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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 10, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>a well thought out prty disturbing planned to bring the optimal amou of terror and to people's homes. >>night we're learning brand new details about those violent me invasion robbery cases that happened in the east bay in the north bay, 4 suspects have been arrested and today 2 of tse suspects were charged withore than 2 dozecrimes gd evening, everybody thanks for being with ussaid 9 i'm grant lotus and i'm pamoore in for vicki liviak tonight in fact, one of those 2 suspects is a former basketball player of the lay whole high school. >>well for sharon stone i following the story he joins us live from lafayette tonit
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with the last jr. >>yeah, so many new cringe worthy details in this case. now 2 othese home invasion case has happened here in lafayette. one happen in benicia and another in oakland. >>all of the victims were zip tied and then duct tape to both wrists and their ankles, eir eyes were cered the husbands if you were to were that ill left in the head. >>those are justome of the details involved within 4 home invasionrobbery cases that haened in lafayette, the new show and oakland from late october to late november. >>all the victims were either dragged or carried tre homes in 2 separate rooms, so that they were by themselves and vulnerable the robbs. >>22 yr-old joseph wells and 20 year-d adomah d op of
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fairfield have both been charged with more than 2 dozen crimes connect to the home invasn robberies. in fact you may recognize d op who at 6 fo 7 is a former valais whole high school basketball player. right now both are behind bars and those with the da's office describe the details of what they did as disturbing saying that the gear they used during the robberies was found in a bag of of fairfield home. >>it includ all the maps that they had been wearing would the burglaries they routinely put items over the heads of the victims so that included duct tape, the zip ties lkie talkies flashlights. all items that haveeeused in all of these robberies. >>investigators say the victim's debit cards were used at atm shortly after each robbery. prosecutors say wells in d op had a noteok that had detail pre planning of the wealthier areas they target the banks they were planning togo to and the types of
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people they go after and they didn't just go after debit ard. >>wedng ring was soap opera one of the victims fingers. a tremendous amount of stolen operty was recovered last thursday as well stolen firearm so it's a tremendous public safety thing thate were able to actually cover the guns and return them. >>yeah and hats off tohe many different agencies who are iolved here as well. these are individls who are living in fairfield and keep in mind. sacramento, police were involved in this as well because 2 da after the most recent home invasions those suspects are believed to have been trying to sell some of the stolen items at a sre in sacramento. at this point in the investigation they are still looking for a 3rd suspect reporting live in layette j r stone kron 4 news. >>thank you j r let's check on
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whether a li look at the bay idge toll plaza not many cars, but you can see it seems like a lot of rain. >>cars are driving in the meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. this storm's a pretty decent one yeah coming a lot stronger than expected originlly just taking a few 107 inch of rain we've already seen a 3rof an inch in some of the north bay valleys so we're seeing a very heavy band moving in the bay area right now you see the rain drops. starting out in the bay area the afternoon. but there's plenty more on the way in the show that activity is picking up right now, especially right along the peninsu stretching across the parts. oakland and richmond you see some very heavy rainfall moving in throughight now you can see right there let that ban a line right across south san francisco with some very heavy amounts of rainfall moving to right there that's the kind that can cause some airport delays right theratfo with the a airport right there check on some of the rain rates right around there south san francisco. that's an inch an hour. so that's a pretty substantial as that system
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bay we're seeing the rain coinuing to move in and it's very heavy in spots in the parts of oakland right now you're looking at some heavier bands moving through your neighborhood berkeley. some heavy rainfall also falling there and then a little further up to the rth and the st to their hercules you see that heavy band moving through that producing a some pretty good downpos in that area as well so the rain rates their debt over an inch an hour. so certainly a pretty substantial sto systems freshly compared to what was expected to be a showers contuing but mainly light so far in antioch and the more somber moment again that band of rain is coming your way. so overnight tonight, most cloudy the rain will continue and then tomorrow, mostly cloudy chce of showers in the morning but rely we're sitting in an unsettled weather pattern th a slight chance oeach day over the next couple of days s we've got a couple bans or weak systems approaching the bay area here they are you can see e iding through tonight that bringing with some rain drops out there right now those showercontinuing tonight behind that there's
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yet anoer certnly engh tke things going especially without a bigrridge of high pressure building in tonight the modeshowing the showers continue but taper off as we head into the earl mornin hours. for your commute t a washout but certainly the chance you can see a few mor scattered showers early on another chance of some rain k especially in the north bayas we get in toward what looks like thursday. and thursday morning. re showers rotating in that direction maybe some more onthe way for the entire bay area on friday that's forecast guys back to u. thank you lawrence. >>now to an update on a stry we've been following night fremont police say they ha found a fable the missi puppy fable was among the 2 dozen dogs ssing from a van that was stolen in fremont sunday. fremont police announce the fable is on her ay home for the holays, and this english bullg is among dog still missing from that still and then fremont police say their attention to finding this dog is what they're going to focus o now the owner
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bought the dog from a breeder in kansas about 3 months ago oppose his name was set to arrive in tacoma washinon yesterday, but never mated the owners have received some information from police however whereabouts are still unknown tonight. >>the house committee on the judiciary is introducing 2 ticles of impeachment. charging the president of the united states, donald j trump with committing highcrimes and misdemeanors. >>with that house democrats officially announcing 2 articles of impeachment against the president his morning, the first article or charge as for abuse of power. the secd is for obstruction ofongress. the impeachment charges come after a 2 month investigation intokraine an anonymous whistleblower and now many wiesses say president trump tried to get ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son nter during a phone call with ukrainian pro president, the low to mayors alsky
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president trump responded on twitter today after the press conference sayg both the president and the foreign minister of ukraine said many times that there was no presse not learn the dems know this but refused to acknowledge. republcans blasted today's announcement calling it a political move that's an embarrassment to congress. we would never be here if they paid attention to the fac of the hearings. this is not a day. >>at america will be proud abo is not a day that history will write that anybody wants to repeat. >>gop leaders so argue that democrats are rushing the investigation. but house intelligence chairman adam schiff from southern california says it is critical that the process does not get dragged out by the president. >>the argument. why don't you just waitmounts to this. why don't you just t him sheet in one more election. why not lehim she just one more time. why not let him have for lp. just one more 4 times
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hat is what that aument amounts to. the president's misconduct goes to the heart of whether we can conduct a free and fair election in 2020. >>sources say voting on these 2 arcles of impeachment will begin on thursday in the judiciary committ. it will then move to the full house vote which is expected next week. the republican ntrolled senate figures to take up the matter come january 10. >>and continuing our coverage house speaker nancy pelosi and house committee chairman nadler and schiff announced the articles of impeachment against president trump and then the speaker step back and let other house members take the lead tonit. catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics sat down with our political experts about what speaker pelosi strategy might be. >>to adam schiff jerry nadler see yone else in favor of this 2019 is yours 2020's nd because i'm keeping the house.
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i believe that's her strategy principles did she want this to happen. she did not want this is where time i do mean disagree abouhis revisionist history of november, one of 20 2016, which is i do not we have neither of us believed. why do not believe that they were going to impeach based on all that was going on even as the mueller investigation unfolded. i didn't think that was going to hapen. but. speaker pelosi is very much someoneho cares about the institution of democracy in she saw but t president did whether you agreed or not. as something that rattles and shakes the very foundation. constitutional system of checks and balances about article with the le of article one. the congress and the role that the president plays with regard to his ability to conduct himself or herself in office without
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compromising the country. his or her own political gain, you're whereou're certainly hear t there. so from a b. it's ateady drumbeat of who is the real leader of this country right now who is acally going out there and making things happen. and it's speaker pelosi. >>and don'forget to watch this week's edition of inside bay area politics with catherine heenan she will ha more insight into the impeachment process and where things go from here as well as how the chrimas holiday could affect the timing of the polics airs this sunday morning at 6.30 right here on on 4. >>other news now seniors at a needs basis to living facilityour abruptly finding themselves forced to find new homes people living at brookdale san pablo are given a 60 day notice righ before thanksgiving. the notice said their facility would be closing when this lease runs
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out come january and some of them are disable com for sale of the sacking taaked with seniors at the san pablo facility day she joins us live. >>so taylor whatre they saying tonight. >>we many of the seniors. i spoke to today said that this is one of e few affordable options that they had many of them are living on soci security and say that they can't really afford to live anywhere. say that they plan to live here for the rest of their lives and now nearly 80 residents are forced to find somewhere new and scraling to find out what's next they say at it's getting more and more stressful as each day goes by anagain residents said brookfield's and have lower given a 60 day notice justdays before thanksgiving at the place woulclose when the lease runs out at the end of january repeal manages and operat 650 senior living facilities across in a brookdale spokespers try. believes the property owner for the closure because they want to sell thproperty. it rea quote they're not renewing the lease because this was a 30 plus year lease at would no longer lines of brookfield's overall strategy to own its properties now.
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however residents say that the owner trying to go sheena lease even lowering now many are left feeling ice. heless on where to go next. >>i expected my everything they told me that i could live years the rest of my eye.'m not going to give up this place until they. cart me out ok well we wish we knew more, we wish that brookdale head told us a lot of what their intentions were a long time ago so we could have had more time to look. and make decisionshat not it's a scary in christmas and you hike new year's. >>now brookdale says it's offering to he relocate sidents in offering up to $1000 in moving expenses but residents here say that's not nough and they must do more. coming up at 10 we'll hear more about their ght starting as early as tomorrow reporting live in san pablo taylor the psac ii kron 4 news.
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>>a san francisco staple is moving to las vegas. this thing's been a huge moneymaker in the city and tonight we'v learned the massive acle world conference here will no longer be held in the bay kron fous dan kerman has more on why organizers armoving. >>for years an estimated 60,000 pele have comeo san francisco for the annual oracle openworld event now that's over with oracle announng they're moving e conference to las vegas. >>this could be the tipping point or the beginngigns of other businesses and conventions leaving san francisco. i don't think it's any secret that our streets need help them. that's a cost of living in search is goin to cost of workers in maintaining workers a centrist going retention is really challenging the san francisco chamber of commercsays this is not the first convention to move out of san francisco and they say. >>it's a blow to small business is significant. hotel stays a taxi rides restaurants, food etcetera. >>so we're hoping there at some point is a change of heart but that's
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disappointing. >>it's believed thai hotel costs contributed to the decision. >>continue to be a place where only those who can afford have convention here are the ones who are holding a convention here. >>issues relateto homelessness and overall cleanliness of the city a also believed to be part of the decision but theayor says she doesn't believe it's the first of many re to come. >>thereby but at the same time i don't think that that is going to discourage people from choosing san franciscos a destination what my hope is is thathey see a real change as they continue to come and visit. >>for its part s of travel go after more than 20 years, e but it will be booking other events over time to fill that space. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in the north bay, the novato police departments now the 9th bay area law enforcement agency to link up here with this surveillance network
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organized by makers of ri security cameras. they're close to 700 police agencies across the country that he signed up with the amazon owned company.olice departments, often of urse use video from surveillance cameras to try to solve property crimes like pple stealing packages off doorsteps and if you're thinking about maybe working with the police depament here and have privacy concerns. the poce say don't worry. >>we have no access to any cameras within the community. we don't know theirocations we don't know their owners. >>police say ring is simply providing them witthe law enforcement portalto there neighbors app which acts as a virtual neighborhood watch. the nevada police dertment matains they have joined up with this network to help make the community sar. >>a san jose soccer coach faces crimes involving 3 teen girlsolice say 34 year-old ricardo goatee and has surrendered to detectives yesterday. investigatorsirst
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started looking into him last month after getting a report that the suspect engaged in inappropriate havior wit the victims that hair as is a walk on varsity soccer coach at gundersen high school in san jose and a coach for the san jose serve competitive girls soccer team. >>she's 4 petaluma businessman larry peter ts holiday season. it's also aboucoat larry peter run. >>petaluma creamery and he is looking for about 1500 people who are homels and in need of a warm jacket this holiday season. kron four's michelle kingston steed in to help. >>or try to save agriculre. we gw the faena think i'll make the cheese. yes, he's a well knwn businessman at sonoma county. we're tryin to dairy farmers, his cheese is distributed all over the country. but lry here is much more than a dairy farmer, given back. more each yeaas
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i get older. >>this rooinside the creamery may look like an old warehouse full of boxes that those boes are full of something so many people in the bay area are in ne of this time of year. justlike the e larry is wary. >>bottom 4. to ve somebody a warm jacket for the winter months and somebody that needs aift christmas time. they were in boxes they boxed open for christmas. so that's why ttom. >>larry says there are about 1500 coat folded insi these boxes. anyone in search of war. this holiday season to see it everywhe y even see it were. >>in your bdckyard, you see it in petaluma you see it in the big cities and you see ople that are reall struggling.
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>he codes were purchased larry at an auction in june because even on the hottest ys ofummer. larry is thinking about christmas and what he can do for those in the bay area in his community might just brought of here. >>anput him here and i'd whoever really need the ut to jackets s homeless. >>now in order to give away ese coats lavery eds your help head to the kron 4 facebook pa and let us know about organizations that you think larry can t in touch with inorder to give these coats to people who are homeless and ineed larry will then contact those organizations and ve these 1500 coats away christmas at the petaluma creamery michelle kingston kron 4 news. in the south bay 3 men face charges in connection to an med robbery last month at a business benjamin mendez junior, jose sales solace and christian alexander moon is are all from san jose. police y on november 20th the suspects went to jerry's deli in milpitas and
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confronted the clerand took off with an undisclosed amount of cash. tobacco products busan personal property belonging to the clerk clerk was not injured. milpitas poce arrested one of the suspecs 2 ys later. the other 2 were arrested in san jose about a week latr. an hour's long standoff between 2 suspects and polic and with a lot of people dead including an officer we have learned that the gunman in the shooting targeted a jewish market it happened in new jersey today in jersey city reid binion reports. >>a chaotic scene unfolding in jersey city tuesday following reports of an active shooter standoff inside a local bodega heavily armed officers b ocked off streets schools were placed on lockdown. >>long island made or actually told me that there was a a a shooting in the ar, they can guess is it was an active shter scenario they actually did dril >>what led up to the standoff is still being investigated but accordingto police the
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situation began with the murder of a police officer about 40 miles south and a cemetery and included a stolen vehicle. >>one installing new holvey a vehicle. that may contain inceiary device thatas sincieen taken from the locaon and has been examined by a bomb squad members the standoff at the bodega reportedly startearound new officers are under fire for hours. i >>3 other officers were wounded in the gunfire but are expected to survive5 peoplf were found deainside the bodega police believe 2 suspects were among those that died. >>the are days that require us to stop and think about what it means to put on a uniform. every day that god knows thisis one of those day i'm reid binion reporting. >>and we arelso learning more about the officer who was killed 40 yeaoldetective joseph seals he was a 15 year department the police there working an
9:22 pm
the state wine anti violence credited th ive steals is removi quote, dozens and dozens of hand guns off the street. >>he gave his life in the line of duty der the name of service to his community. our sadness comes with an immense debt of gratitude for his service. the sacrifice. our condolenc are with his wife and children, thr entire family of this extraordinarily tough te. >>athe time of the incident police said the detective may have been ambushed trying to stop an incident volving legal guns. >>still to come taking action to prent disasters out cal fire says clearing brush along highway 17 could save lives in an emergency plua brawl between teens andast food employees caught on camera what the managers doing to make sure th does not happen again. >>a a major pharmacy chain habeen slapped with a 3 and a half million dollar fine we'lexplain
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>>for your money tonight, california this finding cvs a record 3 and a half million dollrs. after and failed to redeem deposits on bottles and cans at some of its location tell cycle says said investigation found 81. >>of cvs pharmacies more than 800 retail stores in california refused to redeem the ecyclabl pay a required $100 daily fee as an hearing of the wants to contest the fine. a cal recycle spokesman said iis the largest enforcement action ever against the retailer for faing to recycle airlines are looking forward to another big christmas and new year season. >>about 3% more peopl expected to fly in the country. then during last year's holiday streh. the trade group airlines for america id today that 47 and a half million people are expected to fly over an 18 da
9:27 pm
throu january 5th, the th busiest days are forecast to be the fray and saturday before christmas and then the thursday and friday after christmas. christmas by the y falls on a wednesday th year. the trade group expects the lightest dayso be christmas eve christmas day. and new year's eve. woman use insurance fraud to steal thousandof dollars from a wedding planning website. >>an increase in car breain in these bay. y our police think is behind the bu ♪
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than the internet. we've cated access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssienefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted ratef $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installati fee. visit, to learn more. >>enforcement agencies across the y area have the head and full responding to stolen cars d auto burglaries these particular crimes really do tend to increase during the holiday season, private security firm. >>are also dealing withthis issue has got for sweet ago
9:31 pm
reports people at one local company say they expect hese cre and sadly to continue to rise icthrough the end of this year. >>before corporal michelle wints leave's headquarters in antioch she plots out a game plan for what to look out for when she heads out into the field. these days stolen cars and auto burglaries among the most popular crew. >>times here in the holidays everybody gets a little more desperate winters work security for strategic threat management which monitors apartment comexes business park shopping centers. >>and sideiaareas in east contra costa county are always looking for people actually looking into cars were working for somebody who's actually recording in the neighborhood or someby with their phone out. >>they may be scopi for someby else arnold. >>burglaries were recently reported th 2 of the property secured by strategic threat management. her specially vulnerable to theft if shoppers are not paying
9:32 pm
attention when you go shopping n't returnof the car and put expensive packages or anything back into the vehicle and then go back into the stores. >>tre's actual predators sit in the parking lot and watch for this and then thebreak into your vehicle and take your chstmas winter's says sedans are the most commonta cars burglary. >>aisd or stolen. e says auto crimes do happen during the day. but most happen at night pa in ll-lit areas and near security cameras if possible antry not to park next to cars already occupied by multiple people, potential bandits looking to smash and grab. iantioch leap to call kron 4 news. >>half of the catholic dioceses in the state of california are expected to be attneys general state this week. the subpoenaare part of an investigation into whether or not the diocese have properly handled allegatns of abuse by priests attorneys general
9:33 pm
javier berra is office sent may asking them to retain in documents relateto abuse allegations and a church spokesperson says they have been providing those documents since th the 12 diocese under investigation include los angeles, san francisco and san jose. well while. >>season has beedeclared over but that does not mea that the work isover for fire crews, you see him out here. they were tmming trees and clearing brush along highway 17 in los gatos today. so they've commuters and other people are more safe in the event of wildfire. that work resulted in a slow ride because of lane closures on highway 17 kron four's rob fladeboe was there. >>braving steep terrain clrly trees brush. th so-called ladder fuels that have been buding up here along highway 17 fr decades. once again today northbound commuts from one lane closed at the summit the idea is to
9:34 pm
make the fr-lane roadway into a kind of refuge says cal fire chief mike matheson. >>and if it were ever to be impacted by a catastrophic wildfire li what happened in the campfire. people would have to be taking refuge on this roadway. and prior to us doing some work on this roadway was not a safe area to be taking refuge since this kind of work. >>cannot be done in the rain commuters can expectlane closures to connue for the rest of the month. the work is also expected to make a difrence on a rainy windy days too. >>were not only removing latter feels. 're also removing dead trees that may fall into the roadway during the winter time or it's mmerti. we're also removing smaller. trees that are crowding out the larger trees and kill far identified the highway 17 corridor for act. >>response to the governor's climate itiative emergency that have been building up sh here for 50 yes could be a lifesaver for trapped commuters and mntain residents alike. >>the eder roads i was 17 or narrow. the past practice or
9:35 pm
from in the past we've had fires are vehicle accidents that roadways stopped there's no way for anybody to get off the roadway and it's a fire wereo come through the crown and that corridor. would not be a tenable it situation for people to survive. >>in los gatos rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>and n a bwl between teenagers and employees this isn't an iout in sacramento. yeah ugly scene caught on camera the in and out store manager was t allowed to commt onamera about this but he did say is not the has happened at his ike this placand the sacramento county sheriff's office is nogoing to be workinwith that in an out a patrol unit, check in their periodic lee. people are less lely to ithat kind of thing and hen u mean right front of >>the law enforcement so with he patrol. the officer car, maybe people othe surroundings a look and go ok you know we can do that. >>here unclear what stted
9:36 pm
that most recent fight t sheriff's office says. >>while there's no all encompassing rle othings do get out of hand everybody shou look to find somewhere safe 5th possible and way for deputies toarrive. >>a santa clarita woman will spend 5 years in jail r trying to scam a wedding will also have to pay back er more than $22,000 in reitution. the 37 year-old pleaded no contest to insurance fraud. e concocted a heme to scan the web site called the knot out of thousands of dollars back in 2016. miller book the wedding reception venue through the ot he came with a $10,0 cancellation insurance policy. she later clmed that she was injured and submitted medical records to collect the payout after receiving that check miller then told the not that her check was stolen anth she needed another one, but it turns out medical workers and the police report on the still in check were fraudulent.
9:37 pm
>>clouds lot of rain around the bay area that's coming down inuckets in some parts of area wll show you where coming up next plus a woman on vacation devastated was she saw on her security cameras at home details ahd. >>and in sports, a big free agent signing and this could ct madis bumgarner some guy just got $3 million pam over the course of 9 years that would you make. know that might be a large part money. carpenter has sports coming up.
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>>all right here we go let's open wita break or tonight in the major leagues big t stove news as onef the best pitchers in baseball is off the market gerrit cole reportedly joining the new york yankees on a man 9 year contract, we're million making it the largest deal. for a
9:41 pm
starting pitcher in just a few million shy, biggest free agent contract of all time it was proed to the former astros ace with command this kind of payday considering his dominance. >>just finished a year. and second in cy young voting behind h teammate used in justin, verlander more than 300 strikeouts winner of 20 mes and he's only 29 years old, the angels and dodgers were also ursuing him. are reports now that the dodgers are turni theiattention. madison bumgarner stay tuned. n let's talk some shark still looking for a win in the month of december sharks visiting the predators nashville. right to the 3rd period one zip predators barcy goodrow a chance on the penalty shot turned away by you see sarah. >>ros, nashville still leads and they added 2 or 3 minutes later ryan johansen on the power play a 2 goanational and manage 2 minutes to play. we are told e goalie timo meiecleans it up in front of the net biscuit i e basket. start still in it to one year
9:42 pm
ago. but in t final moments, cali, the arctic rose a clean look at the empty net final this 3 one predators the shks. the len a game since november, san jose back home against the rangers. >>coming up on kron sports attend the next chapter of our look back at the great writ moments in oakland, which includes a farewl. one of the franchise's all-time greats. mornews aer
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>>video tonight security camer capturing 3 people just ransacking a home. the thieves leave and then come back after kicking in the front door. 2 hours earlier. rockland resident near seeing d and frustrated after that video while she was away on aoad trip you have a partner lonnie wong topped with a resident who sa her gun a jewelry were taken in this brazen robbery >>i walk in the entryway into
9:46 pm
debris everyere. >>other buildings home in the sense that neighborhood this is seem a like target of thieves, it's located on busy are going have a new. security cameras caught 3 people rancking her hoe ming back after kicking in her front door 2 hours earlier. >>now walking and michael case of all the stuff. the thieves were calm and deliberate taking items like a gun jewelry, the meeting other other valuables lying about one the served s a lookout. >>everything about the video shows that they've done it fo. that they were watcng the house which is probably the creepiest part of all of it. to admit that as a crime one victim, hindsight is 2020. she left her garbage cans out for the 3 day she was gone and she turned off some of her alarm features because s had a neighbor come water plants where she died didn't dthat now welcome police department says it's understandable why homeowners sarm some of their security systems to prevent false alarms caused by parents or visitors a degr you payor servicese
9:47 pm
all the bells and whistles that you can to protect your house the rst part of the experiences losg an irreplaceable heirlooring crusted with multiple diamonds, it'seen a family 75 yearlike i. >>i want that back. >>that w lonnie wong reporting tonight. >>try taking a peek outside now as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast might be a toh drive home for folks if you have to work late we're looking liveere at the embarcadero in san francisco went out there we out there course we're thinking about ourselves. >>i think the good news is i think the worst of iwill be got this thing is moving through pretty quickly right w, but you're out there on the road with his boy it is coming down now in parts of the area as this cold front really hold me together very parts of%the bay area you see right now all the way to san jose that line that cold front making its way on through the east bay now getting the worst of it as the rain has been
9:48 pm
moving right on through the bay area and really holding together originaly thought this might just begin to fall apart, but this a pretty substantial storm system heavy rainfall you canee just east of them the right nowlook at that boy it is coming down toss of our san ramon. you name some very heavy rainfall therend to the east of there hat's where that storm system is headed. brent what it is going to be picking up ahead in your neighborhood soon discovery bay. a lot of rain headed there as well and it is really coming down riht at the core of the system and yet you're going to inch and a half an hour certainly as it moves ross the bay area that's going to cause some problems and probably up ere n the roadways certainly a concern if you're out there driving around in the aime though other parts the bay area starting to clear outo get on the backside oakland looking good right now san francisco looking good. the streets of course a very wet though, but looks like most that rain coming to an end on the bkside of that system tonight though we are going to see a continuing shower and moving the bay area tomorrow morning. a chance we could see some lingering showers early otomorrow morning. then things begin to taper off as we head throughout the day but in the
9:49 pm
meantime ose temperatures are going to stay on the cool side clown highs gerally in the 50's and if you 60's outside maybe little bit warmer in the south bay. staying very unsettled over the next couple of days as we're gog to see a chance of showers on and off right through friday. this is a kid story there's a shopping ll on south carolina that actually found itself the mall date on the naughty list, thanks to is santa lookalike. >>looklike said he says he's been kicked out of that galleria mall in rock hill, north carolina because he looks too much like be reports. >>robert allengoes everywhere decked out in his signature santa costume that's red and white as much to favorite colo with the little round belly in longray beard, it's a look he's been working on for the last decade novice and there, but if youook just like nta robbie cause as he calls himself. this christma
9:50 pm
season guests don't you conrd. >>i've been them the coumbia couple times i go new york, a b over the line over to around have been getting into character makes unhappily fog make somebody >>get a good giggle alumn and merry christs i love you he went on'm not ev is ha you know where. >>jochen with dressing up as kr kringle ialso the reason he's bn kicked out of the galleria he said as soon as mall security saw him inside ey told him to but you can't come in here. i said you look too much lsanta claus. want all the get some lunch to santa claus says he wasn bothering anybody was spending time with hifamily reps for them all tell me they have a strict contract with another santa they've hired to ta piures with kids now until christmas and they're not allowed to have any other santa lookalikes lingering around i've now found that. me. 've been told to report so they can have the security grd escort me out
9:51 pm
or have me loedven though this santa won't be getting into the mall anytime sn. >>that doesn't mean he's getting out of characterhe jokingly says the galleria mall is on his not ii-listed the going into baghdad co without colin. >>that was brad bell reporting for us tonight, the ll all for its part says. allen is welcome back any time as long as he doesn't wear anything that looks like santa claus. >>entertainment news tonight, bill cosby has lost his appeal to overturn his sexual-assault conviction. the w york times reports the 82 year-old appeal was rejected a pennsylvania court today. cosby's trial was based on the account of anda con st who cosby drugged and assaulted at his home in january of 20. the disgraced comedian said additional accusers did not have been allowed to testify. ozzy was convicted in april of 2018 on 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault against constand he is serving a 3 to 10 year maximum sentence ata
9:52 pm
maximum security facility outside of phadelphia. and gives a passenger a shout out and it turned a viral on social media will explain aft t break. z3nyaz z1ncz
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>>it's a it's just of longo i a j lo fan and he writes from elle magazine about culture but he's definitely not a backup dancefor j lo. but he was on a fght need tweeted out to jetblue employees on his jet blue flight he can tell you chky encourage the. the rline to try to get people to tch the movie
9:56 pm
hustlers to celebrate j lo's goen globe nomination for st performance by an actor as well that we did end up catching the attention of the plane's pilot and in an in-flight announce r the pilot told passengers to go check out the film so that is just of longest area enjoying the little momentj lo noticed all of this she saw the tweet and what had hapned. j lo responded by sayin amazing. thank you you could be mybackup dancer. a day thank you for the support. >>well, it's for a and jaile hot right now island. euless that i got w get help over that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 9 squad on the way they should with us tonight but don't go anywhere because our primetime coverage continues at e top of the hour, ken wayne isere what we're working news grant and pam thank you very much an et and disturbing new details about a series of violent home
9:57 pm
invasions in the east bay and the >>tonight 2 of the 4 suspects face 25 felonies and prosecutors are revealing chilli details of how the men sought out their victims. and what they did to them plus to find new homes this ced holiday season. outrage seniors rea to an abrupt closing announcement from their assisted living cility. and we continue to follow the dead gun battle that broke out today in new jersey, a new development tonight that may indicate it was a targeted attack don't go away our kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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>>we're threatened that if they called theolice that the robbers we return and tak


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