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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 11, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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♪ tonight -- >> cut the cameras. >> gwen breaks down on the voice and withe.t." backstage. >> blake's emotional confession that bught her to tears. >> oh, my god. then ryan reynolds on brazil. >> only on "e.t." nailed it. >> afterearlyetng crushed by fans. >> blake said come home in one piece. ardi b ordered into court. then "jumanji" stars g wild. >> take a family portrait. getting sweaty. fic. >> they stick to your face. >> and tradinginsults. >> how many times you gonna wear
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that? >> plus, look who is here debbie gibson. >> i'm guest hosting on "entertainment tonight." >> welcome toentertainment toght" toght. thank you for choing debbie. >> thanks for havingme. >> here's my big question. how would you have down on "the voice"? >> i would have been terrible actually. there's so much pressure. i'm azed by the contestants on the show. cruelest of cuts tonight.e >> but that's not why gwen stefani teared up when she talked to "e.t." it's because owhat blake said. i love them. >> ion't -- i n't remember. i don't want to remember what i
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whiz like before gwen actually. ♪ go ahead and break my heart >> he did say he dsn't >>h, my god. before you. >> yes, gosh.yes watery? blake saved my life. everybody knows that. like, we're ju having the time of our lives ande ner expeed that this late in our lives. so we're just trying to savor every moment togethe >> the couple will share tir love in a new duet "nobody but you." it's off blake's new album "fully loaded: god's country" out friday. >> howould you say gwen makes you a better ma >> i'm a little bit of a jerk to you still, but ias aerk to everyone before en. >> girl, yeah. >> forwen, it was an incredibly emotional semi-finals. gwen lost it after rose released that performance. ♪ iant to know what love is >> let me go right to your coach. gwen? >> no. i'm not ready. oh, my god i'm crying.
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i'm soonored to work with you. oh, my god. cut the camera. contestants will be cut. ing >> going from eight to four is like hunger games. >> may t odds be forever in yo favor. >> kelly and i have a bet if one of us doesn't get someone in the finale we get to open slap someone in the face. >> i take on this bet. america, you hrd it. >> kelly, we're rooting for you. >> gwen sis being replaced by je jonas. are you a e-natic? >> who isn't? >> nick is also a mie star. he's in "jumanji": the next
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level and so is kevin hart. >> this guy's had -- you know what a year anhere we are. i'm so happy to celebrate my guy. >> i'm excited. i'm ve excited man. it's a big dl. >> with buddy dwayne behind the wheel kearrived to hollywood boulevard in a dune buggy for a cast huddle. "jumanji the nt level." >> and today kevin wt next level menting himself in hollywood history. dwayne spoke at his iend's hand and footprinteremony, but not before reminding kev he's been there, done that. >> i callehim, hey, man, it's happening. it's happening d.j. hand and footprint ceremony baby. yeah, i did it >> yeah i did it. what do you want? big deal >> last night d.j.'s style was nextevel with wife lauren. kev brought iko d rocked some familiar fashion. >> i've seen that before, right? >> i've never worn this before. you n't say th. >> you wore that three times. >> no. he's not talking abouthe actual suit. he's talking about the designer mcqueen. this is a pattern th're own for. >> thank you, kev. >> i cleaned iup for you, man. >> how many times you gonna wear that you dirty act? >> slick nick jonas was with his bros, not priyanka. >> w isn't she here with you tonight? >> she's in india right now shooting a movie there, although she's alous because she loves
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"jumanji." ♪ itill get jealous >> it's actually really fun. >> he arrivewith awkwafina fresh off her globe nod. >> we're going to tot to your nomination today. >> okay. it's reay champagne? >> it's really chaagne. >> i thought maybe it was like water or something. >> this is "entertainment tonight." we don't mess arnd. >> the first-time nonee for "the farewell" wasn't about to say farewell tr champagne. >> i'm getting loaded y'all. >> but the co-star's craziness real ramped up with a love fest from the crashing dannys. >>ell the world how my performance was so good. >> i'll get right on it. >> why don't you shut your hole while danny's trying to talk. >> don't mess wi my man. >> you don't mess with me. d.j., it's not worth it. >> and then there was jack black. ♪ do do do doo da da da da da ♪ >> singingserving up some really working up a sweat.s >> they just stick to your face. >> jack blk's spirit has so much more fun than his actual
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body. >> it's that energy. keep up, buddy. >> can we talk about ather stud? >> sure. >> not you. i mean mr. ryan reynolds. >> rachel smith travelledo brazil for this exclusive. >> hey, there guys, at's right. i'm bzil chatting with ryan reynolds and t ct of "6 unrgrod" getting tir tak on what was le bringing those miael bay action scenes to life on screen. >> bobby, they have fighte jets. >> sao paulo lks peaceful now. but just the day before a barrier separating ryan from looking like a real life stunt hero. >> i tnk it looked wor than it was. >> yeah, everyonwas fine. >> my only job that blaksaid, as ias leaving, was just com me in one piece. so that was my only job. >> coming ho in one piece would also be kind of nice after working with michael bay for
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over four months >> it's pure cos, you know, on set. is friendship isorged in pure fire. >> i got a bad idea. >> don't have bad ea have gooids. >> you get oset and you're like get ready f the bayem! >> yh, thas what it is it's bay-hem, rit? >> the best part about shooting with micel bay? >> we ha 15 minutes. >> the best part about shooting >> for me it's the sllness, the quiet moments. >> so your character in the film, ryan, he says this is all so dangerous. >> this is all so freaking dangerous. >> were some days on set rough when it comes to the action sequences? >> i mea any time you do a car chase in florence at those spee -- youee this? you see this? >> -- where these tiny streets, where you have an inch on either your heart's in yourhroat. es sorry for yelling. >> it's safe to saafter ose
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rough mayhem -- bay-hem days that it was time tthrow back a w gins maybe. >> we had some gins, yeah. >> you recently posted on gram and it says this is the new gravy. >> no. i think that's one place you gins on the turkey.o aviatn it'smazing with cereal. i feel like a jedi. >> i'm goingo pass on the gin in my frosted flakes. let's move on and ta cardi b who returned to a queen's courtroom today. a catwalk rocking designs ripped from the ruay. her trail was so long an assistant had t trail her to carryit. >> how you feeling, cardi? >> i feel good. >> cardi is facing felony assaultharges related to two strip club brawls.
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in january she donned a mink coat, fur hat and a $17,000 bag. in april it was a $2,800 white pant suit. in may it was this $5,000 pink suit. in june she pleaded not guilty to the charges in a $2,000 blue suit and a bag. i go to court.inappropriate when i dress like a young [ bleep ] lady. where am i supposed to g my suits from? h&m. >> she could wear a cardigan next time. >> fro cardi b to j.lo. >>er message to a passenger
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♪ >> ankle hook. jennifer lopez hooked a golden glo nomination for her performancin "hustlers" and one super fan is leading her caaign to win. this guy, joseph longo, got a pilot to make this announcement -- we would greatly appreciate if you support miss lopez and watch "husers" on our flight today. >> and wait it gets better.d. >> j.lo tweeted her apeciation, quote, this is amazing. you can be my back-up dancer any day. thank you for the support. >> i love that. what if i'mraveling with my 9-year-old? another star who gets a lot of love is ell andhe's giving back. >> yeah,llen's playing santa with hp from some special elves. >> can you hear me? >> no. >> yep, th's jenfer aniston wearing giant ears as she, justin timberlake, cissy tiegen and robert downey, . join ellen'sosse of "a" little brighter. holidays a we give a lot of money away.
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we give cars away. >> ellen's three nights of pri time geawa will also warm your hearts as some deserving families get the surprises of eir lives. >> you're gonna hit all the emotions tonight. i know i did. >> you think "is ius" mas you cry,ut ellen's greatest night of giveaways -- have the tissues read >> i'm melissa. >> melissa mccarthy drops in on georgia family whose mom recently passed away from cancer. i know they're strugglingnd i can't actually imagine what they're going through st having lost jennifer, their mom. >> we brought some good stuff to give you a reallyreat ristmas. >> this isonna be the best christmas ever. >> ty're gifted a trip to aspen and a trip to l.a. to meet >> it's your mortgage. what i wanna do for th is just tear that up. >> also aring their christmas memories -- j. says he once spent eight hours putting togeth a toy piano for son silas. and i am not a builder. i'm not gonna lie to you. i panicked. but my son then christmas day
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banged on that piano all day. >> that makes me so happy. >> i'm a dad. so i understand justin's joy and his pain. >> is all you. >> back to melissa rememberhe she starred in "the boss," now tiffany haddish is "like a boss." >> all bets are f. >> we're on the set of her new movie. > plus brapitt gets real about the romance rumors. >> i talk a lot of nonsense. >> and the "jumanji" cast grabs our mic. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ brad pitt "once upon a time in hollywood."
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>> don't believe any of those romance rumors. >> i don'tnow how many women they've said i've been dating the last two or three ars and none of it's true. >> he said i don't read any of it. i stopped reading all press about 2004. >> brad said in the past he made unhealthy choices based on what he was reading. he said -- i spenmost of e '90s hiding out and smoking pot. i was too uncomfortable with all the attentio then i got to a place where i was aware that i was imprisoning myself. now i go out and i live life and generally people are pretty cool. >> you know who'a big fan of brad pitt?
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>> . >> tiffany haddish. >> only "e.t." wasn set of her upcoming girl power comedy "ke a boss." >> tiffany is a magical person. she's very generous. >> a rosbe ting od care e, be looking out, aays compassiate and she looks me in the eyes en i know i need to bring it down a notch. i'm gonnaump. >> she's craz she will jump. >> "like a boss" is e ory of two ls, ffanand rose byrne, running a female centri >> well, if you two dies were to build a juggernaut company, what would it be? >> i wouldust want to be part of she readyause that's the company. >> we're going to be the walmart betterment of all pele. mostly wome men got it easy. i mean some medon't have it so easy, t that's your own fault. >> don't hate me. it was mel's idea. >> when you have a little tiff
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with your bestie do you extend e olive branch or are u the one that kind of holds a grudge for a minute? >> oh, i'm more of a silent protester. >> it pends on what happen. they doomethingcandalous to me, well then i disappe. >> all bets are off. >> these bties go ad to head >> baby, i own you. >> wanted to do botox and inject my lips for t role because it's gonna go away, but i have a movie after this one where i wouldn't have time to do it. >> you don't have to worry wit your pretty little hea >> my head is not little. it's just that my breas are humongous. >> i was noticing ur teeth are not your teeth. >> they do make my lips a little bimore. watch. >> wld you do something like that f a role? >> if it wasn't permanent. >> righ >> i find that better than the lip plumping thing. please stop me if i do that.
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>> never ever. >> my ce still ved. >> debbie you don't need to do anything. you played the hot teacher in a new kids on the block video. did you actually do the rap in that video? ♪ the boys in the ban when you lip sync in a video, some people thought it was me i had a great time. >> did you? >> i did. we like the boys. >> this is you and your dad. >> oh, i loved this moment. ♪ i did ity way >> he's azing. he's a lesson in going for the hype. i remember saying to him -- i was like how did you know you could hit the high note? >> all ght. let's talk about your gig america' most musical family. 's you, ciara, nick lachey and
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david do ick. >> it's pretty cool talent.r of the show ithe these families, tt's what made >> is itard being a judge and enng their dreams? the worst is there are tears and hug -- listen, i was rejected from "star search" 12 mes. >> this is you back in the day, your first "e.t." interview. >> oh my goodness. that hair is epic. i look like the word's most tired teenager. that was probably on some random day i was home. finish the clubs. going to school and "t." is coming to the house. journey started when you were
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young and so did the star celebrating an "e.t." birthday today. help us out with that. >> which disney channel star became the youngest artist to sign a recording contract at age 5 -- is it raven-symone, demi loto or miley cyrus? the swer when we come back. managing type 2 diabetes?
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travelonsideration proved by -- we are on set of the final season of modn family and we are -- >> really sad. >> next on "e.t." in our "e.t." birthdays which disney channel star became recording ntract at age 5?n a th is raven-symone who turns 34 today. thanks for helping us out. do not miss america's most
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mucal family on nickelodeon. >> friday nights. and we're going to leave you with the stars of "jumanji" playing a next level round of "e.t.'d" up. >> bye. >> we're doing a thing called "e.t.'d" up. you're going to ki it off and you are asking the next question to the next person who'soming down. >> my question is how long did it take to look that fabulous? >> we got it down to a science. it took us -- >> about an hour. >> aut an hour. >> pow pow pow >> he picked my outfit and i picked his. >> really? >> that's right. >> what's your favorite kind of birthday cake? >> i'm hungry. >> oh, i'm actually not a cake guy. pumpkin pie. that's what have for my birthday every year. >> here's my question. if y were a bird, what kind of bird would you b lots of options. >> oh, well, i tnk i would be a golden eagle. they're st majestic, powerful, bi of prey. >> eagle powers come to me. >> who was yr first celebrity
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krurcrush? >>niko hart, my wife. my wife just in case they didn hear me. i said my wife! - [announcer] this proam is a paid presentation
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