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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  December 9, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>>can't see >>whle area really widespread gate bridge in san mateo left and right boxes there and then our left boxes men, the bay bridge down by the barcudero i mean, but we can only see us to be seen as particularly just ha a bridge you can only see a couple cars and funny and yes, so it's that foggy all around in some spots, it's even worse that's why we've got team coverage on it ts morning, sarah stinson is going to be live for us in marin county. >>with the latest as we ta a look here there she is so sarah walk us through what are you seing out there.
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>>the golden gate bridge view vista point is close to be able to see the golden gate bridge but. they're supposed to be able to see san francisco. well that just not the case. the faa. intense out there. so if yohave. the carel because driving conditions are bad visibility is less than a month. so it's pretty bad out there. and you can see just a bit another shot of just terrible visibility. people trying to get to work in this intense, paulets so bad they put out a g advisory. now let's take a look at the embarcadero whereou could again see more fall. and you mabe thinking will. an advisy out there, it's intel 10 talk this morning. and you can e from the suture camera you can even see. really the sales force
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tower which is an indicator of just how bad. to the golden gate bridge vista viewpoint area and this is where tourists have been coming out see the golden gate bridge i talked to one couple. here to see the golden gate bridge because her husband. he hasn't seen it. he hasn't been to san francisco and and this is what they came out totake a listen. disappointed you came to the goalie a bird. >>a little bit. this is going to be challenging its own be still must be sd. >>it just seems really is an creepy but it you kn, most
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importantly to talk about it is scary when you're dry out there so maksure. ready to go becausthis is going to be the case until 10 o'clock maybe even later. >>perfect segue thank you very much sara we do have john here talking more about that. that shot this or had i was 5 passing with the golden gate bridge disappear into fog. franks my science fiction mind starts going likehere's a curry movie people come from heading into the fall going come out til like 19. its mysterious. >>what these cameras are i know that you put this one up by we have this up a ad couple things could even see that reason for the heart may seen anything from berkeley it's gotten only worse out there burke so really is everywhere. you're not escaping. the fog. no matter where you are. yes as your front so yes, very very foggy
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in berkey. we are starting to see the fog lifted just a little bit so now you're seeing it all over the hills but you're also seeing visibility for book was the poor visibility. i should say spreading all all across the bay now conquer livermore hayward oakland napa half moon bay, san francisco san rosa all these areas. well below a mile for your visility right now in their spots in there where is just u can't see nothin so you got to be taking it slow as you drive into work this morning by early afternoon fog for the most part is a thing of the past you wilhave some of it hanging out through the golden do anticipate that on into your tuesday morning. it is quite as fires satelte radar goes there's no rainll insight today. our next chance of showers comes tomorrow evening so today, dry tonight, dry tomorrow itself will be
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dry too 50's 's for highs today and eventually catching a little sunshine. well you will catch a lot of fog at the bay bridge toll plaza on the floor. >>fortunately, the wheels are moving along you can see the center of your scrn inching but i'll take inching as opposed parking 13 minutes from the maze across the span down on to fremont street. so despite all that fog. everybody give yoursf a hand you guys have been paying attention to the road conditions no major accidents to talk about there is. there is a one accident at is slowing things down onhe san mateo bridge 37 minutes, this is the commute direction where peop go from here we're down to one oh one, and it's one oh one at 92, where they connect the's been a 2ar collision. and that's why it's slow and go. but at leastt's still moving alg, but you get a bill that time in is if you need to head to work building that extra time if e you're crossing the san mateo bridge. 42 minutes right now from novato into the city
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i checked says chp lot of there's not a lot of accidents if at all southbound one on one, just th fog that we keep talking about james darya thanks a lot we'll 8 oh 05:00am. >>and p has agreed to multi-billion dollar wildfires in northern t california. yes, some of the wildfire victims however are completely sold on all aspects of this deal. >>we have lawrs for the wildfire victims. they held a news conference in santa rosa to beak down this 13 and a half billion dollar settlement. the money will be divided between victims of the ts camp and butte fires and money will also go towards victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. accorng to lawyers. the money is split about half cash and the rest in bonds. >>they don't know that stop us with anything in it is on the up to the ta about the stock with go the way to 2022. we don't is not the scheme. i thk it's a good set that. us getting back into our house.
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ose who were dealing with their insurance company. so that's >>a settlement has to still be apoved by a federal judge a court hearing is scheduled for lar this month to discus it. e deadline for the wildfire victims to submit claims for this settlement is december 31th and the hope is for all of t firvictims to get paid by >>it's either 6 in the east they're racist and sexist video sparking outrage on the campus of u c berkeley and the video appears show someone givinhateful remarks against african-americans and also estions the rights of women kron four's dan thorn has reaction now fm students. >>thdiverse campus of u c berkeley disturbed by racist and sexist remarks made by one of their owna video viewed millions of times on twitter alleged shows a student saying he hates black people and that just like men. they d't deserve right. i was discussion. i was discuss it, sean suarez ys this type of speech is offensive and just
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pla wrong and as an african-american he wants the school to do something about it personally in my thought like using the suit ould be removed from the school should be expelled from the school and you know. >>dishing disciplinary action should be taken. >>other cal students say they're not sure what the school should do in terms of punishment. but it's uncomfortable tonow this kind of speech is happening on campus. >>it definitely does bother that someone with. the use of views like that were jokes about things like that can be sitting next to me and >>cal jhnior row huntatel says he had just seen t video after viewing it he called it frightening. >>hearing this guy talk about peop like that kind of really hurts because now it is it make it seem like you know it's kind of school that celebrate those kinds and doesn't get that but that you know the facts. >>you know people that i know the user on the popular website reddit named throwawa berkeley claimed to be responsible for the video and posted an apologthe user
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says it was a joke gone wron and they confessed to their resident adviser, but the joke is not sitting well with some students. >>i can't even worse than it was a joke because i thought it was ok to be joking about such serious reporting at c berkeley dan thorn. kron 4 news >>i was found dead on the side of the road in contra costa county the body was found near gateway road. west of piper road bethel island during the investigation, the chp got a call fm a man whoelieve that he may have hit a woman with his car. and the police went to his home and they found the car was damaged. the victim's identity h not yet been revealed and so far no charges have been filed. on the peninsula, san bruno police are looking for people involved in armor robbery. it happened saturday morning in the area of san felipe and elm avenue, 3 people were assaulted and their phones and wallets wee taken one of the attackers had a gun and they took off in a gray model honda.
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>>in the north bay la county high school teachers accused of an inappropriate relationship with student. 38 year-old corey cunningham is under arrest deputies say theyeceived a report that he was having an inappropriate relationship with a 17 year-old girl at kelsey ville high school. cunningham admitted to having that relationship with astudent for the past several months, he's now facing several charges includi sending lewd material to a minor and destroying evidence high school says that he waa music teacher. but is now on administrative leave. happening right now. taking a live look from capitol hill we've got the latest with impeachment hearings under way the house judiciary committee right no hearing evidence she presented by lawyers for both parties the democrats and republican lawyer, they're laying out the information that's already been gathered in this case and they're arguing as to why it does or does not justify impeachment. this is expected to be one of the last sts before house democrats begin drafting formal articles of impeachnt. the white house has declined tparticipate in today's hearing arguing that
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the inquiry is rigged against the president 60. the full house could vote on impeachment impeachment articles by early as maybe is next week. democrats are said to think that it's one has before christmas. if t president is impeached the senate will then hold a trial to decide if the president should be removed from office we are monitoring this hearing will bring you any developments throughout the morning and indications. >>and a developing story this morning fog 5 people were killed and they're still looking for survivors a voano erupted in new zealand where tourists we're onhe island watching and the desperate search is ongoing right now to see if anyone can be saved to the prime minister of new zealand says there are about 50 tourists on white island. when as you can see the volcano. rupp did 23 people we evacuated from the island. andozens of people were hurt 5 people were killed and at least 10 peoplare still listed as missing right now mo of those people they're on the island they came from a royal carbean cruise ship. after video
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showed him. her sing looks le a mass shooting. they may have been planning for southern california will tell you where and that officers recovering after a police officer involved shooting in san fraisco will tell you what police say led up to it. and it's a looking good in the sierra recent storms have dropped several feet of snow will tell y how the conditions are right now. and a ve look here at the conditions on the san mateo bridge. you can't see much and try temper stop traffic that is we'll be back with more traffic to it. at ccker barrel, we're cooking up
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and it's only at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. come on home to cracker barrel. >>welcome back to kron 00:am morning news as we take another look at what happened to the sierra over the weekend look at all that snow. it came to a lotf it actually snow squall valley i should say reported that ey have what they surpassed a 100 inches of snow could hope for theear so far which is something they
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didn't achieve last year which was an early ers of winter last yr, but they didn't get 200 inches into a lake january 6th and here we are december night almost a full month, beforehand and 've already had it a that just shows you how how powerful these 2 studies, few rice. >>what is this thing better late than never. yes just federally this is that early >> only took a couple weeks and here they've already get the roads cleared out so it's ni to get there if you want to have a nice that fog for morning is i'll take the snow i think ithis gosh yeah because we can't dig our way out of this g there. way so tense out there. i mean it's pretty much everywhere to whether you're at the coast, you're right along that they ar further inland, we're all the same boat in this one right now so just take it slow or that's really the only advice i can give on this foggy mornings. yeah. >>give yourself that extra time to get to work. we're used to fog in the day maybe not this dense fog though this
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is your look outside of timber onright here where conditions. yeah they are foggy just like the rest of the bay can't see much of anything out there to bear on at least it is really quiet on radar. so there's no rain whatsoever roadways, not slick. it's just foggy that's what you got to worry about on into tomorrow though that cloud cover your on the pacific that's associated with the storm system that is eyeing the bay area but a lot f the energy that it's packing it's really going to be lost by the time it does reach us to we are ifor a dry day today dry nit tonight dry day tomorrow and then rainfall pushes in, but it's only going to be really light stuff come tomorrow night. you do see how those showers kind of break apart before they really even reach the bay area light showers lead into wednesdamorning too and that's when you're going to have the slickest of commutes out of any day this week that's when u could see some light to moderate shower activity early early wedneay. but for showers clear out pretty quickly on wednesday, setting us up for a dry rest of the week after that so today temperatures in the 50's and 60's that's actually right on par with
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where we were yesterday. the biggest difference between today and yesterday oiously is this foggy start we didn't really have that yesterday so much but we do ha some sunshine on the way this afternoon. so when you compare the 2 days at least for the afternoon aheadtheir overall pretty similar. santa clara milpitas san jose and campbell each at 61 for your highs east bay temperatures all the upper 50's to low 60's as well so not a whle lot different than the rest of e bay fog is going to stay with us for a long. time this morning in fact for some spots that might not even clear towards noon but by the aernoon most of us will be getting a good dose of sunshine. into the ening, a few showers into wednesday morning. but after that wenesday thursday and friday look great saturday. another chance of rain but other than that a pretty y forecast compared to last ek. well, john things are looking great at the bay bridge times are actually going down right w it's 11 minutes, according to our sensors from. >>the macarthur maze cross the toll plaza past the metering ghts and into free monster
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on to fremont street in san francisco so the fog. yes, it's pesky but it's not really having a major effecas far as the drive times into san francisco. it is however having a problem here on the san mateo bridge. it went up and 35 to 40 minutes. we know look at that james here it is ca being swallowed by all of that fog but more importantly it's when 92 1 on one knee 2 car collion, they still need to clear that as the cars leave 92 did mp down to one oh one. that's causing that back up i would suggest if you need to cross ensue the peninsula maybe take the dumbarton bridge thatight be a better alternative. some of the other areas, san jose to one o one you're looking at 19 minutes, dublin to fremont so many people commune in that direction not bad 31 minutes and some of the other area, san jose to menlo park wish i could give you better news, but it's still holding steady
8:20 am
at around 62 minus. james started. 19 a big story, a san francisco police officer is recovering after an officer-involved shooting in the mission district that happened turday morning at 23th and cap streets kron four's >>explains wt happened. >>san ancisco police say they were responding to what's called a hot prowl burglary call that would you say if it was a business residence that the suspect was accused of burglarizing but they d say the suspect had a weapon and used it against officers and don't. >>several questis still remainfollowing an officer-involved shooting in sa francisco's mission district saturday witnesses from nearby walgreens store they heard at least 8 gunshots before seeing someone down on the ground 23th in cap street destination like this we. >>dad we try to gather as much
8:21 am
evidence as from video surveillanceespecially in therea local businesses like the walgreens had to close for sevel hours as police investigated. >>according to police officers we respding to what's called a hot prowl burglary. >>broberg worries going to be whe of residents or a business is occupied with someone insidso the threat the threat of the violence. anybody occupying that that space isreater when they approached the suspect san suspect assaulted at least one of the officers with the weapon. >>and that's when they opened fire. >>at this time the information that we have is that an officer was injured. the assault and was transported to the hospital. >>the officer suffer non life threateng injuries while the suspect's injuries are life threatening. anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact san francisco police in san francisco noel mellow kron 4 news. >>up next the 49 s lighting
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up the superde in new orleans, a thrilling win over the saints. the incredible highlights coming up in just a minute. >>and caforn is digging deeper to pay its firefighters over time timeuring the fire season. but actually we're still ahe. and let's take a live look outside here at the fog and the approach to the bay bridge. everybody's in the same 20 right back.
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>>we'r back in a 25 the milpitas police now offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who can provide information that will lead an arrest. if of actually have pictur of the 3 of them take a look. they smashed display cases still thousands of dlars worth of jewelry and the watches as wellthis was a tele on the jurors that side of the grt mall. so the bribery happened back in august 25th police were able to get security camera footage of them, but they have been able to identify them yet and that' why they're hoping maybe you can help. so they publish
8:26 am
these pictures all they know so far athe thieves left the scene in the black 4 door sedan that you see in that pictur. unprecedented series of wildfires and a repo in the wake of all of them says that in the past decade. over time payroll has pushed anal wages for california firefighters to billion. the report says thaover time pay surged by 65% in the past decade. the report found the number of firefighters that are earning more than $100,000 a year in over time alone search from 41 firefighters back in 2011 to now more than a 1000 in this past year. and despite the large paychecks experts say it's actually stl cheaper to pay overtime. then to hire more firefighters once y factor in the cost of training and benefits. once that's all taken into account. >>county man is going to be arraigned today accused of rehearsing a mass shooting. take a look at the online video it was posted in it shows 30 year-old mochi
8:27 am
loading gunsand pointing them out the window of a downtown hotel in sanford and san diego take a look here is loading the guns and wh you see there's some very large guns to there's a hanun. but you can see thaon a corner there by the couches more looking like a machine gun. and this is wt led investigators to believe that he was planning a mass shooting. police arrested him at his home in spring valley. and they seized more than a dozen ns, he lives there with his wife and chdren and now he's facing multiple charges. >>as we he to break, let's take a live look outside our camera here along the barker well there it is the bay bridge have been able to see it all morning long because e fog so thick that at least here briefly were able to catca view of it fox going to ba problem for you to drive around this morning. st tuned, we'll be right back.
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>>welcome back 8 30 is the time right now, and we are trying to and get this moning for a few tough office hasn't been easy. spots just a lot
8:31 am
of. >>paper cuts all over the place th add up to a hot spot was slow and go all over the bay area but no major collisions ok well that's good news because visibilities been. >>pretty awful yeah it's been mean any of our cameras will show it to you regardless of where you're at so just take it slow. we're used to fog in the bay area but this fog is something that is don't get used to you can see anything across the bay from alcatraz just one of the many o our cams that you really are seeing a whole lot visibility has fallen and a few more places than what we even s 30 minutes ago and i showed you the same a map as half moon bay, san francisco novato santa rosa and napa oakland hayward conquered i've never seen so many cities with visibility below a mile mountain view in sajose, not the best but sudden better than rest of the bay is as we work our way into the afternoon we will have some clearing skies for most of us
8:32 am
likely to be some fog hanging out through the golden gate through the day and a few patches of it right on top of the b, too. but you will ve a dose of sunshine later today before g pushes back in tonight making for yet another foggy start to the morning tomorrow for your tuesday drive into work now as far as we go right now radar is ne and calm and we're going to stay quiet out there as far as rainfall goes. today tonight into tomorrow next chance of rain being tomorrow night so a pretty pleasant d ahead once we clear way through that fog a dry afteron with highs in the upper 50's to low 60's. well, it's gotten a lot better at the bay bridge 11 minutes now so it's gone down in terms of drive times 11 minutes from thmacarthur maze across the span down to fremont street. >>when it all th wide open the roadway for the carpool lanes just remember 3 people for carpool and fast track that's your best option. but the wheels are moving along the problem that we saw a little bit earlier the stall big rig pass the metering lights that big rig has been cleared. this is a nemesias
8:33 am
far as as tryi to get over to the peninsula may i suggest you take the dumbarton bridge because it's slow and go on the san matebridge 40 minutes all that fog has made its way there. it was ear this morning but the fog definitely having an impact as far as people trying to go on to the peninsula. 39 minutes from novato down to the toll plaza and to san fransco by way of the golden gate bridge. same deal a lot of fog so people are paying attention tter to be late and to get into a crash of course and speaking of crhed, there is a crash on southbound 2.80 right around ceremony in daly city so i'm mindful of that kind of monitor the situation but just take it easy today as fall will be and youmorning commute james darya ars over there well knows can see are from that's going to be the issue and so much. >>chat with her nown the other side looking back at the view what view i guess sarah.
8:34 am
>>cisco just doesn't exist right now eithedoes the golden gate bridge checked out. eyes are telling people hehe really got to be careful this rning because here in the bay area and we not like this take a look at is video shot earlier before the quote unquot sun came up i haven't seen the sign yet all i know is that did get. but you can see peoplyou know driving through that thick fog. course you need that to see because when thi was ability it's so low john. it was just talking about the visibility. some caes less than a mile well, some cases a mile of the visibilities so you have to be extra careful out ther we also have all these cameras that just show you just how bad it is. which is silar to
8:35 am
almost the golden gate cameron just because you're seeing a lot of people driving and a lot of people driving in thick fog. it makes for dangerous conditions to want to be extr careful maybe leave the house a little bit earlier. for just going slow or even though i' seeing people. and the secure tell came shows. the whole city of san francisco co to see the golden gate bridge in san francisco. a lot of people have come here, appointed to the fact that this is the view at they can see. to see anything in it advisories in place unt 10 o'clock this morning wouldn't be surprised if the fog 100.
8:36 am
>>ok thank you sarah. >>now it was an instant classic day game against c new orlea saints and a nail biter to sit down to the wire to finalew saying if they of course. off but it was kid and was the key takea look at the final winning field goal. >>go with the golden foot. bu again, yeah it was a nail-biter all game long all 4 quarters. it was aack and forth battle of quarterbacks really e offense for both teams the shining bit about thisame >>score was up so high where was the defense side. that the fence on the face not the
8:37 am
falcon so much coming up, but then you got the rams and they also have the seahawks to an end this season's thank you to the rams and jerick hoffer helping us out tonight this is real but the raiders they lost again. what they gt one more game at the coliseum in that's it. fence gave up a 91 yard touchdown 2nd quarter. before the game because star and what josh jacobs. he was out. so he didn't play it in the endthe titans why did claim they were too much the rate of 42 to 21. you only do i am i a but haitian a now she looks like and then the really hoping they can. raider nation of wind. one final win it all for
8:38 am
the sake of life. all right still ahead on the kron 00:04am morng news. >>when east bay city is seeing a rise in package theft these porch pirates really stepping up this holiday season now the city is king steps to stop it will explain what theye doing. plus remember the life of carol spiny the man who puppet big bird and oscar the grouch we're going to take a look back at his long career ith sesame street. you know when you're at ross and yorealize it's time
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your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ros yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even betterhen u find it for less-at ross. yes for less. >>and we're back in a 40 run in the east bay police say that since the jump start of the liday season. they see property crimes on the rise auto burglaries are big issue package thefts as well. a few officers for the pleasanton police department actually been reassigned a patr. the holidays, it's a strategy to crack down on property crimes the end of the ar. so they're going to have both uniformed and plainclothes ofcers working with neighbhoodaw enforcement they're gong to crack down on places like malls and shopping centers, but also neighborhood developnts as well and
8:42 am
apartment buildings. police say someone should be home when you're expecng the package she can bring it inside and don't rely on surveillance systems to stop a thiewith seymour more videos of just porch pirates going up regardless of whether it's a camera they're not a 41. >>as we head, i don't think you to do the teams. we don't. really this morning. how many an hour john for me know i ut did it it's only an hour really you know as a way to have that we'll be rit back.
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8:44 am
ernest hemingway wrote the old man and the sea at 52 . satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59.
8:45 am
celicruz was still winng grammys at 77. john weler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70. and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space. your best is yet to come. melashes with up to 10x volume in a man's world? from ecovergirl.y, beautiful >>welcome back 45. it is foggy out the you can actually see the tarmac now at sfo you couldn't seit earlier but we've still got a big delaoff their 58 minutes right now as we're sitting oakland and san je, still looking at delays of a less than 30 minutes at this time meaning the really not registering but we do
8:46 am
anticipate aleast that flights are probably gonna havsome issues today because that fog is something else very dense acro the bay area, we're looking at a across the bay this morning at least it is nice and quiet on satellite and radar, no worries about rainfall today. now ase work into tomorrow daytime hours are going to remain dry a it's tomorrow nighthat all the cloud cover that you see on the pacific is going to start to work its way our direction and will eventually look at just a few light showers ahead in the forecast again that's not until tomorrow night though so todaa nice break tonight. we're keeping the break tomorrow during the day we are too. then those light showers move in tuesday night last io wednesday morning we see a few showers as you drive your way into work on weesday. so the think about that tomorrow you got more fog as you dve into work wednesday. it's going to be a couple of spots where the roadys are wet. 50s for your daytime highs in san francisco and our coastal areas today while lot of the bay will be tapping back in some 60's this afternoon once we get rid of this fog today is actually going to look a lot like yesterday did similar
8:47 am
temperatures partly to mostly cloudy skies and overall just pleasant conditions that it wasn't for the fog would actually be really nice right now. e fog is very down 7th us is keeping things a little cool right now. sonoma youngsvil and fairfield each at 60 for your highs later on today. also at 60 santa rosa and petaluma later on tomorrow a lite cooler that chance of rain arrives after sunset likely to linger into wednesday morning. afr which point wednesday thursday and friday look to be dry. saturday, our next chance of rain after tuesday night's. well, 13 minutes, if you need acrossthe bay bridge holding steady has not gotten beyonce. >>17 minutes today, so it' counter intuitive all that fog you with fe, it would back up traffic but no according to our sensors from the maze across the. and dowon to fremont street now it's 14 minutes, we'll take it every day of the week because that is phenomenal not phenomenal on the san mateo bridge 44 minutes, this is the commute
8:48 am
directio you can clearly s the cars are moving along. that's not a problem. there's just so many cars, there's there's fog. then there was an accident on one oh one 92 with those 2 ars emerge that cause the backup but at least you can clearly see the wheels ar inching ang. and then if you need to go northbound on 84 milpitas to san leandro you looking at 23 minutes a lot of orange in the commute direction, which basically means cars arpumping their breaks slowing go as a lot of people ading down towards the south bay, san jose to menlo park a little bit better it was 62 minutes now youe looking at 57 mutes, san leandro to milpitas we talked about that 43 minutes here and then antioch to concord this is also on heard of 21 minutes, we'rall a nice morning commute all of the bay area inpite of the fog. james darya thanks allow la 40. spinney t puppeteer who
8:49 am
brought a sesame street characters to li big bird oscar the grouch. >> has died at the age of 85. yeah he's been with that program sin the beginning he lost his battle though to recently we have richard roth who takes a look back at his long career with sesame street spanning 5 decades. >>people never recognize caroll inney nobody knows me but they will never forget his legendary tv characters seen around the world. also many years back burner. sesame reet. >>he was also oscar the grouch i love playing oscar. heas a power i never had. >>th makes the grass here. sunny days. >>so then he says he grew up with an abusive father, but a mother who encouraged s
8:50 am
puppetry you get tt job jim henson saw me performing. and a pop the best in a retirement video produced by the sesame worksho he told us how we got to sesame street. >>he said i'm gog to build a large playing it to me it's very much like a se fellow. came up to and i was a drummer and sd band from liverpool would you li to the bedroom of hi daily. he was a bit of a country pumpkin to begin with, but en a few shows on us and you know i think it should be a child learning a with that the children the producers e always been >>spinney appeared in thousands of sesame street episodeacross neay 50 years hanging up his feathers and 2018 i started with puppets wh i was so use felt that i shoulbe good. the
8:51 am
needed to stay hidden to make big bird 8 feet tall, i held my arm over my head. quita for hours first ladies of the united states love the big bird. but one presidential candidate was less enthused. i'm gonna stop the subsidy tobs i miss top of the things i like pbs i love big bird summer. >>and above using left a half hr.i mean it was an all song in games sesame street coronted troubling social issues such as less to pin bigfoot that's a 3rd one very ce. thatade me feel bad. >>i just want to be part of the club. >>then heould be lonely inside big bird, but he guided millions of yogsters through childhood. i'm ládeia, and there's more to mehan hiv.
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>>can she go native aaron dgers brought awareness to areas affected by the campfire yeah in fact we have video of him there he is with headphones showing the message paradise song, he used them before the game on sunday in any war ctomize pair of cleats with the same message during the game. this was the cleats for a cause thing lot of playe were doing and he wanted to brg awareness to the wildfires. yeah and and the impacts has been having on thousands of people a across northern california of course being from chico the paradise fire was awfully close to an afcted a lot of thpeople he know he knows a lot of appreciated. yeah, show suppo all right coming up the next hour pga rches us. wdfire victims. now those
8:56 am
ctims though say they're a bit concerned about some of the details of that settlement and a racist video shot by a u c berkeley student goes viral. now students want the school to take some action we're going here. more about that and here's a live look outside of the bay bridge approach fogy skies fog everywhere probably have in your neighborhood o. and that's the case here the san mateo bridge as well with traffic heading off into nothingness and one more shot for you to think we've got the golden gate bridge. we can show in fact we got from 4 sarah the bridge should have another update for us about what people over there at view the lookout are dealing with. that's not the bridge. th were coming to see a lot more on that coming up in a moment.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
you it's foggy out there that's making for a slow commute area pulse. and i'm jas fletcher you can see by the camera behind us this is a view the goldegate bridge from the san francisco side traffic coming in from or in county is just socked in coming in from nowhere sarah stinson has been cover live for us all morning long. let's see what her perspective he has to change it all sarah still c see the bridge. we've been stuck in the clock. >>and all morning long and you can see anywhere. the seat you can see san francisco out all still visibility is so poor and we connue to see tourists come by here and take pictures of what would be the golden gate bridge. and for the golden gate bridge, india people are pretty good d happy when they come by and see that there's nothing really to see. shot video earlier one it was still dark and it seems like it was worse then it's really hard to tell


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