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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 11, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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and thank you for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin winston we ant to get a check of your forecast before we start program. >>a little vacatn a little birthday vacation, happy to be back. thank you very much, but i notice are some rain out there so i wn't expecting that let's check in with eteorologist roundtable we had to let you know that still winter up here >>well it's not even winter yet but yes, we are looking at some rain or a but we've seen it a lot the past couple of weeks said that it shs the
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right time to go a little make a because you missed a little bit of it. but wdo still have some looking tside at berkeley. we do have some cloud cover and overnight showers have continued on through the morning, so roadways are wet as you do evtually make your drive into work this morning do expect some spots out there on roadways that are definitely potentially slick. you do se just a couple of spots out there that are active on sallite radar this morning. it's actually a lot quieter righnow than we were during your overnight hours so this is working in favor of you getting to work and not worrying so much about at least in the heavy rainfall light showers continue for much of your morning ahead we're going to seevercast conditions today and a brief break from the rnfall into thafternoon. before tonight light to moderate showers push back in much like last night on into our evening hours tonight. so if you do have overnight travels be watching out for spots out there that could definitely be on e slick side come tomorrow morning on thursday morning. we do start to se conditions dying down as far as rain
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goes. here's rning commute tomorrow, you still do have some light showers in the viciny but not near as heavy. nor as widespread as what we're about to see tonight. then we work our way into thursday afternoon looks like we cch a break from the rain again for a bit friday could come along with a few more isolated showers so rainfall the week ahead of us still continues to look nice and light for the most part nothing like the downpours that we saw at times last week 50's for your current temperatures across the bay san francisco oakland alameda on down through areas further south in the bay in the mid-fifties currently so not too terribly chilly. a cool one for sure andefinitely an overcast one today t getting much sunshine on this side wednesday ahead will see daytime highs in the low 60's a lot like yesterday stone expect a lot of sunshine for this middle of t e week er to europe and all right, thank you john. >>roads are little slicand soggy this morning so just be careful driving out there make sure you're dving at a reduced speed want to take you down to the south bay. if
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you're traveling out of cuperto into san jose. crews are dealing with a fatal accident happed at around one 18 this morning. it's southbound 2.80 this is before the wolf road exit the right lane is still blocked and it's still under investigation you ow fatal accidents take a little bit longer southbound is the counter commute directions. so if you have to head north from san jose to cupertino you'll be fe but if you're heading south this morning, you'll experience just a minor delay right at the scene and then traffic's right back at the limit, i'll let you know when they clear that fatal accident want to get its from one 18 this morning and still under investigation. bridges look good once again a little soggy we're checking out the bay bridge 80 west into san francisco. no delays for the early birds, so if you're about to pack and leave now it's going to be great trip rolling in early at 8 minutes after fremont street, here's 92. no issues here from hayward ovet tohe peninsula hot spot free. 13 minutes that's pretty quick and ght on time to make it over to one on one. we're checking out the
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richmond sara fell we can definitely see the puddles here on the road west bound 5.80 soggy as well 7 minutes from the tolls to one on one, and i'll give you one more the golden gate you'll notice that crews are out there this is bridge word northbound heading out of san francisco. so they only have one lane blocked off one lane available norbound heading out, but it's not interrupting traffic southbound you're looking good for heading from the north bay to san francisco on south 1 one. it is wide open at only 20 minutes from novato to san francisco wl check more coming up in just a bit. that we're following for you this morning we're lerning new details about home invasions that have happened in the east baand the people have been arrested for the burglaries kron four's j r stone has the latest. >>all of the victims were zip tiednd then duct tape both there. wrists and their ankles.heir eyes were covered the husbands if you
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>>those a just some of the detailsinvolved within 4 home invasi, robbery cases that happened in lafatte benicia and oakland from late october to late november. >>all the victims were either dragged or carried there homes in 2 separate room so that they were by themselves and vulnerable o the robrs. >>22 year-old joseph wells and 20 year-old adomah d op of fairfield have both bn charged with more than 2 dozen crimes connected to the home invasion robberies. in ft you may recognize dr. who at 6 foot 7 is a former valais whole high school basketball player. right now both are behind bars and those with the da's office describe the details of what they did as disturbing saying that the gear they ed during the roberies was found in a bag of the fairfield home. >>it included a the mass that they had been wearing during the burglaries they would routinely put items over the heads of the victims so that they can see em. it
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included duct tape zip ties walkie talkiesflashlights. all ims that have been used in all of these robberies. >>investigatorsay the victim's debit cards were used at atm shortly after each robbery. prosecutors say wells in d op had notebook that wealthier areas lanning of the they targete the banks they were planning to go to and the types of people they go after and they didn't just go after debi card. >>wedng ring was soaked awful one of the victims fingers. a tremendous amount of sten property was recovered last thursday as well as the 5 stolen firearm so it's a tremendous public safety thing that we were able to actuallrecover the guns and return them. >>j r stone kron 4 news. >>well to the south bay now 3 men facing chges for an armed robbery at a business
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last month. benjamin mendez junior jose rosales solace and kristen moon is are all from san jose. police say at last month they went to jerry's deli in milpitas and he stole cash, ashley tk tobacco pducts alcohol and also personal property from the clerk. the clerk was not injured is doing just fine but bill peters police arrested one of them and 2 days later, the other 2 were arrested in san jose about a week later. seniors at a nice pay assisted living facility areow forced to find new homes their facility is going to close when the lease runs out in january. so brookdale san pablo residents they were giving 60 day notice about the closure just days beforb thanksgiving. in a statement of brookdale spokesperson blames the property owner for the closure because they wouldn sell the property. struggling to find an are affordable place to live during the holidays. >>i expected by averaging they told me that i could live here the rest of my life.
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>>have to move. i don't i don't see you. you know w they could do that to people. >>and the search arno it is not going to give up this ace until they currently out ok. >>well brooke dell says it will help reloca the residents there and they're also offering up to $1000 and moving expenses. residents here. they'd say that's just not enough and ty need to do more. well down to e south bay now a san jose soccer coach faces charges in crime against 3 teenage girls. ricardo gutierrez he s surrendered to detectives. investigators first started looking into him last month after they got a report that he engaged in inappropriate ehavior with that hair as is a varsity coach at gundersen high school in san jose is also a coach for the s jose served competitive girls soccer team. well to the peninsula now a man tried to lure 2 teenage
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girls into his car. this happened in belmont on casa bone avenue. so the man he drove to the girls he ordered him to get inside of his car. the girls are they ran away th went some area avenue and then the driver of them dn't follow them at the time. the girls eventually told police that the man s driving what appeared to be a black suv and that the steering will had a very specific ver was a cover with characters from the film the nightmare before christmas on a so they're still searching for that vehicle. more catholic diocese are expected to be spoenaed by the state attorneys genral. now this is part of an investigation into whether ey have pride pearlie handled allegions of abuse by priests the subpoenas are expected for the archdiocese of los angeles and san francisco. and the diocese of sacramento, fresno san jo and orange county now the california tourney general's sit letters to all2 diese in may asking them to retain
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document related to those abuse allegations. well to the east right now police in fremonsay that they found one of the dogs that was still missing after a van full of dogs were stolen from a hotel in fremont you mayemember the story this is update to yesterday on the kron 00:04am morning news look at that cute guy right there. so. was stolen on sunday. the van was eventually recovered, but some of the dogs are fremont police announced that the puppy as now on her way home. days but this english pit bull that you're looking at right there. still missing. so the owner brought the dog from a breed in can says it happened about 3 months ago. he setent to tacoma washington on monday, but just never mated owners are working with police to find him. playas hasnother gun buy-back event planned for this weekend. so the group says one in 3 homes with children has guns. members of
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the roup announced that they will be giving a $100 for handguns. $200 for assaul weapons. this is happening at their headquarters and 1, 0, 3, 8 howad street. it's from 08:00am in the morning until noon is the saturd. one and all the street can say that one line. size may one gun is not taking office trees will kill somebody and by police say as many lives as we can. >>well the mayor's office says that this gun buybk program has been. >>operating since 2014 and since ad then they've collected morehan 1000 got so far and this is definitely help reduce the amount of violence in san francisco. well coming up next time. s a t scores may no nger be used for college admittance in california. a lawsuit now clms that the test discriminates against some group of peoe. and one bay
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ea police department is taking new steps to help protect homes from burglars also after the break crews are clearg brush to prevent fires along highway 17. but that work could back up traic for the next month, we'll explain after the break. here's look outside we're checking in on 92, there's a drive across thean mateo bridge a little soggy this morning. john trouble tracking the rain to let you know what expect after the break. on the. mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as psident, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housi. proven leadership jobs .. to build an econy where people don't just get by, they get ahe. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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47 million people are expected to flyover an 18 day period. this is from december 19th through january 5th. according to the trade group airlines for america, this is a 3% and compared to last year's holiday stretch. the busiest days are forecasted to be this fridaor says mean the friday and sad a day before christmas and also if the thursday and friday after christmas i take notes. the states are expected to be christmas ev christmas day. for missions of people are traveling into and out of town that is definitely good to know anof course. so you can check in and you n't be delayed. mister flight she's she's fresh off the plane so she knows how you kn i just quickly heart listen, i love. >>and when traveling do not put your car keys or your house keys in your luggage because if your luggage is lost stole or delayed. you're
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in bad shape that happened to me yesterday had to wait the for my luggage, so travel tip. that does noso i want to it's flying fun as possible. possible. yeah. so for people traveling were heading to work this morning little soggy out there what's the issu with the rain and then we get more is a tapering off what's happening so little bit of both we're going to see it taper during the day head. then it kind of comesack and they have the air tonight. >>point most of us will hopefully be settled out of bed. so good timing for it to rain might actually kind of helpo go to sleep tonight. this is your look outside at san francisco. it's offering some low cloud cover you can expect some patches of fog but a lot like yesterday not super wide spread this morning so visibility has been fined thus far thimorning, rain is definitely stle down for your overnight hours last night which as you remember just after sunset, we saw picking up light showers to moderate showers through the evening now we're seeing a dying down. we do have more rainfall sittinout to our west out in the pacific and an
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unsettled pattern in general shing up it's one of those not necessarily atmospheric river events, but it does look like range rain out there you've got one system followed by the next pushing in but lighter this time around than what we saw last week so this is good news. this is not bad as a bad as weather for traveling as what we had be seeing light showers through the day today you will see burr a break this afternoon and then into the evening tonight, rainfall picks back up looks to be a little bit later this evening that that rainfall will be picking up than what we did see last night which as you remember was right after sunsethis time around well after your evening commute but as you head to bed tonight may start to hear some of those that pitter patter on your window as you go to sleep. tomorrow morning, some light showers continue for your morning mmute often on light showers for your thursday friday bringing more of thsame as will saturday morning so that unsettled pattern karius those carries us through much of the resof the week. otherwise it
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is actually fairly calm nothing exeme as far as rain goes stuff we can handle through the remainder of the week ahead of us 50'and 60's for today's daytime highs, pretty similar toesterday actually as far as temperatures go you're just not really going to get much much of a dose of sunshine today. you saw some sun yesterday, today's skies are going to remain overst. campbell san jose milpitas each of 62 for highs today east bay temperatures also solidly in the low 60's. pleasanton livermore union city all right at 60 degrees. oakld richmond concord each also right at 60 degrees north bay. you are most likely to see some light owers this through the rest of the morning while much of the rest of the bay area does look conditions overall really calm for your morning commute roadways are still wet from overnight showers though so do be mindful of that spotty showers today,icking up tonight showers isolated showers tomorrowfriday seeing a few more of those and then saturday holding on to some mornng showers after
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that it does look to be drier and into next week but look at those temperatures we've got overall one of our cooler forecasts on into next week th daytime highs only in the mid 50's and evening lows falling into the 30's. so it's starting to feel a little bit more like winter as we push our way into the middle of december. rob it sure is thank you john once again roadvery slick and soggy this morning we already have some. >>trouble spots that you ed to be aware of especially in the south bay so i want to start off with a fatal accident that happed at around one 18 this morning outhbound 2.80 south of wolf roads if you're leaving cupertino headg towards san josethey still have the right lane blocked it's a multi vehicle accident. e driver one driver went off the road into a tree. one lane blocked so it's not causing major delays and it's a counterommute direction, b it says something that you need to be aware of if you are traveling out of cupertino heading south towards san je and then i just got word of another accident chp issuing a
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traffic alert for north found one on one 2 north 8 80 in san jose they've close that connector ramp the traition that takes you to a to the north. also because of a spin out. we have crews on scene injuries reported. there's a big rig loaded with thousands of pounds of cargo it's right up against the guardrail so once again north one one 2 north 8 80 in san jose, completely closed because of is accident involving a big rig of course are calling out a special heavy duty tow truck to get it clear as i zoom out you can see all of one oh e from south san jose to downtown and on up to us an e-mail in palo alto so the rest of the stretch will fine. just how that one little trouble spot in your way they are soggy slow your roll out there looking at 12 minutes here on92 your trip across the 70 oh bridge will be fine and but it's definitely crash and so there early birds are out there a little busier now now compared to the last time i checked it, but we're still holding at 12 minutes over to the bay bridge, a mine. lane's that's nothing it's going to be great trip into sanrancisco this
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morning and the richmond sandra fell we can definitely see the pudds here leading up to the pay gates but it's been a delay free hot spot free commute into the north bay will check more coming up in just a bit. this season has been declared over but that doesn't mean rk is over for fire crews, cal fire they're out there, they'retrimming trees are clearing brush on highway 17 in los cabos so commuters and you know can be saved more safe in t event of a wildfire. that word could cause se major delays and be a big head for fol traveling on the highway for the next month. kron four's rob fladeboe explains. >>crews on tuesday were bring steep terrain clearly trees brush and so called tter fuels that have been builng up here along highway 17 for decades, northbound commuters found one lane closed at the summit. the idea is to make the four-lane roadway into a kind of refuge says cal fire chief mike matheson. >>and if it were ever to be impacted a catastrophic
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wildfire like what happened in the campfire. people would have to be taking refugon this roadway. and prior to us doing some work othis roadway was not a safe ar to be taking refuge since this of work cannot be done in the rain mmuters can expect lane closures to continue for the rest of the month. >>but the work is also expected to make a dierence on rainy windy days too. >>we're not only roving latter feels. we're also removing dead trees that may fall into the roadway during the winter time with summertimewe're also removing smaller. tres that are crowding out the larger trees and kill far identified e highway 17 corridor for action inesponse to the governor's climate initiative emergency. >>clearing away trees and brush that have been building up here for 50 years could be a lifesaver fotrapped commuters and mountain residents alike. >>the eder roads off if i was 17 or narrow. it the pa practice or from in the past we've had fires are vehicle accidents that roaays stopped there's no way for anybody to get off the roadway and if a fire we to come
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through the crown and that corridor. would not be a tenable situation for people to survive. >>in los gatosrob fladeboe kron 4 news. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news car burglaries a on the rise this holiday season. and security experts say e thies are targeting certain if your car is vulnerable you after the brk.
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>>welce back it's time to
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check in on those entertainment headlines. this morning. it scared moviegoers at the box office earliethis year and next now with the word seasonere. jordan peele's us it's picking up several awards. rick damigella has thatstory anmore in this morning's hollywood minute. >>us has scared up a trio of awards. the african american film critics association nam jordan peele'shriller the best film of 2019. it also shows peel as st director nyong'o film star lupita best actress. eddie murphy s honored as best actor for his rolen dolemite is my name. tanya tucker is hitting the road she set to helinthe upcoming cmt next wome of country bring my flowers now tour the guest artist list is even longer than that to his nametucker will be joined by arey
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and hurling haley winners and madin co's act the tour kicks off in vienna virgnia february 5th. >>he's a great guy. and show you a lifetime supply of virgin as does. here's a sneak peek at ryan reynolds in ee guy. >>reynol plays a non-player character in an open world style videogame who realizes what he is proammed to do and seeks to become a hero instead it's game on for free guy july 3rd 20 20 in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. and before we go a little peek outside checking in on the bay bridge, there's your backup it's getting a little crowded for you. >>inhe cash lanes and roads are soggy to john trouble tracking e rain will have a full forecast after the break. at cracker barrel, we're cooking up
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warm feelings of home thiseason. hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, wand topped with holiday herbed gravy. our take on a festiv favorite is back. and it'snly at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holida.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, the time 4.30 and thank you for waking up with us we love the company checking in on forecasts now because it is wet a soggy. so how long is this what weather going to stick around we'vgot the rest of the but and pay its ttle bit of off lighter stuff then what you miss when you're on vacation mode is working a little we dhave cloud cover and still a couple lingering sprinkles out there this morning. >>th is your view from berkeley, there's definitely clouds overhead but hey look at overall pretty clear so no visibility issues at least from berkeley you could see a couple of spots inland, especially where there's been some low fog formin


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