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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 11, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>>and i'm james fletcher on this wednesday. we're midway through the weekend where happened back. >>alter rios montt eagle bay. so we are made. you can any of that you back to the wet weather. sure you still no accidents we had 2 majorot. but reduce your speed out she's on the job. mother nature is just trying to get robin backn the christmas spirit. a little on the cool rainy so this morning we ha seen conditions, calming down though so your drive to work not going to be interrupted by
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some havy showers or anything like that just a couple of sprinkles and then at spots on the roads get see much across the bay thimorning. we have some low cloud cover that settled into the bay and as i mentioned just a few sprinkles this morning really not a whole lot to talk about as far as rainfall goes as of right now after what was a pretty busy evening last night rainfall se. temperatures right now are in a range of 50s oakland, europe, 55 53, the lay how a51 degrees and as far as the rest of the y goes. do expect daytime highs eventually reaching the 60's even wi cloud cover hanging out into the afternoon, i've got more your forecast. still ahead great to have robin back nd i hope that the traffic to the nicely today. >>ned to john and so far we're doing just fine i still recommend getting out there a little early since t roads are slick and we've already had spent out, we're looklng at right now we're hot spot free the drivento san francisco soggy. but no major delays you'll experience just a minor way in some of the cash lanes and it's really ju off and on so a great trip so far to san francisco.
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a reallyuick peak in 92, which looks a little bit busier right. we ve the brake lights filling in no big problems to the peninsula we're at 13 minutes and growing and here's the rimond sandra fell we could see a wet it is out there. 7 minutes right on time from the pay gates to want to one of course, we'll check more comig up in a bit james darya thanks a lot and all right our big story this morning, one it one step further. >>people for vaping in public kron 4 sarah stinson is live there with the latest. how would this work with they send out the vaping police. >>well that was a big diussion they're trying to figure out how how they would do this is all just a discussion because basically what they're doing i following the santa clara county. i'm basically what th've already done is banning the sale another thinking okay, if we wanted to build the actual tive smoking vaping in public.ell we're going to do this you can see in some of their notes from the meeting the thinking.
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ok we need more police we need to figurout if even have the funds to do this and they said that they would need more people to patrol which they just do't have have right now they don't have people can go around d be like you're both fear of a thing you get fined. but thiis all discussion. this is a big discussion because we haven't quite seen ths yet. we have seen the ban of sa selling vaping products across the bay area. in the state that's really sprheading this and making sure that they ban e cigarette sales and the whole reason palo alto really wants to get this in their passion about is because they want to make sure that tse don't end up in the hands of a children's this is the biggest concern for them, they said that right now they believe there's a huge of a pea epidemic. the city council on monday staff began looking into it researing a potential. used toiscourage teens from vaping you go beyond and the banning of the
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berkeley aping pducts in rtar stores. that we've seen you know in san francisco and aot of other cities in the bay are a lot that they're they said they for sure we're going to enact the same vape banthe santa clara county has passed november for the unincorporated pts of the countythe ban is slated to take effect in the county and discussion we're definitely going to continue to follow get the opinion of people because it's something that groundbreaking you know vaping is something that is fairly new it's becoming more and more popular and it's something that a lot of cities are cracking down on. now i'll send it back to you. >>ok thank you sarah. >>5 o 4 is the time in the south bay of san jose soccer coach faces charges of crimes against 3 teenage girls, ricardo good terror is surrenered to detectives investigators first started looking in him last month after they get a report that he adding gauged in
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inappropriate behavior with the girls. the terrorists is a varsity soccer coach. for gunderson high school in san jose. a coach for the sajose surf competitive girls soccer team. >>on the peninsula, a n tried to lure 2 teenage girls into his car it happened in belmont on casa bone avenue. the man drove up to the girls and ordered them to get into his car. the gir instead ran away. in fact they went up a sumerian anue and thdriver did not follow them so they were able to escape the girls told police tt the man was driving what appeared to be a black suv and that the steering whl had a cover with characters from the film the nightmare before chrisas on it. police now looking for that vehicle this morning. >>in the east bay, a dog the event was missing after a van full of dogs are stolen froa hotel in fremont was found overnight and is n in its rightful owner yeah, but this morning, the search continues for at least one more missing dog we have kron four's.
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>>christina tetault standing by for us this morning in fremont to christina. what's the latest with what was just one dogtill missing. >>ah just one dog still missing and actually want to go ahead and show you a picture of the dog so found last night because want to go out and show you the faces of the dogs that were stolen in this just odd incint. now wve got a fable fable has been located, here's a cture of people right here back to its rightful owner. after there was a tip on social media to fremont police officers so very luckily that puppy is now back at home with its owners but take a look at this dog a this is now is still ssing and is one of the almost 2 dozen dogs that was stolen from van that was stolen in fremont over the weekend. so obviously a very odd and very sad scenari there. but the fremont police department is still looking for and actually again with 2 dozen dogs just the last one to e found. and they ask if anyone has information to plse go ahead t and reach out to theright away again
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it wasa social media tip that helped them find. the first are the second last dog that is now at home. the again is still miing and they could use your help so if you do know reach out to fremont policeas deptment right away, reporting live in fremont christina teatro kron 4 news. >>thank you christina time now is 5 6 new details this morning about a violent home invasion robbery they've been happening actually bunny show oland and lafayette we have more information. 4 people were arrested in fairfield and police say they recover trying to sell stolen items, 2 of them, 22 year-old joseph wells and 20 ye-old a dam id aabar now charge with more than 2 dozen crime. the contra investigators found a bag with the gear. i up the victims in home invasion robberies. >>it iluded all the mass that they had been wearing during the burglaries all of the vicms were zip tied and then duct tape both wrts and
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their ankles. their eyes were covered the husbands if you were to were pistol whipped in the head. >>investigators say the robbers used the victim's debit cards and atm shortly after each home invasion. police also recovered 5 guns stolen from those homes. >>we'll seniors at aeast bay assisted living facility are now forced to find new homes right before the holidays, their facility was going to be close. whenlease runs out in jauary so we're going to shut down brookdale san pablo residents were given a60 day notice abt these closures just before thanksgiving. in a statement, a brooks to brookdale spokesperson blames the property owner for the closure sayi that they wouldn't sell the property. and now nearly 80 seniors are strugglg to find affordable places to live during the holidays. >>i expected by averaging th told me that i could live here the rest of my life.
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>>have to move. i don't i don't see you. you know how they could do that to people. >>and the search are no it is not going to give up this place until they currently out ok. >>brookdale sa it willelp to relocate residents and offer up to $1000 in moving expenses but resents here say that's not enough and that the the company has to do more. >>a big story this morning. a major event that attracts 10's of thousands of people every year and generates lots of money to san francisco is leaving orac is moving its annual openworldconference to las vegas. kron four's dan kerman explains why for years an estimated 60,000 people have come to san francisco for the annual oracle openworld event now at's over with oracle announcing they're moving the conference to las vegas. >>this cou be the tipping point and the beginning signs
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of other businesses and convenons leaving san francisco. i don't think it's any secret that our streets need lp them. that a cost of living in search is going cost oworkers in maintaining workers a centrist going retention is really challenging thsan francisco chamber of commerce says this is not the first convention to move out of san francisco and they say. >>it's a blow to small business. it significant. hotel taxi rides restaurants, food etcetera. >>so we'rhoping there at some point is a change of heart but that's disappointing. >>it's believed thai hot costs contributed to the decision. >>i don want to see san francisco continue to be a placwhere only those who can afford to have a convention here are the onewho ar holding a convention her >>issues related to homelessness and overall eanliness of the city are also believed to be part of ths decision but the mayor says she doesn't believe it's the firstf many more to come. >>is going to discourage
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people from choosing san francisco as a destinati. what what my hope is is that they see a real change as they continue to come and visit. >>for its rt s of travel says it is sorry to see oracle go after more than 20 years, but it will be booking other events over timto fill that space. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>11 will take a quick break but stillhead one bay area police department is taking new steps to help prott. holmes from burglars and car this holiday season and security experts say the thieves are targeting certain types of cars will explain. plus details on a gun buyback event happening this weekend right here in the bay area. and we had showers last night more in the forecast ahead of us to i've got the tails on when to expect them. >>and of course thatmeans wet slippery roads be careful out there checki in on 92. >>it's already busy from
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>>get a look at the weather is not so bad out the especially those that are going now so what a delightful morning. yes, did you guys have when you call that i forget so soon show way percent not. foggy stuff on your when you start in the morning and we did a frost , yeah, you have for austin ok just checking because you know now. >>and here's the rain come down the drive-thru but i didn't it on the way this morning has been calm but roadways are still wet from last night's rainfall so do watch out for those spots but if you have a garage, you don't even have to worry a silver carpet in the garage though is that weird yes, so i park. bizarre is i do want to move because it's really big. >>and you can be used to cut like trying to the ground that can work. the rainy season.
5:16 am
it's going to be horrible. yes, gross going to be smelling ok,opefully not an oil guy's a have decided yet it's come down for this morning commute so as you drive into work overall we do have some pretty calm wet spots though because we have persistent rainfall for much of the evening last night berkeley looking prettyood no fog out there just a couple of scattered sprinkles acros the bay this morning really nothing more than just a few indrops under window as you are stepping tside now we do have plenty of activity to our west that is gog to be working its way our diction in this unsettled weather patterns will just ep bringing areas of light rainfall for much of the rest of the week. we'll have the return of someoderate rainfall tonight, me more showers on into tomorrow and even into the start of the weekend. so quite the unsettled pattern ahead of us today for the most part we do
5:17 am
remain dry. a couple sprinkles here and there so keep the umbrellas on hand tonight is when rainfall really picks up agai a lot like last night coming in later tonight those last night it was just after sunset tonigh it will be well after your evening commute after most of us as settle back inside and are taki it easy hopefully at home showers continue into tomorrow morning. it's just light stuff off chances of rain during the day tomorrow will be for the north bay friday a few more sprinkles andaturday morning a couple me yet before it does look like we should have ary saturday afternoon and dry sunday after that point 50's and 60's for your dtime highs today, not a whole lot of sunshine out there today skies remaining pretty overcast today. you remember the dose of sunshine that we d early on yesrday, not really tapping into that so much on your wednesday santa clara you'll be up to 59 today. campbell san jose los gatos each up to 62 degrees east bay temperatures also ry much so a lot like yesterday's upper 50's to low 60's that is asonable for this time of year. so nothing
5:18 am
about this forecast that is strikingly ah this is where we should be ase make our way into the middle of december makes r some slick roads at times but after all the rain that we've seen. we're definitely used to it at least tonight rainfall kicks back into gear, few morning showers tomorrow and a few showers on friday too a couple of lighter showers on saturday morning and then it does look like we could be drying out for the rest o the weekend. and it's the start of the following wo week. rob. checking in on bay area ohn traffic. it's not so bad right now we started off with several oblems but it's starting to calm down you can get out there a little early since the roads ara little slick and you're going to be driving at a reduced speed we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell it's definitely soggbut no big oblems here, you're looking at 6 minutes and growing to make your way fm the pay gates off to one on one so is is one bridge that's in really good shape. the bay bridge traffic looks different writer cash lanes stacking up often on startg to spill back to that 80 over crossing, but once you get through is crowding it's going to be a
5:19 am
great trip into san frcisco hot spot free just soggy so be extra careful, especially on and off ramps around the bay area to that's where folks usually crash. so 5.80 east merging toward 80 or before you get to 80 heading to the albany el serino area accident just pping up east 5.80 before 80 crash or blocking one lane so be on the loout for thathe east shore freeway looks great. no minutes for 80 west 15 from croett down to the maze and then you're also pickingp a little highway 4. but it'only 60 minutes from antioch to concord smooth sailing on 6.80 the nimitz an one oh one summer off to a great start we'll check more coming up darya jamesthank you robin 5.19 the san francisco group s another gun buy-back evt planned for the weekend the group says one in 3 homes with children. >>have guns members of the ited ply as group announced they're going to be giving a $100 for handguns and $200 for assault weapons. the event will be at their headquarters at 1038 howard street from
5:20 am
08:0am until noon this saturday. >>one god. and all the street can say that o line. size may one gun is not taking office treesill kill somebody and by lice say as many lives as we can. >>the mayor's office says this gun buyback program has been operating since 2014 and has collectedore than a 1000 and gun so far and help reduce the amountf violence in san francisco. a deveping story police are beefing up patrols at synagogues and jewish buildings in new york. after an attack on apkosher supermarket in jersey yesterday, several people were killed including one officer andhe owner of the stores, his wife, andy rose has the details >>a chaotic scene unfolding in jers city tuesday following
5:21 am
reports of an active shooter standoff inside a local bodega avily armed officers blocked f stres schools were placed on lockdown my with my daughter actuallytold me that there was a a a shooting in the area so they can guess is as an acve shooter scenario theyctually did drills for. poli say the situation began wi the killing of detective joseph seals and involved a stolen vehle one stolen u haul be a vehicle. >>that may contain an incendiardevice that has since been taken from the cation. it is being examined by a bomb sqd members the standoff at the bodega reportedly started around noon officers were under fire for hours. i >>gunshots 3 other officers were wounded in the gunfire but are expected to survive 5 people we found dead inside the bodega police believe 2 suspects were among the who died there are days that require us to stop. >>and think about what it means to putn a uniform.
5:22 am
every day that god knows is is one of those days, i'm andy rose reporting. >>well happening today debate will offially begin on those articles of impeachment that were laid out against president trump tonight, the house judiciary committee will begin discussing in amendi those articles of impeachment. the meeting will be held on camera. the 2 impeachnt articles on the table are abuse f power and obstruction of congress, there's no word on how long the debe will last after that though the committee will then take a final vote and if approved it will go to the full hse to vote on the impeachment articles which could happen as early as next week atwhich point it will move over to the senate for its actual trial. president trump is accused of abusing his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate forr vice president joe biden. a young mother says that she was shamed for breastfeedg her baby and an outlet store near bakersfield, we'll have the a live look outside as we can check those damp roads this morning that som showers overnight. traffic looks like
5:23 am
it's a little slow here at the bay bridge approah but we've got robin winston in the traffic center wita complete check for us and of course john trouble keeping us upded on the showers in just a moment. you shoun't have to live with pain.
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>>25 and dons of women are planning a protest at a store in kern county after a young mother was yelled at for breastfeeding her baby there this was atthe polls. ralph lauren store in our van near bakersfield breaseeding is gal in all public plac in california just in case, you're wondering a 19ear-old mother though was. that store she started breastfeeding her baby boy and a store employee told her she had to stopshe started to yell at me telling me that. >>i couldt breastfeed in there and that there was customers around and and. th it wasn't right wh i was doing.
5:27 am
>>iwould be investigating this incident and retraining the staff. >>new technology being used to boossecurity in several local cities. but some people say it's actually load of privacy. we'll explain. [farmers bell]
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>>traffic for this morning and robin winston >>you're gone for ever >>it's crazy to have along stretch. yeah and a sleeping in it. past 02:00am. your start to wonder when we'rif anybody's ever gone to like it ornot are we are to a nation
5:31 am
for back to some soggy row oh several minor spin out you know that happens a lot in th rain so just reduce your speed, i'll check in on the bridge okay. all right let's talk more about that rain. yeah, i wiswe could give robert a dry day. >>her first day back mother natureease or enjoy. ships not super. but we did have showers ernight. so that does make for wet conditions as you are venting out this morning on roadways so watch out for some slick spots. good news though is there's not a lot of active rain falling. so conditions are pret favorable for your drive into work and visibility is just fine relly not a whole lot of fog a couple of patches kind of like yesterday was so just a few sprinkles a scattered about across the bay nothing that should slow you down too much a nice calm morning in overall a pretty calm day ahead of us a few sprinkles here and there. the rainfall is really going to push in agn after sunset tonight. well after most of us have got
5:32 am
to bat 50's for your current temperatures across the bay and into the ternoon today we will hold on some low 60's a lot like yesterday really kind of a repeat of yeerday when you think about it just less sunshine this time around cloudy skies stickinaround through the day not a whole lot of clearing into the afternoon over to you robin. >>all right ofto the golden gate worth soggy. we have some. what cameras here. most of our bridges, this ithe golden gate want to want to you can see the raindrops on the camera the road it's like to ande've had a number of snouts nothing major active right now, but yogot to see that a lot throughout the day with the roads being soggy like this right now it's 19 minutes novato to the toll plaza. here's the bay bridge at soggy to an 80 but we have much heavier traffic squeezing into san francio, you're back up at the tolls it goes all the way back to west grand so be prepared for that 12 minutes and gwing off to fremont street daria. 5.32 and a big story, the novato police arnow the night some bay area law enforcement to link
5:33 am
up with the survillance network organized by the makers of ring security camera ye, but the partnership has some privacy rights advocates a bit concerned kron four's maureen kelly explas. >>video from security cameras are often used by law enforcemento try and apprehend peoplcaught on video. >>committing any number of alleged crimes from porch piracy tassault and wors now the nevada lice dertment is joining a network created by the makers of the ring security cameras which are planted in your bill. >>but the department says companowned ing up with ring a by amazon is not part of some big brother conspiracy. >>we have no accs to any cameras within the community. we don't know their locations we don't know their owners. >>the tenant mike howard says ri is simply pr viding them with a law enforcement portal to their neighbors app which acts as a virtual nehborhood watch where people who have opted to join can post information about crimes in their area. police can use it as a wayto get the message out en they need help from the counity tracking down
5:34 am
surveillance deo that can help them investigate crimes. >>we can only reach out to yo through the social media app and hope that ose who have vid that will help investigate a crime will respond to us provide us with some information. >>hundreds of police agencies across the nation now partnered up with ring 9 of which are in the bay area. but this growing network has me concerned dave maass with the electronic frontr foundation worries. the police thought to possible threats to civil liberties and are being enlisted into promoting a product saying quote public safety shou serve the public, not amazon's profit margin. a nevada police deparent maintains they joined up with this network. >>to help make their communities safer. the neighbors app is free to download and does not require owning a ring device or any other security camera stem to join maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>inhe east bay, private security firms are stepping up
5:35 am
efrts to stop car efts and burglaries one of the e of those methods is by using strategic threat management. its employees patrol mall, shpping centers and business parks and they work with police to solve car burglaries and thefts the firm says the desperate during the holidays and they're targeting specific cars unfortunately it's the older honda's an older toyota's which are so mmon rit now. >>and a lot of young kids are dring um that are most common in easy to get into. >>wynr says that all the crimes are crimes of opportunity. she says these like to work at night. now the south bay 3 men are facing charges for our property to business last month benjamin mendez junior impose a result of solace and christian month a moon as are all from san jose police say last month they went to jerry's deli in milpitas and they stilcan fashion tobacco products, alcohol even the personal prerty from the clerk and cell phone. thankfully wasn't physically hurt. but milpitas police arrested one of ose
5:36 am
men 2 days later and the other 2 we arrested in san jose about a weekfter that. >>us catholic diocese are expected to be subpoenaed by the ste attorneys general it's part of an investigation into whether they have properly handle alletions of abuse by priests the subpoenas are expected for the archdiocese of los angeles and san francisco.also sacramento. fresno san jose and orange the california tourney genel's office sent letters to all 12 diocese is may asking them to retain allegations. ated to abuse the city of san jose is backing mayor sam liccdo is plan to transform pga knee into a customer owned utilitythe city council voted unanimously to support the plan which is also endorsed by lawmakers from 58 countieacross the state. according to the mor's plan, a customer owned utility would cost teayers last because there's no obligation to pay
5:37 am
areholders. the plan also claims more money could be used to improve the grid maintenance infrastructure and service. city leaders in san francisco are considering requiring bunesses to get. it's before sobody is able to try out a new high tech idea in a public place it would be the fist of its kind the us and this is because we've seen what happens whe there is no veto regulation for this ver just suddenly. the stree of san francisco are flooded. with the electric scooters you know, and they didn't have any system in place there was there were n laws are ordinances or anything like that and you know we've seen this happen. well driverless cars uber. all kinds of drones drones came on th scenen every was like oh i guess we need to figure th out. thalso the office of a emerging technology would sir as a e-stop shop for entrepreneurs who want to st out their products in san francisco companies would not be allowed toeriment.
5:38 am
clear yet what the criteria would but the figure and we've talked about that you know has things you got to catch a lot of times you know laws policymakers are always going all right. >>on these new emerging tech so maybe that's a way of maybe probably seen these pructs come to market little faster because now they've got actually sobody to cooperate they were in even before drugs memberthe laser pointer so sure that all saying and that the f a a and theyhad to figure out they can't just do that create some laws to control that wel take a break time at what is at 5.38. more news and north a businessman now looking to give away. hundreds of coats we're going to tell you where he got em and who he wants to give them too. and after the break crews are clearing brush to prevent fires along highway 17 buthe work could mohs we'll have more on that and coming up next a look back at a great moment in raiders
5:39 am
hiory as we count down the days to the final game at the showers outside this morning, nothing as heavy as what we sa last nig. i'm tracking an uptick in rainfall tonight yet agaiin your forecast. and i'm tracking that slow commute into san francisco there it is 80 west. >>a lonline of traffic here already spilling back to west grand so it's packed that the bay bridge to ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time il go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ but you dot feel goo with polycythemia ve, pv, symptoms can chang solowly over time you might not notice. but new or cnging symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let'change the way we see pv. you tracand discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to disss anging symptoms as well. take notice and take action.
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discuss counts and symoms with your doctor. visit
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discuss counts and symoms with your doctor. should ve swiped right ♪ wish i was at jack, their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 ite cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ >>3, 2, 1, it is 5 days kind of 40 ages right here yeah last home game on sunday, the raiders will be there given one last show to rair nation and all week long we've been taking a look back during this show at some of the biggest moments at the coliseum and tod we're rewinding just 4 years not to moan matter i had the just 4 years ago december 2015.
5:43 am
>>and the ust know that i'm never leave you though >>magical night at the coliseum and the area was a future hall of mer playing his final game in oakland addressing the college crowd. there. he spent 18 seasons as you heard as a raider. >>the raiders drafted him in 98. he played 8 yrs for the silver black when to green bay. to the bay for his last 3 seasons. >>as we head to break. sure just quick live loooutside sfo will be back with more news coming up in just a minute to let out tre obviously call ahead weather like this often we stood delays at thairport.
5:44 am
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>>in the south bay after all the rain this past 2 weeks clear weather is finally bringing some relief to commuters on highway 17 cal
5:47 am
fire has so resumed efforts to clear a dangerous build-up of trees and brush along the amount highwaynd it's having an impact on thcoute. according to cal fire the ideas to ke the four-lane roadway safe for commuters in the ent of a fire but commuters can expect lane closures while this work is being done for the rest of the month. so although they get some relief with this brief pause in the wet weather have to deal with deys because cal fire's out the trimming up the sides of the road clearing out all the debr. >>i had plenty of that my neighborhood. you know, i mean a ots of people with the wood shipping things out so are those loud. mean you got to do it. >>absoluly everything cleaned especially aer that rain a lot of people discover their storm ains are getting all clogged real fast. yeah, but the good thing about the rain that we had last night, nothing too too and and that other race on saturday it already washed everything away. so i don't think we have too many issues from a sort o flooding or anything like that it was just a ni kind of
5:48 am
infall that gets the roadways wet enough tolow it down a bit the next morning we are seeing some light swers across a few spots of the day, including a ride atop the bay if you're crossing the san mateo bridge watch out for showers there 5.80 also looking at some showers aroun castro valley and some light stuff around the dumbarton bridge and east of san jose around alum rock. really besides that though it is pretty quiet on the radar right now there's some shower activity to our west that could love makets way up into the north bay come this afternoon but raiall really doesn't work its way back in widespread intel well after sunset tonit, even later than last night on into the evening as you've already gone to bed. we do see an unsettled paern ahead of us multiple systems, keep pushing through on into thbay area over the coming days, this means that we will continue to see some overcast conditions and these ght showers pushing forth on through the rest of the week. you see here in a future cast that rainfall picks up ernight tonight leading us into tomorrow morning with a few showers so do expectsome more wet roadways on your
5:49 am
drive to work tomorrow as well and juskeep the umbrellas on hand today tomorrow all the way on into friday and even into saturday 2 after which point it does look le things calming down at leasinto the finish of the weekend. temperatures today in the low 60's. pretty similar to yesterday, you don't have near as much sunshine as you did during the day yesterday though skies will remain overcast for much of the day today. tomorrow showers connue and friday also eooking at a few showers saturday comes along with morning showers but afternoon clearing and after that sunday monday and tuesday do look to be drier than we have been lately. >>robert all right. thank you let's check in on traffic busy out there. how did in a number of spots we want to actually i have highway 4 here i'll get to that in just a mine we'll show you the bridge's first went over to 92, let's check in on the san mateo bridge. it is what it is soggy. it is slow so be careful out area dre from hayward already packed the toll plaza on the flat section at the high rises where you wt to get
5:50 am
your break. i don't have any problems to report here so far but we're at minutes and growing to make it over to the peninsula which is the senate okay forthis title morning. that we see some raindrops here on the camera too roads are also slick on 80 into san francisco.o you need to be aware of that your backup stretches out to west grand 's not going to stop there it's going to continue to grow shortly. it's going to be to and through the maze so be prepared for that 1614 to 16 minutes to make it into san francisco. all right back to highway for because i just got word of an accident. but it's eastund so counter commute directions near bailey east for near bailey this is an overturned you going to see tht a lot moover turn accidents more spinouts when the roads are a little soggy. one lane blocked so far crews are dealing with that but westbound there's nothing blocks are you going be second someften on slowing leavg pittsburgh through bay point and over the hill there aroaching conquered, so the westbound side is at 21 minutes. 2 crashes on the eastbound side near bailey but
5:51 am
i'll keep tracking it for you for going that far there's 0 more crowding there as well, buonly 15 minutes from pacheco rolling out a danville will take a ok asome more slowdowns and some more bridges cominup in just a bit darya james. thanks a lot rob, and it's north a businessman wants to give away 1500 coats to people in need this holiday season and he needs help to meet his goal kron four's michelle kingston s the story. >>or try to save aiculture. we grow the faena think i'll make the cheese he's a well known businessman at sonoma county. >>we're trying next generations of dairy he farrs, his cheese is distributed all over the country. but larry peter is much more than a dairy farmer, the best part ofy job is given back. more each year as i get older. >>this roominside the creamery may look like an old warehouse full of bos. but
5:52 am
tho boxes are full of somethng so many people in the bay areare in need of this time of year. just like the one larry is wary. >>i bought them for. to give somebody a warm jacket f the winter months and someby that needs a gifchristmas time. they were in boxes they that's why bottom. stmas. so >larry says there are about 50 teen 100 coats folded inside these boxes. anyone in search of war. this holiday season. >>to see it everywhere you even see it were. your backyard, you see it in petalu you see it in marin county. you see it. in the big cities. and you see peoe thatre really struggling. >>the cones were purchased by larry at an auction in june because even on thttest days of summer. lay is thinking about christmas a what he can do fr those in the bay area.
5:53 am
>>in his community might just brought of here and pu him here and i'd like to just hand them out to whver leads the jackets its homeless. >>now in order to give away ese coats lavery needs your help head to the kron 4 febook page and let us know about organitions that you think larry can get in touch with in order to give these coats to people who are homeless and in need larry will then contact those organizations and give these 1500 coats away by christmas at the petaluma creamery michelle kingstokron 4 news. >>it 6 o'clock flu ason well under way doctors want people to protect themselves and their mili during the holiday season. we'll have so tips for you. it's perfect.
5:54 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>coming up in the next hour, the kn 00:04am morning news, one various cities now considering a fine for people who vape in public will have that story coming up in a live report and one dog is found,
5:57 am
but another still missin after a van full of dogs was stolen from an east bay hotel. and we're also learning more about a series of he invasions across the bay area police have made several arrests but th are still looking for anoth burglar we'll be righback. sarah's last tuition payment,ent off. feeling od? oheah. now i'rey to focus on my oject. ♪ this is why plan. ♪ you never cease to amaze m maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase bnch. ithere's my career...'s re to me tn hiv. my cause... and ci'm a work in progress so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults whore starting hiv-1 treatment and o aren't resistant to either
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6:00 am
finefor people who vape in public will tell yowhere and what they're discussing coming up in a ve report. fremont police searching for one a puppy left of 2 dozen stolen over the weekend we have more details on the investigati. >>and dozens of seniorforced to find new homes this holiday the abrupt closing of their on center. morning and thanks for joining us on this wednesday.


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