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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  December 6, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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nice cause i was spinning till like 4 am. (snores) get my 2 for $4 breakfast jack deal while you can. >>live look outside. and we see the bay bridge toll plaza. all those headlights still with the rain trying to get into san francisco on this friday night. and you see the live radar. it is all over blanketing the bay even the south bay now yeah, it is it is all over and lawrence is here in him says it's really going to be. >>extreme in the sierra tonight and said if you're not already on the way don't go lords yet look at blizzard conditions up there may be some gusts over the mountain peaks there may be 7 maybe 90 miles per hour. then you throw that heavy snow just going to be a mess up there so blizzard conditions tonight, snow level dropping all the way down to about 5500 feet you see maybe 2 to 4 feet of snow above 7,000. so very dangerous out there on the roads and as you might expect, we've got winter storm warnings up and down the
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sierra nevada as that storm system works its way into the high country so it's headed up there now a lot of snow want to be on and off for the weekend that i want to go next week there's going to be some beautiful fresh powder to ski up out there right now doppler radar picking up some rain spreading around the bay area now you got pockets of downpours of being picked up in a san francisco little bit of a break in the san francisco right now some lighter amounts of showers but certainly we've got other spots that are picking up some of those downpours in the hayward right now you're seeing a lot of rain coming down in your neighborhood, let's take you for a closer look now as some of the rain continues to fall on the sword is doing in spots around the bay area kind of hit miss is going to rain hard your neighborhood for about 10 minutes. and then it's going to push to the northeast. cast ballots and that rain coming down in your area facts of the rain rates there be a pretty heavy and of those parts so yeah coming down out almost half an inch an hour or so that's just about the point where we start to talk about the possibility of flash flooding. so good news is not going to see that there. some polling on the roads but certainly a concern is we're going to see more of that rain on and off throughout the night tonight. and it's
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tomorrow morning. also all around the bay area are seeing some of those cells moving eastward now and this is one of the stronger ones that is now moving in and right there in the martinez you can see some heavy downpours in those neighborhoods as well, some rain rates and that those neighborhoods coming down a pretty even stronger there at 3 quarters of inch an hour and certainly you have to be watching that as well all around the bay area now start to see some of the rain picking up even in the san jose so far just some light showers so far and in the long we've got more rain there and some more moderate amounts of rainfall pushing in toward 1 one the bottle you see coming your way petaluma and some of them out north bay mountains already almost 2 inches of rainfall so that being said flash flood watches have been issued by the national weather service. 2 to 9 till early tomorrow morning, especially in and around the can gain fire burn area go to see some of the water coming down the mountains really with no root systems to hold in that water certainly could see some rises in some of the minor creeks and the small stream guys that's led us back to you all right lawrence, thanks. surveillance video recently released the shows one of 3
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similar incidents where. >>ups drivers are robbed at gunpoint in all 3 robberies happened this week in san jose so many deliveries this time of year, especially the first one happened tuesday night that was on beech grove lane then on wednesday night drivers were robbed in the area of quimby road in sand point drive. >>also on war admiral avenue. >>kron four's rob fladeboe he talked to the homeowner whose security cameras caught one of the robbers. >>a ring doorbell camera shows one of 3 ups drivers who are rob this week dropping off a package wednesday night. moments later another security camera, it's view obscured by holiday lights shows the driver a per screen left as he is confronted on the sidewalk by a person with a gun. i spoke with the homeowner who does not want to be identified. >>it was scary of my daughter actually went outside and grabbed a package right after he left. >>the man with the gun is in
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the shadows he orders the driver july down buying time while an accomplice was ripping off his truck. >>it was right outside my house i could have walked outside and grabbed the package and you know maybe if i took another extra step that gun could have been at my head. >>back in the neighborhood friday to retrieve that video san jose police say none of the drivers was hurt. the driver in the video shared a few details with the homeowner after the thieves made their escape. >>dps drivers in debate shaken up, but he was in good spirit. he did say there was only about 4 packages that were taken that from the rest of night. >>undeterred by the apparent targeting of their trucks this ups driver said he was not authorized to talk to the media as he went about his deliveries friday back in the same neighborhood where his colleagues were right. she is worried about them. >>i mean there's nothing that i can do i mean i wish there was something i condemn just to be more diligent when opening the door of course.
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>>and think about all the ups drivers out there risking their lives is jumping off a package in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news police in milpitas they're searching for 3 men who robbed a jewelry store in milpitas they were caught on surveillance video. >>this robbery happened in august the releasing this now hoping for some leads happened at valley on the jeweler's inside the great mall. the sound of breaking glass at the storm that was originally mistaken for gunfire resulting in the mall being locked down. police say the same man we're also spotted earlier inside the home depot at the great mall, committing another theft. police are now offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to their arrest, san francisco police are searching for this man they say. >>he's wanted for yet another aggravated assault, randy go see allegedly assaulted someone with a knife on december 1st in the tenderloin and this isn't his first assault police say back in
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august to go see was taken into custody for aggravated assault and making threats. the victim, the alleged victim told police said he was being chased by a suspect with a knife near ellis street and joan street officers say they quickly found go see nearby armed with 2 knives, each and one hand a little over 3 months ago, police say go see was wanted for another assault incident if you see him, you are asked to call police. national news now the trump administration has responded did so today to the impeachment inquiry saying it will not take part in the impeachment proceedings and now a divided house will continue with the inquiry on whether the president. >>did violate the constitution. reporter phil mattingly has more on what we might expect next week. >>tonight the white house making it official the white house counsel in a blistering to paragraph letter to judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler saying the inquiry is quote completely
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baseless and has violated basic principles of due process and fundamental fairness leading a divided house thing forward in a process that will kick into high here next week. facts are clear the constitution is clear. >>the president violated the constitution. >>with the house judiciary committee set to hold its second impeachment hearing on monday. rajoy the minority counsel for the intelligence and judiciary committees will present their respective impeached reports. the first action and what will be a defining week for the trump presidency with democrats likely to reveal and vote in committee on articles of impeachment by the end of the week setting up a final floor vote the week of december 16th a debate over what those articles of impeachment will look like however still very much underway. speaker nancy pelosi sources say hearing out all corners of the caucus on whether to include elements of special counsel robert mueller's report in the final articles. >>an issue that has divided moderate democrats from their more liberal colleagues but
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asked specifically about adding mueller's finding is an article of obstruction of justice the speaker made clear in a cnn town hall thursday. the process remains very much closely held we're operating. >>collectively with all due respect i'm not going to answer one charge and when not writing the the articles of impeachment here to not. this is a process. >>today, republican turned independent justin amash of michigan telling cnn he's ready to vote for articles of impeachment. but democratic leaders acknowledge some of their members from a defect. >>well we do expect to lose some and that's why. i say it is a conscience vote and as with their constituents. we have a very diverse caucus. >>coming up you might have seen him on social media now we're introducing you to the viral basketball phenomenon. he's sharing a very inspiring story and beating the >>and you won't believe how much this thing sold for will. tell you how the pricey piece
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of fruit have people going but that after the break. >>and this was farmers photos from the 70's this tarnished a lot of people eventually dismissed as a hoax but they were back in the news this week they're sold for more than $16,000 at auction. if you're an x files fans might have seen the most famous photo. our report includes a video and how they work scrutinize part of our 1989 series foes the best evidence for more you can go website
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>>welcome back checking on the stormtracker 4 radar live radar here shows all that rain making its way through the bay some really strong cells within and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking this will have updates throughout the night. >>and some call this bananas
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it is a piece of art, it is a banana duct taped to a wall all it is it sold for $120,000. it was made by an italian artist named murray to cattle on known for very odd work. the piece is called the comedian that was displayed at a prestigious art fair in miami as for any suppose message some people think that he's really just mocking the art world. others say there's no point in the thinking this there were 3 additions of this piece, the 3rd one another banana and collect an even higher price. 150 $1000. >>lawmakers on capitol hill are working to fight domestic terror, the ism the roadbl
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if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>well that rain continuing to fall around the bay area c of moving in the afternoon pockets of downpours out there right now continue to see some of those pushing now for the east bay. antioch real this to bethel island fairfield some
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rain coming in around you right now and not only there. but freeman you're seeing some downpours in your neighborhood into hayward as well and further to the south bay, the rain begin to creep in there, although most that is light so far in the north bay we've seen some pockets downpour some of the north bay mountains over 2 inches of rainfall already in san anselmo so far just some light amounts of rain let's go to gail ong she's out there live right now she's been standing out there on the radio, how does a look out there right now. >>is so down here and give you a live picture went downtown san anselmo looks like you see. ever since 4.30 when i arrived this afternoon. seeing it taper off if at some point. 15 minutes later, the rain would just pick up again. i'm a first responders out here in the area just want to make sure people just take it slow on the roads that is the main concern out here we're live in san anselmo in the back to the
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studio. >>all right gayle ong live for us tonight. thank you gayle now to national news and tomorrow marks one year since a jury found. james alex fields junior guilty of murdering heather higher that was at this now infamous white supremacist rally in charlottesville, virginia. >>the department of justice described this as an act of domestic terrorism. now some lawmakers are trying to make domestic terrorism. >>a federal crime but is not air reports, some advocates for civil liberties say the legislation would do more harm than good. >>higher in charlottesville edged in our mind. worshippers gunned down a tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. tack against shoppers in el paso. the most the fbi agents association president brian o'hare says his group has been
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for this type of violence. this sounds like the more. >>we're just simply giving another tool in the tool box to law enforcement and prosecutors use let aclu senior legislative and advocacy councilman are what he says the proposed law would allow more surveillance and infringe upon first amendment rights we're working with the criminal legal system that people have been trying to reform for a number of years because of the over criminalization of black and brown communities. >>creating more laws and powers when they have enough already would only harm those
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communities further. >>strong opposition o'hare worries, none of the domestic terrorism bills will pass this session it's unacceptable the time to act is now in washington. i'm not here romero. an unlikely coalition came together on capitol hill today to promote the fairness for all act. >>the bill is aimed at protecting civil rights for lgbtq americans across the country. while also strengthening religious freedom within the church, republican lawmakers religious leaders in advocates who support the bill say it strikes a much needed compromise and as a more realistic solution than this year's equality act right now the bill only has republican support several of the civil rights advocates say the bill still threatens lgbtq people and treats them like second-class citizens. >>a 7th grader became a social media phenomenon after the university of illinois introduced him out to the world and this was during a
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televised game. the 3 pointer that he shot was made a lot more impressive by the odds. he had overcome to get there. nico, hey flaneur has the story. >>joe joe hayes has loved basketball for as long as he can remember little probably 6, 7, of this and i live my clearly loved so i just kept doing what i did you know, let's stop it while his skills on the court are nothing new to his classmates, his deep 3 at the line i game has allowed more than 200,000 people across social media. >>to see his abilities. hayes lost both of his legs after contracting meningitis at age one a procedure, the doctors didn't think he would survive. one that hasn't stopped him from sharing his charismatic personality with everyone, he encounters. >>every now and then you get one of those students that says that you're so a small part of their life. >>a life that sees no limitations despite the challenges that have been given to him i knew my hands.
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>>so i'm guessing that basketball believe the sports >>disabilities to him and just let them know, hey a lot is are adults. >>no matter where life takes hayes will be open to embrace any challenge and if the line i give him another opportunity to play at halftime they'll be ready. that was nicole a fling are reporting joe joe tells us he's hoping to join wheelchair. >>basketball team.
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>>and we've got rain fall around the bay area now and ther the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>>well we've been tracking the storm system all night long continues to roll to the bay area pockets of some heavy rainfall out there and certainly the possibility flash flooding, especially in the north they they've seen a lot of rain there all ready to go along with that we've had some very gusty winds. look at that almost gusting to 40 miles per hour right now it's a 5th 38 miles per hour in each 34 in the mill valley at all around the bay area these winds kind of with an outside a storm system rolls through a flash flood watches have been posted until 4 o'clock in the morning tomorrow into the north bay as we're going to see that heavy rainfall there and of course wind advisories up for much of the bay area with a strong gusty winds continuing now until saturday morning and probably through the day tomorrow. it is going to be a stormy weekend on and off the possibility, some thunderstorms and if we get a little lucky. maybe a little hail out there would that be cool so that would be good fireplace want to actually have.
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>>appreciate guys will see you back here tonight on kron 4 news at 8 now.
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tears and anger. what the family of the innocent ups driver in the wild west shootout is telling inside edition. >> the truck is riddled with bullets. >> then, the hover board dentist. outraged over the dentist that pulled out of patient's tooth while on a hover board. look at him go. >> weisinger darlene love is blasting the rockefeller center christmas tree ceremony. was she snubbed in place of these younger singers? >> and


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