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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 5, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>all rain storm is heading to the bay. another one of our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will show us the areas that could potentially see flash flooding. >>the exchange people literally tried make. >>the woman accused of running over. the guy just gave her son which she deemed a bad. now she's on the run we speak with the barber from his hospital bed. >>plus mayors across the bay
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area coming together to try and form a plan to make the gna a customer owned utility and now uber is admitting more than 3,000 assaults have been reported during rides. >>the terrifying statistics that rideshare companies are dealing with kron 4 news at 8 starts now. the search is on tonight for a woman who police say drove her car into her son's barber in antioch good evening, everybody i'm pam moore and i'm grant lotus in tonight for ken wayne police say ruby delgaudio was upset about her son's hair cut or actually the cut he received on his neck during it. >>so upset that she drove into the barber launching him through the glass window of a business right next to his shop kron four's michelle kingston spoke to that barbour today. michelle how is he doing tonight.
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>>then we thought he'd be doing he has a broken leg he's recovering in the hospital. he says after he heals that will be about and months. he will return to work. >>the exchange will be sure tried you believe that she was trying to kill you i love the look on their she get that celery on that for >>are there. there one hand on the will be other than the often and i think this year's treatment have you. >>kron 4 news spoke to the barber 63 year-old brian martin over the phone from his hospital bed on thursday police say this woman 28 year-old ruby del good deal of brent would intentionally hit martin with their previous wednesday afternoon he and the vehicle smashing through the business next to his barber shop in antioch martin broke his leg in 2 different places. >>murder and to the window building. >>police say delta deal was upset about her son's hair
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cut, but comes from scratch that you could barely see young americans were talking no blood or 80 think martin says del good deal anderson had been coming to the barber shop for about a year and good deal had always been pleasant but on wednesday afternoon things took a turn she left with their son after the hair cut only to return 30 minutes later upset about the cut on his neck part of what he won't okay to form the whole time you can't you know it's a local problem. you just asked for u s related not can i can calm her down. >>break it. martin stepped outside to get delta deals license plate number and that's when they'll get deal rammed her car into him and for good in the car. >>we've often yelling at i do think she park and get out of the way and she literally has go to grade to the building took part in the in the
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building. key political reverse and drove off. >>that was still video drove off police have yet to find her martin says he feels terrible for those 2 young boys in the back he says he does not want them to have to deal with their mother possibly going to jail. he wants to make sure get deal gets. live in antioch tonight, michelle kingston kron and for news. thank you michelle. >>let's take a live look outside over downtown san francisco in the bay you can see the bridge and whatnot it's pretty quiet out. but there are some clouds starting to take shape. >>they think it is we got a little bit of a break before the next big one chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here you think maybe flooding this week as a possibility certainly of some flash flooding around the bay area mainly around the burn area that contained fire as we do see a lot of rain coming in the grounds already primes now we have that previous storm so the ground is saturated there and certainly there's a concern with this kind of storm rolling in is going to be whole lot of rain.
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>>in a short amount of time and there it is a very powerful storm just sitting off the coastline right now we're going to see the front moved to the bay area by tomorrow afternoon that's going bring the heavy rainfall behind that we've got this right here this mass, it's going to swirl closer to the coastline could be some showers on and off right through the weekend maybe some thunderstorms are certainly a a concern and that's going to continue up through the season, the air as we're going to see some heavy rainfall moving to specially in the north bay, maybe one to 4 inches the mountain tops there all that water running down the hills, the root systems not there because the fire to care that and so certainly all that water running right and some of the crease in the streams occurred least could see some flash flooding well. so that we're going to stormy day tomorrow, those winds are going to be whipping up to we've got a high wind watch posted for much of the bay area, some of the gusts maybe 40 maybe 50 miles per hour. maybe some people losing their power to guys back to you. >>all right laura has more from you later. police in the east bay tonight announcing they have arrested a pair of suspects wanted in connection with a series a violent home
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invasions police in lafayette say the robberies happened between late october and late november detectives have been working really these cases and the 2 men in their 20's were found at a home in the north bay today kron four's dan thorn spoke. >>with the police chief he joins us live in lafayette. tonight dan lot of relief tonight. >>that's right grant the chief tells me they found the 2 suspects along with several other people they had guns and stolen property at a home in fairfield in these robberies were becoming a big concern in this community and the chief tells me that he hopes that these arrests will put some minds at ease tonight. police arrest 2 men wanted in connection with a string of home invasion robberies across the east bay. >>the announcement coming just a day after the city of lafayette held a special meeting on crime i expect my community be concerned. >>i'm concerned and that's why we put so many resources into this lafayette police chief that altered says between
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october 29th november 26th. >>22 year-old joseph wells and 20 year-old adom ad up both of fairfield were involved in at least 4 home invasion robberies, 2 of those happened in lafayette. this video shows investigators on the scene of the latest one along cressman try. police say on november 26, 3 armed event snuck in through an open garage door tied up the homeowner and another person and then stole several things the other 2 home invasion robberies happened on october 29th in oakland and november 10th indonesia. the chief says a tip led to the arrest of the 2 suspects who were found in fairfield with guns and other stolen property. a 3rd suspect may still be on the run, i hope people tonight feel comfort in the fact the re have the rest of 2 people in this case, what also take to heart so the messaging me sure last night about. >>what you can do to better protect your home in your property. >>well the chief says that
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they'll be releasing more information about these cases in the coming days, meanwhile, the 2 suspects to be facing charges, including burglary kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. reporting live in lafayette dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>4 people were killed today. when a police chase ended in gunfire in miramar florida, the fbi says 2 of suspects, a ups truck driver and a bystander were all killed. the chase started when coral. gables police were called to a shooting and a robbery at a jewelry store. police gave chase and spotted the suspects in a ups delivery truck. the gunfight between the suspects and police was captured on camera the ups driver and the innocent bystander were killed in the shooting. 2 other people were hurt in a vehicle crash. their injuries were minor. they did not need to go to the hospital. >>dangerous people do to get away. and this is what people will do to avoid capture. the people give up and then are
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held accountable for their crimes then we wouldn't put there's many people in danger. >>no law enforcement officers were injured in the incident and san jose police say 2 suspects are targeting ups drivers we're told that there have been robberies one on tuesday to yesterday. police say the armed suspects approached the ups truck and demand that the drivers open the door. that's when the man grab several packages before taking off in a black on the sedan so far none of the drivers has been hurt. however if you have any information on this sand hope, san jose police would like to hear from you. >>san francisco base rideshare company uber has released its long-awaited nationwide safety report that. >>the report confirms nearly 3,000 assault cases reported by uber customers last year alone. well for sell a socal monae and is live in the studio right now with the disturbing report elevate is. this is shaking forehead. >>unbelievable. i mean you
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call for uber because you want a safe ride home and then we've just seen one lawsuit after another filed against the company alleging that a driver is taking advantage of their passengers. so now we know exactly how many of these cases have been reported in recent years in a first-ever us safety report acknowledge the alarming statistic that almost 3,000 assault were said to have happened during over rights last year with 229 people saying that they were raped, hopefully this isn't a trend because the same number of reports, worse piled in 2017, which means that 6,000 altogether were reported in the last 2 years this is the first time that uber has publicly shared this information saying that hiding it wasn't helping anyone. the company explains that they are committed to safety and says that most trips go smoothly. in a statement from uber shared nearly 4 million uber trips. across the us 99.9% of those trips are without any reported safety issue but even a 10th of a percent is hard to accept. so take a look at some
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of the changes in tumor is making in response. they say that there is now an emergency but that directly connects to 911. they're also doing some background checks on drivers a lot more often. the company will share their information with other ride hailing services for the most serious offenders. of the background checks were so over says that they're doing this now every year they're taking a look at the drivers in seeing whether they've been. haddadi why or if they had any violent crimes that they were part of and then again they're going to be sharing that with other rideshare companies but you can never really predict a first-time offense stuff far though so the money appreciate it. >>other news now we are learning that and nevado child has died from complications related to an e coli infection in marin county official did say that this is very rare and at this point the case looks isolated. this is not appear to be related to the outbreak associated with romaine lettuce from the salinas area but the california department of public health and the cdc. both still analyzing
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laboratory samples to determine. if this is connected to any ongoing regional or national outbreaks. more of a push to split up pg needed to the mismanagement and their part in startling deadly and destructive wildfires we go over the benefits to customers where the utility could become these 2 men arrested for credit card fraud, the amount of money they allegedly spent at a gas station that left the clerks to alert police. >>and human trafficking ring is busted in the east bay we we're rto business owners. the on the economy, a unique leader.
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mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs.
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as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>businesses in livermore how we acted to 2 arrests made in a human trafficking operation was police say was taking place in a couple of massage parlors and down. >>for sleeping all reports that people familiar with these businesses in question are not surprised they say that police busted them.
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>>a yearlong undercover operation at massage parlors in livermore results in 2 arrests weighing believed to be the owner of a lead foot and back center on south vasco road and paradise city foot and back center on wright brothers avenue, both have been shut down. ryan jones also taken into custody considered another key player in the illegal operation weighing and jones are facing human trafficking charges for the purposes of pimping in addition to money laundering and tax evasion people who work near the parlors say they've noticed young girls and women working at the establishment snow come till they come. >>unknown like just like the one in 9 lucian stuff so town like old 25 search warrants were served over the course of the year on wednesday alone police served warrants at 6 different locations in 3 separate cities. huang is said to be the owner. >>of the 2 livermore parlors and 3 others in brentwood and
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tracy the issues has been riffraff people act on time and now. yes keep in mind. these parlors are near restaurants gyms and other small businesses where kids and families frequently visit outcome dog that rationing. >>and i just see a bunch of guys like and now and now and late, you >>you know who they are either police are helping the victims receive services well completing the investigation in livermore fleet of all kron 4 news. >>also in the east bay, the alameda police department is asking for the public's help they're trying to identify 2 suspects. they were caught on security footage you see here trying to break into an apartment that was unsuccessful but they did take items off the porch. anyone with information is asked to contact alameda police. >>in the south bay. police say a pair of gas 100 crooks are now behind bars, san jose police released the mug the andrei miles andy anthony m the duo is accused of using
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fraudulent credit cards to steal more than $1700 worth of gasoline on wednesday afternoon. it happened at a safeway gas station police responded to a call from a credit union about phony credit cards and found the 2 men pumping gasoline into their trucks and in 2 external gas tanks. >>taking a peek outside as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast a live look here at the embarcadero in san francisco. >>well, but a lot of rain expected tomorrow our chief meteorologist has the details yeah we get a little bit of everything tomorrow. i mean we could see some thunderstorms maybe some hail gusty winds and of course a lot of rain around the bay area. so yes sounds like my kind and a look at that storm system all the coastline spin around that is a nice looking storm as it's really just put itself together here in the last 24 hours now get ready to move on shore and it's going to pack a punch as it comes on shore for tomorrow, we're going to see the main cold front that will be the main factor tomorrow and then we get on the backside to give this cold unstable air mass that's going to be pushing overhead. saving
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you time it out for as we head toward tomorrow timing has slowed down a little bit. i think your commute tomorrow morning, you're looking okay, mostly dry out there you see a lot of clouds and you see those winds begin to pick up along the coastline, especially then tore the early afternoon, the rain starts to move into the north bay picking up as a heads to the bay area right there for the commute on the ride home. it is going to be a rough one tomorrow pockets. some very heavy rainfall to along with some strong gusty winds probably some blowing debris out there on the road especially near the kind of sticks around into the evening hours to make its way into san jose about 10 o'clock or so and then another band of rain moved through as we head in towards saturday that secondary man that may be a little more impressive some very cold unstable air coming through with that one so we can expect the possibility. thunderstorms behind as we head into saturday to rainfall amounts. yes, certainly a good soaker between now and sunday. maybe as much as one to 4 inches across parts of the north bay over the mountain tops there lesser amounts in the urban areas, but still whole lot of rain all around
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the bay area and those winds it will be blustery you'll feel in the morning when you get up special near the coastline. and it should start to howl as we head toward the afternoon. thanks lawrence, there is a growing push to turn pg any into a customer owned cola. >>kron four's rob fladeboe has more on that and how ratepayers would actually operate in benefit from such a plan. >>what we're finding throughout the state is just a very strong desire to see a new model emerge for pg any san jose mayor sam liccardo on thursday announcing that a coalition of more than 100 elected leaders from 58 cities and tim counties around the state are supporting his plan for a customer own takeover of pacific gas and electric what we need to do is fully aligned everybody's financial interests. so that every dollar coming from a payers is invested. and improving the reliability safety of the grid representing some 8 million people served by pga need the
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coalition unveiled a list of operating principles in creating a nonprofit cooperative. >>they include geographic inclusion and equity a governing board labor and workforce, power supply procurement, public accountability rate impact in credit quality and safety and response the power safety are not going to stop. this company as hard in the grant and ensure that. >>we can operate reliably and safely without causing fires at a proposed guidelines would preserve pgd service area and maintain current labor contracts, an independent power producers. >>the coalition hopes to ask the same federal judge handling the utilities bankruptcy to consider ratepayers is a viable alternative to another private owner, either way billions will be needed to pay creditors and wildfire victims. we are going to be paying more. the question is how much more and who is going to benefit going to be added stay hedge funds or is it going to be the customers
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repairs and stay in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>and a major announcement today for the impeachment hearings, the next step the democrats need to move forward with the impeachment of president trump. >>maybe the cutest video of the year those little kids they went viral for their take on a the song that is at the top of the chart said tonight they cut the surprise eyes of a ♪
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♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>remember his valerie and her attorney horrible students she is that teacher from pittsburgh elementary school an elementary school near pittsburgh and she got her kids to learn this dance and this thing went viral. a few
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weeks ago, it's their take. r b singers lizzo's song. the truth hurts. but for you. these kids got to meet the icon herself at a concert in san jose, the kids all went to the sapd center. >>and got to meet lizzo backstage and as valerie promises to send us pictures from that encounter which we will be posting on kron 4 dot com. the moment, we receive them is so wonderful for them. >>our state capitol lit up this year's christmas tree tonight, the special guests who joined governor newsome on the stage. >>and with a ribbon cutting san francisco's washington square park has reopened give you an inside look at the new and improved north beach staple. >>and the latest on plans for impeachment house speaker nancy
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(vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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>>nancy pelosi making a major announcement today calling for the judiciary committee to file articles of impeachment against the president this announcement signifies a firm commitment from democrats to pursue impeachment. joe khaleel reports now from washington. >>the message from house speaker nancy pelosi is clear democrats are ready now to move toward articles of impeachment today, i'm asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment the hearings will continue next monday in the house judiciary committee that speaker pelosi says there's already enough evidence to proceed the facts are uncontested the president abused his power for his own personal political benefit and that's what impeachment is about congresswoman zoe lofgren played a role in both the nixon and clinton impeachment process is and believes this time president trump abused his power. she says this process isn't something her party takes
8:31 pm
lightly people feel a responsibility. a sense of history. >>this is a serious matter and they're treating it with a great seriousness. >>this is the day that alexander hamilton feared and warned would come house minority leader kevin mccarthy continue to attack the democrats decision to impeach president trump and says they made up their minds even before the ukraine scandal broke they always had this pre written timeline from the day they got sworn in. >>the announcement this morning sets the stage for a vote on articles of impeachment potentially before christmas. we heard mccarthy already criticized that timeline this afternoon it's the weakest. >>it's the thinnest and it's the fastest impeachment in history until a vote is held the judiciary committee is going to continue to hold hearings with the next one set for monday in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>all right now checking on the 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside. mostly
8:32 pm
dry golden gate bridge lawrence as we're getting a lot of rain the sierra don't get a lot of fun now a lot of folks trying to get up there. get up there do a little skiing, but if you headed up there be walk careful you're going to see heavy snowfall moving in starting tomorrow afternoon to start with the rain that is going to quickly turn to snow across the high country we're going to see a lot of snow moving through the great a lake tahoe area maybe some blizzard conditions are going to see some 70 maybe 90 mile an hour gusts the mountain peaks of course go over some of those passes so watch out that snow levels dropping down to about 5500 feet that will certainly and compass all those passes header of the sierra nevada, maybe 2 maybe 4 feet of snow above 7,000 feet for the weekend of course winter storm warnings are up across the sierra nevada you see that here stretching across the taller all the way down in the assembly as that storm system works its way through and it's going to on and off right through the weekend right now very calm across parts of the bay area's totally different story by this time tomorrow evening. this a big storm.
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that's off the coastline. lot of rain imbedded in that and some gusty winds as it comes through, and it looks like it's going to be pushing to starting tomorrow afternoon really get things going tomorrow morning the commute don't look too bad by tomorrow evening. that's a totally different story as the storm rolls through the bay area. time now for you can see the storm as approaches the coastline. there's that band moving in by about one 30 in the afternoon you're starting to see some heavy rainfall slowly working its way through 6 o'clock that commute is going to be a rough one. then we get on the backside of the system and then we've got another for a frontal boundary that wants to move through maybe some thunderstorms as we head into saturday as well so a very stormy pattern beginning to set itself up temperatures for tomorrow actually be a little bit warmer with that suddenly wind played a lot of 60's outside then by it and saturday, those temperatures will drop again showers continuing into sunday dry on monday. tonight a gilroy family is soaking in the holiday season and tonight
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making a memory that will last a lifetime that is 10 year-old daily limits. >>getting the honor of helping governor newsome like the capitol christmas tree in sacramento. the 4t grader representing hundreds of thousands of californians who have intellectual or developmental disabilities and hundreds of people are watching and they lee's parents say they couldn't be prouder they're very very honored. think they did for her. >>these tears are excitement that i never thought something whenever possible. we happened to her. >>clearly an emotional night, especially for that family, the tree took weeks to put together this has been a big project it has more than 10,000 ultra low wattage lights and 800 ornaments many of which sure handcrafted by californians like bailey. >>well the san francisco opera has hired its first female conductor, one son kim will become the company's music
8:35 pm
director designate effective immediately she will take on the position permanently in august. the 39 year-old was born in south korea and started her career in europe, kim made her us debut in 2017. in a statement, she said from my very first moments as san francisco opera i felt this was home. there was an unusual open collaboration across so many facets of the company. tahoe getting ready for that snow. just talked about now the one thing the ski resorts really need in order to handle the crowds for the season. >>younger workers are demanding more from their employers. the one thing they're asking for instead of a promotion. 33% of high schoolers using tobacco products wit
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...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. >>more than 6 million middle and high school students are using tobacco products that's
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according to research, a research survey released today by the centers for disease control. that survey found one in 3 high school students and about one in a middle school students have used the product at least once in the past 30 days for the 6th year in a row, the cigarettes were the most commonly used tobacco product among high school and middle school students. the fda says the report shows that efforts and policies need to continue to change and improve in order to prevent tobacco use in teens. cell phones are actually causing a steep rise in injuries. a new study found most injuries happen to people between the ages of 1329 and were due to distracted driving and walking and texting with a cell phone cuts to the face and head were the most common injuries, most of the people were treated and released instead of being hospitalized. the researchers defined though such injuries were infrequent until 2007. that's when apple introduced the first iphone and then injuries rose
8:40 pm
dramatically. most people want up word mobility at work, but a recent study found the younger employees seem to be demanding it. >>according to a new survey 49% of all workers 18 to 34 years old expect to pay raise or a promotion. every year while only 12% of workers over the age of 55. expect the same. according to business research firm clutch, younger workers ere more likely to build their own careers to freelancing and they have to show continued growth to compete in that field there also influenced by the start of culture where rapid growth this comment. experts say millennials your company's advancement policies as a barometer for fairness. they are also the most skeptical group when it comes to equal opportunities, just 17% of them say all employees at their companies have a fair chance to advance. >>next today, tahoe bracing for another round of heavy snow but some ski resorts haven't opened yet and they need help getting ready for the season. we'll explain.
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>>in sports as san jose sharks opponent finds out the hard way you don't mess with jumbo joe thorton so are carpenters
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>>has been covered in an early heavy snow season and now area businesses are scrambling to fill seasonal positions. a quick google search shows right now thousands of jobs are available from chile shops to snow equipment, retailers and rental shops to front desk and resort jobs. a study by sf say says a winter season in tahoe ca put more than half a million dollars into the local economy so if you are looking to grab some extra money well on christmas vacation, the starting wage for most positions is 12 to $15 an hour and talking about snow valley and alpine meadows we'll see more than 80 inches of snow last week and now they are ready to open new terrain for
8:45 pm
skiers and snowboarders is so beautiful emmys looking at is gorgeous and for more on the conditions in some new lift openings for the first time. >>we speak with alex speed house key today we spoke with her on the kron on. >>have a brand new leftover alpine meadows it's helped reliance are so it mitt station and opened to them be patient earlier in the week but today that list. fully to its top terminal for the first time ever. us that's really exciting and that's a brand new list is actually brand new. access route signature 00:08pm tonight yet these about 5 to the summit in just 5 minutes. >>i believe this was some video that you sent us so we could see the conditions a lot of snow there and another big storms come. >>absolutely so we've received at 84 inches of snow. so far this season and only i think last tuesday night wednesday morning was our first snowfall so in just the past, it's a
8:46 pm
little over a week to 6, 7, either. this already and we are getting ready for this new storm coming in tomorrow. we should start to see that. >>it's fantastic, you know we have some pictures of granite chief it was covered in snow. i'm guessing you have that all. you took all the snow way so that that lives can run. >>people speak of her list so we're really chop.
8:47 pm
>>for the full interview you can download the kron on app at the bay area's only 24 hour local news streaming service. >>north beach is celebrating the reopening of washington square park to 2 acre park has been renovated that was happening over the past year or so as part of a water conservation project to the ribbon cutting here today now with the new drainage system and water sensing irrigation technology. the park will conserve about 2 million gallons of water every year city officials here. but the ribbon cutting to celebrate the park's reopening the project costs about 3 million bucks. >>and let's open tonight with the 49 ers days out from the biggest game of the year, but the storyline that's generating a ton of discussion is the controversy surrounding radio analyst tim ryan, the broadcaster suspended for this sunday's game due to inappropriate remarks made about ravens quarterback lamar jackson, take an interview
8:48 pm
that he excels at fake handoffs due to his quote, football with a but the dark dark uniform. this afternoon, 2 of the leaders on the team richard sherman and dee ford said that ryan has since apologized to the team and they support him. >>wasn't as our races are videos you know i i understand and how can be taken certain contacts and be offensive to some. but if you're if you're saying hey, this is a brown paul they're wearing dark colors and he has brown sometimes you were having trouble seeing it on to it the words taken out of context. of course i think he knows could be used to. >>the better. just do it with these we got his back and time say you know is this era we live and this is what these. >>i don't think anybody in this locker room is taking it. or anything he's apologized to him. and we know his character so hopefully this can fast.
8:49 pm
>>checking in with the raiders facing derrick henry and the titans we'll see if oakland as its star power back rookie sensation. josh jacobs has miss his second straight practice of the week with a shoulder injury. also noteworthy that neither trent brown or gave jackson are out there as well open join us now to 2 game losing streak sunday climb back into the playoff conversation after horrible outings against the jets and the has them now at 6, 6, >>pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>lexus ultimate highlight thursday night football cowboys at the bears couple of 6 in 6 teams 10 seconds left in the 1st half to 7 bears mitch trubisky out robbins it makes the catch in traffic for the touchdown bears up 10. the 4th chicago store only trubisky keeps it on the read option zig-zagged his way to the 23 yard score. for him to be benched a short time ago the hero tonight accounting for 4 scores, final 3124 fares, cowboys fall to 6, 7,
8:50 pm
this though still first place in the nfc east. finally sharks on the east coast starting a four-game road trip sharks cain's in carolina fans. >>in the christmas spirit. the players. not so much a second period. teens go leak. 6 takes a swipe at show thorton show boat show not messing around county decked mirage to take another look. goes to the box with a double minor mrazek whites is off the faceoff and to his credit freeze stays in the game. and the canes up a goal or as it gets his revenge as he turns away logan detour to win the game for carolina final 3 to cain's the sharks. >>police get them point they are. >>disney's live action remake
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of move mom has just been released will give you an ex [ applause ] thank you.
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it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>>the disney studios releases live action remake trailer, a move on take a look.
8:55 pm
>>chinese actress is known as crystal move plays the lead role in the film she joins the chinese military to spare her father us except the women are not allowed to fight in the army. so she disguises herself as a man and to battle northern invaders in china. the trailer also introduces new characters in the film including 2 new villains line will be in theaters march, 20. >>wraps up kron 4 news at 8 our primetime coverage is just getting started this thursday
8:56 pm
night catherine heenan is here with kron 4 news in i i am thank you. pam and grant are coming up next 9 really for an east bay community police make an arrest in a series of violent home invasion robberies where the suspects were caught and reaction from the police chief that's next on a live report and the bay area bracing for a big storm expected to roll in tomorrow. we'll show you how one neighborhood notorious for flooding is getting ready tonight. and a disturbing new report that shows just how many assaults have happened in rides over the last year. keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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>>wanted in a series of violent home invasions are behind bars tonight, thanks for being with us at 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan and for vicki liviakis. >>lafayette police say that the manner in their 20's. they say they're responsible for several robberies between late october and late november. kron four's dan thorn, he talked to the police chief and joins us live in lafayette with more dance. >>well catherine and grant the chief tells me they found the suspects along with several other people at a home in fairfield today. they were found with guns and they were found with stolen property, the suspects are wanted in connection with robberies that happened all over the east bay and right here in lafayette. these crimes have become a big concern. the chief says that he's hoping that now that these men have been arrested that the minds here will at least be somewhat eddie. >>police arrest 2 men wanted in connection with a string of home invasion robberies across the east bay,


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