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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 7, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>>20 accidents. they driving around quite a bit. >>now at 10 heavy rain created some dangerous and at least one case deadly conditions out on the roadways. >>and the rains are expected to continue into tomorrow morning. as we take a live look there at the radar showing us where the rain is right now we will track that that storm for you thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 10. i'm justine waldman. >>and i'm j r stone died and we have team coverage tonight tracking the storm and the conditions. we meteorologist john sure able in the weather center. but first we begin with kron four's dan thorn who
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was in the east bay today with a strong storm made for some tough conditions. >>that's right. jr these heavy downpours made for some treacherous conditions along bay area freeways and roads we saw flooding because of clogged drains we also saw several accidents including one where 3 people were killed. >>heavy downpours for traffic along highway, 24 between lafayette and orinda to be slow and go and for good reason. an accident possibly caused by slick roads killed 3 people early saturday morning this nissan versa veered off of 24 westbound east of camino pablo and slammed into a tree. this scene was one of many along bay area freeways.
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hydroplaning was a big possibility for drivers as water filled up along the sides of the road. a clogged drain caused a pool of water at the base of exit 11 eastbound entering lafayette. without any place to go people took the risk and drove their cars through the water. it was just another example of the white knuckle conditions because of the heavy rain i've seen. >>out of 20 accidents. they are driving around quite a bit. says it might be helpful to have a higher profile vehicle in this kind of weather. he blew through the water with no problem. >>but doing that is not advised by chp is said to be extremely careful you really have to be aware of what's going on around you. you know slow down. that's definitely good advice. it seems like the rain has tapered off just a little bit out here but we have been seeing some random spurts and the road is still wet so it is important to take it slow and easy and the chp
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also recommends not using cruise control when you're out on the freeways because that increases the risk of hydroplaning the courting live along highway 24 in orinda dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan we now want to turn to meteorologist john sure able who has been tracking the storm. as you remember around 2, 3, 04:00pm that's when we saw a lot of that flooding that dan just mentioned a second ago things have definitely tapered off across the bay area you're still looking at a few spots on radar though that could be causing you a few issues now overall rainfall is for the most part light at this point you are seeing it out in the east bay though across portions of the marine had winds and an uptick in rainfall intensity can be expected on the peninsula here in a few minutes now looking out at the north bay currently fairfield on over to just east of napa seeing some heavier rainfall if you are traveling 80 between fairfield up to vacaville watch out for some spots could be especially us
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look at this moment now we are seeing a rainfall really pushing in just south of half moon bay. if you look just offshore this line of showers moving in a north northeasterly direction so we're going to see it making its way on into the peninsula here in a few minutes, a san mateo bridge as well as the dumbarton bridge in the midst of some lighter shower activity going to see rainfall increasing in hayward union city in fremont these next few minutes already seeing it just south of oakland right around alameda too. so definitely still an active evening, but the heaviest of rain has moved its way eastward into the sierra foothills and then eventually resulting in snowfall up in the sierra nevada in fact today and tonight snowfall is the most significant of the weekend up in the sierra as for your temperatures right now we're in the 50's so keep the jackets on as you're getting out there into the evening tonight, temperatures will further fall into the low 50's back to you. >>we're just going really fast through the rain. that's not exactly safe for now. >>just take it slow. that's kind of slippery but that
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everyone is women will be okay. >>well heavy rains swamp the streets of san francisco today are team coverage continues now with the waters were rising all day long causing a mess around the city. kron four's gayle ong has more from san francisco. >>too much rain too fast want the streets in this west portal neighborhood. >>this was the scene on 15 avenue and along the street saturday afternoon just started hearing the rain and they got pretty intense looked outside. and we saw that the water was pretty high not even the sandbags placed in and out of rosa maria gonzales is home. >>couldn't keep the rush of water out destroyed pretty much we can reuse them. no it flooded our garage and flooded several of our of our neighbors. gonzales shared these photos of her neighbors homes at one point cars and trucks submerged water was pretty high. on the tires that eventually the hood of the car across the street, this is
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after neighbors spend the afternoon cleaning up debris of what's apparently from people's front yards this round of heavy rain falling in just hours from san francisco to the peninsula. the national weather service warned of flooding in san francisco. jeff it was backed up on 2.80 north in daly city has water swamped lanes were just going really fast through the rain. that's not exactly safe or not just take it slow. that's kind of slippery but that everyone trying to speed limit would be ok. in south san francisco, a break from the rain but the winds blew through street signs and traffic lights slaying back in san francisco. cleanup from uni at the van ness station as wateb from heavy downpour rolls in creating a stairs waterfall. station has been cleared for flooding back here west port of where i am this area tends to get backed up. >>during heavy rain storms reporting in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>well thank you so much gayle in our coverage of the storm continues later on in the show we take to the north bay. our
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flash flood concerns after a big fire season at 1030 we take a look at delays and cancellations at sfo and at 1045 we talk with the national weather service about a tornado watch issued to debt. >>a san francisco police officer and a suspect are both recovering tonight after an officer-involved shooting in the mission district this happened just after 8 30 this morning at 23th and cap streets. this investigation forced officers to shut down roads in the area for several hours. kron four's will bello has the latest details. >>san francisco police say they were responding to what's called a hot prowl burglary call that would you say if it was a business or residence that the suspect was accused of burglarizing but they did say the suspect had a weapon and used it against officers.
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>>several questions still remain following an officer-involved shooting in san francisco's mission district saturday witnesses from nearby walgreens store say it happened very quickly, they heard at least 8 gunshots before seeing someone down on the ground 23th in cap streets that addition like this we. >>we try to gather as much evidence as from video surveillance especially in the area. >>local businesses like the walgreens had to close for several hours as police investigated. according to police officers were responding to what's called a hot prowl burglary. >>broberg worries going to be where of residents or a business is occupied with someone inside so the threat the threat of the violence. anybody occupying that that space is greater when they approached the suspect san francisco police as the suspect assaulted at least one of the officers with the weapon. >>and that's when they opened fire. >>at this time the information that we had is that an officer
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was injured. the assault and was transported to the hospital. >>the officer suffer non life threatening injuries while the suspect's injuries are life threatening. anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact san francisco police in san francisco noel mellow kron 4 news. >>thank you so much snow on the north bay, a santa rosa police officer shot a reported suspicious suspect after he brandished what the officer believed was a rifle. it happened this afternoon, the area of guerneville and fulton road. the object officers thought was a rifle turned out to be a black umbrella that officer fired 3 rounds from his rifle. but none of the shots hit the suspect after a brief chase the suspect was caught and taken into custody. anyone who says this incident that anyone who saw this incident is asked to call santa rosa police. >>you say opened fire fighters answer all of the building went up in flames crews found
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those flames pouring out of a boarded-up building at the intersection of 39th avenue and foothill blvd earlier this morning. >>that structure was badly damaged. but firefighters put out the flames before they could spread to a neighboring 2 story building. no one was injured. >>well coming up investigators are still figuring out of the gunman in friday's naval base shooting in florida had terrorist motive swabbed the latest details plus more on how the community is grieving. >>plus a day of downpours leading streets want in the bay area, how a disaster zone dealt with all the damage and rainfall is still falling for a few spots out there you do see some heavier stuff right around oakland and working its way on to the peninsula at this moment. >>i've got the details on what the streets
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were swamped today. this storm. >>heavy rains brought down trees all across the bay area. there's on your left there. the other video from san francisco. a large tree also fell down and hit 2 people those 2 people went to the hospital. >>and the heavy rains made driving in san francisco, a real challenge. gayle ong was talking about some of those flooded roadways. we saw some of those flooded roadways. earlier as well. >>our meteorologist john stray ball who's joining us here tonight usually are on there early show your joining us on the weekend shift on quit a
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busy whether or not. >>yeah keeping me up past my bedtime the guys as this rain has for many of us actually certainly concerning out there because just when you thought it would stop at times today. it would just come in even harder exactly and sometimes unexpectedly too let's talk to some people earlier today and they're like where's this raid that knows the cutest way them. exactly and those showers came in resulted in many of those issues we've talked about really only took an hour or so for a lot of areas to really see some of these totals. getting pretty impressive, especially for the north bay of an auto well up in northern sonoma county. the big winners far as rainfall goes 5 and a half inches of it just over the past 24 hours mount tam seeing 2, 3 quarters inches santa rosa not far behind that a northern portions of the oakland hills checked in with over an inch and a half or rain well, san francisco itself. well over an inch of rain and much of that
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really just within the course of an hour so that is why we had so many issues across the bay area pair that with those strong winds too and that just made things even worse. now this is how much rain we can expect through the evening tonight of eventually on into tomorrow which compared to well over an inch of rain if not over 2 of rain for parts of the north bay is definitely some mild stuff expect less than a quarter of an inch of rain tonight into tomorrow just president perspective that even though we do have rain fall ahead of us in our forecast. the intensity of it from here on out not going to be as impressive as what we saw earlier today now san ramon parts of the east bay do expect rainfall to increase in intensity here for you in just a few minutes. i just some moderate showers nothing like the heavy rain that we did have earlier but there's definitely pockets across the day that are looking at rainfall that's a little bit more intense than what we had been seeing just about an hour ago. so for sandra the richmond center fell bridge.
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you're seeing some light to moderate showers right now nothing like earlier but enough to get roadways. wet potentially result in some slick conditions. just south of half moon bay. there's that heavy rainfall that's pushing inland right now if you're traveling to a d and one oh one south of san mateo. north of palo alto that's where you're looking at that right around san carlos, a san leandro you're looking at rainfall to but some of the heavier stuff is pushing up into the hills above san leandro in oakland about to be working its way on over towards a walnut creek danville san ramon you just see it updated. the second ago working its way in that northeasterly direction. so for those of you closer to walnut creek in lafayette do expect thateheading your way. winds have calmed down a lot since earlier we saw some impressive wind gusts earlier on this afternoon and it's nice to see that winds not as much of a factor as what we did see earlier so overall rainfall intensity dies down during your evening hours winds dying down all this means improving conditions. now tomorrow do expect some showers to work their way and
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i'm expecting rainfall to really be pretty widespread around 09:10am tomorrow morning. probably the most widespread of the day after which point we're going to be seeing it died down for the rest of the those flood flash flood watches up in the north bay, those of just expired and a winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings up in the sierra nevada. do remain through tomorrow due to the heavy snowfall that's still falling. 50's for your evening lows tonight low 50's for hayward and fremont well mid 50 in san francisco. tomorrow's high similar to today's temperatures upper 50's and low 60's. but really all in all we're looking at conditions just going to be more pleasant tomorrow than what we saw today because you don't have the strong winds nor that torrential rainfall, it's just some scattered showers for your sunday. monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday look at that guy is drying out so much more consistently dry week next week. and what we just finished up with this nice to see that the sun will be out because it is soggy out there buddy. >>and not the trees can take
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much more. >>that was a big thing today along van ness was only had all those leaves that have blown down all getting stuck in those storm drains and really creating big pools of water and so many different intersection yeah i think cruz did try to get out there get on top of it, but. >>yeah, you tell these leaves falling, especially with the wind we saw today and that's place everything out that's on bro for tomorrow and really for tomorrow keep it on hand. today was not the umbrella day just got blown out of fired at 10 o'clock this evening. and in santa rosa, it just for today, soaking the streets and all the people who tried to dodge those raindrops kron forcefully but it all shows us what the ctnditions look like there today. >>life on the streets already difficult enough. >>throw in storm conditions and it's tough to stay dry. homeless community in santa
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rosa doing its best to keep warm. meanwhile drivers struggled with low visibility. a steady trickle of rain so consistently throughout the afternoon the intensifying at times. >>traffic lights at some intersections went down. >>slowing the usually smooth weekend commute island slow down. take it had. >>and the scene on these >>emergency to another. it didn't take long for ponding to develop on the roadways. drains. >>and the strong winds caused a mess on the roads and in parking lots trees left to bear with leaves scattered across the ground. what he should jones needed to buy groceries. but says driving to the store in the rainfall was not ideal. it's horrille. >>people are driving like a >>the weekend rains mark an end to another destructive wildfire season in the north bay. now residents are getting ready for more wet days and
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cooler weather. the national weather service, reporting rain rates of up to half an inch per hour. in santa rosa police to call kron 4 news. >>i can say terrorism at this time i think we need to let the investigators the fbi do its work. and tell us give us the facts and will move out from there. >>officials investigating friday's deadly attack at a florida naval base are trying to determine if it was motivated by terrorism. today we learned that the saudi student who fatally shot 3 people host of the dinner party early in the week where he and 3 others watch videos of mass shootings. we're also learning more about the victims in yesterday's shooting. melissa rainy has more. >>during the 3 victims of a deadly shooting at a us navy
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base in florida. >>windy in this area and certainly the >>a gunman opened fire early friday morning at ntval air station pensacola. >>killing 3 people and one. least 8 other. >>one victim is being hailed a hero joshua watson, a 23 year-old naval academy graduate was identified by his brother in a facebook post according to an interview in january 2019. watson started flight training in pensacola less than a month ago. >>i was like that for navy pilot so hopefully hadn't done it can to call a at some right now slated for november you get there fly school maybe go fly jet. the pretty cool. >>authorities say they are still uncovering details about the other victims and the alleged gunman who was also killed in the gunfire. >>law enforcement identified him as saudi arabian national the home and also around. >>the fbi launched a global investigation to determine his motive, including whether or not the shootings terror related. officials say foreign
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students have trained at the base for years all undergo a vetting process and background check. the defense department says it will review measures for screening foreign students. i'm melissa rainy, reporting. >>a pg e has announced a multi-billion dollar settlement with wildfire victims at 1030 we'll tell you who qualifies and how the utility plans to operate moving forward. >>and the house issued a report on impeachment today, we'll have details on that report. ue leader.
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>>in national news now the house judiciary committee released a report today laying out historical arguments for impeachment, it lays out the groundwork for monday's hearing where house intelligence and judiciary committees will present their evidence document does not accused president trump of committing impeachable offenses. it is an update to the committee reports that were issued in 1974. and 1998. during the impeachment proceedings of president richard nixon and president bill clinton. the president continued his remarks saying that the impeachment proceedings are a witch hunt.
10:26 pm
the house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler issued a statement today accusing the president of abusing his power. but raining men national security and corrupting elections. he said impeachment is the only remedy for what he called misconduct. the house may introduce articles of impeachment as early as next week and do not forget to check out this week's inside bay area politics with catherine heenan it airs tomorrow morning at 6.38 and right here on kron 4 catherine just talk to presidential candidate amy klobuchar are about her plan to win california voters plus we have reaction over. harris dropping out of the race this week. >>well next on kron 4 news at 10 the cdc has released new findings on the vaping crisis, what products officials say you should stay away from the head at 1040. >>and at 1045 we talked to the national weather service about a tornado warning that was issued today for parts of the bay area. >>and getting a look at where
10:27 pm
we're sitting right now you can see out there s f o there's a couple of right there the tarmac looking wet. i'm talking
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national weather service issued a severe turbo late turbulence morning in the bay area during the storm today and here's a look now all the delay is that we're at at san francisco international airport there were 93 total delays at sfo. 68 total
10:30 pm
cancellations and more than 11 1000 delays across the entire country. >>and here's a look at current delays at sfo as we take a live look at the air. right now and you can see the delays of 256 minutes, but no delays in oakland and no delays in san jose. no delay now getting a look at our radar. you know joined right now by meteorologist john sure able. he has been looking at this. all night long in detail to see what we're going to have overnight in the morning. yeah, and we do still have. >>rainfall ahead of us tonight and into tomorrow morning geiser can put the umbrellas away just yet and we want to. >>i love all of my ambrose at work. and those 6 umbrellas are all my work. lesson i mean
10:31 pm
more about what we're seeing well the good news is the most intense rainfall it's behind us now so that what we saw earlier between 02:03:04pm, today. >>that is out of the picture up into the sierra and at which point it is actually causing some travel issues up there. we do so what what roadways though do still see some rainfall working its way into the bay area, your view from the berkeley hills right now showing that we do have some showers in the vicinity there showers mostly working themselves. i into an east northeast direction. so right this direction right seeing some lighter showers up in the north bay across the east bay and then a more moderate activity on the peninsula. so right now if your cur about to cross the richmond center fell bridge, do expect wet roads there. we saw this area of moderate rainfall pushing over the bridge just moments ago. it's about to be working its way up 80 just north of richmond through hercules. 2.80 as well as one oh one around san mateo san carlos down through the northern areas is a palo alto also
10:32 pm
looking at light to moderate rainfall currently and then focusing on the east bay right there san ramonon up to eventually lafayette walnut creek looking at some rainfall that's about to be passing over actually starting to diminish as for the sierra foothills now they're getting the heavy rainfall that we saw earlier the syrian about itself is tapping into snowfall that's really going to be piling up during overnight hours here in the bay things do look to be calming down ahead of us wind certainly calmer than they were earlier. winds were big part and why we did see so many delays out of sfo earlier isolated pockets right along a t, especially towards davis in sacramento, which are going to have some heavy rain tonight can also see some thunderstorms in these areas, although i'm not really anticipating that here in the bay what we could see tomorrow morning. those definitely an uptick in rainfall that could come along with some thunderstorms into the morning tomorrow around 8, 09:10am that's what i'm expecting some of the heaviest of rainfall that we do have in your forecast for the bay area.
10:33 pm
it's not going to measure up to what we saw earlier today but it will be enough to get that umbrella back out maybe stay inside during the morning hours after that lighter showers expected throughout your sunday and we really do see them dying down after sunset, setting us up for what should be a nice and dry monday just around the corner, even though some mostly sunny skies to start the new work week as for temperatures tonight, they will drop into the low 50's for most of the day, san francisco will be the warm spot as for evening lows, only falling to 54 degrees. now as for tomorrow's temperatures expect upper 50's to low 60's. this pretty similar to what we had for today as far as highs go, but once you take away the strong winds and the super super heavy rain. well tomorrow is going to be a lot more pleasant oakland hayward san francisco. each 59 degrees for tomorrow's daytime highs. let's take a look at the next 7 days so tomorrow. we do still have those scattered showers monday, mostly sunny skies, upper 50's and just dry conditions how nice it is to
10:34 pm
say that tuesday wednesday thursday and friday partly cloudy but remaining dry, we can see a few sprinkles and there but much drier than last week. our next real chance of rain is looking likely into saturday of next weekend so i like that forecast guys i like when you use the word right. thanks to thank you so much john. while p g has agreed to a 13.5. >>as billion dollar settlement with fire victims. this includes people impacted by the 2015 butte fire. the 2017 fires in northern california and the 2018 camp fire. and also oakland go ship warehouse fire. this agreement still needs to be approved by a us bankruptcy court. and it does help as the utility tries to move forward with bankruptcy proceedings. pg e does say though it does not admit fault and the tubbs fire or the ghost ship fire, 44 people in the north bay 85 people in butte county and 36 people in oakland died in the fires plus
10:35 pm
thousands of structures were destroyed. the president and ceo of pg e bill johnson said this in response for the beginning of the chapter 11 process getting wildfire victims fairly compensated especially the individuals has been our primary goal. we want to help our customers our neighbors and our friends in those impacted areas. recover and rebuild after these tragic wildfires now in order to get compensated wildfire. victims must file a claim by december 31th. >>well today marks the 78th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor in hawaii. the surprise raid on the us navy base near honolulu killed more than 2400 americans and thrust the united states into world war 2. congress designated december 7th as national pearl harbor remembrance day back in august of 1994. remember it's events are held every year the pearl harbor national
10:36 pm
memorial, even though just a few days ago us sailor killed 2 civilian workers and injured another before killing himself at the us naval base. investigators don't believe terrorism was involved in the wednesday deadly shooting and a press conference on friday. the navy said its priority right now is to bring things back to normal. >>and again we are focused on. in addition to the normal security procedures for writing the support needed the shipyard workers, especially who are coming back to work today. >>the attacker was identified as navy firemen gabriel antonio romero who served on the uss columbia submarine. investigators say the incident lasted only 23 seconds as of today we have learned the man wounded in the shooting is now in stable condition. >>they decorations include light, certain a tiffany scenes are snowman the one family put out a trump re
10:37 pm
election flag and you'll hear how some of their neighbors are responding that's at 1045. >>and a 1040 we take you to australia. a 100 fires burning all over the country. fire officials say
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so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ >>so you have to see this right now there are over 100 brush fires and grass fires burning across australia with nearly 60% of those fires not
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contained. 6 people have died and more than 680 homes have already been lost fire teams from the us will join the front line on sunday. high winds and dry conditions are expected there into next week. >>your help tonight the centers for disease control and prevention says no single product or brand can be blamed for the outbreak of lung injury linked to vaping the cdc says the so-called dank vapes are the most common thc products linked to hospitalizations but the organization says patients have also reported using other products and they vary region by region. so far close to 2300 people have suffered lung injury related to vaping at least 48 have died. investigators suggest vitamin e acetate a thickener as a possible culprit. they say they're still investigating and there could be more than one cause at this point the cdc recommendations is to stay away from all of a ping
10:41 pm
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but you'll be able to use the card. the next day. >>5 the national weather service issued a tornado warning for parts of the bay area and we will talk with an expert about this very unique weather event and where. >>and up next in sports we're getting closer and closer to that big 49 ers game against the saint
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 all it's not something you hear in the bay area every day warning of isolated tornadoes the national weather service issued the warning along with a flash. >>flood warning which to expire a 10 o'clock this evening. >>kron four's talk with the national weather service about this unique warning. >>the way the atmosphere acts it just all lined up in the room great way in shape and is free and it's a threat of potential tornadoes tear area. well we thought there might be some little bit earlier because we're watching some cells offshore that word potentially producing water spout obviously we don't have cameras and eyes out on the water so we're thinking that their water spout out there and we had warnings for those and as those came near land we're talking about potential tornadoes as a result of a water spout coming ashore so when that was occurring that would have been in the southwest portion of the san francisco county. >>no tornadoes were reported in the bay area today this interview first aired on our
10:46 pm
24 7 streaming news service kron on download it today. >>decorations like lights and trees snowman. >>all behind. one wisconsin family added a little extra flair of donald trump's reelection flag which got them some unwanted attention a threatening letter amy dupont has the story. >>on a block lined with holiday cheer hate found its way to the front porch of this cheboygan home to think that someone would be so cruel, helen powers didn't even have to open the envelope to know she wouldn't like what was written inside addressed with a vulgar word. the first of many included in the letter written by someone claiming to be a neighbor i was thinking how can someone be sore hurtful and hateful. and actually physically mail it. the author writes i see from your flag outside you hate america and will do anything
10:47 pm
to kill it referring to the president trump reelection flag helen put up the day before to take the time to actually melee. just over a flag. the letter goes on to say the family should go back to where they came from we've learned where the author says that is and that the writer is not one of the families not see friends. it ends with get the expletive out as terrible saw things change sheboygan police tell fox 6 they are investigating, but it's not clear if the anonymous author committed a crime even if it's not a legal the power say the letter and its author crossed a line i would say everybody gone way too far away over the edge. >>our flag is still flying outside their home, they refused to take it down standing by their beliefs and their candidate, no matter what their neighbor has to say it said that its is come to this. we're just regular
10:48 pm
people. >>another major showdown at mercedes-benz superdome a battle the 10 2 teams, the san francisco 49 ers taking on the new york and saints. it will be a big test for the san francisco. defenses they face you know that dangers veteran qb drew brees jimmy drop below also look to match his performance from last week in a losing effort to the ravens the niners can clinch a playoff berth with the win in new orleans. but the defense must stop brees and the saints a line. the defensive coordinator for the niners talked about the saints explosive offense. they're so explosive often obviously that when you know the reason this. and transitioning back into it i mean they're still putting up >>they're still getting a lot of you are just opening up points had one bad game the
10:49 pm
atlanta. but other than that they've been putting up yards and points and they're still going to be a very difficult challenge. >>now on to the oakland. raiders they come back to host the 7, 5, tennessee titans at the coliseum this might be one of just 2 raiders games left at the coliseum raiders hoping to end their two-game skid. but first we'll have to go through error. offensive line led by qb ryan tannehill the trent brown ruled the raiders offensive line. as well as their defensive line day battling for the final wild-card spot kick off. one 25 i've on sunday raiders defensive coordinator talks about the importance of stopping tenants. >>it is really accurate values that are really good job from come in the last 7 ball games really resurrected their offense. so he's done a really good job. you know i just think he's doing a good job of being a fission. and you know he said the being able to run have some the play action to
10:50 pm
it. the he's done a good job because i'm a lot of mistakes they didn't want a lot of points. >>to the ice we go the san jose sharks in tampa bay. taking on the lightning head coach is sitting right there. peter de boer leading the charge for the sharks second period we go lighting up tuesday victor. steven stamkos stamkos like something that tampa bay extends the lead to 3.30 here we go lightning lead at this point. the one. stamkos get it back chute sedan and even having. second goal of the night lightning just on now they blow out the sharks 7 to one your final sharks have now lost 3 straight and look to bounce back against the panthers on sunday now on to the college ranked the first rank, ohio state buckeyes taking on the 8th ranked wish the wisconsin badgers and the big 10 championship game. to the highlights we go. and the second wisconsin leading 14 to 7. jack coan one yard. extra
10:51 pm
point is good and now, wisconsin leads 21 7 but hold on 3rd quarter, wisconsin, 2117 feel to look at look at look at. and into the end zone is in their 16 yard touchdown, ohio state takes the lead 4th quarter we go stately 2421 steals the skates his case they can't get he's got it. state from there they come back and defeat, wisconsin, 3421 your final buckeyes finish the season undefeated 13 uh no and are your 2019 big 10 champions. lsu tigers taking on the georgia bulldogs as these the championship match 3rd quarter ago. lsu lead 20 to 3 joe burrow. as to tears. marshall 4 yard touchdown. tigers extend the early last the 3rd the 27 to 3 berle floater to justin jefferson in the end zone. that's a touchdown out as you
10:52 pm
will if you've been close georgia wasn't even close lsu defeats georgia, 37 attend you're finally finished 13 they are undefeated on the season, they are the stc champs of 2019 and that at his sports. >>the river these little kids they went viral for their take. and they just got the
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>well we all remember when these adorable kids and their teacher from a pittsburgh elementary school who went viral. a few weeks ago for their take on r b singer lizzo's truth her thursday night they got to meet the icon herself at her concert and san jose. >>so the children all went to the s a peace center they got to meet her backstage she wanted to meet them because she was so inspired by their inspirational take on her hit song, check it out. and you
10:56 pm
can see lizzo just love. >>he tweeted any of the videos of the kids singing she always responded back and so the when she was going to be in the bay area. right there to see it still tilted my head to watch this it's great they're so excited to be there. >>they're super excited and so is she so that is a chance of a lifetime. even when someone stops and. you can see that i exactly exactly what up on that a little bit.
10:57 pm
>>joins us here tonight, thank you is great to be here with you guys my alarms going off in 3 hours or so we'll get a little bit of sleep. you want some more to just. well you're right. i mean you trick espresso and hot chocolate you get the share and the calf. i don't touch that stuff. but you've been you've been closely what you eat basically said we the storm showers going to continue tonight tomorrow, yeah, so not as heavy as it was earlier but we still got rain in the forecast today and tomorrow watch out for and bring your breath. so much for joining us that we'll see it tomorrow.
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actress anna faris and her brush with death. >> how they rescued the sitcom star from carbon monoxide poisoning. then, the hover board dentist. outrage over the dentist who pulled out a patient's tooth while riding a hover board. look at him go! and, the guy in red sneakers. what happened to the woman he is leading down a dark alley? she says the same thing happened to her at the same bar. plus, is the worst boss ever? allegations of groping. lap dancing. >> all of a sudden, you're the bad guy. >> then,.


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