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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 7, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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marin hinkle. marvelous mrs. maisel. tonig >>t's all unfolding. >> the new stars sounding off. plus jlo's secret weapon to slay "snl" tomorrow. >> okay let's do it. > and death threats against a jersey shore star cause a cast member to quit the show. then -- >> only "e.t." is in aspen wh and our surprise for dol
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part. and we have maren hinkle here to co-host. >> welcome to "e." welcome to "e.t." from new york city. and it's a marveus friday because we are joined by maisel's mom turned "e.t." co-host marin hink. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. season three is streaming t now on amazon. >> we're gonna get to that, but help us out with some news. >> here's tonight's top story. nbc's "agt" inveigation. is it a wake-up call for simon? [ buzz ] >> ajulianne hough is grilled about her fellow fired judge. >> you've been very vocal on this gabriellenion thing. ould they offer her job back? >> i'm not gonna comment on that. you're not gonna go there? >> no. >> howard stern and a lot of other peop says "america's got talent," it's become a boy's club >> ts is the ultimate example of a boy's club. >> "agt" is boy's club. >> you're not going to touch that topic? i feel like i've said what i wanted to say.
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there's still lots happening and so it's all unfolding. >> they got to get their act together. and jane lynch who hosted "hollywood game night" on the network said it sods like nbc needs to get their about together. >> it just kind feels like someone is aslp at the wheel >> gabrielle who met with nbc for five hours on tuesday was allegedly fid after at "agt."ng of a toxic culture as f the investigati source tells "e.t." she's looking forward to the outcome. but there may be another factor in all this -- ratings. >> you put everybody on notice >> this pastummer "america's got talent" lost a quarter of its target audienc the steepest drop in the show's 13-yr history. >> tre's somebody else waiting for that seat and somebody else and somebody els younger, prettier, newer and that's the indtry we're in. >> so far no comment from simon, but a source tells "e.t." that s close friends hope the scandal will be be a, quote, a change needs to happen.bc that now to an nbc show that will have a huge fele for this
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weekend -- >> i'mennifer pez and i'm hosting "snl." ♪ i'm still jenny from the block ♪ >> new yk city's hometown king day of rehearsals.rock after a ♪ tonight we're gon get on the floor ♪ >> inside j.lo made sure everyone knew who wain charge. >> guys, guys we're going to have to movet is way. >> this will be jennifer's third time hosting the show. >> you can't live in the past. >> yes, we can. >> so she's pretty much a pro at this, right? well fiance a-rod instagrammed this shot the caption, quote, coachi jennir on set. hope you all like dad jokes. after seeingim all over the set, i'm now douing down on the prediction i made to jeifer earlier this week. >> maybe alex will make a cameo. >> oh, there was no talk of that. >> no? >> n not yet.
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>> i think there's a strong chance we'll see a-rod. >> i hope so. we jump om new york an j.lo to jersey. >> and some sad ne for "jersey shore" fans because snooki is out. >> i am retiring from "jersey shore." >> six words sendi shock waves today -- if there's a seon four, it'll be without snooki. >> i just can't do it anymore. literally leaving my kids to film it is really hard on me. i try and quit every single day. i don't like partying three days a row. it's just not my life anymore. >> ten years ago "rsey shore" made snooki a household name with her drunken antics, arrests and as the victim of an sault. >> who hits a girl like that? >> but there's anotherig reason behind the mom to three's retirent at 32. >> [ bleep ]. >> he almost left me because of this [ bleep ]. >> after ts fight with angelina fans took sides and on her podct "it's happening with snooki and joey" she says she fears for her life. >> getting death threats and
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getting death threats to my children over thisreakin' reality show that's not even that serious. just the cattiness, i just can't do it. >> two weeks ago, another major incident. >> your "jersey shore" co-star angelina got marriednd the ladies roasted h a little bit. >> yes. >> angelina just pted about wanting a total redo of that day. we're told snooki and hefellow bridesmaids' speech sent angelina storming off screaming and she wouldn't talk to the >> you'll see how it unfolds on the show. >> mtv h no comment on snooki's future. she says they're allood and she's not saying good-bye to reality tv, just the show. >> i need to be th my kids, especially my newborn. >> marin, is there a "jersey shore" without snooki? >> one can only wonder. >> at least we still have the situation. well, it's not all bad news today because ylor swift just dropped a new holiday song and it's up first in tonight's "know
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antell." ♪ under the mistletoe, watching the fire glow ♪ taylor swift's in the christmas spirit. she just dropped her new single "christm tree farm" and it features home video from her childhood wier wonderland in pennsylvania. ♪ just being in your arms take me back to that lile farm ♪ >> yeah, that's gonna be a hit. and it's bops like this that has taylor at number o on forbes highest earni musician list. she reportedlyarnea stgering $185 million last year. ♪ i'm the only one of me >> kanye is number two on the list with $150 million earned, followed by t. swift's bestie ed sheeran at $110 million. ♪ i don't care when i'm with my baby ♪ and if it was 1995 alanis morisette ght be on this list, but for n she'll settle for broadway. ♪ you live you learn >> her break out aum "jagged little pill" is the basis for broadway's newest show and last night was opening night. of the music and the story in a
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way that i never could hav imagined. she diit. ♪ don't be surprised if i love you for all that you are ♪ >> what would alanis now tell anis back then? >> i would just say that i love her. my chest. asleep drooling on >> and how is little winter? >> he's great.ll? i just pumped for him. >> did you? >> i did. >> get it girl. >> a alanis n't the only one having a renaissance. ♪ oh, yeah, kick start my heart ♪ >> motlecrue, def leppard, joan jett and the black hearts and poisonust announced they'll be touri together, the 22-stop stadium tour will take place next summer. >> massive. it's going to be massive. >> for us it's about how far we can take it, technology. there's a lot of stuff out there that wasn'before. >> every time we do a show, we leave 1,000% on that stage and the fa go crazy. >> rin, thatour is going to be crazy. >> another must see show shania twais return to las vegas.
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her new residency "let's go" kicks off tonight planet hollywood. >>e.t." is exclusive backste. we'll have that for you on monday. >>meanwhile, we were just with another country queen who's excited for shania's comeback -- ms. carrie underwood. >> well, everybody les shania and i'm excited for her las ves residey. i mean, she's been such a woman in music, especially in e country music. >> carrie is a country legend in her own right and only "e.t." was with her in beautiful aspen, colorado to celebrate her athletic brand calia's winter llection and the upcoming holidays. >> my plans for the holidays are much like everybody's. family, food, travel. it's all about family and often family is gathered around the tae. so i love to indulge in all my favorite holiday foods and drinks. but i do make it a priority to, whenever i can, sneak that work comes the family all >> she's not kidding. carrie loves to work o. but what does she have on her holiday gift-giving list? >> i mean, there's something for
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everybody and that's what i love about lia. you know, if you have your hard core fitness fanatics we have, we've got her vered. we've got her covered.ller, the things i love to gift my friends and family are things like fuzzy hs and scarves and gloves. they makyou feel warm and cozy. >> we just love carrie. we'll seeer back on stage in the new year. >> she's headlining the stecoach music festival. very cool. pink is getting the pty started with a bold new look. why she shaved her head. then only "e.t." is on set with ll cool j and the cast of ncis l.a. granting wishes. you've been sexy longer than i've been alive. >> dolly parton's beaut tips as she turns 74. >> what's the secret. but first --
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>> i have to get to the uth of what happed that night. >> aaron paul and octavia spencer go head to head in the told," on apple tv plus.ruth >> because this series is also a lot about lies, i wanto play a little game with both of you. aaron was once a contestant on met his wife at coachella. ron >> "price is right." >> no. he was on "the price is right." >> i am so jealous. how did you get on "the pricis right"? >> i will tell you. i will telyou all. i was on "the price is right" when i was 18. >> i gotta tell you we went to be
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minutes away "t." from new
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♪ all right. that is pink rocking a new loo for the holidays. >> she posted this shave head shot with the caption letting go and i know that because i just joined instagram. >> yes, girl. matt cohen rocked the same style as pink when he guest starredn
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ncis. >> i, myself am a veteran of this show. >> is that right? >> season two there was an isode called "special delivery." >> where wyou the day he was killed? >> in my barracks room. >> do you still remember your lines? no. >> 'cause we could get ll over the scene again.kind of run >> didou miss on purpose or was that an accident? >> nah, i probably missed 'cause i missed. you know wt i'm saying? when youperate in this environment, you check your ego at the door 'cause if not, you're gonna be in for a long seon. >> the cast was shooting their christmas episode the day i dropped by. their special guest star? "love island" host aerial vandenberg >> what the hell is going on? >> are you a big fan of "ncis" coming into this? ishis -- >> one of our biggest fans particularly chris o'donnell prly her favorite actor of all time. >> ty actually did walk into the table read and i was like, oh, that's dope. >> this episode is called "answersand delves into the most burning questions the audience has such as -- >> apparently the fans want to
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know what would have been like if callen could take over hetty's job. >> now the discussion becomes e they going to have kids? >> should we reproduce or eed as deeks uses it in another episode? >> well, i think the number one question is how tall is hetty. you know what i'm sayin'? how tall is that little lady you work with? how tall is that lady? >> she's not tall. >> good things come in small packages. >> case in point our marvelous country icon dolly parton. behind the scenes of her new musical and the surprise we waited 25 years to show her. then we're at home with a day time coupland their miracle baby. plus the fantastic fashions from the marvelous mrs. maisel. >> there's a lot of gear understood feet this. >> what to look for in the record-breaking third season. >> the most that's been on any new york cy show ever. >> closed captioningrovided
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by --
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♪ welcome ba to "e.t." in new york city. mrs. maisel" star marin hinkle. okay, marin, tell me you love dolly parton as much as i do. >> from to 5, i love that woman so much. >> i was exclusively with dolly in boston talkinall things christmas, but i also came bearing a little gift of my own, a very special "e.t." friday flashback. >> listen to what i found from your first ever "e.t." interview. >> what? 1982. >> i do work hard, but i like to work. ah, that's true. i'll never retire. i feel the exactame way. ♪ i'll be fine >> the other thing i noticed in getting this video was that dolly parton, you have been sexy longer than i've been alive. >>ell, thank you. >> you're so gorgeous. >> well, thank you. >> oh, my god. what ithe secr? >> oh, lord. i i don't know. just -- i don't know if i look that goo i always say it's good lighting, good make-up and good doctors.
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>> hard to imagine, but this gorgeous woman turns 74 next month, but she's working nonstop. she appeared at opening night of "dolly parn's smokey mountain christmas carole." >> i hope that you enjoy. >> she's not in the show, but wrote the music for this retelling ofhe scrooge story inspired by her childhood. >> what do you think makes this storyn particular really special? >> 'cause we grew oor and knowing how it was to have christmas without money and how you kind of justive on love and all the excitement. it rlly was like natural to me. ♪ dreaming of a smokey motain christmas ♪ >> dolly is headed back to tennessee fochristmas and i just had to know what's gonna be on the diner table. bread dressing and the ham and n the chicken or turkey, but i usually make a big pot of chicken and dumplings because all myamily loves that. >> i just love her so much. >> if you're in the boston area for the holidays, yocan catc "dolly parton's smokey mountain
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christmas carole" until december 29th. >> i'm going to be there. i'm going to see it. >> usual. >>hat will be great. but you can watch "the marvelous mrs. maisel" wherever you e. season three is out now. will the fans be ready? >> they've been waiting so long. >> yes we have. >> it's going to be there and u're going to love it. >> one thing we all love on the show is the style and y'al definitely brought your fashion "a" game to this week's premiere. >> for the emmys i wore j mendel so hence i'm in j mend again >> this ishristian siriano who i adore. and he had the perfect maisel pink suit. >> i mean y'all haveressed the part tonight. >> well, you know, a little >> you guys never disappoint en it comes to fashion. >> well, i play suzie meyerson. so it doesn't matter. i cado whatever i want. >> is this a girl? this doe look like a girl. >> people aren't aware that i'm female. so it's kindnice. it's a nice surprise. >> ah, i got nothing. >> this season we see lot more new patterns, new hat shapes. we go to miami. we take the show on the road. me good bathing suits. it's been really fun.
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>> the first episode alone i think there were 850 extras, the most that has been in any new york show ever. >> something else we can't wait to see -- guest star sterling k. >> who are you?debut. >>'m reggie, shai's manager. >> i just adore him. >> like we all were so mesmerized. we all left our trailers to come out and watchim, whatever scene he was in. >> you gonna keep talking back? >> i'm not talking back. i'm just talking. >>e fit right in. he g that rapid fire dialogue no problem. yeah. >> i want everyone to know we would have had him in a lot more, but he's very busy apparently. so, like, any moment we had we grabbed him. >> you guys are a blast to be around. you're talented and kind people too. >> thanks. we love talking to you. >> enough with the compliments we need to get going. it's going to be a very special christmas for darin and kelly. they welcomed their miracle baby everly last september. what staed out as an easy
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pregnancy started out as somethin more terrifying. >> at about 14 wks i started to have pain that was the most unbearable thing. i didn't throw up my whole pregnancy. i threw uprom the pain. >> so what did you think was happening? d you think you were losing the baby? >> i had no idea. i was terrified. >> what it was was a tumor, a fibroid the sizef a tennis ball. kelly and darin's path to parenthood had already been difficult. the soap star couplead been trying to conceive for over a year. so when kelly begaexperiencing excruciating pain, they feared the worst. >> they determined that e fibroid was degenerating. >> it was two weeks of just doubled over in pay. she was in bed. she couldn't move. >> when you have a fibroid they talk about the danger of it pushing the baby out early. >> i end up gaining 60 pounds in the pregnancy which on my
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little frame was a lot. so phycally even though the fibroid wasn't causing pain, waing was painful and my back and sleeping. >> after four days of labor, little everly joely arrived into the wod series. she's 2 and a half months old now and already co-starring mom's new azon prime movie, "a very corghi christmas" kind of -- >> i am literally drowning in christmas cheer. >> the cistmas movie that you shot, she was in your stomac e whole time so every year at christmas we ale watch that movie and we'll tell her. >> you finally got the goods. now are you, like, okay i want seven or, like y wre good we can't have ts again. >> no. we definitely want more. >> y're gonna go back? >> i know. initially darin wanted like five kids. >> it's 49% my decision, 51% hers because of obviously the process. but i don't care, whatever you want to do. we got o beautiful kid. we could have two. could have nine. whatever you want. >> i feel like they should finitely have more. maybe nine is a good idea. >> i love that. well it's time for some "e.t." birthdays. >> which director shared an apartment with adam sandl -- was it jude apatow, jon favreau
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or j.j. abrams? the answer when we come ba.
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travel consideration provided by -- monday on "e.t." tom, charlize, j.lo, we have the stars getting theden wake up
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call. plus -- >> hey everybody. which director shared an apartment with adam sandler when they started out? >> that's judd apatow who turns 52. >> great job by the way. we wanted to s a huge congratulations to our frien norah o'donnell who finished week one of ancring the evening news and we wanted to thank the marvelous marin. >> thank you guys. i have a wonderful gift. this cocktail kit from amazon. >> y know what we love. >> and the marvelous
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