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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 11, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>>gang's all here and i'm james fletcher john travel on the forecast for us. robin winston back in play on the rain is bad that's right together again. we have across that still lack. ford's been blocking for over an hour. we're still causing a b backup for people trying to get out of pittsburgh over toward bay point and concord it's actually eastbound right before you get to baileyight near the bart station. it's an overturned hicle caught fire hit a light pole, the 2 right las are blocked. >>but since it's a counter to the direction it's not causing a jor delay going east,
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everyone slowing down heding west. the opposite side of the crash. so is crawling from harbor through the scene past the bart station up and over the hill through bay point an down into conquered so be prepared for that a little you're looking at just about 30 minutes to make it over to 2. and we have this problem, a motorcyclist do an injured leaving panel 8 panel valley road, one lane blocked here, but it's pushing your back into rodeo. so you're jammed out of riverda on 80 west all all the way down to richmo berkeley albany, emeryville and oakland. so th's why you're a whopping 41 minutes from kron rocket down to the maze of course, there's heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll pla. we'll take a look at that coming up in my next report john well robin. it's certainly not today. >>help some of those traffic's problems that you already having out there is still some light stuff but enoh to get roadways wet. berkeley looking at some light showers in the vicinity, you can see these often on light aas of rainfall across the bay siing in on couple there
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on the peninsula to 80 as well as one oh one workinyour way up the pensula through woodside menlo pa redwood city up to san mateo some rainfall out there once you cross 92 which is also way you'll head over to hayward union city where roadways are also wet from acively falling rain and a little bit further to the north some light showers around berkeley on 24 out towardswalnut creek down 30 in ville alamo eventually do to san leandro so definitely an active showers remain light and tt's what we're going to see today ten on light areas of rainfall in some predominantly cloudy conditions now tonight rainfall intensity is going to pick back up much like last night. so do keep that in mind as you myour plans for the day. james. thank you very much. john our big story this morning,one more bay area city now has voted to ban vaping prducts but there. >>potentially going too well beyond that yeah. >>think they're going to need the vaping police to tch people his fellow alva wants to fight i knew fo
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vaping in public on 4 sarah stinson is live in palo alto with more sara. >>yeah that's right city council years city hall wee debating this should we have a fine for people who vape in public. teenagers vaping so it's uncleaif. there's people under 21. and just how much wilthe spine be well they're comparing it. 2 you know smoking it a cigarettin public is like an entryway are you know what they already have. so that's wh theye considering buas you said they officially ban the sale of e cigarettes and flavored o. they basically adopted the exact same band is that the santa clara county decided to pass back in november. the city believes there's a yth vaping epidem. across our country and hey thk a fine could get her kids using them in the
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future. city officials y one 6 santa cra county high scol students who buy cirettes in the ore report getting them out of vape shop another about less than a ozen shops oy afcted by th new bands but as the city contues to research ways of public. people from vaping in they have referrg to their current restrictions as i said about tocco use in areas like outdoors or dining areas entryways parks and other areaboth the palo alto police inublic works depaments and force this currently but city ty leaders say they don't have ough resources at this time to enforce vaping too. so they're still working on that in the counciis also trying to direct to who's going to in force. the new sale rerictions as welas well as getting those permits th city is also supporting legislation making it harder for minors to buy a cigarette products online and because as weust heard the statistic. one in 6 teenager here in
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helton they get them at stores that meanworld so they getting them. and to push this forward. so th's what they're doing we're going to discussion becausthis is a discussion we haven't quite heard anywhere. so it'quite groundbreaking they will for sure have that band of selling the cigarettes go into place in 2020. and this conversation will continue fining people so very interesting for now i'll send it back to you. >>all right, thank you very much sara 7 oh 5 it is a time. >>another big story we're learning new details about ho invasions that happened in the east bay and the h bay. 4 people have been arrested for them kron four's j r stone has the late. >>all of the victims were zip tied and then duct tape oth wrists and their ankles. their eyes were covered the hdsbands if you were to werpistol
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whipped in the head. >hose areust some of the detailinvolved within 4 home invasion, robbery cases that happened in lafayette benicia and oakland from late october to late november. >>all the victims were either dragged carried in there homes 2 separate rooms, so that ey were themselves and vulnerable to the robbers. >>22 year-old joseph wells and 20 year-old adomah d op of fairfield have both been charged with more than 2 dozen crimes connected to the home invasion robberies. in fact you mayecognize d op who at 6 foot 7 is a former boy whole high schl basketball player. right now both are behinbars and those with the da's office describe the deails of what they d as disturbing saying that the gear they useduring the robberies was found in a bag of the fairfield home. >>it included all the mass
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during the burglaries they would routinely put items over the heads of the victims so that they can see them and included duct tape supt highs walkie talkies flashlights. alitems that have en used in a of these robberies. >>investigators say the victim's debit cards were rsed at atm shortly after each robery. prosecutors s wells in d op had a notebook that had detail pre planning of the wealthier areas they targeted the banks they were planning to go to and the types of peope th go after and ey didnt just go after debit card. wedding ring was soap opera one of the victims fingers. a tremendous ount of stolen property was recovered last thursday as well as the 5 stolen firearm so it's a tremendous publ safety thing that we were able to actually recover the guns and return them.
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>>shown reporting let's go to the south bay now san jose soccer coach faces charges of crimes against 3 teenage girls. ricardo g hair has surrendered to detectives. investigators first started looking into him last month after getting a report that he engaged inappropriate behaor with the victims. the terror is is a varsity socc coach at gundersen high school in san jose it was also a coach for the san jose serve competitive, girlssoccer team. on the penisula. e man tried to lure 2eenage girls in his car. it happened in belmont on casa bona avenue. the man drove up to the girls and ordered them to get into his car but instead those girls ran away down a side street. the driver didn't follow so they got away. the girls told the man was driving what appeared to be a black suv and that the steering eel had a ver with characters from the film the nightmare before christmas on it. >>in the east ba seniors and assisted living facili in san pablo are scrambling to find a new place to live during the holidays. yeah,
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this is going to be tough situation form the manageme company said the facility would be shut n when the lease runs out january with kron four's taylor but sackey wh the full story. >>i expected my averaging they told me that i could live here the rest of my life. >>ve to move. i don't i don't see you. you know how th could do that to people. and the sear are no it is nearly 80 seniors at brookdale san paolo stressing over finding a new home after the brookdale company told the the facility would be closing in 60 days. >>when the lease runs out at the end of january he didell us until. 2 days before thanksgiving. and they're still even in today's chronie, active advertising for people to come and live here carly angel as the president a book deals and pavlos resident council. she says the news shocked the entire community and now many
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are strugglg to find an affordable place to live it's devastating is a. the more i look ound of thplaces that i could afford the more i want to stay here brookdale manages and operates hundreds of senior living facilities across the country in a statement, a book deal spokesperson with the closur the property owner of e spokesperson further explains brookdale wants to on its them. she says quote ware se not renewing the lease because this was a 30 plus ar lease the no longealigns with folk tales overall strategy tone as propties angel says the property owners even tried negotiations they offered brookdale a 10 year lease and even less. than they're paying now at brookdale still said doubt brookdale says it's offering to relocate resident to other lotions in offering up to $1000 in moving expenses but residents say the coany must do more unethical and dishonest and i don't want to but i'm being forced to i'm ld not going to give up.
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>>this place til they currently out ok. >>now it's also portant to note tt residents say they haven't received a written notice yet. they also say they're meeng with local advocacy groups n wednesday to see what they can do and how they can fight this in san pabltailored to sack the kron 4 news. >>coming up onhe kron 00:04am morning news car burglaries on the rise this holiday season and security experts say thieves are targeting certain pes of cars will explain. >>airlines epare for millions ofholiday travelers and netflix may be forced to offer a lower price version i'm jane have those stories coming up. in across the bayarea we have light showers this morning with the even heavier rainfall expected tonight your forecast ead, and the back and just keeps growing at the bay bridge toll plaza full house here on 80 west are stacking up from >>plus i sti have ahot spot bloing on
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>>and we're looking at the weather today on wednesda morning. i don know if it's remarkable in any way really. >>to to wednesday other wednesday. but on this ju another dnesday, yes slow down a little bit i say that every day at this so yeah roadways slick in you're looking at some lowts, lying cloud cover a little bit of rain out there in timber on this view looking much like the rest of the bay area is definitely a gray or start the day. but this is a quite seasonable for this ti of year it's healthy to be picking up light showers such as this. and thas exactly what we've got light showers acoss thbay right now including onhe peninsula right around los altos palo alto sunnyvale a sttching on up towar milpitas the little little bit further north union city on up to hayward out towards san leandro looking at some activity and some of that working its way towards the tri valley. he in just a few minutes, so definitelysome stuffo be seen on radar this morning and just take it a
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little slower as you do leave the house this morning as conditions out there are proving to be pretty wet for a lot of the bay area again another look at the radar does show some the green out there, it's all remaining lights as far arainfall is concned at this very moment, advcing to our next graphic if our graphics doant to cooperate just on the moment heree go we've got a active attern ahead see out there multipleow pressure areas working their way in from the pacific. this going to keephe weather pattern unsettled in the days to come also resulting in continued light showers a of us future cast shows just that light showers which will pick up and become more widespread overnit tonight. inditing some moderate rainfall tivity as we do move into the evening tonight. and daytime highs today during this time, mostly cloudy conditions to be expected t a whole lot of sunshine defitely less an we saw yesterday low 60's for day's daytime highs ana breakdown of your next 7 days. the show
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temperatures eventually cooling down into next week even as conditions do dry out expect showers each of the next 4 days that includes today tomoow friday and saturday next ek does look to be drier and cooler. robin all right. thank you john still checking in on our hot spot, an old >>still jamming up traffic it's out of pittsrgh on highway 4 eastbound its before you get to bailey that overturns still wrapping up they have the 2 right lanes blocked that was the latest update station a crash involving several vehicles one flipped overkhan fired knock down a light pole so it's east found thatt's having a huge impact on the westbound drive so expected to be a little heavier and then it's you know soggy as well so that's just not helping wee still holding at just under 30 mites to make it off to 2.42 motorcycle accident wrapping up 80 west funnel lley road that a stack you up out of riverdale and hercules as you work your way along the st shore freeway even after the crash, it's just under the limit and a soggy anslow for the rest of the trip so just under 40 minutes here from
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crockett down to the maze checking out our bridges there went to check out the golden gate here all of a sudden a lot of heavy traffic southbound into san francisco that's a commute direction. it's definely busy not bad and the busy 36 minutes to make it in. here's the bay bridge 80 wt at another slow drive don't forget the headlights and wipers you are stacked up from the maze and minutes now and growing off to fremont street james. thank you very much robin. >>a gun buyback event planned for this weekend to get guns out of homes and away from childr to safrancisco will be held once againembers of the group unid players announced that they will be giving a $100 for handguns and $200 for asult weapons. the event is at their headquarters. it's located at 1038 howard street from about 8 in the morning until noon this coming saturday. >>oh and >>it's a and all the street can say that one lead. size may one gun is not taking office trees, we'll kill
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somebody and police say as many lives as we c. gun buyback program has this operated since 2014 and to date. it's collected more than a 1000 guns so far and has helpereduce the amount of violence in san francisco. man wants givaway 1500 coach to people in need this holiday season, but you ed yr help to meet his goal. he well-known businessman in san mateo counties, the owner of petaluma creamery and he says that the are about 1500 coast that he has said he wants to donate to the homeless or to anyone in searchf warmththis holiday season. >>e best part of my job is given back. more each year as i get older bottom 4. to give somebody warm jacket the winter months and somebody that needs a gift christmas time. they were in boxes they boxed open for christmas. so that's why bottom. >>again that was sonoma ty. my apology usn sa teo county. if you know of any organization that you thinkighte able to help
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him out in getting these coach to the peoplwho need the most whether they be homels or others in need ju head to oukron 4 facebook page and tell us right there maye ewells your suggestion will be the one he uses. >>for your money th morning nelix may be forced off for a cheaper a streaming option and and san francisco lift riders are generous tippers jane king is live at the nasdaq with ose stories and more i j. >>heidari a goodorning, a san francisco lift riders are according rs apparently to left and its annual look towards the so san francis reuters where the 3rd best tipps nationwide. a san ancisco also the top one of the top cities forthe roundup and donate program so that le riders round up the fare to the next time we're extra money goes will san francisco is so ty expensive that orle is moving its annual make a conference to las vegas instead oracle has reportedly signed a 3 year agrement to host the event at the caesar's form in las vegas stting next year open world which attracts over 60,000 customers and rtners every year i
7:21 am
effect an eail that. cbc of bread so the expo had a $64 million pact osan francisco's economy. airline expected to fly 47 million travelers during the winter holiday season in effect airlines are offering 88,000 more seats per day to accommodate growth in liday travel. airlines for america considers the 18 day winter holiday travel period thursday december 19th through sunday, january 5th and netflix shares tanked after wall street analysts warn that the streaming wars could cost it 4 million us subscbers 6 year. if it doesn't start to offea cheaper add fuel product and even company analyst says that the prices of 9 to $1a month to become unsustainable, especially with competition from apple disney so she ecommended tha netflix offer a 5 to $7 a market site i'm jane king back to you daryn thanks a lot. jeanne. >>anyone still ahead here on e kron 4 morning news technology isng used to boost security and several local citiebut some are starting to voice concerns no about potential privacy issues
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will be right back with that and after the break crews are clearing brh to prevent fires along highway 17 but the work as it tus out could cause traffic backups for the next months will explained. and here's a quick live look outside the bay bridge approach under gray skies and slow trafficere heading from oakland and the san francisco oakland and the san francisco will be rht back. you know when you go to ross for a few s and realize... oh yeah! u should've gott a cart? th's yes for less. get gifts for everyone on your li and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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>>welcome back 7.25 on this wednesday morning continuing to be quite the greatday out there so far not much of a view from san francisco right now and we are going to look at light showers throughout much othe day ead of us. today's highs in the 50's and 60's tomorrow, we are going to be oking at a few overnight showers. cool and mostly cloudy conditions continuing friday and saturday bringing even more light rainfall acss the bay area taking a look out there at temperatures right now right now we're in the 50's hayward and fremont at 5556 degrees. oakland, you're also at 56 lile
7:26 am
cooler than the rest of the bay up in napa valy home in anta rosa, at 51 degrees each spring, the rain jackets an extra layer may be because it's cool and the umbrella fo yourday ahead. james. all right, thank you very much john let's head to the south bay now are after all the rain these past 2 weeks clear weather is finally bringing highway 17. to commuters on >>but cal fire has al resumed its efforts to clear a dangerous build-up of ees and brush along that mounta highway and that's going to be having an imct on the commute. according to cal fire. the idea is to make the four-lane roadway into a kind of a refuge for commuters. >>and if it were ever to be pacted by a catastroph wildfire like what happened in a campfire. people would have to be taking ruge on roadway. and prior to us doing some work on this roadway was t a safe area to be taking refuge. >>commuters can expect ne closuro continue for the rest of the month as they do this work. cl re identified highway 17 the corridor there as an portant area to keep cle for commuters in the event of a fire it's going t
7:27 am
be a major escape route. today on capitol hill as lawmakers begin debating the arties of impeachment that have been laid out against president ump.
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>>wednesday morning and getti ready for the kron christmas party for the morning where we haveig goals and. let's sign a one-year that every year the scene i cleared to you but breakfast is and with us so much. of that coming up a little later on orders, i'm traffic traffic yet so there's been some issues and been tough roads are wet and slippery folks have been spinning out. >>so we'll check in on highway 4 and w vta delays of the south bay on think that as well well we have to work bill to fund only has latest i computer, yes, so metimes.
7:31 am
>>the >>but yes, it is cool. it is great. it is just one othose days we've been getting used to the rain lately and today is not given us a break fm a light showers across the bay area you've got some overcast skies overhead. the grass is looking green from snow. there's some hing nice about the rain for sure off and on showers across the bay and you do see activy your west that's going to berudging its way up io the north bay at points today. so things have died down a little on the peninsula. 2.81 oh one on the peninsula are wet though from showers earlier hayward rrently looking at rain and some showers working their way up towards you in dublin and the rest of the tri valley, currently noh bay things ha calmed down a little bit. a little bit further north you are seng some dry skies too. now as far as the afternoon goes we are goin to see rain dying down briefly this afternoon but then it picks up again tonightuch like last night just a ltle later this timaround you're going to have widespread light moderate owers for an evening activities yohave
7:32 am
low 60's for most of our highs over to you robin all right, thank you john still tracking some bt a light rail service delays down in the south bay they've. >>canced service for now between civic center and the convention nter for an ongoingnvestigation, ul specifics right now they set up a bus for and so that how you work your way between tho 2 points once again no vta light rail service until further notice between civic center and convention center so you've been ward make sure you get out there early roads are slick for checking the bay bridge trip headg in and it's still stacked up here on 80 west, your backup pilling. the on west grand through the maze but under 20 minutes to make it an and then one oh one that's a tough one to from brisbane. >>through the 2.80 split all the way up to 80 and san francio. it is jam will check more slow downs coming up darya james thanks a lot rob and 7 32 in the east y. that was taken in that van full a dog that was stolen from a hoteln fremont was found overnight. >>and n is back with his
7:33 am
owner yes,ut this morning, they're still one more dog missing and theearch continues for that. >>crawford's christina live in fremont with more on the story christina. >>was really good newshat there's only one more dog to be found. but of course at tt last saw that people are so worried about in this case for 25 to 30 dogwere stolen in that van. between sday night and monday morning but i nt to go ahead and show you actualla picture of those let's go ahead d take a look right here and here is actuallthe dog that was returned, i'm back to its family just yesterday and that was a female dog and her name is feeble and you know what some good news. there she's they're brating the holidays back with her for ever family. now the dog that police are still looking for his namis go ahead and take a look at him right here copple is one of t dogs officers do that was sold by the spect who stole the car filled full with puppies they say the suspt is a 24 year-old person. this white
7:34 am
van filled th the puppies who are actually going to their forever homess well differentadoption centers across the s again about 25 to 30 of them in there and then when offics in claims get this it all happened in fremont officers and open run offending finding the abandoned than and 24 dogs, early monday morning. after that happened they still had x amount of dogs so just to under half a dozen a dozen of them that needed to be rescued om the element of being stolen and then of sold by the suspecthoever it was. so officers are actually now in fremont ofor taking over this investigation are asking. you have any information abt work you know, anyone who has a adopted a dog or purchase a dog recently that looks like him or maybe has already received that dog as a christmas gift to please at fremont police officers know right away they are still investigating the situation but again they do believe the couple was sold by that
7:35 am
suspect to someone for a christmas gift. but right now they're looking to get back to its forever home reporting live here in fremont christina teatro kron 4 news. thanks chstina. >>time now 7. happening today debate will officially begin on the articles of impeachment laid out against president trump tonight, the house judiary committee will begin discussing an amending those articles of impeachment that meeting will be held on camera. the 2 impeachment articles on theable are abuse of power and obstruction yet on how long that debate will last but after it's over the committee will then take its final vote approved then the full house will ve goes on to the senateor t then actual trial. president trump acsed of abusing his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden on the president's political rivals. >>and the north bay, the novato police department is now the 9th bay area law enforcement agency to ink up with the surveillance netrk by the makers of ring urity
7:36 am
cameras across the country there are about 700 pole agencies that have signedup with that amazon owned company. they often use video frodoorbell security cameras just off com times like package tuason me robberies whileome privacy advocacy groups have ccerns about this. police say there's no reason to worry. >>we have no access to any cameras within the community. we don't know their locions we don't know their owners. >>police say this ring is simp roviding them with a law enforment porl to their neighbors app which acts as a virtual neighborhood watchthe nevada police department maintains they've joined up witthis network to help make the community safer. >>inthe east bay, private secury firms are stepping up efforts to stop car thefts and bularies on of them is strategic threat management. its employees patrol malls and shopping centers and business parks and they work with the police to try and solve car burglaries and thefts. the firm says the thieves have become more desperate during the holida in fact they're targeting specific cars.
7:37 am
unrtunately it's the older honda's an older toyota's which are so common right now. >>and a lot of young kids are iving um that are most common in easy to t int >>she went on to say at a lot of crimes are crimes of portunity to says thieves like to work at night. shooters target of kosher supermarket. >>in a deadly attack in jersey city will have the latest on the investigation into the next hour. and ill ahead it s a t scores may no longer be need for gettininto college in california will tell you why. >>that ye they need the umbrella and the raijacket as you're stepping outside today whether it is this cool or really any where you're headed. look at all that rainfall to our west heading towards the north north coast, an acte day across the bay though too your forecast ahead. >>pack your patience. this moing roads are soggy is slow our bridges, the bay bridge traffic spilling all the waback through the maze
7:38 am
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tto harson, the wine to craig, this rock. i leave these thin to my heirs, on one condition.u, at you do everything to preserve and protecthem. with love, california.
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>>7 40 is the time a lawsuit is trng to get california universities to stousing s a t and a seat he scores in its admissions process. so the suit was filed on behalf of 4 students d seral nonprofit and organizations agnst the university of california system and it claims that the standardized tests are discriminatory, especially to ople with disabilities and low income students and minits. you se system said in a statement that it is disappointed by the lawsuit since its officials are alreadyaking efforts to address that concern. >>morning buzz, why mabomb could and. why brucbocce is wearing a for a and why a
7:42 am
i'm tom steyernd i approve this message.
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imate is the number 1 priority. i would declara state of emerg. congress has never passed an important clate bill, ever. this is a problem th ctinues to get worse. i've spent a decade fitingnd beating oil compans... stpingipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, how are we going to pull thisthe couny together?ntry. we take on the biggest challenge in history, save the wod and do it together. >>welcome back. we're looking
7:45 am
at theime right now 7.44 and outsidwe are seeing some shower activity right out there as cfo it's pretty light at this point in hey surprisingly has upo this point sn't resulted in any delays, just keep our fingers crossed it stayshat way visibility definitely not the best we are seeing a lot of low cloucover across the bay area showers offshore, but also a few ght showers working their way into the day fremont's and other areas in the south bay like wark up to union city looking at light shower actity at this time up through snow and over into the tri valley. you're also seeing some light rainfall currently now we do ha an unsettled weather pattern. still aheaof us multiple low pressure areas just going to keep pushing out into the bay that's going toeep us active the rest of the week wi light showers times where skies clear out a bit like we did see yesterday and will will see at times today ttle less sunshine expected today likely this afternoon in the orth bay tonight just like last night rain becomes more widespread with light to
7:46 am
moderate rainfall through the evening do exct the timing of tonight's rainfa rival to be later than last night's though last night it was right around your evening commute tonight. it will be after that hopefully by the time you settle down. tomorr rainfall continues often on across the bay area as we'll also see on into friday and early hours of sarday, so an active forecast ahead of us today daytime highs in thepper 50's to low 60's. that's pretty uncnged as compared to yesterday will remain asonable all through the remainder of the week too so looking at the range of numbers you can the week low 60's for the f south bay today except santa clara you hold on to 59 degrees east bay temperatures in a rae of 60's and upper 50 much like the south bay. 59 oakland today at 60 degrees. sonoma and napa each at 59 today and a few 60's in the north bay in mill valley petaluma and sandrfell. here's a breakdown of your next 7 days we stay in the 6s on average today tomorrow and friday and we hold on to
7:47 am
those showers during the same time too. next week looks to be cooler but alsodrier robin. >>alright, traffic h not improved on the san mateo bridge. i'm double checking for trouble spots. i don'tee anything so it's jt a lot of heavy traffic and what roads it is up to 37 minutes nowo make it over to the peninsula with traffic at a crawl just about the entire stretch on west's 92, same here too busy into problems no crashes but it's backed up all the w through the maze so 16 to 20 minutes to make it in. i want to take you over toakland because we have this crew cash in your way 5 any westbound 98 golf links and still blking a look at the backup is jamd and castro valley in fact backed up beyond the 38 split so fromastor valley through san leandro into oakland, you're stuck in heavy traffic because of that crash. one more troub spot, san jose 80 south between gishnd one on one, a car fire that engulfed in flames your jam from broke com. pocket heading out toward the guadape parkway. bananas and toilet
7:48 am
paper for christmas but. how everybody rolls. real estate bust and his staff at their fice party. >>per employee. this real million dolla. ve out 10 tohis 198 employees. all i casay is i hope our bosses are liening correct because we have our christmas party on a lot order. we're not but it's always go to home. eam.
7:49 am
>>they're used huge paydays but garret cole is sitting on the biggest heap cash. ever thrown at a picture. yankees just gave him a nig year deal we're 324 million dollarsso he betteget brandon crawford, a really good gift this year. because he's married to crawford's sister so that's faly money now right. crawford probabl feels like the poor one in the family becse he only makes mean abt 15 million year. and calls big payday might also mean team starts throwing cash at madison bumgarner and you know who has a lot of money and who need to pitch that died. >>and sure it >>since they struck out they want to call. another check to make a play fomass bo or is it word is that he would like a millioover 5 years. the giant is about to make their plea for him to stay this week. e judges went on a mini shopping see already they just went 9 million on
7:50 am
free agent pitcher kevin goss man and they're giving the angels cash anda trade for 3rd baseman zack cozart plus top prospect, named will wilson and just a cple of months after saying are white to the judge it's bruce bocce is same ball here. as the blues in the world baseball classic qualifier move that move a minute using vote. he eaks french with that sohern 20 has the red maroon. he's not going home alone his brother is going to help him coach and his son is eligible to play with the team and steph curry he says from now on he's taking his son and 2 daughters everywhere, he goes. he showed off his new tattoos one for each child, the lo wolf is their only son cannon the butterfly is an d staff says the unicorn represents riley because she is there free spirited magical first born, and as you saw therei
7:51 am
usually goa matching tattoo all 3 on her arm. after okay. this sunday is the last last game. the coliseum and the closer they get leave in for a lot. the more they realize how much they're going to miss the black. >>you know you don't go to any other stadium and see something like that you know people have tried to imite people have tried tostill their team's name and nation behind ibut there's ly one is right onation that started here. that aays be the rad next counting come back here forny other reason that i love this place love the fans leave it at that. >>i'm disappointed with losing these games these last couple weeks we've had a sum up at univeity here. and we're going to need our fa one more time. 2 ago out the bang an then try to get us back on track.
7:52 am
>>that contract. back on track and a little la for that it's not too late thgh to get tickets we checked and you're lookinon stubhub james you say they were going for about one 50 for the upper deck and then as you get down closer to the field at about 3.15 hats. >>3 it is to say i'm too so i guess go to this game.
7:53 am
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♪ ♪ if you're living with a conditio kaiser permanente's integrated care team will helyou get through life without missing a at. >>7.55 the time san francisco city hall was in e holiday spirit is the annual pop-up shop opened up 50 makers and tisa and merchants from across the city set up shop and while some of these small businesses do have brick and mortar stores, a lot of them in their own neighborhood just one person operations this event allows them interact with locals and incrse exposure.
7:56 am
>>opportunity where get popcorn to connect the people rihere in the community. so that you can really come somef those dollarsocally and some were are disease here. >>well there you see mayor london breed she dilittle shopping as well another pop-up is scheduled for small business week. this coming spring. we'll take a quick break.morning news in our next hour one bay ar city now considering fininyou if you faith in public wl tell you where in a live report. plus one dog is found, but other still missing after a van fulof dogs were stolen from an east bay hotel. we'll have the update. we're also learning more about a series of home vasions across the bay area s well. police have made several arrests, but they say they'retill looking for another burglar. here's a live look outsi of the san mateo bridgehere traffic is moving. but you can see the road is where we had some showers overnight so we'll t a weather traffic update coming up in just a bit. you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero?
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>>darya folsom and i'm james fletcher with john trav, robin winston here with weather and trafic to start off the 08:00am hour home as it was doing better, it is and how to go of their attenti to your heart rht. on the horizon. fox and overturn accidents are all out of the way still slow in soggy. but you'reright it's getting better. ishe weather getting there. >>because we hav and as the saying yes still very cloudy and still. >>rainfall across the bay area. it's light stuff so that is nice nothing too terribly heavy. this is a familiar view we've been seeing a lot of cloud cover lateland this is what you've got all across the bay this moing low clouds hanging out just below snow and we just saw some showers making their way over son all ovethe past few minu


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