standard of past impeachments would create a dangerous precedent for future impeachments. >>one comment sparked immediate backlash contrary to what a president trump has said article 2 does not have give him the power to do anything he wants. the constitution says there can be no titles of nobility so while the president can name his son baron he can't make him a baron. >>that when you invoke the president's sons name here when you try to make a little joke referencing barron trump that does not lend credibility to your argument it makes you look mean first lady melania trump condemned the remark tweeting in part that carlin quote should be very ashamed of your very angry. >>and obviously biased public pandering carlin went on to apologize for the statement that was wrong of me to do that i wish the president
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would apologize obviously for the things that he's done that's wrong. but i do regret having said that meredith wood kron 4 news. >>well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, the 40 niners are dealing with controversy because of its broadcasting crew. we'll tell you what exactly happened after the break. and here's a live look outside at conditions at the embarcadero right now right across the street from the kron 4 news studios and looks clear here but we're definitely tracking some dense fog around the bay area. john trade will have a full weather check when we come back stay with us.
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>>come back to the kron 00:04am morning news i'm i'm in for robin this morning. and we have meteorologist john travel here. he is the expert on a. that we're seeing this morning definitely and we treated in the rain now we've got the fog with that. >>and this sometimes happens especially in our inland valleys after those rainy days. get a lot of moisture in the soil see get a little fog informing specially inland valleys. and that's kind of what we do have shaping up this morning. so san jose east bay, some areas out there watch out for low visibility and there's been a lot of fog advisories issued by chp so careful on the roadways morning. but still like our roadways looking a lot better than they did yesterday. so we can handle the fog. i think that's something or maybe even more familiar with across the bay. then we are the rainfall you can see from berkeley this
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he's actually cleared up a bit over the past 30 minutes. so hey there's some good news for you as you do eventually step out the door and head on into work later on quiet on the radar as we are in a nice break between yesterday's rainfall and the storm system that's about to impact us come the weekend are the start of the weekend just around the corner. tomorrow afternoon is when we start to see the heaviest of rainfall settling in seoul though a few sprinkles could be seen during your morning commute tomorrow in a few light showers too. the heaviest of stuff does not arrive until after noon tomorrow at which point you're gonna notice, strong winds and you're also going some heavy rain yellow to orange on this map indicating those heaviest spots of it you can see how widespread that rainfall is from afternoon on in the evening tomorrow, taking us all the way into saturday as well so the starting your weekend. not the easiest for travel maybe not the best time to be scheduling a whole lot outdoor activities and if you're heading up into the sierra nevada do anticipate having to put chains on your vehicles and dissipate some slower driving as we do see a
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winter storm watch taking effect tomorrow. but that's great news for skiers got some fresh powder up there on the slopes as well. but you can look forward to now today's daytime highs similar to yesterday's couple of degrees cooler overall one of the reasons for that well we are looking at drier conditions in the us, some slightly clear conditions today as well obviously we have the foggy start to your morning fog will clear into the afternoon that just touches up for some mostly to partly cloudy skies overhead. it's still going to be pretty gray for the most part but for some parts of the bay, especially closer to the coast. you are going to get some spots, a blue out there kind of like we did yesterday afternoon. sonoma and napa each up into the upper 50's today. well we will see some low 60's down towards center fell as for your daytime highs the next few days, you notice those are really not changing that much we hold tight to seasonal averages. our evening lows, not getting too terribly chilly this weekend. now tomorrow our heaviest rain in our strongest of winds saturday we continue that sunday starting to see conditions clearing out. and
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hey next week is looking a lot drier than this week as with drier conditions and partly cloudy skies. rebecca. >>all right john thank you hit the roads now the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco leave early this morning. that is my best advice as always we're seeing the cash lanes backed up just a bit but traffic overall looks great into the city only 10 minutes but of course it has been quite foggy around the bay area this morning. if you are are an early commuters look at this this is actually the san mateo bridge but it completely socked in you can kind of see the traffic there on the bottom of your screen. so both hands on the steering will make sure that you reduce your speed the good news though no hot spots as far as accidents or stalls and it's a pretty smooth across the higher rise. over to the one on 5.80 looks really good at the richmond center bridge right now we're not tracking any issues a 10 minute drive time into the north bay and then checking out the golden gate bridge where we're seeing a little bit about fog a lot
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lighter here though along to your south one on one drive out of the north bay and then across the golden gate into san francisco. well it's time now to talk 49 ers the team visits evans saints in new orleans on sunday, but there is controversy surrounding someone on the team's radio broadcasting crew. analyst tim ryan has been suspended after some and inappropriate comments when discussing the niners loss to the ravens during a radio interview he made a comment about ravens quarterback lamar jackson having an advantage when faking handoffs because of his quote. >>hark skin color with a dark football. end the 49 ers said they have reached out to the ravens to apologize. and ryan also issued his apology saying quote. >>i regret my choice of words and trying to describe the conditions of the game lamar jackson is an mvp caliber player and i respect him greatly. i want to sincerely apologize to him and anyone else i offended. before the
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oakland raiders they're preparing for a home game after a loss on the road against the chiefs for the second week in a row rain forced the team to practice indoors. the sunday they will play the tennessee titans kickoff, one 25. and steph curry's hometown of charlotte north carolina taking on the hornets draymond green was back in actions. so was d'angelo russell, but the start of the game. he was on the other team. devonta graham scored 10 at 3 foreigners against the warriors warriors lose to the kron it's one oh 6 to 91. they do have another road game against the chicago bulls tomorrow night before coming back. >>home to the chase center. on monday's lead. >>and speaking of the chase center it has now. and all of san francisco at 90 feet high the tree was lit up last night the chase center also decorated with a whole lotta holiday lights display. and
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san francisco christmas came early for more than 100 children things to glide memorial church an old navy. they partnered for the 11th year in a row giving kids a chance to go big on a huge shopping spree kron four's j r stone has more. >>and you're going to wear that too. >>and kind of day at the old navy store at 4th in market street in san francisco. a $100 shopping spree for each youngster. as a way of making sure they don't go empty-handed through the law. >>a date's all. >>do you like the who's on that other shirt, there. well as by doing your favorite. can you show me kind of shirt are these. games do you like what games.
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>>glide family services partner with old navy for its 11th year in a row. it was a kid take over on wednesday with children of all ages attending old are you. >>you're almost 5. >>these hamburgers flippers appeared to be one of the hottest items but shirts purses and shoes came in a close second to the issues that you. >>are you going to run pretty fast with those shoes on. those shoes fit you. going to try for a different size not all of the kids were begin to the talking thing. >>some chose to just show off their new gear is that a heart that changes color. others like little gore show gave us the full rundown as to what she got and why she got it what color are the.
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>>they're going back to your pink top is pick your favorite color. so those are the pink shoes lead you have the pink shirts there and. do they all fit. and it's another it's a pink had to. we have pink everything can. >>outside right now for a live look at conditions at san francisco international airport has been fought the around the bay area but to the good news is no delays for inbound flights and sfo right now if you are picking up a loved one. things are looking so far so good, but there a lot of fog advisories. the chp is issued around the bay area so be really careful as you are commute this morning. a fog advisory in the san jose area. also along highway form
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antioch and fog advisory with a quite heavy fog for the all to month asked on 5.80 so just be careful out there on the roadways. we'll be right back.
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>>welcome back 4.53 on this thursday morning skies are definitely not the clearest they've been we are nice and
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dry compared to where we have been but there is fog hanging out over the airports across the bay as of right now we don't have any reports of delays so this is definitely good news, especially out of sfo which as we know can definitely be affected by that fog from time to time skies, nice and quiet, good looking at that satellite and radar and really not seeing a whole lot on it. there are spots out there where visibility is quite low that include some areas around san jose. the east bay island towards portions of the north bay so please be careful about that we are going to be looking some areas as you drive into work where visibility will be an issue at times this morning now is even though we're staying dry today as we make our way into tomorrow that all changes some heavy rainfall is about to make its way into the bay area. tomorrow morning's commute should be nice and dry as you're heading into work. but it's going to be the middle of the day where things start to get a bit dicey on roadways. that's when yellow and orange areas indicate some of our heaviest of rainfall settling on into the bay and staying with us for the rest of the evening tomorrow. now
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your best day for travels, but hey, here's the good news about all of it if you're heading up into the syria are going to get some fresh powder, some good healthy mountain snowpack and also a healthy rainfall. giving us more of that much needed rain just around the corner to start the weekend. rebecca. >>all right, thank you john, so you want to hit the roads today and not tomorrow, i guess we just have to get some of the fog during these early morning hours. and you could see a little bit of it here at the bay bridge toll plaza approach not causing any problems. but yet and it's going to be an easy ride into san francisco because it's still early 10 minutes the fremont street accident over to the san mateo bridge. this is where we've seen the fog really dense so we can barely even make out the bridge or the car there's a going across that. so it's a little bit better now but in both hands on the steering will reduce your speed across the flat section and the high rise over to the peninsula. and the richmond sandra fell bridge problem free into the north bay only 10 minutes on your mpwest bound 5.80 ride and then
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the golden gate bridge to its been problem free this morning. and the deck trying to clear out from yesterday's rainfall south one to one now looks good into the city. well coming up in the next hour. the search is on for a woman who hit a barber over her son's hair cut. and nearly 2 dozen assault and rape survivors are taking legal action against lyft hear their stories coming up. >>an armed robber has hit yet another mobile phone store in the east bay, the details and the latest are all coming up next. and a live look outside right now the embarcadero area looks good. we're pretty much fog free here and i shot of the bay bridge but we are tracking some dense fog in other parts around the bay area. john tribal will have a full weather update at 5 o'clock stay with us. ♪
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that's both gentle and fast! constipation dulcolax liquid works naturally with the water in my body to provide gentle relief in as little as 30 minutes. stimulant-free dulcolax liquid. puts you comfortably in control. >>all up early that makes it easier. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher it is thursday december 5th we've got john rebecca here to help us start off the hour with checks of weather and traffic has going out there it's going good, but you know with the fog is really starting to cause issues for people.
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>>dense fog out there, especially the san mateo bridge a brand-new accident song over that and it was where my neighborhood was fine and then i just ran into it on the ago gave brand yet definitely very patchy is kind of like yesterday's fog was which caused a lot of issues first. >>they are inland. now it's right here in the bay area guys so it's cars and some spots where yeah visibility not going to be good. rebecca telling you about that crashed so you got to slow down out there looking outside add to your view across the bay you can see that visibility is definitely not the best usually that's a clear view of downtown san francisco. at least radar is quiet this morning because fog certainly is not novato concord areas around san jose out towards our inland valleys such as out towards the tri valley all experiencing some areas where visibility is an issue as we work our way towards the latter part of your morning you're going to see a lot less of a foggy impact and some rapidly clearing conditions. eventually by the afternoon today we really do have a pleasant one ahead of us. temperatures will remain cool just a few degrees warmer than yesterday's.


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