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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 6, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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especially. >>as people leave work to just head home or maybe for your weekend travel plans. but here's the good news for becca. epic outside right now it's you know it's friday so you can get out of bed a little bit easier that way, but you can also know that hey the rain's not come in until later today so your drive to work, it's actually going to be one of the smoothest commute you've had all week as far as weather goes not a whole lot of fog out there we are seeing dry conditions overall across the bay right now satellite radar showing very quiet conditions. it's not going to stay that way though so as you leave the house this morning bring the umbrella bring the rain jacket you've gotten in the habit of it lately definitely do that today because you're going to need them. come this afternoon ahead of us by 04:00pm after 03:00pm we really do start to see rain potential on the rise across the bay area it starts as moderate showers but heavier rainfall pushes in during our late afternoon evening and overnight hours tonight and that is where your risk of flooding comes from
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and where you're treacherous travel comes from widespread heavy rain continues on into friday morning starts to break apart early on in the day friday before it picks back up again on into tomorrow afternoon. so between 04:00pm today at 04:00pm tomorrow that your slot right there that you want to avoid too much travel on and avoid too much outdoor activities because we are going to be seeing such active w ather during this time. temperatures in the 50's for your current numbers, this is pretty good berkeley are starting off warmer at 57 oakland at 55 nap also a 55, pretty mild start to the day and we do have a pretty mild day ahead of us to as temperatures will have a chance to warm up before the showers arrived late in the afternoon by 03:00pm today were in the low to mid 60's across the bay area. rebecca. >>all right, thank you john, here's a live look outside right now getting in the san francisco should be a breeze huh it's still early and it's friday and it's dry that's probably the best news. no rain as of yet and it looks like your morning commute is going to be quite dry. according to john over to the
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san mateo bridge, we're looking a pretty smooth here. no issues on the flat section the high rise looks great it's going to be a nice trip over to the one on connector on the peninsula. the richmond sandra fell bridge. a lightly traveled this morning and it continues to be so 8 minutes fob your drive into the north bay on west bound 5.80 and then south one oh one looks great coming out of the north bay to the golden gate bridge and into the city as well. and the east bay authorities are continuing to search for a woman who drove her car into a barber an antioch after she was upset over her son's hair cut kron four's michelle kingston spoke to the barber and has his story. >>the exchange for the will try make believe that she was trying to kill you i love the look on their she got that. one hand on the will be other than the often and i think this year's treatment have
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you. >>kron 4 news spoke to the barber 63 year-old brian martin over the phone from his hospital bed on thursday police say this woman 28 year-old ruby del good deal of brent would intentionally hit martin with their previous wednesday afternoon he and the vehicle snap washing through the business next to his barber shop in antioch martin broke his leg in 2 different places. >>she would run the window in building. >>police say delta deal was upset about her son's hair cut. >>and she just wants grants that you could barely see on the neck and we're talking no blood or martin says del good deal anderson had been coming to the barber shop for about a year and good deal had always been pleasant. >>but on wednesday afternoon things took a turn and she left with their son after the hair cut only to return 30 minutes later upset about the cut on his neck. part of what you want me to do. >>the from the whole time that
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you know it's a local problem. it just absolutely i couldn't i couldn't calm her down. >>martin stepped outside to get delta deals license plate number and that's when del good deal rammed her car into him to put her kids in the car. >>often yelling f you i do think she the park and get out of the way and she literally pushed you take in the it rain to the building took part in that we struggle in the building. >>she political person drove off police have yet to find her. martin says he feels terrible for those 2 young boys and doesn't want their mother possibly going to jail. he says he hopes she gets the help that she needs in antioch michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>a child from nevado has died from complications of an e
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coli infection, a public health officer for marine county says both state and federal agencies are analyzing laboratory samples to determine if the case is connected to any ongoing regional or national outbreaks at this time though this does not appear to be related to the outbreak linked to romaine lettuce from the salinas area. an update to a story out of the east bay now now 2 men wanted in connection to a series of violent home invasions in lafayette are now behind bars police say the men are from fairfield kron four's dan thorn has the details. >>there's likely a sigh of relief for people living in the east bank lafayette police announced they've arrested 2 men wanted in connection with a string of violent home invasion robberies. >>any time selling stolen was from the car or anything else it's a bad for the win. you're involved in it was someone comes up an assault to take your handbag or for someone then enters into your home we're a show whole different threshold police chief ben altered says he understands
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his community has been concerned about this series of crimes but their investigation is seeing results. >>22 year-old joseph wells and 20 year-old adom ad up both of fairfield were arrested thursday. they're accused of being involved with at least 4 home invasion robberies, 2 of those happening in lafayette. this video shows investigators on the scene of the latest one a long press pond drive. police say on november 26th, 3 armed men snuck in through an open garage door tied up the homeowner and another person and then stole several things the 2 other robberies happened on october 29th in oakland and november 10th in benicia the chief says a tip led to the arrest of the 2 suspects who were found in fairfield with guns and other stolen property, however, a 3rd suspect may still be on the run. i expect my community be concerned. >>i'm concerned and that's why we put so many resources into this reporting in lafayette. >>dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>and as a growing push to turn pgd into a customer own co-op kron four's rob fladeboe
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explains how advocates say the plan could benefit customers. >>what we're finding throughout the state is just a very strong desire to see a new model emerge for pg any. >>san jose mayor sam liccardo on thursday announcing that a coalition of more than 100 elected leaders from 58 cities and 10 counties around the state are supporting his plan for a customer own takeover of pacific gas and electric what we need to do is fully aligned. everybody's financial interests. so that every dollar coming from a payers is invested. and improving the reliability safety of the grant representing some 8 million people served by pga need the coalition unveiled a list of operating principles in creating a nonprofit cooperative. >>they include geographic inclusion and equity a governing board labor and workforce, power supply procurement, public accountability rate impact in credit quality and safety and response the power safety are not going to stop.
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>>this company as hard in the grant and ensure that we can operate reliably and safely without causing fires at a proposed guidelines would preserve pgd service area and maintain current labor contracts, an independent power producers, the coalition hopes to ask the same federal judge handling the utilities bankruptcy to consider ratepayers is a viable alternative to another private owner, either way billions will be needed to pay creditors and wildfire victims. we are going to be paying more. the question is how much more and who is going to benefit you're going to be added state hedge funds or is it going to be the customers repairs and state council. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>a policy protection has been relief to nearly a million affected by iving in areas recent wildfires. the insurance commissioner issued a mandatory moratorium
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in it prevents insurance companies from dropping policyholders because of high a risk wildfire. it will last at least one year covers about 800,000 people in northern and southern california who live around the perimeter of one of the 16 different wildfires that raged across the state back in october. well the san francisco offer has hired its first female conductor. you son kim will become the company's music director designate effective immediately. she will take on the position permanently in august the 39 year-old was born in south korea and began her career in europe. she made her us debut back in 2017. kim is now also the first asian woman to lead an opera company in the us. next on the kron 4 morning news hope is renewed in the search for a missing dog after a car burglary. >>more on this next and also here's a live look outside now
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conditions at the embarcadero it's dry now so take advantage the city streets and the roadways. john lots of rain is headed our direction later on today, we'll get a full weather check for him after the break stay with us.
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, i'm rebecca strom in for robin this morning. we are definitely a seeing dry conditions for now so take advantage of of the
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morning commutes because things are going to change john says he has all all the details. >>yeah we are looking at some changes just around the corner. they will we are looking at some big changes, especially mid-afternoon today that's when shower activity pushes on into the bay area. you can already see some of the showers on the doorstep immediately to our west we remain dry across the bay area for the time being we're going to stay that way through the morning into the early afternoon. so take advantage of that easy commute to work today probably one of the easiest that we've had so far this week before this afternoon. obviously that all changes. this low pressure area centered out in the pacific slowly working its where direction and this line of showers arrives and once it hits then we do have a rainy rest of the day after that so we go from dry to very rainy and it all happens between 03:04pm, today, rain heavy rain at times and strong winds push is on into the bay area that's going to be persistently rainy conditions
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too on through the evening ahead of us eventually into tomorrow morning. this results in flooding potential for a few of those low lying areas if you're prone to flooding in the past this is one of those storms that could result in some standing water, especially up in the north bay where some of our heaviest of rainfall could be seen. rain continues into tomorrow early afternoon at which point we do start to see a dying down after that. after 04:00pm tomorrow is when you're flooding potential at the starts to die down of course with heavy rain in the bay area comes the snow impact up in the sierra nevada we do have winter storm warnings taking effect today and lasting through sunday, multiple feet of snow fall yet again up in the sierra making for some tricky travel conditions up there and then here in the bay area hard enough with rain amounting to well over an inch if not more than that by the time we work our way on into the close of the weekend due to so much rain in such a short amount of time flash flood watch is taking effect at 04:00pm today for portions of marine sonoma and napa counties up in the north bay. today's daytime
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highs actually pretty mild that you wouldn't expect so it's mild temperatures like you're seeing on the screen in fact some of the warmest temperatures of the week head of some rainfall but because rainfall is arriving so late in the afternoon. temperatures do have that chance to rise and we actually do have a surge of warm air ahead of the cold front that that. rain is associated with so you will have a nice comfortable start to the day middle of the day also going to be nice and comfortable. it's that close to the day after 03:00pm starts getting pretty dicey and then especially into 04:00pm we start to see conditions deteriorating so before that good chance to run errands may be a little bit of travel before we work our way into the close of the day and you might just want to hunker down for the rest of the night. saturday we start the day with areas of heavy rainfall will see those into the afternoon. but after that but things should start to die down and by sunday, just a few lingering showers in the next week overall looks to be much drier. rebecca, it's good job. >>outside right now also looking good the bay bridge toll plaza approach it's a
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very lightly traveled some cars in the cash main lanes but really it's going to be a nice drive into the city across the upper deck. and if you're going to be taking a the san mateo bridge here westbound 92 ride no problems to report. lot section looks great same goes with the high rise connecting to one o one should be a breeze at this early hour. and the richmond center fell bridge. if you need to make it up to the north bay, no issues to report here only 8 minutes for your drive time on west bound 5.80. and then south one oh one problem free if you're headed out of the novato area soon highway 37 that looks good all the way through moran and then across the gate golden gate into the city. hope is renewed for a family searching for their dog that was stolen during a car burglary in castro valley. the car break-in happened last weekend near the safeway parking lot off of east castro valley boulevard this week, the owner feared the worst. she got a call that her dog rocky was found dead near 5.18 castor
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valley, but it turned out not to be rocky. so that's the good news, the owner believes her dog may still be with the thieves. >>i'm very hopeful, i'm happy. believe in my heart i truly believe his still lifes i'm just concerned for his safety. >>the family is now offering a $1000 ward for the safe return and their dog. well its adoption day for a michigan boy but it was not just him and his new family celebrating he had and his entire class cheering. janice allen reports. no doubt a day then 5 year-old michael will never forget dressed to the nines and so excited you can hardly
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sit still has his adoption was just moments from being final aisd really it is a. tions and michael wanted everyone to see it. so he invited his entire kindergarten class. well. wave cards and cheered him on during the ceremony after fostering for about a year his parents, andrea and dave knew they had found the right fit for their family, he brings us a lot. to make this official inside. and now it's official. michael has his forever family and no shortage of love all around him, but he's a great married to michael that so many of his classmates here in so many said he was their best friend
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>>michael jumping for joy posing with pictures with this new parents and of course as classmates. >>and the icing on the cake meeting was santa ana capped off his day. michael already has everything he wants this holiday season, you know given. that was janice allen reporting 36 kids were also adopted on thursday. >>it was all part of the 23th annual adoption day in kent county. live out of look outside right now conditions at san francisco international airport. so we're fog free this morning. that's been nice and so far we are rain free for now and delay free so inbound looking good if you do
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have friends or family to pick up. no delays so far reported but that could change as we get into the afternoon john trimble has a complete weather check. coming up after the break.
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>>welcome back 4.52, let's look outside at sfo because the weekend is here now and of course that means some of you
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going to be doing some traveling now this morning do expect conditions to remain pretty calm out there and i expect to remain delays to be pretty minimal at least and so the afternoon at which point all bets are off it may not be looking so great anymore. let's zoom out across the bay area because it is actually quite quiet across the bay itself. we do have some heavy rainfall sitting immediately to our west that's going to be working its way our direction on into the afternoon later today. but as i mentioned we are off to a quiet start so a really good chance to get outside this morning. get some stuff done maybe some storm preps a before we do see that heavy rainfall and also some strong winds later today where we're at with winds right now pretty calm overall, but look at where winds had this afternoon as we make our way, especially past 04:00pm into the afternoon winds really do pick up across the bay area and you will be seeing breezy conditions along with those heaviest of rains. so watch out for wind and rain tonight and if you're heading up into the sierra also some areas of snow and some low visibility
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as winds and snow definitely not the best combination over to you. >>no it's definitely not the best combination much good combination right now is that it's friday. it's pretty light because it's early and dry conditions right now on the roadways west many looks great if you need to take the bay bridge into the city under 10 minutes to get you there. the san mateo bridge just smooth sailing westbound 92 and traffic is still light as it's still early expect a under 15 minutes to make your way out of the east bay to the peninsula and then the richmond center fell bridge west bound 5.80 problem free all the way into the north bay in connecting with one oh one. the golden gate bridge looking great yesterday really i'm really fond in here and right now nice and clear and it's dry across entire span into san francisco. it's going to be a 22 minute drive time from nevado. looking at war, joe mcdonald is at a new clothing line check this out. mc
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wardrobes is available on line at features big mac sandwich bags, french fries sock it's a sesame seed an umbrella and holiday sweaters. there's also a seasonal section. the company will rotate regularly. well coming up in the next hour alarming new numbers in a assault lawsuit against uber. >>break it all down coming up in a live report. and we've been talking about it all morning long we're expecting widespread rain across the entire bay area starting today. we'll tell you just how much people are doing to prepare. and 2 people have been arrested in a series of violent home invasions in the east bay, the latest details, we'll have that next. and a live look outside right now. yes, it is dry. fog free this morning, we're looking at a live shot of the embarcadero
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here in san francisco right across the street from the kron 4 studios as a matter of fact us a nice clear shot of the bay bridge in the background i'm not tracking any major hot spots on the roads. but how we are tracking the rain john is that have and in our direction to take advantage of the dry commute this morning. again coming out of the north bay this morning so far looking great through nevado no problems through moran and then into san francisco. speaking of into san francisco. here's another live look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach. and it's going to be a dry morning commute on travel is with us he's going to let us know when the rain is going to be. later on this afternoon to make sure the duke pack, your umbrella you might need it on the way home later on today.
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>>good morning everybody on this friday, you're taking a look at future cast for predicting when the rain might start impacting us later on today, the good news is you should be able to make through the morning commute just fine but as you can see there is some rain sometimes severe rain on the horizon talk i saw. >>was green green and yellow.
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that's not good because that means a lot of rainfall. good morning. everybody i'm will tran in for gerri a full and i'm james fletcher let's get right to the weather center. we have john trouble standing by with your complete forecast so later soft on what was an. yes guys. changes later on today we can be thankful for a calm start to the day here drive into work is going to be really nice actually what are your easy is drives this week hard to believe that your drive home is going to be so not so good a leader on just around the corner so skies, nice and clear right now no fog blocking out your view across the bay. >>we say goodbye to the fog from yesterday and no rain out there right now it's nice and quiet on the radar. all you have to do is zoom out a little bit though and look at what we have had in our direction. so this line of showers right here is going to slowly work its way up on into the bay at which point we do start to receive some have heavy rainfall later on in the day today future cast is showing you just that by the time we work after 03:00pm that's when we start to see rain picking up. there will be some moderate rainfall in the mid


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