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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 9, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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e the next generation from addiction. all ainst big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and approve this msage. ♪ tonight brad and jen, beyonce and taylor, j.lo, tom, leo the red carpet run-ins we can't wait to see at the golden then, only we're with wonder woman gal gadot in brazil as we get a first look at the sequel. >> i cannot wait. plus the new faces in the new ghost busters. then fels huffman after prison and the latest on a "this
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is us" star's split. plus shania spills about her wildest night in sin city. and it's a party of three with today's guest co-host. >> we have a pick surprise for scott wolf. >> "e.t." starts now. the golden globe nominations are out and we are all in. >> y we are. think about the red carpet collisions on that day alone. it's going to be crazy. welcome to the heart of hollywood here at thlondon hotel with our special guest the man who invented the fountain of youth. >> we know you've bee to the globes. >> i have. party ofive won a globe in 1996. do you remember we were there with u? >> i so remember. >> we'll get to that in a minute. >> keltie night, baile out. she's got auto theolden globe news. >> right there, ladies and gentlemen. >> the returto television. jen is back. >> we've got each other so we're good. >> and now "the morng show" co-stars jennifer aniston and reese therspoon are nominated in the same category, best actress tv drama.
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>> i need a partner. sometimes partners walk out. >> this is jen's first t nomination since winning the 2003 golden globe for "friends." jen's date that nighwas her then husband. >> can i just say i love -- brad pitt, love y. >> brace yoursf. they may reunite for the carpet again in january. brad is also a golden obe nominefor his supporting role in "once upon a time in hollywood." in february the exes proved they were on good terms wn he attended her 50th birthday rty. >> you're giving the people what they want. brad pitt and jnifer aniston together again. >> it's great to have them in the room under any circumstances. >> feel lucky is what i fe. >> leonao dicaprio is nominad. so is "a beautiful day in the neighborhood's" tom hanks. meryl streep and nicole kidman for their ic season togeer on "big little lies." >> it's incredible.
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nobody likes to say it. we don't want to jinx it. >> it cld totally happen. j.lo was nominat for "hustlers." >> thank you so much. i'll see you at the globe. >> as for snubs game "game of thrones" was shut out except for haington and no "this is us" either. >> i'm sorry, mom. >> this is exciting. bestriginal song the globes have t of music's most powerful women, beyonce and taylor swift. taylor's song sfrom "ca"cats" f off against beyonce's "spirit." beyonce reveals the question she hates being ask the most -- are you pregnant?
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get off my ovaries. let's get back to the golden globe party of five won in 1996. .t." was there to join the celebratn. look at this. >> unbelievable. to b selected just as a nominee among this group of quality television programs was amazing. >> i immediately jumped on my chair. >> amazing. >> that's incredible. >> i think it was blair underwood i think who was -- the man said party of five he was like whoa. "party of five." >> you know the globes is all abt the movies as well. let's talk about movies. we finally have our first look at the "wonder woman" seel. it is amazing and so is this -- only "e.t." got gal gadot in brazil >>e've been dying to show this
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to you! >> brazil thousands of comicon fans all joining viewing the trailer at once. we're the only american crew with gal and patty jenkins. >> i hear that you cried. is that accurate? >> yeah, and i'm not an easy ier. just to save my pride. like wn i'm pregnant, m not the type of woman who watches commercials and cries. >> but you didn't do that in the first one. >> no. i had such a strong reaction to this movie. >> why? >> all of a dden i wasn't the gal, wonder woman, the actress was a little girl from a subu in israel watching all by myself. >> youe a mom of two dahters.
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>> that too for sure. i got to tell you. it's not just for the girl it goes both ways. >> remember when chris gives gal his watch when seeming to die in the first movie? he does the same thing in this movie. >> weeks and weeks of working. really hard for her. >> still recovering. peakinforeign language] >> we're still in brazil. >> from sequel to what we're calling a threequel. to the new ghost busters. >> is he a continuation? >>t feeds it off to a new generation. >> in ghost busters after life
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"stranger things" fin wolfhard lookright at he as he and his friends find the original ecto 1. >> come on darlin'. >> it has a gunner's seat. >>nd look close. bears a striking similarity to gor, the slime spewing spook from the original. >> killer replica. >> a replica of what? >> a ghost trap. >> paul rudd plays a science teacher who discers the trap is locked and loaded. >> wait a minute. >> who you going to call? >> in an homage to the late haro ra miss mckin in a grace >> there's aery slim chance we're survive. >> erything olds new again. >> it is. >> by the way ghost busters after life hits theaters july
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10th. let's go to fels huffman, she's celebrating a birthday today. >> felicity is up first in know and tell. licity huffman out for a birthday walk in l.a. there weekend with her husband william h. macy. she turns 57 today. she'll likely be working on her court-mandated 250 hours of community service, but a source well beyond her sentence. work she's working with two organizations, one helping victims of sex trafficking and another helping inmates re-enter society. moving on to the "this is us" split shocker -- >> is it true you were blind-sided by the divorce? wh? >> how did you even know i was here? >> chrishell stauswas caught
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by paparazzi while shopping with her pooch, gracie. it's been two weeks since her ex just hartley filed for divorce. she's moved out of her house and removed her wedding ring. >> what's the hardest thing about e whole thing? >> doing it in front of everyone. and the fallout continues for prince andrew after teenager, allegations he denied. it's being reported that andrew's daughter, beatrice, has nceled her engagement party. also laying low prince harry and meghan. they haven't been spotted together in a month. the vacation says they're on holiday. >> now we move on to will smh. >> "e.t." was with b willie in new york city. >> if license place state fresh -- then the big bold fashion from the "little women"
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♪ west philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where he spent most of his days. >> that's will smith tning the theme song to "the fresh prince of bel air" into aedtime story at the world's biggest sleep out in new york. >> it's fantastic. the camera is very close. >> our bad, will. sorry. there was nooom because the crowd nt crazy. but scott, you know what that's like. check out everyone going nuts over you at a mall in 1994. what is that like? >> that's crazy. always nice to come face-to-face with fans. sometimes it's intense. it's like a beatles moment. >> it is yr major rock star moment. >> well here are some mo stars with love. they're all in "little women." >> and keltie was there at their new york premiere. >> can we have a fashion spin so we can see? >> i mean, yesbecause it's
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ralph lauren. >> it's gucci. love my boots. i just realized these are fluffy i didn't know that. >> the fashion in the movie was so great. did you love it? > corsets aren't that comfortable, but love it. i feel like that pinkress is pretty great. >> the best dressed in the world. how do you feel about that? >> not true. >> goth gowns and ripped from the runway fashions. little woman scored two golden globes including best actress nods. >> what do you make of when i say saoirse might win the oscar?
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>> is that what you say? >> that's what i say. >> i rd a story that you requested that saoirse slap you? >> oh my goodness. >> what isappening? >> this has been so blown out of proportion. it was one time. eryone's allowed to ask saoie to slap her in the face once. >> we love you girl. >> well keltie knight is playi sip and spell with shania twain. >> whyrad pitt doesn't impre her? >> i still have not met brad pitt. what she's only telling us abou the duet with lizzo. >> that's crazy. >> speaking of lizzo, court side at a laker game. and jason priestley talking about the 90210 comeback.
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>> travel consideration provided by --
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♪ gotta blame it my juice >> lizzo showing it all off this weekend dancingith the laker girls. ♪ hair toss, check my nails >> the singer partf the star-studded linp for kiis fm's iheart radio jingle ball. >> am i too extra? then i rlized that's been my whole life. >> bachelor nation also on hand including chris soules in his first red carpet since that fatal accident. >> it has been tough, but it makes you appreciate the peoe around you. family, friends anhow hard things can get. you just have press on. >> the 3-year-old was sentenced two years probation. >> it's you gotta move on with life and just do your thing at some pnt and try to make yourself a better person. >> and this star's moving on --
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jasopriestly after "bh90210 got the -- >> the ax? well, unfortunately 's not the first tv series i've been that's been nceled. >> maybe it could get picked up somewhere else, like a streaming service. are talks about that happening? happen.n't think that's going to we certainly set the show up to continue. unfortunatelit just didn't come to pass. >> the d took his daughter and a friend to see billy eilish, but remember when teens paed malls to see jason? >> the facthat girls my age loved my dad is very weird. >> scott, you and jason priestley weren everybody's wall back in the day. you still look the sa, both of u. what's the buty secret? >> i can't give it away. i need to launch a skincare line. >> it's because you don't le in hollywood. >> that's it. shania kicked off h las vegas over the weend. >> and only ourauren zima was
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with her. ♪ oh oh oh totally crazy >> welcome to twain town. twain townaloon. >> oh, so good to see you. >> same here. >> thank you f having us. >> this is melody. come here, baby. >> melody. is melody in the show? >> she is. she's got her own pass. >> mody's credentialed. >> shania's sidekick is kind of a show stealer. >> i brought a song back in the sh that i haven't done in a very long time. "forever and for always." >> why haven't you done it before? >> it's hard to sing. >> even for you? >> it would be hard for anybody. >> i know you're workingn something maybe with lizzo too? >> yeah. >> where's that at? >> lizzo and janelle, i wrote a song for the three of us swe will see how that comes together
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>> can't hang out in shania's saloon without playing a game of p and spill ing some of her biggest hits. ♪ man i feel like a woman >> for "man i fe like a woman" what most makes you feel like a woman? >> braless. ♪ that don't impress me much >> of everyone you've eret in your career who did not impress you much the first time. >> it doesn't impress me much that i have still not met brad pitt. >> what is the craziest thing you've done in vegas? >> i have to recook david cooper field's meat because he doesn't like it too raw. >> he has toay you. >> chef shania. >> that game can be tricky. let's talk about your cw show nancy drew. >> the show is inspired by the origal books, but it's a 2019 telling of the story.
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>> you showed us around the vancouver set. >> i'm an amateur, so i get to look at my cards. they're going to make this super embaassing for me. >> we would never do that to u, scott. we let the hollywood pro loose on hisancy drew set. scott pointed out others things that are different than the book, sexyove scenes. >> there's sexy scenes on the show >> with u? >> not we me. i'm the old guy. >> have you been enjoyed ? that's weird. especial because you're playing nancy's dad. >> that's why i'm asking. >> it's steamy a lot of times. >> hello, hello, hell >> that wor for me. >> 23-year-old kennedy mcmann
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plays the iconic private eye and scott's tv daughter. >> pple are dying to know how you feel about working with me. >> i've made a lot of kes that working with yous terrible. >> you have. >> yeah, i do that a lot. no. working with scott is like maybe myavorite part of the show. but no, your the best. look at him. >> yeah, the best. >> kevin frazier be woied. >> i was told was going to get to keep the microphone but i gave it back. >> you're part of the family now. you and i are going to take on thor,hat's next. weather's like it really does feel that if usc was at the top of the conversati. there be more leewagiven the history of the program giving the brand name we see that kind ofeeway given to
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programs like oklahoma out bam a couple years ago, they can prove it. utah. on the economy, a unique leader. over 400,000 jobs. d as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skillocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don'tust get by, they get ahead. i'm mi bloomberg and i approve this message.
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t."
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celebrating the premiere with ryan and corey in braz. >> only on "e.t." >> i unison. >> team work. >> nailed it. plus ryan on his scary fan event in rio. >> el bratingn "e.t." birthday kirk douglas is 103. by t way, i got it. >> see what we do. beforee go move over roc this is chris hemsworth rning through manhattan's wall street area. he's filming a commercial. the reason doe't matter. i could watch thor run all day every day. >> props to chris. have youeen us run? >> no. >> plse. watch this. let's go scott. ♪ >> what is happening here? is this a thing? oh, god, this show is over. good-bye everybody see
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>>some 2 dozen dogs jobs. found in a stolen van. but now e search is on because some of them are still missing. in a live report we hear from police about the confusion and what they say the thieves plan to do with all those animals heavy rain in floed roadways. this storm may have passed does, but the damage was done and now the bay area's gearing up for another round. >>the wet weather. our chief tells us when to pack thernow umbrella this week and the details emerging about pga


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