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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 6, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PST

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tonight, simon cowell in the crosshairs. why he's at the center of a new about investigation. >> we weren't that bad. >> we're with fired judge. and justin timberlake. breaking his silence after getting caught getting handsy with his costar. we ask camila cabello if she's faking love for the camera. >> is this real, is this not real? >> and we are on the set of "america's funniest home videos" for their major milestone.
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>> that's right. "e.t." starts right now. hello, and welcome to "entertainment tonight," coming to you exclusively from the iconic set of "america's funniest home videos." only three men can say they've hosted this show, and one of them is right here, mr. alfonso ribeiro. by the way, we're going to put to work today. >> i'm ready for this. >> let's do it. >> i'm guessing we should start with all the drama over on "america's got talent." >> don't do it too well. easy now. >> that is the place to start, because all eyes are now on the mastermind behind it all, simon cowell. >> it was a total mess from start to finish. >> simon in the crosshairs. >> don't be cocky. >> it seems the about creator and judge is at the center of nbc's investigation into the show. >> look, it's just my opinion. >> quote, the ball is in nbc's court to see if they can get cowell to agree to make some changes to the way things are done on the show. fired judge gabrielle union, who was back on set last night of her police drama "l.a.'s finest," met with nbc on tuesday.
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both she and the network called the meeting productive. we broke that news to julianne hough, who was also let go as an "agt" judge. >> gabrielle said that she had a five-hour meeting with the network yesterday that she felt was productive. >> oh, good. that's amazing. that makes me really happy. that's such an amazing step in >> julianne and gabrielle's firings lead to allegations of a toxic culture on the "agt" set. claims that union's hairstyles were criticized for being too black and complaints that simon illegally smoked inside the theatre where "agt" tapes. former judge sharen osbourne told us simon smoked constantly. >> he's probably the only one i worked with that smoked in a building or wherever he wants. >> set the record straight for us. why are you not returning to the sho show? >> my option was nod picked up. >> were you given a reason?
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>> actually, no. >> hough, who has a christmas special with nbc, also appeared last night at the networks' christmas tree lighting in rockefeller center. meanmwhile, "e.t." has learned that nbc and the production companies behind "agt" have hired outside legal counsel to assist them in learning more about the facts. whether simon ultimately apologizes remains to be seen. justin timberlake meanwhile just unleashed one massive mea culpa to wife jessica biel. ♪ everybody says say something, say something ♪ >> 13 days after justin was photographed holding hands with co-star alisha wainwright in new orleans, his message is clear -- yes, his behavior was an alcohol-fueled lapse in judgment, but no, he didn't cheat. ♪ dont want to talk about it, i'm just so sick about it ♪ >> on instagram justin says, quote, let me be clear -- nothing happened. i regret my behavior. i should have known better. this is not the example i want to set for my son. i apologize to my amazing wife and family for putting them through such an embarrassing situation. ♪ the old me is dead and gone >> tuesday jessica was spotted out and about in l.a.
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"e.t." has learned justin is still in new orleans shooting his upcoming film with wainright called "palmer." ♪ i'm a man of the woods, it's my pride ♪ >> according to our "e.t." source, quote, jessica and justin love each other dearly. they want nothing more than to stay together. >> i kind of knew that he was my person early on. i was like, oh, yeah this is the person i want to be in the boat with when we hit the rapids, because we're gonna hit the rapids. >> that person, it's like a baptism where you're like, i can't go back. you know what i mean? like, i can't go back. >> alfonso, you know justin. what did you think about his apology? >> i thought he didn't need to give an apology. it's all about the people at home. there's nothing but love with jess and justin. we understand why he felt the need. that man loves his wife. let's talk about someone who's about to start her marriage journey, the newly engaged emma stone. >> pretty damn excited.
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>> check out emma's new ring. yesterday her man dave mccary posted this pic of his new fiancee wearing what looks like a large pearl surrounded by small diamonds. >> the one that sticks with me is this fling i had with a guy on the show. >> emma made that joke on "snl" in 2016, soon after she and dave, a writer on "snl" started dating. >> if you're with the right person, it's really worth it. >> now to jenna dewan, shacking up with soon-to-be baby daddy steve kazee on her 39th birthday. >> got some furniture for our new house. it's just like a very domesticated, wonderful, and chill birthday. >> the mom-to-be again finally moved in with her man of a year just two weeks after her divorce from channing was finalized. the two continue to coparent 6-year-old everly. >> evie loves to dance and sing around the house. steve's always playing music. we're always kind of dancing. stand by. >> jenna's new show "soundtrac"" with fellow mom-to-be, singer christina milian is a musical love story, with lipsyncing. >> it was such a labor of love doing this show. >> so in honor of the birthday girl --
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♪ happy birthday to you >> oh, shoot, we keep singing. see, i'm the one who's supposed to know this, and i messed it up. >> no, you did great. that's all we needed, jenna. ♪ right now i'm but no lipsyncing for camila cabello on her new album. >> you did write this song, and it's my favorite song on the album, called "used to this." >> yes, thank you. >> it's so good, and it's about a trip that you took to san francisco with a certain mr. -- i think -- shawn mendes. >> no. it's another shawn mendes. ♪ when she looks me in the eyes, they don't seem as bright ♪ >> well, i'm just going to say i cannot confirm or deny, because i don't want people to start telling me, oh, this song is about him. because then i'm going to have to start doing that. >> there's tattoos in the lyric book. >> okay, yeah, well, it's just a little hint. i can't confirm or deny, but -- >> we have seen you kiss a little bit. at first people were wondering. is this real? is this not real?
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>> honestly did not cause any emotional reaction whatsoever. >> we have seen much from them. the two recently exchanged public i love yous. shawn unspired many of her songs for the new album, out tomorrow, titled "romance." >> this chapter of hi my life, my life is in those songs. >> what are we going to learn about you through these lyrics and these words? >> that i'm dramatic. >> should work for them. last night i was also with someone you know very well, will smith. >> i do know him. >> i told him you were guest co-hosting "e.t.," and he had this to say about it. >> that boy is a born performer. like, when i came onto "fresh prince," you know, i was the least experienced person on that set. you know, by the time i got on that set, alfonso was 15 years of experience in the business. he don't need my advice.
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i need advice from him. >> oh, willie! >> wow, look at that. >> willie giving me love. come on, that's big willie of it's true, though. it was true. >> will hit the "spies in disguise" blue carpet last night with costar tom holland. the two guys spent two years together working on the animated film. they never met before. >> so today, will and i, it was the first time we'd ever met. >> no, come on. >> no, for real. so it's been a really, really crazy process. >> will's a debonair spy accidentally turned into a pigeon. >> put me down, walter. >> you need to fly. >> and tom's his tech guy in this action adventure. in real life, will had a totally different kind of adventure, and i just had to ask about it. hey, you just broke news about your colonoscopy. >> i was doing it as a joke. i thought it was going to be funny. yeah, it turned out to not really be funny. i was vloggin it. i don't wanna put you on blast on tv, but you about due. you about due. >> i get mine tuesday. should i put it on instagram?
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>> do not vlog your colonsocpy. >> i will not instagram it. didn't say anything about facebook, though. >> no, no, no, don't do any of it. >> the fun times continue with a confused john travolta. >> an embarrassing moment caught by the paps. and remember when princess diana danced with travolta? how you can own her iconic dress. then, alfonso and tom bergeron celebrate 30 years of afv with their funniest moments. plus, our own laugh out loud moments with the stars. but first -- ♪ it's getting hot in here >> nelly brought the heat to the and "daily mail tv" holiday party at new york's cathedrale. >> all my ladies make some noise! >> it's truly an honor and a pleasure to have me come out on this great day to have me celebrate with them. >> so, what's on his wish list? >> when you get being in the nelly position, you're more of
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the santa claus.
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♪ >> wait. i have to wrong car. oh, there i am.
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>> honest mistake. john travolta almost getting into the wrong car after having dinner in l.a. last night. >> speaking of john, remember that classic photo of him dancing with princess diana? one of my favorite ones. well, that iconic dress is now for sale to the highest bidder. >> can i bid? >> john once told "e.t." whirling diana around the dance floor was one of the greatest moments of his life. >> that was probably my fondest memory. the look she had on her face when i asked her to dance, she blushed. and i liked that. i thought it was very down to earth. >> on a 1985 visit to the white house, diana specifically requested john's attendance at a state dinner. >> she had a bit of a crush on him, she was a big fan of his. >> now diana's midnight blue velvet gown from designer victor edelstein could be yours. it's up for auction, again. in i997, just two months before her death, "e.t." was with diana in new york as she previewed her famous wardrobe that she was auctioning off for charity. >> it is a mob scene, but the princess talked with everyone,
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and spent time with each person. >> back then the travolta dress sold for over $222,000. up for sale again, the gown is expected to fetch nearly $460,000. $460,000. you want to put your bid in. >> that might be a little bit too much. >> let's go to comedy. >> after 30 years afv knows funny. >> the corner stone of the show was of course the crotch hit. >> only "e.t." was on the set when it all started. >> this show is really huge. it's weird. >> then it's thurs-date and we have three date ideas sure to bring you and your partner closer. >> this is the most understated date there is. >> where's as robin? robin! >> then our matt cohen returns to his soap star roots. >> closed captioning provided by --
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alfonso, what are you up to? season 5 now? you going to beat my record? you probably will. >> welcome back to "e.t." from the set of "america's funniest videos," celebrating 30 years. by the way, you have another 11 years in you? >> i definitely got 11. . to, watch out. i'm going the break your record. >> i sat down with tom and i think we can all agree. the videos that bring in the most laughs also bring in the pain. what is the secret sauce of the show? >> you know, you've got the cornerstone of the show, which is of course the crotch hit. >> he might need to work a little on his return. >> there you go. >> today we're gonna learn a couple of moves about karate. >> tom hosted "america's funniest" for 15 of its 30 seasons. he actually went to abc and
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said, i think ribeiro should replace me. we were going to did a retrospective to have tom and bob come back, really cool. allow us to show the world 30 year of incredibly funny videos. >> mr. bob saget! >> "e.t." was behind the scenes from the very beginning. >> on a hot day we get close to 2,000 tapes. on a not to hot day i get 1,950. >> do you miss it? >> i do. sometimes i do. i felt like it was the right time for me to again pass that on. i think alfonso's done a great job. >> awkward fan encounters. >> is there a moment that stands out to you? >> i have a couple favorites, yeah. the golden retriever on a couch chewing on a bone, and he's got and he thinks his own leg is trying to get the bone. so he's eating the bone -- till the leg stops.
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goes back to the bone, leg starts again -- that's pretty good. >> meanwhile, there is another abc show that "afv" needs to catch up with. >> that's right, "general hospital" has been around for nearly 33 years. >> it's also familiar territory for "e.t.'s" own matt cohen. >> i am back at my old stomping ground of the one and only "general hospital" for a very special guest appearance. let's hop inside and check it out! my character, dr. griffin monroe has a big day ahead of him. i got 30 or 40 pages of dialo e dialogue. likely get it done in one take, one rehearsal. because that's how it works on this set. i made my "general hospital" debut in 2016 and after 271 episodes the cast is family. this is my first time back on set since starting my new gig on "e.t." >> i was a little jealous.
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when i heard he was a correspondent for you guys i was a little jealous. >> matt cohen? oh, yeah, i remember that guy. i don't think i saw him outside of the gym, though. he was watching "downton abbey" while he was doing it. >> how peculiar. >> amen. >> you got to be ready for the shirtless scenes. another staple? the long dramatic pauses. come on. it's like riding a bike. the secret to nailing those scenes? finola and i have always had a three-rehearsal rule. >> you do every scene three times you'll get somewhere. >> that never happens. that like literally never happens. >> that was the voice in the sky and he was absolutely calling us back to fix a screwup we apparently made in the last season scene. so we are going upstairs to make tv magic.
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>> alfonso, you have been out dating game for a bit. but do you remember the struggle? >> i don't remember. been married so long now. don't want to be part of the dating scene. no. >> for those of you who need something to do, thurs-date with matthew hussey can help. >> first one, do an escape room with our partner. >> whoa! >> an hour in an escape room feels like five minute because if you're problem-solving together. when you problem-solve with someone you get the know who they are. >> wasn't there supposed to be a zombie? >> number two, take a day-cation together. this is an opportunity to drive an hour outside of the city or wherever you live, whether it's a forest or a lake. >> this is a quest. a quest is fun. >> and on that road trip, you
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get to bond. ♪ i'll tell you what i want what i really, really want ♪ >> difficult or interesting conversation, vulnerability can come out more, because i'm not look at you in the eye. >> how could you let this happen to us? >> lastly, take a walk together. ♪ you make me feel there are songs to be sung ♪ >> think about this. when you're at dinner withinsome, how hard it is to introduce touch? when we're walking side by side we put or arms around each other and walk. no awkward mns, but full connection and intimacy. >> i'm in love, i'm in love and i don't care who knows it. >> "e.t." birthdays. >> which is automobile enthusiast once owned a car from the fast and furious franchise?
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travel consideration provided by --
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okay, so which automobile enthusiast once owned a car from the fast and furious franchise? >> i knew it underneath with, but actually it is. it's frankie muniz who turned 34 today. >> he actually bought the white jet the that was used in the 2001 film. >> oh, it was a jetta. >> i cannot with this man. thanks so much for doing this thing. this has been a laugh fest from start to finish. >> thank you guys for coming here. >> catch "afv" -- america this is you res ro specktive. >> are there any "e.t." funny videos you want to share? >> of us? no, no, we are perfect.
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>> play the video. play the video! >> keltie, do this without welcome. >> welcome, everyone. >> this is cool. >> we end other tv titans week with -- geral. >> rude. three, two -- >> look at that. >> orrrr! >>. ♪ unforgettable >> nope, don't sing. ♪ smelly cat, smelly cat >> a country crooner. ♪ why do you brink? to get drunk ♪ >> garldo, right? >> work, work, work. >> geraldo. one more time, guys. >> wait. what am i climb something. >> will ferrell.
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he's a -- crap stick. >> why can't is a paid presentation to you by great healthworks. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) - welcome, i'm larry king report on a significant that's been taking place for the past couple of years. will provide you during the course of this show health and well-being. i was introduced ceo of great healthworks.
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